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Frankly Rejecting: Motivation in Disguise?

The Board's reluctance in frankly offering him a contract extension is surely like a motivation in disguise!

Place anybody in his shoes, his prime target would be to cross Mr. Tambling's record of 202 goals of which he is only 8 short.

He was under the assumption his contract will be renewed and result was only 3-4 goals during first 4 months (although he was out injured for some time).

The time he realized his contract may not be renewed, see his number of goals in the last few matches, keep him guessing and he will think its his last season and he will, by hook or crook, try to somehow score 8 more goals in the remaining 5 months.

Give him an extension now and he will fall back into the relaxing chair warming his feet up.

The tactic is paying off, isn't it?

Yeah sure, but it remains debatable whether its the right tactic to play with a legend.

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The Journalist

Writer:  Soum  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday January 15 2013

Time: 4:58PM

Your Comments

Doesn't work like that. If club wants to keep him they can't keep him guessing. There's always a risk of pre-deal with another club. And of course Frank is, has never been, after personal glory. He scores now simply because he is in form, playing more and fully fit.
It seems certain now that everyday there would always be something to talk about with regards to lamps. Not offering frank an extension is not a tactics, its a decision that the club made and communicated in clear terms to lamps and his representatives. The decision have nothing to do with lamps as a player nor his motivation but the future of the team and its revampment. We should stop listening to british media, their agenda is to destabilise the team. However i agree it might have inspired frank to up his game inorder to achieve that very milestone. Even me too, at the begining of the season i wouldnt ve tought frank is still good enough to score 16goals and reach that milestone but now with 8goals already and fitness/form improving with more games, i now have that belief he would get there. Looking forward to that glorious day, frank deserves it, it will be a perfect way to end a glorious career with chelsea.
Chelz Akamz
what a theory....folks on here are begining to force things...I for one hope the owner relaxes his stance and offer Frank a decent one year contract and thats my opinion...but as it stands now..the club aint messing around...Frank and cole are no their way out of the club on a free...except somthing changes in the very next minute...get real guys!!!
chelz akamz u are right.stop the lamps bull***** and continue the evolution.players come and go,life goes on.
Why not turn this forum to vital Lampard? The campaign for Lampard to be offered a contract is becoming unacceptable. You lots should get it clear that no amount of campaign will make Roman have a change of mind, Lampard was handsomely paid for what he has done so far for chelsea.
munich Glory
@AUTHOR, that is if their is a tactic actually being employed which i seriosly doubt. my pain right now is lamps had two good chances to have made it 196 against stoke and he fluffed it *that pains*
@AUTHOR, that is if their is a tactic actually being employed which i seriosly doubt. my pain right now is lamps had two good chances to have made it 196 against stoke and he fluffed it *that pains*
Yeeaaaahhhh....NO. Somehow I don't think that is what's happening.
@MUNICH GLORY, i understand your concerns mate but the truth is if this site has been so much abt lamps then its because he deserves it. since chelsea fc has started we are seeing a midfielder that is abt breaking the all time goalscoring record mate set by a striker! its like messi breaking gerd muller's we might not see this again for a long time. he fully deserves all the attention he's getting
munich Glory Why not turn it to Vital Hate Lampard since so many on here hates him so much?
I am sick of the Lampard DRAMA...older players come and go...lets get on with it...I am sick of all the Lampard BS...he is using the media to his advantage and only the uniformed don't know they say in New York...SEE YA......
@lamarochs, sure they come and go but until he goes and we get over him we should enjoy his presence and revel in it together atleast.
Only those who don't understands what lobbying is all about would not see that Lampard is tactically trying to force himself on the club through the media and the fans. You can't tell an organization you still have alot to offer when its obvious to the board that you don't 've it in you anymore. If Lampard believes he still have it in him, let him go else where and prove the board wrong. No-one is saying he isn't a great footballer, all we are saying is he should respect the decision of the club just as his have been respected over the years and stop putting the privacy of the club in jeopardy by moaning about an issue that is now beyond his reach after every spot kick. Just like someone have said, how can we be sure that Lampard wasn't the masked club insider leaking informations to the media during AVB's era?
munich Glory
Haha..some folks here are startin to sound incredibly pathetic with the way u lots are goin with this your pro-lampard campaign,everyday one article or the other pops out all clamourin for contract renewal,its a pity that its gotten to a state where fallacious articles are written just to champion the cause**shakin ma head**
Finn-fan is the ultimate Lampard fan. No one on vc beats him at that.
the lamps lover,why dont u give him the cöntract.age dont lie..why has any club bid 4 him except the mediocre chineese and usa clubs.what if his injured and never reach tambling. will he still beg for more time frm media?pure knob head funs who never appriciate roman bailout of cfc.
FV...lolz...thot i was alone with that observation. That lad has no other biz with the blues aside Lamps!
Stop reading articles regarding FL then you haters. You lot are spitting on the good work of these beautiful people by undermining this site
Lampard = legend, the reason I think most true chelsea fans want him to stay is because the man is pure class, regardless of the media situation, Lampard has openly said he wants to finish his career at the bridge and will do so on 30k a week if need be....I think you guys would love to see a team full of Hazards and Mata's etc but every squad needs experience and to let 2 of the most high profile and experienced players go in one summer smacks of ignorance by the club... In my opinion both Cole and Lampard can still do a great job at Chelsea both on the pitch and on the training ground with the youngsters.
Look Lampard burnt his bridge with Roman with the AVB fiasco. I think he is a legend and love his loyalty to Chelsea also. But Chelsea have way too many players for few to pivot positions. So the old guy that has a large wage is the guy that goes. This happens every day in NFL, MLB and NHL. So! It's only the English media that keeps this story alive. I'm sick of it.
No.FV.I am the ultimate Lampard fan.Lampard is god.I worship him,along with Terry.Any problem?Even if you have,I don't give a toss.
there is no tactics behind is very clear message from Roman that he wants to clear the players with influence in dressing room...he wants only players at dressing room, who ALWAYS play for their clubs & the manager.
Boy am I glad some of the ppl commenting here don't make the clubs decisions...
Still expecting today's episode of the "lampard plays at cfc till 50"series
cfc250, you wish. You don't even come close. Finn-fan beats you hands down. Finn-fan has a Lampard shrine. Can you beat that? I don't think so.
Ijeoma Blessing Chikere > CHELSEA MY HOME Chelsea's Frank Lampard Is The Greatest Midfielder Of His Generation Statistics have a mind-boggling effect on today's game. They sometimes have the habit in failing to tell us the whole story of the game, and can even lay foundations for the irrational theories or beliefs people throw about these days. Just take a look back at last seasons Champions League final. Chelsea finally won the holy grail in the eyes of their Russian owner, but the stats tell a completely different story. According to the BBC, Bayern Munich had a staggering 34 shots with 21 on target, apposed to Chelsea's 9. The Blues committed 26 fouls compared to Bayern Munich's 11, suggesting that they were being overrun and dominated by the German's slick, passing play. The Germans were clearly dominant in Chelea's defensive third, winning themselves 20 corners compared to Chelsea's 1. Statistics show you that Bayern Munich dominated the Champions League Final, but Chelsea only needed that one corner to level the tie, and the rest is history. However, one thing statistics do is define the sort of career a player had. Stats separate the good from the great, and the great from the best. I recently stumbled across a photo which showed me career stats of Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and Xavi Hernandez - what I saw was baffling. I researched these stats on Wikipedia, BBC and to see how legitimate this data was. The information on the photo was a bit off, but what I came across was astonishing. The stats below show the career appearances, goals and assists chart from who I believe are the five greatest midfielders of this generation. As mentioned above, these stats were all attained from my own research, and have been mentioned in this article due to their reliability. Name Age Club Appearances Goals Assists Paul Scholes 38 Manchester United 713 155 31 Xavi Hernandez 32 Barcelona 655 79 82 Steven Gerrard 32 Liverpool 613 154 100 Frank Lampard 34 Chelsea 581 194 130 Andres Iniesta 28 Barcelona 482 49 61 Topping the charts is Frank Lampard. Just six goals shy of 200 for Chelsea and with 130 assists for the Blues, statistically Frank Lampard is the most proficient, creative and effective midfielder of his generation. His career stats are unbelievable. He should be cherished by Chelsea, not thrown to one side due to his age. Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has used Paul Scholes[38] and Ryan Giggs[39] to maximum effect over the years, even convincing the former to come out of retirement. But something tells me that Frank Lampard can still play week in, week out at the top level. Is that with Chelsea? I don't think so. Frank is and always will be a Chelsea and Premier League legend, and although his affection to Chelsea Football Club is still as strong as ever, it may be in Frank's best wishes to pack his bags and move away from Stamford Bridge this summer. Lampard would be welcomed at any top club, and Manchester United have been tipped to pounce for the attacking midfielder. Being linked with Manchester United in the twilight of his career is testament to Lampard's loyalty, dedication and professionalism. At the age of 34 and still going strong, Frank Lampard has further cemented his legacy as one of the greatest players of his generation with his performances this season. Deemed surplus to requirements at Chelsea Football Club, Frank will be able join a new club in the summer, on a free. Whoever signs Frank Lampard will be getting a world-class, goal-scoring professional who just wants to carry on playing football. This season he is proving Chelsea Football Club that despite being the age of 34, he still has plenty to offer.
FV.Try harder to troll and seek attention.MQ may be as pathetic as you at trolling,but he certainly beats you at attention-seeking by a mile.Try harder son.
Very interesting article about Malouda which states that after the CL Final he asked Chelsea to release him from the final year of his contract to allow him to find a new club. Chelsea, incredibly, said NO he could not leave on a free transfer and they wanted a fee of £10m. When Malouda advised Roman's PA that nobody would ever pay that as he was 32 and in the final year of his contract Chelsea would still not budge. It was at this point Malouda said he would stay and see out his contract. So Chelsea have paid £4m in wages on a player they won't play but won't give Frank a new contract. Crazy.
ISCO 1st option confirmed... Now we know why management need to move Super 8 on in the summer...or why they think they do
Cobhamblue,give us the link to your story or is it just another ploy to paint the club the badguys??
@petrov. Ur stat is not correct. All d players u mentioned played for just 1 club except of frank. Pls go and do your research again. Frank Lampard has scored ova 250goals in his career.
@petrov. Ur stat is not correct. All d players u mentioned played for just 1 club except of frank. Pls go and do your research again. Frank Lampard has scored ova 250goals in his career.
Am so sorry 4 double post
Ken4CFC,The article is in todays The Times Game Blog by Matt Hughes. This is it:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rafael Benitez is not the only one who has grown exasperated by continued discussion of Frank Lampard’s future, but one point merits repetition. Chelsea’s decision to release him cannot be purely economic, as the club’s contradictory treatment of his team-mate Florent Malouda demonstrates. Like many politicians football clubs often seek to have it both ways, claiming to be acting out of principle when it suits them, yet equally content that their hands have been forced by economic circumstances when it does not. Chelsea’s contrasting approach to Lampard and Malouda represent a case in point. It is not widely known, but after winning the Champions League and before heading to the European Championship last summer Malouda asked to be released from the final year of his contract at Chelsea to pursue the final years of his career elsewhere. The France international stated that he did not want a penny of the money owed to him, thus potentially saving £5million to a club eager to cut their wage-bill, but Chelsea refused. Malouda was told that he would not be permitted to leave for free, and that the club wanted a fee of £10m, which as he pointed out seemed somewhat unrealistic for a 32-year-old in the final year of his contract, particularly given Chelsea had only paid £13.5m for him six years earlier. Intriguingly these negotiations were conducted by Marina Granovskaia, Roman Abramovich’s PA, who is increasingly influential at Stamford Bridge. Malouda responded that in the light of the club’s excessive demands he would happily see out the final year of his contract, since which Chelsea have made little effort to shift him. He is highly unlikely to move on during this month either, not due to greed or a lack of ambition, but because his children are settled in London schools and he is concentrating on getting as fit as possible in the hope of finding a new club in the summer. “A 12-month pre-season, the best of my life,” is how he has described his current activities. Malouda has not been seen since Euro 2012, with Chelsea banishing him to the reserves, hardly a pragmatic response to a delicate contractual stand-off with a player who helped them to win the Champions League, particularly as their squad has been short of midfield players all season. Despite this shortage, which was noted by Rafael Benitez as soon as he took the job in November, there is no way back for Malouda, with the club sticking with the line that he will not be called upon and that no players will be permitted to leave for free. His exile is such, that when asked recently whether the arrival of Benitez could make a difference, Malouda replied that he had not even met the Spaniard. Chelsea have continued to pay him handsomely however, despite coming nowhere near kicking a ball competitively, an approach which jars with club’s supposed economy drive. If Chelsea are willing to pay Malouda £100,000-a-week to do nothing then Lampard’s £150,000-a-week wage demands are something of a bargain.
I'd there a quote or that COBHAM, it's very interesting
Meant is there a link??
a bloggers opinion it different from you or I

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