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Come On Chelsea - Get a Grip!

Arsenal arrive at Stamford Bridge this Sunday, weather permitting and there`s no doubt they`ll provide a stern test.

They`ll arrive in SW6 with Chelsea in desperate form at home. The likes of Queens Park Rangers, Swansea and Southampton have seriously ruffled a few feathers.

The tabloid press are portraying an air of discontent over our famous home, desperate to report on how a crescendo of boos cascades down from the stands and of how attendances are falling.

And do you know what?

We`re playing right into their hands!

The press loves all this negativity and they`re loving the fact that the Stamford Bridge crowd have finally turned on Fernando Torres and as for attendances falling, they`re dancing in the street.

So let`s get a grip, let`s take a hold of reality and take a harsh look at where we are!

Currently, as things stand, we`re 3rd in the Premier League, we`ve still a chance of making the Capital One Cup Final (although the odds might be stacked against us), we`ve a damn good chance of at least reaching the 5th round of the FA Cup and we`re set to experience the challenge (being kind here) of the Europa League.

Okay, we`re out of the Champions League but, with due respect, we`re a club in transition, we`re a club that has accepted that the heroes of yesteryear need replacing and the owner has been good enough to stump up the readies.

In a season of transition anything can happen, results and fortunes can fluctuate, it`s part of the process of change. Okay, we might not win anything this year, it wouldn`t be the end of the world, it`s happened before and it`ll, no doubt, happen again.

But what is important, is that we all stick together, that we al adopt a united front, close ranks and give the team the support they damn well need, not indulge in mass bickering and turning on those who might be going through a bad patch.

So, this Sunday, get behind Chelsea Football Club, show how we are different to the others and just remember that if our situation, regarding continued participation in those competitions stated is seen as a shortfall, then imagine what it`d be like being a Spurs or Arsenal supporter with dust in the trophy cabinet!

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 18 2013

Time: 1:06PM

Your Comments

Admirable sentiments - but your article should be aimed at Roman & the board. I expected a season of transition and possibly not winning a trophy, but did think we cshould have had enough to have won the Super Cup & World Club Championship. I was even ready to welcome Guardiola as it was obvious that Robbie was only filling in. What I didn't expect was Robbie to be sacked after a few bad games to then appopint the Spanish waiter. For a lot of Chelsea fans it was one sacking to far and now Roman has to live with it
You are right mate. Most of us have been waiting for this (transition) but it looks like we weren't ready for the consequences it comes with. I remember when old red nose said in 2009 that our team was too old to compete at highest of levels and most of us agreed with him somehow. We should support our team through thick and thin. We are BLUE and we'll always be BLUE. Let's support this team. These guys are young and some of them have never seen brutal sacking of managers before. Please i beg all Chelsea fans to support our team. It's embarrassing the way we are being destroyed at home by every visiting team. Wake up guys!
Exactly what I've been saying for ages mate. Booing players and Rafa is as much use as mud flaps on a tortoise. Get behind the team!
Wow article Uncle Merlin, just wow! This is needed from a well respected member of the editorial crew. I hope the fans agree with this. Wait a minute, let's assume the board and RB (asa many others) believe our home form isn't bad as a result of fan's unhappiness, won't supporting once (hopefully getting a win with such) make 'em have a rethink? Just saying we should get behind the team now and see what happens after.
i echo your sentiments 100% Merlin...lets stop with the counter productive negative energy at the Bridge...Cmon Blues fans....Lets GO
Thumbs up @merlin,thank u for this article,its exactly what me and a few others have been sayin for a while now,lets all support the team through thick and tin and not turnin against them at any slight setback,they need our support now more than ever
Thumbs up @merlin,thank u for this article,its exactly what me and a few others have been sayin for a while now,lets all support the team through thick and tin and not turnin against them at any slight setback,they need our support now more than ever
Yes...thank you Merlin for your leadership and support...It is tough sometimes considering we have both an owner with a Gazillion $$$ and whom has the organizational skills of Justin Bieber...its like a 13 year old that doesn't know how to handle his money.
I knew it wouldnt be too long before the half wits arrived on here with their classless comments...
I'm definitely sure the atmosphere will be better against the Gooners. It was better in midweek against Southampton until things went downhill. One thing I'm pretty sure of is,we like things the hard way,we get less complacent when its a harder opposition and put up a top performance. The story of our season so far,its been a roller coaster ride. Top performance one week,shambles the other week. Ill be at the bridge on sunday and be singing my hearts out as usual,hopefully the snow doesn't hinder movement. Come on Chels!!
I can remember writing a few comments to the effect of getting behind Rafa and the team when he took the helm knowing all too well that prolonged negativity directed towards him at home would fester, and create an environment which could only lead to poor results. Good effort, but I'm afraid if people haven't learned the lesson in this article by now then they never will.
Rafa or no Rafa, we are still the BLUES. We shouldn't forget that. He's just here for a little while so let's remain who we are (CHELSEA) and support our team lest we become a laughing stock.
@ BOTUM....hear hear
cfc funs are hypocrates.those previous seasons were shouting 4 young they want the old deadwoods to retire here.again they cried 4 player power sacking managers but now its the funs doing that.cmon cfc funs give rafa that support rdm got after bundling us out of ucl and poor epl result,then compare the two dudes.
JohnnyOz - I beg your pardon...I am a full wit....
People are getting things twisted the fan were not booing at Stamford bridge on Wednesday, A lot of ppl come on this site talking about supporting the team talking about a lot negativity at the bridge you forget that the fans that go watch Chelsea pay a lot of money to watch the games. Pls let's be a bit considerate, roman needs to sort himself out .
I honestly hope the fans would listen to this plea and at least be sensible for the sake of the club they claim they love...... We drew against Southampton and almost every fan, especially here on VC ran riot as if something unheard of has happened.... People are just giving themselves unnecessary stress, accept it, we are in a difficult moment, just support the boys.... instead of booing, use the energy to encourage the boys even when they are loosing, boo the opposition team and players, let our young players on the pitch feel relaxed and comfortable, not expecting to be booed for every wrong step they make... let's do this for 3 consecutive games and let's see if there would be any difference or not.... Stop the booing of FT and Rafa.... If we choose to boo then we shouldn't lament when results don't favour us....
so, because they pay a lot of money to go watch the games their mission there has to be to cntribute to the downfall of a sruggling team in a difficult period.... Are they the only ones paying a lot to watch Chelsea.... some fans are not at SB but they also spend a lot on cable just because they wanna watch chelsea.... if your mission at SB is to boo then sit at home and keep your money.....
news is that chelsea.will be playing in away make them that feel they are playing away....not at home...and rafa will be donning rdm mask to get away from fans boos...
The hard fact is that the fans have stopped booing rafa as they use too, but the truth is rafa gives them the chance to continue, another coach will want to impress the fan with his performance as he promised, but he renegade on that, fans are now wondering why rdm was sacked when the replacement have a woeful record than rdm, so I understand their frustrations, but for the sake of the young players and a top 3 finish this season, we need to get behind the team and just bear the stench of rafa till that faithful day when he leaves which is about 4 months to go now
We shouldnot boo our players at any time, they are representing our club, sometimes being asked to play out of position. I think the 16minute clapping is not helping either, we all need to move on. The media are stirring everything up, making out to everyone, that there is constant booing at the Bridge, this is not the case. When we were 2-0 up against Southampton, everything was fine, not until the final whistle after we`d thrown away that lead, did Chelsea fans show their displeasure. I hate the thought of Benitez representing my club, but the truth is, it`s the poor decisions that have been made by our board, which have created the whole sorry scenario.
We'll ask ourselves how many games did rdm lost before he got the sack? How many points did he drop, what position were we when he was sacked and how many points are we trailing man utd with, ask rafa too how many points we are trailing man utd with now despite having a better striker than rdm. The truth is rafa made little or no change to this team and haven't earn the trust of the fans, when he make wholesale changes that brings positivity to the team, then he will be tolerated more, stop winning 2 games and losing 2 then win another one and draw the other, we brought him in as an upgrade to rdm but he is still operating at rdm's level, so the fans will be wondering what is the gain in hiring someone that they despise for someone that they adored, footballing wise I see no reason, at all, we lost 2 games at home in a roll and our players a down on confidence
@blueheart, I read two articles today in the morning before going off to attend my daily schedule, and the word I read in two different article is that the 16 minute clapping is half hearted and not as pronounced as it was, the booing too wasn't there, it is as if we are clutching at straws here trying to blame the fans, when players and even rafa himself are saying that it is the way teams are setting up defensively to play cfc at home is the reason that we find it more difficult, saying they prefer hitting us on the counter, rafa have said it and I don't think he can do anything about it, and afterall u'll all call him tactically sound, bull*****!! I think the last time rafa was booed was the swansea game and it was obvious why he was booed in the final whistle (droping ba foot for nando) he was booed after the final whistle not during the game as you people make it sound, and we chelsea are not the only team that do boo teams after the final whistle, spurs and arsenal do it, most teams in europe do it, but if there is anyone that goes to bridge on every match day that can tell me that we boo rafa before kickoff and during the intensity of the game in the last 2 home games then I aologize for my outburst
Whether before final whistle, afer, during... after game, before game, in between game.... whatever.... booing your team is not a sensible act...only foolish fas will indulge in it... If as fans we claim that the managemet and/or the coach has made wrong decisons, we now feel the next thing to do is to start booing, believe me, it doesn't make anything better, in fact, it only reflect how senseless those fans indulgig in such act are, youcan't correct a wrong with a wrong.... If everyone in CFC, including the management, have all lost the plot and lost their minds, must the fans also do the same and thus complete the equation?.... And, this has nothing to do with number of games RDM lost or number Rafa has won... so many Chelsea fans seem to lack an understanding of our situation....
We are paying the price for managerial instabilty....why did we sack carlo??? Why did we sack rdm??? If roman owned manu..fergie would have been longgone
The fans had nutting to do with Chelsea losing a 2 goal lead at home or losing to qpr and Swansea. The game against Swansea ramires and mata had 2 great chances to score but we blame the fans, I was at bridge and no wan was booing. Pls guys get a grip and stop blaming the fans, u all to scared to blame roman and his clowns.
Good point @Zhahovic.... that is our major problem... A lot of fans don't seem to have that understanding....
@Pila12, we all know Roman and the board have their own faults and share of the blame, but we also cannot deny the fact that the attitude of the fans is not helping matters... the next time you go to the bridge, tell anyone booing beside u to stut up and get behind the team.... even if it's after the game, don't boo the team, it will have a ripple effect on team morale.... we have a very young team and supprt is all they need....
I learnt the southampton fans are planning a big protest ahead of their weekend match to protest the sacking of their manager who took them from league one to the premiership in two seasons. Now i can comfortably predict that a southampton team that have gradually settled in to the EPL and would ve easily survived relegation would eventually end up being relegated because of the stupid decision of their mgt because now they will lose the 100% support of their fans which will inturn affect their team. I wonder why their mgt failed to learn from what is going on at stamford bridge. I seriously hope that the atmosphere at the bridge improve or else things would really get worst for us and we might end up missing out on top 4. If that happens, Rafa wont be here next season to suffer the consequences with us.
Chelz Akamz
Pila, thank u for clearing that up again, I am still waiting for more fans who go to the bridge to come and tell us how our fans boo, before the buddhists here tell the fans to be mute and without emotions
haha! Southampton's management proving to be more ruthless than CFC....
If it wasn't for the fan's boo after the game against swansea torres would still be starting and BA kept on the bench till the 89th minute perhaps, that show of disapproval on that day after the swansea game was actually justified cos they paid their money and sat their freezing asses to support the team on a cold nite only to watch a tactically inept manager to be outclassed by a midtable team coach at home, ruining and wasting their time to compound their miseries.
I am sure that if benitez plays torres regardless of ba's form for the remainder of the season and we get to lose out on top 4, we are expected to be applauding like retards by the moralists on VC.. I guess that would be understanding the situation isn't it?
I strongly believe chelsea's greatest problem right now is we not using some players in there best position eg ramires in the pivot, the guy can't pass the ball to save his life but push him upfront he becomes a world class player example against Aston villa this season. Oscar on the wings is like playing xavi on the wings, Oscar has great passing ability but not the best dribbling skills so why use him on the wings. Hazard should stop cutting in to a congested midfield and make use of the width more often. Thank God we have a decent striker becos torres is no longer a footballer, I see torres struggling in the championship. I think we just need to address the balance of the team and am sure will be alright. We not doing bad still in 3rd position and still the current champions league winner so let's keep the hopes high.
We want rafa to do great when we never gave him half the support we gave rdm,come to think of it we have better results away than at home which if u lots had shut up and supported the team we could have had better home results,now combine that we would be up there with the mancs
@ken4cfc, Lfc are one of the greatest club and they have one of the best supporters in the country but still rafa will win 2 and lose 1 and draw 1 wen he was the Manager of Liverpool. Rafa is just rafa a good manager but not a great one full stop.
Mr pila,u said there was no boos at the bridge on wednesday,what was that i heard when lamps was subbed off and torres subbed in?? Oh i forgot they were singin torres praises right??...
An outstanding clarion call this article is,Merlin,kudos 2 u!!. Am afraid most Cfc fans have been so spoiled with trophies and good results that they've lost touch with reality. We should all know that times like this do come,how fast we get out of it and effect the necessary changes depends on how well we handle the situation. It doesnt matter who is at the helm,what matters is that the person holds forte for and onbehalf of the entire team. If we cant give him and the boys the much needed support,we are not any better than he is and we are not trying to help more than he is trying. For the club,for a successful transition,for a better and blue future,lets go support the club with all our hearts. KTBFFVH!!!
So whats wrong in supporting a good manager??
The support of u and i can make a huge difference
Oh yea, the fans go to the bridge with placards and megaphones during games to scream at rafa and the injustice of him being appointed, when commenting we should be objective and not speak from our backsides, rafa was asked twice recently why our home form is bad, the man didn't say anything about booing, demba ba too was talking about trying to score goals and didn't say anything about fans booing, the fans only booed after we lost to swansea and that was because rafa chose to bench ba and didn't introduce him when it was obvious that we need a striker that would threaten the opposition and not the stripper we have on the pitch!!! I was actually thinking we booed rafa and the players during games till I read rafa's post match report, ba's opinion and some articles today, so rafa should concentrate on winning teams with his tactical nous which experts in here swore to that he has in abundance and the fans won't complain, the fans are not loonies and can't complain if he wins his games and stop giving them heartaches and disappointments over and over again, turning chelsea to liverpool 2.0
@ken4cfc, no boos during the game against Swansea. Except at the final whistle, but cmon man torres needs to be booed for taking us for ride. The guy even admitted that he didn't care at some point last season and he was getting paid 175k a week. He needs to be booed and sent to the reserves. Atleast malouda gave us 2 good seasons and we still treat him like *****.
I dont know how some of u reason,so u expect rafa to come out and tell the press the boos are responsible so that u can use that against him..this guy fought 4 LFC image now he is doin same here,fightin 4 us and coverin our deficiency..u also want ba to come and talk out the boos too so u would accuse him of bein a loudmouth..wait how many manager and player go out in the press and condemn their fans??..whether the fans boo after,durin or before the game is irrevelant as the boos would only reduce team morale..torres had to start the swansea game cos ba was rested for stoke and had to be brought on when result wasnt goin well(u can always fault the timin of the sub)..rafa is concentratin on improvin the team but we fans arent makin the job easy for as much as we fault rafa,we should also look at ourselves in the mirror and ask:have u given him your support??
I hope roman becomes the manager next season, atleast he won't sack himself and we would have stability we been craving for. Even Harry said it only a Real dope will mess up at Chelsea and am very sure roman aren't one.
Please sirs, get your facts right before we make accusations just to absolve rafa of all blame of his flaws as a manager, in the link below benitez stated what he feels was the cause from the poor home form , nothing about his players hiding in the dressing room after suffering too much verbal assaults by irated fans or boos as we were led to believe The stamford bridge offered jeers "after" their latest disappointments
@pila,as i said above,whether the boos came before,during or after the game is irrevelant as it would only do more harm than good to the team..about torres,mate i felt the same way about him some days back but i have come to realise that booin him is not the answer,i have lost hope in him but i would still support him as long as he dorn the blue jersey,last season he never cared and we won the f.a cup and CL and even if he doesnt care now,we would do better without him.just tell your buddies at the bridge to stop booing the poor lad it affects the whole team
Are u kidding me??do this guy really think the manager and his players would come out and tell the world that the boos also have a part to play in their terrible home run? Definitely not after all the controversies the club has been through this season
Yea, its a real dope that would fail with this squad, if rdm had ba, we'll be a better team now, as rafa is not doing much better than robbie is he? Oh great we should support rafa blindly when he called us plastic fans, what u arsekissers don't know is that, respect is earned and not forced, u don't buy respect from real people, u have to earn it, if rafa does his job as he ought to he'll earn it, STOP BEING RAFA'S APOLOGISTS, I watched a movie about a black man who really wanted to be a sailor, but the racist commander was saying no blackman would ever graduate and be a diver, a certain cuba goodings jr did what couldn't be done, he did it when the stakes were too high, hence he earned the respect of his quartermaster robert de niro.. Respect is earned not campaigned for thank u.... Benitez did not start ba because ba was tired, the ba we have seen so far at chelsea is not tired, if he was saving ba, he should have played him for 65 minute and now bring torres on, don't feed us that he played torres because he wants to stubbornly achieve what other coaches haven't and our fans eyes are opened to the fact that torres in his failures have gotten 3 managers fired!
A point of correction,am not absolvin rafa of all the blame,am only pointin out our own fair share of the blame
Like I said before the Atmosphere is not as bad as people come on here to write,it was way better in midweek against the saints except towards the end of the game. Some of the Boo's for Torres coming on was from a small section from the MH,most young lads with youthful exuberance. Like I have said countless times,its emotions involved,this things takes time to cool off...but the poor team display is not helping the situation. Fans were behind the team and singing out loud against Southampton,the atmosphere was fairly ok,until we conceded the equalizer,there was still no booing but groans.
@desmondadonis, totally agree with you well said. I still think rdm will one day become a great manager, people fail to recognize we beat some very good teams under rdm and we lost to some very outstanding teams like shahkter, juv and atlectico Madrid. The teams rdm lost to had some strong foundations but with Rafa the gaffer we lost to qpr the worst team in the league, drew to Southampton and got beaten by Swansea. Rafa is to blame not the fans. The only thing the fans have stopped doing is cheering the team but wen it comes to booing it's very minimal.
@Nely, thank u sir for that, that is two out of two who says there is no booing at the bridge when they were there, we are waiting for the other fans who go there to come and give their verdicts tooo, it is not about the boos I say, its about the half baked coach we have in tubby, No excuse for rafa, no one gave robbie/AVB any benefit of doubt, rdm was inexperienced and tactically inept was the chorus song when he was sacked, avb was trigger happy,stubborn and a legend hater are the punch lines when he was sacked, now fans who are booing at the bridge is the rap song now, we are not buying that crap, benitez will win us over if he is consistent and stop giving us heartaches over and over again, no fan will be unhappy if his team is playing well and fighting hard to win, its not about winning all the time, it is all about doing ur best and leave the rest for fans to judge, apparently rafa is being judged on what the fans are seeing on our pitch at home where incidentally we have once been unbeaten in 86 games!!!
U are free to call anybody a dope because u ve not been at cobham and i doubt if u ever managed a team before.there is a sayin that 'he who where the shoe no where it pinches",u are criticizin from the outside without knowin the job hazard..this is a football club not some military establishment.clubs,players and managers thrive on fans support,the fans are the 12th man on the field.there is an added advantage when u have the support of your fans and a backlash when they are hostile.u blame rafa for not doin his so whats the job of we the fans?? Are we doin our own part?? Am not bein rafa's apologist,i just happen to look at the bigger picture which u obviously dont just joined us and u want him to overuse him already and like i said b4 u can always fault the timin of the sub but not the lineup..if he played torres because he wants to achieve what others havent,why did he start ba against southampton(f.a cup and epl) and stoke??,he had the option to continue with torres didnt he?
He didn't have the option to continue because he knew the fans would not only boo him if we played him (torres) and lost all those games whilst benching ba, they'll pelt him!! U can't tell us how to support cfc, we have been supporting the club before rafa came and we would support the club till we all say goodbye to mother earth, so keep ur morals to urself mate, and stop being rafa's apologist. He said he'll win us over with trophies and wins I gave him the benefit of doubt and I still do, if not my posts will be screaming hysterical rafa out!!! Or writing articles about his flaws which I haven't even considered, he didn't win his first shot at a trophy and is not winning enough at home, we won't be told how to support our team!! Win us over with a consistent run of wins and keep us in the top 3 with a good point lead and not 2 points!!!! Put ur thinking cap on tubby, show us what u got upstairs!! Not win some and lose some brand of football!!
I think this guys who go to the bridge now come here and give us conflictin reports,pila said there was no boos till after the match and yet he agreed torres was booed durin the match,nely said the boos was only when torres came on and every other thing was just groans.. Common guys lets be objective here,we can blame rafa for all we like but we the fans have our own fair share of do boos and groans help the team?? This guys are down and they needed our support to pick themselves up but what do we do?we turn against them with boos,jeers,groans(or whatever u call it).what is wrong with supporting the time till the final whistle?? *remember its not over till its over*..why do we suddenly play with freedom and score plenty of goals away from stamford bridge?
Anyway i dont expect u guys to come here and admit u heard anything
@ken4cfc, I wasn't at the bridge for the southamtom game. I was talking about the Swansea game.
Come on Chelsea! Come on Chelsea! Fug off Rafa!
He had the option to continue,he choose the team not u and i..and if he feels its torres not ba,we can only hope for the best...pelt him?now talk about violence,we are ridin holiganism from the game and u are takin us back to the dark days.not after all the controversies that the club has suffered this season,peltin him would only damage our image the more*violence is never the answer,mate*..well if u supported the club with boos and jeers b4 rafa came u can as well continue(i wont be surprise since u stil talk abt violence)..keep booin(or encourage it) and at the end of the season we drop out of top4 and rafa leaves to his next job,who do u think would suffer??..u ve blatantly refused to look at the bigger picture instead u label me and a few others rafa apologists...the mandate is a top4 finish and a trophy or 2 would be a bonus,the last time i checked we are 3rd on the log and can stil win 1 or 2 trophies so we are not entirely offtrack and its very obvious u are still ruein the dropped points on wednesday,get over it mate for health reasons
Pila,even if its the game against swansea,there were stil boos..we turned against the team as soon as the opponent scored,what help does that render our team??
Pila,even if its the game against swansea,there were stil boos..we turned against the team as soon as the opponent scored,what help does that render our team??
Whether u hate rafa or u dont,he is here till the end of the season.his mandate is to get us atleast a top4 finish and if he fails(especially when we contributed to the failure) and we dont make the top4,he moves to his next job and we suffer the consequences for the rest of next objective guys,look beyond your hatred for the man
Whether u hate rafa or u dont,he is here till the end of the season.his mandate is to get us atleast a top4 finish and if he fails(especially when we contributed to the failure) and we dont make the top4,he moves to his next job and we suffer the consequences for the rest of next objective guys,look beyond your hatred for the man
Enuff said**off to bed,see u guys later..i love u all
Enuff said**off to bed,see u guys later..i love u all
I can't stop laughing here...... OMG! who expects Rafa or Ba to go the media and say booing is the reason for poor performance.... ok, now i get it........ seriously! no need for further debate....... someone has made the main point, "CFC are so spoiled"... to the extent some have chosen to ignore reality and live in delusion.....
****CFC fans****
Where were u apologists when rdm was given the stick? I can't remember any of u talking in his defence and admitting that torres was the reason he was sacked, he contributed nothing to the team when he was needed most to lift the team, talking about delusion? Who is deluded huh? I am not supporting anybody blindly, for now I am an observer, and what I am observing is that the board fecked us over and brought in a mediocre coach to replace rdm, if rdm was sacked for being tactically inept, rafa is not the solution, rdm won us 2 trophies, rafa is on his way to lose us another 2 trophies, delusion, delusion, delusion, rotflmao, we know who is deluded in the support of a mediocre coach and never supported a club winning legend. If votes are being casted for managers, this man won't get 20% of votes in his favour, he is a mercenary who sees us as a stepping stone to fame, no wonder no one wanted him for over 2 years, and they call him a top coach, he is crap!! End off!!
Labelin people apologist is completely unnecessary,have your debate without resortin to rhetoric,u think with that u would get support?get real mate..back to the debate,Because rdm was not given time we should do same to his successors,let me ask u,should we learnin from our mistake or should we dwell on it??..i in particular have criticised torres and written relentlessly about his part in the sackins of carlo,avb and rdm..rafa a mediocre coach??get real man,u might hate him but that does mean the truth should ellude u,there are only a few coaches better than him out there...u want rafa to do magic when we ve not given him a quarter of the support we gave a friend told u on another thread,u can call rafa names but not tactical inept.his CV speaks for itself and a tactical inept coach cant achieve that much..when rafa had no coachin job 4 2yrs he stil got himself involved in the game as he was workin as a football analyst..whether u like it or not he is a top coach
I don't really get it...does anyone think the team is being booed? Yes 80% of the fan base don't like Rafa including myself but it has never hindered fans from Cheering the team on. People make it sound like the atmosphere is so toxic(Ewood park) or a library (Higbury) when its not. Yes the Boo's are wrong and no one is saying its right,but you can't tell fans how to feel hurt or feel happy its their emotions. They feel hurt by decisions made by the board and results haven't helped calm a few nerves. I'm not one to boo my team and i refuse to believe all this crap from the media that the atmosphere is responsible for our shortcomings,its not like the atmosphere at away ground is welcoming. Yes it plays a part but its minimal and not the main reason. Was the Atmosphere responsible for Iva's 2 mistakes against Swansea? Was the atmosphere responsible for Southampton's equalizer when we went 2 goals up in that same atmosphere? To hell we beat A.Villa 8-0 in the same atmosphere. We should always cheer our team on through sun and rain,but Its hypocritical to say the board are allowed to make stupid decision because they know exactly what they are doing,then say fans are not allowed to show displeasure after spending their last penny on tickets or season tickets. Jose said way back, can't remember the year exactly...Away games tend to test a managers tactical nous,but home games test the managers motivational skill. Does that ring a bell?
@ken, how sweet of u to learn from the rdm mistake of not supporting him when we have him as our coach, were u this convincing at that time? we don't owe any loyalty to rafa but we do to rdm bcos he is our own, fans are hoping deep down in their hearts that he steer the club to the right place and that is why u see the fans travelling with the team giving their all and screaming their tongues off, his inactions which southampton is not the first time is what is making me question his tactical savvy which I haven't seen at ALL. Adkins made his subs and there was an immediate impact, that is a coach thay knows how to read a game, swansea sat deep and forced our errors, that is a game plan executed to the hilt, rafa didn't show us his tactical nous in those games, and its pathetic really when u still harp on his tactical savvy which is not present. He was outclassed by an out of form brazilian team despite having a better side in a one of final, how insanely tactical is that!
@desmond,a point of correction i supported rdm through thick and tin until the very day he was sacked(as i have done to every CFC managers) though there comes one or two times when i get critical like those late subs when we are chasin games(same with rafa)...we dont owe any loyalty to rafa but we owe to CFC(includins its managers)...our hopes for rdm never came to fruition,we have to move on and not dwell on it,rdm is past rafa is present and the future is unknown.if we dnt support the present it yield detrimental effects on our CL hope 4 next season,rafa would move to his next job and we will suffer the consequences..why does his innactions always come up in home games?? Oh dnt give me that crap about approach of the teams because city and southampton didnt park the i ve said 4 the uptenth time,u can always fault the timin of rafa's subs..the one of finals u were talkin of,did u see the corinthians fan?? Our fans were massively outnumbered,outsanged,outnoticed.They shook the stadium,they made atmosphere electric,u could feel their passion for the team.they were makin all the right noise cheerin on their team til the final whistle and that is the part supporters play to help the team
I saw the game between shalke04 and hannover yesterday,shalke went 2 nil up after 50min but hannover rallied back to equalise but the shalke fans never stopped cheerin their team,they sang passionately and encouraged the team to the end the emerged victorious in a thrilin 5-4 scoreline..that is what the 12th man(fans) bring to the table
Haha! @Desmond.... I find your argument to be very funny and still unrealistic... that is where the delusion comes in.... a lot of things you don't seem to understand... your words "Where were u apologists when rdm was given the stick? I can't remember any of u talking in his defence and admitting that torres was the reason he was sacked, he contributed nothing to the team when he was needed most to lift the team"..... I feel and understand your frustrations but you are really muddling things up.... 1st, there is no Rafa apologist, it's all about support for Chelsea, agreed, Rafa and the board deserves some sticks but now is the time to let the past go and support the team... What I see in your argument is more of unnecessary hatred, not logical analysis and which reflects the state of your mind... 99% of this site supported RDM, so, your claim of not remembering defense of RDM holds no water.... Even if some people were not in support of RDM, you are not in anyway better than those people since you gather strength in your hatred only because results are not favorable. You even said you would have shown Rafa/team more love and support had results been more favorable, I find that to be more mercenary-ish and disloyal than even Rafa the mercenary.... My argument is not that Rafa is a good coach for us or that RDM was rightly sacked, but that some of you here only come to delight in the fact that things are going wrong, pick a scape-goat as a cover/defense for your disloyal act/nature and begin to rave over so many unrelated things just because results ain't going the way we want.... we all know the board made some error, we all know Rafa is not the right choice, we know Torres is a flop, you don't need to tell us that every now and then, you should at least say logical things if you can't find a reason to get behind your team in difficult times......
@latunvic, I despise rafa and it is bcos of who he is, he brought nothing to the team and won't bring anything to it, so I won't waste my time singing his praise blindly just to show VC how vociferous I am in my support of him, if he wants my support he'll get it, I am supporting cfc, u cant force me to support the man. If u really want to gather support for him, go to the bridge with a mega fone and tell fans to support him, not on VC
By the way, his misuse of oscar and marin aren't unrelated, they are costing us points, wake up and smell the coffee, remove ur faces from ur asses
Oscar was well used when we dropped point under rdm and subsequently leadin to his sack...this your blind love for marin is appaulin,rdm only gave 20min capital one cup action in 4months and now rafa has given him more 3times than that yet u are not contended,u want to play every match when he has given next to nothing with the opportunities he has gotten..its a gradual process mate,dont force it the lad is a glass
@ken4CFC, some arguments/debate are not worth it.... I was gonna say the same thing you've just said but I figured there's no point.... this dude is just cooking up things from the air to defend his unrealistic arguments... complete gibberish and inconsistent comments...
@latunvic,i copy that mate..the guy is just obssessed with seein marin play irrespective of the circumstance.he argues like he knows better than the coach,a coach that trains the team everyday and observe their form and fitness level...i would take your advice and rest my case,i can always save my strength for another day
@ latunvic - sentiments echoed champ! your thoughts definitely align with mine and i wish there were more like you on this site. I wouldnt waste my too much of time with some of the naysayers....they live for the not so good times, so they can say how much better they would have done things...if they were the cfc management

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