Chelsea - Lukaku In No Rush To Come Back!
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Lukaku In No Rush To Come Back!

Our teenage Belgian striker, Romelu Lukaku, continues to make a big impression up at the Hawthorns.

On Saturday, he bagged another brace, against Reading, to take his tally for the season to 9.

However, any expectations of seeing him in a Chelsea shirt next season might not be realistic.

It appears that Romelu is having such a wonderful time playing for West Bromwich Albion that he`d like to stay for another season, commenting in the media,

"I am happy because I play - I don`t really care about what Chelsea are doing."

I wonder how the Chelsea hierarchy feels about that?

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 14 2013

Time: 4:46PM

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He should watch his mouth really, can't be saying that about his club. But other than that I agree with him. His development is going well at West Brom and his only 19 and strikers peak at like 27-30! so it's looking great right now...
Slippy G-19
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14/01/2013 17:02:00

I think he should shut the **** up, really getting to dislike d guy with d way he runs he's mouth without control...was really looking to see him succeed in a blue shirt but as it is...WHAT THA HELL ...*hissing continously*
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14/01/2013 17:15:00

he currently plays for the baggies. he knows it would be disrespectful as hell to them screaming his name to hear him say...."i cannot wait to help my beloved blues...the hurtin they're under with that blonde ***** is enough for me to pull my locks out....imma coming cfc my keep lampard till i get there to remind the fans of a time of glory...i am drogba part deux" which i guarantee is what he was actually thinking...
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14/01/2013 17:28:00

he is young and feels rejected by his first love. also he sees this as a way to ingriate himsef more to the fans, coaching team and the board of the club. no doubt minders at chelsea would have contacted him and told him to watch his tongue next time he goes to the press. we might see an apology or a rejoinder to that interveiw soon. we should forgive him this time as he is young. Benayoun did same last season and it did not earn him anything. the boy will learn. patience folks.
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14/01/2013 17:32:00

Leave the boy alone and let's persevere with torrid Torres. I wonder who sold Studge to Liverpool instead of Torres. It's confusing.
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14/01/2013 17:33:00

I agree with most of the previous posts & would add that doubtless words & their meanings change in translation; it can't be easy to think in one language & speak in another. The general thrust of what you want to say is doubtless retained but as ever, it's not what you say but the way that you say it that counts, in a non native tongue it's difficult.
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14/01/2013 17:40:00

'i dont care about' could translate to 'im not worried about, at the moment'.
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14/01/2013 17:57:00

I blamed AVB for this. I will never forgive him
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14/01/2013 18:19:00

people are quick to lambast Lukaku and am i sure people will acknowledge that i am one of the biggest critiques of the excessive way our players talk to the media but there is a greater issue here. I read what the young man had to say and far more damning than what he said about being uninterested in what Chelsea are doing at the moment are the two other things he said; that is is presently more concerned about his career development and the success of westbrom. This is another consequence of the headless policy we have at chelsea because of the nonexistent stability at manager. Lukaku is not alone here..KDB was more diplomatic but if you read his latest comments the boy is thinking more and more that his future may not lie with chelsea and he is flattered by the attention and interest in his career that Werder Bremen and others in the Budesliga are showing. This is also happening with Courtois. Let us not even mention Bruma and PVA. It is a systemic problem..the only current or recent example of any Chelsea player who has gone on extended loan that has ended up in the first team is Danny Sturridge and we all know how his story ended..The next best thing is Ryan who barely still gets game time..this is what these young men are seeing..Further there is no stable coach who can remain in contact with them when they are on loan to assure them that they are not forgotten orphans and that their parent club actually has a future plan for them and actually cares for their long term career development. It says much about our loan policy that we have the equivalent of two full teams out on loan and yet i can assure you Rafa probably has had little or no contact with any of these guys and there doesnt appear to be any plan to recall any one of is a problem and rather than just blindly berating the young man Lukaku we should realize that his outburst is just a tip of the iceberg,...we have a big problem in this area.
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14/01/2013 18:28:00

lukaku do one thing leave chelsea play somewhere else score lot of goals after three four years when you will established yourself as the new drogba...we will come back for you with 50 60 million bid and you wil get to start in first team...and people who were complaining about you will say he is ready now...and would why did we sell him inn tbe first a old tradition at get in first team...
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14/01/2013 18:59:00

Spot on ,GabeU!! With the way the club is being ran,and the very limited opportunities available for youngsters,it is easy to see why they prefer to hang on and endear themselves to their various loan clubs. The only thing there to be blamed is the lack of stability which has been a shameful state of affairs and one that leaves the loanees bemused as to the uncertainty of their future. Lets hope the problems is sorted out soonest so that this youngsters can live their dreams of putting on the blue stripe.
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14/01/2013 19:12:00

I was gong to post a comment here, but gabeu summed up everything I wanted to say in a complete nutshell. Of all of our loan players there are only 4 which we can really say have a chance of getting into our first team. Lukaku, Kdb, josh and courtois, four players who are of absolute star quality. I would love to know what is being said to them. Again as gabeu said the only chance of our younger players getting absolute game time is if there is a manager who is given licence to incorporate then into the starting line up with no pressure. Piazon is another, I don't think he needs to go out on loan, in the games I've seen he is more than capable of being able to play a good quantity of matches for the first team. If these lads leave it could be the greatest mistake ever, bigger than letting lampard and cole leave.
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14/01/2013 19:13:00

Any new manager that comes in should have a remit to incorporate a maximum of 4 youth players into the starting line ups, it's not as if there isn't enough games to play them in.
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14/01/2013 19:16:00

Would anyone blame the kid, we obviously don't expect him to disrespect West brom, a club that has given him the opportunity to develop and prove himself... If he come back here and doesn't get to start scoring goals immediately, Chelsea fans would be the 1st to run him down, we'll find one fault or the other..... Won't blame the kid even if he decides never to return to Chelsea.....
Report Abuse
14/01/2013 19:18:00

Romelu Lukaku is a con man, boy perhaps, I'm afraid he used chelsea and Drogba to make himself famous, his desire to attain prominence at early age made him fraudulently declared himself as a die hard chelsea fan with portraits of Drogba and Anelka adorning the walls of his bed room, he even posted video of his visit to SB on the Internet. Fast forward to few months after he signed for Chelsea, fait accomplish! mission accomplished, the so called Chelsea fan did not want to touch the biggest accomplishment in the club's history, the CL trophy!, reason being he didn't partake in winning it. Romelu does not give a hoot about what goes on at Chelsea his childhood club? and that was not first time he's making such statement. If it find hard to believe any true fan would support the petulance of this kid who had stopped saying any good thing about a club he once told us he loved to watch while still plying his trade in Belgium.
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14/01/2013 20:34:00

Lukaku has nothing to lose either way. He is only 19 and has the world at his feet. If he goes a top club will sign him.
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14/01/2013 20:37:00

Why should he care about a club that doesn't want him? Even if he goes he has a full career to look forward to.
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14/01/2013 20:42:00

He said: 'At this time I'm just looking at my own career and West Brom, I don't really care about what Chelsea are doing at the moment.' he went further......"You have to be somewhere where you are connected with the people. You have to be in a good environment. Where I am now is similar to when I was in Anderlecht. That's why I have settled very well here. On the pitch, I want to win.".
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14/01/2013 20:47:00

I don't like him or his attitude anymore, and those stating his case for him are lukaku's apologists which aint a bad thing per se, but he strikes me as a loudmouth, he came to chelsea and expected to be played instantly when he has a horrible first touch, he plays football like a damn rugby player then chelsea sent him to westbrom, where thankfully he is developing, a player that really loves chelsea will not say those statements and that is the truth, who here have seen kevin de bruyne last interview? The lad said I try to watch chelsea most times and celeberate when they win and I get annoyed and sad when they lose, I wish I have the link here for u to see and differentiate the attitude between the two, then u'll see who really love us, the bitter little *****.
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14/01/2013 21:19:00

Well said @raybell..i think this kid should just shut his feckin mouth up and let his football do the talkin,for the past few months he has been mouthin a lot and he throws a jibe or 2 at chelsea with every chance he gets,he should really watch his mouth..what sort of a true fan would not care about his club(not to talk of parent club)?? What sort of a fan would not want to touch and celebrate his club's victory in europes greatest club competition?? Well,just as raybell said he might be a con man cos for them its all about selfish desire
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14/01/2013 21:21:00

Spot on beginin to despise him for such silly attitudes,he feels he is a world beater when he has not even started..he should just watch his mouth
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14/01/2013 21:25:00

He has a few good games,next thing he does is run to the media and spit crap about his parent club(his supposed 1st love)..kdb,pva,omeruo,chalobah,kalas,josh e.t.c are all doin great for their respective clubs and i dont hear them say negative things about their parent clubs(chelsea)
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14/01/2013 21:32:00

Since the Lukaku bashing has started already he may as well follow the path Sturridge took and protect his career from ruin.
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14/01/2013 21:56:00

Lukaku is just frustrated and happy at the same time , happy that hes been given a chance at wba but frustrated theres no room for him at chelsea , I blame it on avb , he should have been loaned out the first season and recalled , I hope we don't let him slip , I know he won't leave cause my gut feeling tells me that , he loves chelsea , he supports chelsea , he idolizes drogba. He will come back next season , with hopefully improved first touch and ball control , he will destroy defences with hazard , mata and oscar along with moses marin kdb etc , the guy can head the ball amazingly , i saw him against reading , hit the post twice and scored two goals , I absolutely love him , hope you read this rom!
Report Abuse
14/01/2013 22:31:00

If we let romrom slip , I have no hope for the chelsea board , how many f***king players do we have on loan? KDB IS MORE THAN READY TO MAKE OUR FIRST TEAM , he's been great for werder , the german defences are tougher than english defences is what I can tell thou.
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14/01/2013 22:32:00

Lets cut the kid a bit of slack. Hes getting the love at West Brom that he never got at CFC. Hes getting belief in hm, match time and ultimatly goals. Im sure alot of what people are reading here is very much out of context. All e is saying is that he is focussing on what he is doing at west brom at the moment, whats so wrong in that? Lets not get our backsides up on silly little matters like this. So may fools said he wasnt ready for CFC. Let me tell you he is more ready for CFC than Torres ever was. I dont see why Ba and Lukaku cant be our strikers for next season. Recall also KDB + Josh and we have a strong, young and very talented first team without the need for luxury buys of falcao, modric etc etc..
Report Abuse
14/01/2013 22:45:00

Desmondadonis, Chelsea made a mess of the Lukaku transfer last season. When they signed him they told him he was going to go on loan to Stoke City. However, after he completed the transfer late in the transfer window, they discovered - why they didn't know this I don't know - that you couldn't sign for an EPL club and go on loan to another one in the same transfer window. That meant he was left at Chelsea and only used in League Cup games. To compound the comedy of errors, at the January transfer window he couldn't go on loan either because he had already played for Anderlecht & Chelsea and you are only allowed to play for 2 clubs in a season. As a result of all this, last season was basically a wasted year and on the few occasions he did play he looked hopeless. Now this year I haven't seen many of his performances but 9 goals from 10 starts plus some sub appearances for WBA suggests the player has progressed significantly and he must now be well ahead of Torres. If he comes back to Chelsea next season I'd expect him to be our 3rd choice striker with Torres a distant 4th choice if he is still here.
Report Abuse
14/01/2013 23:41:00

If he likes he should follow sturridge's path..CFC would wax stronger after him
Report Abuse
14/01/2013 23:59:00

The way some of you here talk about these footballers is just so unreal and funny..... I wish we can really know how some of you run your daily lives. I guess it's very easy to come here and criticize young lads trying to build their careers/future.... every young Chelsea player that is bold enough to states his intention to build his career and places more priority on that is now automatically arrogant... I like to know how passive, laid back and non-arrogant your young minds are about securing your future/careers..... Some of you are too selfish and unrealistic with your comments... If these kids were greedy, they will be more than happy to sit on Chelsea's bench just collecting their pays, rot on the bench while their careers are destroyed... We don't make most of these kids feel we have a plan for them so how do you expect them to be happy.... Let Kevin De Bruyne rot on the bench for 1 season at chelsea and then see if he would still be saying the same thing.....
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15/01/2013 03:13:00

This kid will be a star and you guys don't see it. This kid has passion and drive that very few players have. Chelsea better talk to this kid and make room and playing time for him. How would you feel if your 3rd or 4th in line at Chelsea? And that the English press says that Chelsea is linked to 4 or 5 other CF's. I mean really, wha is the player development strategy with this club? THERE IS NONE? Let's jus go out and blow tons of money on players and not have a clue what to do with them. The stupid purchases by this club is crazy.
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 03:32:00

All we really need is 2x main strikers in a 4-2-3-1 system and a 3rd guy that can play there if called upon (perhaps moses or ?) Im not surewe need strikers that people call for. The 4th guy wont getany play time an rot in that system, whilst the 3rd in line will get marginal play time presumably in cups, or if an injury occred to the two main guys. Its overkill and you will likely end up with 2x guys unhappy and screwing the team dynamics and wanting to leave. Torres out (somehow), Lukaku in for me at the seasons end.
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 04:35:00

people here are expecting lukaku to have touch finish like messi drogba ronlado falco....etcetc......cant believe some people here....he is far far better player and give him two or three season more he will shut all dumb people mouth here...
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 05:50:00

I hope as I said earlier, u get off ur holy horses and stop being lukaku's apologists, when he came to chelsea we have drogba,anelka,torres and kalou, who were ahead of him, the brief cameos he had he didn't show that he was ready to play for us, and that was the unanimous consensus then,he was just prancing about on the pitch, was it our fault that he couldn't go out on loan? If u don't know his transfer story let me juggle ur memories, this lad-s transfer was just like hazard, he wants to sign for madrid, he wants to sign for arsenal, chelsea, juve and a few other clubs, that was after he confessed that chelsea is his childhood club, now tell me u melodramatic divas, how in heavens name would u say u don't care about the club u idolize? That u are not happy last season bcos u did not contribute to their success, sturridge was the player that ought to be saying that, having being a major part of our success story in the first half of the season then being frozen out a bit by robbie, but he didn't do that he celebrated as if he fought tooth and nail along with the lads in munich, lukaku went to the media just 2 days after the win, he is starting the same thing again, josh mceachran didn't say anything like that at borough and he was benched more than lukaku ever was, so saying if kdb was benched he'll be ranting off in the media is just being clueless about the lad's personality. He should shut up and concentrate on where he is still lacking in his development and if he is interviewed next time he should learn how to handle the media. No matter how talented he is, if he irks the chelsea hierachy, he would be sold off and we won't miss him, we froze out mutu and another talent emerged. Feruz will be ready in 2 years.
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 06:02:00

oh..Lukaku's interview inviting so much bashing on him from VC fans...If a similar interview is given by any of our LEGENDS, then all bashing will be towards the board, owner and coach....So, Lukaku should learn from our Legends on giving initerviews...especially Lamps
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 06:43:00

Thats the reason, Roman wants a manager who can trust these youngsters at chelsea...Who can play, mentor these players and also win....If nothing changes at chelsea, I predict Lukaku, KDB, Courtosis, Josh, Chalobah, Kalas, Piazon moving out of chelsea
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 06:45:00

blu_run agree with you if our so called legend would had said something then it would be vic versa...we need a coach for a long term who can get the best out of our younster rather than spending lavish on other players...all we need is a stabality in maagerial department an patience we have the best players all we need is manager who can get the best out of them
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 07:06:00

The pressure on the gaffer is too much, on a good day, players like courtois,kdb,josh,chalobah,omeruo,kalas,paizon, baker wallace,PVA/berty and lukaku ought to be playing the COC, FA cup and odd league games, while the first teamers should face the champions league and premier league, that way everybody will be happy, but the club's and media pressure will hinder the coaches from doing that
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 07:15:00

Lukaku was stupid to say this. He has no patience whatsoever. He came here as an 18yr old and said he didnt want to go out on loan. He expected to play when chelsea had anelka,drogba,sturridge,torres and kalou(all strikers) all fighting for the same position. He was the victim of his own judgement error.. Most young players (namely cleverley,welbeck,wilshere) go out on loan before establishing themselves at their parent clubs. He should shut up and focus on making an impact at chelsea not saying anything he wants. Just look at McEachran, whenever he is interviewed he says his main priority is to make an impact here
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 08:09:00

I don't get it, because Lukaku was loaned out we have to condone his childish untoward attitude? There are two other Belgians (KDB and Courtois) who are better than Romelu, they were loaned out but never complain, josh, chalobah, pva, kalas and rest? Lukaku better than them?
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 08:41:00

I would say it for the uptenth time,lukaku should shut his goddamn mouth and allow his football do the talkin,i guess this is what he learnt from the so called legends.. since we won the CL he has taken advantage of every media briefin/interview to throw jibes at chelsea..dont let his goals at wba deceive u,he still has a lot to improve on,he is not finished article yet but his recent performances is getin into his head..
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 10:45:00

Spot on @desmondadonis....i felt lyk shooting the guy when i read his interview...what nonsense!...I started watching westbrom matches because of this guy,just to see how his improving...whenever he scores you could see almost the whole chelsea community celebrating even here On VC.....**** U LUKAKU!
Krested Kal-el
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 10:59:00

Just thought I'd spend a few minutes reading the comments as it's been a long time since I last came on this site and dear oh dear I swear I don't regret leaving. This interview was given to a Flemish radio station called Viva Cité where Lukaku said that his dream was still to play for CFC just after the presenter of the show asked him if he saw his future away from Stamford Bridge. Just after that he said in Flemish "Ik zorg om niet te veel aan Chelsea te denken omdat het niet goed zou zijn voor mijn concentratie" which means, word by word : "I make sure I don't think too much of Chelsea for now because it wouldn't be good for my concentration". If you don't trust me ask anybody to translate this shoite and you'll see what will come out of it. Lost in translation? I don't know, because "I don't care of what Chelsea are doing" is nowhere near the same as what he really said. Of course, all the good parts were cut by the English media (where he said for example that London is the best city he ever put his feet in and that he was still in touch with Drogba, Kalou and Anelka) and they just reported the interesting parts (for them), the ones which could taint his reputation and make him look like a disloyal ingrate. And of course everybody buys into that. Typical from you all, really. Feeling butt hurt and going as far as insulting one of our youngsters on loan on the basis of an interview you never saw or listened to. So lazy, simplistic and frankly annoying. Grow up you chumps. And of course I'm defending him just because I'm Belgian. Typical response every time I defend one of my countrymen.
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 11:23:00

@FrLamp, there is nothing wrong in defending your compatriots but in Lukaku's case you ve got loads of defending to do because the boy is a motormouth. According to your version of the interview Lukaku said his dream is to play for cfc tho when he was asked if he saw his future away from cfc or not he couldn't give an affirmative reply, but said"I make sure I don't think too much of Chelsea for now because it wouldn't be good for my concentration", that was evasive, the reply.
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 12:37:00

He is doing well and getting the chances. I wonder what another season will do to him if he started seeing the stats and he is doing a good job there
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 12:40:00

... And can you confirm if this part of the interview has been twisted as well? "You have to be somewhere where you are connected with the people. You have to be in a good environment. Where I am now is similar to when I was in Anderlecht. That's why I have settled very well here. On the pitch, I want to win.".
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 12:46:00

Yea the english media cut the good part but the truth is the lad talks too much
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 13:58:00

RayBell, can you read something? Or do you need a pair of glasses? "This interview was given to a Flemish radio station called Viva Cité where Lukaku said that his dream was still to play for CFC just after the presenter of the show asked him if he saw his future away from Stamford Bridge." What's evasive there? As for the part you mentioned, the presenter asked him if he was regularly being phoned up by someone at Chelsea and he said "De coaches en de voetbal director bellen me op elke zondag en ze praten ook tegen mijn coach van WBA. Ik hou dus een goeie relatie met iedereen en dat is belangrijk want in voetbal moet je met iedereen verbond zijn, daarom ben ik zo vlug op mijn poten geland. Toen ik 16 was kon ik al in de eerste elftal van Anderlecht spelen en ik had hulp nodig en ik kreeg het." Which means "The coaches and the football director phone me up every Sunday and speak to my WBA coach as well. I have a very good relationship with everybody and that's important in football as you have to be connected with everybody involved. That's why I was able to land on my feet so quickly. When I was 16 I could already play in the Anderlecht first eleven, I needed help and I got it." I don't know who's the farking retard who "translated" this interview but it's full of *****. As for the "On the pitch, I want to win" he said that right at the end of the interview. Lukaku was interviewed by WBATV just after the Reading game and he said he was very disappointed they lost. The presenter (of the Belgian radio station) asked him why because he played well. He just answered "We simply want to win. As far as I'm concerned, when I get on the pitch, I want to win". That's all.
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 15:30:00

@Frlamp it is good to hear from you again..some weeks ago i was asking if anyone had any info on you as i had noticed your absence from discussions. I wont say anything more on the Lukaku case. I as a person have always been very critical of the lack of a formal media policy for our players as a whole but if we want to be honest like i said above we will acknowledge that our present structure does not exactly nuture or inspire confidence in our youth players especially those we have out on loan. Lukaku is one of the more vocal ones but this same concerns are brewing with others like KDB, Courtois, Bruma, PVA etc and it will not surprise me is something does not change soon that several of these kids will voluntarily move on to some other clubs in the near future.
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 16:29:00

Thanks for the clarification on that FrLamp - I had thought as much re: things being taken out of context. Perhaps some of us fans should hold their tounge a little instead of beliving everything they read from papers which often have lazy journos putting their own spin on thngs.
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 21:28:00

I tot @fRlamp's explanation and interpretation actually clears the matter for me...lukaku is doing just fine...its the english journos at it again...thanks @frlamps, its being quite a while, trust you are good..!
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 22:11:00

I have warned folks. Every time a comment is said to be made by a Chelsea players or coach (ex-Benitez) by the media, wait a day or 2 to seek clarification before people start chatting gibberish!!!!!!!! Again, the Lukaku case has proved to be so again. Chelsea fans really never learn.....
Report Abuse
16/01/2013 04:21:00


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