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Comparing CFC's treatment of Torres and Lampard

So apparently Lampard is going.

A bad decision in my eyes, and not one that is being made by Benitez or any of the coaching staff.

I thought, one of the reasons that Lampard is apparently being shown the door is his high wage packet, we might compare him to another high earner.

1Wages - Torres earns around 175k per week, Frank Lampard around 150k. (from my sources).

2 Current levels of contribution - Frank has scored 7 in 18 this season, Torres has 14 in 32. Similar goal to game ratio from Frankie (a midfielder) and Torres (a striker).

Frank obviously offers much more than just goals, can we say the same about Torres? And which player 6 months ago was captaining us to the ECL final, playing and excelling in every vital game en route to the final?

3 Replace-ability? - How easily can we replace these players if we let them go? I would be surprised if we could find a midfield player who comes close to Frankie for less than 30m. We bid 40m for Luka Modric, who scores less, assists less and is less of a physical presence in midfield. We've just signed Demba Ba for 7.5m who is already showing Torres up.

4 Levels of commitment shown to them by the club - CFC management got rid of Didier, our greatest ever striker and did not replace him so that El Nino could thrive. RA has shelled out for Hazard, Mata, Marin and Oscar so that our playing style will suit him. And we brought in Benitez, to the fans' dismay, sacking a club legend who was voted ahead of Sir Alex for manager of the year 2011/12, to get the best out of him.

Frankie has been told (apparently) that he doesn't have a future at the club. Does anyone else think that if Frank had the same contribution levels as Fernando he would still be at the club?

If CFC have double standards, they should work in favour of the club legend and not against them.

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The Journalist

Writer: saemus Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 10 2013

Time: 4:42PM

Your Comments

fk torres worthless piece of *****. i alwats supported him until recently but he is a fkin joke. in the time torres has been at chelsea in the PL 28 players have scored more goals thn him. hes a fkin joke
Torres is a sucking. Lamps can go but not before Torres. Roman should just accept that he threw 50 million to the toilet and move on.
We will never find any replacement for Lampard. There is no middfielder in the world who could compare himself with Lampard. The guy is Super and he is still scoring but makes money like a striker and he is 34. Such players like him its like one in 100 y
this artical is full of bias.i can name 10 Atm to replace lamps who dont have to take penalties to reach 20 goals a ten atm ranking is,..1 xavi,sneijder,cesc,ozil,silva,modric,nasri,scheini,gerald,kaka.lamps is not even near to 50.shut up and research b4 giving us *****.
I knew this was going to be a Torres bashing session. Ha ha.
foreign_viewer, it should be, virtually everything wrong with the Chelsea teams comes back to the useless waste of space. Most Chelsea players are better than Man Utd's but they have RVP, Rooney & Hernandez and we a Torres.
We can talk about Lampard's goals but so many of them are penalties. Scholes would have better scoring statistics than him if he had been manure's penalty taker.
if we have to feck any club season....then give them torres...the opposition doesnt have to do anything....torres will eat them inside out...
EA sport are thinking about removing torres from their fifa game....there is lot of complaints from clients that he is not even scoring there also...
@foreign viewer pls check the stats before typing. Lampard has scored over 150 none penalty goals.Moreover how many goals has falcao scored this season without including penalties
And speaking of assists,he has assisted more goals than any of scholes,xavi and gerrard
True but the passing game swallows him up. Players like Xavi are the reason why Spain are dominating football.
foreign_viewer Lampard has scored 193 goals for chelsea only 40,50 of them is penalties and he is the second player in premier leagues history in assist over 90 of them
All those middfielders dont have 193 goals bra and I dont need to do research cause he plays for us.. Also, he is the best goalscoring middfeilder in the world period, its u who have to do a research...
And Lampard doesn't have a Euro and World Cup. Xavi and Iniesta's passing is behind all that.
lampard winning a wc means nothing to me when matched up against his exploits cfc blue...and btw if lamps xavi swopped nations who would have the most wc and euro...footy is a team sport yet time and time again lamps has placed us upon his shoulder and ushered us into many an unlikely victory...and some of you dare sully his name...were it up to me i would cast you in a world where lamps never played for cfc and watch on as you all lived a life as a cursed die hard scouser...the glory you hunt is at cfc because of lamps...your unearned pride (a common symptom of band wagon glory hunting disease) you owe to lamps...all who kick dirt upon the name of lamps owe him a debt of gratitude and they don't even recognise...
Comparison of any form between lampard and poorres is an insult to lampard..poorres should be compared with a certain Ali Dia
foreign_viewer, You've obviously forgotten Chelsea played Barcelona last season. Chelsea scored 3 goals, Frank Lampard set up 2 of them.
Lampard is 34 and at 150 000 per week. He needs to go. He won't accept 50 000 (probably too much as well) a week for sure, so much his loyalty to the club.
I find this insulting Lamps through the exit door and Torres stays takes the mickey big time. You know who I would have Frank more deserving and a player who wears the shirt with pride and gives it his all. With that crappy Spaniard offers nothing to the team but big disappointment come on Roman get your head out of his backside and realise the truth that pet of yours will never come good push him through the exit door with him we will win nothing and not only that he has cost the club money sacking of previous managers who have managed our club.
this guy deserve a new contract and should retire at Chelsea, meanwhile let's also kick that lady boy, he is costing us trophy and wins
Lampard wouldn't make the Spanish national team. They use players with composure on the ball. Players who can receive the ball and pass in tight spaces.
All the Spanish midfielders can pass. That style works. It's proven.
Swansea won 0-2, does that make them a superior team? What about QPR or West Ham winning 3-1. Atletico 4-1. Are all these teams better?
About Torres, if he has an self respect he will leave in this transfer window.
One more senseless article...Comparing Lampard and Torres and then claiming the Lampard deserves new contract...pathetic....Why cant the author mention what Lampard provides than torres...Both are waste of space when on field...maybe torres edges lampard for the top honours. Both dont do their duty...Lampard always seen in the penalty box whereas Torres is seen outside the penalty box...hahaha
we are building for the future and torres is yesterdays news im afraid and needs to be moved on it is just not happening,id keep frank for another season at least he is contributing too the team
Lampard is a waste of space on the field if play? do you even watch you even know anything about football...saying Lamps is a waste of space is an admittance to the fact that you know nothing about football....stats will expose as unwarranted hatred jealousy all feelings of derision towards lamps.
thumbs up @ Blue_run...Its not an either Lamps or Torres situation so why the comparison? Porres still has 3 and half yrs of his contract to go & Franks contract has expired....this article lacks objectivity for me.
somebody pls slap this idiot foreigner. Lampard lead the England team to beat Euro and World champions last year. And he scored the winner
Lampard is a true legend. If insist most fans insist of worshiping a legend that is fine. So it will be fair we worship the MAN( ROMAN) that made this possible. 09 FL was up for contract negotiation Roman broke the pay structure to give him the 150k he is on today. IF Roman wasn't at Chelsea OUR legend probably would have move on for a better pay else where.
jollyheart Torres
Thanks Jollyheart...Roman is the only legend that deserves worshipping - maybe Terry too if he spends his whole career at Chelsea...All this Lamps worshipping and RB bashing is doing my head in...what kind of legend even considers a move to manure? and uses everymeans to get himself an overpaid deal at age 35 (have you ever seen Scholes discussing his contract in the media?) Lamps is a Chelsea legend but i think some fans are getting carried away and missing the big picture. Roman is KING, Lamps has done very well for himself at Chelsea financially (so he owes us as well)...Dislike him as we may, RB has won 6 out of the last 7 away games, so he is doing something right...WE (The fans) need to change the atmosphere at Stamford Bridge and stop shooting ourselves in the foot. RB is here till the Summer so whats the point of all the counter-productive hounding...?
We have only won 2 out of the last 7 home games...if we cant see that our negative home support is affecting the team, then we the fans are maybe the ones that need changing not the board or RB...
@ Johnny, Good point, I have not really paid attention to the 2 from 7 in the home games.
jollyheart Torres
Gian-franco/luca... A devoted priest in the temple of Lampard's,i don't see anything to compare between an acknowledged Cfc legend and a total failure. And besides,their situations are at variance. Believe it,the board just like the fans are fade up with that agent of a player,Torres. Hopefully a decision will be taken about him soon enough and a new striker should be signed ASAP. If Torres must stay at Chelsea from now onwards,he should cease to be played as a CF,maybe RW will suit him. I thought Benitez was going to think in that line in our last game.
Lol@ohan, "Gian-franco/luca...A devoted priest in the temple of Lampard's worshipping" laughin ma ass out hahaha
It's laughable for people to think it's easy to moved players on. think about Malouda, It has loads of offer but on lower wages than what is currently on and he has refused within his right to move. CFC can't FORCED Torres out. he can only go if he want to because there few teams today would can afford his 175K considering his form of late.Lamp situation and Torres can never be compared. PERIOD.
jollyheart Torres
JohnnyOz Has Lampard ever considering going to Man Utd?! No its rat wilkins who have told him that their they respect legends unlike at chelsea since Roman took over, or more precisley the non English fans
Wilkins once said Chelsea will struggle when Terry and Lampard leave. Which is nonsense if you consider how many top players there are on the planet. Any of them could improve the team.
like @jollyheart has described a nonsense article
post_rom is MQ's account.I bet my ass.
FV.It is true.Look the way we played in their absence for about a month.What was our winning percentage then?@Ohans,why should Nando play on the RW when we have proper wingers in our squad?
@Cfc250, considering the fact that bar Moses,none of the other attacking mids cope very well from the RW,Hazard,Marin,Oscar all struggle on the RW,they barely cross the ball from there and i stand to be corrected on that. Also,Torres moves the ball well from the right flank and he also puts forward some decent crosses like some few cross he executed in that Swansea game,but unfortunately there was no Ba in the box to get to the end of them,watch that game again(if you have the nerves to) and confirm. He is better of at the right flank than at the CF where it is no longer news he is useless there. So why waste the space in playing him in upfront when he cant deliver the goods there. Since he is stuck with us,lets use him in the best possible way which i think is deploying him in the RW.
Terry and Lampard will be replaced. More titles will be won after they have left.
FV.I hope so.@Ohans.Surely they won't do worse than Torres even on the RW.Marin and Hazard are proper wingers.Mata has done pretty well on the RW.Yeah,we can try that against Southampton on Wednesday.
To aid in you all understanding why I am so called Lampard devotee...I shall offer up a glimpse of my life...I am a CFC fan...when we lose my wife and my co workers all of them have to be on suicide watch...such is the level of depression I am plunged into. I have truly given the one life I have to CFC. Now onto Lampard...Here is a man who yas truly contributed to many a happy time. Most of the time his name was mentioned it is almost accompanied by "scores". I ask the mindful of you out there to do an assessment...of the games won by many of those were won by a lampard goal or assist...capture that number as a percentage then see if I am wrong in anything I say about Lamps....He may not be as magical as Zola...But he was more prolific...he may not have the athleticism of a Yaya or the strength of a Viera...but his courage and will to win will revival their immense abilities...there is nothing truly special about his game save for the fact that he works harder and for longer than anyone else...his ability prefounded upon an intense discipline and strength of will. Those are things which can always be counted upon as they are a function of character...flair may can lose pace...but your character you never lose...and lamps is a true blue if it seems that I am Lampard worshipper so be it...those that know me know that to me lamps, wise, vialli, desailly, zola, all and many more are hallowed names that are close to my heart as upon their exploits I walk taller to the pub...I know that because of lamps ppl fear cfc...I know that he is the greatest mid fielder....while all lovee gerard...lamps just carried on scoring...but he has haters...both in and out of the club...but those that truly love cfc you cannot but smile at the mere mention of lampard.

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