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Why Mourinho & Chelsea are a match made in heaven

Regarding recent comments on my prediction on Mourinho`s return.

I was shocked that there are those who don`t` want him back. Principal reasons were as follows -

1. He does not develop youth.

2. He spends too much money

3. He will make us the enemy of football again

4. The style of play wont be good.

5. He wants complete authority.

6. Pep is better.

1. He does not develop youth - not entirely true, the man has shown a tendency to play young players like Callejon, Balotelli, and others. Can`t blame him as when he came into Chelsea his predecessor got fired for finishing second. The owner gave him a blank cheque saying - I want trophies. What do you expect him to do? The next job will be a long one as the man is getting older and wants to settle down in England. Plus he has Sir Alex's record to break. Rather he does that here than there. And no I highly doubt hell ever manage national teams, even his own country ever. He is just saying all that for his countrymen`s satisfaction.

2. Spends too much money - He spends money that is made available. With FFP coming in I don`t see how he can continue spending big. He`ll require people like Emenalo to get him the best deals. It won`t be for him anymore like it was in the first stint. He loves the Champions League too much to overspend and get kicked out.

3. Will make us the enemy of football - we ARE the enemy of footballing bigwigs. Platini hates us. UEFA hates us. The FA hates us. The media hates us. We will always be hated till a whole new generation grows up watching 'the great chelsea dominance'. Till every kid in the world says 'Chelsea' when asked his favourite team even though he doesn`t watch football. I`d rather win than be loved like Arsenal. We are champions not princesses. SAF earns United 10-20 pts every season pressurizing the refs, the FA, the media into helping his team. the next time Howard Webb unfairly sends off our players, I want to see a man who can stand up and pile pressure on the enemy till refs fear giving decisions against us like they so against Man Utd. Hell, we are no Arsenal. So much for wanting to be liked! What are we? Wannabe prom-queens?

4. Style of play wont be good - stuff Barca. Stuff tiki taka. I want to see a mentally strong Chelsea that makes the Bridge a fortress, not spoil my weekends by losing to crap teams like QPR. And use its super creative players to win 3-0 or there about week in and week out. I want to see the Mancs scared of us. Fear us, fear the blues. Matches won in press conferences even before the ball is kicked. I want clean sheets and two goal margins in wins.

5. Authority issues - I`d rather have a Mourinho rather than Roman making the big calls and Emenalo and Mourinho can co-exist. Mourinho is a football director plus coach with the work he puts in... Emenalo makes the scouting analysis and tables it. The youth team has a separate set up, when players come off age, loan them to big clubs. Let them prove their worth (Lukaku and De Bruyne and Josh McEachran are doing that as we speak) and walk into the first team. He cant buy solutions with FFP so this could actually work. In a way half of his bad habits are gone thanks to FFP. Roman gets the titles and bragging rights

6. Pep is better - how old are you? 4? (I`m not even going to waste my time on this) the Frank Lampard`s and John Terry`s were always good players. So were your Drogba`s and Joe Coles. It took a Mourinho to become world class. We have now got a new generation of players who can be WORLD CLASS. Look at Oscar, Moses, Hazard, Mata, Ramires, Azpilicueta, Bertrand, Mikel (still 25), Romeu, Courtois, Luiz. Three yrs from now they will be one of two things -

a) Prima-donnas who have won squat but are beautiful and silky players (but no winning grit) leaving us (a wanna be loved and won squat) to join big clubs (clubs who win trophies) or they can be The Second Roman Army.

I`ll leave you with a thought. Since Mourinho left we`ve won trophies alright. Apart from the miracle champions of Euro thingy we have won The Barclays Premier League once in six years. That`s not a big club statistic. We need to be winning it every year, every alternate year minimum. At least be close to it. We are third best now. Third best is not 'Chelsea quality'. Stop making excuses. It`s time for Roman and Mourinho to swallow their prides and do what`s best for them and the club!

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The Journalist

Writer: saber Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 14 2013

Time: 4:42PM

Your Comments

easier said then done saber! One of the two would have to release total control over squad/ setup decisions and i don't see Roman doing that, even though i'd love for this to happen! JM knows he won't be as loved anywhere else as when he was at CFC!
Bring him home
i agree with most of your points Saber...I sincerely hope that Roman Abramovich will swallow his pride on this one...if he does i think the chelsea fans will love him least i will :)) Having said that, i struggle to see how the Emenalo / Mourinho combo can work (this is the only one of your points i dont quite agree to)
LoL what heaven would that be?? Talk about delusion
The same Mourinho who would risk losing just to get sacked thus avoiding compensation?? Would you ever understand benching Cech for Turnbull??
Why am I even wasting my time...* crazy of me to even read and respond to an article by a peron with a reputation for........*smh
Don't want Moanrinho back.By the time he left the football was dire,with the full backs never crossing the halfway line.The success he had was gained with an unbelievable squad.Cech,Terry,Carvalho,Lampard,Ballack,Essien, Robben,Duff and Drogba all in their prime.He kept bringing the club into disrepute and had to go.
@mq, shut up n stop typing rubbish....he's a man wif opinions so kip quiet.....@mq, u're always lyk dis.......MAD!!!!!!!
@mq, shut up n stop typing rubbish....he's a man wif opinions so kip quiet.....@mq, u're always lyk dis.......MAD!!!!!!!
wow we fans are so fickle...I remember when Jose left, the majoriity of us fell out of love with the club temporarily...and he did put the squad together, didnt he? Looking objectively, so he has had a poor season by his standards ( he is 3rd in the league still) but he won La Liga with a strong Barcelona last year. No other Coach (Bar None) would have achieved chelsea (and as saber correctly points out)...One premier league title in 6 tells you the story...It was two in two under the Special one....Come back home Jose :)
Does anyone seriously think Jose is a fool? Because only a fool, a complete idiot in fact, fails to learn from his mistakes. I'm not suggesting Jose will never again make a mistake, nor even that he won't occasionally repeat an old mistake, but I'll bet everything I have that if he does, it will be spur of the moment stuff born out of his passion for our club. I for one can forgive a man that, but I'd struggle to do the same for someone who doesn't care. The Special One has unfinished business here, bring him home & let him at it!
Bring back Jose ASAP. Defeats against QPR and Swansea at home are laughable, simply not good enough. 86 home games without defeat, record wins and record points ever in the Premier League season . . . . shall I go on. Come back home Jose and put us out of our embarrassing situation, a club without direction and leadership. The way things are going Mr. Abramovich is heading towards being a laughing stock.
agree a 100%.
@ blueheart - i wouldnt take the widespread Anti Chelsea sentiment too seriously...If it aint one thing, its another effing other...we're 3rd in the league (yes & still reigning European Champions) & only two teams can really afford to be looking down at Roman and "laughing"....and i dont think either of them is comfortable enough in their lead at this stage of the season to be laughing at us...
imagine if he came back in summer and we won the treble next season lol.
Saber,i know you can be persuasive just as you've demostrated in this article. But its still a no no for me. You make it sound easy,truth is ,its not! You cant guarantee he'll stay here long term and forget that your 'he's getting old' arguement,cos you alone said that and as good as you re,you re not yet an authority. Also he thrives on controversy,we have enuf of that already. He lacks the ability to effect continuity,he left us with dry bones,just like he did Inter . I know he is good at instilling winning mentality into the players,but that fizzles out as fast as it gets in. And why so much assumption (borne out of delusion) in the article,like ffp has reduced half of his downsides already,how about we say he 'll need a splash the cash to start his project?? And you mentioned Callejon,just Callejon?? Btw do you know how old he is? You should know he likes players mature,and he seldom shows patience for the upcomings. Maybe it is becos of the pressures for results and the high expectations...which obviously have not abated at the bridge.
dont want him back....look at the mess he is creating at madrid right now....where is madrid going down at the botton and its becasue of his big egoistic issue which is creating the problem...he is a good coach no doubt about it but seriously dont want him here....big ego always favours his favourite players...and say bye bye to youth system...if he becomes coach...player like kdb piazon lukaku josh wont get chance at all in future...big nooooo for him...he will take no time to reach from heaven to were in heaven last season and this season they are in hell....dont want that happening at chelsea..
Jose Mourinho!x4 I missed those singing at the Bridge. Only a fool wouldnt want Jose back. And only a retard would prefer to have Pep instead of the special one. I dont want my team to play without a CF. Thank you saber for the article. Im still waiting for your 3rd installment of your series on why Chelsea will rule football in the next era. And surely with Jose at the helm
One thing is for sure is that whoever the next manager will be, IT HAS TO BE THE RIGHT MAN, BACKED BY ROMAN AND FANS AND FOR THE LONG HAUL!!!... We simply cannot afford to make this manager merry go round continue! Our dear beloved club is starting to suffer because of all these short term solutions that are always in place... How are we supposed to grow as a club when a man at the help cannot be sure he'll still have a job that after a few losses??? How will our youth system be implemented when we send out Lukaku on loan and keep Mr. the biggest flop in EPL History Torres??? Yes, AVB's man management skills aren't up there with Hiddink and JM, and RDM's defensive skills aren't up there with JM, and Benitez is no Pep nor Hiddink but whoever the next man at the helm of the Bridge is, he needs to be the one to steady the ship for the long term!!! Otherwise, the repercussions of these ill-fated short term hole plugging solutions and FT9 will be our down fall... Just think... when and if Pep or Jose decline the opportunity to manage CFC, it will scream volumes for any potential managerial candidate! I read some fans on here already say managing CFC is like drinking from a poisonous chalice, and it will become exactly that!
i don't see it happening ..... jose wont come back and i don't like pep... what other options do we have..
I will always love mourihno , him shushing the liverpool fans at the 2005 league cup final(remember?) or his trademark runs of celebrations or his hilarious press conferences is not something i will forget , 2 years 2 pls , what else would you want , he was cheated out of the cl by liverpool and was very unlucky to lose , ghost goal , our team put fear into everyone else , remember joe cole with his skills and tricks , or drogba just man handling everyone in his prime , or lampard at full potential? mou can bring our players to their prime , one things for f***king sure that if he arrives , torres is going , I will take him and ancelotti back with open arms any time! I hope if he comes , he can become a manager for the long haul , but you never know roman :/
Mourinho is a bit of a megalomaniac, but he has an incredible record. People cite what's going on at Real Madrid as a reason not to rate him. That's crazy. One bad season with what will inevitably be a messy breakup does not undermine his entire career! I'm not sure it will matter. I suspect he's eyeing the job at Utd. That will be hard to stomach.
Unfortunately its not gonna happen in million years. The same way the Sun (one of the most reliable, trust worthy papers) authoritatively declares Pep is going to Citeh.
Fell out with Roman, set up Inter for a fall, currently ruining Madrid.
Jose won't be coach under roman again, I am sure they can't co-exist for long, pep is an unknown entity in the EPL but hey he can survive and suprise us all as laudrup did, I am sure of one thing, if pep has a team that has the same quality as mou, I can't see him beating mou, I might be wrong but if it was mou that has that barca team, he'll also do wonders with it
Jose coming back would be fine and I would bet we would become a better team. On the other hand there are other quality managers out there who would also do well and make us a better team. Here are a couple points to consider. First, at this level there is an intangible that must be present to manage a big club AND bring home trophies. I don't know exactly what to call it, but I would say it's part intensity, part arrogance, part confidence, and probably some other things as well. I don't think many managers have this, like Arsene Wenger. Jose definitely has it, Fergie definitely has it. Can you name some others that DEFINITELY have it? I don't think there are too many that can instill the same belief and intensity in a team that Jose can. I would be there are others, but does Pep have it? I don't know. The second point is that whoever our new manager becomes, we have to get over the hump. And the hump is this - when our season hits the skid and we go through the rough patch that all teams do. At some point when this happens we will need to simply buckle down, go back to basics and fight our way through the 'bad period'. No sacking the manager and jumping ship. We will need to earn some character by uniting and working our way our of our slump. This can be done with Jose or someone else. At some point though, it does need to happen.
Saber I feel like this time you didn't do homework correct...when maurinho left, there was not enough money for Rafa to do what he needed as the winning of champs league covered the debts he created when he 1st got at inter...he isn't a youth favourite, playing youth and building youth are totally different for who is a better manager, its clear Pep is...mind u mourinho has a better CV...Di Matteo has a better CV than Matthias Sammer, but sammer is way terms of style, why can't we play good and win? Don't we just need time? It hurts 2 see united or city do it... Authority wouldn't be an issue here coz he is a club icon but if he starts to lose his way with chelsea players then that will spell the end for conclusion I'd love to have him back at the club but not as a manager...maybe Emenalo's position but not Manager...I would really like Pep...
Set up Inter for a fall? Oh, you mean after he won the Champion's League? Good god, from what hole do you people crawl out of?
Would love Jose back. If he has a long period with us say 5 years and he is given complete freedom to run the club on his terms it would be a wonderful 5 years for Chelsea!
Mourinho didn't prepare Inter for the future. All he wanted were trophies for his CV. He signed players for the short term. He said it himself that he likes signing older players even though the transfer fee cannot be recouped.
Pep and jose guarantees us competition, they are winners, pep and jose are tactically sound, jose Is good at buying pep is not, both are good at developing a player skill set, both are motivators, pep develops youth talent and is very patient with them, while jose don't have time for that, he prefers the finished or half finished goods
@ForeignViewer--set up inter for a fall?? He won them the treble!!! Morratti demanded it and he was ready to spend for it,he did and Mou delivered! The club's cheque book wasnt in Mou's drawer,there are people responsible for saying yes or no to a transfer,thats their job! The manager's job is to deliver on the pitch and if he asks for a player,its left to you to decide how much you are willing to spend! Morratti very well knew what he wanted and he wouldnt blame Mou for anything cos he delivered. What are you smoking?? Because he's having 1 bad season,you've all jumped on him and every barca loving dimwit is calling him names and all.....He is still arguably the best around. Ask most players to name 3 managers they would love to play under,His name will be in the mix....that says it all. People sit behind computers and read the rubbish that the media prints and they become judges.... @Shlok27-- do you have any idea whats going on in madrid other than what Guillem Ballague and his Marca cohorts report? Do you watch revista de la liga? The press is always against Mourinho and i dont think you have any idea how hard it must be when 85% of them worship barcelona. The refs,the spanish fa,the media,even uefa are barca fans. It wasnt until it was well publicized that madrid players always get sent off in the classico that the refs decided to calm down......If Man Utd (which is a bigger club with more winning tradition and history than we are) are ready to take Mou,who are we to say no??? Really,who are we to say no??? We should count ourselves lucky if he even wants to come back to us! You think he will be stupid enough to come to our unstable club if Man Utd wants him?? A club with a rich russian owner who demands Barca style football and would sack anyone who doesnt bring it within a year?? A club that is not run by astute footballing minds unlike city and united? Why did city hire the barcelona big shots before going for Pep? At the end of the day,the guys in the offices upstairs are as important as the manager and at chelsea,we have morons running the club! Anyway,what im trying to say is,we are not in the position to say no to him IF HE EVER DECIDES TO GRACE US WITH HIS PRESENCE!!!!
Since your agenda is to go against the grain no matter how silly it makes you look, FV, out of curiosity: who do you rate as a manager? You want one who wins in the present while establishing a healthy precedent for the future, one who doesn't spend excessively, and one who doesn't play club legends even though they're still performing at a high level. By that logic, Mourinho, Ferguson, Pep, Carlo, Capello, Guus, Mancini, etc, wouldn't fit your lofty standards. I'd call you an Arsenal fan except they don't win anything. Perhaps you'd like Klopp, an untested manager in the EPL? Would he be a better bet than Mourinho?
I doubt he would love to stay here for long time,jose is an explorer,an adventurer,he would be on the next plane to his next challenge as soon as he records tangible success in 2 or if we want him for short term YES,if its for long term NO
Great article Saber. The biggest problem with Jose returning to Chelsea is what your last sentence details..for it to happen Roman will need to do something he has never done to date since he bought Chelsea..namely ceede complete football making decisions to a manager. Sadly i dont see it happening as so for that reason i dont see Jose ending up with us. As Radio D said i think it is a moot that is seems clear that pep will be taking the City job rest assured Jose will wait for as long as it takes to succeed SAF at ManU. He loves England and the BPL and has been bidding his time to return and there are only a few clubs that can afford him. As to the critiques some of the stuff these people write is is like they just jump of the cliff of reality and write stuff based on total conjecturre. 1. This illusion that Jose is a spendamaniac..the man has always worked with the budgets he has been given..go look up the team he won his first Champions league with at Porto..let anyone name another coach who made so much of so chelsea he had an owner who was willing to spend literally anything for success, can he be blamed for taking advantage of that? Even then when the man wanted cheaper alternatives Roman insisted on big budget buys like the Sheva debacle. At Inter guys need to go back and look at the facts..he inherited an aging squad from Mancini that kept winning scudettos but underperformed in europe and he was given a mandate to conquer Europe by Moratti. Jose bought only two purchases of note to add to the team he had already..both were bargain buys..Diego Milito from Genoa and Eto in the famous Ibra deal with barca where he literally robbed Barca blind..rather than this illusion of him spending big he made Inter money in the balance books with his transfers. At real people have this jaded idea that he spent a ton of money on transfers..other than Modric that is simply not true.. Perez bought all his exhorbitant Galacticos before Jose arrived and they were badlly underachieving..the players Jose got like Khadera, Ozil, Di Maria, Sahin he got at bargain prices..the one big exception has been the modric case. Those who talk of the madrid situation but dont understand the politics of the madrid -barca divide as well as the way the madridistas work need to educate themselves first before talking nonsense. Jose if being roasted by some powerful spanish players within the club..especially Casillas and Sergio Ramos and they are undermining him...the conflict is rooted in base iberian ethnic politics and the Barca catalans who are seen as the saviors of Spanish football by the spanish media are gleefully pushing that narrative. 2. As regards the issue long stays it is true Jose loves moving around but if he were ever to settle the BPL appears the most likely place it would happen..people who despise this and yet think someone like Pep would stay with us long term when he could only stay 4 yrs with the love of his life Barca really will believe anything. 3. Those who criticize his style of play refuse to acknowlegde two things...Joses football philosophy and style of play has continued to evolve while emphasizing the basic build from behind ethos. He is result oriented and i for one am good with that. Appearance and entertainment are secondary in this big stake business. 4. The desire to see him use younger players more consistently has a lot to do with the pressure for want more youths allowed more time to ready for less than optimal results and so trophy droughts.Problem is most Chelsea fans and certainly Roman want to eat their cake and have it. 5. Left to me i await with relish the time when both Pep and Jose are both coaching big teams here in the appears neither will manage us but what that spectacle will show will be top notch football, an intriguing battle of differing styles, mind sets and philosophies. It will also allow the question of who the better coach and man manager ultimately is..i personally feel it is Jose and i dont think it will even be close when it is all said and done.
I agree Saber....
Absolutely agree with GabeU!!!!
The whole us against the world thing works for a while before it starts to wear thin and becomes toxic and starts to affect the players and performances. It happened here before he left its happening now at Madrid. Im also not entirely convinced of JM purchases he left us some right duds before he left pizzaro, Sidwell, Del Horno, Maniche the few I can remember
The whole us against the world thing works for a while before it starts to wear thin and becomes toxic and starts to affect the players and performances. It happened here before he left its happening now at Madrid. Im also not entirely convinced of JM purchases he left us some right duds before he left pizzaro, Sidwell, Del Horno, Maniche the few I can remember
while it's crystal clear Pep is going to City, i do think Mourinho will comeback to EPL in the summer, won't be at Spurs as they're not big club, won't be at Arsenal ( god forbid this happen), at Manu ( the best posibility), to us ( as long as both him and Roman swallow their pride than he will comeback to us) i just hope this transfer happens really
Do you want Rafael for two years? I would take Jose over Pep any day. Between Jose and Roman, I wold rather have Jose in charge of player development...this organization has no player development strategy. Lets forget Pep.
Well said.But how will he and Roman tolerate each other?
@ saber I am not buying it this time mate. JOSE will never ever ever return to chelsea. Its as good as anything. Jose was not sacked for footballing reasons. Jose was not sacked for personal reasons. JOSE was SACKED bcz he was acting as he is bigger than the whole CFC. RA sacked JOSE in a single second because of this sole reason alone. After the brutal sacking of Jose in the match against valencia in the CL below are the rough quotes of RA( he invited some chelsea fans to his hotel to talk about the sacking) "I will always remember what JOSE has done for this club. He will retain a special place in every one in chelsea. But JOSE HAS TO GO" RA is not even thought twice about paying his FULL compensation more than 13M. So all these talk about the messiah will come back and rescue chelsea is full of $hit. Also i have very very serious reservations about JOSE now. He is doing the exact same thing he did at CFC in 2007 now in RM. Its all a brilliant political play by jose. His constant belittling of CFC board and RA in the press(remember his stack is falling very low at that time). His refusal to treat the players the same. His infamous comparison about the players and supermarket EGGS. JM is not a long time manager at all. We can all argue about how he will change his personality bcz he is getting older etc. But that is what jose is. If he stop showing his char in the press then he will die. JOSE and Youth are you kidding me mate. He will completely DESTROY our entire youth team and players below 22. Jose wont accept putting a mixed team in any competitions. He had almost 2 world class teams at CFC while he was here. But now Chelsea is entirely diff animal now. Bursting with youth and enthusiasm and if matured properly they will be world beaters in another 2 years. CFC will be entirely new and youthful after next summer. What ever the arguments made about jose its a BIG NO from me this time for JM. Jose is not the answer for CFC now. I am willing to take DAVID MOYES and Hiddink as director at cfc than JM now. Finally " Never go back to your old girlfriend. Its going to end up in tears once again. You will always have a soft part for her and always think it will be different this time but it wont work "
For those who think that Jose couldn't stay here for more than 3 years, ask yourself this, which manager at cfc has lasted 3y, since RA bought the club? Benitez will probably go in the summer, Guardiola will go to city, Hiddink will retire or take directors role, who out of high profile managers is left there to hire? Only Mou stands there, or we could gamble with a younger more inexperienced coach, but that could go teribly wrong. And also, I sencirely doubt that Klopp and Conte would want the job, perhaps only Low.
Why anyone would root for a Manager who'd rather lose deliberately to be sacked than resign beats me...*smh
Then again, perhaps the author and his " backers" are naive. Mourinho and Madrid have a contract that whoever terminates has to pay the other 20Mil Euro's, so with Jose wanting to leave he knows he can't get a club to pay off that 20Mil so he's agitating to be sacked so he doesn't pay anything, hence him dropping Iker and publicly criticizing the squad at times
If AVB had dropped Cech for Turnbull early last season when Cech was making howler after howler I swear VC would have shut down due to insults yet here are pretty much the same " experts" condoning Mourinho drop Iker for Adan because he's their favourite...*smh*
People saying we don't need PEP don't know what they're talking about. Whether we get him next summer or not it doesn't change the FACT that PEP would be the best option to our new squad.
i like the point about we being hated.. good points.. but still wouldnt want mourinho at Chelsea !!!
And why do the author and some of you guys make it look like its either win playing ugly or loose doing the tiki taka? why can't we play attracting footie and win? god knows we have the personnel to do so!
agree with yo MQ...Mourinho is not a long term solution....he cant stay at one club for a long time...he is just thinking about himself he just wanna improve his cv...he has a big ego and he is a selfish person...he thinks he is bigger than the club...if he comes here he wll buy big players and yaa he will one or two cups and then again he will have some ego problem with roman and then will do all the antics in the world right now he is doing that at madrid to get out of that club leaving the club in shatters....dont want him anymore here...he is not a solution he will be a big problem for us in future...
All the posters saying that Pep is conclusively going to Citeh should please quote me RELIABLE SOURCES. Don't say Txiki Birgiristian either because he spent ONE season in Peps FOUR year reign of Barca & and Pep did quite well in Birgiristians absence. And people seem to forget that Citeh are still in the title race and can very well win the league. What happens then? Plus Mancini has signed a new 5 year contract meaning the board have expressed confidence in Mancini. Why wound they renege on the deal?
I am a responding for the first time in this site but have been browsing since 2004. I am a Chelsea fan since 2001 and therefore have the benefit of objective analysis when it comes to reviewing our last 10 years and each manager. What Jose did for Chelsea is unforgettable and I doubt any other manager would have won it from Arsenal in 2005 as Jose did in his first attempt and single handedly made arsenal the mess it is now from the invisibles it was then. Let me put forth a few points that Jose worshipers (incl. me ) might want to talk about before making any judgement on him: 1. 2005 United were down and out 2. We had 4 strikers, 3 wingers, unbelievable defensive and offensive central midfielders, 2 absolute top goalkeepers all young hungry and at the peak of their careers. We won just 2 Premier leagues 3. Semi finals champions league vs a horrible liverpool. Instead of playing to our strengths and decimating them, he started the me vs benitez tactical nonsense and put handbrakes on our top class players. Skill and quality went out of the window, and Grit vs Grit Liverpool beat us. 4. Keeps reminding us of Ghost goal ,when in fact the alternative clearly was no goal, penalty and 10 man chelsea. 5. 2005-06: With Essien and SWP and Crespo back we should have murdered teams left right and centre. We still were beating Boro 1-0 at home with a JT header in the 65th Minute. We had to wait till Sunderland 2009 to get our first 7 goal. 6. 2005-06: FA cup Fiasco: Ridiculous tactics of playing Fereira in Midfield. Again allowed to play our flair players would have killed Liverpool but again his hatred for Benitez meant players were nonentity. It was just Him vs Liverpool 7.2005-06: 22 games 61 points out of possible 66 (only draw at goodison and defeat at old trafford against a horrible United). The next 16 games, 30 points. He was already on a downward trend since that defeat to Charlton. We should have crossed 100 points for sure, we ended up with a poor 91. Goals for paltry 72 8. Robben SWP Cole perpetually scolded and humiliated. If Special one lands here, Hazard, Mata and Oscar would dissapear. We should have had world at our feet with those 4 deadly wingers 9.2006: Ballack, Cole, Sheva: We should have dominated world football for years. Instead, he started biting the hand (Roman) that fed him and gave him the platform to succeed. Also had the Cheek to insult his top class players as Waitrose Eggs even if ther was one injury he would start throwing tantrums like he was down to bare bones 10. Gave all the negative publicity possible to the club for which we are still paying 11. The quality of football was with the exception when Robben and cole featured, was not the best. 12. Even now continues to meddle with the unity of the squad by undermining all the subsequent managers by ringing up Lamps and JT regularly 13. Finally his signings: Drogs and essien were nailed on to sign for a top club so no surprise there. Bought Tiago, Delhorno, Kezman for 1 season?? Never gave Wayne Bridge a chance. What happenned to the scores of portuguese signings that never got first team chance Responsible for selling our best attacking player: Robben
all i want is the has won leagues in three countries....sorry he not the only human being with ucl with two different clubs? jm is the ass suckers all around get your tongue outta there man and will do wonders with his next team....let it be us Roman...
another piece of objective analysis...drogba...all of us *****s thought that jm was crazy to pay that amount for him...all of us fans hurled insults at the drogs as he was geting used to the club...i was jm who saw the value and we reaped the rewards of that foresight for years after jm had left. also we need to understand that jm is not fergie...he is better...he has a trophy for every year he has methinks the hate comes from something other than anything prefounded upon the fundumentals of logic.
he still needs to win the CL with an english club ....
haji ahmed
lets look at it this way then, Pep Guadola goes to say Bayrn Munich-Jose goes to man city,klopp stays in germany. who does everyone want? and obviously rafa benitez cannot stay because the fat spanish waiter is muggy c***
Mourinho employs a style of football which emphasizes solid defence and swift counter - attack, a style of football which does not take the game to the opponent( for which he has been criticized at RM ). Looking at recent purchases in midfield one can see what Chelsea have in mind here. Mourinho's team's are muscular and mobile - this team is being built to suit a different style of play, and a different style of coach to Mourinho. It's not entirely Barca - style, otherwise we would not be so keenly looking to buy the likes of Falcao or Cavanni. This is contrary to Mourinho - style football and it does not add up. This is Roman's project and, whilst he has made some disastrous decisions in the past, I'm fully behind him on this one. Read more:
I definitely disagree strongly with the author on Jose. Jose is not a match for us. We need a strong coach, who can groom the youngsters we have, build the winning spirit in them. Jose may succedd on the latter, but on the first. He will not play players if they dont have big fee on them. He has made Real Madrid play so poorly...He has made RM so dependent on Ronaldo...I dont want this kind of tactics at chelsea....To be fair, Rafa has done a rather good job in making us play in a pleasing way...But still it is a work in progress, where we have to find a solution to change our home form...Its up to Fans to change it...If they stop booing, i sense a 50% improvement immediately...
So far in his career, Jose hasn't shown that he is a pro-development manager. What is does best is to acheive results...But Roman has moved on his ideologies i guess...he wants to see chelsea challenging trophies with its own crop of players in another 2-3 years....Jose is not the person suitable to lead this challenge...
I guess Carlo and Jose will end up swapping places.
Mourinho is perfect for Chelsea: 1. He doesn't develop kids, Neither does Chelsea 2. He spends too much money, As do Chelsea 3. He will make us the enemy of football again, that's what the board have been trying to do for years now with incessant sackings 4. The style of play won't be good, perfect because it means the board will have to sell Torres 5. He wants complete Authority, as does everyone else in the higher ups at Chelsea... he'll fit in like anything 6. Pep is better- good, because it'll give Roman an excuse for sacking mou again eventually
Saber, Definitely agree - "It`s time for Roman and Mourinho to swallow their prides and do what`s best for them and the club."
One last thought on Pep. Is it not a little bit strange that a manager of Barcelona has to quit and take a year off in the prime of his mangerial life. Has the pressure got to him after just 1 season of not winning the league in Spain and being dumped out of the Champions League by Chelsea. With the intensity of the Premier League, do we not require a man who can have a plan B to his football approach and a man who can deal with pressure. He might otherwise just turn out to be a Spanish Kevin Keegan of sorts.
A bit of digression guys...Bamford just tweeted that Piazon is going on loan to Malaga....can anybody smell something getting interesting with the prior Isco rumour?...but then...Malaga for Piazon is a tall order if its true, I do hope his development does not stagnate...
Piazon on loan to Malaga...Why would we send him when we are not having person to replace Moses...If going to remain on bench, he is better off at chelsea....
loan is good....but dont sell him for isco or anyone...he is another world class talent if we manage him properly...
Will he play at Malaga?....big question...some times I think our board are just way too ruthless...poor lad!....
layorh12 gives some further confirmation of the Piazon rumour...I know its not the best of sources though...but somthing interesting might be happening soon.
@layorh12 piazon rumor may be true mate. Not bcz of wikipedia. Anybody can edit wiki. But patrick bamford said it on twitter about piazon joining malaga on loan.
And the circle has no end
When all (Pep) else fails, Pellegrini for Chelsea if Rafa leaves ;)
With Piazon going to Malage (Pellegrini is the manager) he'll be playing under a Manager who, in thew last 5 years, has build Champions League qualifying clubs using youth in the process, from Villareal to Malaga. His only "blot" was at Madrid where he was sacked, unjustly imo given they had achieved the highest points in history but came 2nd to Barca, but still he's doing well thus far....
OFFICIAL: Piazan is going on loan to malaga until the end of the season guys.RAFA just confirmed it in the press conference
"Bring him home" by jib9336. Please no! That smaltzy song should stay in 'Les Mis' where it belongs! :()
Mourinho plays boring football seriously? The first season at chelsea we played some great football with duff and robben.and last season at Real Madrid the football the team played was superb out scored barcelona in the Spanish league I say bring him back he loves chelsea and the majority of us love him.
Chelsea ken
cop out to blame paying fans...stupid stupid stupid cop out
kind of coincidence that chelsea are linked to Malagas isco then now chelsea are loaning piazon to them? a bargaining thing perhaps to get isco?
Chelsea ken
some on here are either fools or scouser agents. you can forgive a fool...but a scouser....never.
some on here are either fools or scouser agents. you can forgive a fool...but a scouser....never.
some on here are either fools or scouser agents. you can forgive a fool...but a scouser....never.
I remember Jose making fun of Chelsea and Scolari, saying his team can never be out of the title race by march, so what is wrong with his Madrid team, that is out of La liga race in January. I don't want him, i would prefer a coach to nurture players like Oscar, Hazard and Mata into great players. Mourinho would turn them into workers and they will loose their flair.
Hmmm that means he will never become a club trained player if he is giing on loan to Spain.
The team we have now, the way we are heading in terms of the players we have acquired and how we play ie: the way Roman wants us to not what Mourinho wants = a clash of The Two Titans...both want total control. Not gonna happen IMO. And who wants the side-show that follows JosÚ?
Speaking about the moruinho case , alot of comments have been about how mourinho does not develop youth and only buys already made players .. But in the past , Mourinho was not sacked at porto , He has stayed the longest in Roman's Era , He left inter with his own will And has not been sacked from madrid yet . what does this tell you ? He was given objectives by the boards he has worked with , they also sanctioned the transfers which he has done i am sure they all asked for immediate success and he delivered so he is doing the request of the board for immediate success and results .. you cant blame him for that and about Pep he has been at one club saying he is good at developing youth is total bull***** to me , everyone knows the project at barca started way back , they had pique , pedro , fabregas , iniesta , xavi , MESSI these guys were NOT an ordinary bunch of youngsters if any young player is as good as how messi was back then , dont you think the guy would be in any first team at the moment ???? i still have my reservations for pep . the only manager i can say has used youth alot that i have records for is wenger
Don capon
Pep Guardiola is no longer an option, he's going to Bayern
Pep is reportedly going to Bayern Munich in the summer!!!

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