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Returning to Spain?

It was a stony faced Fernando Torres sat on the bench at the Britannia Stadium yesterday.

With Rafa Benitez opting to start with Demba Ba, life isn`t exactly what Torres envisaged when he signed from Liverpool in that 50 million deal some two years ago.

However, that free paper you pick up whilst riding on the London Underground, the Metro, is running a story that infers that Torres could be exiting Stamford Bridge sooner than many people think.

It`s inferring that Torres will be returning to the club where he started his career, Atletico Madrid, in a cut-price deal with the 28 year-old Spaniard possibly going on loan for the remainder of the season!

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday January 13 2013

Time: 12:49PM

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PLEASE LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don capon
if he thinks he will go back to athletico and play like he is doing now and think they will still love him then he is in for a big surprise .. i am surprised the amount of love and time chelsea fans and i offered this guy ,
Don capon
I think they Atletico Madrid board is not stupid they will not buy him even if they have a chance, they will ask us to pay BIG BULK of his wages when they sign him on loan. I believe they will take him on loan next summer not in this January window BUT if they want him now I WILL PERSONALLY DRIVE HIM TO SPAIN, I WILL PAY FOR THE FIRST CLASS TICKET, I CAN'T SAY ANYMORE. This will be the best transfer we ever made if we can get rid of him NOW!. Sooner than Later is good for Chelsea and us.
Did he really have a stomach bug or was Rafa trying to " defend" his horrendous display vs Swansea??
That answer determines whether he stays or goes (imo)
@ all VC it possible to give a club money for buying ur player?........if it is.......give dem 15 million pounds and pay him his salary for a year.....LOL....TORRES LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chelsea wouldn't let torres leave unless there is another big name signing going to replace him,this aspas rumour is not to replace torres but provide depth in our attack,I only see torres leaving this january if chelsea agrees a swap deal inolving torres plus cash for falcao or if chelsea buys another world class striker.....but for now,I see BA,TORRES and ASPAS in chelsea after january 31st
thank God oooo @ last, best news of the year
No loan, just a permanent move.
If you go, I will drive you myself there.
Cmon the league and yourselves a favour. Put in a superb performance... If Torres goes he should leave after or at the same time as the dude in the # 8 shirt. If we really crave a clean slate..a new start then those would be my terms. There should be no "legends" remaining when he leaves. I never saw the game vs Swansea but it seems he will take the blunt of the blame due to his performance and Ivan will quickly be out of focus. He has always been a favourite player of mine from his Liverpool days...thank you for Mata and the other Spaniards you have attracted here FT...all the best for the rest of the season.
I will be happy If atletico sign him in dis january either loan or permanent. I just dnt want 2 c dis guy in blue shirt anymore.... @had2bg. Wat is ur prob wit frank?
chokoz_cfs, Liverpool gave West Ham Joe Cole for nothing AND paid Joe 3m to leave. That's what we'll need to do with Torres, whatever transfer fee we receive, say 10m (if someone's daft enough) we'll probably need to hand if over to Torres to make him leave, as no one will pay him 175k per week. He may actually do okay in Spain so if we give A. Madrid Torres, Courtios and 20m we might just get our hands on Falcao. And the nightmare will be over. I just hope it happens on 31 January.
I'll prefer a cash purchase, I don't mind even if its for 10million...please leave and let's buy a replacement already
I would be the most happiest person if this transfer happens... Loan them torres now and make Falcao sign a pre-contract with us even if we have to pay them 40m...
I will believe this only when it actually becomes reality. Tabloid speculation is cheap. For this to happen Roman will have to do a major repentance and admit that he was gravely wrong on this deal..the man does not repent easy.
@CobhamBlue: You are right we will have to pay rest of his contract to get rid of him otherwise he will do a Malouda.
The Psychic Blue l9l
The Psychic Blue l9l that's what you call a striker. Poorres Take notes, Hopefully you can grow up to be as good as him some day!
Finally Liverpool taking this seriously and having a go...three strikers, Oh my...Sturridge and Suarez need to link up !!'re prob new to this site. My problems with the dude are the ones that most Chelsea fans who want to see a true end to the old ways and player power have. He has overstayed his time @ Chelsea and his refusal to move on + his continued fight to remain important has eroded any affection I had for him. The weekly calls for him to be given another ridiculous contract the come from some fans and the English media cause me to laugh and shake my head. I'm very glad we have an owner who at least is determined to see the end of him, for reasons of his own and he will not be swayed by anyone.
Sturridge has scored and overall improved Liverpool's game. What a talent that could have been nurtured into world class :(
Just as I said that, Sturridge missed a decent chance
What kind of nonsense stomach Bug . He must have had the stomach bug for a few years cos he didnt just start playing crap yesterday.
Ah, Sturridge. He gives his fans a smile by scoring goals, but also heart ache when he misses a decisive chance to tie the game.
The Psychic Blue l9l
Studge misses more than he scores,we wont miss him much. Not a bad game for him though,scoring in his pool league debut and notching up 2 out of 2,not a bad record.
yes good decision we sold Sturridge, he needs 5 chance to score one which is not good enough, though we should have sold Torres first, play Ba till the end of season, with this guy we are playing 10 men
If you don't attack manure, you lose. Liverpool for relegation.
I read the news and took it with a pinch of salt. Cant start mulling over the prospect until the news get more real.
Liverpool deserved atleast a point from that game,but could get any,no thanks to a wasteful Studge.
I want this to happen Torres return to Spain if it means 10m or more if any club is daft to pay over the odds we should take it.
Torres simply can not leave fast enough!!!
Arsenal always flatter to decieve...cant seem to rely on them for any sort of favors....i think they might just implode fully eventually...and I also hope we find enough consistency to finish top 3....thats looks very achievable...hopefully nothing will go wrong...
There's no chance Torres will be loaned out! None at all! If he is leaving and is going back to Madrid it will be as part of any falcao deal. I've had a huge feeling for ages that Torres would be a sweetner in the deal as Madrid loves Nando and Nando loves Madrid so in a way it's perfectly set up as falcao will deffo move this summer so Madrid can replace him with Torres who knowing our luck will then go on and be a total success back home! Personally I would rather cavani than falcao but I would bet 100 that he is off to man city.
Pls go. Now!
bad day for chelsea both manchester clubs won. Arsenal are a disgrace of a club and arsene wenger is suitable only as an academy coach. If arsene wenger loses his job he can only be a good youth coach.
Blue India
Arsenal actually did chelsea a favour, they got kompany to get a straight red, coupled with the absence of yaya toure, and perhaps a niggling injury to silva, they'll struggle in their next 3 games, arsenal will surely up the ante against chelsea, and barring a chelsea red card we'll maul them, hazard should perhaps be rested after 50 mins against southampton and mata, marin will play a huge part if he is played, arsenal have only a good midfield and perhaps walcott upfront
I would rather City win when manure win. Else manure will run away with it.
any chance of us landing luka modric ... we need a midfielder
haji ahmed
Rumor is nonsense. Atletico is sitting 2nd and don't have the cash to pay for Torres's wages. Have no idea where they will get it with the Spanish Tax authorities breathing down their neck. Malouda trained with the kids in order to keep his salaries. Torres will wash dishes at Chelsea in order to keep that 175k a week salary. The only way out for Chelsea is to pay him off. In case anyone doesn't know, Chelsea owes Torres another 36mm pounds for the next 3 years in wages. Given the low interest yields in Europe, today's value of that future salary is only a few quids from that 36mm. That's a significant hit and will likely impact FFP. Given that he will most likely join another club for maybe a third of the salary lets say 70k a week if we sell. Chelsea will EITHER have to pay him off the value of the remaining 100k a week for 3 years which is 21mm pounds or spread it over time for the remainder of his contract. Either that or we get on our knees and pray a Rurkish Club or Qataris club comes calling for him. Anyone who thinks we will get 10mm - 15mm pounds for Torres is joking. Case in point - Wesley Sneijder. Galatasaray is paying only 10 million for him. Similar age with Torres and arguably a better and more in form player. With a salary of only 6 million a year, only Galatasaray could secure him. Imagine Torres who earns double that.....
Andres Iniesta is amazing...can really see why he was in the top 3 contenders for ballan'dor
What an impressive performance from pedro obiang against Milan. Worth a look at in the market.
It was not a bad day for Chelsea. We are not really in with a chance of the title. I'm very happy with the results this weekend, with Spurs, Everton and Arsenal all dropping points. Our battle is for 3rd place.
actually this news happen to be one of my favourite rumour still barring if its true or not but until he leaves let us pls just stop the booing. we use to ask for players to be professional but this time i think we fans shld be professional too
Kaku is right it mustbe rubbish - I wont be upset if its not.
i think roman should take torres home and should fit him in his playstation and let him play there only till his contract get over and after throw that playstation in the garbage...becuase it simply belongs there
Can prove to be the best business chelsea did this time round if he does move
KAKUfrank, Hard to believe but Sneijder might not be in better form than Torres! My understanding is, like Malouda, he's been banished to train with the kids and hasn't played since September. Also I think Galatasaray intend to pay him E160k per week after tax. This is the reason nobody in England is interested in him. If he was willing to play in England for less than 100k per week I'm pretty certain there would be plenty of interest. If he wants to play in a top league he'll need to take a pay cut. If Chelsea play Ba ahead of Torres his situation will be similar to Snjeider's more than Malouda. Malouda only has 5 months left on his contract and knows he'll be playing somewhere next season - or even this month - but obviously on lower wages. Both Snjeider & Torres are 3 years younger than Malouda and both have over 3 years left on their contracts. No player in their 20's can sit and rot in the youth team for 3 years. (except Winston Bogarde!) If Torres is banished to oblivion at Chelsea he will lose sponsorships and his place in the Spanish team - how he is still in the team I'll never know! - so he will definitely want to leave. A pay-off somewhere around 10m should be enough to get rid of him. I still think it would be good business for Chelsea to Give Atletico Torres, Coutious and 20m for Falcao. We can always buy another goalkeeper when we need one.
Rubbish rumour,do we think atletico is stupid?? Dont we know they watch poorres play crap week after week,of what use would he be to atletico when they have gat radamel..poorres is finished,if i were poorres i would just retire honourably than face all this humiliation because at these rate he would not even make the spanish confederations cup team not to think of the worldcup
Guys WTF is happenin with malouda,i taught by 1st of january 2013 he would have parked his lugages out of cobham and head to lebanon(if he likes)
cobhamblue.....torres+courtious+20 million for consider this as a best business...sending our young top classkeeper for falcoa...and again paying 15 million for buying another keeper...i dont understand why people are getting mad over falcoa...we dont need him at all...he is aother waste of money at chelsea....he is good but we can get better player at that price..
shlok27, Cech's just signed a new contract and could easily play for another 5 years. We don't need Courtious at the moment. We can sign a new goalkeeper when we need one, so yes I'm saying give A. Madrid our goalkeeper as part of any deal.
part of the reason why I hated Malouda was his unwillingness to pass to I know that I was wrong to hate him for that. He knew how whack the little girl was way before any of mata and oscar are the same...they won't waste their work on that girl anymore.
@cobham yaa chech has signed contract with us..but he wont be the same in next one or two year..he is doing great now..but you cant say abot his fitness in next one or two year...coutios is the future thats why real and barcelona are looking for him...i wont sell my future best goalie for any i told before this falco madnes is gong too much...i hope he signed for other club like psg...would be a boon for us...we dont need 50 million striker for him....i personally rate rvp above falcoa..
*50 millon striker to score goals for us now*
if the truth be told, i don't want us to sign another 50 million striker if we can get someone to get the 50m albatross off our hands. but the most important thing we need to sort out is to get a metronome in the midfield and also a inexpensive but efficient striker like lewandoski. the torres debacle should have taught our board that such gamble if it backfires does so spectacularly and heap unnecessary/unwanted pressure o the club, player and team especially with the type of press in england.
The overwhelming conclusion i can see from all the comments above is sad for Porres but it looks like his days as a chelsea player are now numbered...Godspeed FT9 in your next career. In case you join Shanghai Shenhua - you're not welcome back here to train even :) you blundering typhoon lol unfortunately i think we may have to pay people to have him taken off us...
Dwonder, that's why Chelsea should follow my plan of swapping Torres, Courtious and some money for Falcao. It will make the whole deal cheaper in cash terms and get rid of a dead weight who I think might actually do okay in Spain.
Selling Courtious will be a GRAVE MISTAKE and I am totally against it. A good keeper is even harder to come by THAN strikers. In the last 5 years, European football has come across strikers such as Falcao, Tevez, Torres (at one point), Robin Van Persie, Mario Gomez, Demba Ba, Berbatov, Cavani, Benzema, Higuain, and Dzeko. The list of top 5 strikers shows a new striker emerging almost every season. Of the top 5 keepers in football today, Iker Casillas, Buffon and Petre Cech remain in that list and have been on that list for the past 6+ years. The new keepers who have emerged in the last 5 years of the same quality are really ONLY 3 keepers - Joe Hart, Neuer, Coutious and maybe De Gea and arguably Lloris. NOT A LOT. Best deal will be to keep Coutious there for as long as possible through loan options and just keep renewing his contract. Buying another keeper is just not the issue. Ask Tottenham, Man U and even Arsenal with Sczensny.
As far as no player in the 20s sitting on the bench. I don't actually agree with you. Adebayor was ready to sit on City's bench until his salary was sorted. Not until Man City agreed to pay part of his salary did he move. Atletico Madrid apparently said they will take Torres back if he accepts a wage cut. Why will I take 10mm pounds from Chelsea as pay off when I am due 35mm pounds????
Yeah but adebayor wasn't playing for his natonal side so he didn't give a damn whether he was playing for his club or not,he was always after money.The case with Torres is different.He is playing for the best national side in the world and he has an almost guaranteed trophy every time they participate in a tournament.He is a legend in Spain and he can get a huge sponsorship deal which will compensate for the lower wages in Atletico ,if he hits the ground running of course ,because no one will pay big money to a misfiring sportstar.As for Courtois and Torres for Falcao swap deal this is a big no because there are a lot of good keepers ,but there are only a handful of them who are world class and we are fortunate to have one of them.Courtois could be our world class keeper for 10 years after Cech retires even if that means loaning him until he is 25-26.
i don't think at all that we will have to pay-off torres.. because more than us' i think he is fed up of CFC.. everybody is not malouda and adebayor.. torres himself will move to salvage his career rather than rot on the bench.. and KAKU.. how we owe him 35 million pounds?? he earns 175k-a-weel. that means 9.1 million pounds for 52 weeks. and it will be 27.3 milion pounds for 3 years.. i dont think our board is that much dumb to let him go with pay off rather than we gaining a transfer fees. especially in last one year or so.. our board has been doing pretty fine.. at the most we will pay him 5 million pounds from 10-15 million we will receive. because although we know he is finished.. he is still a brand name. and our board will do well to get him of our books.. i read in the news papers that chelsea still value him at around 20 million.. so that tells you the ploy of our club..
*not that much dumb
and the most important will be to move him out in this window on loan to some spanish team.. i am quite sure he will do pretty well in spain..
Torres is already being benched by Fabregas. With David Villa returning from injury and emergence of Michu and a rationale Del Bosque, how long until Del Bosque benches him finally?????
Torres's contract left is 3.5 years not 3 years.......Valuing him at 20mm pounds is pretty rubbish news because that means Chelsea has taken an impairment of Torres on their books. If their took an impairment, they would have reported it in their financials. Again, he is not going to take the pay off of 5mm to 10mm - 15mm pounds payoff. This is just wishful thinking. Regardless of his career or not. The same fans here were saying the same thing about Malouda. Malouda also mentioned playing time being important since he has ambitions to make the 2014 squad. The only way Torres leaves is if he is not worse off which is in one way or the other he will get paid his 35mm pounds at the end of 3.5 years. Be it through pay off. For Torres to leave Chelsea, he should at least be able to pocket between 50% - 75% of the 32.5mm - 35mm due to him for the next 3.5 years......
no KAKU.. no more than 5-10 million pay off.. can we bet?? haha.. just joking
if it is not for Ba's dodgy knee, I would prefer him as our main striker and buy a backup striker for around 15 millions.
I am Number 7
Even with his dodgy knees he should be our main striker and i prefer it so
I dont think Torres is the kind of guy who chases money...He wants to play regularly...That will definitely prompt him to accept a low wage at some other league, if he feels it would benefit his play...But, we should not send him on loan, but on permanent transfer.
Am just ready to give him a lift since the actual person am looking from him is still sleeping to this moment
As a matter of making him realise the club is fed up, he should be sent on loan this January window.

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