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Time to Face FACTS: Have your Say!

Hi all,

Those of you on Twitter will have noticed I'm sure the online petition to get Rafa Benitez removed from the Chelsea dugout.

For those who have not seen it -

Have your say - if you agree.


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The Journalist

Writer: OLASAL Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday January 25 2013

Time: 6:27PM

Your Comments

LOL, that's GREAT. If I tweeted, I'd tweet.
My sig added, well done mate! Now maybe we should start one against the FA.
Removing him is fine and good (never should have been hired in the first place), but the obvious question: who replaces him? It's the club's lack of thinking ahead that's put us in this mess to begin with.
The tea lady would do batter than Tubby. Sorry to be so flippant, but like many others, I am getting a little fed up with the shananigans surrounding my beloved Club at the moment.
on my way to partake of this very noble event..m off..!
Well let me offer a dissenting voice here (and i think the voice of reason). If Rafa must go at least wait till the end of the season. Rest assured releasing Rafa now will do us absolutely no good. Can you imagine our young players state of mind as it one season they have had to learn two different sets of systems, values and football philosophies..and you now want to bring in a third person at this business end of the season...that is a recipe for disaster. The only frame of reference i can offer to show you how bad this could go is to look at where Inter ended up when they changed coaches thrice in one season just 1.5yrs ago..It did not go well. The best thing the board could have done to help our team now would have been to recall some loanees to inject some much needed fresh air into the squad (like Josh, KDB and Lukaku) and then got one or two key transfers in to address obvious areas of weakness in the squad while improving our squad depth. It does not appear any of these will be done. To go after Rafa as the solution to our problems is just to seek a convinient scape goat the same way Roman and the board did with RdM..i would be shocked if we got any quality experienced coach to take the job with such ill timing and then we will end up with having to maybe promote one of the youth coaches (maybe Adi) to interim...we all know how interims fare under Roman. Everyone out there will give Rafa the benefit of the doubt knowing our checkered history with firing managers on a whim and he will get a new job and move on. Lets not mention that sacking Rafa prematurely will also further poison the coaching waters for us when we go searching in the summer. It will make getting any quality coach all the more difficult..have we learnt nothing from the way the Guardiola debacle ended? For once Roman and his Amigos need to get a clue and stop repeating the same tired knee Jerk response actually expecting a different result..some people call that practice lunacy.
stick JT and Lamps in temporary charge!
what about Jupp Heynckes (just age factor) or Rijkaard in the summer
sack him and hire who?? *smh*....some reasoning
@GabeU...there is nothing absolutely nothing that points to the fact that if rafa stays we will make top 4...evidence since he took over points to that fact...he has emotions investments in our clubs...the results dont move him..good or bad...all he says every single time is we are scoring more and conceding less...the guy is an absolute joke!!...I know that signing the petition wont achieve much as I honestly do think he will be sacked until the end of the season (Roman must be feeling kinda embarassed now i think..and he wont wanta look like a total jerk...the season is already messed up)...but then signing the petition sure made me feel better as a fan....Tubby(ish) is rubbish!!
sorry ***he has NO emotional investments
so many typos...***i hohestly do NOT think he will be sacked until the end of the season..
Merlin is right ! Lets make JT and Lamps player- managers !
Strapping Blue
denverblue Heynckes will retire in the summer. thats why bayern went for guardiola
@mq ,your head is gonna fall of . Every single post for the last 2 months has *smh* after it . You must be like a nodding dog at this stage LOL
@Zola...sooooo funny...looooool.....@mq=rotwyler...that will be some scene!!!!....ROTFLMAO.......
layorh12 Agree, When Rdm got the sack we were 1 point behind the league leaders no we are 11 points. Why do so many bealive that we are guarented top 4? Even spurs have got closed to us
To me i think the link is rubbish.what will it achive,nothing,.Rafa has won us big games and the team is playing well,what are those fickle funs want.we have small squad but are trying.some are not good even on bench.even fergie plus the fa will win nothing with that squad.spare us the crap next time editor.
@Mzee...Rafa has won us big games...but also cost us important ''small'' games and 3 cups (CWC, COC and BPL (when he took over we were only 5 points behind manure now its 11)) ....does it make any sense?...he does not deserve to be here...he is full of all manner of excuses when tactically he is simply not good enough...if we had brought in Hiddink on an interim basis we both know results will probably be different...maybe we'd have won CWC and on our way to COC finals...the truth is the pattern of results will be the same whether Tubby (FSW) spends six months or 5 seasons (Gid forbid)...he doe not have it in him to be is a disease that he has been nursing since his liverpool days...clearly the sickness is still with him....I know the petition does not change much in that I honestly do not think Tubby will be sacked till the summer, but what stuffs like the petition does is it makes the club know that the hate for Tubby is still very much intact as far as the fans are concerned and under no reason should he stay beyond his interim tenure...cant wait for May...
cfc funs are too expectant and big mouth who think club like cfc can have any manager.rdm luck took him nowhere.looks as he struggles to get job of cfc class.know it in ur head rafa is at par with the mou ancelloti sepp klopp etc.but those u name will never take us even top ten.
mzee69 are clearly uneducated.....should not have responded to you in the first place....enof said!..
Anelka just agreed on a six 6months deal with Juve till the end of the season with an option of additional 12 months....what are we doing?
Mr author,u and your likes should suspend this movement till the summer,the club has been through so much this season and u are about addin fuel to the burning fire...u want 3managers in 1season??OMG its becomin more and more ridiculous
I'll support this on one condition, if we have an ideal replacement that is better than him, how are we sure that who would replace him is not more stupid than rafa? Then secondly I'll love it if we are appointing adi viveash as temporary manager, I am more comfy with that man than rafa
a promotion for laudrup? doesnt have to be a manager from a big club and he has done a great jb. low might be nice. hard to tell with managers as so much goes on behind the scenes but one things for sure - rafa is a terrible manager. substitutions and results show that.
I think it's best to let Rafa remain till end of season, then we'll have enough time to get a good coach.... we shouldn't fall into the same pit twice and sacking Rafa now will only suggest we've not learnt from our mistakes....
A bit off topic lads but you should check out Brendan Roger's comments this evening . He's gone right down to zero in my estimation's now . He's a bloody disgrace .He has a cheek considering he's been attending his rapist son's court case all week .
@mzee69 . The only people calling name's here is you . Have some manners kid
I dont like Rafa,his subs and tactics or even his looks. But sending him packing at this point can only daint our image further and destroy our already thin chances of securing the services of a decent manager. Lets simply allow him to see us through the remainder of the season and hope we beat the drops to make the top 4. Since are not guaranteed of any capable coach atm,lets hang in there till summer. And the J.t and lamps suggestion is born out of delirium.
I really dislike Benitez, but that doesn't mean that I want even more instability for our club. We need a couple of more reinforcements in key areas - not another sacking of the coach. I think Benitez should leave, but at season's end. Not anytime sooner.
It's really becoming interesting. is the petition the stability we all are calling for? We fans are equally as guilty as Roman in this regard. what is the difference between us wanting him out and Roman sacking a coach. I think Roman will surely come out on top because he his the only one that set targets not the fans.
jollyheart Torres
We are stuck with beniez 'til the end of the season , shut up and get on with it.
Gettin rid of Rafa will do nothin but make things worse right now . We don't like him and we think he's rubbish but whats the alternative and who's available ? Nobody . Its time to to batten down the hatches get behind the club and see this through till May .
no matter how much we sign loads of petitions (i did sign it to trigger the feel good factor), We are stuck with tubby till the end of the season....fact!...Roman wont wanta appear stupid so I dont think Rafa will be sacked...but like i said earlier, I see it (singing petitions or what ever action) as my little way of making the club know that we do not want rafa beyond the end of the season...they need to know so we can start making plans early....the team has got my unwavering support through thick and thin...with prayers, we'll make top 3....then I can easily see Rafa off to spain or whereever to resume spanish waiting duties...while we move on as a club...freaking proud man...if only he had taken half a minute to apologize to the fans when he resumed here...things could have happened differently...he should continue in his ways...May 2013 aint far...
You stupid lot make me sick, the atmosphere at SB is vile because of you and you don't have the wit to see that all this bad vibe is reacting on the team. For goodness sake shut up about Rafa and get on with supporting the team.
@layorh i understand where you are coming from and i feel you. For me now the question is what is the greater evil? what will harm our boys more? I am certain another mid season sacking will. A time comes when this constant merry go round sacking suggests to the players that they are not good enough and that they are the ones getting their managers sacked. These are mostly young men and boys..we have very few battle tested veterans left in the sqaud...Sacking Rafa prematurely has little chance of helping them but a great chance of further denting their already severely shaken self confidence. The thing the board should be doing is adding to their ranks to improve depth and provide more numbers to shoulder the burden but as the end of January comes rapidly it is almost like our board is on vacation..the transfer trail is stone cold for us and they have already made it clear they are not recalling any of our on loan players. Truth be told with or without Rafa our chances of a top 3 or 4 finish are very precarious..i just feel the chances are significantly better with a modicum of stability at manager for the next few critical months of the business end of the season.
Leave the clueless rafa till the end of the season, don't blame rafa blame the clues men in suit that hired a clueless manager. Rafa aren't in the class of mou, ancelotti and the other top managers, roman gets on my nerves most times remember wen he sacked Ray Wilkins during the season and that just messed up our season.
@ Pila12. Real Madrid fans will be saying exactly the same thing about our most revered Mou. Mou with better squad and depth than CFC is still 15 points behind Barca, does that make him a ***** coach?
jollyheart Torres
I agree with GabeU...the board is going to hire a new manager this summer so he is out the door anyway...Remember Romans true intentions are the best for Chelsea...he just has poor organizational and planning skills. To me...and this is just me...I would rather recall Josh McEachran to play in the pivot. Then between now and this summer...Roman should find a president of football operations/general manager to run the football side of the organization and let him implement a long term strategy...Then let him with Roman and a new board with so good football people (Not Roman's YES men) select and hire a new manager. Then with the new manager's input...then go out and purchase new players...Lets have a game plan folks...ITS REALLY KIND OF STUPID to purchase players without knowing the next managers input...LETS get a long term plan in place..
@GabeU...nice I said no matter what even the most passionate of fans do , rafa wont get the sack....for a lot of reasons... but then I do hope that the hierachy at the club do know that while the bulk of the fans to love the owner and the team wholeheartedly...most (including me) cant stand rafa in the dug out beyond the end of the seaason....letting him continue beyond the end of this season will only increase the unrest at the club...which is the exact opposite of what we need right now!..the team needs far more support than previously bcos we ve got a young talented bunch who need our care to toughen up to the realities of playing at chelsea and BPL...when the team stumbles, its our care that should lift the spirit of the entire team till the boys reach them didi, JT and Lamps levels in terms of mentality...come end of season...Tubby should just leave quitely without even saying good bye something is not right with that man...if he stays then we would have wasted 25m on Oscar, and most worrying, we'll have an indignant coach at the helm who does not give a hoot about results...bcos in his heart its just a job..he has zero connections with anything chelsea...his heart is still probably red!!!...I am sure this is a phase for the club that will pass soon...and if we set out early, I am sure we'll still get a decent cant be that bad just yet...maybe Mou OR someone else...but definitely not the FSW....and as per our january transfers..what can I say?...Lord have mercy!!!!......looking on till thursday.
I would opine that as long as he is our boss we should support him not demoralise him. Just my 2 bits, i respect other views, hope you guys respect mine.
This is really stupid. Guys its just 18 GAMES LEFT. HE WILL BE GONE BY THE SUMMER! Use the remaining time to SUPPORT THE TEAM so we will SECURE A TOP 3 FINISH!!!
@traykidd...thats some perspective there...18 games aint a lot really...we are even to close Feb already...hope we grab a champions league place...go chelsea!
Well said,Lamarochs, a long term well defined plan is surely the way forward with a capable master plan like Guus Hiddink as technical director and a manager like Jurgen Klopp in charge of the team. If they should get the kind of patience and support they need,am sure they will do a good job.
Start the campaign for re-hiring for RDM also. He should never get the sack in the first place. Let him finish on what he had started
I do believe if Roman said sorry, the man will do it. He wont even ask for salary for the sake of his love towards Cfc
Except for the idiotic comment Rodgers made about the Hazard incident...I think he has done pretty well at Liverpool...they look to be on the up...snapping up young talents here and is Continho from Inter..(20yrs)....but will they be good enough to consistently challenge for chmapions league places given the level of competition from rival clubs?...time will tell....but they are clearly a side to watch
and Mourinho hits 50 today!....happy birthday Jose..thanks for those good times...may be we could hook up soon who knows? have a great year ahead!....and if you ever come here please do not come with the 3rd season syndrome Mou....God bless!!
Rafa is here for the long haul,end of.Roman is king.
Nothing can be done until after the Man Utd v Real Madrid games. If Man Utd win Jose will be down at the dole office the next day looking for work. If Roman doesn't make an offer he really is losing the plot.
layorh12 Cant say anything about Mourinhos 3rd season in chelsea for bad, Winning the League cup and Fa cup doubble wich only Liverpool and Arsenal have done 2. The only reson we dint win the league that season was becuse of cechs head injury and roman buying of Sheva
Lakupiippu got a point there.....
Haha...Oh Chris(OLASAL),I didn't think you were actually going to take the lead when u asked 'If Rafa was out yet' on twitter...Anyways the wise thing to do for now would be to ride the Rafa wave till the summer,and hope for the best. I'm not concerned about how we play or how we win,as my enthusiasm has dropped immensely,but I'm hopeful and optimistic of a top 3 finish. Wouldn't mind us dropping out of all the cup competitions to concentrate on the EPL(Squad depth). Let's just ride the wave and kick Rafa's ass to his restaurant in spain in the summer. #UTC
He'll gone in the summer, why bother with changing a manager for the second time in the middle of the season?
i miss hiddink :(.
Good Idea, I disagree with the notion RDM was not good enough and think given a striker and the chance to turn the seaons dip of form round we would be looking good again by now but anything that can speed up the dismissal of the Interim is ok by me.
chipthechap "intelligent"
saved today by a player RDM didn't even have butthe excuseswill still ring out, Tiredness, lack of squad depth, players not gelled, if he gets the Job full time we will e an even bigger laughing stock than ever.
sack Rafa ? really? and then some ppple start having a go at Roman when he's impatient. C'mon sacking Rafa or any other manager at this stage of this season will land us in deeper waters than we already are...surely thats not nuclear physics. Let him serve his contract and come May, cfc management will need to demonstrate that they have learnt a few things in the way that they handle replacing him with a permanent manager...

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