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Okay - Perhaps I Was Wrong!

Ouch, did I get some stick of you lot yesterday!

It was almost as if it was attack merlin day. Did I deserve it? Who knows! I only stated things as I saw them, on the night, with regards to the Eden Hazard incident.

Perhaps, in hindsight, I might be due a large slice of humble pie, perhaps footage I`ve since seen shows me as being a numpty!

But then again this whole episode appears to have divided public opinion, some want Hazard be tarred and feathered whilst others are offering the lad a slap on the back for dishing out what they believe that young lad was begging for.

The uncertainty (as I type) has afflicted the Football Association (FA). We`re informed that they spent all day yesterday viewing clips of the incident and have still to make their minds up as to whether Eden should face a disrepute charge.

The consensus, in the morning press, is that Eden may only miss the three games necessitated by the red card, seeing as Chelsea do not intend to appeal against the sending-off.

However, if I`m going to hold my white flag up and surrender, admitting I may have gauged this one wrong then I will still have my say on another aspect of what has emerged from this incident.

The young lad hasn`t come out of this very well, perhaps he deserves some of the stick he`s been getting, but I have one question for you all - does he really deserve to be on the end of some death threats?

What are some people like?

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 25 2013

Time: 1:07PM

Your Comments

It's as simple as this Merlin, both were wrong. The lad was acting the ***** but Hazard should never have kicked the ball from under him, understandable why he did in the heat of the moment but idiotic at the same time. If a Swansea player had lay on the ball like that after the ball went dead and Hazard did the same he would be sent off, the fact that he did it to an employee may mean that he gets an extra game or two tagged on to the three he gets for violent conduct.
I agree re this death threat business...people get too carried away with this - its only football and whilst some of us may be more fanatical about our team than others, there is no excuse or reason for it to become a life or death business...Just disgraceful when you start hearing about death threats, the authorities need to make an example out of one of these people, maybe that would nip it in the bud! Having said this, Merlin you're definitely the bigger man for "taking back" your Hazard comments from yesterday..I'm not excusing Hazards behaviour but he was provoked into it and in such cases, the "provoker" needs to take some responsibility. Also the only "INTENT" Eden had was to kick the ball so because of that, for me he gets my full support, even if i think it wasnt a wise thing for him to have done...On to the next one, i say...
Death threats? Certainly not, but had his job-title not been 'ball-boy' (and his father not been chairman of the club) I think the guy would have been sacked by now. Let's be clear, regardless of your opinion of what Eden did or intended to do, the lad's intentions were as clear as day. He was cheating, there's no two ways about it. In any other industry, he'd get sacked or at least fined for such a pathetic display of time-wasting and injury feigning. He doesn't deserve death threats, but he deserves punishment. Hazard on the other hand, while probably deserving of punishment doesn't deserve to be vilified. Thankfully a large majority of the English public and press have come out in support if Hazard, which is good to see. But those who are calling for Hazard to receive a ban similar to that of Cantona's in 1995 may well deserve a kick to the ribs themselves!
Death threats, of course not, but hats off to Merlin for retracting. The whole thing has been blown completely out of proportion, poor old Eden must be completely regretting it, but I reckon the guy has some mettle, and this sorry episode will be a good learning experience about what playing in England and for Chelsea is all about.
We all know that the ball boy is a prize dick, but Swansea are responsible for their employees, I am really surprised they haven't publicly apologised for the behaviour of their ball-boys (plural, not just that idiot). Perhaps they worry that any such apology would be admission of guilt, but easily skirted by a disclaimer of any 'acting under instruction'. Other way round and the whole word would be expecting of Chelsea's PR department.
Ball boy deserved a kick mind you for what he was trying to do but that doesn't justify Hazard's actions of course. Let him serve the three games while Marin or Bertrand fills in for him and hopefully without a loss in form.
The boy planned and acted upon his plans yet he has had nothing said to him publicly. I expect a lifelong ban from all matches to follow!
Well done Merlin, as for Eden it took him all of an hour after the incident to make his apology. He takes his medicine and comes back a stronger player. Once he is blue I've got his back he has the potential to be our superstar and he will remember if we backed him in difficult times. Onwards and Upwards
Blue Bezerkas
You 've said it all Johnny...!! Eden seem to me a cool-headed guy...atleast i know that if he'd come across such situation again,he'll handle it differently. Good to know you've come understand,Merlin! As for the death threats,it shouldnt come to that,but we know there are always extremists.
1. Hazard did not have any intention to harm the boy 2. He did not kick his body, he got the ball 3. The boy was clearly wasting time and, according to his own twit, he intended to do so.
Of course both were wrong. Even if Hazard kicked only the ball, he's only asking for trouble by kicking in the first place. The scrutiny that professionals are under dictates this fact, whether it's right or not. If Hazard has simply reached in with his arms, no one would be talking about this. On the upside, the boy is getting hell from a number of professionals and managers. He won't be doing that again.
It doesn't matter whether you are right or wrong. What really matters is that cheats are innocent, right and entitled to act with impunity without any consequences whatsoever.
Well done Merlin and thank you for admitting you went a bit overboard . I hope you can understand our frustration's at the said article's . Its hard enough supporting the Chels at the moment and even harder when you come to your favorite site for support and discover the editor is having a go as well ! I'll also apologise to you for calling you a joke !!! At least we all show our passion for our club . As for the death threat's ,that is just darn right disgraceful but my guess is that its from a bunch of scumbag teenagers that hang around street corners drugged up to their eyeball's with no life . Unfortunately every club has scum like this wearing their colour's and this will always be the case . The internet just puts them in public eye more than before . Lets all get back to the business of football and the magic of the FA cup on Sunday . KTBFFH
QPR manager Redknapp sympathises with Hazard and holds Morgan responsible for the incident. "Hazard toe-poked the ball under the boy's body. Why is the kid lying on the ball in the first place?" he said. "You can imagine the frustration - you're a player trying to reach a cup final but there's this kid behaving like an idiot who won't give you the ball back. "Hazard didn't kick the kid, he kicked the ball underneath him, but the whole thing got blown out of all proportion. "I can think of a lot of players who would have kicked a bit harder than he did. He just toe-poked the ball away. "The boy was tweeting before the game that he's a super time waster. The way he behaved was disgusting."
The English FA is a shambles really...they decide to charge Hazard for that? who makes these decisions? i bet if it was a manure player this would not happen...#chelseahatemob
FA really are out for our blood . Their unbelievable ,god knows whats gonna happen Hazard now .
The current adminstration of English football is a mess - i really have lost all faith in them! How many times this year have they made bungling decisions? David Bernstein OUT...
Hazard charged by the FA...its a joke...he'll get more than 3 matches...bunch of idiots...
I'm sure the Met police may also want a piece of the action i wouldnt be surprised if they jump in and charge him as well.. what a feckin circus....clowns the lot of them.
If the boy had done what a ball boy should do and just release the ball immediately in the first place,there would be no need for this controversy and the game would have gone on but he was actin like a spoilt brat
So u were pressurized to apologize for something u believe in merlin? Being an editor must be really tough, as u said in the first paragraph, u said u wrote it as u see it, why change tune? Hazard have moved on, he'll come back stronger (that is sure) and the ball man too is moving on, let it rest

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