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5 Questions To Ponder Over!

It`s always hard to control the emotions when the club you love is in a downward spiral.

The initial reaction is to lash out, lash out like a wounded lion, but sometimes it`s better to let things fester for a while before putting a few thoughts to paper.

Hopefully, by waiting for ninety minutes since the final whistle went up at St James Park, I`ve done that.

So here goes;-

1 - Why are we so keen to get rid of Frank Lampard? Surely the loss of experience in Essien / Ballack / Meireles shows that you need someone with experience around. Building for the future is one thing but we mustn`t fall into the trap that Aston Villa have and swamp the team with youth!

2 - Would it be a brave thing to do to get rid of the square peg in the round hole, namely Rafa Benitez? It was obvious from Day One that it wasn`t going to be a marriage made in heaven and so that has proven. So what if we get ridiculed by the press for getting rid of the man, we`re currently going nowhere and at our current rate of demise we are not going to finish in the top four!

3 - Does luck even itself out over a season? Decisions went against us today, we could have had a couple of penalties but it wasn`t to be!

4 - Who the hell thinks calling for Roman to go is a sensible shout? Without Roman we`d be nothing, probably gone, probably the first of the big clubs to go under. Without Roman we`d have won feck-all!

5 - If Benitez as manager is bad, what about his side-kicks Holland and Zenden?

Your thoughts, on anther sad day would be most welcome!

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday February 2 2013

Time: 6:36PM

Your Comments

who the hell takes over from Benitez if he's sacked tomorrow Merlin???
how about you and me Springy, we'd kick some backsides!
That's a good idea Springy....Merlin to take over
Tommy Lawton
Thanks Tommy, I'd probably be not that good but the compensation package when I'm sacked would bring a smile back to my face!
Benitez was brought in 2 improve results as RDM dismissal statement said; even his best of supporters will agree that he has failed in dat aspect. Loss against Corinthians in d club world cup who no disrespect ain't Barca/Bayern nor is Swansea exactly Liverpool/Napoli. He has failed n every1 including Roman knos dat. Look at d number of points we have lost dis season against below botton opposition den u kno we re done 4 with tuby.
returning to question 2 and Springy's response - are we keeping Rafa on just because there's nobody else out there?
if you are in charge uncle merlin , play Lamps as striker , he is a better striker than Fernando .
not sure striker is his best role - lol
Roman wants Lamps out cause of the AVB thing. We need a good/pacey/strong ball distributor for the Pivot. Mikel can't pass forward Mata has to drop deep so that Mikel can pass the ball to him.
Capello. I think he'd be the only one interested in doing it on a short term. Takes no crap, would lift the atmosphere for everyone and is a hardman. As roman pays the Russian managers wages he's effectively on our payroll anyway.
good shout! JT for captain - lol
The answer is simple in my view, Steve Holland surely has the requisite coaching badges and should be handed the reigns straight away. Then we cross our fingers and hope that Jose is out on his ear in Madrid soon enough.
Lofty 1905
And I disagree with point 4: roman should get rid of those who advise him.
not sure the Crewe fans who hounded him out would share that view!
Point 4 - bring back Peter Kenyon then?
He's a better fit than Rafa at the moment, for the sake of morale at least, and we don't exactly need a 'tactical genius' to pull us out of our current malaise.
Lofty 1905
fair enough point - I wonder if Roman wishes he could turn the clock back!
He's probably too proud to admit that shafting Robbie has well and truly shafted our season.
Lofty 1905
I think you are probably right!
Seriously, am sure i can do better than rafa the gafa
this chelsea patch sort of reminds me of the liverpool situation with Rafa in charge....hope we do not dip like liverpool did.
Get rafa out bring back DI MATTEO and let him save our season again.
5 Questions To Ponder Over! 1:Why hasent benitez got the sacked? 2:Why hasent benitez got the sacked? 3:Why hasent benitez got the sacked? 4:Why hasent benitez got the sacked? 5:Why hasent benitez got the sacked?
The best thing Benitez can do for chelsea(i.e after been sacked) is to take his blondie son (Porres) away with him.
Kenyon knows about football for sure, but I wouldn't bring him back. I would take all football decisions away from the chief executive and the chairman. Employ a different tech director and then cleanse the board and put people in charge who know about the game. I suggested a 7 man football board.
If we don't get Benitez out of here soon it'll need a bloody Mgician to get us back on track...Merlin, get your CV tarted up and sent to SW6.
1. Hard to understand why any one still doubts Lamps ability. Yes he's lost some of his pace,but the will and desire to put up a top performance week in week out for the badge is ever present. An extension till the like of De Bruyne and Josh Mature into the role. 2. Well I was willing to stay on my surf board and ride the Rafa wave till the summer,but its looking like things might get worse before the summer. I gave Rafa a mandate of 7 points minimum for our next 3 games (Newcastle,Wigan,& Man City),since we lost against Newcastle the most we can get is 6 points...the sooner he goes the better. Steve Holland as interim,JT and Lamps as assistant. 3. We used up our Luck wining the UCL. Lol. 4.Obviously not! He means a lot to Chelsea FC,but its important to note that fans mean a lot to the club as well. Just a little disappointed with his advisers. 5.Who employs an assistant that doesn't even have a coaching license? Yeah! You guessed right,Tubby.
1. Hard to understand why any one still doubts Lamps ability. Yes he's lost some of his pace,but the will and desire to put up a top performance week in week out for the badge is ever present. An extension till the like of De Bruyne and Josh Mature into the role. 2. Well I was willing to stay on my surf board and ride the Rafa wave till the summer,but its looking like things might get worse before the summer. I gave Rafa a mandate of 7 points minimum for our next 3 games (Newcastle,Wigan,& Man City),since we lost against Newcastle the most we can get is 6 points...the sooner he goes the better. Steve Holland as interim,JT and Lamps as assistant. 3. We used up our Luck wining the UCL. Lol. 4.Obviously not! He means a lot to Chelsea FC,but its important to note that fans mean a lot to the club as well. Just a little disappointed with his advisers. 5.Who employs an assistant that doesn't even have a coaching license? Yeah! You guessed right,Tubby.
1. Hard to understand why any one still doubts Lamps ability. Yes he's lost some of his pace,but the will and desire to put up a top performance week in week out for the badge is ever present. An extension till the like of De Bruyne and Josh Mature into the role. 2. Well I was willing to stay on my surf board and ride the Rafa wave till the summer,but its looking like things might get worse before the summer. I gave Rafa a mandate of 7 points minimum for our next 3 games (Newcastle,Wigan,& Man City),since we lost against Newcastle the most we can get is 6 points...the sooner he goes the better. Steve Holland as interim,JT and Lamps as assistant. 3. We used up our Luck wining the UCL. Lol. 4.Obviously not! He means a lot to Chelsea FC,but its important to note that fans mean a lot to the club as well. Just a little disappointed with his advisers. 5.Who employs an assistant that doesn't even have a coaching license? Yeah! You guessed right,Tubby.
Hughes,hoddle,rijkaard or grant! Any of these would bloody so me until seasons end if any would come. I like the idea of Hughes or hoddle for 5 months. Love the thought of hoddles 5 at the back with flying wing backs cole and azpi lol. At least then we might get a back three if iva,terry,luiz and luiz as the sweeper. Hoddle would love that haha. He might even bring that septic peg lady who heals players with him haha
Cfc is not a 3tier team to be managed by plays who cant even follow cfc bankrupt to accomodate players who are half deadwood.infact the legends u adore like terry will even be denie c÷ntract after poor performance we see.lamps is not alone.
Oh jeez...Sorry for the triple post guys. My bad.
Train up a chimp over the next week and let him take over, he couldn't be worse than Benitez. Seriously, the man is inept. He dragged Liverpool down in an unthinkable manner for a great club and now he's doing it to us even faster. Get him out before the damage is irreparable, 'Pool are still paying now for not getting rid of it quickly enough.
Merlin, I said it a coupla days ago, I wrote that with tubby we won't make top3, if mikel and moses comes back, with hazard, he'll do well in a game or two and start giving us heartaches again, it is not too late to sack him and use steve holland and adi viveash as coach till the end of the season and their mandate should be top 3 finish which is still tenable if we cut our loses now, if we delay further we'll rue the day we appointed this dick to manage chelsea and the damage will be irreparable
Calm down lads.......Roman has to learn his lesson. The guy is tough and the only way he will ever learn is by losing a tonne of money when we fail to qualify for the UCL. That way,even more heads will roll. The three amigos arent safe,Rafa is a dead man walking and some of the legends are leaving as well.
BTW,Desmond,did you notice that Willian made a transfer to Anzhi? Its funny that hes made such a move when his team has as good a chance as anyone at going far in the Champions league. And if he is so driven as some on here claim,why would he go to Anzhi? Is that the bigger stage he has been talkin about for months? Talk about empty barrels!
@3nity, sincerely it came as a shock for me that he chose to go anzhi, but I guess his rapport with shakter became frosty when they rejected our bid for him last year and he saw the opportunity as one in a life time opportunity, but shakter blocked him and I guess he became bitter, I was part of the few fans who believe he is a fantastic player that we might have gotten in the last window but I guess I was wrong about his ambitions, but his ability can't be questioned. Shame
To think we actually sacked rdm for him, our results have got worse ,this season is turning into a mess we were supposed to rebuild under avb after this season we will have wasted two years to rebuild nothing and get nowhere and we still havent rebuilt so thats next year wasted too
Does everyone not understand this....Lampard is gone because of the AVB fiasco...Also, Lampard is always played out of position...Is that the manager's fault or is it more of Lampard being a bad team mate? Don't know..
The entire key to our failures and successes lies with who Roman has advising him. Did Emeliano really suggest Rafa? If so, why does he still have Roman's ear? Is it not Gourlay and Buck that have, year after year, caused we supporters to pull our remaining hairs out with questionable to insane purchases and sales? Can this lot, get some proven winners, experienced football men into the positions that make the decisions that matter and we'll be okay. On the pitch, scuttle the entire Lamps/Ramires holding mid's a bust as neither is an even remotely acceptable HM. Bertrand at LW is a bust...give Marin a shot. And most importantly, pray to whatever diety you worship that Mata remains healthy as he's our single most important player.
What annoys me is that in all these games we are still actually the better team. perhaps Newcastle yesterday shaded us but apart from that the only teams that have actually outplayed us this season are Atletico and Man. City. Arsenal somewhat in the 2nd half at the Bridge as well, but apart from that we are the better team in all other matches. So WTF is going on? I also notice that Lady Luck (decisions and circumstances against us) seems to have walked on by the Fulham Road actually for quite some while overall although we did have a bit of a return against Barcelona and Bayern but that was all in the past few years, but at Man. Utd. she seems to be a permanent fixture.
Further I actually find it amazing that despite a plethora of poor decisions over the years against - referees, circumstances, own mistakes, that we have still won a mound of trophies. I still think we are the best football team in the BPL actually but the team digs it own graves - it usually has nothing to do with the other team - they just capitalize on our failures, either managerial or on the pitch. Just think of how many goals against us are actually caused by the skill of the opposition rather than down to our errors. It makes you sit up and think.
1.We will miss his goals, but Im keen to see youth given a chance. Aston Villa will come out of this stronger and will be a real force in a couple of years. 2. I believe Rafa is just a symtom our problems stretch back to the Ancelotti era. The board put us in this position by not replacing our best players in good time and by buying players we wanted as opposed to those we needed. For hiring someone a manager the fans did not want. 3.We used used up most of our luck in Barcelona and Munich. 4. Roman is not without blame but to wqnt him out is just silly really. 5.Why did she even bring Zenden?
At this point i am fully ready to expect the very worst this season. Anyone thinking Mikel, Moses, Hazard and Luiz will suddenly transform this team are living in la la land. Truth is our collective gooses were well and truly cooked when our board and Roman decided that despite all our squad needs that in their minds the only business worth doingin the january transfer window was to replace Danny with Ba. Honestly even next season and the season after long as Roman surrounds himself with his 3 amigos and calls that a football governing board for chelsea FC then we will continue in this twilight zone for quite some time. The solution has to begin from the top; Move Buck and Ron to business only matters, Demote Emenalo to serve as scout alone and make certain that his pay is actually tied to performance as far as who he actually scouts rather than just piggybacking of the hard work of scouts of other teams like NewCastle, Arsenal, Spurs etc. Finally construct a board that looks like we give a damn..Construct a board that looks a little like Bayerns, Citys etc. Get a bunch of people who actually know a thing or two about the game at this level. When we have done this then we have a right to expect a change for the better. It is this sort of carefully constructed board that can then direct a coherent academy and youth development policy, a coherent search for an appropriate manager who would then be attracted to the structure we have built and will then be able to attract top level talent as well.
There must be some other hidden factors behind the Lampard contract situation, its against logic for Chelsea not to keep him. Lampard should have been given a new contract, given his performance this season and how he still can contribute next season. I'm sick of seeing fans blaming Roman, without Roman Chelsea wouldn't even be competing with the best in the world, and some of the supporters wouldn't even be with us. Without a suitable replacement manager anywhere, I don't see how we can replace benitez, lets hope he can turn things around. It's disappointed to see bad results, but we have to keep the faith. I hope I'm not asking for too much, but I'm still hoping for a top 3 position at the end.
Sorry after my rant i didnt even give my take on your questions Merlin. Here is my take on your questions; 1. The Lampard situation is clearly being driven by Roman's vindictiveness regarding what he perceives Lamps role was in AVBs failure. Honestly i think Lamps has come to terms with it..he wants to just break Tamblings record and then leave at season's end. I am sure he can now see what Drogs saw..the time of our last Golden generation of players is up. Do i think we are going about the transition properly? No but what i think really does not is what Roman wants that does so i have moved on regarding this as well. 2. I know many people here want Rafa sacked. I ask myself..okay if we sack him before his contract is done in May who do we replace him with? I doubt there is any self respecting experienced quality coach out there who would come to Chelsea in those circumstances so that would mean maybe having JT as player coach..somehow i suspect Roman doesnt want that..Also if he wont even give lamps a contract extension to consider do you seriously think he would want him or JT as player manager. I really think the reason rafa wont get fired regardless of how badly we do in the next few weeks is simply because Roman and the board have exhausted all worthwhile available options for replacements and cant find anyone. Worse still this ourr team is largely a team of youths..unlike a team like Barca or our prior teams from a few years back these guys can coach themselves. 3. Decisions going against us i think are the result of two issues; a. the Refs are clearly having it out on us over the Clattenburg affair and how long this vandetta they have will last is anyone's guess but i am sure it will last till at least this season ends. B. I wrote a piece sometime back about the side having bad karma or a curse because of how Roman had treated RDM may have seemed ridiculous to those who dont believe in the supernatural but do we remember how we won the Champions league? If there is such a thing as good fortune, good luck or providence..who is to say the converse also doesnt exist. And if it does some would argue we as a club have done plenty to invite and earn an extended helping of bad karma. 4. The issue of Roman going to me is a non issue. He owns the club..the history of the club will always have a big chapter for him. No one can drive Roman from the club..only he can leave himself if his love for the club ever wanes. I wont bother my head worrying about that until and if it happens. We have enough to worry about as is. For me i just pray he would wise up and allow this club to be run the way other rich benefactor clubs are run to good effect like PSG and City..get quality people in the sensitive administrative places, trust them and allow them do their jobs without them with your funds but by all means demand top quality results then seat back and enjoy the show. 5. Needless to say Zenden was always a lightweight as KAKU picked up on the very day he was appointed. I doubt Steve Holland has much to say to Rafa. Rafa is a very opinionated person..He has his ideas and is generally stuck in his ways for better or worse.
Given the dearth of top quality managers who would actually want to come here, I believe equally important is that Roman appoints Hiddink as DOF and breaks the catatonic malaise that is the current Chelsea Board. Only then, and maybe, will the top managers feel they can come here and operate under their own steam, whilst having a sensible footballing head to consult with on future strategies. I would like to see that appointment even before any new manager, actually I think it's essential. Otherwise, recent history will just keep repeating itself.
Buck will never leave, he was instrumental in Roman securing his fortune, the only reason he would leave is if he handed in his resignation. On the other hand Gourlay has to be sacked should Hiddink be appointed DOF, because something tells me that this guy would constantly undermine the new DOF. What is he? An accountant? There are plenty of those around to do just that at the Club and more importantly, only that. Emanalo should also go, just for having the temerity of bringing Tubby here, that shows he clearly does not understand this Club at grass roots level. I am sure Hiddink, with all his experience will have better scouts he can set up.
Regardless of who gets the managers job, we should be looking to appoint a dedicated defence coach (same way we have a goalkeeping coach), just as we used to have in Stevie Clarke. Someone who drums it into our defensive squad as to what their responsibilities are. Someone who makes them work like clockwork, robotic in taking up correct positions and knowing their role. Developing the best central partnership that know each other better than their own wives / girlfriends. You get the picture. As it stands, I cannot see any actual coaching going on at our Club, not to mention any idea of formation or tactics. The Tubby speaks a lot about all this in his Press conferences, but it's all hot air. He does not connect with the players, never has wherever he may be. So often, our play has been non-coherent, disjointed and confusing, so often the players don't actually seem to know what exactly their role is. I am surprised by this with Rafa, but then again not surprised, as many keep saying, the players know he is only temporary. There is no connection, and any player that says there is (Cahill) is just playing lip service to the reporter.
No player like This idiot of a manager has to go the guy has no clue what he is doing our season is going into complete meltdown and if we have Tubby for whats left of the season we can kiss our hopes of playing CL football or Europa League next season where we belong currently goodbye.
@3nity: Its simple, Willian moved to Anzhi for money. Money matters, lol
Decisions went for you also, could've ery easily been shown two red cards to both Bertrand and Ramires. Same story against arsenal, Ramires should've got a red then as well for a deliberate stamp. I understand its a fan site so their will be some bias but to claim luck is going against you on the pitch is ridiculous.
Chelsea executive football board: owner, DOF, life president, CPO chairman, youth academy director, 2 former players. That should be our board. Maybe buck can stay on the board as he might do well surrounded by these people. Apart from that gourlay and Romans mates need to run the business and that's it. Emenalo can go back to pot washer.
Let me I can guarantee trophies. just look at my CV 6 trophies in 2 years and i only spent100m over 3 seasons ... on fifa though
Good questions Merlin, and each could probably have its own article in response. Regarding the calls for Roman to go: You can't have your cake and eat it too. If lots of capital, prestigious signings and managers, and competition at the top level is priority among fans- then Roman's role in the club is the most obvious solution. However, you can't complain when the man with the money decides he want to spend it as he sees fit. The alternative scenario would have involved someone buying the club off of Roman or Ken Bates. The former almost certainly won't happen, the latter didn't happen- so its no use crying over spilled milk.
@ repack. Well said. I think Roman spending wasn't and it's not going to continue forever. The CEO was appointed solely to work towards this goal of self sufficient. And he has done a great job in that regard. The push for a new stadium was supposed to be the final jigsaw to consolidate CFC spending power without Roman money. We all know how CPO voted.
jollyheart Torres
Who will Luiz, moses and Mikel replace in the current team? If you refuse to give a credible replacement then I know fans are also part of CFC failure.
I guess Lampard has played in all the last 6 matches including the loss to new castle...Our midfield was absolute joke...we need to move on and replace him...Lets see if any club apart from MLS is willing to offer him a contract he wants (more than 100k per week)
@TheFamous#7 "Ramires should've got a red then as well for a deliberate stamp" He would have if we were playing REFEREE UNITED. i guess u are judging by those standards lol.. in any other game thou, that wasnt even a yellow card offense! I just love how u guys get all menstrual whenever the topic referees is brought up, give it a rest! the whole world (apart from u incurably delusional, glory hunting plastics) knows what goes on in the BPL.. u dont always have it ur way but unlike other teams, u get at least 6-7 extra points per season from some atrocious decisions.
Cheslea fans calling united fans plastic lol! Whats even more funny is no doubt youre a chelsea fan post-Roman. Stamping on someone isn't an offence? Only to a team full of chav players is stamping not an offence, your lot get away with it all the time, the rules everyone else abides to though stamping certainly is an offence. The whole world? Don't exaggerate to give your fact less argument some authority. Only the mindless bandwagon-jumping drips genuinely believe the FA is corrupt in uniteds favour. Not even going to get into this as you like all the others no doubt don't have a single fact to put forward to support your hysterical ridiculous argument. As for going menstrual, I was simply putting forward an argument that you weren't as unlucky as you think, you've had more decisions going in your favour than against you. Also said I understand, most forget the decisions that go for them but hold dear the decisions that go against them, however some objectivity is needed rather than deluding yourself into this siege menatality that everything's against you when you've plenty go for you. If anything you're the one who's going menstrual pal, exclamation marks, pathetic attempts at insults and a hurried response.
"Not even going to get into this as you like all the others no doubt don't have a single fact to put forward to support your hysterical ridiculous argument." part 1) part 2) part 3)
"We don't get all the decisions like every1 says!" @rioferdy5 ... even ur players know what everyone else thinks :). like i said b4, incurably delusional!
there was a foul in the build up to our first goal (the same can be said about their goal) but it wasnt high, reckless/malicious. it was a simple mistimed challenge. we could of had two more penalties in that game when diaby wrestled oscar to the floor in the 2nd min or when vermalen handled the ball late on... point is, 4 most team the decisions even themselves out over the course of the season. 4 some, like ourselves n referee united, they dont! in two very different ways thou..
Once again blus4eva yours links are baseless, there's so many holes in the argument its ridiculous, embarrassing and desperate to even call it an argument. The FA serve fergie yet there's a massive conflict of interests when fergie is the most punished manager in the premier league with record setting bans and fines. Mancini makes a dig about the refs eating too much, a blatant dig at his performance which goes unpunished whilst fergie is being charged for digging at the officials performance, if anything they're helping city get the title rather than helping us. Scrutinise every game to the same degree you scrutinise ours and you'd see refs not refereeing games for long periods isn't uncommon, refs have been dropped to lower league games for poor performance for goodness sake in games where they've made poor decisions, its hardly news and again is baseless. United fans and players are well aware what 'some' people think (stop saying everyone, its a desperate attempt to add authority ans you certainly aren't everyones voice piece) but the rational amongst those see it as blind hysteria and band-wagon jumping. Furthermore because people think something it doesn't make it fact, something you seem to be failing to grasp. Interestingly the Europol are probing a number of games due to corruption within the game and oh look there's no mention of the fa, the EPL or us. Come now if corruption in our favour was so blatant surely you must have some concrete evidence? Surely a news piece as tasty as us being corrupt which will reach global audiences would've been found out by now eh?
In two very different ways lol! Ask any supporter outside the big 4 if the refs favour all the teams in the big 4 and I can guarantee the answer is yes, yes they do. Stop deluding yourself, you get numerous decisions in your favour, at least us united fans can admit it, difference is we're not going to cry corruption about it just because we don't like it. Its laughable and even more laughable still that you call others delusional when you yourself have got a bad case of it, Chelsea don't get decisions lol!
baseless, ridiculous, embarrassing bla bla bla... n yet u havent provided any FACTS to counter the points in the links . instead u blab utter nonsense about Mancini getting away with calling the ref unfit. #1 "refs not refereeing games for long periods isn't uncommon" if so give specific examples! Clattenberg, Dowd, Jones, Atkinson, Foy, Halsey, Oliver were all not given any united games for a year after being criticized by SAF. and upon their return, they all gave game changing decisions to united (its all there in the articles). #2 "refs have been dropped to lower league games for poor performance for goodness sake in games where they've made poor decisions" Howard webb was assigned to referee Castle v United the weekend after he wrongly sent off a wigan player (the red card was rescind) and yet other refs who make such mistakes serve time in the lower divisions #3 Manchester United CEO is ON THE BOARD OF the English FA! Name any other club in the pl whose executive also has a position in the FA ? #4 18 % of the penalties Webb has given in his entire career have gone to man utd. #5 "stop saying everyone" EVERY1 was the word Rio ferdinand used! looooool #6 "Surely a news piece as tasty as us being corrupt which will reach global audiences" finish reading the article and u would understand why the english media dont want to go look 4 skeletons in united's closets. #7 the simple fact that u spend ur days trolling on other clubs' sites speaks volumes about what u are, a jobless moron. there's really no point arguing with u. jog the ***** on ....
Your summary of me is about as accurate as your post. You're the one coming up with ridiculous allegations and the lack of facts supporting your argument is very telling. Why should I provide facts for an argument that isn't even there? You've given me nothing to counter argue to par observations about refs and a tweet from Rio (who most call camel gob, guess why?) I posted a relevant comment to the article pal, hardly trolling. Careful flinging about the moron tag when you're posting misspelt replies with no grammar. Laughable, delusional and hypocritical again.
"Why should I provide facts for an argument that isn't even there?" lol so i guess the long list of referees who have been banned from refereeing any united game for a year only to give ur team game changing decisions (Clatenberg v Chelsea, Halsey v Liverpool, Foy v City etc.......) upon their return are not FACTS??? 18 % of the penalties Webb has given in his entire career have gone to man utd. is that not a fact ??? United's CEO is on the board of the FA. again that's not a fact is it??? I guess its all just a "coincidence" huh?? like i said b4, u people are incurably delusional! "misspelt replies with no grammar" , where exactly ? 4 the record, English is not my first language. But i guess having a proper command of ur mother tongue language is the measure of intelligence ? lol talk about low standards! have fun correcting peoples grammar ;) i on the other hand ll go back to building my radio network planning tool for mobile WiMAX.. cant believe i wasted this much time on this idiot!
Haha brilliant blus! You're a real bucket of laughs you know that? Love how you dropped what your doing to make yourself feel important, intelligent and busy. Right, I'll humour you shall I? I'll grant it 18% is quite a percentage until you add context to it, something you, for whatever reason, have avoided. 18% is how many penalties exactly? Lets delve a little deeper shall we? Have you seen alll the penalties? Can you tell me what percentage of the 18% were clearly, as in no doubt he got the call wrong when the decision was as clear as day, wrong calls and how many we're rightfully given? What's that? No you cant? Well then it's not a very good fact to use to back-up your argument is it? Referees are never banned from refereeing a certain team, you know that as well as I do, you're just twisting it to make it seem as if they were banned when they simply weren't chosen. Just to clarify you're insinuating refs are banned from reffing united games so the next time they do they give a decision in uniteds favour? If this allegation is true please tell me why a ref would ever give a decision against us in the first place? Hole in your logic there... again... Refs have been banned for refereeing blunders also, you want names and cases well here you go: clattenburg (racial slur probe), Dean (allowing offside and handball goal), Attwell (list too long to post :P), Jones (beach ball incident), Dowd (not fit enough), to name but a few and the reason why. Like i said, uncommon punishment. Gill is part of the FA board, so what? The board is a panel full of members not just one person as such any punishment handed out is decided by a majority. Furthermore there are cases of clubs staff being on the board of how FA, Dein (Arsenal), Gartside (Bolton), Barwick (self-confessed liverpool fan) and Bernstein (City) were their accusations of corruption towards their respective club? What's that? No? Just to clarify your theory is the FA are corrupt and ensure united get decisions and win games? Again to point out a massive hole in your logic if the FA are there to serve Uniteds best interests why is it Fergie is the most punished manager in the premier league? Why is it other managers, who manage our rival clubs and title challenging opponents, say similar things but don't get charged? Seems like a conflict of interests to me. Back to the old ref affair, Alan Wiley suffered criticism from Fergie yet went on to ref many United games. Clattenburg didn't ref a single united game for 38 games, but only reffed 19 premier league games during that period altogether (1 game for each premier league team, well would you look at that?!)Foy failed to give United a penalty against spurs and despite reports he wasn't dropped and went on to ref premier league games. Jones didn't officiate a Liverpool game for a year after the beach ball incident. Webb was dropped due to public pressure. Rio said everyone yeah but his a united player and was brought up with a siege mentality, to him there's only them and us. Due to this siege mentality it's evident his use of 'everyone' is exaggerated whilst you use it to add authority as though it makes your opinion fact when it's not. Ah and you mistake my intentions with pointing out your grammar mistakes and poor spelling, simply saying you should avoid questioning others intelligence when you can't formulate a well written post. Not going to list the numerous errors as I'm not that pedantic and haven't got all night but the short hand text talk isn't proper English. You should also avoid calling people morons when you can't formulate your own objective, rational argument and instead use others (the link you posted), just proves you're one of those mindless bandwagon jumping drips. Finally the argument you linked in your post isn't fact, it's statistics deprived of context, ever heard of the line 'lies, damned lies, and statistics'? Typically used to describe a weak argument solely reliant on statistics deprived of context. Statistics can be manipulated to support any point, doesn't make the point fact nor any stronger and in actual fact makes it look weaker.
As for why the media won't report us if we were bias, you genuinely believe the notions that power protects power? You're clasping at straws mate, power didn't save Juventus now did it? Biggest load of nonsense I've ever heard, all these media corporations are in it for themselves and as such if there was a story with as much global appeal as united being corrupt it would be published and reported in a heartbeat. The notion is as laughable as the idea that they're scared of Fergie.
I don't need to make myself feel important, intelligent or busy. I have a PG degree, academic awards and published papers for that. I'm not some jobless low life who spends his days trolling from site to site going through every single article/comment. "18% is quite a percentage until you add context to it".. the man has been a pl referee since 2003, he has taken charge of over 500 games in his career ( most of which pl matches. he has come across at least 50 different domestic teams, n yet 18% of his penalties have gone to united. mate do u have a clue about probability/stochastic process? are u seriously arguing the probability that a foul is committed inside the box (in united games) is almost 10 times greater than any other game's ? isn't he the same ref who was handing out penalties like they were rubella vaccinations last season @ SB ? isn't he the same ref that gave united their penalty against spurs (while they were 2-0 down) despite replays showing gomez clearly made contact with the ball? the same ref that gave u a pen for a berbatov dive in the fa cup v pool? surely now u would expect a ref with a reputation like that to have given Wigan a pen when rio blocked a shot with an outstretched arm in a title deciding game in 2008 but.... do u get my drift numbnuts ? i gave u a list of 8 referees (including the time frames) who were not given any united games for a year after being heavily criticized by SAF. they all "coincidentally" gave shocking performances (in united's favor) upon their return. if u choose to believe all this was just "coincidence", suit yourself! wouldn't wanna be the one to burst your bubble of delusion. "Foy failed to give United a penalty against spurs and despite reports he wasn't dropped" i didn't say he was dropped altogether, i said he wasn't assigned for any of united's games for 1 year! now compare this with our situation with Foy, he was criticized heavily by AVB (rightly so) after his shambolic performance (QPR v CFC) and yet he continued to be assigned 4 chelsea games throughout the season, he even took charge of our CoC semi return leg this season. "Jones didn't officiate a Liverpool game for a year after the beach ball incident." first of all, links please? and second, u forgot to mention the part about how he performed when he was finally given a liverpool game (assuming u didn't lie). and also, don't try to build an argument based on isolated incidents i gave u almost a dozen cases regarding ref selections n performances. regarding my use of every1, "Ask 'ANY' supporter outside the big 4 if the refs favour all the teams in the big 4" isn't ur use of 'anyone' an attempt to add authority? i guess that makes u a hypocrite as well ! lol but if u wanna know what the popular opinion is regarding webb n united, i suggest u do a little research on social network sites! "fergie is the most punished" what punishment is that? sent to the upper stands of OT where he would have a better view and a direct phone line to his assistant? if u factor in the man's constant bitching n moaning about refs b4 and after matches. he got away with quite offending comments towards refs after the swansea and spurs game.. "short hand text talk isn't proper English" mate i don't give a tiny rat's furry crack about ur 'proper english', i'm here to get my point across! like i told u before, having a proper command of ur first language is not a yardstick for intelligence. that's where ur basic lapse in reasoning lies, u think posting properly punctuated/capitalized comments full of 'big' words with lots of syllables would make ur opinion sound supreme. there's very little (if any) substance/reasoning/logic in ur comments. what u really are is an imbecile douche! horrible combination when u throw arrogance to the mix.
**if u factor in the man's constant bitching n moaning about refs b4 and after matches he is not the most punished manager in the pl.
and it's not a case of the 'powerful protecting the powerful'. unlike the serie A, the BPL is the most popular league in the world by a landslide! the media here are already making a ***** load of money as a result of that. why would they tarnish the reputation of this globally popular league and in the process take a major hit to their revenue streams in the long run?
I think the refs are discretely punishing us for the John Obi Mikel case...Conspiracy theorists of the world unite lol It certainly looked a bit odd on Saturday....A broken nose is normally evidence of foul play...intentionally overlooked imo
Ah more theories again, you say, or rather the link who's argument you're using says, they gave a penalty in uniteds favour after not reffing united games for a long period but fails to say whether it was a legit call which, after reading and viewing (key word there) a large, large majority of the incidences were good calls. Seriously all you've done is look at the statistics and assumed 'ah they must be right' without viewing each one of the incidents and coming to your own conclusion and until you do so your argument will neer be valid. In 500+ games you've given me 3 incidents whereby Webbs got it wrong? The simple fact while 18% of penalties were given to united you still can't tell me how what percentage were blatantly wrong and there's no excuse for the ref to miss it, you're the presenting a half-arsed stat I want more detail. Yeah he did gives us penalties but if your going by the letter of the law the rules of the game stated we were deprived of even more penalties, actually view the incidents numbnuts why is that so hard to grasp? Oh and typically united would get more penalties, due to a combination of being far superior than our opponents and dominating proceedings and our style of gameplay is to put the opposition under so much pressure that they will be forced into making mistakes and Fergie putting pressure on the refs in the first place. As for the media again you're throwing a theory out, nothing solid or concrete. Oh and regardless of fergies bitching and moaning he is factually the most punished manager in the prem, cant argue with facts, can argue with statistics. You know what bollox to it this has got boring now, we're going in circles, you're throwing statistics about with a lack of context and I'm telling you they're baseless until you can actually prove, with video evidence, that the calls the refs made were blatantly wrong. We'll just wait and see, the Europol are investigating only one game in England (champions league fixture) for alleged match-fixing and let's see who it is and whether there was even any match fixing going on, eh? Not that the results will ever stop you, typically they don't stop bandwagon jumping blinkered 'fans' like yourself who can't even formulate their own argument, and as such defend it properly, and just use others arguments and present it as their own. See ya pal, have fun walking around showing other your pieces of paper to everyone and telling them how important and clever you are.
Oh and sorry to vitalchelsea for detracting from the article, that wasn't my intention, just thought I'd add an outside perspective to the idea that things don't go your way with regards to refereeing decisions.
haha that's right run away numbnuts! u didn't stand a chance in hell in the first place.. "they gave a penalty in uniteds favour after not reffing united games for a long period but fails to say whether it was a legit call" not just pens but red cards, offside calls, failing to award the opposition pens etc... clattenberg's calls v Chelsea (torres' red card, the offside goal, not sending off rooney despite two bookable offenses while he was already on a yellow), foy v city (sending off kompany for what was a really good/well timed/controlled tackle on nani, refusing to award a pen to city when aguero was fouled inside the box and when smalling handeled kolarov's cross), halsey v pool (sending off shelvey for a 50-50 challenge and awarding united the match winning pen when valencia dived in the box), wiley, jones, oliver etc... its all there in the links i gave u including explanations as to why the calls were wrong.."someone Else's argument" ?? its not just an argument u moron it's a article written based on weeks of research and has all the statistical evidence to back the argument..and u failed to give me a link to back ur claims that jones wasn't given any liverpool game 4 a year after the beach ball incident, i guess that makes u a liar as well.."have fun walking around showing other your pieces of paper to everyone and telling them how important and clever you are." sounds fun! unfortunately i have my job to keep me occupied! but if i may offer a lil friendly advice, u need a job mate.. :)
It was a problem in making and does not see us coming from the mess unless something is done and fast
blus you really are laughable. You insult others in a foul mouthed tirade in a desperate attempt to add authority to a losing battle. You act is if you're the voicepiece for everyone in a pathetic attempt to again add authority to what you're saying and present it as fact because 'everyone' apparently says it (because you know everyone and their opinions apparently and they elected you to tell them). You then flaunt your personal life achievement to again build this facade that you're important, authorative and clever. It's all quite pathetic really pal. It's the equivalent to playing chess with a pigeon, no matter how good a point or move i make you will knock over all the pieces, ***** everywhere and strut around triumphantly. The simple fact of the matter is you can't present any facts. You present statistics deprived of context as facts, well they're not pal, get that in your head. Stats can be manipulated to present any point in the world, thus why they're generally laughed at when people present them as they're a poor attempt to back-up a flawed argument. You call others deluded whilst building this delusion yourself that you're important, clever and superior, you delude yourself into thinking Chelsea never get any calls in their favour, you delude yourself into thinking stats are facts, you delude yourself into thinking an argument someone posted on the internet is your own. Which coincides with my next point, you call others hypocrites when you're a massive one yourself. You're a fine one to call other morons when you yourself can't formulate your own argument and make a post in even the most simplest of english. You're multilingual, impressive but text chat isn't a language, you'd find your posts easier to read if you utilised your ability to speak proper english without insulting those with an opposing view and would perhaps be considered a more respectable member of vitalfootball. You've got a sad obsession with being right and having the last word, even when you're evidently not and sidestep any question posed your way. I ask a very good question: If refs know they'll get banned for a year if they make a call against Man U why on Earth would they make that call in the first place? I present a massive hole in your logic and you've got no reply. I failed to give you a link whilst you give me a link written by a Liverpool fan (rivals by the way) who doesn't reference any of the sources of information he used, hardly the most liable and impartial source eh? You want a link just google it and there's a newspaper article on it. All these incidents you're quoting, all the handballs, red cards, penalties, etc, etc, go and actually watch the incidents then come back to me with your own stats and tell me how many decisions out of how many are truly wrong and even then how many of those are wrong and no excuse for being wrong (as in the ref had a clear view and the decisions was clear cut). Then if you really want to present an argument with some backing use your results to perform a chi squared test or something similar to see whether there really is any argument. Until then the argument you posted is nothing more than a theory full of holes with no substantial evidence to back it. Oh and by the way an article can be a number of things inclding an argument in the case of the one you posted, its an argument for corruption in favour of Man U. A little friendly advice for yourself pal, stop blinkering yourself into believe your opinion is right and the only one that matters, open your mind a little to others opinions and arguments. Whilst at it stop insulting others because they don't agree with you and maybe, just maybe, you might appear less ignorant and more respectable.
LoL, more than half ur post is about me, my ignorance, arrogance, narrow mindedness bla bla bla..... if u think some cheap insults by some troll on vital football fazes me u are mistaken. u are spending more time here on vc than most CFC supporters, u are a bored, jobless, attention seeking low life, why would ur opinion matter to me or anyone else? i told u "Everyone" was rio's word not mine (right before u called him camel gob lol) and quit being so damn literal, my use of every1 was to imply it is a popular opinion (go check the social network sites).. If u think that's an attempt to add authority then what would that say about ur comment that "every1 outside the top four believes refs favour the bigger teams"?? u are the hypocrite mate not me.. "flaunt your personal life achievement" i'm sorry if hearing about other peoples' achievements makes u feel inadequate but that's hardly my fault is it? "go back and watch it again" ? that's ur argument? somebody get this moron a book deal! "You want a link just google it" lol yeah okay, cuz posting a link of an article u claim to have read is so damn hard these days! so u are indeed a liar lol. "It's the equivalent to playing chess with a pigeon" that almost had me in stitches! thanks for that mate.
"text chat isn't a language, you'd find your posts easier to read if you utilised your ability to speak proper english" there's nothing wrong with using short hand versions of frequently used words like you, your, and etc... "You've got a sad obsession with being right and having the last word" mate u are the one who keeps coming back to OUR site to post utter garbage in a desperate and pathetic attempt to have the 'last word'.. you failed to give me a credible link to verify your little LIE, u can't counter any of my arguments with facts/valid reasoning, u keep giving me really stupid responses like "watch it again", "it's someone else's research", "post the videos", "list every decisions" .....there's quite an economical way of saying what u just posted in not more than 10 lines but u are hellbent on using all the fancy words/expressions u know in a desperate attempt to make ur opinion sound 'supreme' . u have a proper command of ur mother-tongue language, congratulations! that's the only thing u have going for u lol.. "you might appear less ignorant and more respectable." ROTFLMAO the jobless VF troll sees fit to give out advices about gaining respect! feel free to keep posting ***** about me. i won't be back to read it anyway :) u have wasted enough of my time already. ------conversation over------

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