Chelsea - Congratulations and Apologies to Swansea
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Congratulations and Apologies to Swansea

Firstly, I`d like to offer our congratulations to Swansea City for reaching the Capital One Cup Final.

Your victory over the two legs has given you a wonderful opportunity, against Bradford City, to claim some major silverware in your centenary season.

Here at Vital Chelsea we hope you have an enjoyable, and rewarding, day in the fine City that is London.

Secondly, we`d like to apologize for the actions of Eden Hazard last night. What happened to the ball-boy was both regrettable and uncalled for. Hopefully, it didn`t sour what must have been a memorable night for the 'Jack Army` and we hope that Hazard learns from what was a tempestuous episode.

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 24 2013

Time: 12:57PM

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congrats swansea for the final they deserved it...and you should thanks rafa for that...our mathematician oh sorry magician opps whatever...
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24/01/2013 13:15:00

I to i want to congratulate Swansea on a well deserveed win, they showed us how to defend and keep the ball and how to pass, but please Merlin dont turn Hazard into some sort of villain, yes he ws silly, but he no Cantona, it was a spur of the moment incident and the ball boy is as much to blame.
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24/01/2013 13:16:00

and why should we apologise swansea for the fact we didnt did anything wrong...everyone knows whose mistake it is...congratsss yaa they deserved but apologise nope not at all..
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24/01/2013 13:27:00

apologies strictly for PR reasons (i doubt it will change much anyways)...they are a decent team though..good lock to them!
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24/01/2013 13:34:00

Apologies to Swansea ??? Are you for real Merlin ??? I dont hear any apologies coming from them over the terrible unsporting behavior that they directed their ballboys to commit . It is quite obvious that Swansea own director instructed his son to do what he did (CHEAT)which to me warrant's a fine and a ban FROM FOOTBALL . You can ban me all you want but i'm gonna call you a joke ,their behavior is what instigated this whole mess ,they are the one's at fault here . Ok Hazard should not have gotten involved with that little prat and should have just left the ref to deal with it but it is quite clear that the ref's weren't bothered with the ballboy's time wasting and weren't going to do anything about it but for you to make out that Hazard is the villain in all this without even making reference to Charlie Morgan's behavior is ridiculous . Next i'll be reading your article's on the Daily Mail . This article is just feeding the anti Chelsea media and mentality that could possibly ruin Eden Hazard's career in England .
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24/01/2013 13:34:00

Fair play to Swansea ,I wont take anything away from them but their actions were disgraceful . I guarantee you that if that ballboy was Chelsea and he did that at Stamford Bridge you wouldn't hear any apologies come from Swansea , they'd be demanding a replay and a fine for us and the media would also call us dirty cheating shameful scumbag club who order their "youth" to cheat for the sake of a win . UNBELIEVABLE I cant believe this now .
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24/01/2013 13:39:00

@ZolaIsLegend...I can swear by anything that if Hazard had left the ball man...Chris Foyd wont have done anything...I am sure Chris FOyd was probably also that way with similar behaviour when he was a lot wonder his officiating is so shambolic...pathetic bunch!
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24/01/2013 13:41:00

Pathetic bunch is right Layorch12 . I try and be as diplomatic as i can when i come on here but I just cant see what Merlin's intention's are with these article's . I'm quite disgusted with him being honest . DISGUSTED
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24/01/2013 13:56:00

Calm down, Zola. Eden's career in England won't be ruined over this incident. The FA will likely extend the ban, which I have conflicted feelings about, but the fact that Eden and the boy have already expressed a mutual apology may go a long way to diffusing the situation. I hope so. If anything, Eden will be embarrassed by what happened, and I hope it teaches him a lesson about professionalism. He's an amazing talent, but he has a lot of maturing to do. This, in short, could be a very good thing for his career if he responds to it in the right way. As for Merlin's article, I think it's right to be magnanimous in defeat. Swansea took advantage of our mistakes in the first match--and it's a shame that ball boy incident happened in the first place because it distracts people from how inept we were inside the opposition box. We had to score early and couldn't get a shot on target for something like 70 minutes. We were poor. The ball boy's cheating and Eden's tempestuous kick were isolated incidents. Over 180 minutes, Swansea were better.
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24/01/2013 14:23:00

very true @radio...very true....i tot we were poor and Swansea were slightly the better side over the 2 legs...and is it me or is Brana having a dip in form.??...I still dont think FSW is a clear upgrade on RDM....and thats my view...I just hope come end of season...we take one of the chamopion's league places...while I have previously not supported the re-hire of Mou, I am now begining to think it might not be a bad idea...Tubby cant take us forward and thats the truth....anyways'll wait till the summer for the drama to unfold....
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24/01/2013 14:34:00

I prefer to die than say congrats and apologies to swansugly. Over the two legs they did nothing that made them deserve to go through NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They had the refs on their side, they made their ballfreaks waste, we had a dissalowed goal, should have had a penalty in the first few minutes, dominated both games but missed many chances, WE DESERVED TO GO THROUGH SO PLEASE DONT TELL ME TO CONGRAT AND APOLOGISE THOSE UGLY FREAKING DISGUSTING COWS and please dont say that this game reminds of the one against uefalona. The only reason swashet are through is because we gave them their two goals, they didnt score their two goals out of great build ups and talent like we did vs uefalona and I dont care if this comment is too hard im saying what I mean now AND ITS THE TRUTH SO IF U WANNA BAN ME THEN BAN ME CAUSE I HAVE HAD ENOUGH FAKE FANS HERE. Apologies and congrats? lol NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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24/01/2013 14:38:00

You prefer to die? Ugh, now that's moronic. And we're "fake fans" because we can accept that we were beaten over two legs? You're making a similar argument that Barca made when CFC beat them in the CL. How do you reconcile that--you know, since you're such a "real" fan?
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24/01/2013 14:40:00

guys get a grip...every body cant be coming on here and saying stuffs like if you wanta ban me then ban me...its just really childish..and no disrespect intended...if you've got strong points or feel strongly about something just say it....and every body gists not hammering on being banned...nobody is policing anybody...the editors are only doing their best to make the site some maturity and stop trying to rubb it on their faces like you are some toddler...
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24/01/2013 14:43:00

There is no need to apologize...except for those that are worried about politial correctness..Swansea should be apologizing for their employee that showed the world his lack of class..Lets grow a pair...
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24/01/2013 14:51:00

Radio , when i say ruin Eden's career "in England" I'm talking about the abuse he's going to receive from opposing fans and media outlets for the rest of his time playing for us . He could say F this after a while and look to move abroad to get away from it . We all know how viscous people can be in the stands and media and i'm just worried that he'll get fed up with it all after a while . Its gonna happen to him and I doubt he's as strong mentally as the like's of JT .
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24/01/2013 14:59:00

Yes Radio your right ,there's nothing wrong with being magnanimous in defeat ,its to be applauded and I congratulated Swansea for making it to the final . But if Merlin is gonna write an article on how Eden was, than there's two sides to every coin and he needs to acknowledge how disgraceful Swansea and their ballboy were as well . I don't see vital Swansea condemning there unsporting behavior do I ?
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24/01/2013 15:03:00

Zola: do you think Ronaldo isn't hated by everyone but Real Madrid and Utd fans? I can't stand him either, but I absolutely respect him for his ability to thrive in the midst of being so vehemently disliked by opposition fans. It's made him a better player. If Eden is to ever be a world-class player, he must treat this as a learning opportunity and an incentive to play better. And just because he may not be as mentally strong as JT or Ronaldo doesn't mean that he can't become stronger. You're making too big of a deal out of this in my opinion. Eden will be fine.
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24/01/2013 15:07:00

We gifted them 2 goals at the bridge and our coach is clueless, any coach that knows how to break down teams like that would be roundly appluaded as it is becoming a trend that most teams are using to stop a better side
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24/01/2013 15:41:00

RadioactiveD When I say I prefer to die proves that im a real Chelsea fan and please dont compare me with uefalona, im nothing like those cowards
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24/01/2013 16:10:00

Chelsea should demand an apology, if this was Bruce Bucks son and it had happened at the Bridge, could you imagine how it would be reported. Swansea and the Football League would be demanding a replay. Is this now the beginning of ball boys being utilized in a tactical way by all clubs in the future? No wonder Swansea want to play it down.
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24/01/2013 16:31:00

I personally want to congratulate Swansea for advancing to the finals as well. When all the emotions die down the honest truth is that they were the better side over the 2 legs of the tie..end of story. I personally dont feel Chelsea owes Swansea an apology though. Eden owed the ball boy an apology for his actions and the ball boy owed eden an apology for his and my understanding is that these apologies have been exchanged. Eden is already getting at least a 3 match ban for his straight red.It is obvious when you see the replay of the incident that Eden had no malicious intent and attempted to kick the ball from under the boy..whether he made any contact with the boy is contentious but it is clear the boy then embellished the whole incident and feigned injury that really was non existent. I just want to put the whole thing behind us and try and rescue what little self respect the club has left in the season as well as a top 3 finish if at all possible. At season's end the whole club needs a reboot..i hope the decision makers have learnt their lessons after the debacles in decision making we have seen from preseason last summer till date but somehow i doubt it.
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24/01/2013 19:53:00

Somehow I doubt it to Gabeu .I've supported the Chels for 35 years now and i can safely say that this season has been the worst and most embarrassed i've ever felt as a True Blue . There are no word's to describe what its like for a Chelsea supporter right now . You could easily fall out love with the whole sport eventually . Its an awful shame ......I'm getting to the stage that enough is enough .
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24/01/2013 22:46:00

After watching replays of the incident, it is very clear that Hazard attempted to kick the Ball rather than hurt the ball boy. Though Hazard's action can best be termed unnecessary and unprofessional for the manner in which he rertrieved the ball, it is totally unfair to blame him for kicking or hurting the ball boy.
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25/01/2013 02:01:00

what's wrong with you Merlin? Apologizing for Swansea is uncalled for.
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25/01/2013 07:06:00

Congratulations to Swansea...They made us look toothless in attack over 180mins home & away. Yes we can congratulate Swansea for their qualification into the final,but do we owe Swansea any apology whatsoever? No. Hazard got punished for his offence and will get a 3 match ban,I don't see Swansea apologizing to us for their ball boy antics. Like I said both parties were at fault so let's not make it sound like Hazard just committed homicide. @Radio...Not every player is mentally strong and Hazard is just 21 turning 22,he is a young lad,and the hate he might get at away grounds could either stir him on or off...let's hope it doesn't affect him emotionally. Like Zolaisgod...I'm a little upset with the write up in Merlin's article,making Hazard look like the devil when he was instigated by the ballman. Yes Hazard was wrong and is a professional,but he is also human. As far as I'm concerned his intention was to win the ball,he had the wrong approach to it,and got a deserving red card. 3 match ban should be served and that should be the end of it,nothing more nothing less.
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25/01/2013 07:30:00

I am so p*ssed off with this nanny state that we now live in. The ball boy deserves all the bad press and off the back of that so do Swansea for tolerating it and offering no public apology. Us apologise on behalf of Eden is way to far, let it go Merlin. What we are learning is that teams have learnt from us and our games against Barca & BM.
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25/01/2013 07:48:00

no apologies from me i'm afraid...i'm not that generous...In any case, Chivalry between us was killed by the ballboys antics...Having said that, it was 10mins to go and we didnt really look like scoring so...One things for sure, Branners will never forget those two errors from the first leg...
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25/01/2013 12:21:00

@JohnnyOz...while I think you might not agree....judging from Brana's Overall performance starting from the community shield this season...I can safely say he is begining to slowly decline...there was a time (2-3seasons ago)..when it was near imposible for a winger to get past brana...thats no longer the case...and thats why i think he wont be our first choice RB for much longer....its players like Brana thaat the chelsea's 30yr old rule is tailored made he is nearing 30 already...I dont see him maintaining his prior level much longer....I'll say if the rumoured madrid interest persists this coming summer, we sell without much tot...thats my opinion though...although I think Italy with better suite him cos that is a damn slow league...he'll be a freakin rock.
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25/01/2013 12:45:00

I agree Layorh, Branners hasnt looked as solid and resolute as he normally does this season...I think we have to remember that he has probably been in the premier league team of the season for the past 3 seasons and in that same time has been top 3 for cfc player of the season...I hope its just a blip because he's now one of the "old guard" and i think we need them while the new boys "learn how to be champions"...they're not quite there yet! I think he has earned at least another season to prove himself...Raheem Sterling still thinks he's the best defender he has played against in his career so far so hopefully there's something there and his career only spans this season...i certainly hope we havent seen the best of Branners
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25/01/2013 13:05:00
Report Abuse
25/01/2013 13:09:00

Johnny - you ve got a good point there...time will tell...lets keep our fingers crossed...!
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25/01/2013 15:31:00


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