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Is Chelsea FC cursed?

Is Chelsea FC cursed?

This may be the most controversial piece I have ever penned on the VC forum.

Once again work related duties prevented me from being able to join the VC family on the match day moments thread today or even watch the match live. During one bath room break during my meetings I managed to catch a quick look in on the VC match day thread and saw we were up 2-0. I thought; game, set and match in the bag. I continued with my meetings fully thinking when work was done I would get home and be able to watch the full match in a relaxed mode and see how we probably duplicated our FA cup mauling of the South Hampton Saints. You can imagine my shock and surprise then as I packed up from work and decided to just check what the final score finally was to see 2-2 pop up on my smart phone.

Now many of us will seek to blame one person, person(s) or the other..some are calling for Rafas head on a platter, other want El nino dead and buried, for some lamps is the culprit, other feel it is maybe Luiz or Ramires, some blame the home fans at the Bridge etc etc..i am starting to seriously think our ails go way beyond all the physical tangibles.

I wont bore anyone here with a discussion on metaphysics or spirituality..You either believe these things or you don` have either experienced the supernatural or you have not. Whether you want to call it a curse, a jinx, a hoodoo, nemesis, Karma, justice, a reckoning ..whatever…I am starting to get the distinct impression that our club may be reaping a harvest of ill fortune as just recompense for the deeds of those who run our club. The level of misfortune befalling our club now is becoming really spooky.

Those who don`t believe in the supernatural need to go back and revisit how we won both the FA cup and the Champions league last year..i happen to believe in miracles..i have been blessed to witness a few in my lifetime and one of those was what we witnessed with our team last season culminating in the wonderful climaxes at Wembley stadium and the Allianz arena. Even my most ardent agnostic pals who are footie fans seeing how Chelsea won last season confided in me that for the first time in their lives that they seriously wondered if there might be a God after all and whether God himself had laced his boots to play for us. Well if there can be positive spiritual forces helping a side the opposite can also be true. Fans of American football can mention some of the most famously touted accursed franchises like the Buffalo bills and the Minnesota Vikings who time and again despite incredible talent always seemed to manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory one way or another.

I may be talking total nonsense here but hear me out..if by the end of this season we end up with no trophies whatsoever and end up out of the top 4 maybe this may not seem as outlandish as it sounds.
So what would a club have done to swing from the height of good fortune in one season to this new extreme of numbing misfortune? Say what you will but I cannot but keep going back to how Roman and our board treated Roberto Di Matteo. Those fans who just became fans of Chelsea in the Roman era need to go and look up archives records and games to know what RDM meant for our first golden generation team, the part he played in that role, how he sweated, bled and broke his bones for this club. They need to go back and see how his career ended prematurely playing for our club. We all know what he achieved for us as a manager for the short time he was with us.

I will not belabor the point of whether his sacking was fair or justified. It is only in the VC forum I have to argue this. Everyone who knows anything about footie and is not a Chelsea fan who I have ever discussed this with are unanimous that the way Roman and our board treated this guy after all he did for us was beyond classless and despicable and this includes my two Catalan friends who still have not forgiven RDM for depriving them of what they felt was Barcas next Champions league trophy last year. People who may not know the details need to familiarize themselves with the exact chain of events as to how RDMs sacking transpired and most who know the details agree that apart from maybe Carlo who was sacked in a tunnel leading of the pitch at Goodison park probably no other manager of Chelsea FC has been discarded in such a shabby, classless manner..and this is how we treated one of our of our best..a man who bleeds blue and was working for our club while paid peanuts compared to others in similar positions and who if asked would probably have done the job for free.

If in fact it is true that we are paying the price for the way things were handled with RDM what can be the solution to change our luck? As simple as this sounds our leadership needs to learn a lesson in humility. What Roman should do if I were him is to call RDM to a private meeting between both men..not to give him back the that ship has long sailed. No, what Roman needs to do is call the man and meet him in private and apologize from his heart to the man for treating him so unfairly and shabbily..RDM does not need or want Roman`s money - what would be nice would be for Roman to show him some respect and gratitude for what he did for our club last season. What Roman needs to give is something far more expensive than all the money he has. He needs to pay penance with some humility and remorse. This does not need to be done openly..a private talk between the two men would be enough. People who understand spiritual principles will understand how this works..those who don`t believe in that kind of stuff will scoff at this and call it an absolutely ridiculous suggestion.

Needless to say I doubt Roman reads anything we write on the forum and even if he did I doubt he would give a damn anyway.

Frankly I am probably way of base as I have often been but if our season continues to plummet to new lows and we end up with the worst season we have ever had in the Roman era let us for a minute give this a thought. The side we have now is one of the most talented as far as individual players and much as many hate Rafa is he really the worst coach we have had in the Roman era? I thought i had realistic expectations for this the beginning of the season with RDM. I said then that ending the season 3rd in the BPL and with 1-3 trophies would be as good as it would get..well I may have been way too optimistic. As bad as things are right now they may get downright ugly in the weeks ahead. Our game against arsenal may be a rubicon event. Is Chelsea FC cursed? Everyone can make up their mind. Time will tell shortly if this needs second thought or is total nonsense.

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Date:Thursday January 17 2013
Time: 3:52AM


One word TRANSITION. Actually 2 words transition period. This has nothing to do with bad karma with firing RDM. As we all know he was never the candidate for the job thanks to the serendiptious manner which he won the CL AND the fact that we finished 6th last season. Lets face it, the way we started to slump under RDM, we very well may be OUT of the top 4 as things stand. If he is such a brilliant manager how come no one has rushed for his services? A new club is being built from the ashes of the old. We are just going to be patient and slug it out till the summer. And for heavens sake all the home fans should get behind the team even as they don't like the manager!
17/01/2013 06:20:00
The English press aren't helping issues either. They have never forgiven Roman for the manner with which he usurped the EPL throne for the ManUre dynasty. So every move he makes right or wrong is interpreted as egotism at best and rashness at worst not genius or deserved indignation. Who invests well over a billion pounds of personal funds into a plaything?
17/01/2013 06:39:00
I do agree with GabeU. A lot of unfortunate things had done us this season. For instance, everything seems to be on the right track when Torres scored in the Community Shield which surely will give the man a huge boost for the season. Unfortunately, somehow Ivanovic got the send off and we all knew what's the final score. In the league, we were doing very well until that Man Utd game. For whatever reason, Ivanovic again got the marching order when we were just recovering from 2 goals down, and Torres followed him. To make things worst, the club again involved with that high profile racism case with the referee. I remember reading RDM was sweating after the post match incidents. I guess he already knew his fate then, for not being able to control the situation as calmly as he always does. I do believe its a punishment
17/01/2013 06:55:00
To sack rdm the way we did, to sack carlo after giving us our first double, well we can call it karma coming back to bite our nuts, we are hiding under the guise of transition, ooooh arsenal were transiting for over 8 years and they haven't gotten it right, chelsea fc needs to go back to the basics, we weren't like this when roman bought the club, though we needed money so we won't go into administration, but we were playing some wonderful footie right from the tail end of the 90s, from 1997 to 2003 we had some wonderful players and we were playing exciting footie, I think roman should either take a step back and hire a DOF on hiddink first, seek hiddink's advice for a coach and appoint one he is ready to ride the river with and remove is nose from their affairs or put chelsea up for sale, perhaps the board can buy it back and we regain our tradition and culture back...
17/01/2013 08:04:00
We need to discern what we want, instant sucess as usual or a solid foundation that will stand through the test of time and catapult us in the elite of elite club in europe, we have a gem in cfc but for those at the helms of affairs, they will say he is not qualified and doesn't have the experience, I have said it time and again, let leave trophiesd for two years and start from the scratch, we had one in robbie but peeps said he is not tactical, now they believe rafa is better (who happens to loss as much as rdm), we have adi viveash who hasn't lost more than 5 competituve games that I can remember for over 3 years, why not give him a trial and let's build from the scratch with our own and stop gloryhunting
17/01/2013 08:14:00
No, I think I! am cursed. Cursed to love chelsea and to fall in love with her all over again every morning.
17/01/2013 08:15:00
Bad management is not a curse, well its a curse on the fans maybe, its just bad management....buying Torres even though he was carrying an injury is not a curse its bad management. Sacking managers is not a curse its bad can go on and on...and it all boils down to basically our board of directors is ****...and that filters down So yes we are cursed...cursed with cr@p management but not in terms of fate or karma or anything like that...
17/01/2013 08:20:00
Let us leave trophies* if u doubt my theory, check out the story of swansea, borrussia dortmund, wigan, and till recently liverpool and aston villa.. This clubs have a future, though some will never taste the joy of winning trophies among this lot, but they will have something their fans would be proud of in years to come, juve is another example of long term planning
17/01/2013 08:21:00
I think it's just a simple matter of 'we sacked a manager who might have brought us now we won't get success'. Not necessarily karma. I for one, don't believe that RDM was doing a bad job at all. Barely 2 or 3 losses and a few draws. He delivered us two trophies from a much worse position. Carlo wa the same, he was capable of delivering us trophies (and did) but he just got unlucky and finished 2nd, not bad at all. By the way, bad luck=Fernndo Torres. Rafa Benitez has been awful and if he was RDM, would have been fired at least 4 times over for his disgraceful results. So what I'm trying to say is, it's not really karma..if you fire you capable managers, you won't win anything. Simple as that.
17/01/2013 08:39:00
It is no curse but bad management. Why e.g. let Malouda rot in the reserves. He should have been offered on loan to clubs in the summer. Chelsea wanted only to sell him. A loan, even subsidized, would have made much more sense. Now his value is zero as he hasn't played competitively and Chelsea has been paying full wages. This is just one of things that is wrong at the club. Any club with even a little common sense isn't getting rid of such a legend as Lampard. He isn't stained personally and is an ambassador for Chelsea. Yesterday he started nervously missing passes but he built up a goal in good example.
17/01/2013 09:02:00
No we aint cursed, we are only in turmoil on the back of strings of terrible decisions..I wonder what is going through Roman and the board's mind now...I am sure they dint expect fans at the bridge to be atmosphere....the atmosphere is at the bridge yesternite...was very very flat for large periods....I am very confused...what are we going to do in the summer now?...I definitely want tubby out as soon as the season ends...but where do we go from there..?...we have fantastic players on loan everywhere they are like sheep with no one to norture them...and we might just loose the bulk of them...Roman has meddled soo much into footballing affairs in our club...and the repalcultions of his decisions are begining to filter through...I sincerely pray and hope that we are not in the full self destructive mode already now...we'll be the laffing bit for evrybody...Roman should just back off from this point...I dont see that happening so I see trouble ahead...we might just end up employing a really mediocre coach come summer because our choices are now very limited...and God forbid Tubby stays...I think I might stop watching matches if that happens truth be told....he's already killing Oscar...he will only get worse...
17/01/2013 09:10:00
Players and managers, Guardiola for example, will look at clubs very carefully. Who wouldn't do that when you're given alternatives and wage levels are about the same. This is where we don't do well and it is all the clubs's own fault. I'm all for thriving for winning trophies but I hope the club becomes very much more positive in appearance.
17/01/2013 09:11:00
*i am sure they dint expect fans at the bridge to be soo powerful......sorry for the typo
17/01/2013 09:11:00
It is a little bit controversial isnt it Gabeu lol? I for one do not believe in superstition much, but i do believe in simple principles like "as you make your bed so shall you lie in it" and we clearly didnt make our bed very well at the start of the season (we should never have appointed RDM and the Rafa situation would have been unnecessary)...Perhaps the Karma you refer to is for the kind of fans that we have that despite a £1.5b investment and unprecedented success that this man has bought, we still are not thankful enough and prefer to blame throw when we dont win every single game. sounds like bad fans support and a little bit of greed to me, there must be Karma for that too surely if such things exist. ...IMO, the stats are there to see...won 7 in 8 games away from home, but only won 2 in 7 at Stamford Bridge....lets smell the damn coffee, the atmosphere at SB sucks arse and the Chelsea fans need to take responsibilty for that...We are not currently the fans other clubs are envious of because our support for our team is not unconditional...i think it has to be (esp with all our blessings)....we are currently 3rd in the league and if we maintain that till the end of the season and maybe do well in once of the cups, we would have had a decent transition season.. Unfortunately we are so spoilt as fans here at Chelsea in recentyears that anytime we lose, we start looking to blame the board and Roman for decisions that we individually think he could have done better with...i think a lot of us need to temper our expectations for this season and maybe the next. Personally i think the management have made one or two errors, the only one i think is the glaring one is holding on to the Torres dream, all the other decisions i think are neither here nor there in terms of toxicity...I also thought RDM lacked a bit of experience at this level and was naive with his technical preferences in the big games so i support the boards decision to let him go...How the news was broken to him? who knows? none of us was there...for all we know he got a probably got a bonus and a big part on the back as part of the contract termination (yes i'm speculating but so are we when we say the board didnt do it correctly) People asking for Roman's neck like Desmond should think about the unknown that lies ahead in terms of the culture of the club - what culture really? honestly...the only sustained relative successful period we had resulted in a couple of FA cup wins in 97 and 2000 culminated in certain adminstration in 2003 prior to the RA takeover....for those who want to remember. They say the devil you know is better than the Angel you dont, and that a bird in the hand is worth 27 in the bush....i certainly subscribe to those schools of thought, and will support the board for the good things they have done thus far...there are quite a lot of successes they can list, the least of which is the fact that we have no debts at CFC despite our huge outlay over the last 10 years, we have a legacy written to support our club to the tune of £50m per year in the event of RA's premature demise, the academy is booming, the first team is taking shape with world class talent...but unfortunatly we (or some fans) will not be content....I wonder what will happen to these fans if god forbid Roman sells up and chelsea end up in the 2nd division...perhaps they'll learn a bit more humility then...> 4 trophies are still a possibility this this season....still! keep the faith...
17/01/2013 10:30:00
GabeU, why are the so call jinx, hoodoo or whatever u call it restricted to home games? We have only lost once at away in the league since RAFA took over.
jollyheart Torres
17/01/2013 10:33:00
With this kind of tactics and motivation we hardly have a chance of winning much this season. I hope I'm wrong but there is too much evidence of things not being right.
17/01/2013 10:35:00
Fernando Torres is the ill luck we have got without a doubt. Look back at his liverpool days, Torres even though was playing lovely football then, liverpool were often no where challenging for titles season after season, and even when they come close to winning a trophy, they mysteriously loose out, we all know what liverpool have become, they don't even bother challenging for the EPL crown from the onset these days. In Chelsea, Torres has already been responsible for the sacking of 3 managers (Carlo, AVB n Di Matteo), he has single handedly dumped us out of 2 tournaments and a third probably. Yesterdays game summed it all. Even the analysts on super sports panel of analysts, after the game, analysed Torres participation in the game after being introduced and concluded by saying, and i quote "the introduction of Torres in the game was a DAFT move by Benitez" we better get rid of him now more than ever, that kid is Bad news for any Franchise.
17/01/2013 10:47:00
If there was any mistake we made it will be the sacking of Ancellotti. In retrospect we should have never fired him in the first place.
17/01/2013 10:50:00
@johnnyoz, so suggesting that if roman can't do things the way the fans who are the heartbeat of any club is asking for roman's head right? If that is what u percieve from my comment then goodluck to u mate
17/01/2013 11:38:00
Not superstitious in any way but im going with cursed. Except we are always the architechts of our downfall
17/01/2013 12:03:00
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