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Which One?

The news that filtered through today relating to match fixing has sullied our fine sport.

Even more so with the revelation that one of the suspected 680 matches thought to have been fixed involves an English team in the Champions League.

Now whilst we have no concrete evidence as to which fixture that was, speculation is rife amongst the Vital Chelsea fraternity.

Many suspect, and I`m warning you to be careful here, it could have been that infamous match against Barcelona.

Others have, and again I`m warning you about the legal implications you face if you cross the borders of decency, offered that night of the GHOST goal at Anfield.

Now, personally, I`d like to leave what`s in the past in the past seeing as you can`t change it and make sure that nothing of this ilk occurs again.

But, if somebody is able to prove who was involved, I sincerely hope that the authorities have the balls to come down like a ton of bricks on those involved, the game and its ongoing integrity deserves nothing else.

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday February 4 2013

Time: 7:07PM

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I pray to God it should be those scheming cheats!!! I am still reeling at that blatant daylight robbery in 2009 and that thumb sucking cheating player luis garcia!! The injustice my team have suffered both in europe and in the premier league is just uncalled for, I see the UCL credibility going further down if that is the case
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04/02/2013 19:17:00

Merlin , I totally agree. Going purely on how things look , there can be no more perfect candidate than that Chelsea Barcelona match. I have to ask myself can a referee of such high standing to have refereed a UCL semifinal match make so many seemingly incorrect decisions in one sole match ? its literally seems incredible to believe this was soley down to incompetence or cockups alone ...
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04/02/2013 19:30:00

Ah Merlin you got your own post up before mine! So I'll just paste a little of it here instead. I am not accusing anyone but I will be waiting with bated breath to find out if an even bigger injustice has somehow slipped under the radar of the British Press, during a top European club game in England, than "that game", when a certain Tom Henning Ovrebo turning down four clear penalty appeals by Chelsea, in what was either the most incompetent display of refereeing at such a senior level or ??????????? Anyone else ever seen a more dodgy C.L. game played here in UK?
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04/02/2013 19:30:00

it was never guariola who won any champions league. it was uefa who won them for them. Most overrated manager in football history. glad pep aint coming to chelsea. BRING BACK MOURINHO
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04/02/2013 19:36:00

If it turns out that Chelsea's 2009 Champions League semi-final was fixed it will be the most cataclysmic event EVER to have happened in World football. Without a shadow of a doubt. And if it could be traced back to Barcelona I would expect them to be banned from world football and stripped of all Champions League titles.
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04/02/2013 19:37:00

Cobham..i doubt it will be traced back to Barcelona , but to UEFA or UEFA officials.
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04/02/2013 19:39:00

I hope that we are not implicated in any wrongdoing. If it is that aforementioned game in 2009, then we should be given the 2009 CL and all winners medals. The worlds most loved club could turn out to be corrupt. Oh dear, what a shame.
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04/02/2013 19:41:00

Guys let's not go over the top about this...ill suggest we wait for the rulings. I'm a lil skeptical things will come to light knowing the politics involved in football. As much as I feel there's a lot of match fixing in the English league,and it might prove detrimental to our League and a huge slap on our faces,I wouldn't mind some unnamed club(you know them) to be fished out and rightly punished.
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04/02/2013 20:05:00

Im wondering if theres any connecton between this investigaion and Peps resigning from Barcelona ....for another club ...eems strange that Pep should step down from the alleged best club in the world and for it to happen NOW????
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04/02/2013 20:15:00

I am with Blue 1989...but in terms off wrong doing on the field and that being manifested as something concrete on the field in a UCL game within the last four years, I am sure CFC is safe as all we got was defn legal and all we did wrong was mos defn punished...sometimes even when nothing was done...we get/got punished...but if ongoing investigations will benefit cfc in any way...expect a conspiracy to bury all evidence and everything...and then expect cfc to be blamed in some or other way...and watch as the media knowingly contribute to a miscarriage of perpetrators are awarded settlements bankrolled by fines levied on cfc...
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04/02/2013 20:23:00

Besides Merlin, was it 680 or 380?
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04/02/2013 20:36:00

hahahah well who can guest the club that has suffered most injustice from the haters?CHELSEA against luoise garcia goal,CHELSEA against barca and ovrebo,Chelsea,chelsea,chelsea why always us.If true can we be compensated with a huge largesse from Uefa.
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04/02/2013 20:40:00

hahahah well who can guest the club that has suffered most injustice from the haters?CHELSEA against luoise garcia goal,CHELSEA against barca and ovrebo,Chelsea,chelsea,chelsea why always us.If true can we be compensated with a huge largesse from Uefa.
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04/02/2013 20:40:00

Chelsea v Barca in 2009 or the game where a lunatic scoreline Dinamo Zagreb giving eight goals away constantly on a snowy pitch think it was in last seasons CL or this seasons.
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04/02/2013 21:25:00

I saw 380,i would just wait and see how all these unfolds
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04/02/2013 21:44:00

i don't think it's the barca game ,, guys think about it is the same game that ovrebo sent off abidal for a very soft tackle on anelka ,, i am not saying it wasn't a red card all i am saying is that if really ovrebo was given money to make sure barca win he would have just ignored the tackle !!! plus who are the retards who are always voting for torres for MOTM ???
I hate CR7
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04/02/2013 21:57:00

This report made my day. The report actually mentioned that there was evidence for Chicanery in at least 380 games. That is mind boggling. People who used to say i was just being paranoid when i said there was something rotten about UEFA and even the FA itself and suggested that there was more than just simple errors of judgement in certain march events now see. I also knew that Italy was not the only place where march fixing was taking place..the Italians were simply the only ones honest enough to lift the lid on what they found and actually prosecute it...i am hopeful that Europol who discovered this lift the lid of this entire cesspool and name names in what may end up being the most embarassing event ever for european football. I can tell you even now some powerful forces will be fighting hard to shut Europol up so that the full and entire truth doesnt see the light of day. As some have said our game against Barca in 2009, the second leg of the Dinamo Zagreb v Olympic lyon are two prime examples from the Champions league but as the report says this spans the entire gamut of games including local league games and World cup games (does anyone remember Argentina v Peru in 1978 as an example). The role of organized crime in this whole sordid affair adds to the ugliness of this whole business.
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04/02/2013 22:09:00

Haha.... interesting, maybe something good will come out of this for us.....
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04/02/2013 23:35:00

It was a liverpool game in 2009 against a hungarian team called Debrecan .
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05/02/2013 00:18:00

Well, they won't be taking Barca's medals away and awarding them to us is for sure. Why bother now? And it's all so far back, kind of like from another world, where Chelsea's status as a top 4 team is a given. A day late and a dollar short if you ask me.
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05/02/2013 04:00:00

nt only the champions league,the premiership as well...howard webb, sir alex and the FA be r all ssupect
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05/02/2013 05:02:00

Absolutely no need asking,it definitely has to be the tie at home against Barcelona and a certain Mr ovrebo the architect of our par what instigated it,we'll find out soon enough
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05/02/2013 06:38:00

Absolutely no need asking!it definitely has to be the tie at home against Barcelona and a certain Mr ovrebo the architect of our par what instigated it,we'll find out soon enough
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05/02/2013 06:39:00

MANURE will be the one who are responsible for all match fixing in epl....they shuld be ban along with FA as their associates..
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05/02/2013 07:02:00

Apparently it's the Liverpool vs Dabracen (or something like) game where the goalie was paid to concede a goal
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05/02/2013 07:11:00

All this huge match fixing and total amount of money that was paid is mere 8 million euros?!?! Ridiculously small amount for any 1 player in the top 5 team in the best leagues, and this amount is said to be distributed over more then x games. Laughable
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05/02/2013 08:35:00

Surely our match against barcelona with the unmentioned as our ref should be on top of any right thinking Europol investigator. Manure fans must be having sleepless nights now because what goes round comes round. One day the shady fixes in the PL will be exposed and i can bet my pile that Manure will be on top of the list. Can't wait to see the faces of the likes of Rio, Rooney and Co when their club is strip of up to 3 - 4 titles and Red nose strip of his knighthood.
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05/02/2013 09:04:00

A treat from my side to the entire Vital Chelsea if it turns out to be the 2009 Chelsea-Barcelona semi-final.I would be the happiest Chelsea fan on Earth.
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05/02/2013 10:29:00

ZolaIsALegend.Is that true?
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05/02/2013 10:34:00

No no, it won't be the Barca team who are involved or the clubs themselves but the officials as in Germany. The top teams have too much money themselves to get involved in things like this so that is a red herring here. But briefcases of Euros changing hands? Some players may be involved of course like strikers missing open goals but I would say that as in Germany where the ref was sent to prison I think, it will be the officials that are looked at here. And about time too! I thought his might one day surface and I am glad it has at least not quite fully surfaced yet but maybe on its way.
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05/02/2013 12:44:00

If our infamous match is eventually cited then as the winning team went on to "in it" then we should be made honorary UCL winners. After all we played them off the park that night (well mostly anyway in terms of goal chances and penalöties turned down). It was a "f++++g disgrace". Good old Didier.
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05/02/2013 12:47:00

Typos: sorry, "win it" not "in it" and "penalties" instead of "penalöties". Merlin can we not have a slightly wider input box so we can see all the text we type? Would save most of the typos that occur.
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05/02/2013 12:49:00

Its true cfc250 . According to reports anyway !
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05/02/2013 12:51:00

But it was the keeper of Debrecen taking money to conceed a goal.
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05/02/2013 16:40:00


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