Chelsea - Personal Opinion Aside - Will It Work?
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Personal Opinion Aside - Will It Work?

I won't take much of your time in this piece, I just need your candid opinion on this issue and I'll be happy if it is analysed once and for all.

Sitting down today after the rigours of acquiring a degree my mind came back to my beloved 'Chelsea' for the future and for the present, I have been very vocal in the use of Oscar on the wing and the dreaded pivot at a time because of his exploits in the Brazil friendlies and the Olympic games where he starred as a playmaking no.10, my thoughts are now on the lad, can he help us if played in the pivot?

Would he be suited there?

If played in the pivot would it affect his chances in the selecao and dull his attacking instincts?

My thinking is Oscar is an ideal no.10 who can be one of the best in a couple of years in that role, but I want you to help analyse if it can work playing him in the pivot without jeopardising his place in the selecao?

Or should we just scrap the 4-2-3-1 formation?

I read somewhere that Neymar is being linked to Chelsea, I doubt if he'll come to us, but knowing Roman he might want a player like him in the team, the question remains where he will play?

As Hazard seem to be a little similar with the young Brazilian and it will be difficult for him to succeed as a striker in the PL due to its physicality, but as I type this Xavier Hernandez comes to mind, please tell me about Oscar`s abilities as a no.10 or his ability to play in the pivot first before we talk about a player who is not a Chelsea player yet.

Thank you

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The Journalist

Writer: dessy dore Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday February 6 2013

Time: 4:48PM

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Oscar is way too technically gifted to be a DM. with his current physique i also think he'll struggle to play that role for chelsea in the PL. However he certainly has it in his game to player anywhere in Midfield/attack but i dont think we should be looking at him as a DM/Pivot. Perhaps 2 yrs down the line when he's beefed up some more and maybe in an emegency situation he could come in to cover a pivot role for 1 or 2 games max.
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06/02/2013 16:57:00

oscar is a no10 .come rain come sunshine.if force to play deep, am afraid he will go.let mata play at the wings as he is weaker than oscar.mata can play the iniesta role.
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06/02/2013 17:49:00

I'd like to see De Bruyne play in a deeper role when--and if--he ever comes to CFC. As for Neymar, he'll go to Spain, but if by some miraculous coup we do get him, he can play as a CF. He's best where Hazard plays, but he's a freakish talent. He can succeed up top. But let me remind you that we have Lukaku, a player who's doing great in the BPL right now. I had my doubts about him, but he's proving his doubters wrong.
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06/02/2013 17:58:00

To me its a no brainer, ditch the 4-2-3-1! We have too many players who are not fit the this system, and we are not going to get the best out of the squad we have, with this formation. Go back to 4-3-3, and we'll actually see some good and sensible use of players like Lampard, Ramires, Oscar and for the future, KDB, Mceachran, Chalobah. Everyone of those just mentioned, are far better as a CM in 4-3-3, than a DM in 4-2-3-1. And yes, mata will probably not be as influential as he is now, but we can't put everything into one basket! FSW is constantly complaining about lack of depth, but he fails the see through his own stubbornness and correct the thing that NEEDS to be corrected; the formation, NOT the players! I'm cringing everytime I see a football game where we simply are overrun in the middle of the park, and everyone yells "We need more CM's" because, yes, We dont have the mighty midfield we once did, but the players we have should be enough to secure a 4th, if used in the right way. ""Bertrand is so poor" Jesus christ, he's used as a winger for god sake, what do you expect?! And I really think the same applies to Oscar, he is NOT a winger!
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06/02/2013 18:14:00

I would try a 4-3-3 with a midfield of Mikel/Ramires as DM (get a better one in the summer? or Chaloba?) then play Oscar and Mata with Ba up front and Moses and Hazard on the wings
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06/02/2013 18:36:00

I think Oscar's best role is no.10, the position currently occupied by Mata.... Talking of the pivot, I won't say of a certainty that he won't succeed there but I will say his ability to succeed there will depend largely on who plays along side him in the pivot. If we play Oscar along side a workaholic, strong, athletic, good tackling and ball playing DM then he might excel in that role.. for instance, a combo of Diame and Oscar, Fernandinho and Oscar or Capoue and Oscar should workout well. Another option is to switch to 4-3-3 which I think will accommodate Oscar perfectly.. Playing him along side a good tackling DM would give him more liberty to create from deep and use his creative abilities which will prevent jeopardizing his great creative abilities and spot in the national team... Other than that, playing him in pivot and requiring more defensive than creative duties from him could ruin his natural instinct and chances in the selecao.. but again, telling him to do more creativity than defensive duties without a solid DM behind him will expose our midfield...
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06/02/2013 19:23:00

Like that idea, but Mata is just about the worst tackler I have ever seen (and one of the best going forward on the contrary), and I fear he will get trumbled as a CM in PL. Actually, I dont think so, I know so! he's excellent going forward, worth just about NOTHING going backwards.
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06/02/2013 19:30:00

for god sake someone ditch that 4231 system...uselesss pivot use at all....why not play 433 or 4123 a good oscar and mata as no 10 behind ba as your striker and haz and marin/moses on wings...for me this is the best system to use our attacking players...
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06/02/2013 19:36:00

Sorry please, What school did you get your degree from today @Dessy Dore?
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07/02/2013 00:22:00

@tugay08, I am 2 months away from getting it, working on my project right now, judging from the comment above most of us in here believe oscar is a no.10 and has the skillset to excel there, some of us believe that mata can play on the wings and can excel there, we also almost unanimously believe that we should scrap or variate the 4-2-3-1 formation which I wrote an article about a few weeks ago, so I just hope we see more changes in the team setup in the mould of a 4-3-3 _______________________cech______________________ Cesar_________cahill_________luiz_____________cole _____________mikel___________rammy____________ _____________________oscar______________________ Mata____________________________________hazard ______________________BA_______________________ Subs can be turnbull,lampard,moses,marin,betrand,torres,iva,terry..... The bench will have more quality players and the team can be managed more better
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07/02/2013 04:07:00

Atimes it is good to view other people's opinion so we won't be rigid in our way of thinking, here is a link that shares our exact sentiments, I really hope we learn one or two things from others............... .........
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07/02/2013 05:20:00

we should try our old 4-3-3...with Mikel/Romeu as DM...Oscar & Ramires as the other 2 CMs...Mata & Hazard as wingers/playmakers...Ba/Lukaku/....We can rotate Moses/KDB/Josh as required.
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07/02/2013 06:07:00

If we put Oscar in the pivot we'll be damaging his talent, like what happened to Mikel. He's better placed as attacking mid because of the way he "holds" the ball and dribbles between spaces, it's so fitting he plays #10. (imo)
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07/02/2013 06:24:00

However as I said the time we bought him, if we bought him then we needed to buy a CDM as well because he wasn't versatile enough for CDM and that's the position where we've struggled. Our current CDM's are either not good enough to mark effectively (Mikel, Ramires) or always abandon their positions to obviously seek goal scoring exploits (Lamps)
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07/02/2013 06:27:00

Mikel and ramires don't abandon their positions, they are just not too brillaint in the pivot, mikel and rami are good tacklers, mikel is slow and rammy can't pass.. The pivot is killing our play, most people believe we can improve our game with a 4-3-3 formation even in other forums as you guys will see in the WAGNH link I posted
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07/02/2013 06:31:00

@bluerun, on tweeter and other forums most fans and pundits believe we'll excel with the 4-3-3 formation, a good tactician would make it work, rafa can try it against wigan then perfect it with the retuen of mikel and moses on monday for our next game against city.
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07/02/2013 06:34:00

3-5-1-1 cech- ivanovic, Luiz, Cahill/terry- azpilicueta, mikel, Oscar, hazard, cole- mata- ba.
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07/02/2013 07:22:00

That 4-2-1-2-1 (I think) formation I saw earlier DESMOND looks good on paper.
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07/02/2013 09:08:00

the main dilema we have is that both Oscar & Mata are good at No10 role only...both suffer form when switched to wings...mata fairs better than oscar in wings.
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07/02/2013 12:03:00

I agree to that fact, if we have a steely and well set up midfield, oscar and mata can have swell time alternating, oscar should be the no.10 and we should let him grow there, but the insane thing is mata's creativity when on form is s unvelievable, what we need is a coach that would throw himself in this dilemma and make it profitable for the team, that is why we are just fans, and not the coach who gets paid for decisions like this.
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07/02/2013 12:15:00

He doesnt like to pass the ball which is a major concern for me. However, the kind of players we have acquired, i think we should start thinking about a diamond. Torres and BA upfront, Oscar behind [only if he promises to pass the ball to the strikers every now and then, Hazard on left midfield and Mata in the centre and Ramirez on the right midfield. And the usual back four. We can always switch strikers, by using the option of Moses and Marin, as and when required. Two strikers will open up a lot of space for the strikers as well as the attacking midfielders we have available. I have used Mata in the Centre, as he is the only one available in the team who can do a decent job. given a choice, i will move him to the right side and get a proper CM.
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07/02/2013 12:34:00

Well by all means playing him in the pivot will be better than playing him in his current position - rw.Oscar is a playmaker and he needs freedom to flourish as we can see in Brazil's team.Bloody hell,watcing him yesterday I thought that it was not Chelsea's Oscar,but a completely different player! He was the facilitator in his team and he seemed to be the most remarkable player by head and shouldes. I think Mata takes his duties in Chelsea and that is why we havent seen the best of him yet. I believe that these two fine playmakers could be suited together only in a 4-1-2-3 formation without taking each other's duties,but for the purpose we need a world class DM in the mould of Makelele, Essien in their best years in order to secure thd back four.
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07/02/2013 13:47:00

if you saying Oscar can't play RW effectively SIMEON then it means he's less versatile after all. Pity PSG outbid us on Moura, he'd easily play CAM and RW :)
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07/02/2013 14:16:00

I find it so funny how nearly every member on here can see ramires cnt tackle and mikel is just stupidly slow so both are really poor for the double pivot but still a manager who gets paid around 50 grand a week can't? Or does the manager love 4-2-3-1 so much he won't drop it? Mikel and ramires would work so much better in a midfield 3! Baffling how so many cn see the problem but the select few who it really matters wee's this don't?
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07/02/2013 17:28:00

Oscar's best position is No. 10 which is occupied by Mata, when Moses comes back Oscar will be on the bench and will play 10 mins every game. Oscar seems too light weight & slow or perhaps I am being too harsh.>>We have Ba now but our MAIN issue is with the Pivot once we get players in the pivot who are strong/powerful/pacey/aggressive/don't mind getting hurt/physical and can pass the ball forward first time, we will be unstoppable, we do need to find a world class replacement for Cole, Berty is no good we should give PVA a chance see how he does.
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07/02/2013 18:03:00

Oscar is clearly a talent and it will take a coach with unique vision and an unusual eye for talent to use him the way he ought to be used so that he can fully develop....thankfully every thing points towards tubby leaving in the summer which I am super happy about...I am sure Oscar will settle down into a well defined role with us eventually....class player!
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07/02/2013 18:36:00

Surely the 4-2-3-1 is the best system we can use? I dont know why people would want to move Mata to the wing when he is far better being played centrally? Team should be built around him and he being in the hole is absolutly the best position for him. Some suggesting he play RW is wasteful in my eyes. Given the amount of good wide players and Mata, we need the best system to accomodate them, and the 4-2-3-1 is it really? in a 4-3-3 you are still going to have your CMs push up and help the attack whether thats Oscar/Lamps/Ramires. Really just need to know their roles in either system and know when to attack and track back and when the stay and defend and I think in either system so long as your main defensive guy in the middle being normally Mikel/Romeu stay back when others advance should be ok?
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08/02/2013 02:38:00

4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 are both very similar in an case.
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08/02/2013 02:39:00

@bluekiwi, they are not similar, in 4-3-3 u can play both oscar centrally as alternating CAM and a playmaking CM, but the weakness in that formation and lineup is the DM, if he is not battle hardened,mobile and strong, we'll be punished immensely by the sheer physical power of other teams, imagine a formation where we can use mata and oscar in the middle and hazard and moses as wingers with ba in the middle, mouth watering it is, but we can still be punished if the coach is not smart
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08/02/2013 08:01:00

does anyone have a contact number for makalele?
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08/02/2013 09:57:00


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