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Robbie Di Matteo Speaks

Just over three months on from his controversial sacking, Roberto Di Matteo has finally broken his silence and spoken about his time at Chelsea in an interview with Italian journalists.

As with any other recent victim of football's revolving managerial carousel, Robbie had withdrawn completely from the public eye since receiving the boot in November.

There is little doubt that the board meted out a legal clause to keep him schtum, similar to the one that prevented Andre Villas Boas from addressing the club in the media after his dismissal until he took the reigns at Tottenham.

The 16th minute chanting in support of our former number 16 shows no signs of abating, and whilst Robbie made sure not to pass any judgement on his dismissal or the current incumbent who ousted him, he thanked Chelsea fans for their continued public displays of support.

'I was pleased to hear the fans cheer my name after I left. It was love at first sight with the supporters the moment I arrived in London and I am sure that love will continue over the years.'

He also spoke about our European Cup triumph in Munich, and the enthralling three month spell that led up to it.

'It was an incredibly emotional experience and a very difficult achievement.

'I had three fantastic months on the Chelsea bench, but also tough, as we worked up to 18 hours a day to achieve our results.'

In addressing the ongoing Frank Lampard contract situation, Robbie indicated that he had advised our midfield talisman to consider a move to Seria A with Lazio, the club he played for between 1993 and 1996 before Ruud Gullit brought him to Chelsea as our then record signing.

'It would certainly be a good choice for both parties. I`ve given him my opinion.

'Lampard is a great player and a great professional, so I am certain he can play at least another two years at the top level.

'I don`t know if he will join Lazio or not, but it would certainly be a good choice for both parties. We often talk and I gave him my opinion. At the end of the day he will make the decision.'

Linked to numerous roles in the press over recent months, Robbie was non-committal in speaking about his managerial future in the game.

'Have I had any contact with Italian clubs? I prefer not to talk about this, as I have a great deal of respect for the current coaches. In any case, I won`t hide that I am very happy with what Lazio are doing in Serie A.'

There can be little doubt that Robbie's unjust dismissal derailed our season on the domestic front, and a lesser man might have been tempted to aim a barb at the manager parachuted in by his former boss to right a supposedly wayward ship.

Robbie, however, maintains his class and reputation as one of the games true gentlemen.

One Di Matteo; The question is, will we ever have another gaffer like him?

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The Journalist

Writer: Lofty 1905 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 25 2013

Time: 1:12PM

Your Comments

He's still jobless right??
What other " European Cup" winning manager is jobless right now if you discount the soon to be jobless Mourinho?? *smh...speaks volumes about perceived ability doesn't it??
Robbie deserves a chance at another big european club, i'm sure he would be welcomed in Italy. i doubt rafa would last beyond the season. Whose our next manager? nobody knows, I'm personally hoping mr M to be back.
@MQ...dont worry your tactician(dont know in which world) will be joining him at the end of season..i told you before also he is not good enough and neither do his tactics...and we know the result...everyone knows rdm was sack because of not playing torres and not getting the best from him...which is impssible even for god also..i would prefer rdm tactics over rafa anytime ...if rdm ha ba then thing would have been different i think so...but oman never wanted him in first place so the scenario was different here..
1 DM....There's only 1 DM....One Di matteooooooo, there's only 1 DM :) We love you old chap...
LoL well said SHLOK but I don't consider Rafa a tactician anymore, he's too...I don't even know what to call him
@Mq, leaving mid-season makes it hard to find a job, whoever you are in football. Di Matteo not having a job right now says nothing about his talent as a manager or how anyone perceives it. For all you know he could be lined up to replace JM at Madrid in the summer, unlikely, but you never know do you? Mourinho himself had an 8 month absence from the game after he left Chelsea, it doesn't mean we overrated him. C'mon mate.
Mourinho's own players don't want him come next season, either he goes or they go (according to Marca) LoL what a "brilliant" Manager. Mourinho needs players like Materazzi who view him as a god, when faced with talent like Ronaldo, Ozil, Di Maria, Casillas etc he loses it. Perhaps RDM for Madrid LoL
LoL talk about defending the indefensible HAZZABEE we all know no top club will appoint RDM. Why would Bayern choose Pep over the man that "beat" them??
RDM is a "good guy" but not a good manager, perhaps for MK Dons or something like that, not for a top club. Hell even Southampton sacked and hired midseason, why did they not consider the " Champions League" winner?? LoL
MQ....haha...dont worry just leave him alone...getting sick of both of them...hope the season ends and would be happy both he and torres leave our club...that would be best day for everyone..
Torres has let me down probably just about the same level as he's let down Roman SHLOK I truly had high hopes for him especially when the season started. It's time to cut our losses, otherwise we could even lose top4 by May. Spurs are getting their act together, so too Arsenal. Sturridge is assimilating well @ the fools, he (imo) was a "must keep" for us but we sold him rather foolishly. He's better than Lukaku (he's more versatile) and now even Torres
whatever anyone says RDM is a champions league /FA cup winning manager who is currently considering his options. He needs to be quiet atm as part of the terms of his contract termination with cfc. He may not have been right for us at this stage of our evolution but with his recent record, he wont lack for top quality work...thats for sure! Only 1 DM....
I'm sorry that my archaic 'European Cup' parlance has perturbed you, Mq.
Lofty 1905
@Mq, you're extremely opinionated which I quite like, but it's your logic which lets you down. I mean seriously, do you honestly think Southampton had the opprtunity to sign RDM but overlooked him? Nottingham Forest hired McCleish recently but that doesn't mean for a second that Forest think McCleish is a better manager than RDM. That is where your logic lets you down. RDM is most likely holding out for a better job. I wouldn't be surprised if he's waiting for the Lazio job, so even if Southampton had approached him, did it not occur to you that Robbie may have scoffed at the approach altogether? I don't think any Chelsea fan will sit here and try to claim tat RDM is one of the worlds best managers. The way you attack Di Matteo suggests that that's the perception you get from other Chelsea fans, it shouldn't be. What Di Matteo did, in anyone's book is extremely impressive, especially given his lack of experience. Still, no one is putting him in Mourinho's bracket or anything. "We all know no top club will appoint RDM" - again MQ this is where you let yourself down. You dont in fact know. And as for your summary on Mourinho ... *head in hands* *rolls eyes*
@Mq....yaa same here dude...last season i was feeling so sorry for him that he never got proper service which he should...and when we got haz oscar marin this season i thought this would be torres season atlast i was hoping torres will pay all his due in one season only...but he made me realize that what a beutiful dream i was dreaming about him...and his performance was worse than a nightmre for we should sue him man he is a fraud man...hope we can appeal FA for transfering haz ban on torres and let them extend it for the rest of the season...
What makes you think RDM wouldn't consider Southampton, Mq? And what makes you think he's not interested in taking a break until the start of a new season? He's very wealthy and had an intense experience at the club, to say the least, so it's perfectly reasonable to imagine a need for a break. That's what I'd do--enjoy my money and spend time w family and friends. But hey, there's always a certain amount of futility trying to respond to any of your comments. You're bad at thinking. Basic, elemental logic: going from point A to B to C: you can't do it. You've demonstrated time and time again that you can't do it. You should be embarrassed by your comments, but you're too brain-dead to understand why.
*would* consider--not "would not." It's a shame we can't edit here. But my point w that is to remind not just Mq but anyone else that I am very confident that RDM has had job offers. You win two trophies with an aging team and people take notice.
@Mq Pep guardiola was jobless since may until Januari.
Laku: don't bother with logic. Mq can't follow it.
rdm is a great coach. He won us the champions league. I want him to join the german league at a club like bremen. Him, pep and klopp in one league would be quite a spectacle.
Blue India
Come on guys! Stop! MQ thinks that he knows everything in football. He is the " supporter" who said that we'd be " destroyed" by Barca. He thought rdm was the reason of poor form of Torres. When rafa came he said that torres would be banging again.
Pep is definitely over-rated, and i'm glad he didnt come to chelsea...RDM has got more rounded management experience than him, at least RDM managed lower league, Championship and champions league winners. Pep has only managed one team...and lets not kid ourselves, even you or I would have had success with that Barca team...i mean if Frank Rijkaard can with the Champs league, anyone can loool nuff said...Surmise to say that you dont have to be a genius to do well with Messi, Xavi, Iniesta as the backbone of your team... 1DM :)
when i see @mq at end of post i just skip it to the next post as i have known for some time that he/she is a complete pea brain!
Dont waste ur time guys. In RDM cases, I hope our legend will find a good football club where he will be treated by respect and honor he deserves. Pepe didnt want to come to pl cause he cant handle the pressure. What can I say about Jose, he was the one
I keep forgetting how frustrating the front page is.
If RDM isn't a good coach, he would not have won the champions league and FA Cup. He is a quality coach. That said, he is not the finished coaching product. He still has mistakes to make and things to learn which he will over time. I'm with Radio on this. I have no doubt he has offers and will choose the right one for him when he's ready.
The current adminstration of English football is a mess - i really have lost all faith in them! How many times this year have they made bungling decisions? David Bernstein OUT...
The current adminstration of English football is a mess - i really have lost all faith in them! How many times this year have they made bungling decisions? David Bernstein OUT...
Radio and Hazzabee.Don't waste your time with this idiot.We'll think of comparing Pep to Mourinho,the day he wins the CL with Porto.
sorry posted to wrong thread 2ce - must be friday :)
Hazard charged....FA=bunch of morons...
and hazard'll def get more than 3 matches...'ll say no more..
It won't be long till a top club comes calling.
this is why we cant keep the very top players in this league...jokers! I'm so miffed by this decision to charge Eden
Nice to hear RDM is doing well. Enjoy your time of..the way others before you like Jose, AVB and even Pep did. It is pointless responding to Mq..the guy had nothing to contribute to this forum when our team was playing Swansea and we had vigorous discussions about matters germane to the team but the moment RDM (the guy he just loves to hate )is mentioned he shows up to abuse him again. Fella it is beyond old are just making a fool of yourself. I wonder what you,ll do when RDM takes up another job (and rest assured he will manage again at a decent club no matter what you think)..walk a picket line to protest? Anyway by all means air your opinion it doesnt change the facts; RDM led his beloved blues to its first Champions league title and another FA cup at the very tail end of the time of our second golden generation of players. He is in the hall of fame of Chelsea FC both as a player and as a coach ...what you think does not and will never change that..end of story.
I still believe rdm will one manage a top club, in my book a good coach better than tubby.
Merlin, where's your axe from the other night. I am just about fed up of complete numpties disrespecting our legends. You know what I am saying.
And who I am talking about. Grrrrrrrr!!!!
The hate on AVB has little to do with tactics and more to do with siding with Lampard.
I will never understand how a player can openly go against the man appointed the club owner.
LoL @ all you internet football " experts"
Bottom line: Pep had MORE offers than RDM, hell Pep took a break and returned to a "top" club, I can bet anyone RDM won't have a job in a top4 club in Europe's top league's
Some "experts" still think RDM is better than Pep...LoL...Then again it makes sense, seeing as pretty much the same "experts" said Marin was the signing of the season :)
by the way RADIOACTIVE logic is preparing for the season ahead by signing the "best Manager" available (Bayern) who despite winning 1 cup in the past 2 years (basically, including the 1 year football break) over some recent "cup double winner" who was taught football by a striker-less Juventus LoL
These days even Vilanova is better than Mourinho.
I am happy for what this great man have done for our club as a player and as a coach, I am really proud of him, how they say rafa is better than rdm is beyond me, as I haven't seen one sub or tactical change that he did that won us a game from behind or a game we are chasing, it is very frustrating, as for the pep and mou with rdm comparison, it is pointless really, mou is seasoned, pep aint, rdm aint, mou was sucessful with chelsea, rdm was also, pep ran away from the challenge, nuff said
Desmondadonis Pep also ran away from Barcelona when things started to get harder for him.
Mq: when did I say that RDM was a better manager than Pep? Are you seriously this dumb? Seriously? How do you even function in the world? And for what it's worth, I don't feel comfortable comparing the two because RDM had little time at Chelsea and Pep was in charge of one of history's greatest ever-assembled squads. If I have a class of high-IQ students who score higher on a test than students of an average intellect, does that make me a better teacher than the person in charge of the other class? Who knows?
And for a moment forgot about Foreign_viewer, what a blissful few minutes of ignorance that was. The front page is beyond repair uness you want to argue for argue's sake. What a shame, it really is. I used to come here 2,3 times a day, now I hardly visit the front page once a week.
@Mq you've not stop this your nonsensical attitude and criticism of RDM, we all know how long your tactically supreme Rafa spent in the labour market before you eventually brought him to CFC to come and make us losers just like the loserfools.
I can't wait to see who will be bold enough to hire "the legendary RDM". Really looking foward to the summer. Interesting times ahead...
We don't hate RDM. We want him to get a top job. There is no reason to hate him. He just needs experience like AVB. Although it seems AVB is rated high by clubs.
LMAO@Vilanova is better than Mourinho.HAHA.I just cannot stop laughing.This has to be the joke of 2013.Only god knows when FV and MQ will stop trolling and stinking the forum.
#RafaOut #TorresOut
#mqOut #foreignviewerOut
HAHA Gaban.That line made my day.LMAO.I can't stop laughing.
LoL LoLouder LoLest

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