Chelsea - David Luiz - The Great Unanswered Question
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David Luiz - The Great Unanswered Question

Is he the Makelele of Real Madrid for Chelsea?

WOW is the first word that will come to your mind. Just WOW. Nothing Nada.

Is he a defender? Is he a central midfielder? Or defensive midfielder?

Why there is more criticism and negative attitude towards Luiz than any other players at CFC today? Even Torres still has lots and lots of backers at Vital Chelsea and also amongst the general Chelsea support yet the whole world knows inside that he is finished as a striker (When a striker is afraid to shoot that is when he moved into the casket. I don`t have a problem with Torres missing chances but his refusal to shoot is what made me come to this conclusion).

What I can`t understand is how much good this guy is doing for Chelsea is going unnoticed. Luiz is the best ball playing centre back in the world except may be for Hummels of Dortmund. He`s one of the best defenders to move the ball forward from defence and one of the great interceptors of the ball. He`s also one of the fastest defenders in the world, one of the best penalty taking centre-backs's in the world. He is yet to be great at free kick taking but I am sure he will be a one of the best deadly free-kick specialists in another two years.

I have lost count how many times he is sprinting to cover for his defensive partners like Cahill or JT or Ivanovic. Out of all these 3 only Cahill will come anywhere of 80% the speed of Luiz when it comes to intercepting balls or covering down the wings for his mates (AC or Cesar) when they overlap. People are just talking it like he doesn`t even care. Because of his carefree personality and good looks people are just assuming he is just taking everything easy. Only when you love what you are doing then only you will excel at it. Luiz will excel at playing football because he is playing for the love not for money of fame.

Also I cant understand why everybody is jumping on the negative bandwagon if he makes a single costly mistake in a game? My response is so what! Which defender didn`t make any mistakes? The legendary Maldini? Puyol? Or our own JT or Carvalho? Like strikers missing sitters defenders will always make mistakes. But why is Luiz subjected to ridiculous criticism?

Now RAFA has moved Luiz to the CM or DM role yet there is an end in sight for the negativity and truck load of unwarranted criticism towards Luiz. He only played in the midfield for 4 games but already people have decided he is a failure at CM or DM. For DM he doesn`t have the positional sense, in CM he is not good enough to shackle the other teams midfield or control the tempo of the game (Everton). I will give a 7/10 rating for Luiz in the past 4 midfield adventures. So what do these negative guys want? For all their fame and praise Xavi, Iniesta, Lampard or Pirlo all have their own flaws to their game. Yet some so called fans are asking Luiz to 'control the midfield' like Xavi and 'Score goals' like Lampard from midfield and 'Act like a deep lying playmaker' like Pirlo. I almost forgot about guys have positional sense of MAKELELE to 'break up opposition play'.

If any other world known player was asked to do a unfamiliar role for his team like this .there will be at least 10 interview from the sources and advisors and the image of Chelsea will be torn furthermore. But I have not even seen a single quote even if it`s BAD or GOOD come from Luiz regarding this. This is a guy who will play as GK or as a Striker even if he sucks at it if it means his team will win. So why lot of ours fans are so
happy if we sell him to Barcelona for £20 million? If we sell Luiz to Barcelona then they have their next Puyol, not in playing style but in terms of influence on the defense. I am 100% confident if Luiz goes for Barca they will be more solid in defense and even more devastating in attack.

One thing is sure In the last 2 years Luiz has played under 4 different managers (CA, AVB, RDM, RB). But all the coaches are extremely happy to play him in the defense. Unlike lots of ours fans these world famous coaches are so confident in Luiz that goes to show how lots of our fans are deluded. Like the managers our Board also has some brains on this by making Luiz sign for another 5 years. Whoever is the manager doesn`t matter when you have a player like Luiz. Every manager will love to have a defender like him. What is even more comical about this whole Luiz situation is we are taking the inputs from these so called football pundits. 50% of bias + 50% of s**t is the only way to describe this so called football analysis (there are some exceptions but very rare cases only).

Now Luiz has been at Chelsea for 2 years yet anybody who knows the slightest thing about football know that he is not just an employee but that he is one of the RARE types of player who genuinely cares for Chelsea. He is doing a lot of off field work even though it`s not his responsibility. Luiz and Ramires both are acting like a big brother for the South American players who are not interested to move to England because of cultural and language differences. Portugal Italy Spain are the most preferred destination for SA players. The above 2 played major role in influencing Piazon and Oscar to choose Chelsea when they both had other offers. These both are making their adaptation less painful because of their constant helping mentalist towards them. Lots of our fans will say I am biased towards Luiz but I am someone who appreciates how good Luiz is and it will be great for Chelsea to let him stay here.

Luiz is a very good footballer who can achieve greatness in another 2 years. But like every great player Luiz has his own flaws but what I am saying is his positives outweighs negatives so easily yet we are criticizing him like no tomorrow. JT has his own flaws he is a slow CB he is struggling against fast moving strikers from his young age not to mention his unfortunate newspaper adventures yet we are all accepting him as our own and fighting tooth and nail to protect him and his reputation everywhere. Lampard has his own flaws ie, he is not a technical midfielder of modern football yet he mastered the art of scoring goals and be in right place at the right time. We are fighting for Lampard for years in terms of recognition and constant idiotic comparisons with Stevie G etc. Why is now different for Luiz guys? Could Luiz go on to emulate a JT or match JT? Certainly YES. So why we are not protecting one of our own when everybody knows that Luiz will mature himself in his later years (only 25 years) Most of the defenders reach their peak from 26 to 31. I`m not able to come up with a particular answer for the constant criticism towards Luiz. Are you?

Finally I want to finish this article by using one of the most infamous quotes in the football community in the last decade it is below;

'We will not miss Makélelé. His technique is average, he lacks the speed and skill to take the ball past opponents, and ninety percent of his distribution either goes backwards or sideways. He wasn't a header of the ball and he rarely passed the ball more than three metres. Younger players will arrive who will cause Makélelé to be forgotten' - Florentino Pérez

This is what a man who knows very well about football who is one of the greatest ever players said about the departure of Makelele at the time.

'Why put another layer of gold paint on the Bentley when you are losing the entire engine?' - ZIDANE.

Are we treating Luiz well?

Are we defending him well against this truck load of biased crap thrown in the direction of Luiz?

Are we treating Luiz the same like Makelele was treated in Real Madrid?

Are we treating Luiz like an ordinary GLASS when its a DIAMOND we are not able to polish or protect?

Are we appreciating the true VALUE or Potential benefits ON and OFF the pitch by having someone like Luiz?

Only time will tell whether CHELSEA act like Florentino Pérez or sensibly like ZIDANE?

Your comments are most welcome guys.

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The Journalist

Writer: BLUE AND WHITE ARMY Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 7 2013

Time: 5:54PM

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Hmmnnnn, interesting
Report Abuse
07/01/2013 18:17:00

if you think Luiz is chelsea's most criticized player then you need to look more on what people say about mikel, lampard, torres, ramires, moses, turnbull, etc. I am also guilty of these criticisms but i've come to understand that sometimes we've got to give them credit for the good things they have been doing. It's only here on VC you find fans who do not appreciate their own. We need a change of attitude, we've got to stop criticizing our players unneccessarily. Every body is prone to mistakes and our players are no exception.
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07/01/2013 18:33:00

cfc funs are the very ungrateful.they always moan 4 the good things like poor luiz,ramirez and benitez.unlike worship jt,lamps and cole,the same guys who make sure no manager last warned if luiz leave it my be the mass exodus of brazilian talent we have.
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07/01/2013 18:39:00

Well, he's no Makalele. But I've stressed my doubts about him in a midfield role for some time now. I much prefer him at CB for all the reasons you mentioned. His exuberance and talent is an enormous asset, and the positives far outweigh the negatives. I understand why Tubby's moved him forward, but he needs to continue developing as a CB. That's where he belongs in my opinion.
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07/01/2013 19:03:00

mzee, that's an absurd and lazy accusation. What's worse, you seem to be calling for objectivity and then you make that comment about the English players? David Luiz's criticism comes from people, I believe, who adhere to traditional ideas about what defines a "great" CB. He can be a liability because he bombs forward, but the lad can defend as well as anyone if he's told to play conservatively. Just have a look at his performance against Bayern. He was incredible.
Report Abuse
07/01/2013 19:08:00

Luiz has his moments of skill and talent on the pitch but his disease of thinking he is a creative mid has spread to Iva. Shooting from outside 20 yards and leaving his post in defense. Many or most of the goals we were leaking in November were due to him leaving his post drifting upfield loosing the ball and not tracking back fast enough.
Report Abuse
07/01/2013 19:57:00

Yeah!you are so right I see no reason to critisize any of our player except a certain mr torres,please let those peeps that think they own cfc and can critisize any player know that they actually doing the wrong thing.....luiz is a great player....CONGRATS TO MESSI ON HIS 4tH BALLON D'OR
Report Abuse
07/01/2013 20:11:00

Lol! Luiz is no Makalele, I dont know what he will eventually become but I know one thing- he is a bit above average as a CB and an average CDM
Report Abuse
07/01/2013 20:12:00

The latter part of this article should be for mikel,because we treat him the same way perez treated makelele and shockingly those are the same words the critics here use to bash the poor lad
Report Abuse
07/01/2013 20:24:00

What a tirade!!!
Report Abuse
07/01/2013 20:32:00

Nice article@blueandwhite,although i agree with most of your point but after seeing luiz for 2yrs,i have come to the conclusion that he is highly over-rated hence many expected so much from him,although he had some scintillatin games in the past he has been horific in defence this season,and since bein moved to midfield many expects him to be xavi,pirlo or alonso in just 4games...personally i would prefer he remains in midfield than defence where his errors could be very costly
Report Abuse
07/01/2013 20:38:00

I will just say that we should always support our players in whatever they do.i was arguing wit my friends here in nigeria.they were swearing 4 torres after demba ba scored his brace.but i told them dat so far torres is still a chelsea player,i will never abuse him no matter what he may please v.c members and chelsea fans,lets always support our players.thx.
Report Abuse
07/01/2013 21:21:00

Can we keep our articles short ,simple and straight to the point. That is my appeal .After the first paragraph, i stopped reading and only have on comments to get the subject matter.
Report Abuse
07/01/2013 21:32:00

Between, where was your article when one need to be written about Mikel. Your mention of Luiz as the most criticized Chelsea player kind of gave you away as biased and I did not want to read the rest.. However, my conclusion is we generally needs to appreciate our own players more period.
Report Abuse
07/01/2013 21:35:00

I'll consider ur article as worth its trouble when u write a mikel, bosingwa, malouda and perhaps kalou own! Like seriously?... Yea, the article is too long without any facts or stats, luiz is average in midfield as someone said and ocassionally good at CB. He needs to stay as a CB and master his game there, else he'll be caught in between!!
Report Abuse
07/01/2013 21:42:00

thanks Desmondadonis. exactly what I said. This article screamed everyone but Luiz.....
Report Abuse
07/01/2013 22:09:00

Makes sense.... Like you've pointed out, Luiz has his flaws but the guy receives too much negative criticism here, especially since he started playing in midfield. Some even compare him with Mikel forgetting that Mikel has been doing the job for over 6 years and still not excellent while Luiz has just done it for about 4 games. As a defender, Luiz has his negatives and positives as u have pointed out, those negatives can be worked on and Luiz can become better with time.... All he needs is a good coach...
Report Abuse
07/01/2013 22:37:00

Luiz needs to keep it simple...that is all he needs to do...Luiz has skill...what other CB can play the CM role? Regardless, I don't believe he is a DM and I believe there are better long term options at CM...Future captain..he really cares about the organization.
Report Abuse
07/01/2013 22:47:00

Even though i have never agreed with the constant unnecessary criticism of our own players by our own fans, i would still have to say that luiz like torres was a big money transfer who so much was expected of him. Luiz was a 25million pounds signing who by now should have been the new ricardo carvalho but he has been so inconsistent and erratic at centre back hence the latest experiment in midfield. He hasnt given us enough value for the money spent on him but i still belive and have big hope in him. Maybe midfield would be where we will get his reward. However if there is any chelsea player that deserves this kind of article more than others, it is mikel who has never been appreciated by the fans. I thought he was going to leave this summer when his contract runs out but was surprised when he was offered a new 5year contract by the board. The board perhaps may have learnt from the makelele madrid lesson.
Chelz Akamz
Report Abuse
07/01/2013 22:51:00

@Chelz Akamz,nice post .... sums it all
Report Abuse
07/01/2013 22:58:00

Gosh!!!People here makes me laugh sometimes,Luiz is an average defender???wow you guys won't seize to amaze me,well for all those of you discarding this article and are saying he should write an article like this about mikel,malouda etc,you guys know you are all guilty of critisizing luiz,I guess you just wrote that so you won't feel guilty,but accept it,you guys critisize this guy a lot and he is doing all his best with commitment for chelsea,I guess that's why you guys said he should do a mikel,kalou,malouda article....let's just stop critisizing our players but for me I won't stop complaining about MR TORRES because he doesn't deserve to be in chelsea FC,maybe he should join malouda in the reserve team........ Talking about youth team,MIROSLAV STOCH that just won puskas award(best goal in 2012) was a former chelsea youth player...he has just proven again that chelsea never give youngsters the opportunity,maybe he would have been a better winger now if he was given the opportunity at chelsea,I hope we get to see more of our youngsters more often from now
Report Abuse
07/01/2013 23:02:00

Why do you guys keep saying its mikel that deserves this article?,I am not saying mikel doesn't deserve it,but luiz deserve it too and maybe more....luiz plays as a CB,he isn't good enough,he plays as a DMF,he isn't good for that position....where do you guys now expect him to play on the pitch as a Gk???someone just said he is average as a DMF and a little above average as a CB which means he isn't good at any but he is manageable as a CB,to me that's another criticism because how many top 5 epl teams has a defender as good as luiz....of all the top 5 starting CB,I ll only rate vidic,kompany,vermalaen, andterry ahead of luiz and someone say he is a little above average then what will you say about lescott,natasic,dawnson,gallas,kolscieny???etc at least people still recognize mikel as a very good dmf despite they say he is slow and passes side ways but nobody ever say luiz is a very good cb....luiz deserves this article!!!!
Report Abuse
07/01/2013 23:16:00

He's a clown who always make funny faces to make us laugh
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 01:38:00

Finally I want to finish this article by using one of the most infamous quotes in the football community in the last decade it is below; 'We will not miss Makélelé. His technique is average, he lacks the speed and skill to take the ball past opponents, and ninety percent of his distribution either goes backwards or sideways. He wasn't a header of the ball and he rarely passed the ball more than three metres. Younger players will arrive who will cause Makélelé to be forgotten' - Florentino Pérez This is what they say about Mikel. Which makes me believe that Mikel is the Makelele we keep searching for. He just need a bettr mid partner. Lamps' legs are gone. But trust me Mikel has been learning that role and slowly fans are starting to realize this.
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 01:44:00

Thanks Faara.. That quote alone describes specifically what fans on here complains about Mikel which happens to be what pereze describes about Makelele. The someone tell me why this article is talking about Luiz and not Mikel. If it was a comment about Dessally of Le bouf then it ll be different. I just cant get the rational behind an article comparing the qualities of a CB to a DM.. not making sense....
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 02:14:00

Great article. This guy is a diamond. There are two new guys on this current roster that are destined to be Chelsea legends Mata and Luiz. Both bleed blue and play better in the big games. We should all admire Luiz for his incredible skills and equally for his heart. Any side in the world would love to have him.
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 02:23:00

cahill is a better centre back in all aspects but cahill and luiz are certainly are our sapphires and not diamonds coz they will eternally be blues
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 02:30:00

I'll mention CBs that are better than luiz in the EPL, shawcross,terry,cahill,vidic,vermalaeen,company,agger, etc, I mention all this bcos they are the ones I have really seen, luiz was bought for 21m pounds!!! And nemanja matic who is bcoming a good player was added as a sweetner, how many goals have david luiz directly cost us this season? It'll be almost or over 10, he has the ability to be a top defender if he masters positional discipline, but at best this season,he is average and as a DM he is terrible, mayb he can excel as a CM, bcos of his skills (I dunno yet) but I won't be drawn into the mooning over him or asslicking
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 05:51:00

There is a difference between admiring a person's personality and a person acknowledging a football prowess, his personality is up there with the best but his football prowess is substandard, he only broke into brazil starting XI last year , was even dropped in the olympics, if he was as priceless as u lot described him, mano menezes would have kept him in the team at all cost like he did to silva
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 05:57:00

Desmond is a guy who makes biased argument mainly because of a player's country of origin. Had the article been about Mikel or Moses,you would see how quick he would be to congratulate the writer and called both players 'world class'
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 07:05:00

Thanks for the comments guys. I am not trying to compare Luiz with makelele in this article. What i am trying to say here is just like makelele situation at real madrid. Maka was constantly under appreciated by the fans of madrid. Under appreciated by their board. When make went and asked them for a small increase in his salary they flatly refused and shamed him in papers by mocking him. Then only make left madrid and their loss is chelsea's gain. So the same like Makalele are we treating Luiz like the same. Luiz is under appreciated. Nobody from the club is fighting for him on the press. Unwarranted negatives about his mistakes from fans and papers all the time. I dont think any team could find a DM like makelele ever. So there is no comparison between luiz and makelele.But i am asking are we protecting luiz enough from the biased news papers and opp fans enough?
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 07:22:00

@dajhangbhahaggaven, if it was moses, maybe I would, if it was mikel, maybe not, if it was torres, definitely not, if it was rammy definitely yes, did u sense a pattern my dear?
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 07:57:00

@bluesandwhitearmy, let me speak for myself, I defend chelsea players when they are being antagonized by other fans and back it up with one or two positives including torres, we all criticize them because we are among our own, let the spurs post an article that is bad about luiz, then u'll see the blue nation rise in unity to his defense
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 08:09:00

I love this article,seriously. But it certainly is not limited to Luiz...Lets learn to appreciate our players, if most of our players were in other clubs,we'd be screaming 'get em'. For a reason i don't know,players struggle to perform at their best at Cfc,i sincerely hope that changes very fast. Luiz is a great player,i do complain about his erratic decisions sometimes,but i always feel we are privileged to have a player and a character like him. Just as the Perez-RM-Makele situation portrays,you don't appreciate what you have until its gone. Madrid in a bid to get a Makele went for Lasana,and we all know how that turned out.
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 08:32:00

This article is supposed to have Mikel all over it instead of Luiz....
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 08:55:00

Desmond and the others,please stop referring to Luiz as average,he is anything but that. We should know that the lack of stability and overall team confidence in the squad is not doing the quality of the players any good,luiz inclusive. All he needs is a coach that will give him appropriate instructions and utilize his potentials to its maximum. Give ManUre,Assanal or Barca this player and you will see how much ungrateful we've been. Sometimes i wonder what we really expect from some of our players,they rarely get the support and appreciation they deserve or maybe it is not fairly distributed. Just like Mikel who this article very much applies to,we should learn to be more tolerant and see the obvious positives as against the negatives which we easily spot and beaker on. Lets not allow few mistakes and flaws which is proper for a sportsman to deprive us the luxury of having some of the world's best. We will say get Wayama,Mikel is crap,get Hummel,Luiz is rubbish....etc....and there's every tendency it will continue even with the desired players-insatiable hunger of man,mostly Cfc fans. Benat this and that,yet tomorrow he'll become a subject of severe vituperation. We were all excited at the prospect of landing Luiz,much more than we are now for Fellaini,so can we guarantee the latter immunity? Don't get it twisted,we should criticize our player,most preferrably constructively,but what i consider chronic a delusion is when we keep harping on how another player from another club is class as against ours.
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 09:11:00

@ohans, nice comment, but everybody is entitled to their opinion, luiz is average and that's that, its not as if I called him crap as most do to him or mikel, luiz is a nobody as center halves would go when we moved him for him, so to command a fee that is par with mata, I have the right to expect better..its just saying it as I see it, u have ur own view which might be right, I have mine which might not, u can convince me with stats, I still believe that after torres, luiz then mikel is the next underperforming player that contributed to our slump in the UCL,league which led to RDM's sack
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 09:32:00

Desmond,do you sincerely think Hazard is living upto his 32m pounds prize tag? Cos i don't. Luiz just like Hazard,Oscar or a player like Javi Martinez were bought from their old clubs based on a certain perceived inherent quality and to call him overrated because he is not thoroughly utilized is a tad unfair i must say. And talking about stats,which of the defenders you mentioned has a better start,vermaleen? Laughable!
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 11:14:00

Great article...i always wondered what Luiz had done to chelsea fans to get such hate from these people...
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 11:27:00

Report Abuse
08/01/2013 11:39:00

Few weeks some1 wrote an article titled 'wanyama vs mikel'(another mikel bashin article)...instead of encouragin our players,we cherish that of others*sigh*
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 11:40:00

Few weeks ago someone wrote an article titled 'wanyama vs mikel'(another mikel bashin article)...instead of encouragin our players,we cherish that of others*sigh*
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 11:41:00

Luiz is a committed chelsea player. He plays wit his heart, u can tell he loves this club. I cnt forget the zeal he showed wen we played qpr wit 9 men last season, and even though we lost that game luiz bled blue that day. He like many other chelsea players deserve more credit than we give them. RB is tryin to fit liuz the best he can and considerin our present options in the pivot I dnt blame him. Many have called for luiz to be tried in midfield, well now we've seen him there, let the coach be the judge of where suits him.
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 12:22:00

@Ken,just look at that,a player is class only when he is not playing for Cfc. People allow alcohol to stimulate fantacy in their heads and comments like 'imagine a benat-wayama pivot' are littered every where. Whereas we have a Mikel/Ramires/Luiz/Oscar/Romeu and Lamps as options. I mean,what else can best describe greed? Not even a Benat-Ramires pivot but Benat_Wayama,two players we/the board barely want to sign.
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 12:55:00

two for two blue and white...I am thoroughly impressed...phenomenal should start a blog.
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 14:55:00

Ohan,its really weird how many fans can live in such fantasyland..they just name players from anywhere and those who havent seen them play would join in such halucinatic chorus..its very funny when i hear them talk up a benat-wanyama,benat-fellaini pivots e.t.c,these are players we ve not even bought,i wonder where they would keep mikel,rami,romeu,luiz,josh and chalobah
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 17:21:00

great article.. i was getting same feelings @ BluesAndWhiteArmy... even made a comment regarding this in another article... luiz is the man who is next captain in our team if we are not to give captaincy on the basis of longavity.. and people calling him average... no comments about you.. stop this merry go round of managers and you see the real luiz.. the people calling him average couldn't even appreciate his class.. may b calling him being average this season is just another way to criticise him..
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 17:27:00

Seriously i used this quote to describe mikel in one of chelsea fans facebook group page....luiz just has to stop overambitious and wayward passes and shots and people praising him got to admit he still can't cover the defence like mikel does.i love luiz in the defence despite all criticsm and i think he should stay there
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 18:06:00

There is no doubt David luiz is a committed Chelsea player but he sometimes acts amateurish on the field of play. His sense of positioning and discipline is suspect on most occasions. However, the issue I have on this article isn't about Mikel or Luiz but the writer's idea of writing such about Luiz when the whole point therein is directed is screaming Mikel experience the past years. Its just like picking Mikel and saying is he the next Ricardo Cavalho? it doesn't add up. Between his comment about Luiz being the most criticized Chelsea player is reveals a great Bias. If there is anyone experiencing exactly what Makelele went through right now, It would be Mikel and thats why this article needs to be him or just generalize things by highlighting the needs for our fans to support and respect their own players period.
Report Abuse
08/01/2013 22:07:00

@incredibleblue, don't mind them, setting doubke standards, match day threads are there as proof to their ramblings about mikel and luiz, now they come here and comment as if they smell of roses, I can't for the life of me imagine paying Ł21m+namanja matic for a defender and expect to mullycuddle his performances, when a player we bought for 7m pounds in cahill is in the same level with him, david luiz is tagged as world class here (maybe so) but he just got into the starting XI of the selecao last year, he was even dropped for the olympics, menezes didn't deem it fit to pick him despite playing some od their friendlies prior to the olympics, and I am being biased for calling him avereage?
Report Abuse
09/01/2013 06:17:00

Surely Mikel receives more stick and more undeservedly so. Quite disturbing when some single out a specific player and just goes on bashing him. But it is equally strange with all those anonymous mugs who for some reason always back one player, regardless of how much crap he is (like those actually voting here for Torres as MOTM after each embarrassing display, thereby doing all the other players and the team a disfavour). I am a Luiz fan, but as CB he just didn't work out and offered no sense of security. And for the very same reason he shouldn't play DM; he's no ball winner like Mikel, and his tackles will have him see yellow and red every so often. Luiz future is as a box-to-box CM like Ramires, where he can venture up front and be unleashed without defensive concerns. In that position, unlike CB or DM, he may actually turn into a world class player.
Report Abuse
09/01/2013 13:09:00


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12. WBA 13 5 2 6 -5 17
13. Watford 13 4 4 5 -2 16
14. Swansea 13 3 5 5 -4 14
15. Chelsea 13 4 2 7 -6 14
16. Norwich 13 3 3 7 -8 12
17. Newcastle 13 2 4 7 -12 10
18. Sunderland 13 2 3 8 -12 9

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MOTM v Maccabi?
Suggested By:  merlin
Begovic 4%
Azpilicueta 2%
Terry 0%
Cahill 0%
Rahman 9%
Matic 2%
Fabregas 4%
Oscar 0%
Willian 54%
Hazard 19%
Diego Costa 4%
Pedro 0%
Zouma 2%
Remy 0%