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Don`t Believe a Word!

As a Phil Lynott led Thin Lizzy once sung - Don`t Believe a Word!

Although we naturally pleased that Ashley Cole has agreed to a one year contract extension, with the possibility of another year to be added on, depending on his performance levels, one newspaper cannot help but try and sour the news.

Now I`ll leave you to work out which one it is, but, suffice to say they`ve taken some delight in sticking the knife into us and boldly stating that the new deal will see Ashley Cole earn something close to the region of 200,000 a week.

Now either they have a spy in the camp or they may have taken a wild guess, but in these times of financial austerity I`d doubt very much if this was the case!

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 21 2013

Time: 4:40PM

Your Comments

I think it's rubbish.
Benitez confirmed it
200 k is just to unsettle chelsea dressing room once again. Total rubbish
200k would make him Chelseas highest player!! Its Balderdash folks - I agree with guys underestimate how cruel and envious people can be...They dont like chelsea because we have a rich owner?? Even AVB alluded to it, when he talked about the media concentration on Chelsea, he found it overwhelming especially when compared to the relative serenity at White Hart Lane
Benitez confirmed 200k pw? thats a joke right?
Benitez confirmed it but he never mentioned his wages. Cole will earn around 120k according to my own reasoning. He also once confirmed that the wages being 'lebelled' against him were ridiculous according him. He can't be earning that huge amount.
200K per week might well be the truth!! Look at the agreement that Walcott "allegedly" made recently: 100k per week plus a 2.5m signing on fee. If you assume that Cole made a similar deal (e.g. plus a signing on fee) then it could well be true. Take 150k base as a roughly figure (we know some of our legends were on close to 150k per week, so why not!). Multiply by 52 weeks = 7.8m. Assume the club has given him a signing on fee of 2m = 9.8m (118k per week). Add to that various bonuses for goals, assists, image rights and you could well be looking at a weekly figure approaching 200k. Of course all of this is pure pie in the sky numbers, but in honesty rounding up the numbers I'm certain Cole will be closer to 200k than 100k! Before I get slated for this comment, think about it sensibly: The club wants him to stay and Cole knows we might be his last big-time club. The club pays out a one off "thank you" to cole to set him up for life after retiring. This comes are part of a one off payment circa 2m. Makes sense to me!
I'm sure he isn't earning 200K/week, maybe 100-120K but knowing we don't have a ready replacement, perhaps it makes sense (although I think otherwise)
Sorry.... Not 118k per week..... 188k per week. Typo!!
Point to note: Cashley hardly discussed his contract "situation" in public, and certainly never played with fans emotions while trying to get paid more so he is deserving (somewhat) unlike some "legend" who runs to the media everytime. Good thing the club haven't even discussed it with him yet
All it takes is for some Journo to overhear than Cole's new deal is worth 10m over the year. They get out a calculator and get 192k per week. Which is of course nicer to write as "nearly" 200k per week which get's shortened to 200k per week.
He'd never be the highest earner BIZARRE not under Roman. Did you notice he wasn't being linked with China or USA?? They don't really care about defenders much there, so it was either us or PSG (unlikely) which made his decision very easy
Who says 200k TOTAL is the highest paid @MQ? Many top tier stars have deals incorporating image rights, various bonuses etc. It's how clubs get to balance books and hide certain payments through the books. Even in my company they use a similar method by offering guaranteed bonuses and car allowances instead of just flat-line wages. It's all a big book-cooking exercise, but it does go on
There are too many "footballer wage" stories out in the public domain for these things to be that far from the truth. Notice that none of them post their pay slips for the year online for everyone to know the real numbers. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if Cole was one of the highest paid players in Britain.
The board is very sensible in offering him a 1year rolling contract but its not a 200k per week contract im very sure.
200k a week is roughly 100k a week extra than before so thats an extra 5.2m. worth it considering the next best replacements are baines and contreao both 15m each
i dont think it would be that much...if its then chelsea are making a fool out of themselves...
@Bizzare stop all the calculation crap, the wages is all cook up by Daily Mail, there is no way CFC will ever pay Ashley 200k/week reason he is 32 even when he was younger he never gets that. And to you @Mq stop this calling of our players names like Cashley it's annoying please.
Sojo, maybe you should READ the comments instead of just writing pointless answers
Doesn't Terry have a clause in his contract which has to match the highest earner?
200k/wk dosnt make sense 4 32yrs old wit 1yr contract. I dnt tink is true.
Its all absolute crap - Bizarre Blue you should be careful with believing everything you read...these guys are in the business of selling newspapers, nobody would buy them if all they reported was traffic news/weather forecasts...& Yes i agree with sojorfjand, calling our champions league winning left back "cashley" leaves a lot to be desired...
Johnny don't get me wrong, if someone told me "Ashley Cole just signed a 1 year contract with 200k per week wages" then I'd say they were full of the proverbial, but that's different to someone saying "Ashley Cole just signed a 1 year deal WORTH 200k per week". Let's be honest here people, we have NO clue how much our players actually earn. What we do know is that our entire wage bill is around 190m per year (the exact figure escape me, but it is below 200m). Now I understood that to be WAGES. If that's the case there are also other expenditures which will not be classes as "WAGES". Like Agent's fees. Probably like signing on fees too. The point I was trying to make with just some simple calculations (and I did stress these were pie-in-the-sky numbers!), was that it IS possible that Ashley Coles' deal could be in the region of 200k per week TOTAL (not just wages!). So far I don't see anything to suggest that my numbers were unrealistic? Tevez is the only recorded player salary that I'm aware of to have been made public and his wages were about 140k p/w plus benefits such as bonuses, house allowance etc. I'd have put Ashley in the same ball-park for wages (130-150k p/w) plus any other bonuses or allowances or image rights, signing on fees etc, so it is at least FEASIBLE that he could be approaching the 200k p/w TOTAL on the new contract. (Happy to be proved wrong if someone can add more realistic figures please!!)
It just sounds a bit unrealistic but i think most people refer to basic wage when they talk about what the club is paying a particular player because that is all that's guaranteed. The other bits and bobs are neither here not there because of the element of subjectivity. Winning bonuses only apply if the team wins and the player is in the team, and isnt injured etc Image rights are probably covered by shirt sales etc so in my opinion we should really only be looking at the basic wage as you would be opening up a can of worms regards comparability when you go beyond that....and for me Ashley Cole earns in and around 100k mark on his basic weekly wage....having said that i'm only guessing, (albeit a bit more realistically than you were lol)
in short.. the news papers are trying to make the figure as big as possible.. and they are also staying clear of making a clear-cut statement by using word "WORTH"..
I think Champion is spot on with that. The media needs to sensationalise to make the story worth reading (worth buying!). Therefore they'll twist and turn everything to make things the most extreme that they can. We've all read these sensational headlines about player x earning 250k per week or sign a deal "worth" so much money. Again, speaking from experience on a much smaller level, lots of companies offer additional amounts beyond basic wages to artificially inflate the earning for an individual. I'll use an example of a guy who used to work in my company. National average "wages" for his position was 42k per year, which is exactly what he was on, but on top of this he had a 6.5k car allowance, a 5% on target bonus (with a virtually guaranteed target) and a further 10% targetted bonus (again with a virtually guaranteed target). That means his actual earnings for his final year was 54800 (some 30% more than the basic wage). This isn't uncommon in many businesses as it allows companies (especially public ones!) to "hide" money outside of the wages bracket. If we scale this up to Mr Cole then it wouldn't be so unlikely that a good 30% of his earnings are not "wages".
I think Ashley has already denied this in August. In his words, "200k, are you for real??", makes me think he earns nowhere near that

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