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Rafa - Let Me Stay!

So the headline screams out at me from the back page of one of the nations` leading Sunday red-tops.

Apparently, after agreeing to guide the good ship Chelsea on an interim basis, Rafa the Gaffer now wants the job on a full-time basis.

Speaking ahead of the FA Cup 4thround clash with Brentford, Rafa is quoted as having remarked,

"I want to be at a top side and Chelsea is a top side with great potential. It is a great opportunity."

"I`ve had private conversations with the people in charge and the owner."

"They know my ideas, they listen to me, we talk and they have to decide."

"I came in mid-season, so I could not change too much and I had to work with the squad I had."

"I gave my opinions, we signed a striker and we`re trying to do what is best for the team and the club."

"This is a top side and if they continue to do things the right way they`ll challenge for trophies."

But, the huge question remains - will it be with Rafa at the helm?

Your thoughts please!

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday January 27 2013

Time: 10:20AM

Your Comments

Results should do the talking npt yur large mouth tubby...just shut it and do your freaking job for 6 months and fess off..we'll sort ourselves out...I Hope he does not stay here beyond may...God please...
We don't have much of an option do we??
@Mq .... Mournho ??? sounds like a good option to me..... despite his faults he has to be better than tubby. Wait .. Who wouldnt be a better option?
How many better qualified coaches in the world are available? Not many. Mourinho is the only one I'd love to see at SB, but Rafa's experience speaks for itself.
This is the wrong time to debate on that, we still have to finish this season first.
@djdutts...6years at Liverpool.....1 CL, 1 Super Cup and 1 FA...clearly show the quality of experience rafa has as far as the BPL...definitely not good enough..and results so far have not shown that he has changed his ways or improved in anyway...'ll rather take a bit of risk with a younger manager who has not won much, has the tactical ability and a strong will to succeed (thank God our squad is a lot younger) than see rafa here beyond the summer...Moyes, Laudrop, Simeone and of course Mourinho are all far better coices in my eyes...Rafa definitely out!
No chance for Chelsea's worst performing manager since Roman arrived. i loathe him and it is nothing to do with RDM
I just hope he leaves in May. I really do. I can't even imagine Chelsea with him next season. No way.
yaa you can stay but at your home...not here and you can take torres with u
u are welcomed as long as u win us sthing dis season and cement a winning team.4 now let the result do the talking.its now evident that cfc funs contribute sacking of managers at some point then blame Roman if strike the whip.its soo embarrasing for good mngs driven away by foolish words said ages ago.
just dream mou will come here again.i promise u to close my a/c of vc if mou come.rafa will continue as interim next season until he ruin the season.spalleti or simeone
Rafa said when he arived the he would win the fans over by winning titels and trophies. Cant say he have won many over
#RafaOut #TorresOut Come back Jose please!
Bet Mq is like this. His tactician master mind
@Mq Adkins is a better option.
What do I have to say about this feck off Tubby.
I will be shocked if roman gives him a permanent job, it will show that he is idiotic as the fools who are still talking about his experience and tactical nous....arrrgggghh!!!!
Merlin where is the part where he spoke about preseason??did u throw that line away??...
Well i found it where u threw it and this is it,rafa said "if u analyse all the managers at chelsea,how many had a preseason here?Not me,How many managers have spent massive money here?Not me.How many managers have played in Japan in the middle of the season and have some players injured and some at the afcon?Only me." removin our rafa-hatred blinkers and readin in between lines we would realise that rafa has a very strong case(i know many would never agree though)
oh please! Rafa gabbed the job cos he'd been idle for how long? RDM was thrustinto it facing a 3-1 first leg deficit, the rest is history, he never feckin whined like this ***** we have now!
Not to talk of the recent string of bad officiatin since that clattenburg incident,it seems the refs have conspired against us
Oh please!! Rdm has been with the team since the very 1st day of preseason albeit assistant coach,he was involved in the bad and good of avb regn,he is blue through and through,he had the support of 99% he felt more at home but same cant be said of rafa
please, perhaps Rafa should have remembered what he said about us before accepting the post!
Rafa wasnt idle like some coaches would,he spent the better part of 2 years gettin involved in the game as a pundit
Judging by his results for us he'll be lucky to get a gig coaching some two penny has beens (Scousers/Leeds or Surreal Madrid). Even our Roman's wonderful advisers ain't so stupid to consider giving the passive nod to tubby beyond his interim contract. Sooner he's history the better for everyone. If you think us fans have been revolting so far, picture August with Tubby's pre season excuses ringing in your ears. Personally I'm boycotting all merchandise so long as his ugly mug spoils our media.
Oh i thought we gone over this before...what he said at liverpool was to protect his employers and now he would do same for us..since he came here has he called us plastic fans??..
I meant 'we ve been through this' not 'we gone over this'
His result have not been great,yes,but we all accepted that we are in transition hence a top4 finish is the priority with 1 or 2 trophies as a bonus and the last time i checked,we are 3rd on the log with the possibility of winning 3trophies(am not guaranteein we win it all),so we are stil on track for our season goal and stop soundin like its doomday already...u are boycottin merchandise??oh really,then jog on,for every one of u there is are 5 who jump at the chance to buy our merchandise
U are sure we'll win one or two trophies ken? Well maybe if we sign messi!!!
Desmond,as i said in bracket 'am not guaranteein that' but its a possibility.however our priority is the top4,trophies are bonus
I'd sooner he went with immediate effect, JT and Lamps would do a better Interim Job and this Idiot can get back to slagging us of at his next Club if anyone's mug enough to give him a Job.
ChiptheChap,too much wine??
Ken,Just one question,why did Rafa take the job when he had so many reservations? Or did he not know about these things before he took the job? He took the job because he was idle and he had to get his name into the papers every weekend again so he doesnt get forgotten.(and please stop that crap about him being involved with the game by speaking at games and all) Rafa is a mercenary and a rubbish one at that. If Rafa gets the job on a permanent basis,then its the beginning of the end for Chelsea. Rafa is like Avram Grant.....sign him and your team will be facing relegation in a few months. Ask Portsmouth and West-ham.
rafa shouldnt be given manager job next season....if he gets then it would be the most stupidestt dumbest decesion of all time...why appoint a coach when the fans dont like him at all..and the one who is not good enough at all....what a shameless guy he is that is asking for full time job...feck you man...feckk of from here...dont wanna see the waiter here...roman give him full time butler job at your vip box...but dont want him here along with his wife torres...kick them both out of chelsea they both are the one for our downfall...
nobody likes him. not been winning too often , go us out of two potential trophies. Says enough.
I sincerely hope his pleas fall on Deaf Ears, he is an uninspiring Coach in a team full of great players, tactically, motivationally lacking with a whiney, excuse laden personna that is dragging the team down.
3nity,a coachin job is a massive upgrade to for him takin the job,there is a sayin that 'he who wears the shoe no where it pinches',he probably might have seen the prospect as an interestin challenge but unfortunately its not been rosy..comparin rafa to avram grant is an oxymoron,u might hate rafa but make reasonable comparism not fictitous ones
Ken,Rafa went to Inter and when he got sacked,he said the team lacked depth and it was injury plagued. Can you sense a trend yet? Now we have the same guy dishing out excuses. ''Once bitten,twice shy'' doesnt seem to apply to him,does it? Rafa is clueless Ken. And a coaching job isnt a massive upgrade to punditry my friend,not in this context anyway. We are talking about a coach/manager going into punditry and not a pundit going into coaching/management. The only reason a coach/manager will become a pundit is either cos he is jobless/idle or cos he was invited for a particular reason and he couldnt say no. Rafa was jobless for almost 2years!!! 2years is a long time!
It had nothing to do with any shoes or boots Ken, Rafa had to take the job,he wants to be in the news,he doesnt care what happens to the club afterwards,he just wants to be there,to try his luck and his outdated ideas. He complained of not having a pre-season with the team,if he knew that,why was he fecking lobbying for the job even before RDM was sacked? He lacks moral ethics,he is shameless and he doesnt care as long as he's in a job. He had a full pre-season with the inter team and he still complained after he got sacked. Rafa will always find a reason to complain. He signed over 80 players in his time at liverpool. 80 players!!!!!!! I rest my case.
Pardon me,76 players. 76!!!! in 2006,he signed 14 players for Liverpool, 2007,he signed 24 players,OMG 24 players???? And in 2008,he signed another 14 players!!!! Are you kidding me? The guy was obviously playing football manager with them! We have been dumb enough to have appointed him as interim but to confirm him as a permanent manager will be criminal!!!! Rafa like Mark Hughes and Avram Grant,is done! DONE!!! I bet he's bribed that stupid Emenalo into getting him this job!! I hope they get found out and both get the sack!!
Elzhar,ngog,voronin,riera,ryan babel, cisses,diouf,baros,christian poulsen,dossena etc I wish I could remember them all but I can't, but atleast this shows what he did with pool's money, rafa is not tactical, it is obvious as daylight
3nity,at inter he was very unlucky and his complaints about injury and squad depth was valid,he inherited an agein squad that has just past their peak and injuries to key players like julio cesar,samuel,lucio,chivu,motta,sneidjer,milito(and a few nigglin injuries to maicon and eto) forced him to stre tch the squad..he might be dishin out excuses but its genuine,its a coincidence samething is happenin here,our squad is thin,we serious lack depth and are battlin with injuries and suspensions(none of which are rafa's fault)...we have seen coaches spendin time on holiday with their family when out of the job but rafa did what he could to get involved in the game.he might be jobless as a coach/manager but he wasnt jobless as a person,he was never idle he had a job within the game which he kept himself busy with...rafa is way above hughes and grant,its criminal to mention rafa in the same sentence with those 2 and its highly ridiculous for u to suggest he bribed emanalo into gettin the cfc job...u obviously hate him thats fine by me but lets keep it on the football and not personal attack on him(calling him names is unneccessary)
Never you cant say he is worthy and if Roman ain't letting him spash cash Then that's a sure sign he is on the way out
95% of coaches in rafa's position would equally take the job,bein in the news or not is irrelevant as long as he does a decent job..u expect him to perform magic in 2months when u ve not given him quarter the backin u gave rdm(the fans hostility is not helpin his cause)...he is not complainin of not havin a preseason,he is campaignin for as much as rafa finds excuses,95% of them are genuine and understandable(thats only if u remove your hatred blinker and be a little realistic)... coaches need certain players to exhibit their ideals,rafa is no exception and clearly the all right personnel for rafa's ideals arent available at this club now meanin he had to make do with what he has,which justifies why most times he switches to rdm-esque tactics and the board looks like they are not ready to sign any player since the identity of the next coach is unknown
Ken4CFC are an intelligent young man...dont bother trying to defend rafa...he knew these things before he took the job...and now he is making excuses like he has always done...before you take on a job at a club like chelsea, you seriously count the cost...he's got no excuse watsoever...he is simply failing and already has his fears about the reality of becoming jobless soon....when hiddink came in on an interim basis without a prior knowledge of the team, he still won trophies and lost only one league can argue that that particular team was a lot stronger than it is now...but I bet you Hiddink would have won that match against corinthians at CWC...with that same squad becuase hiddink is simply not on the same tactical level as tubby simples...Tubby is not good enough for chelsea and I am sure you know that fact nothing suggests he is good enough....6years at Liverpool.....1 CL, 1 Super Cup and 1 FA...just how impressive are those stats in your eyes?...not to mention loads of terrible and horrific wonder the board is relunctant to listen to him...he single handed put liverpool into debt...i still remember those signings and if you cant, someone already listed them above...Rafa is simply a plague that should very very far from our club so dont make excuses for him...nuff said.
@Kencfc...common did he not see that the players chelsea had available wont suite his style before he accepted the job?...and can you blame chelsea for not heeding his transfer calls giving his catastrophic transfer history...if he was an honorable man then he should not have bothered taken the job at all...once he took it responsilibity fell on his shoulders bcos nobody forced the job in him in the first place..pep chose bayern bcos he thinks that is the best place he could implement his ldeas and where they have the personnel to play the way he wants..Tubby could have turned chelsea down..hands trying to give lame excuses for things he knew already existed as at the time he took the job simply shows he is a sisi who cant accept responsibilities....and i really dont know why you are trying to defend him when theere is nothing to defend...he is failing and he needs to get himself together for the remaining part of his contract...with rafa its always an excuse or the other and the problem is never him..when we all know he is very erratic coach who cant string a decent runs of wins together even when he was at liverpool where he spent 6 seasons he was never consistent..l..his attitude is irritating and actually sucks!
Liverpool under rafa operated in an arsenal2.0,the budget was low and most times he had to sell to buy,hicks and gillet tightened the purse and made him feed on peanuts which he used in signin as many players as possible with same of value of the cash spent,none of players like elzhar, ngog,dossena,degen e.t.c cost up to 7m..i think his highest signin at liverpool was a certain torres for 20m(correct me if am wrong)...he also got some very good players like alonso,reina,johnson,skrtel,agger e.t.c and youngsters like suso...the bottom line is with the right financial backing(which roman can always guarantee) he would get us very good quality players
@ken...dont even much did he buy keane from spurs (freaking 19m...goodness!!!)....and he sold him back after a very short whyle which clearlyt shows he owned to a mistake and confirms he is damn erratic...and how much did Laudrup sign Michu.? has nothing to do with the budget a coach is working with, it has a lot to do with a good eye for talent..period...the truth is Rafa's record in terms of player purchase is horrific (less than 20% success rate)...and that has nothing to do with the budget...RAFA IS ERRATIC...both on and off the footballing terms and in terms of transfers..he is not to be trusted at all...judging by happened in the can imagine what will happen..He will keep starting torres...bench Oscar until he looses form and he is sold...we'll definitely sell Mikel...and he will bring in likes plenty mediocre players from all over the world...with 3 trophies in the next 6 seasons (it Roman stops smoking weed) that the best chelsea can get?...hell NO...he shoould do his job to the best of his abilities and fess off come summer....we dont want him, we dont like him (i know the feeling is mutual)...and he does not belong here...dont defend him mate!
@layorh,thanks for the compliment..but i would defend rafa when i have to just as i defend everyother cfc coach..yes he makes excuses but most time its genuine but here we tend to overlook it and heap all the blame at his my opinion,i dont think he is failing,our priority is a top4 finish and we are sitin 3rd on the log where is the failure comin from??..he was asked a simply question about his interest to secure the job permanently and he gave his candid opinion as every other person in his position would...hiddink didnt win us trophies,he won us a trophy and rafa isnt completely ruled out to deliver us a trophy or 2,am not sayin rafa is better than hiddink infact i rate guus above him but hiddink is the past and rafa is our present,its only logical to pray the present better the past...3trophies in 6yrs and u say he is not good enough 4 chelsea,moyes 4 his good works at everton has won nothing in 10yrs,wenger has won nothin 7yrs many trophies has low,blanc,martinez,klopp,rijkaard won?? To make them qualify for chelsea and rafa not 4 the signings i commented on it above
how much is Moyes budget at Everton..?..and how many horrific purchases has he made....?...avb..coutouis 6-7m, Siggurdson, Dempsey, Dembele...I can go on and on...those two coaches have an eye for talent even on ridiculously low budgets while rafa is self opinionated and stupid....Rafa has a terrible history with transfers and please dont lets try paint it another color cos that is what it is....m off to bed...
Keane is an anomaly,he is one of those expensive flops which every club possess including ours..barca,real,manure e.t.c have their expensive flops
What has moyes won after all his eye for talent??..avb for all his eye for talent was sacked here last season...moyes is comfortable with ridiculously low budget suitable for a midtable team like everton while rafa was uncomfortable with a (ridiculously) low budget not suitable for a top4 team like liverpool then
@Ken....well you do have a point...but when he took over we were 5 points behind manure and its 11 points....thats worse...and thats why I said he is failing (taking us down) he has cost us CWC (which was solely his fault on stupid selections) and COC, notice i dint say he has failed i said he is failing...bcos he can still turn it around but he should stop making excuses for his ineptitudes while stlylishly canvassing for a longer stay here and take responsibility like a man...its the results ONLY that should decide what the club does with respect to his contract not the pathetic things he says...he should just shut the f.cuk up and do the job...Ken truth is there is no way you can spin this...Rafa has not been good enough so far...and while he can improve, he should not make stupid excuses..
@Ken why I brought up those names is just to tell you that the fact a coach has a meagre budget is not a good reason why the coach should keep on signing trash 80% of the time...the people I mentioned have signed good players on terrible benitez has no excuse for being so pathetic while he was at liverpool....and to respond to your last you seriously want chelsea to trust tubby with our player transfers?....i am really laffing at that one...IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN...NEVER EVER. watch and see....
Am not paintin it in another colour,the transfers and reasons for the transfers are there for all to see and make his or her own judgement without bein equivocal...ok,goodnight mate.hope to hear from you soon
'What has moyes won after all his eye for talent??' and I bet if Rafa was the one managing everton i bet they would have been relegated 5 seasons ago...with tubby telliing the press how the budget was too small and the squad was too thin and how he had no fault in how everton was relegated....some coaches takes responsilblity...others just give excuses adn fail continously...clearly rafa is in the latter category bcos its not in his DNA to take responsibilities....
Layorh,lets be honest with ourselve,none of us is expecting the epl title this season as we all agree its a transition season but we would still be glad if we are champions come MAY,havin said that,we were equally fallin off the park on weekly basis before rafa took over and the trend continued after he joined but he has taken time to stable the ship but its still a work in progress.tbh i dont think the fans have made his job easy,the hostility he encountered in a couple of games also had a devastatin effect on the team's morale.however we are 11points behind manure with a rare hope of catchin them but am more interested in securin a top4 finish for this season.sorry i missed the point and thought u meant 'failed' instead of 'failing'...i agree his selection cost us the CWC but we had very good chances to win the game or drag it to extra time but missed (a certain torres comes to mind),ivanovic horror show cost us the COC..most times i get very angry about excuses and wish he could just shut up and do his job but after reviewin the games and the excuses am afraid to say he is always right but what i dont condone is repeatin the same excuses which practically shows he has not done his homework and when such time arises i slate him e.g the southampton game where he complained of not bein clinical..i just hope he can keep his cool,get us the wins and lets see what the future holds
Layorh,moyes can afford to sign player for peanuts and bring them up with little expectations lyin on their shoulders(a top10 finish is a successful season) but rafa do not have them same luxury,he buys the players for peanuts and burdens with a top4 finish(so the expectation is very high)..another angle to it is that certain players are suited to midtable clubs when u get them to top club they get missin in the crowd(a certain sidwell comes to mind)unfortunately those category of player were always available for as low as rafa's peanuts could afford....u make it sound like all his signins where pathetic,FGS The man made some very good signings in players like reina,johnson,lucas,alonso,agger,srktel,torres e.t.c and youth signing like suso..yea,i want chelsea to trust rafa with our player transfers,with a bigger budget he would do better...(unfortunately i dont see chelsea doin that too)
@Ken. Try 2 listen. Which Coach in the World will you see that will spend a whooping 26million pounds on a seasoned nd already injured and not playing Alberto Aquilani except RAFA. And before aquilani played his 1st match 4 Liverpool, is almost up to 5-6 months. That tells you how STUPID nd CLUELESS RAFA IS.
@sturridge101,my friend get your facts right,he was bought for around 17mil,he play his 1st match for liverpool in a 2-1 league cup 4th round defeat to arsenal in late october 2009,he made his EPL debut on 9th of november 2009(thats less than 4months)..however that does not justify aquilani as a great signin,like i said in a post above,these are expensive flops which every club possess,includin ours
Ok,i agree,i dislike the man but personal feelings aside,Rafa is a right muppet. Rafa will not under any circumstances take responsibility for his own failures. He always has something to complain about. He knows he is going to fail and he can see it,thats why he is already complaining right now. He is making a campaign for his next job already,trying to leak the excuses into the press so its out there. I pity his next club. Trust me,when he leaves at the end of the season(if he survives it),he is going to be jobless for another 2years or more.He is suited to relegation battlers like Qpr and the lot,He isnt fit for a top club. The man has a website he updates almost every day! What should people like SAF and Jose do? Unbelievable. He came into the job knowing the details of the contract......get THIS TEAM into the champions league spot,win a few cups and bring back the balance..RDM was sacked very early so he cant complain about the points we've lost since he took over....Roman must be wondering why he sacked RDM cos it is obvious,we are worse off!!! And Ken,if you dont see that,i dont know what else to say!
Ken,How many expensive flops can Rafa as a manager sign? An expensive flop starts at anything above 5million in my book. Rafa has got over 20 of them.Torres was offered to arsenal,Rafa jumped at him and offered more money,that was a one off. Johnson was rubbish at chelsea,he wasnt showing any improvements and had to go,Rafa took a clueless gamble and it paid off.....a sane manager wouldnt have bought Glen Johnson but hey,i guess every player deserves a bit of luck once in a while. Rafa's problems are very well documented and i dont need to keep spelling them out,its getting boring. He simply has to go,thats it.
Haaaaa and u remind me of aquilani, his fees is in the 20+ euros, robbie keane,dossena,ngog,babel,riera,poulsen,diouf,cisse,baros,elzhar,aurelio,pennant,crouch,smicer,jovanovic,arbeloa,kyrigiakos,bellamy,salif diao,traore,sissoko,sinama pongolle,itandje,degen,alou diarra, zenden,ayala.........we all know that this are part of rafa benitez's buy, how many of this players were sucessful with pool, make the guess, would I want that pudgy ***** to buy players for chelsea? No way, I'll leave emenalo for that
3nity,readin through your comment hatred is written all over it..u can dislike him but that does not mean u make fallacious comments just to make him look terrible than he already is.whether u like it or not rafa is a top coach for a top side and sayin he is suited to relegation battlers is ridiculous..he knows the detail of the job and he is still on track,before rdm was sacked we were already crumblin with nothing to suggest result would improve any soon..Roman will only worry when he pulls off track but for now the we are 3rd and can stil win a trophy or 2 the best u can do is support your manager and not loathe him
Roman an idiot?? A billionaire being labelled an idiot by an internet "expert" who is nothing worth mentioning out of VC?? LoL
3nity,judgin from your definition of expensive flops fergie and mourinho have equally gotten up to or almost 20 too..u clearly dont know johnson after he left chelsea,he was one of the best right back in the league at portsmouth and chelsea had to put a bid to resign him but he chose rafa's liverpool ahead of us..rafa's strength are equally well documented and i dont need to keep spellin them out,its getin borin..if he has to go and u cant till summer for that decision to be made then go straight to cobham and push him
@ken..For me I have nothing personal against rafa and my arguments from results, tactics' and overall footy philosophy..''rafa is a top coach for a top side''....there is no fact or figures that supports that statement of yours and if there are please kindly state them....asides from those 2 league trophies at Valencia, almost a decade ago...Rafa benitez has failed in terms of number of trophies won, which is the most important indicator of how a good a coach is...and how come he has been out of job for forever before he became an interim manager here?...bcos no top clud made offers for why dint any top club make offers for him?...bcos they dont think he is good enough...Frankly, I think he has potentials to be at par with the likes of Mou in terms of achievements but he will NEVER get to that level and this is largely as a result of his attitude in my eyes which I cant stand (he can never change unfortunately cos he has passed that age!)..he is erratic, self opinionated, and an excuse seeker who will never sit down for once to be his own critique...his record is already worse than RDM's in terms of W-D-L stats so how are you measuring the fact that he is going in the right direction?...guy, I am so happy you are not on the board meen...truth be told.
@desmond,20mil euros is roughly 17mil pounds.cisse,baros,smicer,riera,aurelio,bellamy,sissoko???u called them flops??*shocked* am eager to know what your definition of a flop is...i thought cristian poulson was roy hodson's signing??in as much as that pudgy ***** bought crap players he also bought very good ones too
Ken4CFC do have a point by saying that every single somtimes makes signings that are not too good...but then try do some maths and work the percentage meen.....number of horrific signings divided by total number of signings times 100....rafa is over 80% which is totally a top coach for a top side??...hell no way to spin that....if he is not careful (by sitting down and doing things properly, making good subs, using the right tactics and thinking well)...when he leaves chelsea in the summer...he'll be going back home with zero offers from top clubs (similar to the way it was b4 he got the chelsea offer) maybe clubs from the MLS, china on even NEAR top clubs in top leagues (the Lazios, Napolis, Shalkers, Galatasarays e.t.c) might wanta give him a chance, I am sure that same attitude will not allow him take such happy days as he will become a pundit once again...
***you do have a point by saying every single coach makes signings that are not too good...
Layorh,its good to hear u ve no personal grudge with the man unlike most to the argument,he started with real madrid castilla and club up the ladder to midtable clubs(valladolid,tenerife,osasuna e.t.c) before he took the giant stepup to valencia,liverpool,inter and now chelsea(all top clubs),he won the 2league titles and a uefa cup with valencia,he won the CL,FA CUP,CS and uefa supercup with liverpool,he won the coppa italia and CWC with Internazionale,he has won the uefa coach of the year twice(2003-2004,2004-2005),BMM 5times..well if thats not enough to be a top coach,i wonder whatelse??
Layorh,he has won more trophies than wenger in top clubs,the 2yrs he was out of the game is irrevelant considerin the circumstance,he was discharged in the middle of the season and till date i cant remember any topclub managerial vacancy except cfc,he is a top manager and would not settle for a wee club(fergie's word),he wants to be at a top club and i dont think there were much option then...yes,his record are already worse than rdm in terms of W-L-D(did rdm have a better league record than avb last season??),avb left us 15points behind but we finishd 25points behind with rdm(dont that say something?),my point is,we are quick to criticise without realisin that this guy inherited another man's team and has been given little or no support,from all indications he has been has to work with what he has and u and i would agree that with this current squad no amount of tactical genuis or input can provide the kind of results we all want,our squad is very very thin and the board aint buyin any one..with all this i think most times he gets criticised unfairly here..he is an excuse seeker,self opinionated yes,by now we know the kind of man we are dealing and should do all we can to make sure he has no room for excuses by providin his needs(obviously,the board arent 4 now)
@Ken, I know these things...but these accolades are bottom heavy ...they do not reflect how the latter part of his career has been which for me is the most important....I have said it earlier that i think he once has the potential but as it stands now top coach for a top side?....far from it....frankly something went wrong with this man that particular season after the liverpool's famous champions league triumph...he has not recovered and he wont....his achievements at inter cant be lauded bcos you know the story, he was actually sacked and dint do a full season...they sacked his cos they realised he brought the same madness from liverpool and he was taking them is that a top coach?...and in 6 SEASONS at liverpool 1 CL, 1 Super Cup and 1 FA cant be termed as impressive i am sure you know that (I am sorry I do not consider the community shield as a trophy worth mentioning in this type of discussion) for me he was quite impressive at valencia,average at liver pool and mad poor at inter..showing a clear downward tragetory... so a top coach? chance in hell...may be 8 years has long since evolved...presently he is NOT good enough for chelsea....and lemme add, my argument bout how terrible his transfer history is in terms of percentages is sooo strong that it cant be refuted....hopefully come summer he'll be gone and gone for good.
@Kenyes,his record are already worse than rdm in terms of W-L-D(did rdm have a better league record than avb last season??),avb left us 15points behind but we finishd 25points behind with rdm(dont that say something?) is gross disrespect to compare RDM's achievement last season to whatever Tubby think its premature to write tubby off? wait and RDM's case...we were worse in the league bcos RDM focused on the cup competitions...and he made that clear bcos he was resting players in the league...chelsea vs. Arsenal, chelsea vs. spurs, chelsea vs. Newcastle and chelsea vs. Liverpool are obvious examples where Malouda played as the no.10 in most of those that our league position is worse since rafa took over...we will see how he does in the cup competitions...and please when we eventualy crash out of these competitions ang I bring it to your notice...dont tell it was bcos the squad was thin...bcos rafa is not a child..he knew how the squad before he took over. Mikel and Moses will be back from Afcon before Europa starts so no excuses....nuff said....
Layorh,its true the percentage of rafa getin crap players is 70-80% but like i said in a comment above,the low budget of liverpool compared to other top4 clubs meant rafa had to buy up some midtable players and burden them with the mandate of a top4 a time there was practically no fund to sign players and he was instructed to sell top players to buy hence he had to sell the likes of alonso,arbeloa,mascherano e.t.c,he even almost sold gerrard...we talk about a voronin for every torres.there would be another torres for every torres if there was money
Rafa - needs to go at the end of season....not because he's a bad manager, but he's not the right manager for chelsea...simples! Our squad depth issues are very glaring now esp with Mikel and Moses missing! 3 trophies are still a possibility, but only just..
@Ken...he sold alonso and bought Aquilanni?....he also bought keane for 19m around the same time or slightly earlier cant remember now...when there is no money and you are selling your top players for cash to rebuild, that is when a top coach will exhibit more tot and creativity in the type of players he brings in....Rafa totally lost it with those endless bad transfers....while events that occured over a decade suggests to me that rafa once had the potential to be top coach, more recent events covering the latter part of his reign at liverpool and his entire tenure at inter..clearly suggests to me that he has lost it....his performance at chelsea so far also largely agrees with the fact that he has lost it except he does somthing to turn it around...he is not a top coach for a top side at this present age giving how football has evolved....he will be outa here come summer so no worries for me...nice talking to you.
even if rafa is given the wont matter...he will be fired within three months and make his retirement money...and he will be happy for it...unlike rdm who was distraught at failing at cfc...but was graceful about it assuming full responsibility...if we never fired rdm we would have won cwc and coc...we would have been in striking distance of the epl...cfc has been in da business of appointing boys not started with torres...continued with avb...masculinity was restored with rdm...the oestrogen took over when roman fired rdm...we will suffer for that decision.
Layorh,in that case its a gross disrespect to even mention rdm in the same sentence wit rafa,its an insult to rafa.rafa is way way above him as a coach,so i apologise to rafa for insultin his credibility...yes its too early to write off rafa,if rafa finishes the season in a top4 position then he has done a good job(thats his mandate),rdm restin players to focus on cups was a move that could have backfired but thank God it was worth the risk,he was given a top4 mandate but he played out of the script and his accomplishment at the end of the season forced roman into given him the job...our league position is not worse,we are still 3rd and dont make it look like we are in the relegation honest with yourself,even if moses and mikel returns do u really think we have enough depth to challenge on all fronts??rafa knew this b4 he took over and he has been hammerin on the squad in last few days,what has the board done to help him out with that??sendin piazon out on loan??..we are probably the architects of our own downfall and when we fail rafa becomes the amount of tactical genius or input would achieve anything tangible with these current squad except reinforcements are put in place,its 3days to go and the board really has to do something or else we put our top4 hope in jeopardy.
RDM took a risk, but the risk gave roman and chelsea the chamopions league trophy that we have always you cant fault that..rafa finishing top 4 with this chelsea side does not make him anything special and does not make him a top coach for a top club....he would have made a strong case for himself if he had won the CWC and/or COC...he would have shown he has that extra bit that certain few coaches have....of course he does not...and we know that...he cost us the cwc with his bizarre team arrangements...and for rafa nothing is EVER wrong with him...its either the team or the owner or some of his players or some one else...its never him...thats why i am 90% certain he wont go far.....lets wait and see...
I agree with Ken - comparing RDM and Rafa Benitez is like saying Brendan Rodgers is better than Mourinho...they're not in the same league as Benitez has been around the block a few times and RDM is still learning his trade. Having said that RDM is a proper chelsea hero so our sentiments for him sometimes blinds our analysis..reality is reality though and i think we must face this, and for me its all about squad depth...simples
Layorh,He sold alonso 30mil and bought a highly rated aquilani for 17mil as a replacement but unfortunately things didnt work out,no thanks to his reoccurin injuries,the other half was equaly invested in signin keane who turned to be a luxury buy,mourinho and fergie have equally bought expensive flops without havin to sell their top players to raise funds,so it happens to coaches but rafa's precarious condition with liverpool meant he had to buy more crap players(and some good players gone bad)...rafa is stil a top coach and he can only get better if he works with an owner/president who understands him and is willing to splash the cash which has always been his backdrop from valencia,liverpool and inter...if he leaves in the summer i would not lose ma sleep but i just feel he equaly have a shot at landin the job permanently(its me just thinkin)...its been nice talkin to you too
Ken, Keane was not a luxury buy..he was an outright bad buy from a coach who had no vision and who CONSISENTLY made horific purchases over a six year period...i can remember when I first saw the news, I was laffing hard with my dad on the couch (Keane to liverpool?..the world is coming to an end!!!) and I am even a coach!!!! baffles me that you actually think that someone with an 80% failure in terms of transfers over a 6 year period should be allowed to ''work with an owner who understands him and is willing to splash the cash''..that wont be happening at chelsea thankfully as suggested by the recent actions of the board...Rafa is quite popular when it comes to his record with ridiculous purchases and money waster...its common knowledge...nobody will allow him to leave chelsea in tatters similar to how he left liverpool and inter...he is a trainer strictly at chelsea and so shall he remain until he departs in May....then we'll move as a club.
***and I am not even a coach...
Layorh,rafa has won everything a top coach should win and his records are there to prove to you that he is a top coach,its a fact u cannot erase,hate him or like him..the season started with rdm losin both the CS and super cup,so whats the evidence that he could have won the CWC and C0C??his mandate here is a top4 and we are not doin too badly as people paint it here considerin the fact that we ve played almost the whole season with torres as CF and our lack of squad depth,its not rafa's fault the squad is thin,we currently have less than 16 first team players available for selection.its true he makes excuses but most time they are genuine and understandable and u and i know that rafa is not a man to take responsibility especially when its others fault..what he needs from us as supporters is continued support unfortunately many of us have that in our back pocket and are hopin and prayin he fails forgetin that if he fails,we fail.
RB should be permitted to complete his interim assignment. As a permanent coach, forget it. He will be gone in the summer.
Rafa has never worked under any spendrift,all he has been under are misers who dont share the same idea on certain issue like transfers,he had to make do with the peanuts they provided him to get as much players as he could,midtable players who get overburdened with the task of a top4 finish,i repeat the keane signin was an anomaly,one of those expensive flops(a certain shevchenko and torres comes to mind) and even with the low budget for a top4 club he stil got very good players like alonso,arbeloa,garcia,agger,skrtel,reina,johnson,lucas,torres,kuyt,suso e.t.c..the problem at liverpool was there was no fund for new players.u talk about a voronin for every torres,there would be another torres for every torres if there was money.
Ken4CFC I dont want Rafa to fail oo....haa..!! 4 is a freaking must for me...but from a purely footballing perspective (tactics, man (player) management, substitutions, ability to sustain a winning run (which he has never done since his anfield days..thats why he never won the BPL)... as well as other softer issues such as relationship with the fans e.t.c...I dont think Rafa is good enough for chelsea...more than that...he is NOT the right man to manage chelsea imo...the level of divide between the club and fans has widened..thanks to the FSW...and it will get worse if he stays way they are gointa like him...when he resumed here...i think he could have done things differently as far the fans were concerned...he dint have to apologize to them bcos he did somthing wrong (i actually dont think he did anything wrong while at anfield)...but a wiser person without an attitude issue will know that to succeed in football as a always need the fans behind you...such meen will do what it takes to get the fans supporting them even if it means sorrying them (i.e. an apology not from the heart)...but FSW with his attitude and high self opinions chose otherwise which is fine by me...but people who are that arrogant usually back up their actions with fantastic results...Rafa has not done that...he'll be gone in the summer no doubt...resting my case.
I know he would be gone by the summer but dont completely rule out the possibility of him stayin beyond that(i knw some dont want to hear
@Ken stop dwelling on the transfers...for me that part is concluded...over 6 years, 80% rate of bad signings tells the whole story....nothing more to talk about...Mou, Pep, Wenger, Saf, all had some bad buys but none is close to rafa...and he is going to own that record for a long long terms of transfers rafa was point debating that...I am an analyst and I believe a lot in numbers..80% is damn horrific so no arguments there....
@Ken is taunting me now...looooool....i am laffing hard...God forbid meen...your wish wont happen...rafa will definitely leave come summer...hell no way he stays..nice way to end it..its good talking to you.
Layorh,i agree with the things u said about his tactics,man management,and subs but dont u think it has more to do with the players we have in the team?? Lookin at the bench u would discover we have one or zero game changers there,and the team on the pitch plays crap if mata is havin an offday.i think if we had gotten him the players he wanted this window our results would improve but recent events look like he has been instructed to make do with what he has when the whole world can see that our squad is very very thin...most here argue against him because of what he said at anfield(i also dont think he did anything wrong) hence the hostile reception he gets from the fans.we know who we are dealin with,he is an arrogant,egoistic(whichever way u want to describe him) he would never apologise for it especially when he also felt he did nothing wrong,the best we as fans can do for the sake of our season is to lay truce(pretend everything is fine,pretend he does not even exist and cheer the boys on) but on the contrary the fans have let out there anger and its also havin a devastatin effect on results,like u said "u always need the fans behind u" its terrible when they are against u.
Typical Rafa...Tells you basically what you want to hear at the beginning, then tongue twist and shifts blame when the going gets tough. He took the Chelsea job trying to prove a point,that he is still a top manager despite criticism. Things haven't gone according to plan,and an excuse is already being prepared. I remember watching his interview on Chelsea TV after his first training session, he was asked; Does the squad have enough depth? "At this moment it is fine, but we have to think about the rest of the season and have to manage with the players we have available(Rotation wise). We have some injuries and have to be careful." Now he complains about squad depth even after the addition of Ba. So now the squad is not manageable again? For those of you that know Rafa with his recent exploit and interviews,ull understand exactly what i mean...He loves to tongue twist and later back track on his actions...He said' "I would never take that job (Chelsea job), in respect for my former team at Liverpool, no matter what" We know what happened 'tongue twisting'. Ill employ you guys to keep a keen eye on his press briefings within the next few weeks if we end up not signing anyone. Let's hope we make top 3 and he is gone by the summer.
Layorh,i found out that rafa wasnt even behind the signing of robbie keane,he wanted gareth barry but the liverpool board didnt back him up so he had to sell alonso to raise fund for barry but liverpool CEO Rick Parry prioritised signin keane over barry hence causin tension when barry moved to city,when the board realised their mistake they sold keane back to tottenham in the january window
I dont have the time and materials now,i would have posted the total amount he spent in his 6yrs at anfield compared to other top4 rivals.
@Nely honestly you got me laffing hard..but your post is soo true...@Ken any true fan will see the need to back the team regardless of what is happening with the coach bla bla...and as per Keane signing...I have never your line of the story before but it could be true...but common Ken keane is just one of the terrible signinngs by rafa a liverpool, I only used Keane as an example...the list is endless you know...and I find @nely's post very interesting cos I also watched those initial interviews on chelsea tv....Rafa is feeling teh heat now and he is trying to tongue twist if i may borrow nely's words...thats what annoys me the most actually...pushing issues around to every other person and object except himself...a trait he has developed since way back...Rafa needs to freaking man up and be responsible for once...he should get us top 4 and kindly fess during the summer, we ve had enough of him already
@Ken and as per Keane signing...I have never read or seen your line of the story before but it could be true...but common Ken keane is just one of the terrible signinngs by rafa at liverpool, I only used Keane as an example...the list is endless you know...and I find @nely's post very interesting cos I also watched those initial interviews on chelsea tv....Rafa is feeling the heat now and he is trying to tongue twist if i may borrow nely's words...thats what annoys me the most actually...pushing issues around to every other person and object except himself...a trait he has developed since way back...Rafa needs to freaking man up and be responsible for once...he should get us top 4 and kindly fess during the summer, we ve had enough of him already
Are we backing Rafa?
I think that the club will be staggered when thousands of fans refuse to renew their season tickets next year, if they decide to keep the incompetent prat.
Guys - why would we keep Rafa? he has the worst record of any manager under me Roman will have noticed this! we just need him to get us to the "finishing line" this season in one piece...
Tell them johnny cos with the way this anti rafa barricade is goin,he might just get us to the finish line this season in different
lool @ Ken...I think some peeps just need to think about the bigger picture sometimes

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