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Piazon Off on Loan?

Speculation is rife that Chelsea are set to let Lucas Piazon go out on loan.

In an attempt to get the Brazilian youngster more first team experience, reports are filtering through that Piazon is going to Malaga, on loan, for the rest of the season.

Speaking about the deal, Rafa Benitez confirmed,

"We have an agreement with Malaga for Lucas Piazon to go on loan there until the end of the season."

If anything concrete comes to fruition we`ll endeavour to let you know.

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 15 2013

Time: 4:40PM

Your Comments

says so in his Instagram...
its official...I am not sure its the best move for this young boy but I wish him all the best...I guess the board knows what we dont know...and I do hope they've got an overall plan...
Yup he says he's looking forward to a new challenge in his FB . Hopefully he gets some playing time
Blue Krusaders
Anything to do with a deal for isco?
I am a little disappointed that the club decided to loan piazon out to malaga thereby abandoning the initial career path that we had planned for him. The initial plan is to keep him at chelsea for 3years so that he can become club 'homegrown' player(like the da silva twins at man utd) and gradually ease him into the 1st team while also playing him regularly with the u-21. In the next 18months he would have achieved that homegrown status but it seems we have now pulled a plug on that. Considering the fact that since uefa changed the homegrown rule, we have not been able to field a full 25man squad, its difficult to understand why we didnt go through with piazon. However i wont be blaming the board yet cos it might be piazon himself that pushed for the loan deal.
Chelz Akamz
@Chelz...because we are still the parent club with full ownership, the loan does not affect his grown status...I have confirmed that on fifa cheer up mate!!!! only worry with the loan arrangement which I consider aggresive is that I dont think he will get enough playing time which is what he needs most at this time given where he is in his developement...but like I have been saying in recent times...the board knows better and I hope they have got a plan...things are getting really confusing really...I think we'll most likely get Isco in the summer with Piazon staying on at Malaga for an extended period on loan (may be a full season or even more) since they wont be playing in Europe for the next 4 seasons....
best of luck lad come back the new and improved kaka
Blue Bezerkas
I hope the club has inserted Isco deal in his agreement to join Malaga.
Goodluck piazon,do a lot better than josh did at swansea
Once he gets a regular playing time in malaga i would consider this move a success. if he plays reg. it will be better than him playin wit our Un21s or once in 2months wit our first team. goodluck piazon
@KEN4, I dont know how well malaga is doin right now but if they are doin well it might just take alot for piazon to break into the team. tho if they are doin well and he still breaks into the team, it jst will show the guy is some real gem. fingers crossed
@KEN4, I dont know how well malaga is doin right now but if they are doin well it might just take alot for piazon to break into the team. tho if they are doin well and he still breaks into the team, it jst will show the guy is some real gem. fingers crossed
Layorh12.... This is not a fifa affair. Visit the uefa site and read about the homegrown rule. I would ve posted the link but am chatting from my phone. Ryan Bertrand have been registered with fifa as a chelsea player since 2007 but he failed the club-trained homegrown status because he didnt spend up to 3 full seasons(continuously or not) with us between the age of 15 and 21years cos he was always out on loan. That is why terry is our only club-trained homegrown player in our uefa squad which in turn explains why we could only register 22players instead of 25.
Chelz Akamz
Info i have is dat manuel pellegrini made the request himself for him. Chelsea didn't plan to loan him. its cos of pellegrinis personal request and isco is a chelsea player come june
@Chelz....well maybe my interpretation is wrong...but'll try to post the link....once m less busy...its somthing to really verify though...if you are right...then the business is even worse than I first tot...
why are we loaning him out ? how are we sure he will get game time there ? we are in the europa league , who is going to play there def not hazard nor mata .. he should be with us we will need him at some time in this season i am very surre
Don capon
@Chelz 6 months out on loan out of three years is not i dont think this move will hinder his home grown status...but then like i said earlier..we should verify...and yes...Isco will most likely be a chelsea player come summer...
Im with Chelz on this the loan may be beneficial for him but having Lucas as a homegrown player would be a bigger bonus.
bit of digression....Odemwinge Peter will most likely be leaving West brom in this window...its gointa to be a massive second half of the season for kraken....I hope he does well...Lukaku is the future...hopefully
For me the only question i have is this..since the JT era how many players has chelsea FC sent out on loan who ever returned and found their way into the first team? I can only come up with Danny sturridge who is now out the door and Ryan Bertrand who is barely struggling to make some first team appearances at age 24. If anyone remembers any others please remind me. The point is overall our loan policy has generally been retrogressive not progressive from a Chelsea stand point. I fear this may be the start of the process that ends with Lucas ending up somewhere else in the near future. The home grown status thing is just another added wrinkle to how unwise i see these sort of loan moves and it is a recurrent theme we see also with the Josh and Lukaku loans which will ensure at the rate we are going that none of them will ever qualify as a club trained home grown player. My biggest immediate fear though is squad depth..our already thin squad is now down one more body and yet we have a second half of the season crammed full of games in the FA cup, Europa league and BPL..a few critical injuries or accumulating fatigue of overused players like Mata and Hazard (not to mention missing Mikel and Moses at the AFCON) and the effects will show big time in results which will ultimately affect our bottom line; namely securing a top 3 finish in the BPL..i said this same thing last January window when we were loaning out players like Santa Claus and by late February then the consequences were there for all to see.
So I checked Lucas Piazon's minutes for the season and from the season started on August 19th till today and the kid has played 161 minutes in a Chelsea shirt this season. August 29th till January 15th is a 151 days or 21 weeks. That means Lucas Piazon has played 1 minute per day or 7.46 minutes per week since the season started for Chelsea. Irrespective of what the club's policy is, playing 7.46 minutes of football per week is absolutely NOT enough for the lad. I see comments such as the depth issue but what exactly is the difference here and Malaga. If he gets to play at Malaga, great for him, but 1 minute of football per day or 7.46 minutes per week is terrible. 15 minutes Cameos at Malaga is still much better than Chelsea.
Yep off late it seems a player going out on loan is the beginning of the end for most of our youngsters chelsea careers, after a few years out they become disillusioned with their future chances see Lukaku. Kakuta, Mancienne, Jack Cork, Borini, Bruma etc. The other major problem is once they have tasted regular football they are not satisfied coming back to Chelsea just to warm the bench. This is where managerial instability is hitting the hardest there is no real plan in place for our youngsters once they reach maturity.
@bluesinme,i get u mate,lets just hope and pray he breaks into the team irrespective of the circumstance
I don't blame the kid for wanting to go out on loan...I just don't get it...I will say it again and again...CHELSEA HAS NO PLAYER DEVELOPMENT's lets just go out and buy a bunch of players and ???? Piazon will be a star and I hope he is a future Chelsea player...Chelsea needs to release, sell or loan out about 10 to 12 players...starting with Torres...and I for one am sick of hearing about the guy...but he is using the media to negotiate for him and I am sick of it...Its time for him to go..
I hope he gets ample playing time and return to cfc as a better player and I hope this isco lad will be added as a sweetner!!! Next season will be highly competitive in the middle, but as gabeu said we need to find a way with our waning squad depth.
I'm gutted by this to be honest, I said yesterday I thought piazon didn't need to go on loan because he was already at a level where he could be nurtured into the first team. Oh how wrong I appear to be. I hope this isn't a wasted loan and that some good comes of it. I feel we use the loan system wrongly, I would rather see the likes of piazon, Kdb, lukaku, courtois, josh loaned out to lower premier league sides where they are needed. I don't see how gong to the championship is going to make josh ready for premier league action in our first team, he's doing really well yes, but I cant see any gains in it. I'd like to have seen Kdb go to Aston villa for example, he would do really well there and would link up again with benteke. Can't see the point of doing it unless isco was coming in this window, why wait till summer.
@bluesinme,i get u mate,lets just hope and pray he breaks into the team irrespective of the circumstance
I think people are barking on the wrong stick here. There is nothing wrong with the LOAN PROGRAMME. The whole point of the programme is for the player to develop. Irrespective of what the squad depth is, Chelsea managers never play the youth. Ancelotti was buried for not playing Kakuta, Josh, Sturridge and co. AVB was buried for not playing Josh and eventually loaning him to Swansea and now the club is being criticized for loaning Piazon. Have you looked at the minutes being played by our loanees? Lukaku has played 938 minutes in the premiership. Josh has played 1,974 minutes in the Championship and KDB HAS PLAYED 1,526 minutes. Ramires has been our most utilized midfielder in the first team and he has played ONLY 1,276 minutes in the premiership. Before we criticize the loan programme; ask yourself this question and respond with the honest truth - Would Lukaku, Josh and KDB see as much minutes if they had stayed in the Chelsea squad rather than going on loan????? Remember Piazon has played only 161 minutes while Sturridge hardly featured even when healthy!!!!!!!. The issue is not the loan programme, BUT post the loan-programme. In the last 3 seasons, the manager who sends these kids on loan is USUALLY not the manager who evaluates the development in their loan programme when they return. How does the manager then decide who is good and not good enough to be in his squad for the season. Imagine you are a NEW CHELSEA MANAGER (which means pressure to WIN immediately) and Emenalo and Roman are busy calling people looking to offer 20mm - 30mm pounds for a midfielder. Who will you go with? A Josh Mac or a Fellani? However, if the manager had been with the squad the previous season when Josh went on loan, he would be in a better position to determine if Josh is what he needs to Fellaini. But we aren't afforded that luxury. It is the same reason youth do not progress under INSTABILITY just like Real Madrid. Any team that has youth progressing has stability - Barcelona, Dortmund and Bayern Munich (Louis Van Gaal promoted the latest Bayern products). If there is NO STABILITY in the managerial department, they will be no youth progress irrespective of if the loan programme is working or not or how thing or large the squad is.
i really don't like hearing 'we don't have squad depth' when we have players like main and hazard yet to have ample game time. JT is back already to give help to the defense. moses and mikel will also return to help the team. until all our players have had lot of minutes and are due rest i don't accept we do not have squad depth.
@kakufrank, spot on mate with your last comment. a stable manager will do a lot of help to integrate our youths but also a little reluctance from the board to buy big players will help their path into the first team. we can't expect a manager to see big players and go for the young ones can we?
Currently yes they would, mikel away, romeu injured so there is a position for josh, Moses also away, Marin not getting any opportunities, Opportunity for Kdb to fit in, lukaku is currently better than Torres, so there is anther opportunity. Why not, instead of buying 20-30m pound players give those a chance, it would save us a fortune for a start, not make us look embarrassing and would be a nice fresh approach. Your right if we had a manager who is given the licence to do so then it would happen, but we don't.
Actually they won't because we would play Lampard and Ramires continuously without Rest like Ancelotti did during his second season and like RDM did sometimes. KDB will fit in BUT what will KDB be doing from the month of August till December? Is it smart to sacrifice the 1,526 minutes he has played in the Bundesliga FOR WHAT? A few games in January where he will be rotated with Lampard and Ramires. Most he would probably play will be 270 minutes. But that isn't enough for him to sit on the bench from August - December and then from February till May.........Lukaku is better than Torres, BUT Roman will not let that happen. There is not other person to BLAME but the top. People thought Ancelotti was anti-youth, but we figured it wasn't just him. AVB loaned youth out and so did RDM and now even Benitez. It is pretty clear the reason why youth integration has been failing. It is the top!!!!!!
And another thing i am sure of , is if we start using youngsters and we are not challenging for the league and are in top 4 the fans wouldn't mind that for a year
Don capon
Point taken. How does it change, if the owner won't get rid of those around him and get someone with a bit of footballing savvy and experience then it will continue to fail.
KAKU i actually agree with your comments that the central problem is the lack of managerial stability, but we both know that getting a manager who will even last two full seasons at Chelsea is like finding the legendary city of El Dorado..i dont seeing it happening in Romans time. A poster here on VC once controversially said that we should just scrap the entire academy and sell of all the youth program players and just continue our fifa playstation method of building teams because that is what your post admits is our state. With no managerial stability to speak of this loan merry go round with no end result will continue and come this summer the cycle will begin again once as is almost certain Roman either gives Rafa his marching orders or the guy quits himself to move elsewhere. To those who say we have no squad depth issues..remember your words..because several people said this same thing in January last year and by March it was clear who was right and who was wrong. By April then we had to be playing guys like Malouda who offered absouletly nothing because they were the only fit bodies left. Look at our champions league final rooster..we had to list several academy kids on it to just make the numbers. By March-April this year if we bring in no one else in this transfer window we will be down net one player (Ba being a replacement for Danny) while we have players like Marin and Ferraira who have very limited utility. We still essentially have no midfield plan B to Mata and Hazard and God help us if Ba should get injured. We all saw what happened with Cechs short time out with injury. By that time when you see us struggling against mid table and top draw competition in the BPL remember this conversation..last year we paid for it with a 6th place finish and were just bailed out by the bavarian miracle..we wont be so lucky this time around.
Like I've said before a loan deal doesn't guarantee development,we just have to be hopeful Piazon gets enough game time to develop rather than stall his development and confidence. I hold Chelsea FC responsible for the way we handled Kakuta's development when he was loaned to wrong clubs (Fulham,and Bolton) and played out of position and stalled d lads development. We almost made the same mistake with Josh,when we loaned him to Swansea and he got very little game time. The youth understand that there's no project whatsoever in place for them at Chelsea FC. Courtois wants to stay longer at Athletico Madrid, De bruyne wants to stay longer at Bremen,Josh wants to stay longer at Boro,Lukaku wants to stay longer at W.Brom,if things go well for Piazon won't be surprised if he decides to stay longer at Malaga. Might probably get to a point where we decide to sell them off to get players at their peak from their on loan clubs. Its not just about managerial stability its the lack of project and plan in place to gradually transit this young talents into the first team.
@Blue1989, I have lost patience with the owner and his amigos in terms of youth development and managerial stability. They don't look like changing anytime soon. Whatever they want to do, they can go ahead and do. What really irks and pains me is happiness when we buy some of these young kids. As a fan, you are glad to see your club buy a young a product, mentor and then see him as part of the team. But after the managerial instability, you start wishing for these kids to leave the club as soon as possible because it is best for them ANYWHERE else but Chelsea. I was one of those who argued relentlessly that Lukaku should be loaned out BECAUSE he wasn't ready (in some cases skill wise), BUT most importantly mentally. Not sure if anyone has experienced it, but do people know how STRONG you have to be mentally to play for a team where the owner and his amigos are trying to make a 50mm white elephant work i.e. Drogba vs. Torres?? Do you know how strong you have to be mentally to display world class performances on a weekly basis for a club after they've told you they don't want you!!!!! Lukaku actually said HE FELL OUT OF love with football because he was on the bench and didn't feel like the team because he wasn't part of them. Look at him now. 7 goals in 8 starts in the premiership. Why would he want to come back to Chelsea to face their yearly BULL$HIT and politics......
Continuing on that, Lukaku has said he wants to stay AT WEST BROM next season. I read Josh wants to stay at Boro. Kevin De Bruyne is open to the possibility of extending his loan spell at Werder Bremen beyond the end of the season. Sturridge ALREADY LEFT. We are chasing the senior players out of the club while the younger ones don't want to return. Lmaoooo!!!!! What kind of fu$ked up $HIT is that?
The issue with the Piazon loan is more to do with the fact that he wont be eligible under Uefa and FA guidlines as a homegrown player once he is loaned out. It kind off defeats the whole purpose of us getting him to Chelsea before his 18th birthday we might as well have loaned him back to his parent club when we bought him. Why do we even bother bringing in high profile young talent we are best served buying the nearly finished article like Hazard or Oscar
And also is that also not the issue when you keep older players yoith get marginalised because experience always favoured over youth. Josh would be getting game time were it not for Lamps?
Kaku: in complete agreement with you on the board matter. I think the owner is far too influenced by those around him and by certain senior players. Those on the board need to take a back seat and let someone come in as a figurehead, experienced ear who can help both manager and owner. It is the only thing I can think of that would save our academy, bring stability and something that we would all be in favour of.
Not really Anarchy.....maybe we could have played a 4-3-3 formation with both Josh and Lampard in Central Midfield. Maybe Josh could have played with Lampard in central midfield like Cleverly and Scholes or Wilshere and Arteta. Think about it this way: Barcelona has Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets and Fabregas. All 4 are Euro and world cup winners. Xavi and Iniesta currently rank in top 100 players of all time. Yet, Thiago was able to play 1,830 minutes in La Liga for Barcelona last season.
The Middlesborough manager said Josh was doing well but there were plenty of areas he needs to improve, which is fine as he's only 19, but he is not ready to play on anything like a regular basis for Chelsea. He's a decent Championship player, that might be all he'll ever be - he'll still make a great living - time will tell. KDB, as he plays in Germany I haven't actually seen him play but by all accounts he is doing very well. He definitely has a realistic chance of playing for Chelsea. Lukaku SHOULD be playing for Chelsea now. He has proved at WBA he can cut it in the Premier League and he is miles ahead of Torres. But as has been stated Roman, for some unfathomable reason, still believes Torres must be No.1. The fact that this insistence may have cost us a chance at 2 league titles (2011 & 2013) seems to have escaped his notice. On the basis that Lukaku would be (wrongly) 3rd choice at Chelsea he should stay at WBA, but come back to Chelsea next season as 2nd choice to Ba if we don't sign a superstar striker. All these other players Kakuta, PVA, Bruma etc I'll be astonished if any of them ever play for Chelsea again, none of them were up to the mark and nothing I've heard about them suggests they have improved so much that they'll be good enough in the future. Look at Borini everyone was screaming blue murder when we let him leave now he's struggling at a mediocre Liverpool. Scott Sinclair seems to have disappeared without trace at Man City. I would recommend the Chelsea academy to any 15 or 16 year old. You may not end up playing for Chelsea but many ex-academy players are making a good living playing league football at decent if not elite clubs.
@Cobhamblue...your post is brutal...but i think its true....nice one there
@kakufrank...This is exactly what these youngster need, playing at the highest level. Sturridge would have been in club but instead of slowly integrating himself, he directly went for glory and RDM grew tired of him. As for Lukaku, KDB, Courtois, they are not only playing at top team but also important to that club. As for Bertand, did he ever played in EPL or top league in europe. We saw what sturridge could do after the loan but his attitude was to big for youngster. I agree on Old player, if we ever consider building young team every influential player in dressing room should be sold. They create poison in dressing room if things does not go their way. Lastly, Like guardiola did to ronaldino, deco, and eto, the so called legends, who use their status to emotionally blackmail the fans should be gone. Because if that does not happen, that ego will be passed to next generation and it is already visible in some players.
And rednapp just confirmed the capture of Remy and M'vila.i'm gutted.we could have goten m'vila at that cheap price.i just hope something is done before feb.1
some of you are making me laugh. A mediocre josh who did not get play time at swansea should play alongside lampard is laughable. things not working out at swans is unfortunate and the onus of making it work is more on josh as it is his career on the line. Were we not saying lukaku needs to develop more before being ready for 1st team. If he can develop in to a superstar at west brom than it is good for the club. If he scores 15 to 20 goals this season than by that virtue alone he would have recuperated his purchase cost. What is even more laughable is that some idiots here who are talking about youth development and players like josh on this post,then say we should hire benat on another post. As regards piazon, i think this is a good move. He was hardly a player who we could rely on just yet. Even if he sits on malaga bench then it would not be much different as he was doing the same here. May be it makes some difference to him with regards to he homegrown thing but other than that it cant be more worse of there as he was here.
Blue India
It is better to laugh with reason rather than senselessly. A question was asked about senior players marginailzing the younger players and a response was mentioned at how that would not be the case if such young player was here. The question should be how does a young kid who displayed performances worthy of being the best blue player on the pitch go from being the best Chelsea player on the pitch (when given the opportunity) to not so good for Swansea and probably a best Championship footballer. Has anyone ever asked that question?
@obimikelisdbest, why are you gutted? M'vila is rubbish and Loic Remy has scored 1 goal in 14 Ligue 1 appearances. Lukaku has scored more than him so why gutted? If QPR signed Diame then I will be gutted, but M'Vila. Arsene offered 20mm Euros for this guy in the summer and is nowhere to be found now that his price is lower. That in itself is a red flag.
Loic remy is just another waste of money, thx god he ended up at QPR, and M'Villa is so over rated and his attitude off the field stinks,
To add credence to what u guys are talking about, here is one of the youngsters we allowed to leave for peanuts..... Yea he was added to david luiz's deal after a 21m pounds cash payment
I also said time and time again about how our RA and the board is not up to the mark in youth development. STABILITY is what makes or breaks a youth. If messi is at CFC he will be on the bench of cfc now with 200+ loan appearances in the championship. Like KAKUfrank and others said our fans needs to tone down the expectations if we want our youth to succeed. This is where PEP score miles ahead of JM. But i am thinking that finally RA has learnt his lessons and moving towards this. AVB appointment and his mandate for the first 2 years is clearly a good thing but didnt worked out bcz of the culture at CFC. So who ever the manager will be in the summer he will be given clear mandate about how the club should move forward and given good amount of time to build the club from top to bottom.
Chelsea is now a club with an embarasssment of stars, I believe in my own world of fantasy that we have potential ballon d'or winners in our club now, but the truth is we still need a coach like fergie and wenger in their developmental philosophy, a manager that will improve individual skills, oscar has the skill set, mata,hazard, piazon, not to talk of the ones on loan, we'll have a big squad come next summer when loanees would be definitely recalled and the manager will have his hands full. I don't envy whoever will be at the helms by that time
e should had send torres on loan...nd i dont understand the luiz deal where we payed 25 million along with matic....what a stupid deal it was...pying 25 on the top selling our young players....prtuguse club are very good in getting great deals in players...we are biggest fool when it comes to transfer of players sell all our payer either for free or for peanuts price..we sold some top class players for peanuts price and bought other team sheets for double triple price...
why don't we make a play for Loic Remy. i thought we were in for him last summer. the guy can play as a striker and winger. it that not what we have been looking for in Schurrle?
if Pellegrini actually make a personal request for him then it is good that he goes there on loan. Pellegrini is not a small time coach and his credentials are impressive enough to convince the Blues hierarchy that if he wants paizon, then he has seen something in the guy that would benefit all our us in the long run. besides we would be creating a good rapport with him and the club in case we still need to go for Isco.
@Dwonder. Rodgers requested for Josh as well. Well we know how that turned out? Like i said before there's no guarantee on loan deals.
Im starting to think tat Piazons loan to Malaga is a precursor preparation for the possible expected arrival of the new striker .possibly Falcao or Willian etc . So this isnt necessarily a bad move by the club. If this is so, Im a little concerned that if we get Falcao/similar , then will there ever be a place for Piazon to return to regardless of how much he improves? If Piazon has the potential then why cant we develop him AT the club rather than loanng him out? As attractive an option Falcao is - probable instant success, Piazon could become our own "Falcao" given enough playing time and training. I hope the club know wht they are doing with Pazon and he dosnt become another of hose youngsters that dosnt want to return
piazon can turn out be better than falcoa he has more potential and can turn out to be a top star ....falcoa and william are ovrhyped by media....william is an average player just ok type player....i would prfere piazon over him anyday...
It would be interesting to know just how many we have got out on loan i would like to know how we keep track of their form etc
falcao over rated? really lol.i prefer cavani mysef but man falcao is with cavani probabaly the best no.9's in world football! thats not over rating either lol
i feel like pelgrini is trying to land chelsea's job. Not sure. But is he worth it? He did get 96 points for real in his only season.

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