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Wake Up it`s Not a Dream

Wake up you have had a nightmare, hang on it`s not a dream it`s happened fortress Stamford Bridge has been over run!

No not by Manchester United or Barcelona but QPR, Fulham, Southampton etc what a mess.

Benitez home games in the league well four of them City, Fulham. QPR and Saints got us three points and two goals and the management want Barcelona type football they must be joking.

Talking of jokers we are no better off now than under AVB and RDM so what are our management doing? They don`t seem to recognize the need to develop and with the installation of any new regime it needs time.

Benitez was never the answer, he spent shed loads at Liverpool and never won the title. The trouble is we now have a reputation for sacking even managers who have been successful so who would want the job.

If you look at Manchester United, which I loathe to do, they have let their manager rebuild the team many times and when he does and they don`t win anything do they sack him? Of course not and then they are off winning again, also I think he is allowed to run the club so he knows how his youth are developing and gets who he wants on his playing staff.

We on the other hand have spent £80 million plus on two strikers the managers at the time didn`t want. We desperately need to find a long term man and let him manage but will or can Roman let him?

We need to have a good look at our club, I like all of you am so frustrated at what is happening I have been with the club since 1970 and seen some shockers but I don`t want to see us slide, we have still got chances to put down solid foundations, it needs to start now.

Get a permanent manager who is allowed time and get an experienced football man on the board any other suggestions out there?

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The Journalist

Writer: herefordchelsea Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 17 2013

Time: 4:39PM

Your Comments

Jose Mourinho
No doubt. The right man from the first place
Klopp as manager, ballack as assistant and hiddink as a board member or unpaid sooth sayer. If roman listens to guus then he is to be the one. Maybe Dennis wise in there somewhere.
Agree but our players need a good kick up the backside too. Either that or pay cuts/incentivised salaries. Too many freeloaders and a laxidaisy approach to matches.
Anybody but Jose Mourinho.
most of our players have won nothing. Winning mentality is important.
Blue India
I saw an interesting list of potential managers for us for summer, all the regulars were there, but one name stood out at 50/1 dan petrescu. Which I thought was interesting.
Everyone knows that Jose is the answer, with Guus Hiddink as Technical Director. But the problem is, Roman sincerly believes that his judgement assisted by Michael Emenalo, is the way forward. Just buying as many small, expensive, tricky midfield players will not gaurantee that they will perform like Barcelona and conquer the world. The whole plan is deluded. Does he not realize that creating a squad is very different to just cherry picking young individuals with potential. The problem is, that the ridiculous experiment is only half way through and how long will it be before it is obvious, that it is not going to work. The other danger is that once FFP kicks in, Roman Abramovich is in danger of becoming a liability and not an asset, because money can not simply be wasted as it has been previously. Correct decisions will become imperative.
as i said before also...Zola and Poyet will love them...they will make chelsea play good football...they will integrate youth and experience well...just that roman shiuld allow them to build from the bottom and give them time also...we have great young players will be a great combination...and appoint hiddink as your director of football...get set chelsea...if we get all these stuff right then not only we will play good football we will be loved by everyone...thats what i want...
gus poyet would be a good shout , but he's doing well with brighton and no one but mourihno can bring our grit to win back honestly.....
Bielsa or martinez are good style football but also great youth and man managers, do like poyet shout though
No offence but this article doesn't say anything that hasn't been said, like, 100 times before.
Marti who??this becomin ridiculous,why on earth would we go for martinez?? His team never improves,season after season they are engaged in relegation battle,they only up their game when the opponent is chelsea but invite manure and arsenal to come feck them
It is not a fortress cause we don't mix it up that often. If teams start parking the bus and want to hit us on counter like QPR, Swansea etc.. then we can play long balls and move Luiz behind BA so he can win 2nd balls. If we play direct football BA will score goals we just need somebody strong behind him like Fellaini.>>>Chelsea play with a really slow tempo even in the last 10 mins.>>>We pass too much instead of having a shot or finding BA with defence splitting passes.>>>BA will thrive when we play direct football.
I'll write the same comment that I wrote in another article in the morning, roman should appoint guus as DOF and confer with him and the board for atleast 3 months on who will build chelsea and put them where they belong among the elites in the world, names like klopp, low, laudrup, the nordsjaeslland coach, diego simeone, bielsa, pellegrini, rijkaard, adi viveash etc, one of this coaches would be suitable for the brand of style roman wants and he should stop his gnome like search for success at all cost every season, he should put his money where his mouth is in terms of the style he wants chelsea to play or put the club up for sale if he can't handle it anymore, its as simple as that. No sentiments, city doesn't have the amount of sucess we have achieved for the past 5 years but football wise they have overtaken us, why their owners have a plan and they are working on that plan efficiently, first by maintaining their coach and not pressing the panick button, I am sure they'll offer rdm a 5 years contract if he won them the UCL
I said it before and I am going to repeat it.Benitez will be handed a two-year deal in the summer.Personally,I want Mourinho and Zola as his assistant.Zola should learn all the good things he has in him before he eventually takes over.But I feel,these clowns will Rafa a new contract.
Steve Clarke as coach because he knows all the intricacies of J. Mourinho, he's doing fine at Westbrom and if he has the talents in ouR team he will perform Wonders.
Pep has gone to Bayern. So who is Roman going to pursue? Mourinho? Don't bet on that.
Blue Day
What do people have against small players? Football is not rugby.
Roberto Martinez can't improve Wigan and you want him at Chelsea?
I think the author is still dreaming just like many Chelsea fans. I used to be like you guys until I found a very interesting old article about our owner. If you want to read it, please see here: It talks about how Roman moves from one wife to another as he gets bored easily. This quote is particularly interesting as it summarizes our owner - ""Roman may have the world in his hands, but you can't buy lasting love and happiness. I fear for him that he will never be happy with his lot in life. He will always want more.................."He is a real man but he likes to be told he's the boss, the only one and the most wonderful. And as long as he loves a woman, he stays with her. The only question is for how long?" That's the real question. It is not about who we hire as permanent manager because the manager will be sacked, BUT FOR HOW LONG WILL HE BE MANAGER?
It was Martinez who layed down the foundations for the way swansea play now, he is a great man manager, his teams play atttactive football, how on earth he has managed to kepp wigan up with limited funds is proof of his managerial credentials. He tends to make good signings and would be able to communicate well with our spanish continguent. Just an idea guys- I know he's not proven at the very top level but was di matteo and he got us the champions league...
Bielsa is also a great coach who is a superb developer of youth players, And b2k420 i agree that we dont play possession football in the right places- we should keep the ball at slow tempo in the defence and deep midfield but we should raise the tempo in the final third with one touch passing and the occasional first time through ball- hazard and mata in particular seem most dangerous when they flick the ball into eachothers path and play one touch stuff and dribble at speed
I hope we go German in the summer, with the players we have it might take a German touch to make it all click. Either klopp or loew, but they have to have time and support to build our team, Germans can really build teams.
Did he get swansea promoted??they kept playin attractive football and languished in midtable in th championship,samething with wigan difference is wigan languish in relegation zone and play in the epl...with limited fund clubs like everton,norwich,swansea e.t.c have kept themselves up in comfortable position while wigan struggle seasean after season..he makes like for like signings,players that would come in and add no improvement..we dont need a coach that would communicate well with our spanish contingent,what we need is a coach that would communicate well with the whole squad...di matteo is a massive upgrade to martinez,he did relatively well at mk dons,atleast he was above a martinez-lead wigan when he was sacked by wba,and last but not the least rdm is an european champion
Di matteo is a true blue(legend),martinez is the connection(especialy with fans) also played a crucial part in helpin robbie achieve that feat
Cry Mourinho all you want. ROMAN ABRAMOVICH is the Chelsea manager and as long as he has 80% of those shares, you WILL NEVER EVER have your way. The fans way. If he liked Frank Lampard, he od have new cntract by ow, but he doesn't which is why he is leaving. Instead he favors the trash that is Torres... patheic.
Kaku - I for one think that it is not the managers that we should be worried about, but the club. Just like his wives, Roman will soon get bored of Chelsea, and move on. We keep thinking about buying players, dreaming of Pep or Mourihno - when right now, our club is imploding from a managerial and stability standpoint. We are in a critical transitional period, and we can't find the leadership and stability of old to pull this off. He won't find his golden manager, and he will grow more disenchanted.
It really P$$es me off that we manage to hire and sack some of the best managers in the world only for people like Pep (and Im sure amoungst others) to be scared to come coach us, and now we start talking about replacements from mid-lower table clubs from England and around the world to come in to manage us? Mou, Carlo, RDM all in my eyes couldve/shoulve been here much much longer.. I know alot of us blame the board, but they obvious get their direction from the owner do they not? YES to bringing Hiddink back in to some capacity .. Though I thought he was still being an advisor to Roman since after he left us on the side of management (before he retired)?
The limited funds argument is false because Wigan makes more than £40m a season in the PL. It is Martinez who doesn't know where to get proper defenders for his team. And that is why they are fighting relegation this season too.
Jose Mourinho? guys, have you gone crazy? The man don't know what to do with small size attacking midfielders. He'll ruin mata, hazard and oscar, our 80mil+ investment. We want some one like Bielsa or Laudrap.
Wilkins called Ba a "stop-gap" solution. Is it the £7m fee? He then says Torres still has a future at Chelsea because he was once dynamic. This is why Wilkins was sacked. Total rubbish from him.
Thank u @fv,and they equally made substantial amount from player sale every season e.g valencia,nzogbia, and moses
I saw Ray Wilkins said he knew for a fact Carlo wanted Torres. If true I'm astonished and it certainly puts Carlo down in my estimations. I find it hard to believe it is true, because it seemed like only weeks after we signed Torres that Carlo had given up on him. I also saw in the Mirror today that Roman wants Zola to take over. Now let's be realistic here, we all love Zola but his managerial record has not exactly shown us anything that suggests he will end up as anything other than another RDM i.e. out the door after 6 months. As we have burnt our bridges with the elite managers I think we should take a serious look at Michael Laudrup. He was a top player, has had experience in Spain and the Premier League and has improved a Swansea team that many thought would suffer from "second season syndrome" His victory here last week may have been lucky but managers make their own luck. Mourinho's career was built on wrongly disallowed Paul Scholes goal that allowed Porto to knock Man Utd out of the CL. He certainly made the most of it!
Michael Laudrup is a serious candidate and mutters did say we should consider him in the summer. The question becomes whether Chelsea is a fit for Michael Laudrup and not whether Michael laudrup is a fit for Chelsea. Like CobhamBlue alluded to, we've burnt our bridges with the elite managers. In addition to that too is we've burnt our bridges with the young upcoming managers as well. When linked with Chelsea in the summer, Brendan Rodgers did say he was trying to build a career NOT destroy it. After the sacking of AVB and RDM back to back, you've got to wonder why any young and upcoming manager will want to destroy their career here BECAUSE THEY WILL EVENTUALLY BE SACKED. You request for players that you want and you don't get. The owner and his amigos force players on you AND A BUNCH OF DRAMA that no other calm headed coach will last here. The Arsenal, Man U, PSG, maybe City, Pool and maybe Real Madrid positions will soon be open. They are a lot of young coaches out there who will rather gamble with those positions than with Chelsea at the moment. Pep did it. No reason to think another won't.
For example, Laudrup did say this a couple of days ago: He noted the differences, most notably in terms of his control over his team, compared to Spain. “It is nice to work with players and it is different over here because the managers have a lot more influence on who is coming and going,” he said. “I prefer that because it is my responsibility because if things are not going well I am the one being sacked. “That is why the manager should have some influence instead of just being the trainer of the team with another person sitting behind a desk who can buy and sell players.”
Well that makes a lot of sense,who better knows players that fit into his team and style of play than the manager.
“I’d love to see Jose back and so would the fans. “The Premier League needs characters like him and he’s a big man for a big job. “But there’s too much past history between him and the owner at Chelsea. “And because Jose also likes to spend money on the players he wants, there would be a conflict there straight away.” Yet Wilkins, who believes Brighton boss Gus Poyet would be the ideal candidate to take charge at Stamford Bridge next season, shatters the myth that Chelsea managers have no say in which players are bought and sold and are told who to pick by the club’s owner. He revealed: “In the time that I was on the coaching staff, it was always the coach that selected the players. “I know for a fact that Carlo wanted Fernando Torres and David Luiz so Mr Abramovich went out and got them. “I don’t know if that situation still applies today but there has clearly been a change in philosophy lately. Read more:
wow..rumours today ZOLA is going to be our next manager. With him, there will be no more division among fans, and surely our youngsters will get their chances in the first team. The only thing that worries me is that patience seems to be non existant within our club, which may lead to another humiliation to our most legendary player
"One of my dreams is a day when I can become the manager of Chelsea" - Zola
"Chelsea is in my heart. I hope one day I will get the chance to be manager there."
Gaban I hope Zola wont come and manage chelsea, Idont want to se him getting sacked by roman so he can get Pep when he leaves bayern.
A humble, proper Chelsea man. If the board really wants this to be working, Zola should be given the trust and time, by offering a long term contract, 5 years, or 10 years if you can. Thats the only way I can see this working
Laku, I really dont think Pep will ever end up as our manager
Southampton sack their manager. 2 defeats in 12 games and his last result is a 2-2 second half comeback at the Champions of Europe. We thought Roman was harsh!!
Gaban, The one things Chelsea don't need is more youngsters in the team. Take out Frank & Cole and we must have one of the youngest teams in the Premier League.
Laudrup needs a better team. His tactics are good. They attacked when they can and defend well. His La Liga style team passing and pressing is good too. He knows what talent is ie Michu.
@chelsea_pass: What a great comment, you are right the only way to beat teams that are good defensively or they park the bus/whatever is to play ONE touch Attacking football in their half (45 yards from their goal) this will raise the TEMPO and that is how ManU beat these kind of teams their players have good understanding and they ALL move/change positions at the same time to mess with the opposition team's shape. If one wing gets crowded they quickly SWITCH play to the other wing. These are little things that can help us BEAT teams like QPR, Swansea etc.. I want Chelsea to be ready for any team to park the bus. Chelsea should have answers, we are Chelsea FFS.

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