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Zola? Rijkaard! - The Guessing Game

The news, when it broke, that Pep Guardiola had opted to take over at Bayern Munich rather than Chelsea next season, must have been greeted with raised eyebrows amongst the corridors of power at Stamford Bridge.

The mantra portrayed by the suited gentlemen in charge, assisted by the tabloid press, seemed to suggest that when it comes to our next manager, all our eggs had been placed in one basket.

However, events since Roman Abramovich took over the club and the subsequent plethora of managers that have been hired and fired; makes the Chelsea job appear to be something of a poisoned chalice or something to line the early retirement fund.

Reading between the lines, the opinion many of us get is that all is not well at Chelsea Football Club and that all familiar self-destruct button we`ve grown up with is still very prevalent. In fact a good comparison might be one that compares that little Dutch boy with his finger stuck in the hole in the dyke keeping back the flood water.

Today, with Pep Guardiola out of the picture, one prominent member of the tabloid media has stepped forward and inferred that the legend that is Gianfranco Zola could be the next occupant of the Chelsea hot-seat.

Giving foundation to their inference, they`ve come up with some old quotes from Gianfranco that infer he does have a genuine interest in the job, quotes that read,

"One of my dreams is a day when I can become the manager of Chelsea."

"Chelsea is in my heart. I hope one day I will get the chance to be manager there."

"One day I would like to be good enough to manage Chelsea. It is in my heart."

"Mr Abramovich has been very good to me and asked me a couple of times to go back to Chelsea to work, but what`s the point going there and not having anything to do for the club."

"The way I see it is that I want to go there when I now I can give something back to the club."

Now whether Gianfranco is a serious contender or not remains to be seen but with another former hero, Roberto Di Matteo, having been so shoddily treated, I`d imagine there`d be a degree of apprehension when it comes to accepting the position at this current moment in time.

However, the same tabloid does go on to infer that there are other names in the frame, with the following being mentioned,

Jose Mourinho

Jurgen Klopp

Michael Laudrup

Diego Simeone

All prominent candidates who could be in with a chance of taking on the position, however, one person remains readily available, a certain Frank Rijkaard, now what was it I was saying about a Dutch lad sticking his finger in that hole trying to prevent the dyke from bursting and destroying everything?

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 18 2013

Time: 1:04PM

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I'm not sure what good would come of Zola save for more disappointment. We need a manager with a proven track record who can come in and bring some stability. That's Mourinho--and we know this because he's already done it. I like Klopp a lot, but see no reason why he'd leave Dortmund, especially when he can prove himself against Pep next season.
I WANT JOSE MOURINHO OR GUS POYET!!!!! No other decision! Zola isnt a chelsea manager yet! Maybe in 5 - 10 years! Chelsea job is the most difficult! Perfect woudl be Jose as a Coach and Hiddink as a advisor for Roman!
JM x 4...only please, for me, it has to be the special 1... if that fails for whatever reason, this Laudrup chap looks like he has something...and he will certainly be higher up in the betting stakes as our next manager when he finishes up the Carling Cup job on us at the Liberty stadium next week
Only one man LAUDRUP
Agree Rad. Jose all the way. Swallow your pride Roman, he's the bestmmanager out there.
I certainly want Gus Hiddink to replace to ME as the advisor to RA. As for manager, I am fancy to get someone Laudrup or Rijkaard although the latter has more experience in Europe... Also the most important, RA and all of us has to be patient and ready to be without any cups in the beginning.... Youths and depths are the most important....
If we get rid of the old guard, Simeone would be a great addition to the club!
Soto'n has Sacked Scott Adkins and Appointed Mauricio Pocchetino? Are they now following the Chelsea trend? And Soto'n Fans are not taking it Lightly with the decision of the board to fire him, so as the players.
This is gettin more ridiculous,rikjaard??why dont we go for nigel adkins since he has just been sacked by southamptom.zola?? we should go for mark hughes,he is also an old boy.*sighs*
@ austrianblue, i think you'll find that Gianfranco's watford trashed Gus's Brighton 2-0 last time their teams played, so if Poyet is ready, then Zola is too...Personally i think its a bit too early for both legends, only Gus is less of a legend because he went and played for the clueless spuds after he left us...
I doubt poyet would take the Chelsea job! RDM is his closest friend and the comments he made after his sacking showed he was in a foul mood with CFC. Klopp won't leave. Zola would get treated like RDM so the fans again would get arse! Laurup is a decent manager but would he do any better than RDM? If roman wants to get the fans back inside then Jose mourinho is the man to go get. Give him total control and see where it gets him.
Rijkaard dosnt give youth players any chance, so Fork him. If not of Pep, Messi would have died under Frank Rijkaard, and so would Iniesta also. We need some 1 that favours Youth development like Adkins (Luke Shaw, Alex OxladeChamberlain jst a few to mention). Too bad Pep snubbed us, if not we would have had one of the best youth system in Europe. Let's be smart, for now I would prefer we go for a coach who isn't always in the transfer market for players but still comes up with good results and exciting style of play, coaches like Diego Simeone, Jurgen Klopp, Adkins, Gustavo Poyet, David Moyes, Arsene Wenger, manuel Pellegrini. No to Raijkaard and Zola is not proven in Europe. I'm sick of us Loaning out our Protege, we have lost many of them through senseless Loan moves.
Frank Rijkaard!! please remember all the teams he has been to after barca were crap teams!! chelsea is more talented than all those teams put together...
Not getting myself involved in this managerial debate. Nothing beats Rafa,so they can employ whoever pleases them.
I know longer find speculating on the next Cfc manager an appealing exercise. Its more like addressing a matter on the surface without getting to the root of it. Unless a decision is reached to give any decent manager every necessary support,patience,job insurance,reasonable autonomy/control and clear policy and its objectives,the merry go round isnt ending any soon. Whether it is Klopp(whom i rate) or Jose (whom i dnt mind,though gradually not fancying) or Laudrup,what matters is the working condition and limited interference. Btw,how can a coach(N. Adkins) be sacked for just lack of inactivity in the transfer window? Gruesome i must say!
Zola maybe inexperience, but with him at the helm, our promising young players will get more experience playing for ouf first team. For sure.
@Ohans...Amazing and immature from the Saints board...then they employ Pochettino Pochettino: "I know about the #saintsfc squad because I've been researching them for several weeks'. Its obvious the Adkins sacking has been on the cards for weeks.
"ROMAN ABRAMOVICH will take complete control of picking Chelsea¡¯s next boss after being swayed into hiring Rafa Benitez. The Blues owner regrets employing the ex-Liverpool boss as interim manager after being advised by technical director Michael Emenalo, who pushed hard for the Spaniard to be appointed. Billionaire Abramovich had misgivings about the suitability of Benitez, who is hugely unpopular with Blues fans from his time on charge of Liverpool, but he was won over by Emenalo. His plan was to appoint former Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola in the summer. But Guardiola¡¯s snub this week in favour of joining German giants Bayern Munich has left Chelsea and Abramovich with egg on their face. The move for Benitez has backfired with inconsistent Chelsea¡¯s hit-and-miss form this season. A return for Jose Mourinho to Stamford Bridge is now looking more and more likely this summer, with Borussia Dortmund¡¯s highly-rated boss Jurgen Klopp seemingly his closest rival. Swansea¡¯s Michael Laudrup and Argentine Diego Simeone have also been touted as possible new managers, but they are not believed to be serious contenders". That's the Latest News on Ground from a reliable source.
jose will take us down that im sure he will make fans happy for one season by winning something and then get ready for his drama antics all over again next season where he will have ego issue with roman....he is no way take us forward....not the right person for long term future....
the adkins sacking is shocking really but nothing surprises me in football anymore...I wouldnt be surprised if even Pardew with his 8yr contract shannanigans gets the boot
Things have got so bad under Benitez that Southampton are sacking their manager because they've only picked up a point at the Bridge!
Lmaooooooo @ CobhamBlue.
For the sake of the Sicilian genius Zola himself and for my sanity i pray it never comes to pass that he is ever offered the chelsea manager job in Romans time with us..same for Gus Puyet. I fell in love with Chelsea in the era of these guys and RDM, Wise etc. The RDM sacking and maltreatment has done enough damage to Chelsea FC and our fan base..As long as Roman leaves our legends from the first golden generation well alone he can appoint whoever the hell he wants i could care less. I am certain though that Jurgen Klopp is no fool..he is not coming here..Mike Laudrup also strikes me as a wise chap and i am also rock certain Diego Simeone is no dope either. Roman will either have to appoint another yes man to be his figure head while he plays manager from behind the scenes or grow up and appoint a manager who will stand up to him and force him to either cede substantive control of football matters or just forget it..examples of the latter would be Jose, Capello or maybe even Rijkaard..these sort of persons wont be yes men to anyone and they dont need Romans money either. Either Roman finally gets a clue or the merry go round will just continue with business as usual.
They are rumors circulating that Benitez will be sacked with Roman doing his utmost best to get Capello to manage both Chelsea and the Russian national team till the end of the season.
why are we not trying to buy Yann Mvila !!!!!??? ***** man we need a player that can maintain possession in the middle of the park
@Denverblue, M'Vila is rubbish. What do people see in this guy? Arsenal was chasing this guy 20mm in the summer. He is being offered for 9mm and no one is interested.....What do you people see in him
Rijkaard should be or man.. with all due respect to rafa
@GabeU, Michael Laudrup is a serious candidate and mutters did say we should consider him in the summer. The question becomes whether Chelsea is a fit for Michael Laudrup and not whether Michael laudrup is a fit for Chelsea. Like CobhamBlue alluded to IN ANOTHER ARTICLE, we've burnt our bridges with the elite managers. In addition to that too is we've burnt our bridges with the young upcoming managers as well. When linked with Chelsea in the summer, Brendan Rodgers did say he was trying to build a career NOT destroy it. After the sacking of AVB and RDM back to back, you've got to wonder why any young and upcoming manager will want to destroy their career here BECAUSE THEY WILL EVENTUALLY BE SACKED. You request for players that you want and you don't get. The owner and his amigos force players on you AND A BUNCH OF DRAMA that no other calm headed coach will last here. The Arsenal, Man U, PSG, maybe City, Pool and maybe Real Madrid positions will soon be open. They are a lot of young coaches out there who will rather gamble with those positions than with Chelsea at the moment. Pep did it. No reason to think another won't. For example, Laudrup did say this a couple of days ago: He noted the differences, most notably in terms of his control over his team, compared to Spain. “It is nice to work with players and it is different over here because the managers have a lot more influence on who is coming and going,” he said. “I prefer that because it is my responsibility because if things are not going well I am the one being sacked. “That is why the manager should have some influence instead of just being the trainer of the team with another person sitting behind a desk who can buy and sell players.”
With that development ,Tugay,has nothing to cheer about. RA should be reducing his administrative influence if we must go forward,not vice versa.
i think Roman is learning Gabeu, if he hadnt made the decision to sack AVB when he did ( btw we think AVB was meant to be his long term plan), then Chelsea would probably not have qualified for the Champs league by winning it and Hazard would be at Manure, Oscar would be at PSG and Marin would be a first choice player etc. The RDM appointment he never wanted to make but his hand was forced with the Champs league win...I think & hope that the next appointment will be along the latter lines of your comment i.e. Mourinho...esque! I just believe that we're dealing with a very knowledgeable man, if a bit self indulgent but a lot of money can do that to you...These kind of people (I mean empire builders) are normally two steps ahead of average peps like myself...
LOL @ Benitez getting the sack already lmao... the sooner Benitez and Torres leave CFC the better it will be for everyone involved!!! For me Benitez was at fault for the result at Southhampton with his wrong and clueless subs... @ CobhamBlue, LMAO !!! 100% agree with GabeU, I'd like to see either JM, Laudraup or Simeone as our manager but only on terms that they get to actually manage the club and control the football matters without Romans influence, just his backing for a long term solutions! Otherwise I just don't care anymore, and just watch the games as they come...
Kaku, Laudrups comments are very interesting..with that back drop he would be crazy to join us. You said it all..we have burnt our bridges with most of the top young coaches including old chelsea boys, we have burnt our bridges with most of the top draw experienced coaches as well. As i had said some time ago the community of top football coaches/managers in Europe is a small one and they all talk to each other and interact with each other professionally and of record. I suspect the younger generation coaches also have that kind of camarederie as well..the way Roman treats his appointed coaches and the way he meddles in team affairs is an open secret which is why Brendan Rodgers said what he said. I am frankly disillusioned. The next appointment after Rafa will be a siesmic decision because if we get that wrong as well the consequences may sink all Roman built in his decade or so with us.
cmon guys,who is better than rafa frm zola poyet adkins and rickjard.are we going down to that level.who among them has ucl experience?if appointed cfc will just be a mediocre club.and just know that roman will never bring cfc legends as managers to avoid rdm backlash.
just Jose!
What roman seems to forget is that it was rijkaard that started the barca style, but pep that perfected it, and no doubt Tito that will take it on- so why go he'll for leather on the man that took over a style that was already there. Not that I'm advocating for rijkaard to take over, I just think the chase for pep is a stupid one. Anyway, if Klopp is gong to stay then i would like Loew. Though once again he's contracted through to 2014 World Cup so that one may be difficult. Moses would be a nice option but he's british and we don't go for british managers. As you can tell the managers are becoming few and far between. Antonio conte?
I can understand why Pep chose Bayern over Chelsea as they are one of the largest, wealthiest and most prestigious clubs in the world. I would sat they are Germany's only true "world" club. And I do believe we will not be taken seriously by the most elite managers these days. However I still believe Chelsea is a good job for a young manager. Getting sacked by Chelsea didn't exactly harm Mourinho, Scolari, Ancelotti or even AVB. All walked into top jobs because they are perceived to be good managers (Jury out on AVB). RDM will get another job but I'm not sure it will be with a top team because, no matter what the media say, he is not really thought of as a top coach. Roman has proved to be trigger happy but really only the sacking of Wilkins/Ancelotti made no real sense. Obviously Ranieri had to go for Jose, then his relationship with Jose had completely broken down, Grant was only ever a stop gap, Scolari was a disaster and had to go, Hiddink was never sacked, Ancelotti/Wilkins was a success and with better investment they could easily have retained the title. They should never have been sacked. AVB might have been the right guy to take over at Chelsea next season but he was completely wrong for a team dominated by Drogba, Terry, Lampard, Cech, Cole, Anelka etc. RDM, Roman never really wanted so took the first opportunity to sack him which leaves us with Benitez........................ David Moyes is an option, but I think he's the type of coach that won't leave 10 years at Everton for the possibility of 6 months at Chelsea (and he probably still thinks he'll get the Man Utd job in a couple of years). Michael Laudrup of all the younger (although he's actually not that young) managers seems to have the best and most varied career both as a player and coach. He's managed, reasonably successfully, 2 of Spain's smaller clubs and it is not unusual in Spain for managers to move from smaller clubs to larger ones and be successful. Dare I say it Benitez did it!
Moyes, not Moses sorry!
I know i will get some sticks for this butThere is truth in mzee69's comment,lets not let our hatred for rafa cloud our sense of judgement..if we must get a new manager,it should be an upgrade on rafa not some mediocre coaches out there and if we cant get an upgrade we better stick with him rather than all this mediocre names i read from comments above
@cobhamblue - your comments are on the money champ
Malouda: I 'm so sad because I 'm playing with the youth team and no one of my old teammates asks about me. They throw me in the garbage since Di Matteo took charge...I gave Chelsea a lot but they mistreated me at the end, I miss the fans and the light, I am depressed and I cant handle it anymore.
munich Glory
I feel for malouda,he ought to have left by now or he is perseverin till the end of the season
malouda...i cant handle much money im getting and thats for doing nothing...enjoying this life thanks to roman for giving me give me pre having a great time here playing with the kid they call me french whizkid...but im not happy about one thing why torres is earning so much money more than me when he doing the same thing like me and thats on the pitch....i want him here we both of us will score lots of goals here...malouda real quote
The treatment of Malouda seeems so brutal...going by recent revelations on this site...I am gutted...we refused to release him...and banished him like a fugitive to play with the reserves...we literarily put him through shame...except there is more to the story than we are aware of...but even if malouda had done or said somthing wrong why not just released the poor lad and let him go...this is so unfair..we are busy battering our own image...very soon when chelsea players are nearing 30...they'll simply try to force a move seeing how older players have been treated leading to more dressing room unrests...some of our policies are so stupid and lacks clear thinking...m *****ed
malouda earns around 80k a week...320K a month and aproximately 4m we prefer to loose 4m just like that...we have refused to release the guy who even said he dint wanta get paid...overall our club is sick...very very sick
@shlok pretty sure you are kidding...its realy funny....
Anyone who knows how to beat teams who park the bus like QPR, Swansea and who is not scared of giving youngsters a chance/ benching Torres.
@layorh, That is pure good business decision, release malouda today, tomorrow it's someone else. That would have be a very bad example.
jollyheart Torres
@b2k420, that's a fan who is after my own heart, I want a coach that is tactically sound, not some dope head who can't win a team that is struggling to survive at home, blaming his players for not taking their chances, @tugay, rijkaard gave messi his first spotlight in a star studded barca team where he doesn't have a right to be at that time and doted on him like a father, he also gave giovanni dos santos lots of game time too when he can , better than what rafa is doing to marin and piazon till the latter was loaned out, I won't mind if we get rijkaard as coach and adi viveash as assistant, that will be a total upgrade to rafa!! Klopp would have been my choice or simeone, but why would they leave when their teams qualify for the UCL? Laudrup can come as second choice and truly loew won't leave germany for us with the world cup looming
@b2k420, that's a fan who is after my own heart, I want a coach that is tactically sound, not some dope head who can't win a team that is struggling to survive at home, blaming his players for not taking their chances, @tugay, rijkaard gave messi his first spotlight in a star studded barca team where he doesn't have a right to be at that time and doted on him like a father, he also gave giovanni dos santos lots of game time too when he can , better than what rafa is doing to marin and piazon till the latter was loaned out, I won't mind if we get rijkaard as coach and adi viveash as assistant, that will be a total upgrade to rafa!! Klopp would have been my choice or simeone, but why would they leave when their teams qualify for the UCL? Laudrup can come as second choice and truly loew won't leave germany for us with the world cup looming
Real Madrid won't mind if get JM now rather than in the summer. 18 points behind already. We are all calling for some head to roll. We will accept it if it was JM leading now? I guess NO.
jollyheart Torres
No way Rijkaard. he got the Barca position because of Johan Cruijff and he has not be able replicate that success even a moderate success elsewhere since he left barca, so No NO way.
jollyheart Torres
I have a different theory -- Post Mourinho era, we have always had a bad moment that lasted long enough to take us out from a leading position on the league table to a trailing one and mostly out of the title race. Even in the Ancelotti's double winning season we had that bad moment where we dropped a 9 point lead and were trailing by 5 points to United before they dropped games and we won the title. The point is, regardless of who is managing, the team has developed a virus of going to sleep during every season which has costed every manager his job. Now what has caused it is beyond my comprehension because no one has been able to handle it. Every manager found his team sleeping in phases and was unable to stop it. From the gentle figure of Ancelotti who came across as extremely friendly with the players to RDM being the same to AVB & Scholari both of whom were extremely authoritative. What i am trying to suggest is that no matter what personality we had managing and regardless of what system or tactics were implied, our team went to sleep that we call bad moments and no one knew how to handle it. Apparently the players play when they want to, and they shut themselves down when they feel like. Why does this happen is beyond me and i dont see how such a culture can be reverted because i see these symptoms appearing on new signings as well for example, Mata and Hazard, who when came were very consistent in their early days and also played well consistently for their respective teams before Chelsea, but after some time spent they have also started showing the signs of the same disease of being switched on and off. In light of the above, I only see one man who can fix that, MOURINHO. He knows the club, the system, the owner and most of all, doesnt allow players to be on the pitch if they are under performing.
Emenalo will soon be sacked
We should learn to stick with one manager for at least 3 years..there is no perfect manager and you cant win all the time......last season when fergie and manu got dupmed outta ucl and eurpa league, he didnt get sacked did he???
Klopp, Zola, Rijkaard, Laudrup, Simone..... etc.... this is the part so many Chelsea fans enjoy most, suggesting names of potential new coaches, but when things don't go as expected, they begin to find fault in the coach and start screaming sack... sack.... A lot of Chelsea fans are not in any way better than the management..... For me, I'm not too keen on a particular person, just give who ever we appoint reasonable time to work and work with him to build a good team.... and the fans play their part by being patient with the coach and club.... There is no mesiah any where that would come here to work magic, Klopp, Simone, Zola, etc.... will all have a tough time here..
any manager that has already proven himself, would have the respect of the fans on the first day and a guarantee of 3 years or so from roman would be perfec'
@Desmond..: >>(1) KLOPP: First year in CL his team was not that good, 2nd year they improved massively but what I like the most is when they attack it is at really at a HIGH TEMPO, Precise Passing, they don't mind giving most of the possession to the other team but when they have possession THEY MAKE IT COUNT (they try to have shot on goal within 5 passes) . He gives young players a chance. >>(2) SIMONE: >>(3) BIELSA: Both of their teams work really hard, 10 players press the ball AT THE SAME TIME, they play with high energy/tempo, they attack with balance. >>>>>>I want a manager/coach who will make ALL 10 Chelsea to close down opposition when they don't have the ball i.e. work together as a team going forward and when defending. Chelsea should have the right balance in attack and defending.
Well said @latunvic,fickle fans.they keep mentionin names includin mediocre ones,then we the coach comes they would call for his head at the slightest setback..
*then when*
@Ken4CFC: I guess none of VC members mentioned RAFA's name before he was appointed or did they?>>>>Off Topic: STRIKER: We sent Piazon on loan where is the replacement we all know we have only one striker Demba Ba. The rumours have gone cold in last couple of days? We should sign a striker as soon as possible not on 31st January.
It must be a manager who can make bold decision from beginning, who knows how to deal with dressing room and should potentially drop the player who feels they are bigger than their club. The dressing room should be wiped clean, that means build from the start not build into it. If the manager tries to build into it, a.k.a EVOLUTION(*AVB), he should forget about lasting for more than 6 months. Pep dropped belliti, ronaldino, yaya toure, deco, who basically handed rikard 2006 UCL, and utilized busquet, xavi, pique, iniesta, messi to become best. Whoever Manager will be, if he does not have balls to drop some prima donna, he will regret coming here.
None of d comment is factless, as a matter of fact i applaud all fans here!!! If it were based on already proven ground and d kind of immediate impact roman is after, Mou is d only option but if he's willing to exercise patience, then Rijkaard,laudraup and simeone should b considered. Not that klopp is not a good option but i don't see him leaving his current club for an uncertainty; rijkaard is also proven as he was d initiator of d barca style which is what roman wants. Personally, i'd love to see d special 1 back @ d blues but we can only wish , d decision lies wit d board
@b2k420, sweet reply mate, sweet, same fans who didn't give robbie the benefit of doubt, are the ones screaming for rafa's support, talking about hypocrites!! I condemn rdm in his time and say what he is doing wrong, but I never say anything about him getting sacked, I am very unhappy about benitez, but I never say roman sack him despite him proving every now and then that he is tactically inept, we need a coach that would play and develop the youth not someone that will play his favourite to the detriment of the team, and the best I can think of as a fan is rijkaard and adi viveash, rijkaard is a winner with barca and his trophy haul is there for all to see, he brought messi to the limelight, he played giovanni dos santos and iniesta in a star studded barca team, and he is someone that will suit our players style, he plays with width, adi viveash have been developing our youth players and they will be a perfect fit for me, all we ask for is patience from roman, if I was sticking it through thick and thin under scolari, carlo,avb and rdm in their bad spells, why won't I stick with this guys when there is the bigger picture of the future to look forward to, lol at the fans ready to take meaningless pot shots at suggestions that doesn't matter to roman or the board, we are all here to pass time and commune amongst ourselves just hoping our wishes come true with chelsea at the top in the world of football, taking cheap jibes at eachother is very funny to say the least, debates are sweeter when backed with pure facts or stats
maybe we should appeal Johan Cruyff to come back from retirement...old school no nonsense coach too....and I am sure so many people will be surprised....he can also work as a DOF...
@Desmond...: I think Roman tried to get Rijkaard once before, Roman might opt for someone else as Rijkaard has not been managing at a top European level (Galatasaray, Saudi Arabia)?
@B2k420, sincerely nobody knows if he rijkaard would be any good, but seriously galastaray and saudi arabia don't have the players we have, but with someone as respected as adi viveash, with his eye for development and tactics, they might do well for us, personally, adi have impressed me with his time with the kids, u see them winning with huge margins and masterminding great comebacks even in away games, the man have my respect and he'll be another laudrup,simeone or rodgers when he leaves cfc..
@B2k420,the opportunity never arose for the guessin game because as soon as rdm was sacked rafa was installed as interim same day..
whenever we have a bad moment. The media jumps on the bandwagon of the manager is a dead man walking. That's the time the management has to come out and publicly back the manager. Brendon rogers is having a pathetic season at liverpool but his job is safe. He is inverted in the future and now slowly they are rising up. Revolution or evolution are slow processes. Do the board ask the incumbent manager what his growth plans are? Do they check whether these plans are matching with boards/Roman's plans? Are they discussing with the manager any time frame for things to get better? Are they discussing short term goals? But the moot question is: does the board have any knowledge themselves about what they want? I see no chants of brendon out at liverpool.
Blue India
Adi could be a good choice but all of us has to patient along with media and we could get someone like Hiddink to be director of football I helping him.... Who knows he could be successful as it is highly unlikely to get someone reputable to be with us.....
Seriously every ambitious club have good footballing director or chairman in the club. Manure have Gill, Bayern have sammers, spuds have levy and dortmund also have good one. What they all have in common is that they are ambitious about the club and its plan and are willing to communicate with their fans. They use dirty technique to help their club, if it means to harm other. But, Fat Gourlay is just a fatass who knows how to blow out roman's money and illiterate about everything that is related to football. This club needs to be build from scratch, i mean past glory will someday make us historychannel 2. As a honest fan, i rather see club re-establish itself in long term with young players, than see club losing because fan feel a player was scoring lots of goal three season ago, and thus, he should stay. I mean you can't eat cake and have it. If fans wants success they should either chose to continue with old guard or integrate young player. Certainly Pep took down dino to make messi the main man, bayern sold klose to give muller a chance, Henry left and van persie became prolific scorer. Honestly, whenever i go to any chelsea blog, they never talk about team as a general. All i hear is FALCAO, CAVANI, FELLAINI, LAMPARD, TORRES. This is just sad, we fans have become spoiled like Roman and certainly our ego is displayed in home games. Nobody cares about club anymore because for us taking dig at FSW has become more important than supporting the club.
Unfortunately, our owner and his yesmen-in-charge have really put us in a bad situation. No high profile manager will come here, knowing that they are likely to be gone in less than a year. No up-and-coming managers are about to ruin a blossoming career coming to the Bridge. That leaves the has beens or never beens or the suicidal. None are good options and I'm already mentally prepared for a continuing merry-go-round. Jose or Guss are the only logical options who have resumes beyond touch and could weather a quick exit out when it would surely happen.
Who made the fans spoilt? As u said we can't eat our cake and have it, if roman wasn't too demanding from managers and stick with them looking at the bigger picture, fans won't be this greedy for success, I dare say, roman's ruthless streak and hunger for instant sucess have rubbed off on fans alike, its either he eats his humble pie and appoint a manager he trusts with the aid of an experienced DOF and let them run the club's affairs as they deem fit as football people or he can sell the club if its too much to ask, not taking anything away from the man's admirable love for cfc, but that is just what it should be, no sentiments
Emenalo was strongly behind bringing Rafa to Chelsea. Now it appears that Rafa has had the worst start of our managers for a long time. On level with Ian Porterfield and those were really poor times in all the meanings of the word. What is Emenalo doing for Chelsea?
The only reason for failure at home for Chelsea is the FANS.....They are interested in only booing their manager / team and crying for names who is not on the pitch...enuf is enuf guys..try to show some support instead of bullying rafa....
There is one solution which will bring stability to the club and is welcomed by the fans: bring Hiddink in place of Emenalo and let him make managerial and transfer choices.
Then when things go wrong again u call for his head
Then when things go wrong again u call for his head
If not jose then hiddink. Will not accept other choices
Its getting really pathetic this.. Get urself a beer or something
Gus is not taking managerial tasks any more, but he will consider being director. This could help us bringing someone like Zola as manager. Gus has a wast experience and is a perfect man management man. He will let the manager do his tactics but guide him in transfers etc.
Henning Berg for Chelsea manager! That way we'll know things have gone belly up.
Lol@traykidd,u can add steve kean as his assistant

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