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It`s Not Good Enough Vital Chelsea!

Saturday night I was away from the PC, the wife and I had gone away for the night, to enjoy each others company.

Those of you who have care of a young child will be aware that such moments are treasured, time gets lost in the hullaballoo that revolves around life with a young child in tow.

Sunday, it was back to normal, back in the chaos of the household, trying to juggle life`s necessities with a few pleasurable moments, one of which was the Arsenal game.

But my enjoyment of the game was marred by the antics of a few on our front page, namely those that continue to breed an air of negativity when it comes to getting behind the team.

Now, as you are probably all aware, I`m old school, I`ve been around the block a bit and during that journey I`ve seen the best and worse of our fine football club.

Continuing on an old school theme, I also tend to judge people by whether I`d, in a figurative way, want them next to me in the trenches, stood toe-to-toe in the face of the enemy in times of adversity.

Unfortunately, some of those who create that air of negativity are the last people I`d want by my side!

I`m still striving to comprehend how certain people who call themselves Chelsea fans can:-

1 - Hope the team loses because Torres starts.

2 - Hope that the same player picks up a bad injury so he doesn`t get played again.

3 - Infer they`re not bothering to watch the match now they know a certain player is in the starting eleven.

4 - Constantly berate a club legend who still has the name of our club etched into his heart.

5 - Bad-mouth players who are not even in the country and available to play for us at the moment.

Now I could go on and on, but you get the gist.

I could even go on and name the offenders but I`d hope they`re blushing now they`ve realized what they`ve done.

Yesterday DJDUTTS gave a few people a piece of his mind, quite rightly in my opinion, because I`m of the opinion that if you can`t get behind the team then you`ve no divine right to call yourself a Chelsea supporter.

This Wednesday evening we face a difficult trip as we attempt to rescue a Capital One Cup semi-final that has slipped away from us in the first leg. Retrieval of the situation will require an immense effort, now if we are to do so, wouldn`t it be better if we all pulled in a similar direction and we all got behind the team?

Because if we don`t display a united front it, in my view, makes us no different from the supporters of other clubs, and there was I thinking we were a class above them!

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 21 2013

Time: 4:34PM

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Your flogging a dead horse merlin. Young fans especially arm chair fans are a totally different breed of supporter. Most are brought up on post roman times and don't have much of an affiliation with the club. Good they support Chelsea are we need fans all over the world but how some rip players apart and hope they get injured or we lose is a joke.
Great Jon Uncle Merlin. the oracle has spoken..i hope it has the desired effects..i can only hope.
get behind the team....
Indeed - the new breed have different values and expectations...but none of this is an excuse for constant negativity (like i used to say in the old days, if you aint got anything good to say, then just zip it...)...i'm starting to think that we have some Spurs fans on here pretending to be KTF
Everything you've written is true, Merlin--and we both know it's why this site has suffered over the years. The more successful CFC gets, the more it attracts "fans" who honestly believe that the club owes them for their time. All of the idiocy that ensues stems from that basic lapse in reasoning. So let's be clear: CFC owes us nothing. If you can't support your club, jog on. You won't be missed in the least, I promise you that.
Well said Merl....especially to the "legends" of VC whom I've seen publicly celebrate the club facing a predicament i.e. when Pep chose Bayern over us, you'd swear some ppl wish the club to fail *smh
how backward are speech is there 2 stay.plz merlin, if u dont want scrutny of cfc players ban articals supporting legends as they make others inferior.for the legends worth mention like cech cole and maybe terry who is fighting 4 a place should let the new players take on.this include overated lamps n torres.
I'd name a few but they know themselves...not saying I'm a saint but some ppl must learn to first remove the "forest" from their eyes before they try removing the "log" in mine ;)
Cmon guys this is a chat room if we all have the same opinion it will be a very boring chat room. Am an old school chelsea fan and go watch the game still enjoy reading different people's views on different topis on vital chelsea. I don't condone negativity but let ppl Express their opinion pls.
Sadly I fear this will fall on deaf ears. I think we've all witnessed first hand the level of ignorance and stupidity shown on the front page for quite some time. I've said for over two years that anyone who cares to back up what they say with reasoned facts will always get my attention for debate even if I completely disagree with them, but those who perpetually spew out the same negative droll are the same people I waste no time with anymore. The depressing thing is that regardless of how much I had to do, I still used to find time to visit the site and treated it like my "quiet place" away from the choas of my job. These days the site is just full of bickering and mindless drivel. Depressing, especially for those who work so hard to keep it going.
mzee69.You disrespect Lampard.Its as simple as that.You just disrespected him by calling him "overrated".Many other guys question Lampard,but you,FV and a few guys disrespect him which is pi$$ing off the editor.
Lmaooooo @ Cfc250.....
Who's FrLamp?
cfc250, stop being so negative.
Some people on here are an utter disgrace . I was absolutely disgusted with the bull I was reading yesterday and most match days for the last 2 years I must add .These so called fans are an absolute joke ,they ******** disgust me . They know who they are and there an embarrassment to everything Chelsea . There spoilt little brats who've been fed with a silver spoon ,have absolutely no concept whatsoever of what it means to support a club . They think they have a right to air there views because as they put it "their Chelsea fans " like the rest of us ??? Well I'm sorry lads ,your nothing like me or other decent members of this site . Your a bloody joke and your bringing this site to its knee's . If you are so negative on Chelsea forum's about everything Chelsea than god knows what yiz are like in the real world when "debating" with ur mates who support other clubs . You give genuine Chelsea fans a terrible rep and know wonder we've become known as plastic fans ,its because of slimy turncoats like you's . There's no need to name names because you's know who you are but please ,if your gonna "support" Chelsea Football Club you do it like a man and take the good with the bad ,warts and all .Its ff****ing simple . Grow up you spoilt little plastics. Rant over......
Agreed with every word of the articles! And those are the reasons why I seldom come here now. We won, they complained. We draw, they complained more. We lost, they wanted to killed every player in the team. Unbelievable!!
I am Number 7
Nice call mr merlin,thats exactly the air of negativity a few of us had to perceive repeatedly yesterday..some moanin even before a ball was kicked,some wish we lose because a player is startin,others wished he gets injured..its good u ve make the call for serenity here but like they say variety is the spice of life,the difference in ideology is what make VC thick,but we all have to keep it civil and support the team...its a pity your plea will likely not be adhered to
I`ll repeat what I have said earlier. Without Fernando Torres Chelsea would not have won the Champions League. Remember Benfica away, Barcelona away and then who got the corner that resulted in Drogbas goal in Munich. Without the input from Torres, that magical night in Germany would never of happened. OK he might not be the player he was, but he represents Chelsea Football Club and we should support every player who pulls on the blue shirt. Did any of you actually see David Mitchell play . . . . Now he was bad. So come on Chelsea fans, you don`t realize how lucky we are, you`ve had your moans, you`ve had your boos, now its time to get behind the club that you supposedly love.
Trust MQ to make this all about himself and his obsession with Pep Guardiola. Fella read Merlin's admonition again because it appears once again you have totally missed the had absolutely nothing to do with Pep Guardiola who except in your mind has absolutely nothing to do with our club. If to you Pep joining Bayern means our clubs failure, then thats on you and you are more than welcome to jog along and join him there. I know that the vast majority of the VC clientelle wouldn't shed a tear if that happened. Since you clearly missed the plot let me summarize it for you; Merlin is admonishing us all to support our team, its players and yes our coach through thick and thin no matter their failings and shortcomings. To be constructive and fair in our criticisms rather than being inflammatory and wishing them ill just so we can look good and be able to say "i told you so". That is the point here..the Pep ship has sailed get over it.
It is actually quite sad that people equate Pep choosing Bayern over us as the equivalent of wishing the club to fail. That's baffling. It wasn't actually wishing the club to fail BUT seeing the club and more importantly the owner learn his lessons i.e. his past actions are beginning to have consequences that will be felt for years (Torres transaction which has put this club in a striker dilemma for 2 years) and coaching decisions which has now made us unattractive for coaches to come work for. It is not just Pep snubbing us; it is him, the young coaches out there and Jurgenn Klopp because like Michael Ballack said, no one trusts Chelsea, the management and the owner!!!! It was never about seeing the club fail BUT ACTUALLY SEEING THE CLUB DO BETTER. Celebrating the departure of a club legend in RDM and celebrating the employment of Benitez is ACTUALLY the equivalent of seeing the club fail. Before we of course get into the debate of whether RDM was clueless or not, I wonder what Benitez will be stated as???
i love it here...if not for the 'robust' discussion and the sheer entertainment value i derive here by reading ludicrous things such as 'good riddance Frank' which almost always draws a seething anger from me, i would not know the happiness i get from defending the great man...frank lampard must stay...that is all we need to focus on actually...getting roman to change his mind and keeping frank....we need him guys we really really do....another articlr on this behemoth of man is due....
Merlin has written articles such as these before, and I entirely understand the impulse to keep writing them. But the changes that are needed here can't and won't happen if more people aren't willing to acknowledge and then confront the foolishness when it happens. I applaud cfc250's comments. And why do you think I'm so persistent in challenging FV's comments? The nerve of him coming on here and being critical of negativity is shocking. FV's central agenda is to insult Frank Lampard. That's his "contribution". My point is this: if you want the culture here to improve, don't tolerate the idiocy. Speak up and challenge people. Maybe you do it with more tact than me, but I've been fed up with it for years. My patience is long gone.
cfc250 u cant force me to worship lamps i go to church for that.and i dont need ur view about playes ,am not blind and remember age dont lie.
Blueheart has a spot on point. The amount of people on here who seem to literally hate Torres is astounding. This is a guy who was the turning point for us winning the Champion's league. Go back and watch the Munich match again and see how many attacking plays we made before he came on the pitch. Without him there was no corner meaning no Drogba goal and we were finishing second. In the Barca game it was his run and goal that sealed the match. Until that we were under the cosh big time and if Barca scored we were done for. Yes we might have held on to win, but none of us can guarantee that. Yet despite these two MAJOR event in our history (not to mention the amount of shirt sales the guys has pulled in), people still want him dead. That's no joke either. The sentiment from some people on here is really that bitter. We've had our issues with Bosingwa, Malouda, Mikel (god knows why!), Sheva, Torres etc The list goes on. Merlin has said at the start and I wholeheartedly agree with him: THESE BOYS ARE PART OF THIS CLUB. When they step on the field we back them. Whistle to whistle we back them. If they play awful and cost us two goals against a club single handedly: We back them! If you can't do that then please be upfront and say "I'm not a true fan and just come here because sometimes, when I feel like it, I follow the team". The rest of us will be here (often frustratedly!) backing our boys to do the best they can!
And for the record, I'm all for a debate, provided that those who do it support their claims with evidence. That's basic argumentation, the stuff you learn in high school. But you can take a cursory glance at the way people debate here and they've not got a clue even where to begin. A signal that you can actually think is to consider at least two sides of any one topic, to accept that the world doesn't actually exist in absolutes. But hey, that's too challenging, right? I'm sure I'm speaking to deaf ears, though. I'm certainly outnumbered.
it was frank that ushered us into a plane wherein we now have band wagon is upon his shoulders we were hoisted on to level where we are now plague by glory...hunters
Beats me howcome Ramires doesn't get a dozen times more credit than Torres for our CL triumph.He got us a point against Genk in Belgium.He scored against Valencia in the decider in London.He set up Drogba's opener against Napoli.He set up Drogba's cross for Ivanovic's winner against Napoli.He set up Drogba's winner against Barca at the Bridge.He scored the goal of the tournament.@Blueheart9,Drogba,Ramires,Lampard,Terry,Cech,Cole played bigger roles than Torres.Credit to Torres for shutting up the 90000 loud Catalan mouths.No words to describe that moment and Torres deserved a big pat on the back for that.But,don't say that without Torres,we wouldn't have won it.It was a collective team effort.Even Bosingwa had a huge role.He saved our ar$e when we lost both our CBs at the Nou Camp and handled Ribery very well in the final.I am sure had he won the corner rather than Torres,nobody would have given him credit.Like Essien won the corner for Terry's goal against Napoli,but why doesn't he get the credit?Everyone,including Torres had a role.Torres was the bet striker in the World,along with Drogba 4-5 years ago.He is not good enough for a mid-table club right now.Simple.Yeah,you are right.On the field,he should get the support from the fans as long as he's wearing a Blue jersey.Those,who boo him,are a disgrace to the CFC batch.
*goal of the tournament at the Nou Camp vs Barca.
No waaaaay GianFranco- Frank must go! He is a legend,he has served this club very well and its time to move on.....I simply dont understand why people fail to realise that the constant thing in life is ''change''. Sometimes,im really glad Roman's the one making these decisions.
How can u guys justify toreros was the turning point for us in the barca game. Have u guys forgotten we were in a winning situation, pls don't mention it pls. You talking about torres pls talk about drogba goal at the bridge wen we won 1nil, drogue scoring 2 of the most important goals in our history at the allianz arena. I don't hate torres I supported Torres all through last season and beginning of the season but boy he is a waste of space.
come on statement is void of any say change is constant but correct me if i am wrong but did frank not score the winning goal against arsenal...yet again being the difference for us...nothing has changed young regress, train harder and the force may be strong in you yet...if you dispense with your infatuation with the nonsensical.
Mikel is playing really well today making some very good long passes upfront. why he don't do at Chelsea is a mystery.
Change is good--but not at the expense of a productive transition. Frank is still contributing, 3nity, and he has leadership skills and experience that our young talent sorely lacks. I admire Fergie's handling of Scholes and Giggs, and if Frank is/was ever willing to remain at the club on a lower salary and play a reduced role as he continues to age, I think it's insane to let him go. The way some of you want to discard him entirely is baffling. I don't see the upside at all. But how many times can we continue to debate this? You either value him or you don't. You either see what other top managers still see in him...or you don't.
'I'd name a few but...' oh shut up mq , you are one of the most ignorant people on here thinking you're the one who's right all time , the feud you have with gabeu is just stupid , it's your own arrogance , to everyone at vital chelsea we've got to understand NO MATTER WHAT THE F*** WE SAY , we do not run chelsea fc , we are not part of the fricking board , we do not handle transfers , sackings , wages , gameplans. Please just stand together and yes mq and gabeu im talking to you guys specially...
are we all so blind as to be oblivious the greatest tragedy that is about to befall our great club...we are letting manet go paint for another gallery when he can still paint...the only thing that all cfc fans should be focusing on is devising ways to to let the message grow and collate into significance...we still...we will always need till he collapses and there is truly nothing left we will need frank...gianfranco...john francis...john terry...frank lampard...the spirit of zola lives on at the long as we keep frank...till zola comes back as coach...
we do not decide that lamps gets a new contract or that we get etienne capoue or benat as our dm instead of mikel , we don't decide torres' selection , nor with ba , benitez handles the team , we don't
Merlin we have a right to express our opinions reasonably, but I will never wish a chelsea fc player to be injured or pray we lose, that is plain absurd, and u can remove such comments that will make it stop when they notice u remove it, by the way I was on vital spurs yesterday, I know what its like when ur team are losing
It's so funny, merlin, that you come up with this after publishing the 'It's the fat Spanish waiter' article not so long ago. I don't mean to insult you. Actually, I find it quite remarkable that you've deleted it shortly afterwards and now critisize the people that carry on with this nonsense. I'm not Tubby's biggest fan either, and I don't rate Torres at all - which is sort of oxymoronic if you look at my nickname. I don't think they have a long term future at CFC or I certainly don't hope so. But the sad truth is that we'll have to stick with them until the summer at least. Losing our temper, spreading negativity and insult and attack everyone here who disagrees certainly won't help anyone and is quite childish to put it mildly. As far as I'm concerned, I hope that Benitez does a decent job until June and then we'll see what options we'll have.
@Gianfranco--- SO because he scored the penalty yesterday,he should be given a new contract? You claim my statement is void of any logic and im infatuated with the nonsensical, yet your response oozes stupidity. Disregarding your apparent folly though,i will give a sensible explanation of my point. No player is bigger than the club,fact! Pep moved on Ronaldinho and Etoo and it allowed some other players to flourish. We keep buying young and exciting players and you want to keep a 34yr old in the center of a talent-packed midfield for 2more years on a wage of 160k per week? Thank God you dont run our football club!!!
3nity.Why did results go south in Lampard's absence?
Oscar can take penalties. He can do it all. One player goes, another takes his place.
The people who wish injury on others have never had serious injuries. Wait until it happens to you.
@Radio, thanks for your constructive and sensitive response to my point. While i agree that, as a legend,he still has a lot of leadership to offer the young team,he doesnt want a bit-part role. He wants to play lots of football and that is the difference between him and the United Legends. Dont get me wrong,i am not in anyway saying Lamps is finished,he isnt,but he is not seen as the future of Chelsea and he should accept a bit-part role. He doesnt want that and wants to play every game,its obvious in recent games that Lamps has been chasing that record and rightfully so given how much he's done for the club. I hope he breaks the record before the end of the season so he could move on. If we get a good manager,that manager will create and breed a winning mentality. There was someone before Lamps,If that person didnt move on,we wouldnt have Lamps ,the same will be said about whoever comes in to replace Lamps in 10-12years. Life goes on.
cfc250, CWC, Charity Shield, QPR, West Ham, Super Cup, West Brom etc. Did Lampard play in these games? Correct me if I'm wrong.
we are not barca trinity...and for the record...did you not smile victoriously when we got that pen as you knew that super frank was on hand...and if thats all you saw of his contribution...i cannot help either know how to appreciate soccer and analyse or you don't...and if you do not know how the way you do it is by listening to those that do...even the most vile from the world of punditry cannot for the sake credibility do anything but praise lampard...further more...onto your point...neither zlatan nor ibra were an upgrade on eto'o...infact messi is their striker now and if he was just 15% less effective barca would have i remember eto picking up consecutive ucl medals and zlatan being sold back for a lot less...i really hope yours is not a career wherein analysis and lateral thinking is a prerequisite...
this is place for debate...if someone has to preach other people they can go to church...this is not the place to preach other people or tell them what they should do or not...this is a place for debate...sometime the debate can be positive and sometime it can be negative.. no one has the right to stop others from giving their opinion...its people have problem against other opinion then they can skip it...but dont advise them what to write and what not one has the right to tell other how to support their club..each one here can support their club they way they want....not every person is same or so do their the end everyone wants chelsea to be cant stop people emotional comming out...this is the only place where they can express let them express it dont tell them to stop expressing their opinions...everyone supports chelsea but in a Different way..
Leadership and penalties? Is that a reason to stay at any team? What's the coaches job then?
@Cfc250- I have never for once said Lamps is rubbish. I scream my head off at him sometimes when he plays crap or goes glory hunting instead of simply laying off a through pass. The time has come to sit back and accept a smaller role but he doesnt want that and thats where the issue is. How are we expected to breed another group of leaders if the young ones dont experience what it takes to be a leader simply becasue the dinosaur in the room has refused to move on?
trinity you cannot read minds how do you know he will not do that...avb was a fool and he has admitted that he made mistakes...that is why he was not playing lamps...we needed him...he did not play him and then we lost a lot and when we did not lose it was lamps...
OFF TOPIC- is anybody watching the nigeria in Africa cup of nation tournament, i got to say OBI MIKEL playing in advance role looks like XABI ALONSO distributing the ball. didnt know the boy can play that well. to see how MIKEL and MOSES are getting on you can watch it on Eurosport or ITV4 (in UK anyway).
mikel is playing as a deep lying playmaker and hes making superb through balls , I hope benitez is watching
To be fair I'm one of the people who has constantly said I can understand if the club doesn't offer Lamps a new contract. Part of me actually thinks he shouldn't be offered a new contract to allow the club to develop and move on. The problem is that the other half of me says that we aren't ready to move on yet. Slowly we are developing a 3 man attacking mid in MAZACAR or MOMAZA or any other combination of HA MO MA CAR KEV or MAR. The big problem is being shown in the deeper midfield areas. Lampard's brilliance over the years has hidden the fact that we've been short in the true CM and DM positions for two years. Ramires can't do it alone. Mikel the same. Luiz is an able back up but a starter?? Romeu not there yet. Essien crocked. So who's left?? Josh? Maybe in two years... Without Lamps in the team as a back up we are badly short in the centre and until we get a player like Moutinho or Matic (stupidest trade ever!!) then we're going to suffer. So that leaves us one option for the next year.... Give him an extention!!!
mikel can take penalties :eeeeeeeeeee
Every beautiful story has an end and the end has come for super Frankie. If Zola didn't move on there won't be a lampard... If lampard don't move on there won't be a kdb, Josh and some of the talented young players in the squad. The only reason they gave Ashley a new contract was becos bertrand is not yet an able replacement for Ashley. I love lamps but time to go, he will always be super Frankie.
Gianfranco- Once again,you have failed to give me a good reason why Lamps shouldnt go if he can not accept a smaller role. Instead you have taken to insults and i have got no time to argue with you anymore. The longer we argue,the more you are likely to keep the cheap shots coming and you arent making much sense.
@CFCTalal, mikel actually looks good as a deeplying playmaker, maybe becos there's not much pressure on him to perform as in chelsea.
Lampard is my best CFC player of all time but the time to move on is now, he has been doing virtually nothing in the past few months to help the team he creates more problems to the team than good when he plays now, taking penalties is nothing at least someone creates the penalty opportunity. Let's be realistic we need him to move on or our new breed midfielders can't & won't grow to become club legends too.
3nity: it certainly depends on what Frank wants, I agree with that. If he won't take a pay cut and if he won't take a reduced role, it's difficult to justify giving him an extension. He's on an awful lot of money and we need to begin integrating young talent like De Bruyne and Josh into the midfield. If it's to ever happen for Josh, in particular, it needs to happen soon. That said, I think you're being presumptuous to say that Frank is unwilling to accept a reduced role. Under AVB he made some comments to support your perspective, but it's funny how that's what people seem only to remember. He's since come out saying that he knows he's getting older and that he understands why he can't always start. In short, he's a human being, and I believe that it isn't easy for him or anyone else to accept their decline. But Frank has demonstrated simply the need for open communication--if he isn't starting, show him the respect that he and anyone else deserves and give him an explanation. AVB, if we're to believe the media and other players who have since come out and said as much, failed to communicate. It created insecurity and disharmony in the group. Bottom line, I view Frank as a model pro and an intelligent person; he knows he can't play 50 games a season anymore. I think he'd be happy to stay on and start when he's given the opportunity. All of that to say, I can't speak for his take on his salary. If he's unwilling to take reduced pay, that complicates everything. One last thing: your sentiment that "life goes on" is fair and true, but there is a distinct difference between letting a still very capable player go on a free and keeping him on for the good of the squad as a whole. I care about CFC first and foremost, and I do sincerely believe a void will be left if he leaves as soon as this summer. If he does go, I hope the club avoids Fellaini and utilizes the young talent we've got.
Benitez will never watch that, he'll just watch highlights if its available or you tube it
Once I saw the heading I jst knew it had to be the anchor man, Uncle Merlin...hmm...whatever we wish others, somhow it always comes back to us...we should not forget that for professional players football is more than a sport, its a career...just try imagine somome somwhere wishing you have an injury that will impede your career...the holy book says we should do onto others and exactly how we want others to do to us...I am not surprised though...the same book says the heart of a mortal man is desperately can you wish a fellow human being has an injury??..its pathetic really...I am shaking my head...even though I am not sure how effective this article will be on pple's conscience, a big thank you to Uncle merlin for actually taking it up quite seriously...he who has ears...let him hear and learn...
Very well said Radio. Very well said. I believe at the end of the day,the reason we have had this much negativity regarding this issue is our board. It almost always boils down to our lack of a good permanent manager.
It's these divisions which keep me away from the front page these days. Radio's right in saying that the way to improve the situation is by standing up to the idiots on here, but quite frankly it exhausting. I would rather steer clear than have to put up with some of the morons who grace these articles. I admire those who have the patience to try to put them in their place every single day if every single week, but I'm not as strong as them. Persistence is indeed the key, but I can't manage it.
I'd be fine if benitez even watched the highlights , mikel seemed comfortable going forward and i think theres ton of pressure since nigeria are one of the favourites and they conceded in the 90+4 minute...
i can see both sides to this argument, some of these fans, not just the new fans are so overly critical, i can see where the frustration comes from but some comments are unacceptable. The comments about Lamps are a joke, he's one of our all time greats and still puts in a good shift, but at the same time I can see where the club is going and why they would be willing to release lamps. I can see why there is so much aggression towards Torres. He's a player I backed for most of his time here but I've had enough. It's not cause his touch is poor or he doesn't score, it's his lack of commitment to Chelsea and his team-mates. He plays for himself and not the club so needs to go. This club is very close to another golden generation, but for that to happen we need the right manager and that man to be given time. We as fans need to get behind the next manager even if we don't all agree on who it is for the good of this club, COYB!!!
with our squad changing in the summer, would you guys rather see us spend big on the likes of failaini and falcao or play the youth? my squad for next season would be cech, turnbull, blackman, cole, bertrand, iva, terry, cahill, luiz, wallace, azpi, mikel, romeu, rami, josh, de bruyne, piazon, hazard, mata, oscar, moses, lukaku, ba and feruz. I know this squad wont win a title next year, but get in a good young manager like klopp or moyes, give them 3 years with this squad, adding 1 or 2 players along the way and we will be a force for years, would ye be happy with another 3rd place next year for the possibility of long term success?
What is a good shift? Pirlo and Xavi don't put in "good shifts". They control the midfield.
I think this a forum where everybody can express their opinions whether foolish or wise.that makes it interesting.though i will never wish a player injured or pray that becos torres is playing then we lose.i can authoritatively tell u i supported chelsea because of lampard but that doesnt mean we shouldn't say the bitter truth.he offers little now on the pitch.i would only give lamps an extension if he's willing to sit on the bench and become a bit part player bt considering the fact that he's on high wages and that he will always moan in the media that he shld be played at all cost.
@fv man utd dont have a midfielder that controls the game, scholes doesn't do that anymore, Utd hav 10 players who put in a shift and 1 deadly finisher to make the difference, it's not lamps fault that we dnt hav an RVP
He should be an example not an obstacle to the progress of the likes of josh,de bruyne etc
A "good shift" is why manutd got embarrassed twice by Barca. Parking the bus has to be the extreme of a "good shift" then?
I'm glad you wrote this, too much negativity here these days, all in the name of expressing displeasure for Rafa.... For some, it's more about Rafa than Chelsea and cant even catch the joy of victory anymore..... A lot of comments here yesterday were disgraceful, such negativity after a win makes no sense... Some people only come here to tell us the negative things we already know...
It's all good having an opinion but hoping the team loses cos torres starts is stupid. Now i am in the camp like most chelsea fans about torres feel he shouldn't be playing ba should etc but we physically can't change it so we've got to accept it. Merlins right lets show a united front get behind the team and turn the tie with Swansea around and making wembley ktbffh
Chelsea ken
I believe everyone has the right to respectfully express their opinion. My primary frustration is the lack of organizational skills and player development skills. As far as Lampard, he burned his bridge with the AVB issues and he is gone...Enough said.
@Merlin & Editorial Team: Too bad this site doesn't offer a 'block' option thereby ensuring you wouldn't ever come into contact with whoever you blocked again nor see their posts. I would pay an extra few quid a month to not see a handful of mugs on here everyday. Is this possible??
Regarding Torres....the guy is defeated...and has no confidence...I believe the organization should loan him out for a year and let him heal himself..Then he may have some resale value..At this point I feel for Torres as the organization needs to make the right choice for both him and for the organization to retain some value of their asset. If the organization was on top of it...they would have addressed the Torres issue but no one will tell Roman what they should do because they are afraid to tell him he made a mistake. I will not beat up on Torres anymore because now it is the organizations fault/issue for letting it continue.
these fans are just a reflection of our club at the moment: spoiled
A slap in the face to mq, foreign viewer, shlok, to name a few
Merlin, this is what i have been saying for some time now - i would extend that and say that we have to get behind the team AND the manager. While i saw ZERO logic in replacing poor RdM and said so (and if i am not mistaken we are further off the leaders now than we were when he goot the boot), now that Rafa is here, we need to support him & allow him to concentrate on the game & tactics without being affected by the abuse he gets during the matches. I hope you too have come around to sufforting the manager, Merlin.
And as you rightly say, abusing Frank Lampard who has given us some of our best moments of the last decade (remember that goal from an acute angle vs Barca ?) is unacceptable.
Hazzabee.Where have you been?I would like to hear from you on Real Madrid's performances.I told you that Mourinho can't do anything with this group.The players are pretty $hit and lack character.
Credit to Mourinho for improving a side and making them semi-finalists twice,given their performances for the past seven years in the CL as they could not even make past the Round of 16.He has already won them three trophies,which I feel the current Real Madrid squad would not have won with any other manager in charge.But winning the CL with this squad is a big ask,even from someone of Mourinho's caliber.Infinite talent but zero character and spirit in the Real Madrid squad.
@gaban....same to you dude...infact double it up...:-)
Did you watch them against Valencia cfc250?
@cfc250 - even though the front page has been littered with idiots for a long time now, i've bee able to put up with it. But recently I just haven't found the patience. As for what's going on at Madrid it's really quite bizarre. They looked back to their best against Valencia the other day, but why they're struggling so much and so badly I don't know. Obviously in La Liga these days, if you fall behind the leader, you're screwed. So maybe the Madrid players had a rocky start and now feel deflated. Any other league and they'd be fine but I seriously doubt they'll even get near Barcelona. That being said, they do look awful. I think the current Man United side are the weakest Premier League leaders (and most likely champions) we've had in a long time, but I thik they'll knock Madrid out of the Champions League. Madrid look that poor. Mourinho is obviously a factor. He's fallen out with a lot of people at the club and that usually spells the end for him. I'm certain he'll leave in the summer, beit by getting sacked or mutual termination (he won't resign), but that may be playing a big part. The players may feel the unrest. Mourinho's focus i'm sure is purely on winning the Champions League and i'm sure that's the same with the players now, and should they end the season with the Copa Del Rey and the Champions League, you'd have to say that would be a successful season. But like I said, they've looked diabolcal recently and I wouldn't put it past United to knock them.
Our fans who are clamoring for Jose return must read this article. One of the best return i have read in online.
KAKU.Even the worst Real Madrid squad of the 21st century under Bernd Schuster scored five at the Mestalla.Mourinho's Madrid scored six there in his first season.The squad is talented.But that squad has been flooded with donkeys ever since Del Bosque left.Mourinho can't help them sadly.The skipper is out of form.I don't know howcome he made the World xi.Errors after errors in every game.Jose had to bench him for Adan.Sergio Ramos,the vice-captain,is being very dirty on the pitch.I am a massive of these two players,but they are not performing.Cristiano has improved his performances in the big games,but I still doubt if he'll give Fergie and his boys a good run.On the whole,their back-four is indisciplined.
Midfield lacks character and spirit to win big games.Talent will only help you to an extent.Rest is all down to to your level of hunger,commitment,passion,character and spirit shown on the field.And currently,the Real Madrid players squad are lacking that.MMourinho cannot help much.I am a massive Mourinho fan and I want him to win the CL.The tie against Man UTD is equivalent to a final.If he can overcome Fergie and the boys,then I see him going all the way.These two legs will be tougher for Real Madrid than facing Barca and Bayern Munich later.The winner of this tie will be next European Champion.Currently,Van Persie is single-handedly tearing apart everyone.
I think you are missing the point. They will languish in the La Liga like Chelsea but will knock Manchester United out. I can bet that any day. That's pretty much the only thing these players can really get motivated for. They remind me of Chelsea last season (though we were worse in the league). Not much motivation for the league, but will be up to it for the Champions League. The only team which gave them hell was Borussia Dortmund and Dortmund ain't a cake walk either. Jurgenn Klopp is easily one of the top 3 coaches in world football today. Man U is awful. I will like to remind you cfc250 of Del Bosque's first season. That Real Madrid side were worse than this current one by far in the La Liga and Man U was actually firing on ALL CYLINDERS. Everybody thought Man U will knock them out, but Madrid at the end of day dominated. The issue is Van P may not be enough for Man U. Higuain has a more impressive goal to starts ratio than Van Persie and Cristiano Ronaldo is still scoring. I also don't think Man U will win the UCL. That defense and midfield is far too poor win it. Barca, Dortmund, Real and Bayern will tear them apart......Character can only take you so far....Mourinho, Higuain, Casillas and Ronaldo all have something to prove with this tie and quite frankly this so called unrest is creating a distraction that everyone is believing. The whole world is beginning to count Real out and hand to Man U because of Van Persie. I think we will be reminded again what a top team Real Madrid attacking force is in this time and once again why the Premier League teams are still far off from the La Liga and Bundesliga boys!!!!
For those of us who still think Mikel is classless, check some of his touches last night for Nigeria
@KAKUfrank This RM UTD tie is hyped up by all these idiotic journalists mate. Like you i dont see either one of them winning it. Dortmund Barca Bayern are my bets for this year. Dortmund is really really a DARK HORSE this year in CL. The way they play against anybody with out giving them any RESPECT the opposition deserves is what makes them even more dangerous on the CL. RM is a MESS currently. Their pblm is not just performing in CL. Their Dressing room is now in 2 factions. Portugese and spanish. These are the main cartels there. UTD have their own pblms to content with. If UTD thinks they are superior then SAF is a idiot. RVP is carrying them. Their midfield and defense is so awful. With out awful decision making at CFC we just gift wrapped the title to manchester this year with out any fight. With FT and the sacking of RDM we gave manchester a head start of 15 points. So its not manchester winning the league. Its chelsea that lost the league with FT and awful decisions all around.
Reports today that mourinho is regularly texting roman to sweeten a chelsea return.i really think this might happen
Chelsea ken
As for us i can tell there is only one winner in the RM and UTD tie. That is RM. I cant see any way UTD could win it. They are climping in the league bcz of SAF hounding referees like dogs and going way over the top to swing the decisions around for UTD this year. I cant see this happening against mourinho or RM in europe. Only way they can win the tie is playing against 10 men and drawing the match at madrid. All the hype surrounding this tie is masking the real bonanza of a tie in Dortmund vs Shakthar. Both are real underdogs of this year. Who ever wins the tie have a real chance to go all the way.
if this was thirty years ago they wouldnt have been chelsea,chelsea fans then were tough loyal and hardy we had to be
I personally hate rafa benitez, but I've got enough common sense to get behind the team especially in this time of adversity I sincerely want him to do well, because whatever said & done, his success will only help Chelsea our we'll pretty much end up digging our own graves.. Look how poor our home record is, thanks to those idiots out there. to hope the team loses, hope a player gets injured, bashing a legend. Now thats sick. You lot do not deserve to be Chelsea fans.
Thanks mate.
Where there is one or two ppl,behavours must be controlled for one main reason:there is no uniformaty of human traits.and i think that why merin always n i say always says,be CIVIL.if it is hard 2 understand that for anyone then you must have a social problem!
KAKU.Don't compare our squad to that of Real Madrid in terms of character,spirit,grit,determination and leadership on the field.When you have players like Terry,Lampard,Drogba,Cole,Cech,Ivanovic,Luiz,Ramires,etc,you cannot be written off.Our squad had class.But,it was too aged too perform week in week out and hence that affected our League form.But class is permanent.If I am not wrong,even Terry scored as many goals as Drogba in the League.That doesn't mean Drogba was $hit at that time.He could not perfom week in week out due to his age.But in a two-legged CL tie,he was always the man,along with Lampard,Terry,etc.Ashley Cole was magnificent.Do you see such players at Real Madrid?Higuain?My god.I cant even remember the number of one-on-one chances he has missed.Even Valdes made him look like an ordinary finisher.Benzema?Well,yes,he is probably the man,who could do something.He scored a lovely goal against City.Cristiano?He has improved but I am not sure if he will be good enough.United,if Van Persie is fit,has every chance of winning it.Their defence is good.Vidic is back.Rafael is improving.They have got Phil Jones who can play at any position.Scholes is playing like a youngster.Carrick has improved this season.Chichi is the man to their rescue whenever they are in trouble.Rio is regaining his form.He was magnificent against Spurs on Sunday.KAKU,if you are referring to the 2002-03 Q/F,I remember Ronaldo(the Brazilian guy),scoring a hat-trick at Old Trafford.They had Raul,Zidane,Figo,etc.That was probably the best squad I have ever seen.And Madrid were defending champions that time.And please don't compare our squad with their in terms of winning big games and possessing match-winning abilities.Yeah,agree that they have the talent,but players like Arbeloa,Ramos,Pepe,Khedira,Alonso,Di Maria,Higuain,Ozil are not on the same level as Terry,Lampard,Drogba,Cole,Cech,Ivanovic,Luiz,Ramires,etc.We had best and more importantly the most disciplined and organized back-four in the World that time.Pity AVB screwed our League form.Mourinho is the only reason I am not writing off Madrid.He has to plan something special if they are to go through over the two legs.If he can stop Van Persie or get him sent off(like he planned against Peter Crouch an it workedtwo years ago),then I say that Madrid have won 80% of the tie.
Its a shame that those who call themselves fans could wish defeat on thier team; d teams performance might make me angry/sad bt deep down inside me am constantly praying we ll still win. U guys av got 2 improve ur artitude. KTBFFH
I think Spurs & Arsenal fans have been voting in our MOTM poll again...Torres is joint top?? Beggars belief...he wasnt even in the top 10 players for us on the day... :)
Nice article Merlin. I own u a bottle of Jack Daniels or whatever u prefer. The atmosphere here has been so bad the lately. If the board and players are clueless as some VC members are claiming, CFC won't be were they are now today. I still believe there are still lots of games, turns and twists in the season. it's not over it's over. VIVA LA CFC
jollyheart Torres
3nity No the difference between him and the United legends is that Scholes and giggs knows that they will get playing time under ferguson, unlike Lampard who have all the time Roman fired a manager haved to proved him self.
I prefer 'fans' to let off steam here than at the ground...but merlin is correct...supporting our team should be a break from the general global 'depression'; for God's sake we need cheering up a bit of late, so let's stop driving ourselves into even greater depression even before a ball is kicked. Just as I've purposely missed a recent game at the Bridge because of the negative abusive chanting, so I've been aviding these Match Day Threads for the many disloyal and frankly cretinous comments!
We gifted the Manchester clubs the title the day we appointed RDM as permanent Manager, he left us in a mess already
shut up about rdm mq see you think you're always right don't you
I am what you call a "new breed" blue and that's totally fine with me I am young...I began supporting the team in tell me this makes me less a supporter than u older fans are? Trust me u have not been through the things I have just to see the team so let's refrain from looking down on the newer supporters guys....and as for the negative comments on the players, I feel like each fan has the right not to like a player and express it in a way that's not directed to other fans or the team...I feel like torres is dead sp*rm and plays like dead sp*rm and I do feel like our chances of winning are less when his, surely I have the right to think that...if FV think Lampard needs a message from God through a burning bush to help him find his form again then let him cause its how he feels... Just respect the end of the day HE IS NOT CHELSEA...but a Chelsea legend none the less...KTBFFH
If we play with grit and determination bradford showed combined with the talent we have we can win , but our team barely has grit and determination
well said merlin. and an early goal 2nite at swansea will put us right back in it. who says we won't get it? KTBFFH.

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