Chelsea - What a Wasted Opportunity!
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What a Wasted Opportunity!

Yesterday, transfer deadline day, will go down in history as the day Chelsea Football Club just buried their heads in the sand and prayed that what we already have will ensure we finish in the top four.

It was the day that the only deal involving any of our playing staff, as far as I can make out, saw Patrick Bamford go to MK Dons on loan. There were, shamefully, no incoming deals to fix our inadequacies, just a shut your eyes and hope mentality.

All season we`ve been insisting that the back-up keepers cannot step in and fill in for Petr Cech. So what do we do, we chase Jack Butland, a young keeper with great potential, only to be told he`s not interested and in the end preferred to join Stoke City.

We totally ignore the fact that in a defensive midfield position we`re seriously lacking and we totally ignore the fact that due to the absence of Victor Moses (away on African Cup of Nations duty) that we seriously lack width.

Now I`m still not sure who actually runs the transfer scenario within the walls of Stamford Bridge (but I have my suspicions), but I`m of the opinion that results, over the coming weeks will show that yesterday was the day the dream died, a wasted opportunity, a head in the sand time - you mark my words!

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday February 1 2013

Time: 9:11AM

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I believe we can safely conclude that Rafa hasnt got the backing of Roman. I also think Roman is simply waiting for the summer and he only hasnt sacked him cos no one else would be stupid enough to take the job right now. This whole scenario explains why Young players are worried of what might happen to them if they come to Chelsea and thats the main reason Butland did not come i think. We as a club are very unstable and thats always been a concern.
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01/02/2013 09:37:00

I feel we are being punished by roman. Dnt kw why, bt your guess is as mine.
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01/02/2013 09:42:00

I agree Tugay...Roman has put us on time-out like some naughty little toddlers lool...a little bit myopic that imo! These are the days of FFP tho', even citeh didnt do any business..
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01/02/2013 09:50:00

Manure never do this. They always have more then enough players for the season. Park Ji Sung, Fletcher weren't regulars but they were always there. Roman really makes it difficult for his managers.
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01/02/2013 09:57:00

Spot on Merlin. Even if the Board is reluctant to brng in new players cos we will hv a new coach in the summer, they shld have at least sort out our DM. I advocated that we buy Diame who is a superb B2B/ DM and play him as a lone DM. This would have automatically freed up lampard and ramries from the pivot. Lampard can come in for mata in the CAM role and ramires can play in a variety of postions and thus give the coach more options in the team. I pray this (head in the sand; hope for the best policy) doesn't backfired badly but if it does, fan should endeavour to stick the blame on the right heads. Roman and the Board. They allfailed Us.
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01/02/2013 10:07:00

Our totally inept board making the club look like a joke.
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01/02/2013 10:18:00

oppurunity was not wasted i think the whlole taleneted player which we had bougt this summer got wasted due to some foolish decesion that our board has taken regarding appointing manager....i think during pre season i tought we had enough players to challenge for the title including epl and we started with a bright spark wrong decesion and the whole season went upsde down...i hope our board learn from this type of mistake they commited this season and i hope they corect all the wrong decesion they had made during this season before appointing any manager first get rid of all deadwoods and the deadjungle i.e torres thats should be the first priority of chelsea next season and nothing else...
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01/02/2013 10:57:00

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01/02/2013 11:22:00

The only interpretation i seem to make of this is that the board along with Roman has already set sight on a new manager who might not fancy Rafa's signings. Kind of targeting in the minimum to make the top 4 and start afresh in the summer with a new manager who would make his desired choices to build a team based on the 'would be established' philosophy. The best option would have been to avoid expenses and bring back some relevant loanees.
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01/02/2013 11:22:00

hahaha buy one get 2 free like shlok once said..
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01/02/2013 11:33:00

I believe singning fellaini could have fixed whatever problems we have FOR NOW until the next transfer, now we have a chance of possibly slipping, lets hope hazard oscar moses azpil continue bulding chemistry and really step up and become cement in this team so we can fill in the gaps next transfer...... i am just of the believing purchasing fellaini would fancy any incoming manager and enable him different strategies
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01/02/2013 11:48:00

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01/02/2013 11:50:00

Guys hang on,put on your sit belts,its going to be a bumpy ride till the summer. *Deep sigh*
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01/02/2013 12:15:00

SMOKIEJACK lol. I see your capslock is still dodgey.
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01/02/2013 12:15:00

Roman aint going to shell out for players for a manager who aint going to be here next season,so thats Rafa pretty much what we need is a good manager get him in as soon as season ends buy players move players on take a look at players out on loan and back the new man,sounds simple doesnt it ha ha we will c cfc
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01/02/2013 13:16:00

i don't believe that the reason we didn't buy this window is because roman dodn't want to bank roll rafa. if someone was lined up our interm tub would not be a factor on whether that player signed or not. there are, i believe many and varied reasons for the non purchase at this time one being our exact targets aren't available right now. there's also the matter of who is european tied. since it's inception i have always held the belief that january is NOT the time to buy as ,quite simlpy the best options are not available in january. see five under 21 players leaving as of today in conor clifford, adam philip, ben gordon, james ashton and rohan ince.
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01/02/2013 13:44:00

I agree. I believe Roman is waiting for the imput from the next manager to be hired this summer. I also believe that he doesn't trust the board(Emenelo) much... either. So he has elected to wait till this summer..
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01/02/2013 13:48:00

we lost season in summer when we let mereiles and essien go and did not buy replacements.
Blue India
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01/02/2013 13:55:00

the non replacement of essien and mereiles (and arguably mceachran) was a huge error which left us badly lacking in CM. the likes of emelano has to stand up and take the blame for this but don't hold your breath!
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01/02/2013 14:22:00

i think.. this summer, we does not only need good manager, we also need to fix the board members and overall structure of the board
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01/02/2013 14:33:00

Its clear that chelsea are going to bring the a new manager which is good thing first of all. if u analyse our squad right now our squad consists of 13 foreign players who are above 21 and 3 players who are U-21 but will occupy foreign slot that means we have 16 players in effect. from 13 players we will release max 3 players (paulo, hilario,yossi) which makes 13 foreign players and if u add KDB then it will be 14 which means we have only 3 foreign players spots left. so if a new managers comes it is sure that he atleast want to add 2 players to the squad and if it is foreign players then it will become 16 then one more slot is available. then they has to sell someone before any purchase. so its good if u look from one angle but its bad for now as we are desperate for some players to increase our squad depth
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01/02/2013 14:44:00

@arun you make a lot of sense mate...good reason...thats another perepective different from the article on the front page...good thinking.
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01/02/2013 14:49:00

@layorh 12 i know its a different perepective but if u ask me is it a missed i opportunity i say no for the time being because its clear that tubby is not our next permanent manager. so why buy player in jan and make it uncomfortable for next manager in buying players. and there are players on loan of which i think 5 or 6 players can play a major role in our squad next season. in that case its better to wait what is the plan for our incoming manager(if somebody is coming) and then enter in to market.
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01/02/2013 15:41:00

@arun...bit of a miscommuniation there...what i meant to say was that your thinking is a lot more in line with another article on the front page...After the dark clouds...and by the way, i like the way you think...keep up!
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01/02/2013 15:46:00

No signing suggest only one thing that We will sign new players after consulting with the new manager in the summer. I like that approach, we arent doing any fire fighting, which could result in expensive dead wood. I think the current squad is good enough to remain in the top four and that will be the only object in the remaining matches of the season.
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01/02/2013 15:54:00

@ chelsea fan - i think you may be in line with the boards exact thoughts on our predicament....I think we're officially in damage limitation mode i.e. when you're in a hole, stop digging damnit...all will be revealed in the summer
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01/02/2013 16:03:00

Layorh12 sorry i got it now. thanks for appreciating my comment.
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01/02/2013 16:07:00

Johnnyoz that comment from you when you are in a hole got be laughing. As you said we are in damage limitation mode. The board and Roman are playing a high stakes poker gamble here. They dont trust Rafa (i wonder where that leaves Emenalo who was apparently the brain child behind getting him). They have clearly decided to gamble that we can somehow manage a top 3 and at worst top 4 finish with no further reinforcements then hit the reset button in the summer and begin from scratch. It is a big if..Rafa is no fool..he knows he is out of here come summer and i wonder how that will affect his job thing for sure he wont be killing himself and having sleepless nights on our behalf..i think the loathing between him and the board is mutual. It is our players who must rise up and save this season for Chelsea FC and they will have to do this with a coach who may already have mentally checked out. In other words they may essentially have to coach themselves till May.
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01/02/2013 16:45:00

@GabeU, i cant agree more men...thats the reality...clearly the appointment of tubby does not fit into any of these and is obviously a mistake...I hope we come out of the whole with minimum scar...cos there will definitely be some scar...i just hope it wont be for the long term...we'll be fine..
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01/02/2013 16:50:00

your comments are on the money Gabeu - couldnt agree more
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01/02/2013 16:54:00

The players Rafa wants for next season weren't available.He will get the players he needs in the summer.He is here to stay.
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01/02/2013 17:46:00

The following players have been released by chelsea football club as they will not be offered new contracts from the under 21 team - 5 players: James Ashton, Conor Clifford, Ben Gordon, Rohan Ince and Adam Phillip, from the Under 18 team, 1 player - Alistair Gordon....sad to see but wish them all the best....I am a bit surprised about conor Clifford though, I always tot he was decent!.....we are clearly putting our house in order, and I am sure there will be a lot more changes in the summer even right across the first team as well as the overall managerial structure.....i am keeping the faith...
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01/02/2013 18:59:00

Im i the only one who thinks roman may have lost his desire with chelsea? Maybe after Guardiola will take over bayern roman might not have the same desire to pump in money and buy barcelona like player. leave it at half finish project. We will se in the summer.
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01/02/2013 19:21:00

Or it might just be that they dont want rafa buying any players cause he will get the sack in may,june and let the new coah(hope its mourinho) choose which player he wants
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01/02/2013 19:24:00

It's not a wasted opportunity reason I say so is because we all know we ve a talented team who are not playing to their potential. Oscar and ramires can give us much better energy in CM with Frank moving fwd or benched. Terry and Luiz are starters when fit. Now the problem is syrikers, why always play a single striker? It baffles me and I ve realized that someone else and not rafa sets the line ups and those clowns sitting along rafa are clueless to the core. Last time we were great were the days of Steve Clarke and Ray Wilkins.
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01/02/2013 20:22:00

Yossi,lamps,ferreira,malouda,essien, are likely to go in the summer, the new gaffer will re-assess the squad along with the returnees and chose his squad from them and he'll buy one or two more to form a squad that is big enough to challenge. I just hope the next manager is way better than rafa
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01/02/2013 20:26:00

@Desmond...I am not soo sure about Essien, he has a contract till 2015 and if we hire a coach like Jose Mourinho...Essien aint going nowhere meen, I watched him against barca and he seems to have gained some good fitness, he was looking very sharp, maybe not at the level he once was but will defo still do a job as a squad player...we have to wait and see....
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01/02/2013 21:38:00

@layorh, I agree with u, remember I used the word likely to go, so let us just wait and see how things go
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02/02/2013 08:12:00

I wanted chelsea not to really buy in January since we usuaaly ends up buyng players we do not need. The end of the season will be the next stop at restructuring the team and that will be when we have known the next manager
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02/02/2013 09:36:00


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