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Chelsea 2 Southampton 2

Chelsea 2 Southampton 2

Yet another stumbling performance, at Stamford Bridge, saw Chelsea drop two more points against a gallant Southampton side who refused to throw in the towel at 2-0 down.

Having beaten Southampton, on their patch, 5-1 only a week or so again, the home support thought that the misery associated with dropping points had been put to bed when Chelsea raced into a 2-0 first half lead, but it was not to be an a crescendo of boos showed Rafa Benitez exactly what they thought of some of his decisions.

Chelsea had all the early possession and could have taken an early lead when Demba Ba delivered a cross that almost saw the Southampton defender, Maya Yoshida, turn the ball into his own net.

Another move saw some enterprising work by Frank Lampard fizzle out when Ceasar Azpilicueta fired into the crowd. A rare excursion forward, by Southampton, saw Jason Puncheon fail to get a header on target and it came as no surprise when Demba Ba put Chelsea ahead.

The goal came after Azpilicueta had delivered a dangerous cross, Oscar got the slightest of touches but it was left to Ba to finish off with an acrobatic volley. On einteresting statistic the goal threw up was that Ba had taken four games to get four Chelsea games, whilst a certain Fernando Torres had taken twenty-five.

Southampton engineered another half chance but a shot from Steven Davis went wide form just outside the area. Chelsea had a decent chance, before the break, to make it 2-0 but after some bright work from Juan Mata, Lampard sliced his shot wide. But Chelsea were not to be denied a second goal before the break and it came in the 45th minute through Hazard.

Southampton thought they`d probably survived at 1-0 when a shot from Ramires thumped against the bar but Hazard was on hand to neatly finish.

The second half started quietly and the home support started to ponder as to whether 2-0 was the dangerous score many suspect it to be. Matters, for Chelsea, started to disintegrate when Nigel Adkins made a substitution and introduce Rickie Lambert. Th strike made an almost instant impact reducing the arrear when he rose superbly to beat Cech with a header, from a cross by the highly rated Nathaniel Clyne.

Instantly, another statistic that was thrown into the hat related to Chelsea losing a 2-0 lead they`d held at half time. Apparently we`d led 2-0 at half time and gone on to win 87 times, drawing once and losing once. You kind of knew that Southampton were to sully that statistic.

And so it proved when with fifteen minutes left, Jason Puncheon leveled matter sup, much to the delight of the travelling support. Rafa Benitez shuffle dhis pack taking off, much to the annoyance of the crowd, Frank Lampard and introducing Fernando Torres but it was all huff and puff and no substance and yet another home fixture had ended disappointingly.

Next up, Arsenal this Sunday, yes you`ve guessed it - at home.

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Date:Thursday January 17 2013
Time: 7:32AM


The problem is rafa's favouritism, the weak link yesterday were 3 players, starting from the 50th minute he ought to have made his first sub, considering the fact that we have a game coming in the weekend, he keep using the same players over and over again like RDM, mata was nonexistent in the game at all, he ought to remove him and use oscar in the middle, then lampard and put in marin to operate from the wing with oscar playing 10 and cesar for iva, finishing his subs by atleast the 75th minute and I am sure we would have won that game without even conceding, chelseafc just suceeded in ruining oscar's glittering career by experimenting someone so young in almost 3 positions instead of his natural no.10 position, I'll be suprised if he makes the brazilian national team squad at this rate,with all thanks to tubby's shortsightedness and lack of innovation. By the way, torres is not worthy to dorn the blue jersey, he is the worst chelsea player I have ever watched, bosingwa, khalid bhoularouz, del horno weren't all that great but they played with zeal, torres keeps falling and keeps playing without any spark, like a fecking zombie, if we want to get that top 3 position this season we need to start oscar as the no.10 and either play mata on the wing or sit him on the bench and play marin on the wing, marin and hazard will give us the required width, a midfield of oscar, ramires and luiz would do the trick and give us a better solidity, apart from mata's creativity, he offers us nothing in the team, can't mark, track back or retain the ball, he is too soft as for an EPL CAM, he needs to rest and tubby should only bring torres in when we are leading comfortably not when we are searching for goals, torres won't score that ba's goal if he started and he is playing for us without any zeal or passion, I feel total disgust this days when I see the fecking stripper who is on 175k per week, we were sooooooooo mugged by liverpool. It is so painful
17/01/2013 07:51:00
We were defending too deep while they had the ball to themselves for minutes at a time. Some thing I thought rafa was doing real good was that he made our midfielders work harder and pressing opponents faster. This time Lampard and Ramires had a real bad game. What a terrible night it was...............oh and fucck you Pep Guardiola!
17/01/2013 08:04:00
@Desmondadonis, wow, you've just managed to feed me with the worst comment I've ever read on VC. Congrats mate.
Slippy G-19
17/01/2013 08:10:00
You are so right @desmond, I forgot to mention that mata needs some benching. my god! he was terrible!
17/01/2013 08:11:00
dont understand of lamps and rami gettin to play more than oscar....thi guy is brilliant and people dont understand this is his first season at chelsea and outside brazil and inspite of that he has played well...he was playing well under rdm and then rafa came in and is trying to adjust lamps luiz rami to play in that pivot...for which all three are not good at all...when you have a player like oscar who has got vision pass and creativity and is perfect to play that position i cant understand why he keeps on playing them when they are providing neither and people cal him a tactician....let the guy play more he is providing more than the above three in that position....
17/01/2013 08:14:00
Even though i hate RAFA this is the EXACT same reason i dont want him anywhere near the permanent manager of CFC in the summer. HE cant win 5 matches together. He will win a toughest match agianst the likes of UTD RM BARCA but he will loose or draw the next match against the likes of QPR Southatmpton etc. This guy is not what a club like chelsea is required in a manager. With each passing match in EPL i am getting a uneasy feeling about out TOP 3 position now. I really really want RA and the board to instruct RAFA to forget about the fa cup europa CC etc and turn his all attention towards securing top3. With the way things are going we could end up like last season in the 6th place. We are just 3 poor results away from another disaster.
17/01/2013 08:34:00
@shlok27 Our fans are so ignorant about when it comes to lampard. I can clearly count atleast 1 goal and 3 great goal scoring opportunities for southampton bcz he is always talking with the opposition goalkeeper. Sure if he got the goal when his shot was blocked everybody will talk about how he is a match winner blah blah blah. BUT another great midfielder should have passed that ball to BA who is FREE and in better scoring position than him. BA is free could have scored 75% with that chance but lampard took the shot even though there is 3 defenders trying to block his shot. Now each and every team that comes to SB knows if we play ing FL and ramires they have every chance of getting a draw or win. BCZ our whole team play is not fluent or good with both of them on the pitch. BUT i am not blaming FL for yesterdays DRAW. If we need to blame some one its RAFA for allowing the TEAM to SLEEP after the 2 goal lead and letting the saints to have all the time and ball in the second half until they got that 1st goal.
17/01/2013 08:42:00
@Desmondadonis.I get your dissapointment in Mata.I wouldnt bench him because he is our fulcrum but I feel that is one of the reasons he doesnt feature a lot in the Spain national team.Mata and Oscar should be interchanging positions more frequently to maintain our unpredictability.
17/01/2013 09:06:00
@Desmondadonis.I get your dissapointment in Mata.I wouldnt bench him because he is our fulcrum but I feel that is one of the reasons he doesnt feature a lot in the Spain national team.Mata and Oscar should be interchanging positions more frequently to maintain our unpredictability.
17/01/2013 09:06:00
Does anybody know WHAT happened to that mysterious sources of LAMPARD about how much he loves CFC? how he would love to end his carrier at CFC after this southampton match? Where is his AGENT and dressing room insider on daily mail? etc? Frank Lampard is playing well thought out political game with chelsea board and RA like JM doing now at RM.
17/01/2013 09:25:00
@slippy g19, when did ur opinion become a pass mark in here? I wrote what I saw in the game yesterday and that's it, as blyekid said, that is the reason mata will never start for spain, xavi, iniesta and even fabregas don't lose the ball the way mata does and if u think oscar with his brief cameos will waltz into the brazil team and play under scolari as their no.10, then u don't know the talent brazil have in abundance in that role, we have slashed the possibility of oscar being brazil's no.10 from 8/10 to about 3/10 now, I'll take oscar, willian as no.10 over mata any day, and if u think I am bashing on mata then I am sure u got it all wrong, I was watching wilshere as the no.10 for arsenal yesterday, sit sown and watch him more often and u'll get my point as to why mata aint fit as our no.10
17/01/2013 09:33:00
what I hate about RAFA is his reluctance to effect a sub(change of tactic) when apparently things seem to be going wrong. I lost count of how many times our holding midfielders especially lamps instead of picking forward runs of the CAMs, gave the ball to the CBs. It seem to me like Luiz was effectively performing their(lamps, Rami) role from defence. To me, they should have been subtituted with luiz and oscar moving into the pivot whiles Ivanovic filling in at CB and Marin at RW. Just as Desmond said, oscar is very talented guy who is poorly managed. Cant wait for the season to be over for RAFA TO BE OUT.
17/01/2013 09:38:00
Stop moaning and support us as opposed to booing us. It does f@ck all good and only causes tension. Get behind the bloody team.
17/01/2013 09:46:00
First @ Desmond nice post...but please dont blame Mata in any way..the bulk of your blame should go to chlesea management for lack of tot and terrible planning...there's no other player in the premier league who has played more minutes than Mata over the past couple of months if we wanta include the Euros and terms of rotation, what plans did we have in place for the number 10 position?....if that plan was Oscar...where is he not playing there at this time?..(managerial instability)...Mata's body posture has been screaming for a rest for a couple of weeks now....but he has not been rested properly...I would have tot he would have been rested yesterday considering we have Arsenal on sunday and Swansea coming wednesday (an up-hill task)...but for some reason he has played almost all the games....what was the plan at the begining of the season in terms of rotation for the no10 position?...why loan out KDB when we knew we had no back up plan especially if we tot Oscar was not for the no10 position...It was the same madness that made us enter the season with only 1/2 striker...we are clueless really....terrible planning...a fresh Josh (who is even more of a deep lying midfielder), KDB or Oscar would have done a much better job than an obviously tired Mata yesterday and that is the truth...this is not Mata's fault in any way...Mata is only human and deserves to be tired, he is not a to the match itself...why did we loose?....only one reason....FERNANDO TORRES!.....All top clubs have bad days where they surrender leads...but then these clubs also have players they can bring on from the bench to still grab results when the team is poor...Mancity has Dzeko, Manure has Chicharito..who do we have at this time..ONLY FT9...despite being subpar, at 2-2, a moment of magic from Mata sets torres up towards the end of the match...and he fluffed it again in a terrible not worthy of a footballer in any category...there's an 80% chance Chicharito and Dzeko would have scored that goal giving us 3 points despite not being at our best...he did the same during CWC....and even swansea (first leg COC)....I dont think we'll have peace until we find a way to rid ourselves of FT9...he has no future with us and he probably knows it...If we wanta make additions, lets make it soon at least to salvage somthing from our faltering season...but for me, the club's management's lack of foresight and clear planning is the reason we are in this messy situation....sad.
17/01/2013 09:55:00
@bueandwhitearmy....thats why i so angry that if he was a tactician he could have get that puzzle solved...we can easily spot the problem from watching frm here...i cant understand how cant our manager dont get that...rami has pace and energy but when it comes to passing he is not good at all...and i dont understand why lamps is playing each and every match....oscar has to play...thats why i keep on insisting why rafa is not trying 4123 can play luiz as dm and play oscar little deep with mata behind haz and marin on can get width creativity from middle...rather than playing uselss pivot system going nowhere..
17/01/2013 09:57:00
we lost that game( as far as i was concerned) because we have zzero quality players for the pivot. Ramires was *****tt and should neva be played in the pivot again EVER. Lampard is so fixated on the 8 goals target he is aiming at that more often than not, he abandoned his position to run into the 18 yard box. Luiz would have done far better than the two of them combined yesterday. the selections and substitutions by Rafa was also mind numbing, frankly since Mourinho left we have been cursed with Coaches that don't know anything about substitutions. why did he not start Iva and Cahill and allow DL and Oscar to play in the Pivot with marin starting onthe left and rotating with hazard? he fluffed his line badly and then took off lampard ( a far better ball distributor and goal threat) and left ramires whose passing skills is even worse than Mikel's....... matches are won by coaches been decisive and you can see fergie and to a lesser extent mancini making radical changes when necessary and with results too. It is sad that the concept of depth in our squad is a fallacy. there is no replacement for Mata ( who had one of his most inept displays in a blue shirt) in our squad. the poor guy is probably exhausted by overuse and we don't have anybody to fill in for him. the truth be told if we don't get a proper pivot player before the window closes, we are in a serious world of hurt.
17/01/2013 10:42:00
Oscar is a deeplying playmaker not a #10. He was poor when he was in the CAM position last night and did nothing of note apart from his pressing and a moment of brilliance where he dribbled past 4 players and blasted the ball off target, he exploded and became something else when moved deep. Lamps should be the one on the bench not Oscar.
17/01/2013 10:44:00
Mikel? Really? He was not even there. Anyone but Lampard.
17/01/2013 10:54:00
so when Lamps plays badly and we don't win he should've been benched, but when we don't win with Lamps on the bench it's "Lamps should've played"?? *smh
17/01/2013 11:27:00
@layorh, I am not bashing mata mate, I'll never do that, what I am trying to let u on is that this guy can't be our no.10 the way he currently is, no stamina, can tackle, can't hold on to the ball, all this oscar can do with his eyes closed, why is oscar excelling for brazil as the no.10? Samex is saying he is a deep lying playmaker that he played as a CAM once and didn't excel, was he as poor as mata in the middle mate? In my opinion no he aint, let this guy know he is the no.10, give him a run of games there and his confidence which has been shot to pieces since rdm left will return, play mata as a winger as he was played there while he was at valencia atimes, and I am sure we'll see a difference, the only problem I have with oscar is his shooting while in front of goal, which can be altered through good coaching abilities, if we play mata in our next 2 games this guy will implode, why can't we save him for a coupla games and try another person there and that should be oscar, as for me I'll prefer cech, cole, terry,cahill,iva,luiz,rammy,oscar,marin(rw),hazard (lw) and ba, this setup will beat arsenal with ease barring any red card, it has width and a bit of solidity in the middle, we can bring in mata in the 75 or 80th minute and return him to the starting lineup against swansea, we should stop benching oscar for the sake of his confidence and exceptional talent, I can't believe this is the lad I was looking forward to watch in a blue shirt after the olympics.
17/01/2013 11:34:00
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