Chelsea - Lampard Rejects Chinese Offer
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Lampard Rejects Chinese Offer

Details emerged this morning about one deal that Frank Lampard won`t be putting paper to.

Apparently, Frank was the subject of a proposal from the Chinese club Guizhou Renhe who wanted the midfield star to commit to a two year deal, starting this March, in a package that would have cost the Chinese club a cool £20 million.

If Frank had put pen to paper then he`d have pocketed a cool £250,000 a week. However, it seems that despite constant badgering Frank was reluctant to commit himself to the deal and a Chinese spokesperson has stepped forward and commented,

"The contract offered to Lampard was amazing and he would have been treated like a God out there. It would have been a great adventure for him."

"But although there were a lot of talks, he would never give a definite 'yes` and Guizhou Rehne finally gave up."

Probably because Frank`s heart belongs to Stamford Bridge and he wants to stay!

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 15 2013

Time: 4:36PM

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It would only be good for him if he isn't doing that with the hope that chelsea will bow to the media and fans' pressure to offer him a contract he clearly doesn't deserve going by our policy. He should just accept it that we clearly don't need him here if he refuses to sign the 1yr offered him.
munich Glory
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15/01/2013 16:48:00

well said Munich Glory...Im quite Frankly fed up with this FL debacle...why do we have to discuss it everyday? Drogba was recently voted the Greatest player in chelsea's history and we didnt get all the media/fans lad de dah around his exit. The chelsea board will decide and thats it. Anyone that doesnt like the decision either way can go suck a lemon. I am happy for Frank to be here for 1 or 2 more years if the board feels it aligns with their strategy. if they want to be bring in Isco in the Summer and feel that Lamps staying on will slow down the bedding down of the new team, then thats what management do, make decisions...
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15/01/2013 16:57:00

@munich Glory Lampard was not offered a one year contract or any contract at all by chelsea football club..or was he??.....
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15/01/2013 17:00:00

@JohnnyOz. Do u have an idea or a hint about the Drogba situation? I don't think so,If you did you would know Drogba wanted to leave Chelsea and felt it was time for him to quit,the Club wanted him to stay but he felt it was right to leave on a high,which is totally understandable. In contrast Lamps wants to stay,and I'm pretty sure he'll take a pay cut,its not about money for Frank its pretty obvious.
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15/01/2013 17:10:00

@JohnnyOz. Do u have an idea or a hint about the Drogba situation? I don't think so,If you did you would know Drogba wanted to leave Chelsea and felt it was time for him to quit,the Club wanted him to stay but he felt it was right to leave on a high,which is totally understandable. In contrast Lamps wants to stay,and I'm pretty sure he'll take a pay cut,its not about money for Frank its pretty obvious.
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15/01/2013 17:11:00

I know Drogba was offered a two year contract after we won the Champions league final. That final was a week after the EPL ended i think. We are 4 or 5 months away from the end of the season so why all the furore..? Some peps need to wake up and smell the coffee...
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15/01/2013 17:24:00

@nelyvanile, if you sign a contract with an organisation and at it's expiration the organisation didn't deem it fit to extend it for obvious reasons, what are you suppose to do? Keep moaning and causing unrest between the internal and external publics of such organisation or you path with it quitely? Its isn't any player's birth right to end his playing career at chelsea, Lampard should just get that clear and move on quitely instead of causing unrest between fans and the club. He isn't different from any player who has played and still playing for chelsea and shouldn't force himself on the club.
munich Glory
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15/01/2013 17:29:00

The unfortunate experiences of both Drogs and Nico in China have done severe damage to the credibility of the Chinese league. Lamps has one of the highest recorded IQs of any player in the BPL..he is no would be very unwise of him to head to China..if it were all about the money he would head to the middle east where their word is their bond and they would pay him a kings ransom to come. It clearly is not about the money for him. Some people here apparently out of hate or spite for the guy keep trying to compare apples and oranges. Cole has been offered a contract by CFC..he declined it and is of speaking to other problem with that. Drogs was offered a one year contract...he wanted a two year deal and so declined it and moved problem. Lamps has been offered no contract at all. He is on record as offering to take as much as a 100k per week pay cut but was told he is not getting any contract offer under any circumstance. Roman owns the club and it is his prerogrative to do as he pleases with it but please people should stop writing lies that suggest lamps is trying to fleece the club of money or has refused what he has been offered..he has been offered nothing in point of fact. Considering his significant others love for England and their young kids the two major options i see for him are of to MLS or taking a deal with another BPL club like United..i doubt he will go to any club in continental europe where he would have to learn a new language, change the kids schools etc. Mls is very attractive as their annual schedule means he can spend substantive times in England while playing there when many other major leagues in Europe are on vacation.
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15/01/2013 17:43:00

Lamp is manipulating the fans and media to put pressure on the board to give him a new contract. Drogba quietly rejected the one year contract extension offer from the club at the beginning of last season, but never came out to the media to mourn about it. At the end of the season, the club agreed to the 2 year extension Drogba wanted, but he rejected it. For me, Drogba is the real legend, Lombard is not.
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15/01/2013 17:47:00

@Johnny. Good thing you remember its a different scenario compared to the Lampard situation that's what i was trying to point out. If Drogba had wanted to stay and the Club refused to hand him a contract renewal and felt he was surplus to requirement fans would have been aggravated by the boards decision as well. To stay here was not a question of money, as people claimed. Ive always been happy with what I have here with contracts and my family were happy. "Its not like they dont want me any more. We sat down all together and the boss [Roman Abramovich], Ron Gourlay [chief executive] and everyone on the board respected my decision. I know what I did for them and they know what they did for me. I will take time to make the right decision. My wife and I will go and relax a bit, even though there are national team games. I wont play for another English club. I owe too much allegiance to Chelsea." Do i feel Lamps still has a lot to offer this club on and off the pitch? Yes.
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15/01/2013 17:49:00

Well said GabeU...besides those quotes were from Didier days after that remarkable night in munich.
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15/01/2013 17:53:00

To me Lamps' continued moaning to the media about his contract situation, suggests that he was the insider who was constantly leaking team unrest to the media during the AVB era. Perhaps that could be the reason the club has refused to renew his contract. Maybe...
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15/01/2013 17:54:00

Another difference being that Drogba only turned up for about 5 games last season. Lampard still does it at the highest level week in, week out and there is nothing to suggest that he can't keep doing that for another year at least.
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15/01/2013 17:55:00

No one here knows what has been offered or not offered or how much of a paycut Frank is willing to take...All we know is all the goorish gobbledy gook we have been force-fed by the media in the last few months...It is all pure speculation and Frank has not helped the matter by announcing to the whole world that the board have not sat with him to discuss his contract (and of course he chooses the day he scores a brace against Everton to make this announcement...Like i've said before Frank is my favourite Chelsea player but i like to be objective and he is dividing the club at the moment....he has also done this before in 2008/09 when he was haggling for a new contract...I like that saying fool me once, shame on me but fool me sir! Let the board decide the direction of the club - imagine if that decision had to be taken on this forum re whether or not to keep Frank, there would never be a solution...Over to you Sir Roman..
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 17:56:00

Btw - Is it true that Roman Abramovich may be knighted soon for services to English Football...? :))) just heard through the grapevine...
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15/01/2013 17:58:00

ghizuou rhene we have french whizkid malouda for you....and you can take him for free free freee..........please please take himmm....and we will give torresss for freeeee freeeee....and with torress we will give ferrerra and beanayou free take one player for free and get three for freee..
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15/01/2013 18:04:00

Wassamatta Rampard you ascared oh Peking duck with flied lice?
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15/01/2013 18:08:00

all haters feck you all...lampard is not a dirty dog that you need to decidr on putting down...he is our legend...the one turned to and continue to turn...he has changed his game but still no respect...i will remind each and everyone of you of how valuable lamps is...when the time is right.
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15/01/2013 18:12:00

careful traykidd..way things are going china is going to own the world ala britain in the 19th and early 20th century...brush up on your mandarin...
Report Abuse
15/01/2013 18:14:00

Lampard doing it week in and week out at the highest level? Wth penalties or what? You kidding me?
munich Glory
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15/01/2013 19:20:00

The club does is not oblige to offer anyone a contract.hence CFC is within their right to or not to offer anybody any contract and that applies to u legend lampard,u are a legend yes but u are not greater than CFC....right now the club is not willin to offer legend lampard a contract and it would be in his best interest to start considerin offers from china,uae,india,lebanon,malaysia,saudi and ofcourse mls instead of hopin against hope that cfc would succumb to all this indirect pressure antics and give him a contract
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15/01/2013 20:47:00

I dont understand. Are we fool of giving Lampard 5 year contract extension in 2009? Ridiculous thinking. And why keep on accusing him moaning about this situation to the media? It is the January transfer window, of course people look into rumours and stories regarding transfers. Since pepole keep on talking about FFP and how the club should spend wisely (like its their own money), I do hope these people did contribute to the revenue of Chelsea FC (tickets, merchandises, etc) If not, you have no right to keep on babbling here, especially regarding the club financial affairs
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15/01/2013 23:42:00

It all comes down to AVB tenure in SB. Roman hoped it will bring stability after axing Ancelloti (where older guard were picked almost everyday). After the feud between Lampard and AVB started when he tried to change the system, he eventually got sacked. Roman's another investment went down the drain. Lampard also did not help the situation when he claimed AVB forgot about present and focused on future, whereas Drogba gave AVB credit for UCL and Terry actually thanked him during his time.
Report Abuse
16/01/2013 00:44:00

Lampard will eventually be offered a new contract.
Report Abuse
16/01/2013 04:41:00

@Gabeu...can you show us any article from Lampard or his agent that they are ready to accept a deal of 50k per week...this is a claim by the media...If you claim Lampard to have the good IQ, then he will be a fool to accept that contract from chelsea, when MLS teams are reaady to offer him the multi-year, multi-million contract...I dont go by that stupid story floated by media...even i read a story where Lampard's agent claimed that there was no talk about wage cut with chelsea.
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16/01/2013 05:09:00

Even if we manage to win EPL with Lampard's help, I dont want him to stay here next season. Let him choose his next destination and let him leave on a high.
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16/01/2013 05:18:00
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16/01/2013 05:43:00

Pirlo to Juve...important player for AC Milan who then goes to Juve to become an important player for them. Look at Juve, look at AC Milan...I have a nightmare playing out in my mind of having to watch Fergie with Lamps and Cole by his side, them being the key players to bringing in an FA Cup and maybe even a UCL...Lamps' refusal to deal with the astronomical indicates to me two things...he wants to stay in England and he wants to remain relevant for the 2014 WC...He will take a pay cut for this...If not CFC, it will be someone else...and that someone else WILL reap the rewards of all that Lamps has to offer. Those who want him gone for footballing reasons will have no problem as to those Lamps is of no use to us and will be of no use to anyone else...those who want him gone for personal reasons as in "I don't like the Guy" then I have nothing to say to you as you are probably 12 yr old virgins with a crush on Christy and out to exact some sought of vengeance as every time you *****, lamps is on your mind. To the previous group...if in your mind top footballing minds are willing to buy lamps or are perplexed at our refusal to give him an extension what does that mean for your assertions that he is of no use to anyone least of all us??? Do you all think you know better???? Rest assured every thing will fall into place at the end of the season, my nightmares will either come true or not...I hope not
Report Abuse
16/01/2013 07:44:00

@ Gian-Franco/Luca as China from all indications is going to own the 21st century isn't that a good reason for super Flanky to go there especially since the west (US in particular) is going down the tubes. Well I guess Frankie has nothing to worry about as he'll be amongst the "LA elite".
Report Abuse
16/01/2013 08:03:00

Gian-franco/Luca,the great chief priest of the lampard shrine.after all your incantations the club would do what they feel is right and if it means lamps leavin then so shall it be
Report Abuse
16/01/2013 10:55:00

Report Abuse
16/01/2013 11:42:00

Tribal football; "Perhaps the behaviour at Chelsea was no better symbolised recently than by Terry choosing to warm-up for the game immediately after Roberto di Matteo's sacking by wearing the Italian's former No16 shirt. It's staggering that, for all the warnings making their way to the local press from club sources, Terry should still make this show of defiance. How else can Abramovich read the gesture other than a protest against his decision-making?" Terry's days are definately numbered.
munich Glory
Report Abuse
16/01/2013 11:54:00


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