Chelsea - The Last Season Prediction - Saber
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The Last Season Prediction - Saber

Two lines....

Not guessing.

Gut feeling, especially with the first one.

And the second one I can see it happening.

Both sound crazy.

But so was last time.

1. Real Madrid will win the Champions League this season.

2. Chelsea`s manager next season will not be Pep Guardiola, the energies do not align. The prophet speaketh, Jose Mourinho returns home.

No more predictions for this season.

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The Journalist

Writer: saber Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday January 12 2013

Time: 11:15AM

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I would be delighted if the 2nd prediction turns out be true. That would energize me and our club.
Keyser Soze
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12/01/2013 11:28:00

tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk.....
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12/01/2013 11:50:00

mourinho big noooooooo.....dont want him at alll...
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12/01/2013 12:30:00

Amen to that please
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12/01/2013 12:41:00

Yes I have Madrid for the CL too this season, it only seems right after last season where they looked like the best team in Europe.
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12/01/2013 12:47:00

Mourinho returns home??inter milan and Porto fans will also say so!!!!....I don't know when stamford bridge turned the home of ronaldo,but one thing is for sure,hell NO,he isn't coming to the bridge!!!!for madrid ucl?I don't know about that
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12/01/2013 12:55:00

the is a good chance the first description happens...i guess Mou will be extremely motivated for that one...and when he is that way...he will be at his best...even though i know its down to the players, I also know the Mou factor is important....for the second, I honestly hope it does not happen not because Mou is not a fanstastic coach, but because we've gotten to a stage where we madly need some long overdue stability as a club. I also want a coach that I am sure will give our youth chance and confidence..we ve got some immensely talented youth coming up..for these reasons mou is a NO for me...although i must admit that as one grows older,becomes more matured and rises along the career path, the tendency to wanta change jobs a lot often diminishes, Mou is nearing 50 and he might also be thinking along that way..and there's no better place for him other than chelsea if desires to stay for a longer period than 3 seasons....although his wanting to manage portugal in the near future negates that line of taught....truth is no matter how i feel or what i say, there is a chance Mou becomes our next boss come next season...while i am not really for it for the reasons i stated above..I am mentally prepared for it, will accept it and support the team and coach....why wont i anyways?...I will gladly take Mou over Tubby any given day of the week..fingers crossed!
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12/01/2013 13:03:00

Saber i am praying hard for both of these to happen..Jose will not voluntarily leave Real without delivering them a champions league trophy..the man is too proud to leave a team of that stature on his own with a taste of failure. It is also clear he is not enjoying it there any longer so he will do all in his power to get them that Decima Champions league title the Madridistas have been dreaming of for years and will then gleefully walk away and wtahc them implode the way all the teams he leaves do. Now where he ends up after he leaves he is a mystery. It is clear that when his wanderlust is eventually over the man wants to settle in the long haul in the BPL but the problem with him rejoining ChelseaFC is whether Roman will give him the control he wants and will insist on. For a coach of his pedigree there are several interesting options; the bayern job will likely be available this summer as Heynckes is likely to retire, PSG have been rumored to be looking at a Jose, ronaldo package deal the way they did with Silva, Ibrahimovic deal last year and then of course there is Mancity.. this summer will be very interesting from a coaching movement perspective.
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12/01/2013 13:12:00

Honestly am not sure if mou should be our next manager,unless if we are looking for a short term manager.
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12/01/2013 14:05:00

Mou? I like and admire his immense talents, he is the best tactical coach I know of, he is a winner and a motivator, he develops players, but he loves buying too much and doesn't like babysitting academy players, he prefers the finished good, so that will set our academy back by atleast 5 years which would be bad for me, so I'll go with loew or klopp, pep? Would play and develop youth players, change the way we play but can he tame the BPL beast? I don't know
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12/01/2013 14:19:00

Glad you feel this too saber. Half way through lsst season i had a feeling 2023 would be madrids year. I still stand by that. Not so confident about the return of the special one...but you can hope :)
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12/01/2013 16:04:00

2013 lol not 2023
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12/01/2013 16:05:00

That and i think and stand by my dortmund reaching the final. Madrid v dortmund
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12/01/2013 16:06:00

Not Jose, please. Let him win the champions league for his own glory. He's the best coach, yes but his antics will make Chelsea an 'enemy of football'.
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12/01/2013 16:07:00

Saber.I respect your predictions.I wish these two things happen.But I don't see them happening.As soon as the draw was out for the CL group stages.I predicted Madrid finishing second to Dortmund and drawing Ref UTD in the Last 16.Now,I see Ref UTD battering Real Madrid in the second leg at Old Trafford,with Van Persie himself scoring 4-5.Jose will get the sack call from Perez immediately after the final whistle at Old Trafford.As a manager,Jose has done well at Real Madrid.By Real Madrid's standards and looking at their performances in the last ten years,he has done extremely well.Barca had been toying with them ever since Del Bosque left in 2003,apart from Rijkaard's last two seasons,when Barca themselves declined.They could not make it to the quarters of the CL seven seasons,before Mou took over.So,by their standards,he has done very well.But by Mourinho's own high standards,they have been poor.Absolutely no grit,determination,fighting spirit and character.A team managed by Mourinho possesses all these qualities and you can't win the CL without these.The skipper is making mistakes every game.The defence has been shaky.Arbeloa is average.Pepe is rash.Ramos gets booked in every game.Marcelo is good only in attack.The midfield and attack lack character.As for him coming back home,I would be very surprised if Roman appoints him.
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12/01/2013 19:16:00

RM will fully focus on the CL they've gvn up on the league. nd jose is leaving in the summer-as evry1 knows. are u trying to pass of basic logic as superpowers again?
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13/01/2013 00:17:00

It then appears majority wishes Madrid to progress over ManUre (note the word 'wishes' not 'favours',there's a diff). I'd advise you dont get your hopes could go either way,and considering the fact that the CL represents RM's only chance of bagging a reasonable silverware this term,the pressure is on them. That said, i doubt Madrid achieving that feat. As for the 2nd prophecy or should i say prediction,i hope it doesnt come to pass,we have gone a long way to go back to the easy-way-out of buying big heads as against developing and grooming our own,not while ffp looms and not when i have a lot of youngsters i long to see come through. Mou is can be good in anything but developing the youth,he stifles them instead. Glen Johnson,Scott Parker....??
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13/01/2013 07:05:00

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13/01/2013 07:27:00

We need a manager who will be with us for d nxt 5-6 years....pep wud b welcum bt d arrogant Mou aint welcum @ all
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13/01/2013 13:15:00

Coming from a playwriting, poetic dancing, music composing and acting Doctor this makes sense *smh
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13/01/2013 13:32:00

Mourinho develops players?? LoL I missed VC madness
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13/01/2013 13:35:00

FLOPPED spectacularly at Madrid, couldn't even top his group with the so-called Worlds best player( according to some) was " owned" by a team that cost 60% of the cost of the 1 Madrid player mentioned, can't even talk about his league achievements this season because he's failed vs a determined, hungrier and more focused Barca (after winning 14 Cups in 3 years you can " understand" 1 year of relaxation) let's face it, Mourinho is all hype with some motivational ability, nothing more. Tactical genius?? Well if you call sitting back, blocking shots and counter attacking tactical genius then you'll celebrate such garbage.
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13/01/2013 13:43:00

As for player development, name 1 player at Madrid who has improved since Mourinho went there, Di Maria?? He was 22 when he was signed, he was bound to develop further with any " top" Manager, as for Ronaldo he's still a quick running powerful shooter, nothing more, that's why he can't dislodge Messi because his overall team play is still infantry. Pity the Mourinho worshippers who celebrate Dr Wombats predictions when we call know if you want to build an attacking, exciting and winning team cost effectively you have a better chance with ppl like Klopp, Pellegrini and maybe even Simeon than Mourinho. What has he even done in 3 seasons that anyone can say Pellegrini wouldn't have, given the same time and players?? LoL @ folly
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13/01/2013 13:44:00

i have a feeling of deja vu here: winner of this year's champions league will be our manager next season.
Blue India
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13/01/2013 14:40:00

Anyone who watched Madrid last night saw how ordinary they looked without Ronaldo, proving who provides more impact...unless its Mourinho's manner of seeking to be sacked, who begs the question "do you want some1 determined to lose deliberately to make their point"??
Report Abuse
13/01/2013 15:41:00

Anyone who watched Madrid last night saw how ordinary they looked without Ronaldo, proving who provides more impact...unless its Mourinho's manner of seeking to be sacked, who begs the question "do you want some1 determined to lose deliberately to make their point"??
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13/01/2013 15:41:00

@mq name me a manager better than jose.
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13/01/2013 21:36:00

Pep is better than Mourinho.
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13/01/2013 23:46:00

FV.Pep is not good enough to tie Mou's shoe laces.
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14/01/2013 04:58:00

The Real Madrid of Mourinho,unlike his Chelsea,Porto and Inter,lacks character and spirit.Casillas is making mistakes every game.If your skipper is doing that,you are automatically fecked.Next up,the vice-captain and probably,the dirtiest player in the World.Recently,he got a five-match ban.To win the CL,you need leaders like Terry,Puyol,Xavi,Lampard,Gerrard,Vidic,etc.Casillas,one of the best keepers lacks character.Ramos is the main man for Real Madrid.He has to behave like the leader on the pitch.If he manages that,takes care of the defence,then Real Madrid have a chance.But Ramos is too inděsciplined to do that.I can't name a single player apart from Benzema and Alonso,who have shown character and spirit to any extent.
Report Abuse
14/01/2013 05:24:00

Madrid have "no character" CFC250?? *smh
Report Abuse
14/01/2013 06:12:00

why could Madrid not win without Ronaldo HUMZA yet I've seen Barca under Pep win without Messi. Osasuna was bottom of the log fyi
Report Abuse
14/01/2013 06:13:00

Mq.I was addressing Dr. Partha,so kindly mind your own business and don't butt into the conversation.
Report Abuse
14/01/2013 07:04:00

Everything but no Jose return. Someone argue that he is a short fix yet chelsea needs some longer time planning
Report Abuse
14/01/2013 08:55:00

i would love for Mourinho to come back but dont see him working with Emenalo as his looks unlikely unless our Technical director gets a demotion of sorts :( Make it happen Roman...
Report Abuse
14/01/2013 13:14:00

Love to have Mourinho back...
Report Abuse
14/01/2013 13:28:00

Mourinho is a BIG NO to chelsea....we need a manager who can develop our talented youngsters and integrate them slowly into the first team in next 2-3 years...I haven't seen Mourinho doing this anywhere...He is a manager who like to purchase...He will be a better match at ManCity rather than Chelsea...Our owner is now focussing more on developing and winning with our academy strength rather than buying...I sense we getting Pep or any other manager whose focus will be winning and integrating youth in 2-3 years
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 04:03:00

If chelsea fans dont want to see Josh, KDB, Chalobah, Lukaku, Kane, Piazon, Kalas in action for chelsea, then we can get Mourinho...bcos, Jose will not play them in first team...He isnt that kind of manager
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 04:04:00

True. Very true
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 12:17:00


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