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Celta Viga Striker Wanted!

Having already secured the services of Demba Ba, in the transfer window, the Spanish press, in particular Marca, believes Chelsea are trying to strike a deal for a Spanish striker.

The striker in question being Iago Aspas, currently on the books of Celta Viga with Chelsea having, reportedly, bid 8.3 million for the 25 year-old.

However, Marca also goes on to suggest that Celta Viga are trying to persuade Aspas to stay with them until the end of the season.

If any more information comes our way we`ll let you know.

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday January 13 2013

Time: 12:48PM

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The joy of spanish rejects...
If he can put the ball in d net like a ''Xavier Hernandez'' can....he's welcum
I haven't heard of this lad before,but I have this feeling that he is going to be a CHICHARITO for us,his goal scoring record is good and I also read that he used to play in the same club with michu and he was always prefered ahead of michu...... ......I like this piece of news because it would give us more option up front as BA will not be able to play the europa league,so aspas and torres will be our option for the europa....this is what I have been trying to point out here,I guess the club knows we need another CF and it doesn't have to be a big name....torres,aspas and ba!!!......Get aspas and sign a midfielder then we are okay for this transfer window,I hope this turn out to be a good deal
Yeah... Why not since we had difficulty in landing marquee player at this moment... Mitchu and Ba enlighten us that it is not necessary be expensive for a player to be successful over here....
IMO other clubs (Swansea, Liverpool, Arsenal, ManU...) are interested in him as well and this will RAISE his price Tag. If we want to sing him we should do this deal quick. I have not watched him that much but I can say Iago Aspas can't hold the ball up, will not win any physical battles, will not win any headers but he has serious PACE, I will say it again SERIOUS/ALARMING PACE!!, we can use him on the wing, he commits defenders and goes pass them like they are never there. I would go as far as saying he is as quick if not more quicker than Cristiano Ronaldo/Angel Di Maria. He is more quick than Torres ever was. Iago Aspas will suit counter attacking style.>>>>>I would like us to sign a player who can hold the ball up, win headers and can score in big games,not shy of battles or getting hurt, a bit like Drogba but I know there is no other player like him at this moment in time.
If we actually have paid that, then that means all that stands in the way is the player's consent since that's his buyout clause. I hope he's brought in and Torres is loaned out to Atletico as the rumors suggest
For those of u that have not heard about this lad before, here is his stats and I read somewhere that he is even better than michu....
We can play ba for games like stoke city, then we'll play this lad or any striker that doesn't have any physical prowess against teams like tottenham and arsenal, so for me, since he is not expensive, I'll buy him and yanns m'villa for atleast 18m pounds in total!!!! WTF!!!
B2K420 - no need to worry about his price because the price stated is his release clause.and we don't need another drogba because we already have one in Lukaku,who already have better goal return than our player despite not a regular starter for west brom...
Chelsea n Torres Fan
If we pull this off it will be another sneaky signing like the mata deal. It was Swanseas scouts who sourced out this kid. Swansea were interested in him as a possible partner for michu but were put of by his release clause. Chelsea have essentially used Swanseas scouts to do their scouting and establish the asking price for the kid. Honestly all this talk of Manu or Gunners interested in him is tabloid nonsense..ManU is not buying any other striker this window..they have one goal for summer and that is Robert Lewandowski. As for the Gunners there is no way Wnger will spend that kind of money on this sort of player..especially after he had to grovel and beg to retain Walcott. This kid is ours to get if we are really interested..Liverpool and Swansea simply cant compete with our monetary muscle here. If he ends ups half as good as michu (who BTW was not an all out striker at his old club) this may be a bargain as good as the Ba signing.
@B2K,you haven't watched him play and you know,he can't hold up play and can't win any physical battle....that's intresting......I just hope this lad score Goals for us if we eventually sign him,if he does then there would be no problem if he doesn't hold up play or win any physical battle but using him as a winger?I say hell you think he will track back to help the full backs?.... ....Well we never can say but hope he ends up being a good deal,I am excited with the prospect of having 3 strikers in the club
And sturridge scores!!!!! Who the ***** sanctioned the deal and kept nando? Huh?
Everything about iago aspas is in the link I posted, both his strengths and weaknesses, unfortunately they stated at the lower part of the article that he doesn't have any weakness whatsoever, I don't know if its true
And sturridge scores for liverpool!!!we should have sold torres instead of sturridge,it looks like the board might regret the transfer in the long run....
Hazard11 that's what you call a striker. Poorres Take notes, Hopefully you can grow up to be as good as him some day!
Liverpool would not have paid 12m for Torres. They know he is finished, kaput.
@Hazard11: I haven't watched him regularly every week, you watch one of his games and you will know what I meant about holding the ball/winning headers/physical battles. Michu is 6ft 1 and Iago is 5ft 9 I don't think Iago is going to win any headers/physicals battles against good EPL sides.
iago aspas is highly rated and highly wanted....I know valencia, sevilla, atletico want him. He is very good.
we do need a striker , currently we have only 1 striker , and nandos identical twin whose actually an accountant :p ... and we do need a solid midfielder look at yaya toure and micheal carrick ... spraying balls and controlling the temp of the game
haji ahmed
Some people will want Aspas, Demba Ba, Lukaku and FALCAO IN THE SUMMER!!!!! Bull***** rumors......
For a 25 year old striker, Lukaku has a better goal to minutes ratio and goal to game starts ratio in the premiership than this guy has in La Liga. Have no idea why we want him. He is nothing similar to Michu by the way!!!!
Have people seen M'Vila lately? He's been rubbish since last year January last year; was rubbish in the Euros and is still rubbish for Rennes. Why do people want him? All our midfielders including 1 legged Essien is better than him......
marca are the spanish equivalent of the daily mail. thy make rumours nd use sources tht r complete BS i mn how many quote marks do u c in their articles.
sturridge is better thn this guy. he scored 9 In 13 at bolton. that bolton nd ths celta vigo team are in the same position. wt im trying to say is why sell sturridge thn buyer someone 2 yrs older nd less talented?
The only plus for Chelsea about the torres deal was Liverpool wasted 35mill of the 50mill on carrol, if they had spent the 50mill wisely probable be competing for the top 4 now.
This gives great insight on this player. Make sure you read it thoroughly.
Drogforever, it beats me when people throw a tantrums about a player when they haven't seen him play, its only a very few that have seen this guy play, yet the ones that haven't seen him play will go check stats and make up their mind, I guess if celta vigo priced at 20-25m I know he'll be highly rated already, this is a player who kept michu on the bench at a time when they are in the same team, such mentality is appalling really, we all know what hulk stats was before he was identified as a target and most fans are happy he is not here now, as for me, if we buy iago aspas or ferreyra, whoever it is would be welcomed and I won't say any I'll towards any player until I see him play
Rumours have it that celta vigo have accepted a bid, so its fingers crossed till its official or till it fizzles out as the benat, isco along with fellaini did.. But if this deal happens I wish the lad well and hope he makes it
i do know we need one more striker in the squad and this cant be lukaku since he will get more limited chances than he will @albion since they use two strikers. if its aspas we've got to buy so be it and lets hope he comes good. my hunch says dis is a benitez recommendation
anything and anyone will be better than having FT as our only wool be devastating to him...having another newbie outdoing him...he should leave now as it is becoming clear that he is no longer world class...michu has now overtaken him in del Bosque's eyes...he wil be nowhere near the national team if this continues...he should leave cfc...he has made a few bob time to cash innor face further humiliation.
people are complainig abt lukaku that he is not ready enogh to play fo us...that he doesnt have ball control and his first touch is not good enough he is that he is this...he is just 19 only.. did falco drogba ronaldo van persi etc etc at 19 years had the same touch control finish.. does they played the same way then the way they are playing naa...none of the top player in the world were a complete player at 18 or tke time and patience to become like people are expecting lukkau or piazon to play like falco messi or ronaldo at this age....ukakau and piazon are way better than some other team talent...but people expectation are too much...we are lookin for other striker but we have one of the best and we are ignoring that...
Beskitas wanted to have piazon on loan but chelsea declined, its either we have plans for him this season or we want to make him achieve the home grown status
Yes @Desmond, chelsea seem to have a plan for him since I saw a player who is maturing fast in the PL in him. His PL debut says it all
There is no need for buying Aspas for a couple of reasons - a.) short term reasons and b.) Long term reasons. Short term reasons - No matter how better he is better than Torres, Benitez will still play Torres ahead of him and concoct an excuse for not playing Aspas. 2.) Demba Ba will play our PL games and help us secure top 4 while Torres will play our FA Cup, Carling Cup and Europa League games and ensure that we get knocked out so that we can focus on the PL whereby Demba Ba will be the undeniable starter. One would argue what if Demba gets injured, is it Torres we would rely on? Well, Demba and Aspas could get injured and we would still have to rely on Torres. I also don't see the club sitting 175k a week down continuously. I also don't understand how people want Aspas, Torres and Demba Ba and then still expect Lucas Piazon to get a game here and there. WHich game will that be? Long Term reasons - We have Demba Ba. Lukaku will likely return with double digit goals in the premiership (he is 9 already). Most likely score 15 goals in the premiership. And Roman will likely splash money on Falcao. So please tell me, where do people expect to play 2 double digit EPL scorers (in Lukaku and Demba Ba) plus a Falcao, Lucas Piazon if he doesn't go on loan AND Torres if we are still stuck with him. Even if we do not get Falcao, how do we expect to play Lukaku, Demba and Aspas in a formation that plays only 1 lone striker..........Before Man U gets thrown again, we are not Man U....Even at that, Welbeck has been rubbish and rarely sees game time for Man U and that means one out of Lukaku, Demba Ba and Aspas will get no game time and will be eventually SOLD. So what is the point of buying Aspas?
So what is the point of buying Aspas for the long term if in 2-3 seasons, one of the strikers we bought within the last 3 seasons will eventually be sold?
First thing to estaish before we say a player won't get game time is to watch first how the player play, two establish the position he plays and three establish his strength and weaknesses, thoughts like piazon won't play, torres can't sit on the bench (which I agree to due to his wage bill), this are what made the team to be in a miserable position, that we find ourselves in today, if we get aspas, he'll give us options to fight in the europa league decently, instead of torres, grumbling players like piazon,oscar,marin and this aspas can play there and I'll prefer an aspas sub (if he is any good as they say he is ) in an important game than torres, just bcos we shelled out 12m on lukaku plus 6 million add ons doesn't mean we can't go for someone that will probably be better, we are not babysitters for any player, the best player should play, if we buy this aspas,between him and ba, we might have no need to go splashing over 50m for falcao, left for me, I'll take an 8.5 million free scoring striker over a 50m one anyday, bottom line is both will score goals, but at what expense?
if chelsea has some sense in them then wont go for falcoa in summer....for me signing falcoa 27 for 50 millon and giving him obscene wages makes no senese at all..sign aspas that would b e more better...first get rid of torres and if we cant then next season play with ba aspas(if signed)and lukaku as your striker...and make torres to go trough what malouda went through...just pay him for sitting at home....dont gamble our next season to get him on form...if we cant ship him out then ship him at his home only...good for both of us..
The thing with aspas is that he is the only beacon at the celta vigo frontline, so they'll be reluctant to sell him, except the player wants to leave, what I think we should do is we should loan them some of our bright players to fight their battle if we get him this transfer window
Perhaps, a swap with torres and bamford, offcourse we'll be paying his wages but it won't hinder ba and aspas anymore! But the thing is that roman won't accept and torres won't want to go
So i want to know is Lucas Piazon a winger / number 10 position or he is a striker? People on here keep confusing them self about this as Kakufrank is saying he won't get game time please explain
we should be able to manage 4 strikers. the Manchesters clubs all have 4 or 5 strikers each and that has been the differenc ths season btwn us. our problem was never the lack of chances but we did not have a strker that can drag us over the finish line like drogba use to . we should not make the same mistake again and if our coach can't manage 4 strikers, he has no business been our coach.
stats dnt mean a player will do well. nd also 8 goals in 18 games isnt exactly that good. sturridge wd easily have hit double figures in that amount of games. remember alfonso alves? he had 46 in 54 games before he joined boro. his stats and style were amazing but he was *****. we should just wait til the summer and get lewandowski (not falcao) for 15m. ba/torres is gd enough for now. you people forget that our targets are 3rd place/fa cup/europa league. the way your saying it @desmondadonis is af if we are challenging for the PL and CL.
We should make do with torres and ba? So what happens if ba gets injured or is tired, make do with torres? Oh please give us a break!! Even if we have a fit ba,we can't still gaurantee a 3rp place finish, u make it sound as if its easy to attain
The target is to challenge as if we are aiming to win the league, to say we should just sit our asses and aim for a 3rd place is a reasoning filled with mediocrity and lack of ambition, to believe attaining 3rp place is easy only reeks of complacency and arrogance on our part, when tottenham, everton and arsenal are breathing on our necks
Piazon is AM,LW I don't know what plans chelsea have for him but I don't think we believe in him yet as a starter, if we do, he'll surely be more minutes than what we are giving him now
This suggestions are Lala land suggestions. It is from marca so it is stupid news anyway.
Interesting news here for chelsea fans bcos it affects our long time target and our rivals target, if anything this article suggest is worthy to go by, then I am worried a bit, if by chance tottenham are turning willian's head, then we might be in trouble if he forces a move away from shakter, I was of the opinion that it won't happen since being in the UCL would be motivation enough for willian to stay till the summer, and tottenham are just a good striker and a creative midfielder away from being a huge force to be reckoned with both in this season and coming ones
Cough, cough*...erm can the fans who go the bridge on every match day read this please?.... I know most of u who go there are angry about the way the club is run, but here Is another neutral alluding to the fact that the boos are affecting the team, (in the last paragraph) how about bottling it in for now eigh?
Good one @Desmond.... that article makes perfect sense... exactly some of the points I've been raising about the booing.. Like the erticle says, the anger and booing can be understandable but it helps no one.... we have a lot of young and new players in our team, how will it affect their morale and confidence when they hear their fans booing everyone in the club they feel has done something wrong... I know some blinded minds will still come here to say booing is good and should not affect our performance, as if footballers are superheroes or non-human with no blood or emotions running in them.... Even Pat Nevin said it in his column, "Sound affects".. we should get real, booing your own team/player/coach, even if it's just for 1 second, will not and never yield any positive return.... The boo boys can continue though, cos they have a right to, but they shouldn't expect magic at SB.....
It looks like Falcao wants to join PSG, I don't want us to spend more than 30m on any player.>>>>Rafa: He said those things about Chelsea/Chelsea fans when he was a Liverpool manager, was doing best for his club, was defending the club (IMO Rafa was playing mind games with Jose, mind games worked). He said that he would do the same thing for Chelsea now i.e. defend the club (Chelsea). >>I think we should stop booing the team/Torres/Rafa during the game, we should get behind them, we can boo the opposition and the Boo boys who have a really bad need to boo RAFA/TORRES should do that after the game so everybody is happy. ATLEAST the Boos will not affect our team's performance at home. People don't understand (Mata said that aswell) the Boos affect ALL CHELSEA PLAYERS even if you are booing Rafa/Torres.>>> We should have signed a player or 2 by this time, I don't know what happened with Benat/ISCO deals. I guess other clubs are interested in them as well and the teams don't want to loose their stars mid season. Benat would be perfect for pivot.>>>Michu will be the perfect replacement for Lampard. I am getting sick of Lampard deal it is always in the news. Papers talking sh*it about Chelsea because of Lampard.
I don't agree with the booing and much as I dislike Rafa, it is counter productive not to get behind him now. Likewise Torres, whatever you think of him. That said, to blame the crowd for our recent home record is cheap, lazy and ridiculous. It didn't seem to hurt us when we equaled our biggest ever league win against Villa, did it?!
@desmondadonis with JUST torres we've got 3rd spot nd we wer 1st until our usual november collapse. its nt arrogance its FACT. everton/lpool will b nowhere close to 3rd spot. its between us arsenal nd spurs for 3/4th place. we are better nd more consistent thn both of them
Spanishblue,that early goal calmed the booboys down ...@desmond,thank you for that justifies what me and a few others have been advocatin,the boos is havin a negative effect on the rest of the team.the earlier the booboys realise this the better for all of us.
agree thy r a bit pointless considering tht RA doesn't gv a ***** nd is on his ship party thing
currently, any striker looks better than Torres...So, this guy will definitely improve us...
That is fun

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