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Swansea City 0-0 Chelsea

Chelsea failed to conjure up a winning performance tonight, in a match that will be remembered for an acrimonious off-field incident involving Eden Hazard and a Swansea ballboy.

We started the better of the two sides, with Swansea being content to stand off we recycled possession from deep and looked to find our rhythm early on.

Demba Ba went down in the box after making contact with Ben Davies, but the referee correctly turned down his appeals for a penalty.

Swansea were soon on the break, with a Wayne Routledge shot being deflected by Cesar Azpilicueta to keep the pressure off of Petr Cech in goal.

Routledge again looked dangerous as he threaded through Michu with a deft pass, but Cech conjured up a fantastic save to prevent the Spaniard from putting the tie to bed.

Swansea continued to look the better side, pinging passes around in our final third and probing forward. Jonathan de Guzman saw his effort on goal blocked by Gary Cahill, who threw himself into the path of the shot.

Eden Hazard shot tamely wide in the 19th minute. A drilled cross from Ashley Cole brought about our first corner, but Gary Cahill's header from the resulting set piece was a weak one, and Hazard failed to do anything of note with the rebound.

We slowly began to look more settled after the twenty minute mark, but couldn't find a way through Swansea's solid defence. A long range effort from Ramires was easily dealt with by Swans keeper Gerhard Tremmel.

Mata and Oscar combined inside the box after being played through by Demba Ba, but Oscar failed to prevent the ball from crossing the byline after Mata's silky flick on sent it his way.

Oscar had a golden opportunity in the 30th minute, but failed to control the ball inside the box under tight pressure from Swansea's Ashley Williams.

Ramires was fortunate to escape a booking for a foul on Ki Sung-Yueng in the 37th minute, the Swansea midfielder going down after his ankle was clipped.

Demba Ba had an opportunity late on in the half after a mix up by Swansea's defenders saw the ball fall to him in the box, but he hastily skied his shot over the bar, squandering our best chance of the match so far.

We began the second half without making any changes, and looked to settle into our work. Two goals and a clean sheet in 45 minutes was the order of the day, just to push the tie to extra time.

Swansea, on the other hand, were only a solitary goal away from more or less killing off our chances.

The Swans broke early on down the left flank via de Guzman , but Azpilicueta marshalled him wide and shut down the move.

We were soon on the counter quickly but Ba failed to take another chance, and put a shot well wide of the post.

A corner in the 51st minute served up our next opportunity, but Mata's cross failed to find either Cahill or Ivanovic. Swansea won the ball and broke quickly but failed to make the most of it, and we conceded a throw in.

As the match progressed, Swansea's intent was clear with Tremmel taking an age to commence a goal kick in an effort to eat up the clock.

A head injury for Leon Britton stopped play for a considerable length of time, with the Swansea man having his head bandaged.

Michael Laudrup made a change in the 64th minte, with Nathan Dyer replacing Wayne Routledge.

Benitez soon shuffled our defence, replacing Ivanovic with David Luiz in the 67th minute.

With 20 minutes left on the clock, Swansea managed to break quickly after an Oscar cross was dealt with easily, but their attack came to nothing.

Mata launched a powerful shot at goal in the 72nd minute, forcing Tremmel into a making a great save.

Oscar nearly found Cahill in the box with a floated cross, but Tremmel again closed down our attack and dealt with the aerial threat.

Oscar's night was soon over, as he was replaced by Fernando Torres in the 80th minute.

The end of the match was soured by an off the pitch incident, with a Swansea ballboy being involved in a tussle of sorts with Eden Hazard.

After appearing to deliberately trip over the ballboy smothered the ball, and Hazard quickly grew frustrated as he attempted to bring it back into play.

He launched a firm kick in an attempt to free the ball from under the boy, but the referee spotted the incident and Hazard subsequently received a red card for violent conduct.

Ryan Bertrand replaced Ashley Cole in the 85th minute, but by this stage the match was effectively dead and buried.

As the game petered out, Swansea looked the more threatening side in the 6 minutes of added time.

Cech was forced into a great save late on, as Nathan Dyer surged forward and launched a powerful effort at goal.

Swansea celebrated as the referee blew the final whistle, confirming their advancement into the League Cup final against Bradford City.

Chelsea failed to overcome a dogged Swansea defence who thwarted our every effort. Demba Ba squandered precious chances up front, but the whole team must shoulder the blame for our performance over the course of the two legs.

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The Journalist

Writer: Lofty 1905 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday January 23 2013

Time: 10:29PM

Your Comments

Worried about the Hazard incident - maybe he was trying to kick the ball, but will the authorities see it that way ?
of course they wont they are all anti chelsea
I feel so sorry for Hazard Its so unfair, he kicked the ball not that freaking looser PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The media are gonna cruxify us over this . Dont think ill go near any news sites for the next few days ..... just what we dont need right now
The lack of imagination in the final third and midfield in general was shocking. Not a great day.
I saw nothing wrong with what hazard did cos i have seen bigger teams come to stamford bridge to play and lose and on no occassion have i seen our ball boys trying to be a looser like this kid.
I saw nothing wrong with what hazard did cos i have seen bigger teams come to stamford bridge to play and lose and on no occassion have i seen our ball boys trying to be a looser like this kid.
I saw nothing wrong with what hazard did cos i have seen bigger teams come to stamford bridge to play and lose and on no occassion have i seen our ball boys trying to be a looser like this kid.
Chelsea fc should appeal, cause tis is so unfair
I don't for a second believe that Hazard meant to hurt him, but there's no way to spin it otherwise: kicking in the direction of a ball boy is a stupid thing to do. You're just begging for trouble. As for the performance, well, we're not performing. Point fingers in any direction you like, but this is getting pretty serious.
we desperately need one or two more out and out wingers........ why these things always happen when MOSES is not on the pitch ??....... WE NEED WINGERS !
The Persian
Let's not kid ourselves...Hazard was wrong but the ball boy was wrong as well...hazard shouldn't react in that manner as a professional. In the heat of the moment I understand he got frustrated,let's not forget Hazard is a young lad as well. He made a mistake am sure he regrets,but the ball boy did a good job stirring his emotions. Just found out the lad was 17 years old as well.
At this point, I am not even sure if mourinho can solve this problems, because we keep pointing at different angles as the source of the problem, today it is luiz, tommorow it will be mikel, next it would be the pivot, then we'll blame lamps and fault torres then fault mata and finally rafa benitez, where the problem is from is what we should find and plug it, anytime mata doesn't play we don't do anything, I am now wondering when chelsea became a one man team.
The Hazard incident taking shine of our pathetic performance today. I feel for the traveling Chelsea fans,who got nothing whatsoever to cheer about. Lack of desire,Character,poor winning mentality,low enthusiasm. Red card or no red card,we were poor with 11 men on the pitch. Rafa's subs were pathetic, Luiz for Iva,Bertrand for Ashley...Really?
@nely, are u sure he is only 17? Or just twitter feeds? As you said above, hazard shouldn't have done what he did, I know it was out of frustration, but if that kid is a 12 - 13 year old kid, then we'll be stigmatised all thru the season and hazard will be booed in all away grounds, can someone so young handle it?
Hazard shouldn't have tried to kick the ball out of the boy, he had the right to do it but it wasn't the best idea..... It's a case of stimulus and response, the best thing to do at that moment is calm down....I won't blame him too much though, everyone of us have a tendency to react wrongly to stimulus... The FA will deal with that, the main problem is the fact that our Hazard-Oscar-Mata combo finds it difficult to create space.... Those always demanding for MAZACAR combo can at least see today that it makes us a bit choked up, this combo is what got RDM the sack... This is why I honestly hope we can get a new winger as we need width badly more than anything else.... Marin, to me is not ready yet for the rigors of EPL....
Police now involved... the courts will find him not guilty, the FA will do the opposite. Sound familiar?
We need to back Hazard here, as a club we need to come together, he didnt go and kick him in the face, he kicked the ball, rafa must go, no motivation, no ideas, no hope
It was a very disappointing performance from chelsea. Both the players and the coach deserves some stick. There was no urgency, zeal and determination from our players and rafa was clueless on what to do to change the game. Swansea didnt even have to work hard to keep our attack quiet. Its now certainly obvious that we must find an alternative to mata. When he is off his game, the whole team will be off and our top 4 aspiration would be in real danger if this trend continues. I am more disappointed in the performance than in the result. I pity those fans who had to travel all the way to swansea in that bitter winter to watch such a flat and disappointing display.
Chelz Akamz
The moment I saw the replay I knew Hazard was in for it. What will the papers say? "Violent Conduct. Oh the poor traumatized child"... The runt was being cheeky but Hazard should have known better. The ref did us a favor by immediately "dispensing justice" else it could very well have turned into the circus the media love making out of CFC. Not to mention the lengthy ban Hazard would have served.
it was a red card but if the FA make it anymore they'll be making the ball boy a hero...when in fact he was an idiot
@ latunvic, Oscar should be in pivot, he can tackle and hes our best passer of a ball, ramires cannot pass and lampard plays too high up the pitch to colect the ball and start attacks, oscar is wasted out wide, this kid could be 1 of the all time greats but not with an awful manager
well they say two wrongs does not make it right.if hazard is punish for his behaviour the the ball boy should also be punish waste of time bcos he was trying to waste time which i guess is not part of the rules for being a ball boy.
I think it should be left as a Red card and a 3 match ban...nothing more should be made of the incident. It was wrong but,let's not sound like it was suicidal,I don't condone Hazards actions,but I understand his frustration,especially after battling to get the ball off the lad. Hazard looked like the only player who wanted to make something of the game,and I'm sure his emotions got the better of him.
And hazard should have known better than get himself into that mess. The tabloids would have a field day writing all kind of nonsense. This is so bitter to swallow.
Chelz Akamz
Hazard and the ball boy have apologized to each other after the game in the dressing room, so the red will probably stand with Hazard serving his suspension and hopefully that will be the end of it with no charges! Just for a good laugh a comment from WAGNH: "I heard Torres was so mad he chased the ball boy into the tunnel and tried to kick him again but he missed" LMAO ROFL LOL HAHAHA :D
People here are just blaming hazard for his action but guys do you remember when a certain ashly williams of swansea city struck van persie with a ball even when the referee had blown his whistle but yet i did not see any vital swansea member coming out to say william was wrong just as @meee93 is trying to label hazard with a bad name.
My question to that referee Mr. Foy is.... If it was a man utd player that did what hazard did, would he have been quick to flash a red card? It seems those refs are now out for us big time, since that racism issue with the ref back in october in that match against man utd, the refs are now always quick to punish us. Another reason why i want jose back cos he is the only one who can take them on and stick it to their face.
Chelz Akamz
@nelyvanile your type of comment is just what i want to read.Because this is the first incident that we'v seen related to hazard but there are still room for him to learn.
@european_champions, I wouldn't argue against Oscar playing in pivot and I wouldn't mind trying him out there but It's not his natural/preferred role and I'm a bit skeptical about how well he can handle playing the pivot role... and maybe Oscar himself doesn't want to play there as it may jeopardize his attacking instinct... For me, the best step is to buy a good player for this role once and for all and we should stop all these trial and error.... The pivot and wings are two weak points we have at the moment....
@ sunnymakcres nobody gives a *****e about Swansea. They are the mid table team who play fancy football and occasionally give big teams a good run. However Chelsea are the all of Englands favourite excuse for all that is wrong with football. If Michu was a racist feck people would say oh... Get the picture? Anything to throw in that monkey wrench. That's why Chelsea fans are disappointed with Hazard.
well @traykidd i got your point and i think you are most definately right.Chelsea invite the kid to the dressing room and both have apologise to each other.
well @traykidd i got your point and i think you are most definately right.Chelsea invite the kid to the dressing room and both have apologise to each other.
that little cant of a ballboy and the other one, nearly started a riot, Swansea fans concerned if the chubby little tosser will be fit for the final.
ten men
That's 3 cups lost now. Add the Charity shield to that. The myth of leadership on the pitch busted.
WTF is wrong with you people????? the guy kicked a kid over a footbal HE ASSAULTED A KID. all football loyalties aside he booted a boy for not passing him the ball. jesus christ get a grip. if you did this in the park to some guys kid you would either end up in court or you would have got your teeth kicked in. just because hes a footballer who plays for your club you try to justify it by saying the ball boy was time wasting you are disgusting and i dont mean chelsea fans i mean you as person if you think his actions were warrented or justifiable.
What about leadership from the manager f_v? Fire the man in charge every 7 months and blame players who've been around to win the biggest trophies on offer- ever heard of throwing out the baby with the bathwater?
The boy has been to keep the ball as long as possible to frustrate Chelsea players.... It is similar to QPR last year and it was Foy in the mid of controversy....
Lets get to the BIG PICTURE issues...Chelsea has no competent creative passer/playmaker in the midfield that is capable of opening up a defense....IS THERE ANYONE that does not see this....Luis is our best passer and he is a CF. How can a professional manager not understand this deficiency. I have no respect for Rafa for not addressing this issue. Rafa do you really believe Lampard/Ramires is the solution in the pivot. Why do you not play Oscar in the pivot? Why do you not try a 4-3-3 formation? NO respect at all...The sooner Chelsea can get competent manager the better...IF YOU KNOW that the opposing team is going to PARK THE BUS, don't you think you need a creative passer/playmaker in the midfield? Any u-8 coach can figure this out...Any team will just park the bus against Chelsea and pray that Lampard/Ramires play the pivot....Two box-to-box non-creative, non-passers starting to open up a deep defending team...Brilliant Rafa...Brilliant...Lets get this guy OUT-A-HERE..
There is no point arguing over Hazard's action, he has received a red card which he certainly deserved as per football rules, leave the rest for the FA to decide... and leave the moral aspect for the court or whoever can judge to decide..... there is no point debating over the moral aspect here, it will always be diverse depending on individual ethical beliefs... We should be discussing the footballing/tactical aspect of the game not arguing over Hazard's action.....
Skills on the pitch. Leadership on the sidelines. Unfortunately, there is little skill in CM and poor leadership from the coach.
I don't give a rats ass about what happened to the ball boy...Swansea your responsible for your employees conduct...No class class at all....
No criminal charges for Hazard over ball boy incident....... that's a relief, now its up to FA and we all know what they'll try to do...
Once more extended work related meetings prevented me from being able to watch the match or even follow proceedings. When i did get to be able to access the web the major incident of the report was the so called "Hazard gate". I feel so bad for young Eden because after seeing the replay it is obvious that there was absolutely no malicious intent..the ball boy was up to mischief and then having clearly watched professional oscar worthy divers like Pedro he then made an absolute meal of what little contact if any Hazard made with him. Chris Foy of course with who we have established history even before the clattenburg mess was just looking for any half chance to stick another dagger in us and didnt hesitate to do it. That said Eden should have known better and if our club has learnt anything from the clattenburg mess it is that you can never win in this kind of scenario. I am glad Eden has apologized to the ball boy. Chelsea should also do some PR stunt like sending the lad a gift package with an apology card or something. We all know the media will still have us for supper anyways but this would help smoothen the pain and hopefully rescue poor Edens reputation. It is at times like this that the value of a manager like mourinho would be so great. the guy is a master of deflecting attention from his teams and players by placing it squarely on himself. He is also the master of cultivating the siege mentality in his players so they can shut out the world and focus on the task at hand. This is not one of Rafas strong points and he has never been the warm cuddly type with his players either. Eden who has been one of our few bright spots recently will now serve at least a 3 game ban..i hope this does not dent his psyche too much. As for the match i was already prepared psychologically for us to turn over a 2 goal deficit at the Liberty stadium is no small task..we have played Swansea three times this season and they have won once and drawn us twice..we have not been able to beat them thus far even once..last year we beat them at Stamford Bridge and luckily escaped with a draw thanks to a last gasp equalizer by Bosingwa at the Liberty stadium then..this team is becoming a hoodoo team for us like everton once was. Left to me the lesson learnt here was the one i have been speaking about all season..too many fancy attacking midfielders with pretty passing and tricks but too lilttle of the needed mid field steel and too few true goal scorers/strikers etc (can you imagine if we had Danny sturridge and or Lukaku to have partnered with Ba in this match?). Rafa true to type refused to play the two strikers we do have (yeah i know calling El Nino a striker is something of an oxymoron) making Swanseas task of defending their lead so much easier. You can be certain if ManU or City had been in our predicament they would have deployed 3-4 strikers at the start of the game ..we had just one at any given time and the results are apparent. Left to me that is it as far a trophy hopes..the one goal left for this season which we cant afford to fail at is a top 3 finish.
GabeU.Please don't say that we should send that ballboy a gift.He was bloody trying to waste the time.He tweeted before the game that he'll be wasting time,so he deserved a kick for that.I am not defending Hazard's actions but the ballboy was wasting time and then diving like the Catalans.
The positive thing about this incident is that Marin has a chance to prove himself.With Moses and Hazard unavailable,surely we should give Marin playing time against Brendford.
Why should a person who actually tries gets in these kind of situation? Lampard just lets their midfield go past by him, ramires have open space infront of him yet he squares it, Azpilicueta was decent but was caught many times. Mata was usual, when he is give space, he does well, but when pressed, his game becomes worse than torres and fact that his defensive contribution is non existent, he wont help at all. Apart from Cahill, Mikel(yes him who can't be pressed)hazard, Ba, luiz, Brana(he did make mistake but he show much desire unlike others) no one would even make in bench of mourinho team. I really hate how things is going, we want to play attacking game and yet our pivot does not how to pass, they cannot track opposition passing game and neither can they make an interception. Today, we really missed mikel and with him we would have stop swansea from pressing us.
The funniest thing now is that rafa would be forced to play marin, the marin he believed isn't good enough will play 3 games now, I am so disappointed in that fat man, how they compare his tactical nous to mourinho's is just beyond me, mourinho is better than this joke by a HUGE Margin, if I was marin I'll push for that loan deal after helping the team till hazard gets back, or else he'll still rot on the bench for the next 4 months. If he doesn't play well we'll say he is not good enough, when we ought to have prepared him for days like this when we are leading with 4-0, him piazon and AKE would have been prepared psychologically now that we need depth if that spanish **** have done his homework
Desmond.He'll play Ramires on the left,Oscar in the whole and Mata on the right.H may even play his pet(Torres) on the wings,but I still doubt if he'll play marin.
I think it's fair to say we are getting what we are asking for.... we wanted Ba to start, we got it, we don't want Luiz in the team, we got it, some have been complaining that Oscar is not starting games and that they want more of the MAZACAR combination, we got it....some have been screaming they want Marin to start and have more game time, don't worry, with Hazard's suspension, you'll get that too..... I honestly don't believe MAZACAR is the way to go for us, not for now, that combo bring us more disappointment than success and was what got RDM the sack.... My main worry now is that we don't have any replacement. For me Marin is not what we need and won't make any significant impact or difference.....
We played badly and swansea did well over the 2 match but the ballboy was clearly play acting. Espn reported that he's the son of swansea director and that he tweeted about the match hours before with the tag #timewasting. That being said, he must be proud that he got hazard sent off, maybe a reward from dad might be coming his way.
Even as a Spurs fan, i have been watchingthe hazard incident closely and felt as though the ball boy was largely at fault. The little **** should never be allowed on the outskirts of a football field ever again. Behaviour was shocking and as for the play acting, that truely was something special. Could have mistaen him for being shot the wa e carried on ! Hope haxard gets off lighlty, nothing malicious but the press will have a field day with that one !!
Mata haven't been making any difference, he is knackered! The coach is clueless, marin will be playing more games if he was under a coach that knows what he is doing, I can't believe someone is still trying to absolve rafa of this mess we are in, I just wish roman would be sensible enough to tell him to face the PL top 3
@marcspur thank u for that, the press is already having swell time and I can't even read any other article that doesn't speak Ill of hazard and nei" ashton or whatever his name is
Keep on playing Oscar as a left winger, who had been ineffective in the previous games, while there was a natural winger (Marin) on the bench Changing centre-halves after 68mins. (!) Introducing our second striker with 10mins to go (excl. stoppage time). All these in a game which was our only chance to WIN a trophy. This is just a very poor piece of coaching. To say the least. Pathetic manager. I just hope he leaves in May.
I hope tubby resigns himself, it would be superb for both parties, but I guess the fat arse would love his pork and grills, who'll pay the bills
Football is really in danger if a common ball boy can decide to keep the ball as long as he wants
There's a saying where I'm from 'all fir coat and no knickers' that's us at the moment. We've got all the creativity in the world but no steel in midfield. I'd love to meet the person who's idea it was for selling miereles, what a great idea that was. Only two cm, no wonder we have no plan b. on hazard, he's got frustrated and gone after the ball to get it back so play can restart, that shows me he cares for the club. And before the media world go on remember a female steward was ruthlessly kick for no reason by non other than everyone's favourite Ferdinand, rio! Does that matter, it's ok for him to do it isn't it.
Guyys, stop ranting, am use to it. Tubby is here to stay till may. We have no choice.
Hazard is innocent saw the clip....its all the the ball boy mistake he dived tried to waste time by covering the ball and hazard tried to grab the ball from his hand in the end he tried to kick te ball in the end uderneath the boy which the boy made a huge mole of it...i dont think its a red card its a big mistake of giving him a red card... and chelsea should appeal fa for the red card...he shouldnt be ban at all...dont unerstand why everyone s bamng hazard for it...its foolish and dumb to blame him..the ball boyshould be penalised becase he has aid befo the math that he will b timewasting and he did it what he said...
and if roman needs to save chelsea from dopping deep down..then he should sack as soon as possible...this guy wont take us foward...has said it before will said now also...he is not good enough at all...give our under 21 manager to do the job till the end....with tubby roman dream of winning anything won happen....and people whoever thinks its a negative coment its not negative its a fact and we all kow deep down point in keeping hope and praising the man who tactics is goin nowere....why have a manager who is bringing negaivity in the club among the fans..we are going nowhere...its better to think about next season and give our under 21 manager to do the job for the rest f the season....we need positive feeiling in stbridge and it will only happen if we get him away...
No class class at all.... Unbelievable comment coming from a fan of Chelsea. You need to take a long hard look at yourself before you start blaming the world and his wife for your problems. Your chairman has tunred your club into a laughing stock and anyone who believes otherwise is a moron.
North Upper
A ball ball keeps the ball for as long as he wants during a game where the opposition players are frustrated and there is no time to waste and people are blaming the player. Lol!! What is the duty of a ball boy in the first place??? He is Swansea's director's Son, he initially tweeted he will do just that, he did it and people are blaming Hazard. Where is the sense in that??? That boy should be banned for life.
Btw, he did not kick the boy, I saw it clearly, he kicked the ball, the guy was only playacting to waste more time and cause commotion.
why is rafa playing oscar on the left wing ... while we have marko marin ?? why is he playing lampard who is not effective at all against such opposition as when teams defend deep he cant make those trade mar runs , i was hoping for a midfield of luiz and ramires and jt back in defence .... no one can deny the effect jt has on the team
haji ahmed
yes that ball boy is one piece of work isn't he, saw his tweet before the match keep saying he will do timewasting and he have done it perfectly, but Hazard should be more professional and not get too emotional, 5 match bans on the card me reckon
Even though we played the trio of MaZaCar and lacked width,it was not used in the same fashion as the game against Arsenal. The 3 players weren't rotating to keep their defenders in disarray,Oscar Secluded to the left and Hazard secluded to the right...Would love if they had rotated,pass and move,just to drag Swansea out of position. Rafa's tactical input was next to 0...I mean what's the sense in taking Iva off for Luiz and Ashley off for Bertrand...throw the kitchen sink at the swans.
3 hours of football against a mid table side and we can`t score a goal. We have spent almost £80m since the summer and just have a team of individuals, along with a manager who has not got a clue. Roman I know your intentions are good, but get rid of the incompetent advsers around you and get some football people in. Emenalo has pointed you towards a team of tricky midgets, which is very different to constructing a squad. If we don`t get into the top 4 this year, who are you going to blame this time ?
I'm not saying he should have done it, but I understand! The nearly 18 year old ball "man" - and Swansea director's son - was acting like an a$$ and Hazard tries to kick the ball out from under him and catches the guy. No way did he hurt him, it is obvious to everyone who has seen the guys twitter account he was going to try and pull a stunt. The media are saying they have never seen a player do anything like it. Well, I've never seen a ball boy deliberately lie on top of the ball before. It is interesting that virtually every pro-footballer - other than Rio of course (he only kicks female Chelsea stewards) - are on Hazard's side. I think most people in Hazard's situation would have tried to kick the ball out from under the ball boy.
jljyid - Not as black and white as people are making out mate. The 'kid' was 17 (hazard is only 22), he posted on twitter his intentions prior to the game, he is seen drinking alcohol on his twitter page too, so to say hazard has battered an inicent child is totally incorrect. If a 17 year old was winding up a 22 year old inside a pub and ended up getting slapped nobody would bat an eyelid. also what the fu(k is a 17 year old doing being a ball boy??? the chavvy pri(k needs to grow up.. Hazard didn't help himself and a red card is justified, give him a 3 game ban and leave it at that, i'd also sack the ball'boy', plenty of other lads would love the oppertunity and i expect would be more responsible.
First of all,am not satisfied with the standard of the officiating. Its high time C. Foy came out and make open the main cause of his hatred for Chelsea. This s.h.i.t is getting really annoying. He denied us an apparent penalty and consciously made many decisions in Swansea's favour. Though am not surprised as i knew before the game that he'll be like that,but all these has got to stop. There's no point crying over spilled milk as regards what the coach did wrong and what he did right. But to sum it up,am not impressed with his tactics,formation,team selection,subs and game plan. Quite a lot of things i felt he should have done better in. All the same,lets just forget about trophy ambitions for this season and focus on top 3 finish,completing the transition putting a die-hard mentality on the young lads. As for the Hazard-ballboy incident,two wrongs dont make a right,Hazard should simply have left and watch the boy. It was silly for the boy to hold unto the ball,sillier for Hazard to kick im. Truth is if i was Hazard,i'd have done something worse,probably using the teeth of my boot,crazy stuff!!
For Chelsea to be successful they need Cech in goal and at least 2 out of Terry, Lampard & Drogba on the pitch. With Drogba gone, Lamps leaving and Terry struggling with injuries we need new leaders to step up. Unfortunately nobody has. Good as they are Mata, Hazard, Oscar, Ba etc have a long way to go before they can be compared to the Chelsea team of 04-10.
This days i dont know how to put it so you wont be seen as a Lamps hater,with all due RESPECT,Lamps should be an impact sub at best. I clearly cant find any reason why he is played even in demanding games. He was deeply ineffective and hugely insignificant all at once last night. @Latunvic,should have added the clamour for his regular play time in that 'we got what we asked for' post of yours above. Some people do not care if we lose so long as Lamps plays. Luiz or Oscar in the pivot along side Ramires would have ensured we match Swansea's dominant mids,but that wasnt to be. Like i said, i dnt want to be beating a dead dog. The damage has been done,cant wait for the necessary changes come summer.
CobhamBlue, selective memory I see. CWC, COC, Super Cup, Charity Shield, CL, PL all gone.
No contract talk for a while I suppose.
foreign_viewer, Selective memory?? What are you talking about? Drogba has obviously not played in any of these games and other than the Charity Shield - where we played with 10 men - Cech, Terry & Lampard have not played in any of the other big matches. No Terry in Super Cup, CWC or COC. None of the new players are stepping up to the plate when it matters. We are turning into Arsenal without Terry & Drogba.
Man United just signed Zaha, Juve has confirmed Loriente...what are we doing?....aint we making additions?...this squad is really thin now...with Hazard missing a minimum of 3 matches, its even worse...I am getting scared....really scared...if we sign no one and call none of our loanees back...then I'll conclude our board is either thouroughly deluded or just stack blind....huh!
^^^...even though both players will be joining in the summer but at least the clubs are doing somthing...or is Emenalo on holidays?
Man U again closing in on Ezekiel Garay from Benfica (some really good defender that one)....I get'll just cool down and not hurt myself with worries...
We Invented the "Park the Bus" style of defence, and now we are paying for it as we can't seem to get goals against teams that park the Bus in defence.
And it started to rain cats and dogs already
Dark cloud all over the Stamford Bridge, as predicted by Sir GabeU
Point being; If you Make an invention, you should know the weakness of your invention. Know where the self-destruct button is and push it when you come up against teams that use your invention.
layorh 12...emenalo is doing greart...becasue he knows whatever chelsea will buy now rafa wont use would be waste of money...he kows the season has gone he is just going through the motion....rafa says he is doing rotation with the squad i think rafa needs to check his mind i think it has got rotated...last night showed how he used his sub...we have to score goals and his subs were ryan and luiz and marin who is winger and a better option was o the bench...that show how clueless our manager is and he call himself a tactician...dont know in which world he stays to be called a tactician...just hoping this season gets over summer get our loanies back...get a manager first and ship out torres asap...plan properly whom to buy and how to use our squad properly...
Lose : it because Terry and Drogba didnt play? Win: Lampard won the game single-handedly. Open your eyes.
How I wish it was one of Pepe,Ibrahimovic,Zidane or my man Balotelli that was involved with that trampy boy last night. He'd be in a cast right now. Lol. The police have confirmed there will be no charges pressed and the case is now officially closed but sky sports is pressing the fa to do something about it!!!!! Typical!!
The centre needs sorting. A Pirlo type of player or two will sort out most of the teams problems.
Just sign Becks and put him in the middle. The man is one of the best passers in the game. Give Becks a 6month contract and lets use him till the end of the season. Whats there to lose? Rafa shouldbnt be allowed to sign anyone....he's leaving in a few months.
@Shlok...I kind of understand what you are saying...but then Emenalo will be very stupid to do that....with the squad weve got right now...I dont think we can safely say we'll make top 4 especially if you factor in who our coach is (i think he is near clueless really)...see., the squad has obvious needs and basic weaknesses which I have talked about in articles and all of us keep saying these things in posts...we need to sort out the pivot..its simply non existence..we are simply patching and getting along...I also think we need a a player who is comfortable on the right wing and that can also assist Ba as a second striker...this has nothing to do with who the coach is...its easy to see and its about having a squad with depth so we can acheive our remaining objectives for the season irrespective of who the coach is.....I seriously feel for our season especially if the window closes and we remain this way....why did we loan KDB out?...did we feel he was not ready for the first team or were was the board just plain stupid??...immediately I saw the boy's first match at Bremen, I immediately knew it was another terrible chelsea decision...If KDB was around, he would have gotten some good minutes given how our season is going...the club is not well run...end of.
It is true Beckham can really pass. That's what's missing. A dedicated passer of the ball.
Layorh, i wonder what they are waiting for. There should have been atleast 1 more addition since. Now its very pertinent we deal otherwise....! This days you dont get to come across those speculations again.
@Ohans *sigh sigh....I am getting tired now!
Guys I know u'll chew my head for this but what is the use for buying players? Rafa won't use them, the man is clueless and it is hurting me, if he have used marin and piazon and they did not perform then he'll have a case to prove for depth and squad supplements, but what if we buy players, will he use them? Will he? Ask urselves that question first
@Desmond..he will use them...common...he likes to rafa-rotate.doesn't he?....anyways a word is enough for the wise...if we leave the squad the way it 4 will be a long shot..very long...I wonder who we are gointa heap the blame on...Tubby because we tot he would not use the new players...or Emenalo because he was dumb enough not to buy....even if he does not use them (which is imposible) long as the player are the right ones with the right level of talent and good enough to play the way team wants to...we'll just coutinue after FSW....i hope the board put on their thinking and do the right thing....
Maybe it really is time for Jose again. Bring back Mourinho. His £20m a year contract might be a problem. There nothing Roman can do to please opposition fans and the media so he may as well rehire Mourinho.
Desmond,don't mind that man,my only worries is for us to safely see out our CL qualification which am afraid is in a precarious state looking how thin how team is.
benitez out no passion slow in the build up a right mess and we actually hired him worst manager for the roman reign
@layorh, how many players that are quality players are available now? How many teams would release their best players? And if we buy average players, rafa won't use them because he won't trust that they can do a job like mazacar, as I said, he chose them and wait on the sidelines hoping they can do something in a moment of brilliance, sadly the man haven't done anything for us, @ohans, I have not been minding him for a long time, I knew he was crap, the moment he deployed bertie on the wing in a game in his early days, choosing the same players rdm chose, I knew roman have made a bad mistake, I was mad that rdm left, and my beef with rafa is not bcos rdm was sacked, but bcos he is no different, if we were gonna sack a legend, then we ought to get someone that is way better, but we got someone that is even worse, how many points were we using to trail man utd when rdm was sacked? How many is rafa using? His next target is to make us drop in the PL then the fa cup
Desmond certain very good players have been rumoured to have relaase clauses in their contracts and if we meet this, their clubs will have no option than to deal...Fellani, Montinho,Capuoe Aspas, Benat, Isco and even Wilian...since the board does not wanta take the more econoomical and intelligent route of recalling our talented loanees...then they should stump out the fecking cash and strengthen the damn squad irrespective of rafa...there's none of the players i mentioned above that we'll buy and FSW will be mad enough not to use....the board should use their brains and make the freaking signings!!
I am okay with both willian and fellaini and if they come we can still do something positive with our team, this players are both quality players and willian will give mata a stiff challenge for the no.10 and I think fellaini will plug the hole in the pivot, those two players will cost us nothing less than £50m, do u really think roman is ready to splash that amount yet again?
@Desmond...If I was on the board I wont have loaned out KDB, I wont have sold Danny (I would def find a way to convince him to stay), I would have retained one of Meireles or Essien and lastly I'll probably have recalled josh in this window if I see the need for it...since we cant think, plan and take the sensible route..then we can as well just spend the cash...we seem to lack foresight...all I know is the worst thing we can do to ourselves is to leave the squad the way it is (we even had the effontery to loan Piazon out!!!! is boadering round insanity really)...we'll only have ourselves and our inept board to blame...i dont want us to do a liverpool but that probability is there and real!!!!.....
^^I would have only bought BA this window under such scenario if I was a decision maker on the board..
Well we all know that the decision makers are morons, now they are planning on loaning out marin too, rafa too has his own fault too, I am praying so hard that we don't implode as a team, roman needs to save us from himself
foreign_viewer, Again what are you talking about? They haven't won anything without Terry or Drogba. Chelsea win with Cech, Terry, Lampard & Drogba (3 of the 4 in the CL Final). They have not yet found any "winners" to replace them. Until they do Chelsea won't be winning major trophies. We have become Arsenal.
How old were Drogba, Terry and Lampard when they won their first trophy? The team is young. Isn't this what people wanted? A young team that will gel and improve the season after season. If there is a player out there that comes even close to Pirlo, he's the missing piece. Age isn't a factor in this case.
I agree with you @CobhamBlue we are turning into Arsenal. We need a game changer. I hope that was a one off from BA hopefully he is not learning how to finish from Torres. Oscar looks to fragile. We need a quality player for the pivot (watch Alonso's Pass for Real Madrid goal yesterday). I always said we are short of wingers but nobody listens to me. IMO Hazard/Oscar/Mata are No. 10. We are a team of individuals where everybody looks to Mata to do something special. We have no identity/Desire/Hunger. Rafa should have put Marin/Torres on for defenders, it is called going down fighting, Aston Villa put 4 strikers in the 2nd half, their team shape was affected but they scored a goal.
Desmond Adonis.... how wonderful to read your posts on your own site. How are you? Okay?
Cape Town Spurs
Its baffling that Ramirez cannot pass to save his own life! What has he been doing on the training ground as a pivot player all these while? I saw the game between Werder Bremen and Borrusia Dortmund and saw exactly the genuine meaning of pivot players in Blazykowski and Gundurgan. They made everything easy for Marko Reus and Mario Gotze distribution wise, Robert Lewandowski was having a filled day no much side passes or back passes, they were always direct passes of the ball, and the best thing was that their opponents (werder bremen) were also playing good football. I tried to compare the Dortmund Pivot players with how lampard and Ramirez played yesterday, believe me, it was miles apart, as long as I'm concerned, we've got no pivot players, I now understand why RDM preferred Using Ramirez on the wings. Another thing I noticed from that game was how good Kevin DeBruyne is distribution wise and Fluency of play, I swear If Chelsea end up selling that Chap? I'll kill someone on that board...... Lol!
Chelsea will not turn to Arsenal. Roman is building a new team. The players will learn from this season and improve. That's what young talented players do. Also, there is litle chance of them leaving like they do at Arsenal.
De Bruyne is a proper passer. If Chelsea let him go, he won't be a Werder Bremen for long. He is like a younger Scholes, Xavi, Pirlo. It is a shame he's on loan.
new castle is doing good buiseness in this transfer window ... so is qpr .. sissoko would have been a great player to fill the void in the midfield and loic remy would have been great competing with ba .. we need a player like cheik tiote , lars bendner , fellaini , Étienne Capoue , matuidi or wanyama to strengthen our midfield .. we have no structure or shape in the midfield since romeu got injured
haji ahmed
de bruyne should be recalled (if we are able to). as much as i love ramires his passing makes him a liability.
Ramires has never shown an aptitude for passing the ball. Rafa depending on him in the pivot is a bad joke. Mikel passes the wrong direction, but at least it usually makes it to a teammate's foot. Our current first team has no great pivot, that's why the ball spends so much time in our defensive third going from defender to defender followed by a speculative long ball. The Hazard incident...don't worry about it. Every ex-player and current player that has spoken-up has said the kid was at fault, every replay has clearly shown that Hazard's foot hit the ball, and almost every non-partisan talking-head has said that the kid played it up and did his best Ronaldo imitation. If the FA takes any action against Eden or our Club it would be a travesty of the worst kind.
it is now being reported that David Luiz has developed a calf strain that will keep him out for weeks...all courtesy of this brainless coach who made a useless like for like substitutiion bringing a player not fit enough in a match we wanted to win....Tubby is slowing killing our season...and if Luiz is out for a considerable period, are we still goin to fold our hands and not sign anybody until all our players get injured as a result of fatigue...?...what annoys me the most is that whenever there are pressing issues at this club...evry body just keeps quiet (may be waiting for orders from Roman) like zombies...I am sooo happy I am a voice at my place of work and I feel very relevant...huh!!
@layorh12......desmond answered most of it what i meant to say...idont see rafa rotation at all...just rplacing ba an torres is not rotation...and rgarding pivot...everyone knows that lamps and rami ar not good pivot at all..then also our tactician keeps on playing them with no result at all...why not try oscar luiz pivot and play marin haz on wings...he could have done that and could have see how thats goes but he is sticking that same old useless pvot system going nohwere...torres was out of form and was useless but he didnt tried pizon at all...the guy could had done better than torres if he had got chance...marin has been wasted so happy that kdb is not here or else he would be marin2.0...would have got wasted here...we come to know how good our payers are when they are playing on loan and when we see them playing there we know that they are ready....but the same player if he was here he would have been termed as not ready for chelsea..similry if marin was on loan somewhere else we would have desperatley wanted him here...becsuse we how good that guy is...the problem is we dont recognize the value of the players when he is at chelsea...e.g lukaku kdb courtious
@capetownspurs, I do comment on my site too, I just love the banter at the spurs site once in a while, by the way I little bird told me cooper flew to london, perhaps having a medical? I see that u guys are loaning out players as much as chelsea, but atleast your coach knows what he is doing!
I was unimpressed by KDB's loan, I begin to wonder what is the problem with our managers, KDB is doing well at werder, lukaku trying at WBA, courtois making rave reviews at athletico madrid, a decent coach would be very happy to have this talents, chalobah and mceachran is there and we have thorgan hazard and piazon too, exciting talents but we need someone that can use them, it is ironical that this season when we need a huge squad due to the numerous cups and competitions we played in yet we have the thinnest squad under roman
@shlok...I will be a lot happier if Tubby was trying new things (e.g. new formations, new combinations in the pivot e.t.c) and our results are as erratic as they are now...the guy is not doing anything...some old stuff evry single time..truth is he has cost us three trophies (Bpl, cwc and coc)..bcos when he took charge we were only five points behind manure in the league, that has now grown to 11points...there's hardly a case for him to stay beyond the summer and that is if he lasts till then....Roman also has to take out time and think, I mean think deeply...these stupid trends cant continue come next season...i bet if Roman owned Arsenal, Man city, Liverpool, inter and Ac milan., he would have sacked Wenger, Mancini, Rodgers, Stramatoni and Aggleri respectively by just how whacked does that look?...some amazing nonsense happening at chelsea....
and I forgot to mention Real Madrid in my post above^^^....Roman would have sacked Mourinho..since Is Roman more intelligent than all these other club owners?...these are teams that should be vying for trophies but some how they aint....and the owners are showing some patience...!!!...Roman..sit and think!
every time a needle drops, we sack the coach...evry time a player shags an ex team mates girlfriend, we sack the coach...for us sacking the coach is about the only antidote for any percieved illness...hei hei!
@layor thts my point people call rafa a which way he is tactiian...apart from luiz in mdfield the rest of them clueless tactics...for me he is just going through the motion and nothing at all...chelsea needs to get their act together next season or we will see this thing happennig again...first get a coach give him time and stabality..appoint a fotbal director like hiddink...get all the loan players who are doing well back at chelsea...before bringing any new players consult the coach who should be there and who souldnt be in his plam..make a plan first for the to play which system should be used...a proper planning is all we needed to get forward..get a proper system how to integrate our youngstrs step by step in the frst team...roman has to be patience with the coach he hires now wether we win or loose matches he has to be paience or else chesea will always struglle to get a poper stabality in future...the best thing is that we have top class youngster at chelsea all we need is a proper guidance to them which we are missing...
crisis again? what crisis? anyone surprised after the first legs result that we didnt make it through Wednesday night? feels like everytime we dont win, we need to dissect the squad and re-design it and everyone suddenly becomes a better manager than Rafa...anbody can kick an injured horse when it is laying on the ground...most people just choose not to
i hope we get another striker (lewandowski ) and another midfielder (fellaini) before the window closes
haji ahmed
"Mikel" passes in the wrong direction. Debunked long ago.
sky italia tv is reporting that a massive bid has been accepted for jovetic from a premier league team,man this is one sick player,just hope this is not true,i know arsenal have been snifing around...Emenalo still sleeping??.....
I hope its us that have bid for him...Injuries permitting he would certainly improve most squads in Europe this fella
@Jonny...I honestly think its Arsenal or man city as 'why always me' might be leaving...sadly...hmmm....the club should should just do something before deadline...its getting crazy now...I am nervouus..a part of me tells me chelsea will surprise me again, another tells me its just gointa be another very long ke!!
I agree Layorh - a little bit nervous with our depth as well esp with Hazard missing at least 3 games...time for Emenalo to pull his finger out me thinks
i seriously hope it's us that bid for jovetic. i've long been a fan and wityh hazard probably going to be castigated and luiz injured for 'weeks' we almost don't have a ******** bench. if we don't buy anyone we WILL NOT make top 4. we'll also exit fa cup and europa league (oh well) and be a true embarassment, the season where chelsea slipped from the top echelon of football.

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