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A bit of Reflection.....

After the Newcastle loss, emotions are flying high and we the fans have become even more frustrated, it is truly a trying period for each and every one of us and hopefully it ends soon.

The positions around the top 3 and top 4 are now very crowded and it will very interesting to see how things develop over the course of the season. I was reading through the Match Day thread and the summary thread and I was honestly very surprised that a certain player's name was coming up so frequently - Enter John Mikel Obi..

Even the greatest of cynics of the VC brotherhood seem to be admitting that though this lad (Mikel) is not their favourite player, we have somehow missed him because of his positional ability and as well as that same ability to slow down the tempo of a game which many of us (me too sometimes) have complained about in times past.

So maybe there is a reason why the club renewed his contract after all, maybe he could still play and contribute something to the way this team finally evolves. I have been visiting other blogs in recent times and I observed some other folks have actually always appreciated Mikel even though they are aware of his weakness(s).

What am I driving at exactly?

As the Owner and the board are entering into the reflective mood (hopefully) and brooding over events that have occurred this season and seasons prior, with the view of making changes that will be excellent for the future of our club, we the fans also have the responsibility to think deeply and check our overall attitude to our players and the club we say we love...there's no way Mikel can be as bad some of us have made him look in the past.

I personally think he has had some really good performances with this club and some not very good ones, but then only very few world class players churn out brilliant performances every single time they touch the ball and for me, his good performances are far more than the bad ones.

The best part of this season for me is that every single stake holder at this club who deeply loves the club seem to have something new to learn about 'loving the club'. After the posts to let out our frustration as a result of recent results, maybe we could also take some time out to think deeply about how we can better love the club and appreciate the players.

Mikel has been fantastic at Afcon where the Nigerian team is actually built around him (I was surprised too!) and I wish him and the team all the best against Didi and Kalou's Ivory Coast later today even though I think we need him back at Chelsea pretty soon.

Asides the fact that the players in the pivot are not crisp in their passing and probably not as disciplined as we would have liked, it is never easy for a near 35 year old to play a match every three days and I am referring to Frank Lampard.

The lads are giving their all giving the circumstances, gross lack of team depth and a coach who many of us cannot seem to understand. We are all pointing fingers at everything and everyone when we ourselves are extremely dysfunctional in the way we support the club and its players, maybe we should take a deep looking at ourselves first before we continue pointing those fingers as there are still four months left that might give us more opportunity to point fingers.

I am guilty as well and I do acknowledge these things are sometimes difficult especially when our emotions are involved. Hopefully we have all got the level of maturity required to pause, think and reflect. It`s probably not the best way to end an article but I take a bow all the same.

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The Journalist

Writer: layorh12 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday February 3 2013

Time: 9:17AM

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Refection ! The only reflection should be, which idiot at our club, made the decision to get rid of Essien and Meireles prior to the season commening. We have now no natural defending midfielders at the club who can protect a lead when required. It`s pathetic. Roman and Emenalo need to put down their playstation consoles and get someone into the club with some footall knowledge. Emenalo is so out of his depth its embarrassing.
@Blueheart..^^^^...and the finger pointing continues.....loooooool
A somewhat self-indulgent thread starter, but the sentiments are good. The one thing that always gets my goat is the posts that just regurgitate the Player Manager in people. The ones that say, go and get 6 players from all over the continent to replace half our squad. Our squad is what it is, no-one here can change that, only our catatonic Board members can do that. People who single out 1 or 2 players to consistently criticise, even when they have contributed well, makes no sense to me. If FT scored a hat trick in his next game, I will be the first to say well done, but I will also still want him to leave, because of what he hasn't done in the past. Sometimes, it's the other way around, e.g. Malouda who has performed to high levels but then doesn't. Ivanovic is rapidly becoming another example of Malouda, where previous highs seem to get into their head that they have 'earned' the right to 1st team selection always, despite a drop in their output. So I am guilty of somewhat 'single-out' players, we all do it from time to time. But too many here believe that players have to go through a game without making a single mistake, that's humanely impossible. Mikel makes mistakes, but I bet that their would be a long queue of clubs who would want him if he became available. He is not a Pirlo, nor is he a Makalele, but he does give something to the team, which as we are finding, goes missing from the team when he is not there. To the main gist of the thread and that of all our attitudes to supporting and contributing, the current crisis is somehow different to all the previous ones in recent Chelsea history, this one as as in GabeU's clouds looming series has a more sinister undertone and more far-reaching consequences. It's a little more than frustration being expelled from fans, and it's certainly beyond much more than any fans singling out certain Chelsea players for constant criticism.
I have felt sorry for mikel. I've always believed he's been a square peg in a round hole. Makelele will never be replaced as there will never be anyone like him. Mikel comes under criticism from many and that includes me as well. He can frustrate me, but he can also amaze me too. He's effectively playing out of position.
@BlueABS....''the current crisis is somehow different to all the previous ones in recent Chelsea history, this one as in GabeU's clouds looming series has a more sinister undertone and more far-reaching consequences''..I am afraid its lookng that way and you are just as right as @GabeU....but we need a bit more of calm heads from every single stakeholder and that starts from us as fans....yeah its not looking good i must admit, but knee Jerk reactions wont help as much as the board and owner has made some not good decisions, we as fans have also been some times been irresponsible in the way handle the club's issues....maybe the change should start from us and from here...and hopfully thw owner and board are in full reflective moods tooo and we all come out of this moment a lot better and stronger.....nice tots though!....
Essien was chosen against barca yet hes bot good enough for us?
Hmmn.*sipping tea*
I admit the current form is worrying but are things really as bad as they seem for chelsea? I personally think we are goin in the right direction. Our current form is due to uncertainty in the team, injurys and International commitments. With the young players we have I think the future is very bright for our club, remember this is a lot of the players FIRST season in the premier league, they will take time to get accustomed to the league and each over, they are already showing good signs of becoming a great team. With a couple more signings in the summer we could have an incredibly talented squad. I'd like to see Modrich at chelsea as he has proven he is suited to the PRemier league. Also everyone seems to want falcao wich wod be great but I think CAVANI would be better. He is bigger and stronger, I think he would do better in our league. Also I find the fact that RAFA was only named interim manager hopefully shows that ROM has learned from past mistakes and is looking to bring someone in for the long term future I hope it will be MOURINHO or KLOPP and I hope they get years and years to develop our young promising squad. I do think MIKEL is unseated but I think LUIZ could be better in the long run in that role when he comes back from injury. We are all frustrated withRAFA but we need to get behind our team! This could still be a good season we can still turn things around. Top 4 finish and an FA cup EUROPa league double sounds pretty good to me which IS possible with the team we have.
Because someone writes an article or post comments saying that "we shouldn't point fingers" doesn't automatically now mean that such is forbidden and we should somehow try and "restrain ourselves". By criticizing even from a distance this can and does sometimes have an effect if it more or less correct in estimation - I think you would be surprised how many ideas are taken by the sports press from such sites as this. We' (or the club rather) has gotten rid of players that were non-performers over the years like Clueless. Malouda and Meireles (why people think he was a good performer I cannot fathom). Roman "points a finger" constantly and says "he goes" like any other business or activity. I don't see why Chelsea fans shouldn't do the same? BTW I am not in the anti-Rafa camp however and I have never booed anyone at Chelsea when they are on the pitch. I also am at a loss to fathom why Essien was not recalled when Mikel jetted off to Africa. Maybe it is some little deal with Jose? We do need Jose back though - Chelsea Board please take note. I also think the deal has now been done (who else can it be?)
@OldshedBoy....definitely finger pointing cant be bad...I am sure there is a good place for it...but then the finger pointing should include the fans as the Mikel example I gave in the article above...there are so many things we can also do in a much more better way....its time for every single stakeholder here to take responsibility!
^^^by stakeholders, I am referring to the owner, the board and management, the team and coaching crew, and of course we the fans...we should do our part as well bcos sometimes most of us appear to behave like we are spoilt and refuse to recognize the unique opportunity and privilege we ve got as a club...a bit of more maturity and calm head is needed across board in my opinion...
I have cursed Mikel often the years for his wayward passing and attempted dribbling in front of the penalty area and giving away of penalties but overall his contribution is still good. Far better than Ramirez who sometimes plays like a chicken with his head cut off. Now even Mata sometimes *****es me off when he can't get the ball over the first defender from free kicks (his corners yestreday were good) - as an old nearly-made it footballer I am always shocked that palyers can't get it over the first line - I can even at my age! But I am digressing (somewhat). The Board and the Management should start doing the obvious and that is things like recalling Essien, having Thibauld in the squad and giving him a game every 3rd game to satisfy his needs and getting rid of Turnbull. The management have started to do this but if they had been even more radical we would not be in this position now. Fergie does it all the time. BTW I would not describe myself as a "stakeholder" but a fan - LOL! Although I do subscribe to Sky which contributes to the player's wages so somewhat I suppose. I can't resist saying here should all Chelsea fans be competent in AGILE and SCRUM and other Project Management techniques? Sorry layorh12, don't mean to be offensive - just funny hopefully.
Gosh , the title is so misleading because its all about mikel apprently. I have great respect for some of the writers but the constant plea for chelsea fans to treat mikel as a world- beater is simply laughable. I haven't heard of any world class player needing some sort of localized support to prove his support. We've had tons of players at chelsea some have become world class and others have improve steadily and slowly, gosh even torres has improved. Mikel been here for over 5 seasons and we've seen all that has to be seen he's just not going to 'transmogrify' into Maka or Busquets. Sissoko is an example of what our player just failed to become. Some are saying he's doing well at AFCON! Is this the tournament that 9ja limped through. In the nigeria setup his role his very different, he plays CAM but to me he is still failing at that. Mikel puts out a lot of midfield long distances passes and crosses but this is the job of a DM! His duty there is to carry the ball to the last third and give pass to the strikers or score a bit. Mikel has failed at that and is evident in the lack of creative penetration in the eagles setup. It has been victor moses who has been the creative spark at the wings. Im not bashing mikel, im just pointing my candid opinion out due the fanatical support for the Blues. This wish that torres and mikel will grow a different set of skills is a 'mirage' People implying wisdom on the board when it comes to mikel contract is amusing, is it the same board that sanctioned the torres, meireles sales and essien ,de bruyne loans? Please lets be realistic here, Roman and the board have brought the blues to this rotten stage. Is mikel going to prevent goals conceded in the last minutes of the game? Do some of you really believe that? Apart from the obvious fact that having here is needed to provide rest for the pivot duo, he is far from essential. Mikel lovers dont worry daddy Roman can send his jet to SA tonight because well the results are going to be obvious barring a chelseaque- barca game. Mikel deserves to be respected and no t insulted, he plays to the best of his ability, unfortunately its not enough for a club with lofty ambitions. I rest my case
@OldShedboy...''.Ramirez who sometimes plays like a chicken with his head cut off.''....that cant be right.....just like Miekel Ramires has had some outstanding games for chelsea and some not too good ones...but you cant for whatever reason compare his to a chiken...please, sorry mate..expressing our emotions cant be bad as football is all about passion...and when things are not right.. its easier for fans to implode...yes the board and owner has not made intelligent decisions on a couple of occasions and vital ones at that...but then we the fans keeps calling a player like ramires ''chicken' its soo sad!..It reenforces my view that our own attitude as fans is just as bad as the board's decision....i see a need for change.
Re Mikel - yes, ishmoto I agree with regard to Mikel. He has made too many mistakes in the past for me to "love" him now, although to be fair he has somewhat improved probably because he feels there aren't other players at the club who can do his job - apart from - Luiz. But the point is that Rafa I think expected to field Luiz in his role and actually Luiz was doing very well in that role, but then of course he gets injured. Mikel is a fairly good player - he is hard to knock off the ball but I did always include him in my "wish list" for those to get the sack from my beloved CFC. I think I would leave him now as he has somewhat improved and it seems the board have made the same decision. Or maybe it is simply hard to find another Makelele (of course it is).
When mikel scores a game changing goal against barca then you can hold his name and ramirez in the same breath
@Ishmoto...saying the article is about Mikel is very myopic...and folks here probably knows I am no Mikel lover in any for you to have a full grasp of was intended by the article you needed to have gone through the match day thread and summary thread which you obviously dint do....your endless criticisn of stating the things that are wrong with the lad (some of them are correct some are not) probably really deviating from the point of the article.....your post is way off....its just another frustration vending post that is clearly misdirected....this is the point of the article...things do not seem to be right with chelsea at the moment?..yes..!, who is responble?...numerous people, are the fans perfect?...hell NO, can the fans so certain things in a better way...? def yes.....Each fan should also look out for things they can do differently to ensure change is across board and the club is better for it in the near future.....Dont just pick on the Mikel bit and try to water down the quality of discussion...enough said.
Folks have to understand the absence of luiz, romeu, essien and meireles at the pivot. We need him back but we are not missing him
Layorh12 - we are all already behind the club. but you have to admit Chelsea has a very poorly run organization. The mistakes that have been made are comical; both owner and manager. I am sick of talking about mkkel and the pivot issues. You see the results on the pitch. Furthermore, the single greatest mistake with this organization is the owners demand to play Torres. This has screwed up this organization, from top to bottom, more than any other mistake. Regardless, we all love the team otherwise why would we all put up with the disgust and heartache?
Nate chalobah is the future...mikel will be a squad player in a couple of years.
layorh12 - I remember about 1 game in every 5 or 6 where Meireles played ok or even well. He did score some good goals now and then. But that simply is not good enough at CFC therefore they got rid of him and quite rightly so. i am not saying that I "hate" him, just he wasn't quite good enough for CFC. CFC is still one of the top clubs in the world and you cannot afford passengers in the team as the board have SLOWLY started to realize. I remember poor old Graham Wilkins at the Bridge being booed constantly (because he was indeed useless at that level at the time) but I would never ever boo a Chelsea player and felt terribly sorry for him. Many people who are trying to be fair here I think are those that also boo players and Rafa so but if we simply just got rid of the passengers then they would not be subjected to any criticism that comes their way. CFC is even now one of the clubs at the highest pinnacle in world football and these players get huge wages to perform (and yes I am paying for that with my little (?) Sky subscription) so they can't complain when others complain. As for Ramirez, well, although I think he is a good player nevertheless have you ever seen a chicken running around a farmyard after the mad farmer's wife has cut off his head? Same thing! No, not all the time of course but too much in a Chelsea shirt. He is too enthusiastic one could say but that implies that I find fault with enthusiasm which is not the case here. I still like him and he does contribute quite a lot but sometimes he detracts by wild tackles, bookings and wayward shooting. He is keen, no doubt and that should applauded. His goal against Barca was ace! Etc.
@ layorh if you had read my post thoroughly you would have seen that i stated the board and roman are the main cause of the current distress. I also highlighted mikel since 2/3rd of your post was trying to prove that the criticism was unjustified and needed reflection. My answer is we dont need any reflection on mikel, he's just not good enough. What we have to look at is how poorly this club is run, from roman to the playing staff. Don't try to protect any player .
@lamarochs...agre with you fully...a far more balanced post in my opinion...Mikel will probably only fill a role in the team in the near future....I dont see him has a starter in a couple of season...but is he a terrible player??....the answer is a flat I have said before, hopefully the owner and board have put their thinking cap to place us in good stead in the future....the fans also have a duty regarding the club and its players...we have to try to right that as well.
To me this academy thing has brought all this below par playes copyin barca and mou time every position had more than two high quality player.but now cfc cant buy for the sake of bentrand and josh.time waits no one my pals and thats how mou succede with that big player me under mou,iva cole lamps bentrand ramises and even cahil would not start a game soon.cfc have comfortable players who know non can challenge them.
@Ishmoto...mate, when a player plays below par he should be criticized...but certain sections of the fans (including me somtimes)..have been unbelievable in the things we say about some of these players and it is simply impossible....the point of the article is not whether Mikel is good or bad...its that there is better way to support the club and players and most of us are far from perfect...reading through some of the post on this thread already shows that..
And im not implying mikel is a poop player, not being chelsea caliber doesnt make you poor. Chelsea is an elite club u know. Haha
Only a stupid fellow would say Luiz is defensive midfielder. No positional awareness. Groom him there and watch yourselves cry when it matters. Use him when all you think of is attack. As it stands, Mikel/Rami combo is the best pivot players we have.....get out of your dreamzzz guys.
@ layorh i agree with you there, we are sometimes prone to over criticizing certain players but this is normal for any global club. They were times it is clear that the manager is useless and the players are fine. If the criticisms are about the players perfomance and not direct personal insults, i believe that is well within the threshold of maturity
Last season we finished fifth and we were frustrated but consoled by champions league crown which made most of us overlook underlying inconsistencies. So now months later we are better in league placement but still suffering from inconsistency. I feel that if Rafa was grown and said sorry when he took charge most of the blame amongst fans will be directed at certain players not him. My take of the situation is that 9/11 starting players have been at Chelsea FC for more than a season are grossly overrated and over paid and periodically under perform. New Chelsea attacking players are played out of position if not benched with limited playing time if any. The system we play is not altered at any time during play makes you wonder why did we ditch the 433 which made us feared by teams and if you say it's players we have I disagree because players are flexible. This leads me upstairs to the infamous board: they run our club as if they are doing us a huge favour and lack emotional attachment we have as fans, I get depressed when we continuously lose but they seem to be excited because they say you re fired coach. This brings me to the last point why doesn't RA sit along BB and Ron when he attends games?
Here is what I think the Chelsea board should do: 1, Hire a sports pyschologist to get Fernando to relax and cheer up and not be so "serious" about it all. Observe other (good and in form) strikers and their atitude - they often have smiles on their faces and don't try too hard. (witness the set up for Mata yesterday) but just needs to get his attitude right. He is still a world class player. 2. Recall Essien (probably too late now). 3. If Emanelo is not responsible for getting of the deadwood then he should be sacked, if he is then it occurring too slowly. 4. The Board should be more pro-active in dumbing down anti-Chelsea press as in the Hazard and JT affairs. There is no defense of the club by them or Rafa and the press are allowed to have a field day making up lies and distortions of the truth, to the detriment of the club. Sue the ********s! 5. Drop Bertrand and play anyone else, including Torres in that position. He may come good eventually but not at the moment. 6. Get Jose in in the summer (probably already on his way now with Guardiloa turning them down). (Jose will also defend the club's reputation!) 7. Get a new bigger stadium. Can't think of anything else (for the moment). Ha!
Typo: should be "He is still a world class player, (witness the set up for Mata yesterday)."
And calling my views myopic hastily is not signs of maturity. Personal insults are not good
^^saying a view is myopic is not insultive or is it? (myopic means not having a wholistic view of a situation its no insult in any way)...apologies if you see it that way...your post was going to turn the thread into a ''Mikel is good or Mikel is bad'' debate...and that'll have been so unfair as to the reason behind the article in the first a lot of wrong accusations in your initial post as needed to consider the overall meaning of the article before you put a post you know!....hence the word myopic.
@ old shed boy i agree with your sentiments but pleas we've crossed the torres rehab possibilites. He's finished. I understand your pain and unflinching optimism but that ship has sailea a long time ago. Torres on his wages is not worth the worth the pain and ridicule we get. We deserve better
@ layorh - we're good now
@ishmoto...nice know your footy though...keep up!
@ layorh i'll be frank with u im a mikel basher. I see this huge talent refusing to achieve his max potential despite being in the best of environments. When i saw your article and seemingly absolving mikel of some unjustified criticism it was just bait for me. I could deliver a lecture on mikel really. Deep inside i think and hoped that pouring critics on him whether right or wrong would spur him on to prove us wrong but that is a discussion for another thread. In hindsight if you want to place some issues in your articles try keeping mikel out. He is a very controversial figure through no fault of his & prevents mikel sharks like me from changing the theme.
Mikel would waltz in any team in the world. At Chelsea, he is not appreciated enough by what seems to be a large group of the fans, at least on VitalChelsea. My belief is that Mikel is very underrated and that he is excellent.
Re Torres: Ok I don't want to start a long thread on him now but he has shown he can still do it - the goal against Brentford and the lay-off for Mata yesterday. It is highly unlikely that Roman will get rid of him isn't it but then what else can they do apart from suggestion of a sports psychologist? Something has to give and Roman ain't gonna sell him.
@Ishmoto...lool....i kinda understand you loads then you dont have to worry so much...cos if we continue with the recent trend of playing 4-2-3-1 with some flair football based on pace, It's very unlikely that Mikel will be a starter for a long time except he improves greatly that part of his game..but whatever happens he just signed a contract extension so i think he'll have a role to play in the team..either as a squad player to give other players some needed rest whenevrer needed or to shore up things somtimes..please stop being excessive harsh on these players, he is only 25 and may be just maybe might still evolve a bit more and improve...but like i said the article is not really about whether Mikel is good or bad and I wont wanta dwell too much on that...looool @at Mikel shark....easy on the guy please!
@Oldshedboy...lets wait and see what happens in the summer with torres..the summer will be interesting.....
@ishmoto: I totally agree with your first post about Mikel. If Romeu was fit he would have started most of our games cause Rafa knows he releases the ball quicker than Mikel and can pass FORWARD FIRST TIME, I shall say it again as some people find it difficult to understand "Romeu can pass the ball forward first time whereas Mikel can't do the same on regular basis".>>>I am not a Mikel hater it is just my opinion/observation. It is upto you if you agree or disagree.
@B2K exactly romeu is very unlucky
Well written article mate,and very incisive arguments. Shame i was not around to partake in the heat of it all.
@layorh, mikel just gave one of his best performance in our match against the ivory coast, I am very happy we progressed and I see us going to the final, I really hope we can cope without him.... As for the mikel sharks weeeeeeeeeelllllllllll....... He just did his country proud :-)
@Desmond...i tot the super eagles were awesome, to be honest I had zero faith in that team...but cudos to them they did really deserve the result..i will support them in the semis now...Omeruo impressed me the most...thats a fantastic prospect...and moses was awesome once again....and Mikel...he was class. I am happy for the team...with Hazard back, we should beat Wigan (hopefully)...then before the next match afcon would have ended and our players will be its not too bad for chelsea..and if Omeruo continues this way, he might be able to get his work permit prety soon either based on the special talent category or based on the number of appearance for the natonal team...happy days for naija and chelsea will be fine.
Won't and never will rate or want mikel in my startin 11! People have differnwt tastes and mine is I don't like a CDM that are slow,clumbersome,slow is possession,gets caught in possession,never picks up runs from deep lying forwards,takes around 3/4 touches before laying a pass even to the closest player,hasn't got a nasty,vicsous,horrible bike in his body can't destroy a team and stamp his authority on games and make opposition managers have to alter there tactics to stop him from doing his job as they know he is the last they think about lol he has some positives in his game but I can't think of them right now. Now if he went to a Norwich,reading,west ham he would probably be a lot better as that's his level. Oh wait Diame would ***** on him and he wouldn't get in west hams team lol. But while he chelsea player I hope he proves me wrong. But if still look forward to the day we replace him and he moves on. Maybe to show the world his true potential as we never have in what 5 years now?
@dave-david, there is nothing wrong about u viewing ur opinion, I am just glad mikel won't be coming to chelsea yet to receive much vituperation from chelsea fans again and again, by the way mikel bossed a midfield that included the highly rated yaya toure, cheik tiote and romaric today :-) ......
@Dave-David: I agree with the first 10 lines of your post especially "takes around 3/4 touches before laying a pass even to the closest player". Mikel is so slow and that is why AVB signed Romeu when he joined Chelsea. I hope Chelsea management/board will take notice and sign a proper replacement.
I was just laughing going through all the comments.In other news,below average Mikel alongside Lazio's Ogenyi Onazi bossed,won and excelled in the midfield battle with yaya toure and tiote.Say all u want to say,he's still our best Central defensive midfielder at Chelsea.
Omeruo's performance was stand out too.very composed and confident.he was given the job of marking Drogba and he did that to a great effect.though i doubt if he's going to be given any chance here at chelsea.
@obimikel.....: You have a point "he's still our best Central defensive midfielder at Chelsea" even though I would play Romeu no matter who we are playing just like I would play Cesar over Iva anyday. >>>>Omeruo: I have never seen him play but if he is that good we need to send him on loan at an EPL club. As I say always most of our players on loan will never make it at Chelsea. I think we should sell all of them and buy players only when we need them as most of them will never make it at Chelsea anyway.
Haha comical support by mikel fans, most of you guys are nigerians and viewed the match through your patriotic eyes. There is not much wrong with that, i watched the gamd and found it finding mikel. The super eagles played to their strengths and so played counter attack and launched long balls throughout via the wings. 9ja didnt create anything through the middle so i didnt see any mikel class. Moses and omeruo were good. The defence was tight and composed. Even if mikel had a great game how does that make him all of a sudden a great player?
Haha mikel boss the midfield? Some of you are fanatics really. For those saying he is our best dm im afraid that is correct. We have only 1 true pivot player & that is romeu & he is out for the season leaving mikel. If being the only one makes him the best fine lol. All this bruhaha wouldnt happen if romeu was around. That boy may be cursed
@ layorh12 thumbs up mate for the article. Going through the match day thread, I noticed some fans here when given the chance to run the club for 1 year would make far worst decisions than the board. Some of us want some players out after a poor performance, with that kind of thinking we wound have a separate team after every transfer window. There are no players that doesn't have a off day. Almost all the players have in one way or other let the team down.
jollyheart Torres
Funny, we have the Lampard haters, Torres haters, Mikel haters, Luiz haters and now, the Ivanovic haters are starting to gather steam. When would the hating stop? Who would we hate on next? For these and more find out by staying tuned to vital chelsea for the season finale, where Player's "FATE" rhymes with "HATE" if they slips up.
@tugay maybe cech lol
@ishmoto i support chelsea and all the players whether world class or average so ignore my username.he broke up play of most of the ivorian u said,he was the architect of most of the long balls we launched forward and to the wings.was calm in possesion and did not put any foot wrong in the game and did u see that world class clearance he made against Lacina Traore in the dying mins of the match.Yes he may be slow and that may be an advantage too.maybe we wouldnt av drew and lost the southampton and newcastle game had he played.when Nigeria were leading 2-1,he helped us slow down the tempo of the game.
@ishmoto maybe you were watching the back of your TV (just kidding).so you are the only one that thinks that mikel didnt boss that midfield that left yaya,romaric and cheick tiote chasing is a saying that yot dont value what you have until you lose,why is it that most of you wanted Nigeria eliminated by CIV so you can have mikel and moses back.i thought ramires and lampard were better than him.lmao
i dnt knw why we chelsea fans keep on criticising him.we keep on comparing him to one player or the other which is nt fair to him.somebody who has won many trophies for the blues deserve respect..many of u guys r clueless abt playing football @ a top club like chelsea.mind u he has jst signed a new 5 yr deal with the club and i he is going to be the future captain of the club, so if u r tired ofr seeing him in a blue shirt i will advice u to jog on.
The buck stops with Lampard.How comes all players who play alongside him are the ones being criticized? while he remains aloof and teams utilize that to score against us. Play ramires with Mikel,Romeu,Luiz and CFC dominates the midfield and here comes super and CFC becomes a highway in midfield.
derfmesh Pardew takes a dig at our home support...#justathought

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