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Is this the end for Romans Empire?

13 years - 12 trophies - 10 managers!

Enough is enough.

With this type of record, it's no question that Chelsea are a great side, but with 10 managers all being sacked in the last 13 years, its no wonder that we haven't been able to crack Europe entirely, just yet.

One of the keys to a great side winning plenty of trophies is stability. Although we still have the trophies it's not good enough. For you fans that wanted Pep Guardiola, he took the easy and- dare I say - better option.

How would you feel coming into a new club where success was an only option and you had to win trophies every year and if you had to deliver the Holy Grail!

But even that doesn't seem like enough, as our beloved Di Matteo found out the hard way.

The question is, can ANYBODY, EVER please Abramovich?

And will we ever find out?

We have the potential to be the best in the WORLD. And it may sound a little far fetched but I know we have what it takes. I think we all know how much Roman loves this club.

But when will he come to his senses?

When will he see that he's destructing our club with all the sackings and need for control?

We can never reach our potential as a team if a new manager turns up at Stamford Bridge every year. It's simply not acceptable.

But who has the nerve to tell him?

They know if they face up to Abramovich, they'll be next to get the chop. I really am scared for Chelsea's future. I really am. I don't know where we`re heading; especially now in the game at Swansea determining whether we win a trophy or not this season.

At the start of the season we were chasing 7 trophies. Now it's been whittled down to 3. And I think we all know who's partially to blame.

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The Journalist

Writer: EmeliaX9 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday January 24 2013

Time: 4:36PM

Your Comments

What exactly is the point of the article except to say that Roman's sacking of managers has arguably hurt us in the long-term and now we're seeing the negative effects of his hiring of Benitez? Aren't we having this discussion every single day here at VC?
@radio...bad loss at swansea robbing off...
*bad loss to swansea
10 years in and I have to say that Chelsea aren't that much better at this stage, than when Abramovich took over, and before you all start slating me, here's why I believe this to be true. When Abramovich took over we finished 4th the season before, we were winning the odd trophie, such as league cup, FA cup, Cup winners cup and had a sexy style of football, as introduced by Hoddle and enhanced by Gullit up to Ranieri. 10 years on and Chelsea finished 6th last year, though obviously champions league is way above any achievement before, and won the FA cup. This year we have lost the community shield, super cup, world club cup championship, champions league, league cup and definitely won't win the league. It's amazing, because I would say, that since the time of Ancelotti's 2nd season, we have been getting progressively worse, to the stage, I would argue we're no better than when Abramovich took over and the only way out of it, is to spend yet more money, because the current group of players have no direction/leadership on the field and whilst they have guile, really do need some brute strength in there, a Makale, Essien, Ballack, Drogba and dare I say it, a younger John Terry and Frank Lampard. I really think we should have won more trophies than we have given how poor some of the Man Utd teams have been. We should have at least won 2 more league titles and I only say this because I think we actually had better teams than Manchester United under Hiddink (came in too late unfortunately) and Anceloitti. I'd also argue, had Mourinho been given free regin, we would have won the chamions league earlier. One thing is for sure, we should definitely have won the super cup, world club cup championship and leagu cup. Are we really any better 10 years on?
The problem today, is that we have no football people at the helm. So every decision is made at a whim. Hence the situation we find ouselves in. Since Roman arrived, he could splash out on players and if it didn`t work, he could just go and buy another one. But those days will soon be over once FFP is intoduced. It hurts me to say, but RA could ultimately become a liability as opposed to an asset if poor decisions continue to be made. Look around you Roman and get some expertise in before it is too late.
"One of the keys to a great side winning plenty of trophies is stability." On what basis do you make such a sweeping (and largely inaccurate as far as I can see) statement?
aslaram you are nuts. not better than 10 years ago , did you forget all the trophies we won ???
I'm sure he has learnt his lesson the hard way and will now actually allow whichever new manager to do his job. Not Jose though.
we are way better than 10 years ago.we were title contenders and no1 in the table for quite some time not too long ago.we have some of the most amazing talent and legends in our team.i'd say we are way better
arsenal in 10 years have won 1 trophy while having 1 manager and everton have won nothing with 1 manager. I agree RA is very trigger happy but i do feel he has people who know nothing about football running the club whispering their views. Time RA clears the whole board room and put chelsea people back in. The soul of our club is dying and im sure this is not what RA wants but sadly shocking decisions over the last 5 years has caused this.
it does not justify anything.our poor perfomance is no team spirit líke mou time.this is so, as that time we had competition 4 places.each position had two stars thus mou could choose player as per his workrate and discipline.cfc players dont have to show much as are sure to be picked.dont blame roman.
Resolving the ground issue is a big factor relating to Romans Empire. I notice the possibility of having a football ground at Earls Court was knocked back yesterday. What now ?
Either we admit it or not, we are on a downward spiral and we might be nowhere to be found in the next 5 years if roman don't do the right thing as we have been clamouring for, get a DOF, appoint a coach that knows what he is about and give him time, what we mean by time is not to take the team to 16th on the log, but we need someone that will rebuild this team while still achieving top 4 till we finish our transition without the pressure of trophy in the first or second season, that is not too much to ask, but the question is, which coach would suit us out there or have the boldness to come?
We can only but hope he has learnt his lessons and is willing not only to be patient with the next manager,but also to relinquish a good measure of control to the new man. But the big questions remain, who will that be? How will the person be convinced that we have repented? I ask the 2nd question because every coach is now wary of the so called poison chalice.
Article missing the fact Chelsea is debt free under Roman. How many top teams in Europe can boast of that? Not even Man Utd, Bards, Rea Madrid. I will never see Roman as a liability. People keeps talking about the sexy styles before Roman and forget to acknowledge that it was the same crave that push Ken Bates to takeout the eurobond that almost send us oblivion. Portsmouth and Leeds come to mind. We should be careful what we wish for. question for the writer, forsake of stability we you be campaigning to keep Rafa instead?if not that is Hippocracy of highest order. Because u can't wish for stability and the time want the current coach to be sack and someone will surely be writing another article to remind us Rafa is the 11th coach in Roman era
jollyheart Torres
jollyheart Torres. ranieri, Mourinho,Grant,Scolari,Hiddink,Ancelotti,Avb,Di matteo,Benitez Thats 9 manager. Where did you get 11 from?
Look i think Roman learnt his lesson already, right from the days of Andre Villas Boas, he was ready to give a free hand to AVB to run the team affairs and let him stay on as a permanent boss, to him, AVB was the New Jose Mourinho. But what was he to do, when the clubs top players refused to play under AVB, thereby creating Assunder in the team? He was forced to fire AVB, a painful decision he had to make, hence the statement in the locker room to the players, "Its all on you lot". The only questionable/baffling decision RA has made all his tenure, was to fire Ancelotti and Mourinho. All other were either not good enough for chelsea, or interim bosses. RA wants a permanent manager for the team just as much as we do, that's why he put in all his resources to pursue Josep Guardiola, unfortunately, its failed. He is done firing managers for now, that's why he would let Rafa Benitez's contract run out, regardless of bad results.
@ Lakupiippu, I meant to say whoever replace RAFA will be the 10th. why not give the 9th a long term contract for the sake of stability.
jollyheart Torres
I don't believe that any person will be doubting how much we have benefitted from coming in contact with Roman. I don't think such person has taken a good look at the stats. We now have a rich history already and are now mentioned among the most successful clubs of the past 2 decades,all thanks to who,you??. Come on,give credit to whom its due. I crave stability,we all do,i yearn for that time when we can have a long serving manager,who we can stand by as a club thru thick and thin,in trophy glut and drought, who will steer the club to greater heights,and i think the time for that has come. But it goes without saying that the last 10yrs and the good and bad thereof,has been priceless for Chelsea.
Jolly, you mean Rafa? Seriously?? Come on man,i dont mind a 10th at this point. I once thought about making the interim substantial,but that will be a mistake,a colossal one for that matter.
mmm 13 years? you'll find RA arrived with his lolly in july 2003, not yet 10 years. so there. some people don't go back very far with their inaccurate statements! some people don't go back very far...period.
oh...its amazing how ungrateful some of us are. This is a pile of crap....... Long live the Roman Empire.
Thanks zosblue...long live indeed! Like you say pile of cowdung this article is...The article isnt worth my comments but i thought yours was...Keep the faith
TheWorldIsOurs26 "Aslaram you are nuts. not better than 10 years ago, did you forget all the trophies we won ???" Have you forgotten all the trophies we have lost this year? Community shield, super cup, world club cup championship, league cup, premier league and champions league? Yes we have won a lot of trophies, but we have been on a steady decline since the 2nd season on Ancelotti, which is not really any managers fault, as the board should have been strengthening the team based on managers instructions. Carlo Ancelotti, 'The team you have (Abramovich) is efficient, strong, like a machine, what you need to add is a Ribbery, a flair player.' to paraphrase his book. So we buy Ramires, Torres (already faded a year and a half before) and Luiz. Hardly the signing I thnk Ancelotti would have wanted. So again, yea, we've won trophies, but this team, in comparison to 10 years ago, although better on paper, is not in practise. So, I stand by what I say, the trophies we won under Mourinho and Ancelotti, do not make the team better today, that's based on past. I'm comparing this team and what they haven't achieved, to that of Ranieri's. Just accept it, at this moment in time, haven't spent all that money, we are no further than we we when Abramovich took over. He has taken us to the highest hights and are back where we were. That though, is not to say we won't be back at the top, it's just an honest assesment of where we are now. Surely what I'm saying makes sense now?
JohnnyOz, people are not ungrateful, they are concerned, so let's not start labelling people like the, 'He said we have too many immigrants in this small country to deal with, he's a racist, or, he doesn't agree with homosexuality, he's a homophobe and a biggot.' It's just a morally superior way of trying to talk peoples reasonable opinions down and I don't like it. No one has said they're ungrateful and we want Roman out. What we want is for Roman to show less haste in firing managers and trust managers in their project. You just can't expect someone to change the style with a different type of player to what they need. Ancelotti said he needed a Ribbery, he didn't have one, the diamond, his formation of choice, was thrown out in order to save the season and his job. Yes, he won the prem, but we as a club would suffer from that period on, because his philosophy, his project had to be thrown out, so we simply reverted to Mourinho's work and lost the chance to evolve. This would not of happened was Ancelotti trusted to bring in who he felt we needed and been able to go another season with him.
Coulda, woulda, shoulda - you should buy the club and run it no? in all your infinite wisdom and wealth...what a joke..Trust me you dont want me to comment on this post...
overreacting as usual , just shut up and support the damn club.
Lemme guess, because he sacked RDM??
Seriously some articles are a waste of time, there should be a "bin it" folder where articles like this get sent....smh...won't even bother reading it
next talented manager will be given free reign.. and that's why clearing the deck work with drogba already moved on and lamps will leave.. so that this gang doesn't revolt against coach..

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