Chelsea - Alvaro Negredo?
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Alvaro Negredo?

Those good folk at the Daily Mail have an interesting rumour for us today.

With Chelsea keen to bolster their strike-force, even more so with Daniel Sturridge set to move to Liverpool as soon as the transfer window creaks open, they`re suggesting that Chelsea are looking at making a £16 million bid for the 27 year old Sevilla striker Alvaro Negredo.

Confessing that I know little or nothing about the player, is he Chelsea material or not?

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday December 29 2012

Time: 10:54AM

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stephan el shaarawy, damio,schrulle,lewadonski,there are many more better options...
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29/12/2012 10:59:00

Lewandowski is going to Manu - so they'll have 5 strikers. RvP, Rooney, Chicarito, Welbeck and Lewandowski. In comparison we only have 1 in Torres :-(
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29/12/2012 11:07:00

no he's not... i'd rather prefer michu (we all know how good he's been.. or even adel taraabt both are younger and proven premier league hitmen
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29/12/2012 11:27:00

why not? this guy scores 11 goals in 12 league appearance for Sevilla, i'll take him gladly for 16m
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29/12/2012 11:29:00

and Michu is not a striker, he is more like CAM but deployed by Laudrup as false 9 at Swansea, they could do that due to their style of play, keeping possessions a lot
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29/12/2012 11:30:00

I don't care whoever, the point is we buy a striker, buy it fast, and he is fit to the quality of the Chelsea Football Club..
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29/12/2012 11:31:00

If prefer us to sign a younger striker or less known striker as Torres will always be first choice and then a back option until the summer when it looks like we will go for falcao. If it could be done David villa on loan or pato on loan till the seasons end would be ideal,as then we still have lukaku out on loan and furuz might be ready for some first team game time(I wish there lol) also bamford if his loan kicks off
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29/12/2012 11:38:00

Dave men I get your point but instead I would go for "and" instead of your "or"...if we could get both villa and pato on loan,then that's goodnews for us,we all know villa is a proven goalscorer and pato is same when he is fit.....then get falcao in the summer since it doesn't seem we can get him in january...would have loved el sharaawy though but milan won't sell,I don't rate schurle at all,I even prefer torres to schurle
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29/12/2012 11:53:00

Ba ba ba thats the only thing on my mind
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29/12/2012 12:15:00

I think we should get him if we don't have any other option, I'll take negredo over pato and david villa, not that he is better than them, but because he is not injury prone as them and he has a decent record for scoring even before his recent impressive 11 goals in 12 appearances
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29/12/2012 12:24:00

By the way,David Villa is not injury prone but he just suffered a very damaging injury at the CWC last year.
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29/12/2012 12:46:00

1) Demba Ba (27, 6ft 2): EPL experience, valued at 7.5m, can hold the ball up. 2) Alvaro Negredo (27, 6ft 1): No EPL experience, valued at 16m 3) Miguel Perez Cuesta (Michu, 26, 6ft 1): EPL experience, valued at 30m by Swansea? IMO go for Demba Ba.
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29/12/2012 12:58:00

Alvaro negredo is a decent shout out but for me if we are not getting Falcao i would go for Demba Ba and Walcott with either Wilfred Bony or Leandro Damiao as back ups since it is clear now that we dont intend to recall Lukaku in january. Let us not forget we need to get a proven BPL scoring option (Ba and Walcott) before adding on a younger /riskier option. This decison and if we get it right or wrong will dtermine if we can hold on to a top 4 position by season end. Where we finish at seasons end will then determine if we can get Falcao or some other top drawer striker in the summer because those type of Strikers will only go to teams playing in the champions league.
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29/12/2012 13:44:00

Alvaro Negredo is a very good Options.. he is big.. has ball skill... hold up play... a diamond in the ruff is u ask me.. and we cant go wrong with the inclusion of Ba as well. I think we need to seriously think about recalling Kevin form Bremen too; and get a CB whiel we at it because Luiz ia A Midfielder!
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29/12/2012 14:08:00

I hope we could get Ba for the remaining of the season... In summer, if possible we could swap Torres with Falcao and recall Lukaku... We will then have 4 strikers by considering Feruz into it.... Falcao as the main with Lukaku and Ba as the alternative and Feruz to lcontinue to learn...
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29/12/2012 14:50:00

I would rather have Schurrle then Negredo.
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29/12/2012 15:46:00

Seriously i dont want us to sign Ba,firstly,he is Europa cup tied and so will be useless for us in that quest. And also,i don't see him as a good upgrade to Torres cos i have watched him too well yet not impressed with him. He is a mid table team CF at best. I 've watched Castle severally but have not seen that quality that makes Ba a preferred Cfc option and to be frank,we will be disappointed if we secure his services. Perhaps Torres' efforts and failure have made Cfc fans to have a mindset that any other average material will be okay. As for Negredo,he is not bad a choice if we fail to land more forceful strikers. This issue of 'BPL experience' to me is proving to be a peripherial factor that shouldnt be overemphasized as it is just a mind thing which is too unnecessary going by the latest trend in transfer outcomes. If Villa can be secured on a loan deal and maybe a Walcot acquisition,we can then ease through to the season subject to powerful summer signings.
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29/12/2012 16:28:00

Rubbish player. I won't watch any game with him in it.
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29/12/2012 16:52:00

I like Ba a lot and wanted him back in the Summer. But with the way our attacking midfield has been playing, I am not sure Ba fits into our style of play anymore. We can't just get any decent striker, we need to get a striker who fits our style. I'd argue that some of Torres' issues stem from the fact that we used to play the long ball to Drogba, which is definitely Ba's style. We have moved away from that - and I am not sure if Oscar/Mata/Hazard's play suits Ba at all. Negredo is from the Spanish academy - and may link up with MAZACAR better.
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29/12/2012 18:11:00

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29/12/2012 19:33:00

Walcott? I was waiting for someone high off the fumes of Walcott's performance today to call for him. He's not a central striker, first off, and we need someone who can make an impact on a consistent basis. I have no opinion of Negredo because I don't know much about him. His scoring ratio is solid, but the prices being quoted are far too high.
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29/12/2012 19:48:00

To all of you who think Demba Ba will not suit our style of play: Please go and see our last game/s (for an example) and count how many times Peter Cech hoofed the ball to Torres (who is suppose to link up with our midfield better than Ba cause he plays for Spain). Please count the result of these long balls, you will notice that most of the times TORRES DID NOT WIN ANY HEADERS/FREE KICKS OR WAS UNABLE TO HOLD THE BALL UP whereas BA is exactly the player we need HE WILL WIN A FREE KICK/HEADER or will be able to hold the ball up and link up with the midfield. Demba BA WILL MAKE OUR MAZCAR'S JOB EASY. Mazcar will know they can pass the ball to BA AND CAN EXPECT TO GET IT BACK unlike Torres who goes to ground like a cry baby/GIRL. Demba Ba will be our Plan B if Roman's TOY Torres does not work (that will be on most occasions)
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29/12/2012 19:50:00

When the cross comes Demba Ba will be in the middle of the box unlike Torres who goes missing (on the wings or somewhere where he can't affect the play/SCORE) and is often on his heels. He is not scared to shoot FIRST TIME whereas Torres will take 2 touches and then defenders will nick the ball from him (Torres will go down on the floor)
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29/12/2012 19:54:00

Yes he is a central striker!!!! His finishing is high up with the best of them,he has great pace, he is only 23 and he is English. Get something straight,Except we get Falcao/Neymar/Cavani..........Torres is still going to be the main man. Whoever we are getting now is only going to give him a good competition until we get Falcao in the summer!
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29/12/2012 19:55:00

Thats @ Radioactive By the way.
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29/12/2012 19:57:00

'll say it for the upteenth time...i think we should do 3 signings..Ba, Walcott and and one of Fellani/Benat or Montinho...we'll be fine..the window opens in a couple of days...fingers crossed
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29/12/2012 19:59:00

There is no guarantee that Falcao will join us in the summer as Real Madrid, Man City & PSG are also interested in him, it will also depend if we can offer him CL footy next season.
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29/12/2012 20:06:00

Layorh12s views on this most closely mirror mine. @3nity i absolutely agree with you and have been saying this for much of this season regarding Walcott. There is a lot of reverse undervaluing of players because they are English just as the monetary value of English players is also inflated. If Walcott were called Espinoza and were Spanish and had the same Stats he has had this season many here would be clamoring we get him at all costs but since he is English i have read people calling him a one trick pony who is all pace and nothing more. Walcott fits the bill of the sort of player we should get if Wenger is foolish enough not to offer his a contract that will keep him at the emirates. He can effectively play as both a wing forward and a central striker. Beyond that the guy scores goals and assists his team mates in scoring as well. Those who continue to persist with this notion that he is just pace and nothing else need to watch the guy play more..especially this year. As you mention he is also very young and so still has major potential for growth. Final of the most dangerous strikers that the gunners produced; Thierry Henry came to them as a winger..there is no reason why Walcotts identity cannot evolve in a similar fashion and at the price he may be available for in january and the fact that he is english, his signing could be a major steal the way we did with Cahill.
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29/12/2012 20:19:00

Hahaha these is gettin interestin,everyday we get linked with a new striker,2days ago it was david villa,yesterday was bafetimbi gomis,2day is alvaro negredo,am anxiously waitin for 2moro's link,maybe it would be kelvin doyle or david
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29/12/2012 20:24:00

Walcott, like Hernandez, is a clinical finisher. He was playing out of position on the wings. He can play football as well unlike Hernandez who can't do anything outside the box.
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29/12/2012 20:36:00

We debated this before. No question Walcott would be an upgrade on Torres.
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29/12/2012 20:38:00

@morriati, Ba ba ba thats the only thing on my mind too!
pego sama
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29/12/2012 20:58:00

3nity: we clearly disagree about Walcott.
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29/12/2012 21:29:00

@GabeU, u are not alone on your view about Walcott... I made almost the same comment on the match preview thread. I don't know why some here downgrade him, I guess the English factor you pointed out is the reason. IMO, Walcott is a massive upgrade to Moses and I will rather sign him than sign Willian...
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29/12/2012 22:11:00

A massive upgrade to Moses? Seriously? Moses needs work on his finishing, but for someone his age I think he was a great buy. Each to his own, I guess.
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29/12/2012 22:27:00

Moses to me is a decent buy not a great one, he may turn out to be a great buy, time will tell if he is.... he has to work on his delivery and finishing. considering that Walcott is just a year a older than Moses, has everything Moses has and tops it with good delivery and finishing, for me, he's a massive upgrade.... Moses shows good intentions but poor execution a lot of times.. that final execution is a massive boost...
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29/12/2012 22:48:00

@RadioD..i personally dont see Walcott as a replacement for Moses. Both in my mind are players who if we had would enable us when the occasion arose play in a 4-3-3 formation with true width and blistering pace. I think both are bagain buys (assuming we get Walcott for the reported ~ 15m being mentioned as his asking price) If we got Walcott knowing the way Rafa likes rotation and moving players around like pieces on a chess board i would expect both Walcott and Moses to get their chances to spear head the attack in such a 4-3-3 formation when Torres is unavailable, ineffecitve or injured. For me Walcott would offer all that Marin was supposed to bring to the table and much more. Having him would provide us a very valid and potent plan B option to our usual Mazacar (or variations thereof in personnel) formation with Torres as a lone striker up front. That said i would also add that Walcott at present is more refined in his finishing than Moses but that could be down to his being a little older and his being tutored by a master coach in Wenger. both players have huge growth potential given their respective ages and could both end up being quite special. While Moses has more on the ball dribbling skill and upper body sterngth as well as ability (and apparently willingness) to track back and partake of the dirty work of defending Walcott has more pure straight up speed akin to Gareth Bale. Well and appropriately deployed the combination of those two makes me salivate as to the possibilities.
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29/12/2012 22:57:00

I have always believed Theo to be quality. And my fear of us missing out on him is rising. I think Arsenal will not allow that trend of key quality players leaving to continue this time around with Walcott. Will 15m get him for us at this rate? Yes,but only if Assnal doesnt learn their lessons.
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29/12/2012 23:11:00

Walcott is not a winger. Wenger has been playing him out of position since he went to Arsenal.
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29/12/2012 23:35:00

Just like the case with Sturridge.
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29/12/2012 23:35:00

How do you not win the league with Nasri, Fabregas, van Persie, Song, Clichy, Toure, Walcott, Rosicky and Sagna in your team? What a waste of talent.
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29/12/2012 23:40:00

For me it's not an issue of whether or not I think Theo's a good player. He is. I just don't view him as a striker. Agree or disagree, I honestly don't care. More to the point, I'd be surprised if we get him, especially after the public scrutiny Arsenal has gotten over letting RVP leave for a rival club. My guess is that Theo will eventually get what he wants.
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30/12/2012 00:36:00

Chelsea have emerged as the favourites to sign Demba Ba for 7m once the January transfer window opens.
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30/12/2012 00:40:00

Chelsea will have to wait until the summer if they want to sign 25million-rated Bayer Leverkusen striker Andre Schurrle.
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30/12/2012 00:41:00

Bad journalism! It ended 7 goals to 3 in Arsenal and Castle game,not 4 v 3. Ba may turn out to be decent for us,but i wouldnt risk him. It appears Assnal will eventually break that wage ceiling since one of Walcott's demands has been met.
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30/12/2012 06:58:00

By jan 1st arsenal would have no control over walcot future,so the ball will be in his court to decide his future
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30/12/2012 11:49:00

OFf topic but totally enjoying is the fact that QPR are going down this season. Let put an extra nail on their coffin.
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30/12/2012 17:10:00

does ba will take torres place in starting line up....if no they waste 7 milion on player who is not gonna replace him....we sold a 23 year player who can play as striker as well as winger but our board were more interested in torres experiment which doomed big time....but cant understand the transfer policy of buy and 27 yr player who has a knee problem rather than giving sturridge the chance to play the central striker.....torres man oh man you dommed us our whole season is feckkked big time because of you....your so lucky to be still playing in cfc striker...yaa because your roman personal toy...otherwise the way your playing you wont get chance in championship team also....
Report Abuse
30/12/2012 18:13:00

@shlok27: 1) My m8 is a Liverpool supporter, he said to me that Torres is the reason they didn't finish in top 4 in EPL and he took them down to 8th Postion/Europa League. I thought how can it be 1 player's fault but NOW it make sense, same thing is happening to us. If he was any good RDM would have played him in his last game against Juve. RDM knew even if he puts Torres he is not going to make a difference that is why he put Hazard. Torres against Chiellini, no match, he can't even beat Garry Monk. He had a shot on target when Everton defenders gave him a yard space, people like Falcao/RVP make space not wait for defenders to give them space and then have a shot. 2) Demba Ba: He can atleast HOLD the ball up, WIN free kicks, Win Headers, NOT scared to shoot, he will be my first choice, hell I will play Demba Ba even if is not fully fit as I know unfit Ba will do better than fully fit LADY Torres. Ba will score more goals than Torres and Rafa will have no option to start Ba ahead of MISSY Torres.
Report Abuse
30/12/2012 19:23:00

I see a lot of difference in the style of both Pep & Rafa...they are quite opposite in passing style...former prefers short passing style, later prefers the long, direct passing...So, wonder how we will buy players in this do they judge the suitability of players to 2 different styles...maybe negrado is a good suit for Rafa's style, but if we get Pep in summer, he may struggle to suit to pep method...just a thought.
Report Abuse
31/12/2012 11:02:00

Thank God it is the media. The policy is there and I think chelsea will be moving for a younger striker than the ones reported, not unless it is a short term fix to open the market
Report Abuse
02/01/2013 12:54:00


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