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Moyes in the Frame!

There`s a lovely rumour in the Daily Star and a rumour that may excite the Vital Chelsea membership.

With one Sunday red-top reporting that Rafa Benitez is looking to become our permanent manager, instead of our interim one, at the end of the season, the Daily Star is reporting that Chelsea are looking towards David Moyes as our next boss.

Moyes, who has done a remarkable job at Goodison Park, completed 500 games as Everton boss yesterday in their 2-1 FA Cup win at Bolton, a fact recognised by the travelling support who paraded a banner proclaiming - Moyes - 500 games - 500 More - Legend.

Whether there is any foundation in this rumour remains to be seen, but would the possible appointment of Moyes placate the Chelsea support troubled by Benitez being at our club?

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday January 27 2013

Time: 11:55AM

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It will be a historic first if this ever happens. Roman does not have a history of liking British managers.
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27/01/2013 12:34:00

I'll take moyes over rafa any time any day without batting an eyelid, moyes is far better than rafa and he is more consistent with his form and winning, he make good signings and also develop players making them look like worldclass, pienaar, rim cahill and fellaini with baines come to mind...
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27/01/2013 13:03:00

if moyes is the the only option plausible...meen I'll yank him off to the bridge immediately...rafa has to leave in the summer...
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27/01/2013 14:09:00

Can't help but feel that it doesn't matter who is our next manager will be. Without the club structure to support him and the patience not to fire him at the first sign of trouble what difference does it make?
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27/01/2013 14:32:00

After 8 managers in quick succession, haven't we learned that it is NOT the managers our main problem? We have had bad ones (Benitez / Scolari) and truly world class managers (Carlo / Mourihno), but it is the stupid Board - Gourlay / Buck, who try to decide which players come and which players go without any Manager's input the main problem. Look at Carlo - he was forced to play an aging squad when he was denied of younger signings. For RDM, he was given players with flair, and although great, some of them are not direct nor powerful enough (Marin / Oscar / Hazard). Benitez is asking for reinforcements and all we have done is replacing an outgoing Danny with Ba. We have NOT improved in key areas. This all means that the Board does NOT think our squad needs reinforcements, but is laying all the blame on the coach. Same as with Carlo. Let some suits decide the players you can get, and you'll have Chelsea. We always seem to get behind the f. eight ball.
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27/01/2013 14:44:00

he is a good honourable man. Dont think he will be a match to the clowns we have in our board. He is the man we need but not what we deserve. We deserve rafa the tubby
Blue India
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27/01/2013 14:53:00

don't be surprised he tubby becomes our full time manager
Blue India
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27/01/2013 14:55:00

Well said@blueleader01,our problem isnt managers but the patience and job security to spur him on
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27/01/2013 14:57:00

Dont think Chelsea is the right fit for him, he would be foolish to take the job, he is the kind of manager that would need time to build a team. I'm not really sold on him either all that time and the only notable achievement is a fourth place finish. Not even a cup at least I would take Arry over Moyes any day.
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27/01/2013 15:20:00

We are unfortunately going to be scraping the barrel when it comes to appointing a new manager. If we can't guarantee that the job security is there and that the financial resource will be there when required then no top class manager will even look twice at us. It's heartbreaking to think that we have just had the greatest achievement of our clubs history in may, to end up like we are at the moment. Jose, Klopp, would be amazing for us, but patience is the key, specially with Klopp. I say this out of concern, if we don't have a clear direction and stability, and gourlay, buck and emenalo out then we will have years of being Liverpool.
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27/01/2013 15:41:00

@Anarchy. 4 is excellent in my opinion. He is working on peanuts at everton
Blue India
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27/01/2013 15:43:00

I realised it is almost impossible for us to lure any decent managers to become our manager next season. Let's look within us and give a chance to our reserve team coach Avi a chance... As long as he the tactical capabilities and willing to give a try to the youngsters, it will be sufficient. Also, we need to replace ME with Guus Hiddink to look for players we required. No RB although I was quite excited with his appointment prior to this... We need to be realistic with our young manager... Otherwise, I wouldn't mind to have Guus leading our ex player - Ballack...
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27/01/2013 15:46:00

I think my opinion is in line with @blueleader1... Moyes may be a decent coach for us but can we as a club, especially the fans, be patient enough with him... can we give him as much as 3 to 4 years to win his 1st EPL for us.... Chelsea fans always expect miracles... and let's be honest... Chelsea is a different cup of tea from Everton... how well Moyes will be able to handle Chelsea remains unknown for now but he sure deserves a shot...
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27/01/2013 15:59:00

Moyes should stay where he is he would make a good manager but its the stupid board we have which is the biggest let down.
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27/01/2013 16:36:00

Good coach but the expectation in Everton is very different compare to Chelsea. when Sam Allardyce was with Bolton everyone thought he was a top coach even some section of the media wanted him for the England job. Everybody know what happened when he moved to a bigger team with higher expectation.
jollyheart Torres
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27/01/2013 16:42:00

one thing we have to accept. English premier league is different to other leagues. A team like stoke cannot exist is a spanish or german league. We need managers with experience and pedigree to have a say in our day-to-day matters and transfers. Rdm moyes premier have experience on their side. Managers like klop will struggle here. Players like oscar mata would be well protected by referees in spain brazil or italy. Mourinho realised this and he built a squad based on strength and pace rather than tricks and flicks. Managers of experience will realise this. I would therefore prefer the current munich manager or hiddink as a short term manager for 1 or 2 years at chelsea to be followed by our own adi viveash or zola. With hiddink or jupp continuing as directors of football, but i guess this is wishful thinking on my part.
Blue India
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27/01/2013 16:56:00

My fear over this rumour is no manger will believe our board's empty promises that would fail when there may be signs of hard times, ask AVB. Managers like Moyes who have safe dignity and would want total freedom to run the team without any interference will never take to any promise our board might make.
munich Glory
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27/01/2013 17:21:00

he is one of my favourite manager to manage chelsea.wish it will happen..
Chelsea n Torres Fan
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27/01/2013 18:06:00

If it happened he would need time now that is the real problem
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27/01/2013 19:29:00

I wil take him time ahead of rafa. But my choice stil remain klopp.
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27/01/2013 20:25:00

Best choice for the job far and away. Which is why I back Chelsea not to approach him.
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27/01/2013 20:43:00

Abidem I would give him time too but what about Roman now that is a worry For any new manager don't you think
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27/01/2013 21:43:00

The question we have to ask of any manager is why he'd come to CFC in the first place. Roman sacks managers. We attracted Tubby because he was desperate.
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28/01/2013 01:07:00

I think Roman should have learnt well by now. Patience is key. We can't keep sacking managers.
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28/01/2013 03:26:00

What has David Moyes done to suggest he's a "winner"?? ZILCH ZERO NADA NOTHING
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28/01/2013 06:53:00

Because he's managed a club for so long suddenly that's the criteria for potential of being Chelsea Manager?? What a criteria...
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28/01/2013 06:54:00

Unless and until he wins something, don't hold your breath. Hell Redknapp has won the FA Cup with Portsmouth whilst getting Spurs to P4 in 2 seasons running, not a better "candidate"?? Can you see Redknapp being approached to take the job??*smh...
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28/01/2013 06:56:00

@Mq...good thinking..really good thinking especially the Moyes Rednapp comparism...there's probably the risk part of hiring a coach like Moyes..but then watching Everton play (not soo much flair, they are just damn efficient) shows the guy knows what he is doing...and the way he has played around with a player like Fellani also gives some sort of indication...but I must admit there is that chance that he might not succeed here...such options should only be considered when our back is totally against the wall...I'll take him over the FSW though (my opinion)...because of the single reason that the relationship between tubby and the fans will only get worse and continue to kill the team...Rafa could have closed that chapter when he started his work here but he chose not he should deal with the consequence....(he dint need to apologize to the fans bcos he did somthing wrong (I dont think he did anything wrong))..he only needed to do the needful to get them on his side...he was too proud, arrogant and ultimately stupid to see that....hence his demise with the fans.!
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28/01/2013 07:50:00

CFC is a bridge too far for Moyesy imo...
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28/01/2013 09:46:00

He has already said several times that he wants to coach in Germany so i reckon a Wolfsburg or some other mid table club in the Bundesliga is his best bet...he can groom them and make them a permanent fixture in the top 5 like he did at Goodison..
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28/01/2013 09:48:00

@Johnny..loooooooool...tad harsh...quite harsh...loooooooool!
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28/01/2013 10:06:00

:) i only speak the truth...
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28/01/2013 10:15:00

My opinion on this one has been aptly echoed by quite a few of you here...mostly @blueleader,@dwonder,@Mq and @johnny. Dont think there is much left to say other than that the move is not ideal.
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28/01/2013 11:03:00

If we want to attract a good coach,we should first of all undertake some administrative restructuring and redefinition of philosophy,that will go a long way to convince many outstanding coaches that we are ready to do business with them. We can bring in Guus Hiddink to take up our DOF or Technical Director position ,he will be free by summer. With the philosophy and clubs long term plan addressed and established with him,we can then go for Jurgen Klopp,seeing a man like Hiddink as his superior will give some credibility to the job. Klopp has what it takes to gradually evolve the team to world beaters. I know Cfc managerial position is still a dream job for many managers,only if we can do somethings right.
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28/01/2013 11:21:00

Mq- ight efore Guardiola was Brca manager what did he win or who did h maager before them? Barca gave him a chance and took a big gamble on him to be ther manager,and it was one that paid off hugely! why do we think david moyes is useless if he has only been at everton wh lets face it have given him sod all money and sll his best playes every summer? i cannot juge moyes just yet
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28/01/2013 12:23:00

Moyes did a fantastic job at Preston, prior to taking over at Goodison. I`m Chelsea home and away, always have been, always will be and I`d take Moyes tomorrow. I want ever player in Blue to give 100% every game. Half our team don`t do that. I`m already bored stiff with all this tippy tappy non contact rubbish. If we can`t get Jose, the club should go and get Moyes asap. Not another foreign manager, that doesn`t know the Premier League. But replacing Emenalo is just as important, why the hell he has such an important role at the club, god only knows.
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28/01/2013 13:57:00

These Moyesy rumours are gathering pace...happy to stand corrected if the board decide to appoint him...I have nothing against him but he wouldnt be my no 1 pick...That would be JM
Report Abuse
29/01/2013 16:26:00


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