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Stitched up again?

Stitched up again?

So the FA has decided that Eden Hazard is a bad lad and have charged him with violent conduct.

Stating that;

'It is alleged that Hazard's behaviour in relation to a Swansea City ball boy, for which the player was dismissed in the 78th minute, constituted violent conduct whereby the standard punishment that would otherwise apply was clearly insufficient.'

Now I don't mind if our governing body decides that Eden, or anyone else involved in the nation's number 1 sport, has a case to answer in regard to whatever happens on a football field, I agree it is their duty to inquire into it, although I do have reservations as to whether any organization should be police, prosecutor and judge.

But to state right at the beginning of the process that 'the standard punishment is clearly insufficient' is surely prejudging the outcome and therefore an affront to justice.

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Date:Friday January 25 2013
Time: 4:57PM


Analooish are you familiar with the term "banana republic" because that aptly describes the British FA. Any self respecting organization would from the get go realize and understand that you cannot possibly have any modicum of objectivity when your vice Chair is also the Chief executive officer of one of the clubs he is supposed to be policing. It does not take even 5th grade intelligence to see the conflict of interest is like an elephant in the room...let us not mention all the other links to ManU fans, employees etc littered through the entire FA and refeering set up in England..i guess i shouldnt be surprised because as bad as this is, UEFA and FIFA's administrative set up and entrenched corruption would make the British FA look like a bunch of choir boys. Until there is a major break away union either in Europe or internationally to challenge these corrupt monopolies that run football nothing will change. Eden will doubtless be tarred and feathered as Merlin loves to say..or made to walk the plank using old pirate parlance..his crime isnt what he is that he plays for Chelsea and his presence and availability to us is a threat to ManU..anyone recollect the ridiculous red card Vincent Company got shown last year and how it was strategically placed and 4 games suspended later City were reeling and ManU were rolling happily along..anyway all we can do is rant i dont see any way one team in the BPL can take on the FA and hope to win..we best just take our bitter pill and move on.
25/01/2013 17:47:00
He should make his case and let the FA show to the world why he is banned, fans alike were saying it should stop at the red card he received, and I believe it should
25/01/2013 17:52:00
what @GabeU is trying to describe is called...a lack of corporate governance....lack of duty segreggation..and overall lack of ethics..the present FA is a big big joke.
25/01/2013 18:00:00
I seriously want Chelsea to take a drastic measure to ends these annoying injustices from repeating itself. These ManUre managed FA are really taking us for a ride. Something should be done,i dont know what,but something really needs to be done.
25/01/2013 18:10:00
its time for roman to show his power where its the the the ball boys...and ban manure from football...;-)
25/01/2013 18:39:00
Well said GabeU, when I explained the scenario to my (football illiterate) wife, she said "they want reporting to the Monopolies Commission". Trouble is the FA is a private members club, if you don't like the rules, sod off, is their default position. sclok27 is on the right track, it really does need someone very wealthy & powerful to challenge them, perhaps a Chelsea/ City alliance?
25/01/2013 18:57:00
Hmm!seems the f.a arent contended with the slaughterin of jt,cole and mikel,now they would surely add eden to that list..roman really has to show those bunch of *****s some hazard,they are really havin a filled day on matters concernin chelsea...week after week fergie,rvp,rooney,rio e.t.c do worse things and go scot free but when its chelsea the whole media and the muppet f.a go on rage..
25/01/2013 20:27:00
Just strolling through doing my normal round of the articles on vitalfootball and I must've come across the most laughable comment. Sorry GabeU but how on Earth is Hazards "presence and availability ... a threat to ManU". Firstly may I refer you to the league table, we're 11 points clear of you and no offence but judging by what i've seen so far this season you're far from a threat to us. Secondly, if Hazard is found guilty and does recieve a lengthy ban one of your next 5 domestic games (can't imagine him being charged more than that) is against City, now, Hazards absence against City its hardly helping us eh? Thirdly, you're a self-confessed ABU so I don't even know why I'm going to continue to waste my breath arguing this with you. You're not our threat and we're certainly not yours, your threat is Spurs, Everton, Liverpool and Arsenal. Oh and to point out how hypocritical you lot are, weren't you calling for Ferdinand to face a ban when he accidentally (as far as we know) "brushed" (in Rio's words) a female steward when going to kick a wall in frustration? Oh no of course there's a world of difference when Hazard gets frustrated stops a ball boy from doing his job and attempts to kick the ball but catches the ball boy. But Ferdinand wasn't charged I hear you say? Of course not, there wasn't any evidence and if there was a case don't you think your club would've made it? In contrast Hazard was caught on camera. Just to clarify, i'm not saying the ball boy is the right party in this, far from it but at the end of the day he was doing his job (granted he was time wasting while doing it but he was doing it all the same), you can't charge teams for time-wasting nor can you kick them, if you could, Chelsea will be one of the most charged teams in football and come out battered and bruised every game.
25/01/2013 21:23:00
@TheFamousNo7U r stupid,stupid manure fan on chelsea site.get off and ***** off.u cheating devils own club supporters.get off our site and get lost.
25/01/2013 22:32:00
@Famous No7 you are obviously free to have your opinion. Since the FA is actually Fergusons Association i wont bother arguing with you. Your team and its heirachy hold all the cards; you control judge, jury and executioner, you decide who is gulity and mete out punishment as your big wigs see fit. I am waiting to see what the FA verdict on SAFs latest rant on a match official following the Spurs home game will be and we can then compare that to what extra punishment Hazard is given. Clearly the ManU powers that be have not forgetten that the lad had the temerity to snub ManU to accept a position with Chelsea FC and he has now unwittingly and foolishly provided them the opportunity to exact penance. Needless to say you are right that our own internal problems and your teams recent good run of form have made our relevance to the BPL race this year non existent but any ManU fan who is honest will acknowledge that the only real challenges to your monopoly of the BPL the way La Liga has become a Barca monopoly are City and us. IT is so interesting the way officiating decisions consistently pan out to hinder both of these teams while your team gets call after call, after call..enjoy the ride...all things other than God himself are finite.. The current points difference is a fact and reality but if you are to be honest with yourself the one rubicon moment in this season that changed the trajectory of the season for us and for ManU was the game we played in the BPL at Stamford Bridge earlier this year and every independent footy person i have spoken with who does not have a vested interest acknowledges the shocking nature of the officiating that day which clearly decided the outcome once again in favor of ManU even when we were at home. A time will come when the truth will eventually see the light of day. For the Hillsbrough victims it seemed like it would never happen but eventually it did. I hope i am around to see it when the truth regarding ManU and the FA as well as Football officiating in England finally gets told from roof tops with all the skeletons in the cupboard open for all to see.
25/01/2013 23:25:00
Great counter argument zaput you really showed me up there. Moving on from the foul mouthed brainless rant to a poster who can actually formulate a well written classy response. GabeU no offence pal but do you know how ridiculous this whole Fergie Association theory sounds? If there was ever such corruption don't you think in todays modern world it would've been found out by now? Especially after the phone hacking scandal in which fergies phone was one of those that were hacked? Don't give me any bull about how they're scared of Fergie, like Wenger said why should they be scared of him, he's just a mann? Let's entertain the idea for a bit though shall we? Fergie has been the most charged manager in premier league history, serving record setting touchline suspensions and fines. Also, the punishment in which Fergie recieves shouldn't be a yardstick for comparison as to the punishment which Hazard recieves, they're two completely different incidents. You want to use something for comparison how about Mancini's dig about the refs weight and fitness when he said he ate too much? Mancini got away with it. Redknapps two rants about the referee, one in which he threatened he wouldn't do conferences again if he got charged and got away with both. If the FA were really in Fergies back pocket surely there's a conflict of interests in not charging our domestic rivals yet constantly charge Fergie. I also find it rich that Chelsea fans should talk of decisions that go our way, you must have a short selective memory as there is plenty of incidents in which Chelsea have beaten not just us, but numerous teams via poor refereeing decisions. There have been numerous decisions against us that have cost us titles in the past but they don't get noticed because people are only obsessed with what we get away with. Not going to get in to refereeing decisions anyway as its rich and hypocritcal for any Chelsea fan to even bitch about refereeing decisions, you lot certainly have a very short and very selective memory to forget the numerous decisions that have gone your way, not only against us, but the league as an entirety. So just to clarify the FA are no longer charging Hazard to hinder Chelsea, they're now charging him as a punishment for not joining us? Ok, once again going along those lines we have had numerous players choose other clubs over us now I certainly don't recall all them getting charged. Have you ever considered Hazard is getting charged solely because his behaviour was unacceptable plain and simple? Sorry mate, heard this argument a thousand times before and everytime i haven't been convinced. There's no facts in the argument just blind hysteria.
26/01/2013 10:53:00
The Fa sucks no wonder the England National team get no where with these pathetic clowns.
26/01/2013 11:58:00
So I guess its coincidence fans of every other Club in the EPL notices the special treatment Fergie and Man utd gets except Utd fans...oh the irony.
26/01/2013 20:01:00
So what do u say about giggs shaggin his brother's wife for ages and the media sweeps it under the carpet but they are quick to write articles and textbooks on jt's rumoured affair with vannessa??...and yet again the morons at the f.a strip jt of the english captaincy but were quick to endorse giggs captaincy of teamGB
26/01/2013 21:12:00
I say that has no relevance to what we're talking about Ken but if you want my opinion on it the media far from swept giggsys affair under the carpet, if they did they wouldn't of broke the super-injuction he legally enforced. Whilst both Terry's and Giggs actions are deplorable affairs Terry's impacted upon those he worked with Giggsys didn't. Lets not play ignorant here either, Terry has done far more than just play away from home now hasn't he? Cheating with his teammates other half wasn't the sole reason he lost his captaincy eh? Also correct me if I'm wrong but team GB was only allowed a certain number of players over 23 (?) who else would've been a viable captain?
26/01/2013 21:57:00
My friend it has relevance with the matter on ground..fergie and united totally dominate the f.a and media hence we seldom read negative things about manure but when its other clubs the smallest of issues is blown out of proportion to increase the negative bars of those clubs..however what am sayin is that fergie and manure players do worse things than others and get little or no punishment and the manure biased media play a pivotal role in making sure of that...the giggs affair never got a quarter of attention and crucifixion the alleged jt affair got(oh i forgot he is a chelsea player)...the allegation was the sole reason he was stripped off the armband in 2010(correct me if am wrong)...its not mandatory for the captain of the u23 team to be an over-age,every member of the squad is a potential captain
27/01/2013 00:16:00
5 match ban , let's say one of oscar . mata and marin get injured? what the hell do we then? squad depth...sigh.
27/01/2013 01:30:00
Yes every member of the squad can be captain but the point i was getting at is when Giggs and Bellamy are there, youre not about to give the captaincy to all the other inexperienced players as they're not captain material. Also, team GB consisted not only of the FA but also the Scottish and Welsh FA and as such the move would have to be supported by all. You're also deliberately missing a couple of key points, despite Terry losing his armband he did retain even after being caught out as being guilty. Where's the difference in Terry retaining captaincy after an affair and Giggs getting captaincy after an affair? You're also missing the key point that, like I said, whilst both are deplorable Giggs' was personal and didn't interfer with his job, Terry's did. As for the media attention surrounding our club I don't think you get out much. Why is it every decision that goes in our favour everyone can remember it? It's because every one of our games is scrutinised by those obsessed only in what we get away with and when a decision does go our way you see it plastered everywhere. I'm sure if Chelsea were watched with the same scrutinising eye and attention to detail you'll be bombarded with the b0ll0x we get flung at us.
27/01/2013 09:41:00
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