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Summer Buys?

Saber goes all mystic on us!

This is for the benefit of those who asked me to take a punt on transfers like the one where I called Hazard coming in and Hulk not coming at a time where every media outlet went nuts about Hulk to Chelsea.

Here is my punt on next seasons squad-

No Fellaini.
No Falcao.
No Cavani.
No Benat.
No Isco.

Sorry guys, but here`s what I`m putting my money on-

Goalkeepers - Cech, Turnbull, Butland

Defenders - Cole, Bertrand, Terry, Cahill, Ivanovic, Luiz, Azpilicueta, Wallace

Midfield - Mikel, Essien, Ramires, Moutinho, Tiote, Hazard, Oscar, Mata, Marin, Moses, Willian. (not sure about Willian, could be another winger)

Strikers - Schurrle, Ba, Torres...

Manager - Jose Mourinho

And if you are a betting man, you might want to put a dime or two on Chelsea winning the FA Cup this year.

It`s the only silverware well win this time even though it`s Tubby leading the charge (guess its a bigger miracle than last year).

I hope I`m wrong because I really like Falcao, Benat and Fellaini... Cheers....

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The Journalist

Writer: saber Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 28 2013

Time: 4:39PM

Your Comments

not too far off from my team but i'd have a couple of changes in midfield and attack. Defence - same as yours Midfield - same except for Tiote, Marin, Moutinho & Willain ( instead i'd have Fellaini, Isco, Benat & De Bruyne) Strikers - Same except for Torres, (Torres leaves in summer & i'd replace him with Jovetic)
Im sorry but Moutinho and Tiote are far off. KDB will be back as well and Torres leaves which allows for another striker. Mourinho isnt going to buy Schurrle IMO.
i like bony
Blue India
Saber waves his mystical wand! Lol. Not a fan of transfers so ill be fine with whoever comes in as long as its what we need and the right position. CM(a regista,someone that directs play confidently) top priority.
Need 1 world class strikers along with Ba and lukaku (Falcow) .... if we need to complete with the likes of Mancs !!!! need a proper winger along with moses (some one with pace to burn, KDB) !!! need a good backup keeper (butland) along with a proper manager (mourihno) who will be given time !!!! Outs: torres, marin, lamps, mikel,
1) Isco: He extended his contract today and has a release clause > 30m now but I agree with Saber Isco will be really difficult we would have to pay around about 35m to get him and will have to beat competition from other big clubs. 2) Benat: Same as Isco there will be a big auction for his signature what I mean is Man City will also bid for BOTH of these players. 3) Falcao: Will chicken out of EPL, he knows that he might find it difficult here. 4) Cavani: Will join Man City. 5) Fellaini: Will go to ManU. 6) Willian & Moutinho: Will go to Spurs. 7) Paulinho: Will join Inter or Man City.
Not sure how to respond on this one. I appreciate that you didn't include a bunch of ridiculous and unlikely names, though if you had written this a year ago I'd have said the same of our signings this past summer. With Roman, you truly can never know. Personally, I think it would be crazy not to recall some of our loaned players. I want De Bruyne at the club, and we'll have a gap to fill assuming that Lamps goes. This is an important time for Josh--will he ever make it at CFC? We've got to find out soon enough. What about Bruma? The list could go on and on.
Nice 1 but I don't see a moutinho and a willian,willian is a hulk kind of deal that won't happen,instead I see james rodriguez coming in as the winger,you left romeu out of your squad but I see him in the squad instead of essien and one of either falcao or cavani also marin will leave and KDB will be used to replace him.....chelsea will sign butland but he will be out on loan because chelsea won't have any intention to start rotating goalkeepers that's risky you know
@B2k420 loooool so who do chelsea get? Scott Sinclair back from City? honestly lmao
ill be happy just for Mourinho to return with on loan players coming back like Thaibut, KDB, Piazon, Lukaku, Josh
Blue Bezerkas
@Radio...: 1) I am sorry to tell you but IMO, Josh will never make it at Chelsea, he might play against week oppositions when we are winning 3-0 and same goes for Berty. 2) De Bruyne: His first touch was so bad in the preseason, I said to my mates that he should be loaned out in EPL but Chelsea board had some agreement with Bremen as they didn't sell Marin to Spurs and so he ended up at Bremen. IMO Chelsea will sell De Bruyne & Bruma.>>>Only players who will or can make at Chelsea are who force their way into the first team straight away, going on loan is a dead end.
@JohnnyOz: I thought the same thing after my post who is left for us, lol, it is the mystic in me. On a serious note it might be the FFP that is why Chelsea are being careful. >>>@Blue Bezerkas: IMO out of all those players on loan ONLY Thibaut Courtois I see playing for us (as a 2nd goalie) i.e. unless we sell him and make some dosh/profit.>>>It might all change if we get a coach who likes to develop young players not someone like Mourinho.
Hmmm, Everton are set to sign Leroy Fer, a Dutch midfielder nicknamed "The Bouncer" because of his size and strength. Sound like a Fellani replacement at all?!
For the record, I don't see Josh ever making it at Chelsea either RD. Pity, the kid I saw come on and totally change that League Cup game against Newcastle a couple of years ago (although we still lost) gave me great hope. He's still yuong though, so you never know and we live in hope, that's what football fans do!
B2K420 - seeing how as you mentioned FFP, how the Hell are Galatasaray going to meet that if they go splashing the cash on wages for the likes of Sneijder and Drogba?!
Saber, I really hope u are wrong about this because this players are a bit mediocre except ofcourse fellaini and willian, I see chelsea to be like this next season, cech,courtois (hopefully), jamal blackman, cole,pva,betrand*,terry,luiz,cahill,iva,kalas,cesar,chalobah,kdb,mata,oscar,moses, willian or isco(one will come), mikel, ba, schurlle and one out of the blue buy
Manager? Mourinho? Or perhaps laudrup?
If it's going to be Jose, just do it now! Madrid don't want their Manager and we do. We don't want our Manager and for some inexplicable reason, they do, so just swap and let us all get on with our lives!
Spot on , but moutihno? I have him in my fifa career mode chelsea squad but I think considering how porto sell for , he won't join us. Good squad , doesn't seem to lack depth either.
hmm....its a tough thing I wanta say is that I have been watching tiote at afcon (I really used to like him)...but I think his tackles have been totally horrific...if he was playing in the BPL, he would have been red carded in both matches... very good player but his discliplinary record is terrible and it looks like its gointa get worse...not sure I want him here any longer...but this is saber we are talking about here so lets wait and see....
and does that mean nobody is truly coming this january?.....hmmm....siiiiiiiigh!!!!
I think I can see torres going out with Lukaku coming back and Schurrle coming in. PVA will probably be loaned out again along with kalas , I think feruz will be loaned out too
one more thing i observed our midfield will seriously lack height with that squad..Mikel will be the tallest!....but the squad is pretty strong i must say...with Mou we will just be good
de bruyne needs a chance next year and depending on how well piazon does at malaga, he may or may not deserve a chance at the first team
next season torres will be out along with lamps essien ferrera malouda hilario benayoun....and players who will come will be at chelsea kdb lukaku schrulle benat
diego simone or zola will be next chelsea manager...
We don't need so many additions. If it was up to me I would sell Ferreira, Malouda (wait until his contract expires), Torres, Essien (sad to see him leave though) and Turnbull (Hilario is better than him). Then recall De Bruyne, Lukaku and buy Fernandinho from Shaktar and a back-up goalkeeper until Courtois returns.
Drog of War
Pessimistic BS ... We might not get every player we want , but we will be in the mix when it comes to the players we need to win the League (at least).. You really think Roman will be content with winning the League Cup and the FA cup from now on ??? GET REAL will you all ?
If we still have Turnbull next season I will do an impersonation of Hazard and the ballboy on him lol
Nice shout outs Saber. For me though i wont be so bold. Honestly till i see if we even manage to finish in the top 4 at seasons end i wont even bother considering who comes for us in the summer.
Whatever manager comes in I would think that the first thing that they would say is Torres needs to be sold in the summer, mourinho would shout it from the rooftops. This is the key to getting any manager listen too their ideas for the squad. I do think Willian will be our jan deadline day signing.
I think it's crazy to write off De Bruyne. As for Josh, well, it doesn't look good, I agree. If Danny couldn't make it even as a semi-regular starter with Torres being so woeful, what chance does Josh have getting into our midfield? It's a shame b/c he's got talent.
Look this teams 1st and single greatest priority is a passer/playmaker for the pivot...We need a starter and I would still give Josh a chance..If he proves to be a reasonable back-up squad player then he creates value as an asset that could be sold. Otherwise, he will get loaned out until the end of his contract and he will leave for free. Poor business. Everyone believes that Benat is the answer as the passer/playmaker. I would sell Romeu, Essien and Marin ASAP...I would want Nate Chaloubah on the 1st team with KDB..Chelsea has to see what they have with these younger players...I would break the bank and get Fellaini for the DM position. While I like Mikel in the DM role he lacks versatility and distributes the ball too slow...It was a mistake signing him for a contract extension. Again, Mikel is ok...but he has limitations and is not world class. Fellaini strikes fear in the opposition as he is a destroyer...Mikel can't match that...If everyone thinks our CF position is weak...well our midfield/pivot is even worse. Moutinho??? not another lampard box to box...LETS GET THIS STRAIGHT...if you want to play box to box midfielders then 4-2-3-1 is NOT the right formation...Why purchase another box to box player when he doesn't fit the formation...Chelsea needs creating passing and speed of play in the pivot...WHO does not see this...WE have been talking about this for over a year now...I would sell Torres this summer and if I couldn't sell him, I would loan him out for a year...While Ba is a short term solution Chelsea needs an elite CF that can start. Loan out Lukaku for another year. Courtios and Cech to split the games next year..time for Courtios to make the transition...
The squad there is not far from a winning team,will really be up there with the best. But i dont see our club buying some of the players there, mostly Tiote and Moutinho. Lets wait and see.
Well guys the list which Saber has put, is a list which CFC are likely to end up with rather than what we all think we actually need. It looks to me as Falcao ain't coming to Chelsea. Fellaini is also unlikely. But I also think Moutinho, Tiote are far from likely. We'd probably go for Paulinho, Jovetic. Fellaini is a big possibility due to his versatility to play in atleast 3 positions comfortably. Its highly possibly that we'll recall KDB as well.
id like it if we got jovetic. it's a shame about isco, too.
I may not agree with @lamarochs but he puts his case forward very well...heck i'm almost convinced lol but i think Mikel has earned his place in this squad and is a champions league winner...atm Fellaini can only dream of this but i rate him very highly and he will be my first purchase if it was down to me...Very versatile player...Mou would love him!
JohnnyOz it true that we have 80M worth of talent on loan? thats significant
anyways my greatest take from saber's list is that we are just a couple of players from being extremely competitive provided we have a good coach in place as we as a structure that encourages overall stability...this summer will be very important period for the club...I do hope we get things right.
****as well as
layorh12 Not that i totally agree with the choice of players,but i think this articles is on point!
Ohans agree with that article but not sure about Bruma being ready yet...Also Lukaku needed a bit more exposure and i think he is getting that at WBA and this is aiding his development as i dont see how Romelu could have benched Torres in practice (in theory yes as he's better than FT9 on current form) but i dont think either of our managers so far this season would have been brave enough to have made Lukaku No1 ahead of Porres like Ba is now...I agree with the case for KDB and Thibault though but will Thibault have been happy?
Johnny,it is really baffling how much we have been wasting in managing our players,really horrible decisions i must say.
players in: Benat, Willian, Wanyama/Capoue, Higuain, Schurrle, KDB, PVA, Hutchinson (CB cover). Wallace. +one more striker not sure who Players out: Malouda Paulo, Marin, Lampard
things are not great sir atm and the board will be looking at themselves i'm...much could have been done better this season! This Rafa appointment was a proper balls up...hopefully they will have learned from this...I can only hope
*the board will be looking at themselves i'm sure
And yes,Lukaku and Bruma may well not be Chelsea standard yet and are better of on loan to get their developments fast tracked as it is now,but i also believe that a well rotated team,regardless of the calibre of players they compete against, will guarantee some degree squad depth and ensure the growth of the youngsters at once.
agreed...i just sometimes think that we forget that our team is made up youngsters that are still learning...hazard is 21, Oscar 20, Azpi 23, Bertrand 22, Mata 24...Moses 21, A big part of our team never mind loan players are still relatively wet behind the ears, which i think explains some of our shortcomings...Chelsea is such a big club now that you're not allowed the time to develop while in a chelsea shirt, you have to hit the ground running and this is a tough thing for many youngster esp playing for the reigning European champions
I hope so too, let them make amends asap.
The 23 players out on loan at the moment and how much Chelsea paid for them 1. Michael Essien (Real Madrid) CM - 24.5m 2. Romelu Lukaku (West Brom) ST - 18m 3. Thibaut Courtois (Atletico Madrid) GK - 8m 4. Kevin De Bruyne (Werder Bremen) LM - 7m 5. Lucas Piazon (Malaga) AM - 5m 6. Ulises Davila (Sabadell) AM - 5m 7. Tomas Kalas (Vitesse Arnhem) CB - 5m 8. Wallace (Fluminense) RB - 5m 9. Matej Delac (Inter Zapresic) GK - 2m 10. Thorgen Hazard (Waregem) AM - 1.5m 11. Jeffrey Bruma (Hamburg) CB - 100,000 12. Nathaniel Chalobah (Watford) CB Academy 13. Patrick Van Aanholt (Vitesse Arnhem) LB Academy 14. Gael Kakuta (Vitesse Arnhem) AM Academy 15. Josh McEachran (Middlesbrough) CM Academy 16. Amin Affane (Roda JC) AM Academy 17. Jhon Pirez (Leganes) ST Academy 18. Anjur Osmanovic (Larje) CM Academy 19. Billy Clifford (Colchester) CM Academy 20. Sam Hutchinson (Nottingham Forest) CB Academy 21. Kenneth Omeruo (Den Haag) CB Academy 22. Todd Kane (Blackburn) RB Academy 23. Sam Walker (Colchester) GK Academy
knock Michael Essien off the list and its not as bad as it sounded...phew :)
I believe that we will see probably 2 or 3 world class players join us in the summer as we are obviously not going to spend any more money in January except for Butland(maybe).With Frank apparently on his way out of the club we have a capable replacement in the face of KDB.If Lukaku continues to impress in WBA and we promise him game time he could be our third striker(or second provided the #9 dude leaves).Then we have Essien who will return to the club and imo the decision on him will be for our next manager.However one of him,Romeu and Mikel will probably leave and Fellaini could come the other way around .We migh well purchase Luke Shaw and loan him back to the Saints to play regularly.Then as far as wingers are concerned,as high as I rate Marin,if he doesn't play much he might be offloaded to make place for Willian.Piazon will be loaned out as well as Chalobah,who might extend his watford loan should the Hornets make it to the EPL.Josh is a huge enigma and the decision on him is for the manager again.Kakuta will probably be sold as well as Delac,Bruma,Affane,Pirez,Clifford and Walker,while the other on-loan players will be loaned out again.Thus our squad for the next year will be something like that: GK:Cech-Butland-Turnbull; Defenders:Azpi,Wallace,Iva,terry,Cahill,Luiz,Cole,Bertrand; Midfielders:two of Mikel/Romeu/Essien,Oscar,KDB,Fellaini,Mata,Hazard,Moses,Willian; Strikers:Ba,Lukaku,Torres(hope not though);
If jose becomes the manager then Lampard will stay! Lampard is Mourinhos favourite players
No english players at midfield and striker, Can you really call chelsea a english club. sigh
Not Mourinho plz....LoL...he'll insult the club's players early into his 3rd season (as he did Madrid) and he'll start talking about winning in another league
Can you not "adjust" your dreams a little SABER?? No qualms about the rest but Jose, for the life of me, plz wish him not to come to Chelsea
Come back home JM...:) We need you old chap This Tubbster dude is wrecking shop...
@Laku...: Willian is about to join FC Anzhi Makhachkala. Looks like we are not going to sign any more players in this window, what a shame.

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