Chelsea - Rafa - Dead Man Walking?
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Rafa - Dead Man Walking?

The leading tabloid newspaper, in this country, has today committed to its back page an article about Rafa Benitez.

It`s jumped on the bandwagon that suggests, following our defeat to Swansea on Wednesday night, Rafa Benitez has no chance of landing the Chelsea job on a permanent basis.

However, before the anti-Rafa brigade start bouncing around with delight, they also point out that Benitez will not be removed from office before the end of the season.

Instead, it`s pointed out, Chelsea will up the ante to persuade Pep Guardiola to take over the managerial hot-seat come next summer with another newspaper (Daily Express) intimating that Roman Abramovich is preparing to sanction an £18 million a year deal to bring the Spaniard to West London.

Returning to Rafa, it seems, according tot eh tabloid, the rough reception Bruce Buck was given, by the Chelsea support over the treatment of Frank Lampard, may well have alerted Roman to the supports unhappiness with the way things are developing behind the scenes at Stamford Bridge.

However, the intimation, from the Daily Mail, relating to supporters boycotting home games until Rafa is removed form office seems, to us, to be nothing more than a piece of sensationalist journalism.

Therefore, in summary, it seems that Rafa is here for the time being, Pep is being hunted and it`s pretty much hang on to your hats and see what happens between now and May on the football side of things!

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 11 2013

Time: 4:06PM

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I seriously won't advocate for rafa to be sacked mid-way to his contract, that will be setting double standards, after crying foul the way RDM was sacked, however, I think roman should pay cobham his famous visit and ask for more commitment and perhaps give a verbal support to rafa that he'll honour his contract, maybe, just maybe it will motivate the whole team, we haven't won five games in a roll since how long now?
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11/01/2013 16:15:00

I think Rafa will go. His results are confusing, to say the very least, and above all he's not welcome here. So, even if Roman wants him, his life won't be easy and ideal for him to work and deliver. In my opinion, the (possible) appointment of Guardiola, is risky as well, Certainly, his cv is remarkable, but he was in charge of exactly the same team, as his then assistant and currently head coach of Barca, Vilanova. And there is no difference. Maybe they are better this season. For me, it's an ideal time to bring back the man who knows us better than anyone on this planet. And this is mutual. Only, Jose Mourinho can get us back on track. He'd compete with the sir up there, who actually, doesn't have a challenger since Jose left us.
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11/01/2013 16:21:00

@Blu, I support your sentiments, Jose over Guardiola anyday cos he moves about with winning mentality and team onneness...
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11/01/2013 16:31:00

Guardiola for 18M - NEVER...based on managing one team successfully? (that team had also has messi, take him away and that team is an entirely different prospect re winning trophies) If you have £20, a tip for you - go and place a bet on JM being the new manager here in the Summer for 6M :)))
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11/01/2013 16:40:00

its a no brainer for me...
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11/01/2013 16:41:00

why not sign Vilanova, Barca looks better now, then with Pep, so Vilanova might be better coach. :D Well barca without coach will be the same. So lets NOT RISK WITH PEP. LET HIM PROVE HIMSELF WITH ANOTHER CLUB!
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11/01/2013 16:45:00

Unfortunately I disagree with u lot on pep and mourinho, why? Well the moneybag wants pep and only pep!!! He wants us to play attacking football with a grain of tiki taka
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11/01/2013 17:05:00

18 MILLION POUNDS!!!!!! holly *****.. how many zeros are there in 18 million??? it is really cruel to spend such a huge amount of money for entertainment. that money can provide cloths for the poor people of entire sub saharan countries. i m just saying, please don't mind.
The Blue Indian
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11/01/2013 17:11:00

@ JohnnyOz. Thanks for the tips. Not that i am sure he will be appointed for the job. He doesn't like working with a technical director. Real Madrid had to let theirs go because of the difference of opinion. I wouldn't want him to have total control of players transfer. Modric as example you don't pay £30m for a squad player. a technical director would never have agreed to that.
jollyheart Torres
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11/01/2013 17:15:00

look how the lamps issue is causing damage to the club.roman dont give any contract to a playe using fans 4 his selfish needs.
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11/01/2013 17:15:00

look how the lamps is causing damage to the club.roman dont give any contract to a playe using fans 4 his selfish needs.
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11/01/2013 17:15:00

18 MILLION POUNDS!!!!!! holly *****.. how many zeros are there in 18 million??? it is really cruel to spend such a huge amount of money for entertainment. that money can provide cloths for the poor people of entire sub saharan countries. i m just saying, please don't mind.
The Blue Indian
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11/01/2013 17:16:00

18 MILLION POUNDS!!!!!! holly *****.. how many zeros are there in 18 million??? it is really cruel to spend such a huge amount of money for entertainment. that money can provide cloths for the poor people of entire sub saharan countries. i m just saying, please don't mind.
The Blue Indian
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11/01/2013 17:22:00

lol@ jollyheart, dont quote me on that tip bro - im just another optimistic fan at the end of the day...i just feel if you look at the managers that may be available in the summer, Jose is the one that stands out for me and it is unlikely the Chelsea fans will ever turn against him...thats how biased you lot are lol having said that he has won the league in every country he's managed in, the only problem i have with Mou is his 3 year limit to staying in a single role....hopefully he can finally break that hoodoo with us, Roman permitting...
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11/01/2013 17:23:00

Is the Fat Spanish Waitet on drugs???? @goal_int'l, Rafa Benitez explains that Fernando Torres suffered from a stomach bug in Chelsea's recent 2-0 defeat to Swansea
munich Glory
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11/01/2013 17:27:00

also there's news flying about that Rafa has been approached for the Real job for next it could be like a trade and barter thing and we get our special boy back
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11/01/2013 17:27:00

JohnnyOz u can add total neglect of the academy to that too apart from his 3 years limit at a club, perhaps pep would spend 3 years too but I think he'll pick players or starters from the academy, that is what pep have over mou, overall mou is perhaps the most accomplished coach for the last decade
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11/01/2013 17:32:00

@Desmond...the really question to ask is when was the last time Rafa won five in a row??....the answer will live you almost breathless...i am still compiling key facts which i intend to unleash at the end of the season...Tubby cant and should not stay beyond the end of the season regardless of what happens to the team (good or bad) thats if we know what is good for us...his combination with FT9 can defo ruin this club...
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11/01/2013 17:34:00

@JohnnyOZ, This is what Mou said himself about his short stay, that he finds it "very difficult" to stay for too long at the same club, I am Portuguese, so I am a natural explorer, a discoverer". That won't bring the stabilities we all want.
jollyheart Torres
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11/01/2013 17:48:00

@Des, you spot on. He is not know to trust academy players that much.
jollyheart Torres
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11/01/2013 17:50:00

This is madness..18 million a year for a coach!! (that is a whopping 54 mill for a 3 year contract and a mind boggling 90million for the reported 5yr contract Roman has put on the table) This is lunacy..Dear Lord please save Roman from himself. Can you imagine the severance pay the guy will get when the inevitable sack then comes before the contract is up because as usual success does not come instantaneously. I am praying so hard that Pep will do us, and Roman a favor and take a job elsewhere because honestly compared to the El Nino debacle if this happens we will be so royally screwed it wont be funny. Pep has no experience..i repeat zero experience outside the hallowed walls of La Masia and Camp Nou and Roman wants to blow 18 million a year on this guy to test his coaching prowess for the first time outside Barca in the meat grinder called the goodness i am sorry but our owner is beyond eccentric..this is absolutely nuts..we could get a decent player or two per transfer window with that kind of money..oh well it isnt my money...i wont lose any sleep..if pep does come though and it goes least i can say i told you so..the same way i did about the El Nino debacle.
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11/01/2013 17:52:00

Now Rafa is making fool of himself, he needs to be told that there is no f***** possible way to defend Torres.. Rafa's quotes: "I could not explain it before the match, because [Swansea boss] Michael Laudrup would have known but Fernando had a stomach bug," Benitez said in a press conference. "So Fernando was playing with the problem. I was really pleased with him because he was trying to play despite the problems he had."
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11/01/2013 18:03:00

heard rafa was saying that...a bug was suffering because it was in torres he didnt played well...and we were blaming torress...feckkk you bug...
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11/01/2013 18:06:00

Why can`t we have a proper club. David Moyes would be a far more suitable choice, with Guus Hiddink as Techncal Director. Those 2 would give us stability and orgaization. If Pep is employed on that money, it would simply show that RA has run out of options and is getting desperate, he should never have got rid of Jose in the 1st place. Pep will come, Pep will fail, then what ? Bad decisions have made us a laughing stock.
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11/01/2013 18:10:00

This is now getting downright embarrassing..Rafa is now the fall guy..he has been instructed by the powers that be to commit Hara can a manager come on air and say he played a player with a virus infection at this level of football in a cup semi final...this is obviously a front to take the pressure of El Nino, actually make him look heroic and have Rafa take the blame for him and we all know who must have given the instructions to say this. This whole thing is becoming so comical now.
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11/01/2013 18:23:00

Can I ask a question guys? Why can't fans have a say on the managers they want when the hot seat is free? I mean, they should consider fan's opinion 40%, the board opinion 40% and players opinion 20%? Perhaps we'll have a better coach at the helm
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11/01/2013 18:27:00

Roman has a problem. He wants guardiola, but does guardiola want Torres. I think peps trump card will be him or me. Then we will see the real roman abramovich. I love the man to pieces and won't say a bad word against him, he makes the decisions and I'm sure he'll make the right one, but he's got some thinking to do.
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11/01/2013 18:52:00

Dont worry about Pep guyz because as per prediction,by 2025,1 in every 6 men in Europe would have coached Chelsea.
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11/01/2013 19:26:00

Why do we bother debating some lazy talk by some lazy tabloid journos.... Its high time we start acknowledging roman to be the success that he is. He didnt make his billions by continually making the same mistakes. He cant be so foolish to make such decisions. He has spent so much on chelsea cos he loved chelsea so much(just like me and u). He had made some mistakes in the past but who doesnt make mistakes, it doesnt mean he would do them again. He has made efforts and has been putting strutures on ground towards making chelsea a self-sustaining club. Feck this man even wants to build us a bran new stadium. I was angry at him when he sacked robbie but then we also have to take the good with the bad. Some pills can be very bitter to swallow but at the end of d day, u would ve to take them if u really want to get better. The tabloids would always have something to write about especially with the fans vs mgt crisis going on but do we have to believe them all? Common sense should atleast tell us that certain vibes aint worth it from those lazy journos.
Chelz Akamz
Report Abuse
11/01/2013 21:12:00

Moyes? Would be even play Mata? He loves his power football. Look at how Everton play.
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11/01/2013 21:31:00

Moyes would turn us to stoke 2.0 and thats what we re movin away from
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12/01/2013 05:49:00

lookin like its gonna be an excitin summer,not just for player transfers but manager transfers too,the hotseats of madrid,chelsea,manure(if old red nose retires at seasons' end),bayern(jupp is retirin) e.t.c are all likely to vacant in the would be interestin to see who is in and who is out
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12/01/2013 05:57:00

You won`t say that when Man U replace Ferguson with David Moyes, their dynasty will just rumble on without a hitch. Then everyone will say, why didn`t we think of that. Just look at what Moyes has produced without financial backing. imagine if he were to actually be given some money to spend. All I want is a stable club and a team of players that fight and give me 100%, not certain individuals who can`t perform because they have got a little tummy bug, its pathetic.
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12/01/2013 10:43:00

Pep will never come to us he wouldn't want any of that bullcrap where you have to play one player every match just to please the owner.
Report Abuse
12/01/2013 11:03:00

Dont be so sure moyes will replace old red nose and moreso sir rednose has built a dynasty with sustained stability which any coach takin over wouldnt find it difficult to continue from he stopped but same cant be said about us,we have no identity and we are creatin one now if which moyes is no fan of,he prefers the high tempo,physical and longball style which is stoke-esque
Report Abuse
12/01/2013 11:20:00

Thank God it is coming from the media and nothing concrete as yet. Even if Rafa is rubbish, I would not like him to be sacked before the season ends.
Report Abuse
14/01/2013 08:39:00


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