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Pep`s Preference!

If Chelsea does have a master-plan whereby Pep Guardiola is seen as our long term salvation then the suited gentlemen that run the club may want to steer clear of the tabloids this morning.

It would appear that Pep has decided that he would like to manage a Premier League club but not us. Indeed, Pep has decreed, if the tabloids are correct, that his preferred destination would be the managerial hot-seat at Manchester City!

Now what is it about putting all your eggs in one basket?

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday January 13 2013

Time: 12:46PM

Your Comments

i'm quite sure he will join city next season.they are more stabil, and also have a barca type player such as silva,aguero,tevez, and nasri to play the barca way...
Chelsea n Torres Fan
Personally I don't rate him so highly and I wouldn't mind to see us go for other coaches since he has decided to go to City.... We could get Hiddink to guide one of our legend like Terry or Lampard for this role....
We'll be fine with Rafa especially if we get him the " depth" he so speaks eloquently about needing ;)
Pep/Jose is not the end of the world there are other good young managers who can do a good job. I like Conte, his Juventus side remind me of old Chelsea. >>>>Pep's Philosophy: WIN THE BALL BACK WITHIN 5 SECONDS. Klopp's Philosophy: HAVE A SHOT AT THE OPPOSITION'S GOAL WITHIN 5 PASSES. Jose's Philosophy: TO LEAVE THE CLUB WITHIN 3 YEARS, WINNING SOMETHING, AND LEAVING THE CLUB IN DEEP SH*T FOR NEW CHALLENGES.
Even if we don't get Pep, there's other Managers who haven't worked with Messi but have delivered " amazing" results thus far, such as Klopp (they finished above Madrid with a squad that cost 60% of Ronaldo alone, although I don't see Klopp leaving) Simeon (he's done well thus far, and getting him with Falcao will help us a great deal given how well they've combined) Pellegrini (Madrid erred in sacking him, they haven't improved much for all the money they paying Mourinho and Pellegrini has, in the last 5 years, " built" two teams, Villareal who collapsed after he left and Malaga)
LoL well said B2K :)
Not too sure on Conte, after all that match fixing business I don't want him anywhere near England.
If this is true i am rejoicing for two reasons; 1. It should be a lesson to roman and his amigos that wildly throwing money at everything is not the way to run a club..hopefully this should teach them that there is something to be said about stability, a proper adminstrative structure as well as having a board that actually has some true football minds 2. The pep bubble will either grow or burst spectalularly and we wont have to be involved. City have won the FA cup and the BPL with Mancini, with all that money and their structure as well as relatively patient owners Pep will be defined there by what he achieves in the champions league. If he cannot at least replicate Mancinis success and do better than him in the champions league then it will be clear that it was the players at Barca not the anything special about Pep that won them all that glory during his time there. As for us only God knows..if we fire Rafa i think we will have a major problem finding any half decent coach. Roman's money is not that great an incentive anymore..there are several clubs out there who can offer just as much money (maybe even more) and are far better set up with better job security. Furthermore for the best coaches out there money is not the major incentive that drives them anyway. This summer will be very interesting.
Pep going to city? Well its possible, when u see their setup with ex barca chiefs at their helms of affairs, all we need to do is finish above city and have a stable team that has more quality than city and pep would go where his job will be easier in terms of playing personnel, but I think city might truly be his destination
klopp is the manager we need
Blue India
@GabeU: Like Harry said, "Only a Dope would fail at Chelsea". Don't worry about Rafa we will sign some other manager who has CL experience or not. AVB failed because of certain players not giving him a chance, he is doing well at Spurs. PEP will go to Man City or I would like him to go there. Jose I don't want he wants to be in the media all the time, he might poke a Ref's eye (You never know).
Chelsea should not and most likely will not hire Jose, I'd rather we keep Rafa instead because @least he won't antagonize the opposition managers like Jose did, well maybe except Sir Alex LoL
let lampard be our next manager. He is an intelligent man.
Blue India
lamps has led to firing of a few managers let him get fired for a change
Blue India
What if the tabloid is wrong about this?? Pep hasn't said anything to the media so there's a chance he could go anywhere. @GABEU that you would say something tantamount to wishing the club bad is all wrong, these are the man who make the clubs decisions and here you are basically "wishing" them bad...*smh
As its always quiet on a Sunday and the sun need to make something up then this is an eye catching headline. Anyway as pep hasn't actually said anything to anyone I find that hard to believe. Although I hope roman has a back up plan as it will take a whole lot of persuading to get him. Perhaps we should get Mancini then as manager if he does leave, who else is going to take the job. We don't want rafa to stay, Jose won't come back, Klopp will stay in Germany, if Mancini is available then I'm sorry we should look at it because there maybe no one else.
I always feel a great deal of comfort each time i read a pep not coming to chelsea story, cause having pep in place of rafa would be like swaping eto for Ibra whilst adding 20mill on top! total flop this pep!
pego sama
I have always said he'd never subject himself to Roman's whimsy. Too much flux and interference by Roman at CFC. City are where the money is and where he would find the kind of players he could just fit into...he doesn't want to work too hard...he didn't have to at Barca...the players made his reputation for him. I am not convinced he would have the same success in the EPL.
Anyway Italians have always worked at Chelsea. Zola, vialli, robbie both as players and managers and ancelotti.
Klopp would be great if we dont keep rafa.
pego sama
Couldn't agree more on Klopp, but there's now a reputation with our managers job, and that will be a deciding factor I'm afraid.
Perhaps pep and zola as assistant? With zola taking over after 3 years?
keyword here is "MANAGE" and this is exactly why he won't be coming to Chelsea! Here, he'll just be a coach of the first team, and NOT A MANAGER of the football club. Which is what he wants to be... Klopp won't even have a chance at CFC or even be considered for that matter.... His %win rate is at 56.7%, RDM's was 57.14%, even Ancelotti's was 60.78% and he was fired in the away dressing room! JM's was 70.81% @CFC and still got canned, lol. As much as RA might want to get Pep into the one man ship of CFC, he won't get what he wants this time, and i REALLY HOPE IT TEACHES HIM A LESSON TO FIND THE RIGHT PERSON AND STICK BY HIM!!!
there aren't really any top managers whom roman would give total control. while i won't say at all that there aren't too many quality coaches available. but managers now these days are looking for a club that would trust them. and although money is no irrelevant, its not major concern anymore. so its now time for us to change our thinking. i mean our board and roman. and as for option. how would be current milan manager MASSIMO ALLEGRI?? because his contract runs out in the summer. and hasn't been offered new contract. this season started badly but milan are recovering slowly.
Haha. Good news. A slap in the face to Roman, the board, and especially to VC members that want us play like Barca. Why there are talks of keeping Rafa beyond this season? A manager who prefers to play away more than at the Bridge should leave now. We need stability, and the only way I see this craziness regarding our managerial position is by handing our next manager a long term contract (more than 3 years). Stability
The same people who think Pep is a ***** manager are the same people who said chelsea should not sign RVP because he is a 1 season wonder with glass knees! mugs!!!
Chelsea's biggest weakness is their lack of intensity while Peps biggest quality he put into his Barca team WAS high intensity off the ball. If pep can produce that same work ethic with these players he WILL be a success.
Pls for Gods sake can we not talk about rafa getting the job full time. First of all roman disrespected the fans by employing rafa as the manager of Chelsea, bad decision not from a footballing perspective but from a moral one. We the fans own the club and he should pls let rafa go at the end of the season. Keep rafa dere for 4yrs say bye to the league for 4 yrs. Second best player in our team is Oscar where is now, warming the bench. Oscar is a better player and technically better than hazard, apart from hazards dribbling skills wot else does he bring to the team. Rafa pls don't mess up oscar's game can't wait for rafa to leave. Sometimes can't even celebrate our wins becos of rafa, roman really really let the fans down but we the fan are willing to forgive becos he's done a lot for Chelsea in the last 10yrs.
bring Mou and play like a chelsea, not barsa
I would say every man deserves a fair chance. Give Rafa a fair chance to show his abilities. We all know that Chelsea has an unbalanced squad and is still a team in transition. Rafa has to be honest and candid with the management and the fans about the current squad and in setting the long term directions needed for success.
I prefer Jurgen Klopp than Pep Guardiola
Drog of War
If Rafa does well and we win the EPL (almost impossible right now but we still have to play the Mancs, who knows what can happen) Rafa get's my vote for continuity because he'd have done something remarkable.
who cares about pep when fat man can still do the I have said before if Rafa manages to be here in the next ten years...I will be happy...because as gluttonous as he may will mean he is still winning.
rafa wont be there next dont like him and they will make sure that he wont be there....roman knows he had made mistake by appointing him against cant have a manager when your own fans boos at him and you annot win matches at home with that atmsphere ..he wont be there thats sure...he wont win us anyting not this but also any season i think it would be diego simone ...pep wont join us if he then its great and we dont want mourinho again...diego simone is a dark horse in race for chelsea manager....i thin he will land chelsea job next season...and neiher do falcoa will join us...
Pep,please don't join us.I won't Roman to get a slap on his face.And if Pep really loves Barca,he will never join Madrid and Chelsea which apparently all Barca fans hate.
Roman and the board should get a tight slap on their faces for not offering Lampard a new contract.I want him to get the bloody record before he leaves.Roman wants to get rid of Terry and Lampard just because the job will become easier for Pep.It would be really sweet if Pep tells Abramovich to feck off.Its high time he stops playing manager mode and develops a footballing brain.And I want the fans to create havoc outside the Bridge if Terry is not offered a new contract.Create as much as nuisance as you want to make these clowns in our Board realise the importance of having links with our legends.
Whatever happens, chelsea will be here and fighting it out with pep for the premier league if he joins us or not
U must be jokin if u think simeone,klopp or conte would dentin their young and fantastic careers by takin up the poison chalice that is the chelsea job..we are fast runnin out of options and if pep does not join us then we might be stucked with rafa,i can imagine how the anti-rafas would feel seein him here next season..they would go jump off a
Klopp sounds good for his work
Can anybody seriously see Pep Guardiola accepting the job at Stamford Bridge. Who is actually going to tell Pep, this is Michael Emenalo, he will be choosing all your players for you, telling you what is expected of you and who you are to report too. Michael who ?
The mistake in pursuing Pep is to assume that he can quickly take a group of talented players and make us play like Barca. I'm assuming that's what Roman wants. I have no problem with Pep, though his track record of transfer signings aren't good. But all this hype is undeserved. He took a brilliant side and made them better, and for that he deserves credit. But there is no evidence that Pep is a tactical genius or that he can perform in England. I really have no issue hiring him, especially in light of Tubby, but I feel strongly opposed to the idea of paying a MASSIVE salary to entice him. He doesn't deserve it! And if he comes and when we do eventually sack him, then what? See, the problem is that we've got an owner who looks at managers as he does players--he buys into the hype and is seduced by the glitz of acquiring the hottest new thing on the market. That's Pep and everyone wants him. Feck that. I would take Steve Clarke in a heartbeat. I would be thrilled to get David Moyes. The work that Laudrup is doing at Swansea is incredible. For once--just once--can we resist the popular choice and go for the smart one?
(Funny, I teach Subject-Verb agreement and I've committed that sin! Not that anyone here cares...)
Can we quit this whole "Roman wants Barca @ Chelsea" crap...all he wants is good football ffs
Pep also allowed young players even in crucial games, something I cn assure you no1 would dare (except RDM, but he chose the wrong player for the wrong position)
"Crap"? It isn't crap. Look at the players purchased, Mq. Look at the pursuit of Pep. You are more naive than I ever thought if you seriously think Roman isn't trying to emulate Barca's model of football. And the reason Pep played youth is because their youth system creates players in a mold that fits the playing model at the senior level. We have no consistent model because we keep changing managers. But hey, I'm sure you'll find fault with anything I say, which is actually reassuring.
Lampard and Terry have lost Roman a lot of money with the sacking he's had to do when they couldn't get along with the manager.
...Look at the pursuit of Pep. You are more naive than I ever thought if you seriously think Roman isn't trying to emulate Barca's model of, we don't have a Messi-like player, we certainly don't have a Xavi like player (and we just gave Mikel a 5 year new deal), we don't have an Iniesta-like player (although Mata comes close, he doesn't dribble as much)
If Roman wanted Barca @ Chelsea RADIOACTIVE why did he turn down the Barca hierachy that's now @ Man$hitty?? It;s clear we spoke to them but decided otherwise, and I'll tell you why, simply because while we admire their style we are not obsessed with emulating it. Were it so we'd see those ppl @ Chelsea lad, you know this
Roman wants to see the fruits of his investment in Academy...So, he will definitely look for a manager who can bring the best from the chelsea youngsters and integrate them into a winning team in 2-3 years
Pep, Klopp have shown that they trust academy graduates...Even Carlo, Rafa has put played some talented youngsters...
Let chelsea be chelsea

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