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Rafa`s Not Impressed!

Having squandered (again) another lead, this time seeing all three points go down the plug-hole, Rafa Benitez appeared a little miffed in his post-match interview.

Although offering some praise to his side for the manner in which they turned around the game, Rafa seemed more concerned with berating Howard Webb rather than explaining why, for the third game on the trot, our defending cost us dearly, remarking,

"We should have got something. Yes, the reaction of the team in the second half was fantastic."

"We scored two great goals and had more chances but we made the mistake of letting them counter-attack."

"That`s something we`ll have to improve. We couldn`t change the situation of Demba Ba though."

"It was a penalty and a red card for me. It would have changed the game. We lost one player with a broken nose. It was a top reaction in the second half."

"That wasn`t the reason we lost the game. It doesn`t matter. It`s something we must consider."

"In other circumstances, everybody would be talking about this."

"I want to remind you that that happened. Sometimes we don`t remember these things."

"I didn`t see the incident from the bench because I was watching other things. After the replay, it was very clear."

"A player with a nose broken and bleeding is good evidence. Demba has a broken nose and we`ll have to wait and see. I didn`t speak to the ref."

"I`ve a lot of respect for Howard (Webb) but it`s a decision that`s wrong."

Some would say the decision to put you in charge was wrong Rafa!

But that`s another story!

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday February 3 2013

Time: 12:15PM

Your Comments

Going on Roman's past the moment 4th place looks at risk Rafael will have to pack his bags. As this becomes more and more likely who do we think Roman will turn to? Or will Roman swallow, for once and let the buffoon run his course?
4th place is Romans (and mine) holy grail (financially speaking) ! If 4th looks in jeopardy , Rafa will have to go - no 2 ways about it
I am not impressed either by the way how this clown of a coach never made any changes Bertrand in LM why did we buy Marin. A top four finish is more likely never gonna happen especially if we have this idiot as our coach.
key issue I have with Tubby is that he is always leaving in self denial...even from his liverpool and intermilan days...Madrid lost yesterday and Mou took the pressure off the team by taking responsibility does not kill, it actually makes you appear stronger...but for tubby, its one rant after the other...and its never about him...getting boring now.
what has tubby done to stay here this long. This clearly shows that chelsea has no place for meritocracy. With rdm we would have atleast come out of the bad moment and continued the season. with his work last season, even if rdm had f.u.c.k.ed. Up this season, at leapt he had earned the right to ***** up.
Blue India
Yes, Tubby is a useless buffoon but let's start where we should...Roman is Buffoon El Supreemo along with his supporting cast in the boardroom. Together they fired RDM who the players loved playing for and gave them a guy who can't inspire a barrel.
we can't possibly refer to roman as a buffoon can we? although yesterday's performance shows just how poor we now are. we are in serious $hit. make no mistake about it.the whole structure at the club seems flawed i.e. the entire back room staff. the scouting network (if we have one) seems to be not producing. how can a team like newcastle buy 6 bargain basement signings(virtual nobodys in footballing terms) in january and all of a sudden they are scoring for fun. when did we last get a transfer bargain?
Not just us fans even the players are unhappy playing under this muppet.
roman has made mostly right decisions. Signing jose, carlo even scolari or avb were right decisions at face value. But rafa was a bad decision written all over it from the beginning.
Blue India
has Rafa been sacked yet??? the summer can't come fast enough for me! If this summer the club don't organize it self once and for all and be run like a football club should, I'm afraid nothing is getting fixed long term.
I'm still waiting on the news of RAFA getting sacked the whole day ... Im still waiting on it .... (Got a nice Champagne to be popped on that news) ... plz come fast as SUNDAY is nearing the end .... :)
Given the choice between AVB or Rafa, who would you rather have in charge? An answer of neither doesn't cut it chaps :)
im starting to think rafa is being kept as part of a deal in the summer for jose.....can we wait that long?
Himwhatwhats, You say "choice between AVB or Rafa", "neither doesn't cut it chaps" but with Spurs now only one point behind Chelsea, can you say that Spurs will not come to the bridge and get a result. I do not think Chelsea can rely on Spurs falling apart in the second half of the season like last time. So the big question is will AVB come back to "Bite Chelsea in the A**e" and prove to be a good manager at a team that give him a chance to put over his ideas and plans. I say this because on paper Chelsea have the better players than Spurs, I would say that both Lloris and Bale, plus a fully fit Kaboul and Sandro would get into the first XI. I realise we will have to wait until after 19th May 2014 but things are now very interesting.
Ox Yid
and sturridge scores against mancity .... i have no idea why we are having torres as a striker and let sturridge leave ,.... torres is the worst striker ever at cfc ..,
haji ahmed
nigeria are through !!! more bad news for chelsea !!!!
whats wrong with roman cant believe why is waiting for...he should have sacked rafa last night only....why the hell he is taking so much he on holidag or he is turning blind or is he leaving chelsea thats why he doesnt care about it nowadays....whoever cares for chelsea will defenetly sack rafa with their closed eyes....he is taking us down and he is doing it purposly from the way he is doing his stuff here...he is just taking his personal grudge against us....what is roman expecting from rafa roman is expecting rafa will take us to top 4 then i think roman needs some help...he has been fooled big time...
Kenneth omeruo...the 19 year old chelsea player...stood up to the challenge of Didi ....he is definitely a one to watch...he was fantastic...playing as a thats nigeria into the semis and mikel and moses staying back....moses again looking like the bargain of the century...the boy is definitely gointa be a great great player...and we got him for a meagre 10m...thats a good one.
Mikel and moses propelled Nigeria to a win over pre-tornament favorites Ivory Coast. They played like a team and were damn better than the individual stars of their opponent. So mikel and moses aint coming back until mid feburary.
Chelz Akamz
Kenneth Omeruo is class,had drogba in his back-pocket
@layorh12 u are damn right about kenneth omeruo. He has been fantastic in the tournament and today was topclass neutraliasing the threat of drogba. Michael emenalo did well to sign him on.
Chelz Akamz
Gerard scores a 30yard wonder strike for liverpool with aguero equalising with an equally fantastic strike after renia stupidly pushed out. This liverpool team is getting better since danny arrived. Rogers certainly is doing well and all they need is time and patience. I wont even rule them out of top 4 yet cos they ve almost played all their top matches.
Chelz Akamz
Liverpool sell us a 27 year old dud for 50m. We sell them a 23 year old red hot striker for 12m. Another great piece of business by Chelsea.
Mikel and moses with omeruo gave a solid performance today, and I am really happy we progressed, I really hope rafa would put on his mouldy thinking cap and fix the problems we have with the team. I'll advice pego sama and other mikel bashers to go watch the game :-),
where are all the idiots who couldnt wait to see the back of danny sturridge... Look what he is doing at loserpool with a little faith from his manager
@cobham blue, I could recollect some wonderful fans saying studge is sheit and is too selfish, while some fans like gabeu, myself and co were saying we should have given him more playing time. The same brilliant fans now are clamouring for the sale or loaning of marin and call him a player who is not chelsea material, same dudes are calling moses average player who is a mid table team player, can we notice something that this players have in common? They are players bought under 10m, if they were over 20m acquistions we all know deep down within us that we'll clamour for them to be played!! You won't appreciate the value of the gold u have until u lose it :-(
roman is in self destruction mode by not sacking rafa....torres for 50 million that dude is not worth for free also...its not a 50 million lose for chelsea...we lost two top class coach rdm carlo and two whole season because of that dumb assshole....and to top it all we are been managed by dumb idiot its not a 50 million lose its bigger than that...
Have a bit of faith folks.Rafa is the best manager we've ever had.We'll just have to wait for the players to reach his standard.The football we are playing is the best since Carlo and give him the job full time and stop all this silly talk about Rafa out.Ivanovic is the problem more than the boss. The fans wanted him out since the first match,all because he stuffed us a couple of times when the big I am, Jose was here,when our full backs never crossed the halfway line and the football was dire.Give Rafa what he needs and he'll get us to number one.
@The breeze...your post only got me laffing mate...I am really laffing.
What's all this crap about Sturridge,he's useless.He got more chances than Di Matteo and proved he didn't have a football brain.He has a good shot on him and will hit the target about one in every five but he's not good enough for us.Two good strikers are needed in the summer and Rafa will know who he wants and what areas to improve.
Breaking news,Rafa has just signed a three year contract at the Bridge.Keep the faith Rafa is king.
TankGOD NIgeria ir 2tr.mikel n moses isn't a chelsea materia lolz.
na me b chelsea
THEBREEZE; our full backs never crossed the half way line : you've bought that old media wheeze hook line and sinker. You should have tried watching live, you get to see the whole field not just their diddy window.
I travel over from Jersey for every home game mate and the football we played when Moanrinho was sacked was dire.The full backs never went forward and the football under Carlo was a huge improvement. Don't forget how many top players in there prime Jose had to choose from.Cech, Terry,Carvalho,Lampard,Essien,Robben,Duff,Crespo,Drogba.I don't think he would do much with the current crop.
The biggest mistake we made was hiring RDM in the first place....
It meant all our summer plans were postponed to accommodate a "fan" favourite who really didn't get us far, actually oversaw our embarrassment in the Champs League. All that's happening now is clearly the result of that very foolish and wrong decision.
Never hire some1 you have no faith in, it ruins your future planning thus affecting progress....
Had we got the Manager we were "willing" to build a team around, I'm sure we'd be in a far better place now, but because we just had to bow to pressure please fans (and the Media) we hired a Man whom we didn't build the team around and that's where our problems started.
I don't remember the chances Sturridge got under RDM. As a left winger? Where did he play? He's a striker. He proved at Bolton and he's doing it again at Liverpool.
THEBreeze, don't they have opticians in Jersey? or is it just your memory thats fuzzy?
Dare i say, i quite agree with Mq. There was no way we were going to build a team with Di matteo only cos he was never Roman's choice and was only hired cozza fans and the media. In as much as that, Roman should have never fired him, at least till the end of the season. With that, i believe we would have been better off this season.
RDM had to play the god Torres as lone striker, that's why Sturridge was never given a proper chance. Some joke post says appointing the man who won us the CL/FA Cup double, starting from roughly the same position we find yourselves now, was a mistake. Well, well. I for one, and I hope many more would have him back now.
@Desmond..: Sturridge is no gold, I am very happy we got rid of him and yes I know he is doing well at Liverpool. He was too selfish, his decision making was **** and his linkup play was **** too. >>>
Some guys in here are sick and need to see the doctor pretty fast '@thebreeze and @Mq'
Rafa came in;fans hostility,fatigued squad,fixture congestion,poor transfer activities,terrible officiatin,individual errors from players, and they expect him to do magic.....sack him today,whoever u bring in would not do any better with the current squad
@Ken4CFC: I agree, Chelsea board know this and that is why they are not going to sack him no matter what happens as no other manager will be happy to take over at this stage and with these players he might not improve anything.>>> Pep chickened out and went for BM cause he knew he will have to work hard at Chelsea to improve the first team.
I am a doctor mate.
rafa won't be going anywhere whilst there's a chance jose could come to us in exchange. if that prospect fails I expect rafa to go sooner....
@B2k420,dont know why folks here dont see that,all they do is scream 'RAFA OUT' and place mediocre names to replace him,even the decent names mentioned are engaged and no decent coach in his right senses would come to cfc under the current circumstances.
I think Roman has already made up his mind that he will try to get a new manager in the summer and has lined up his options. Rafa will leave Chelsea in the summer. I just hope we get the manger in May-2013 so that we can sign new players EARLY as Man City and PSG are going to overhaul their squads aswell.
Mourihno in May , after the CL final ofc(if he gets there)
Thats definitely the arrangement at this point..another thing to worry about is how long the new manager would last?? I just hope roman has learnt his lessons in the past few years because if not,the managerial merry-go-round will continue...
What did Torres say to Demba Ba?............... Next time keep your "NOSE" outta my business.
Look at the Mourihno result of late. What if he doesn't succeed at Chelsea. I don't think he will have millions to spend as he had when he was at Chelsea first time. RB is great manager, it is not his job to get in front of goal and start defending. We are still 3rd ;)
I agree RDM is biggest mistake Chelsea made, that was embarrassment on every front. Give RB new contract, let him bring his players. Chelsea will be on top for many years. Just thinking if RB had all money that was given to Mourihno what would he do with liv. And Liv after RB is mid table and staying there.
RAFA....ROMAN ABROMOVICH FOOTBALL ASSOCIAION...Thats why roman doesnt wanna sack him.... roman want chelsea to play in europa league nexct season...thats why rafa is still incharge..
It's nothing personal with RDM but if you think objectively you'll see we erred in hiring some1 we weren't going to build the team for. Had we hired him and built the team to his "requirements" we'd probably be better off now (he'd be in charge) but knowing his inexperience, it was a risk not worth taking
On the contrary, had we got a Manager we "wanted" (again, not necessarily Pep but some1 Roman would allow to build the team around) we'd also not have gotten this bad because right now we are where we are due to lack of direction, which has also permeated to the players. They don't know who's coming next so their commitment is also wavy...
we're all responsible for this mini-meltdown, Roman, the board, the fans, the players and most of all - the one and only Tubb of Lard clown Rafa

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