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Who Authorised That?

Several times this season, when Fernando Torres has been misfiring, we`ve cast an envious eye to the Hawthorns and wondered about Romelu Lukaku.

Since joining West Bromwich Albion, on loan, the young Belgian has shown that, given the opportunity, he can score goals in the Premier League.

Several people have suggested we should have called him back when given the opportunity.

However, is that as easy as it seems?

Flicking through the pages of one tabloid this morning, it looks as if Lukaku`s loan spell could go on well beyond this current season.

Seemingly, so the article goes. Chelsea have given their blessing for Lukaku to remain a Baggie if he hits a certain number of appearances this season.

Now whilst accepting that we will receive a loan fee, can somebody please tell me why we spent 18 million on kid that, so far, has knocked in 9 goals in 26 appearances but looks further away than ever from pulling on a blue shirt?

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday February 3 2013

Time: 12:02PM

Your Comments

I think all loan players will come back in summer, they will go on preseason tour and depending on how they do plus this season exertions, then decisions will be made. I believe the big five are now ready to play in first team on a regular basis. Lukaku and ba up front together.
Lukaku , Ba and Falcao up front (not necessarily together)
Give Lukaku the #9 shirt he deserves it him and Ba upfront will scare teams.
He has a massive potential,he knows it and he fears that coming back at cfc may hinder his growth.
Yeah it seems if you can believe the papers that he will spend a further 18 months on loan at west brom
He has potential but was never going to play ahead of FT or DS23 not with his ball control. He's a beast yes but his other skills need to be developed. Merlin ....have you found out who gave the go ahead for Meireles to be sold, Essien and Josh loaned out all to ensure the playing time of the dude in the # 8 shirt? Who is it that turns a blind eye to our very poor midfield and will not chase diamonds like Diame and Sissoko?....We need answers sir and we know you can do the research. Please and thanks.
I dont know why we don't play with two strikers !!!!! i just wonder why when red nose can play 4 strikers at a time !!!! that's how u kill a game rafa
i surely think ba and torres can do a job !!!!! surely better than playin Bertrand
Sturridge scores again!
Who authorized the Sturridge sale? Bunch of idiots running the club.
before the season started everyone was blaming that lukaku is not good enough for chelsea...he is not ready...and now he has scoresd 9 goals at wba and now everyone want him know the value of a player when he is not playing at one valued lukaku before and now everyone wants him....similary its goes to danny and marin...people are saying danny is not good enough the guy has scored 4 goals for liverpol...and about marin people say he is not fit for epl...i hope he goes loan for other club like swansea and the same people who were talking rubbish about him will have to eat their words...thats sure.
Sturridge is more of a fluke player. 12 million is right. did not fit in our system so correct decision to sell. Lukaku should replace torres in our squad next year. Can rotate with Ba. looks really good for west brom. he is ready.
Mia Maynard
Nigeria are through !!!! more bad news for chelsea !!!!
Mai, absolute rubbish from you. Sturridge is a goal scorer. He's got four for them now. I expect he will score more goals than Torres this year.
Mancini is an idiot. He sold Johnson, Balotelli and De Jong. His team lacks pace.
i hope mancity win title....dont want manure asshole win epl....they are juventus of epl...match refree fixer...
The article should be who is the person that authorized the loan of the recently voted 3rd best bundesliga players in kdb, who authorized the loan of essien, the sale of mereiles and sturridge and still leave a player like torres in the team?
@Des...We are disregarding Marin now,watch him move on and excel as well.
@Des...We are disregarding Marin now,watch him move on and excel as well.
United has won the epl already mate! They spent sensibly and bought a certain striker who game the whole team a new found confidence and they fully deserve the title! Fixing,coercing referees and yada yada apart,they deserve to win it! Everyone has been poor this season but that shrewd piece of business sets them apart!
@nely, sir I wrote about him in another article, we don't appreciate the talent we have until we lose them.... I hope rafa would get his head off his ass and play him, play him till he comes good, it is an insult to play bertie on the wings ahead of marin, bertie is a player that should continue his development at LB
(Who gave*) I dont understand why anyone would say Marin isnt strong enough for this league when that little swansea player plays very well in this league!!! There isnt much between Marin and Mata interms of build and people just spit rubbish on here! Iniesta is little,we claim he plays in the Liga yet he destroys any midfield. You cant get the ball off him. Marin played in the Bundesliga, And just incase you havnt noticed,the only thing the EPL has more than the Bundesliga is the money and the exposure. They play better football in the Bundesliga and thats a fact! People make it sound like the level of football in this rubbish press controlled league is the best in europe!
@3nity, now u sire are spewing fact!! Bundesliga plays better footie and have a better FA and ref association than the premier league, I agree with u hundred percent, marin can't do any worse than bertie on the wings, he was chelsea's best player in preseason, now we have shot his confidence to *****es
marin plays starts one in every 5 to 6 games , how do you think he's going to hit top form with that type of game time.
I really like Marin,he is class.He was terrific in per season but then got injured.Ryan played really well yesterday creating several chances and stopping Newcascle attacking.If Ivanovic was on his game we would have won yesterday as we played some fantastic football. Lukaku is not ready to play for Chelsea.Two years at West Brom will do him the world of good.
Desmond,people come on here acting like they are holier than thou and all that be honest with you,sometimes i feel Roman and his board deserve everything thats happened to the club this season.....The fans do not deserve it,Some of the players do not deserve it and some do, But the fact is..Roman is surrounded by liars and selfish people. Talking about Roman,sometimes you cant blame these lairs and crap people for not been able to stand up to him and tell him the truth,some people are just really stubborn and blindly opinionated that you cant tell them whats really on your mind. Its a hundred times harder when that person is a russian billionaire and you make your living off him....we are all human beings. So kudos to people like Mourinho and the few that have been able to stand up to Roman. I honestly do not know how long this episode is going to last but one thing is for sure,as long as Roman keeps being THE ROMAN we know,this roller coaster is sure to continue for years and years until he gets tired or has a change of heart.
@The Breeze,who are you to say Lukaku is not ready to play for Chelsea yet???? Im frigging going outa my mind hearing people say this and that player isnt chelsea material,or some player isnt ready to play for chelsea yet???? You people should get back intouch with reality. You make it sound like we are wayyyy bigger than we are....Do you have any idea how many points Lukaku would have saved us if we had a coach that was ready to just throw him out there? I will give you an answer,think of the number of points we lost because Torres was the only striker(even when we refused to play sturridge due to orders from above),then divide those points by 2,cos Lukaku would have at least scored some goals or used his presence to create a bit of trouble for opponents.....Now add those points to our current tally and you will get your answer!!!!! Stop saying a certain player isnt have a particular level of talent,you have a skill level,all every player needs is the confidence from the manager and his team mates and you will see what that player is capable of. We have all seen how immense his potential is,why cant he learn and dig in here? Rubbish Club!!
@3nity, it is annoying the way the club is heading to nowadays, I just hope we get out of this crisis soon enough, I am worried about our top 3 aspirations right now, the only person that can satisfy both fans and roman at the same time is hiddink and to an extent mourinho
Sturridge has been better than Lukaku....
Desmond,Hiddink cant come....he is earning RETIREMENT MONEY at Anzhi. The man is getting old and the opportunity to earn silly money doing next to nothing in a *****ty league doesnt come everyday. Id be shocked if he left all that to come help out his friend. Mou on the other hand is an enigma. We know for sure that we are gonna win with him but what about the future? But hey ho,Roman has never planned for more than the next 24months since he bought the club so why the hell not!!!!!!
Lmaooooooo @24months..... Okay what about laudrup or perhaps moyes?
That would be a stupid decision. Unfortunately stupid decisions had been a lifestyle of our Board in recent times.
@MQ- Of course he has been wayy better than Lukaku and we sold him simply cos a certain chairman promised A PLAYER that he is gonna be the main man for the team even if the said player is rubbish. No hard feelings towards the said player but what chairman does that? Only a chairman who believes he is better at what his club coach does than the manager of that club. Sounds familiar?
Players can be replaced.
Desmond,i really dont rate Moyes that much cos he plays the typical english type of football. You cant beat Fergie at that. I rate Laudrup very highly but we dont have the set up in place for such talents....We want to win the League in the first or second season,we want to win the champs league every year and beat United,Arsenal and pool silly....dreams like ours get funded with so much money that it creates an enormous pressure on the manager. Think about it Desmond,google a picture of Mancini when he arrived at city and compare it to a pic of him after 12months. Brother looks twice as That crazy pressure does that to you.....hell this season makes me look older already and i can imagine what its gonna do to some young unfortunate manager if this happens to him! Dont get it twisted Des,the only person who takes the blame is the manager,the players are spoilt overpaid brats,When push comes to shove,they seek a transfer and escape,(Gallas Threatened an own goal),the chairmen and board are beyond reach,the fans...well we scream our heads off at anyone within touching distance and that leaves the manager to take all the heat.
@FV- Some players cant be replaced. Every human being is different in a special kind of long as players are human beings,then you can see the logic behind my statement. Plus this isnt a computer game,its real look at a lot of things and a simple example is how a certain player will affect your dressing room even if he is uber-talented.
@3nity, you are a real funny man, but I see u write something sensible, being a manager is not easy as we really think it is but heck that is what they are being paid for, it is only mou who have the record of thwarting fergie atimes, his only flaw is the lack of future plans and youth development
Poyet was the teams goal scoring midfielder. He left and then Lampard took over. Players are replaceable.
IMO, swapping Lukaku for Benteke now would be the best piece of business done by the club.
Breaking news from cobams, Torres threatens to move if Demba Ba gets his nose fixed before the next game. Said he had worked hard to keep Ba sidelined after paying Coloccini more than half of his ill gotten Chelsea wages to kick Ba in the face........ Chelsea Doctors are now working tirelessly to enable Torres leave the Club.
B2k420,great ideal,benteke reminds me of a certain didier drogba
lol @ Tugay08.>>>I have said it before Benteke will join a top 4 club soon (maybe in the summer). He is overall much better player than Lukaku. They both play as lone strikers you watch their games and you will all know what I am talking about. Benteke's off the ball work rate/holding the ball up/winning the headers/making nuisance of himself in the box/defenders don't like playing against > Lukaku.
Benteke is 3 years older than Lukaku. How good will Lukaku be by then?
We need a striker now not in 3 years time. Believe me whatever Lukaku does he won't be better than Ben. In next 3 years Ben will raise his game to another level, Lukaku will have to catch up again.
The same idiots who hated on Sturridge are hating on Lukaku.
Benteke is the new Heskey. Overrated power footballer. Drogba showed skill and power.
Lmao. FV- You are one crazy guy........Iv not seen Benteke show much skill but Lukaku has potential. Lukaku even does stepovers.,,lol
marin danny lukaku are way better player then the way they have been represented here....we dont value the player when they are with us...and sell Ryan next season before next manager arrives or he will also start using him on left wing like the previous one...
LoL I was also wishing for Bertrand to go on loan SHLOK just so he stops being used at LW.
The same fools who overrated Sturridge and now overrating Lukaku.
@mq....yaa man i hope he get sold..till today cant nderstand the logic of playing him on left wings...would rather play cole there he would be great there on left wing...
How is Sturridge doing for Liverpool? How did he do for Bolton? Remember how many goals he scored when he was given a chance?
I will rather have PVA playing the LB/LW role for us
Lukaku has no interest in returning to Chelsea yet. Why call him if he'll just sulk? He was the one that forced the loan prior to the start of the season, and has repeatedly said that he'd like to continue the loan for another full season.
how can u say lukaku will never be better than benteke , remember we wasted one year of that boy's development , and i am sure in 3 years (not sure of the age gap ) lukaku will be better than benteke , it will even be stupid to sell one to get the ohter , same way we sold sturridge , now he has scored more goals than torres since when he moved
Don capon
its funny how people say we wasted on year of his development...surely if he was good enough he would have been starting games...he easily trebled his wages by coming to chelsea at that age and he would have been silly to think he'd start ahead of drogba and Porres that season. Just to clarify - big teams do not have the luxury of starting undeveloped youngsters in their starting 11, if they expect to keep winning trophies...Wenger will tell you this from his experiences :)

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