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Lampard U-turn?

In the wake of Frank Lampard's top drawer goal for England against Brazil at Wembley last night, the press is today awash with rumours concerning the contract situation of our midfield talisman.

Roman Abramovich is reported to have made a huge climb-down, relenting from his previous position by opening up contract talks with Lampard and his agent last week.

Whilst things are far from being settled as of yet, the talks were said to be productive and it's looking like the fans voices are being heeded by the club.

Frank is currently five goals away from equalling Bobby Tambling's all time top scorer record for the club, and has scored 10 times in 17 league appearances so far this season.

A slither of good news after our lacklustre start to the month, let's hope that everything gets sorted out quickly!

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The Journalist

Writer: Lofty 1905 Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday February 7 2013

Time: 11:22AM

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who would you want playing in the starting 11 next season....oscar or lampard...kdb or lampard....people are saying oscar is the best talent and he shouldnt be sitting on bench and should play in most of the matches also they were crying that why did we sent kdb on loan..he is playing great in germany...he should be playing here in chelsea first team...and they were calling board decesion as idiotic..people are confused about what they want here...some want lamps here as well as kdb and oscar to play cant have both at once...if lamps plays here he will make sure he plays in each and every match leaving talent like oscar and kdb or someone else in the bench...
who would you want playing in the starting 11 next season....oscar or lampard...kdb or lampard....people are saying oscar is the best talent and he shouldnt be sitting on bench and should play in most of the matches also they were crying that why did we sent kdb on loan..he is playing great in germany...he should be playing here in chelsea first team...and they were calling board decesion as idiotic..people are confused about what they want here...some want lamps here as well as kdb and oscar to play cant have both at once...if lamps plays here he will make sure he plays in each and every match leaving talent like oscar and kdb or someone else in the bench...
Good news to me,but to others it may be different.whichever the case,let us respect each other opion/s.
Lampad should stay and be our impact sub as from next season will de brune should be recalled
If he stays, as I hope he will, Frank should understand and accept a reduced role, not starting all the time...something like a Giggs/Scholes role. But he can still provide leadership, set an example and make a difference. We've seen the results of his determination, focus and skill recently when others are NOT stepping up. In addition, the man is a Chelsea legend who should retire at the Bridge. @ slok27....I do understand what you're saying, bro. Still think we should hang on to him.
It is better if we let him choose his next destination. Most of the times, the first instinct will be the best one...So hope Roman doesn't change his mind. We can replace Lampard very much with Oscar, Josh, KDB...
If he stays, as I hope he will, Frank should understand and accept a reduced role, not starting all the time...something like a Giggs/Scholes role. But he can still provide leadership, set an example and make a difference. We've seen the results of his determination, focus and skill recently when others are NOT stepping up. In addition, the man is a Chelsea legend who should retire at the Bridge. @ shlok27 ...I do understand what you're saying, bro. Still think we should hang on to him.
Totally and utterly agrees with Squig
England last night showed exactly how Frank can be utilised for Chelsea next year. No one wishes to stunt the growth of our young players coming through at the club. but the experience, know how and the ability to score vital goals, at vital times is what Frank Lampard guarantees. The club should learn the lesson, when we got rid of Ballack and more recently Drogba, a year too soon. Little Brazilian lightweights got overun in midfield last night, in all honesty it was just like watching Chelsea in recent games. A little bit of power and desire won the day, please take note CFC.
@SHLOK - If it was an option of no Lamps or Lamps playing in a "Giggs" scenario then I'd pick the latter option every time. My own frustration with Lampard over the past 2 seasons is his insistance (publically!) to be playing for the team regardless of his form levels. If he becomes able to accept a squad position instead of an automatic atarting place then I see no reason why Oscar or KdB cannot be fitted in around Lamps less frequent appearances. I do think we may have a selection headache next season with so many quality AMs available, but this is a better headache to have that current where Hazard was banned, Moses away, Marin off form, KdB on loan, Mata tired etc. What we really need to do is look at the squad structure in entirity along with who the manager will be and how he's likely to want to line up. Remember that if it is Jose who comes in to manage, he isn't such a fan of AMs who sit behind the striker. Think of his use of Kaka and Ozil at RM. He seems to prefer work-horse AMs such as Lamps and Sneijder to fulfil that role. Maybe this opens a door for Oscar, but it could cause difficulties for players like Mata and Hazard?
Some fans have said anything worthy for me to say on lamps issue, retain him on the club terms, state it there that he'll only play at the club terms and lampard is a professional, he'll accept and understand if he wants to stay. His presence alone helps the players either u admit it or not and when u read cesar's interview yesterday he said terry and some other senior players helped him off the field.
So we keep him to be the "impact sub" then do what with the academy players we always screaming to get game time, loan them out?? I thought we agreed loans are hardly working for us....Talk about confused reasoning
as a football fan, I hope he stays
Sometimes ppl are so caught in a moment that they overlook the impact of that moments-derived decisions. in 2007 we rewarded our players (like Malouda) with hectic contracts that have hindered our player purchases, short-term decisions with long-term implications. Can we really keep a player, pay him 100K/week to score 1 or 2 free kicks/game whilst hindering development of other players (Oscar, KDB, McEachran)?? I wouldn't call it wise....then again, I don't run the club so whatever happens, I'd hate to say I told you so AGAIN after this season's happenings
One minute you're all complaining about our squad being too thin and the next it's Lampard or Oscar/KdB so Frank has to go (though quite why they can't play in the same side, I don't know). Make up your minds! Personally, I hope this is true. It is plain to see that Frank still has a great deal to offer at the top level both on and off the pitch and it would be madness and bad business to let someone else profit from that for nothing. He is a legend but that is irrelevant. It doesn't matter what he's done before, it's what he can still do and all the while he can still offer plenty that no one else can, I want him to do that at Chelsea!
Of course we should offer him a 1 year rolling contract on decent wages. He is a chelsea legend and can be an inspiration and role for the next generation. We must keep #superfrank - he still has so much to offer, as Brazil game last night showed us!
@mq I dont think Manure's rentention of Scholes and Giggs have dettered the growth of their young players in any I do believe there's a way one or two senior players can be kept in the squad without hindering the growth of the younger players....Also I think the whole lampard's contract situation saga has probably taught both parties some important lessons (Lampard and the club)...I dont think Lampard will moan if he does not start plenty games next season...what is happening is probably very clear to him now (that the club really wants to move on into the future)....and the club has also probably realised it is just foolhardly not to try to keep Lampard on some term (of course not on current levels) giving his overall contribution and what he can still do...having lampard available only for certain champions league and cup matches is enough reason for him to be kept....and if this rumour is true, then popular opinion that roman does not care about how we the fans feel will become untrue (which is good news)...even if it was true before now, it would mean that roman is at least willing to change...I hope this whole news is true and the situation is resolved quickly so that we can move forward as a club to more important issues....exciting times ahead.
I think Frank has stopped complaining about needing to play and even at that, it is something that can be managed. He only starts talking when we are performing ***** and we are losing. I can't blame him what he did during AVB's time because as the truth was revealed later, AVB was difficult to Frank, Lukaku, Mikel, Drogba, Kalou, Malouda, Torres and co.....It wasn't just Frank that was treated badly, it was all. He just had the balls to make it public. There is an article about being careful what you wish for with owner leaving; I think you also have to be careful what you wish for with getting rid of Senior players. I used to be on that bandwagon, but reality is proving that bandwagon to be incorrect. Kevin De Bruyne and co may be starring where they are. Eden Hazard, Oscar and co were starring prior to coming to Chelsea. We've seen how Hazard and Oscar have had their fair share of struggles. KDB or whoever else we get will need their fair share of adjustment. If you remember last season, a few people thought with the likes of Marin, Oscar, Hazard and co will have Torres firing on all cylinders. Even with the Demba Ba, they haven't been firing on all cylinders. The same case could happen in the midfield and we need to transition properly. Before they decide to make whatever decision they make with Lampard, they need to take this into consideration in addition to who they are bringing in. It is not as easy as it seems and these last 2 seasons should be a lesson.
BIZARRE_BLUE.....giggs scenario is different because their coach know how to use him wisely and they have fix coach not like not that scenario....and one thing we should remeber that we will be buying more players in this summer...the likes of isco bennat etc etc you don know there will be lot of them who will be fighting for first place next season...the squad will be big next season..thats why threre is no place fo lamps next season becasue there will be more top class player commig here as his replacement..becasue the compeition will be high for first team as well as squad place also....thats why we dont need squad player like lamps because we will have better option in his place...all we can give is good farewel to him...and rearding leadership a new leader will rise when the old one goes...
I want frank to stay but has suggested in a giggs scholes sort of role.rather that than lose him think he still has plenty to offer chelsea and he's a legend
Chelsea ken
Frank will be 35 next season and the man is not stupid, of course he knows he will not start 60 games! He has never complained (I'm sorry but I've never understood the criticism for answering journalists questions by saying that he wants to play games, it would be weird if he said he didn't!) and AVB treated him disgracefully as his form once again has showed since AVB was sacked. Well done KAKU for being a big enough man to change your mind about Frank (and admit it), I respect that.
...@mq I dont think Manure's rentention of Scholes and Giggs have dettered the growth of their young players in any way....perhaps you've "forgotten" why Pogba left LAYOR??
Is that the same AVB doing well @ Spurs while the "legends" are crap at Chelsea?? Surely not...
@Mq...i dont think Pogba left bcos of Scholes or did he?...he had issues with SAF....not only playing time but also money....and Fryers who left for some club ( i cant remember ) and then joined spurs recently also left for different reasons...anybody that saw pogba play for manure will know he was a fantastic prospect...I dont think it was scholes that led to his departure, he left bcos he had issues with saf and got a far better offer with Juve...which makes sense...
has Lamps got any1 "firing on all cylinders" since he's been playing?? As I recall, he was playing (with JT) when we conceded late goals vs Reading & Newcastle, he was playing when we lost to QPR, he was playing when we "lost" to Swansea, and he was there (with JT) when we drew 2-2 with Bradford City. Firing on all cylinders?? Maybe motorcycle-type cylinders, and not your Ducati type but your Johhnyway scooters....
... "If we hold Paul Pogba back, what's going to happen?" said Ferguson. "We have to give him opportunities to see how he can do in the first team." Pogba played just seven times last season, but not once was he included in the starting XI. His last appearance was as a substitute in United's 5-0 thrashing of Wolves on 18 March. An ankle ligament injury then ruled him out for the rest of the campaign. Reflecting on his decision to leave United, Pogba revealed: "I'm impatient." He told French newspaper L'Equipe: "There were things that you didn't hear about. I don't regret anything at all. I learned a lot there. But you had to be on the inside to understand my decision. It was the feeling that I had with [Ferguson]. The coach had faith in me, but didn't put me on. He said that I was too young. He said: 'Your time will come'. It didn't come." can read more about this LAYOR and you'll see it was about playing time according to him on.....
anderson, Jones, smalling, cleverly, chicharito and even welbeck have been managing to get some games even before now with certain senior players still in the squad...loot at a player like butner, he has not played a lot this season, but he is getting important minutes here and there...and for me that is the best way to ease in a young player into a squad...some 90 minutes...some 30 minutes...some 15 minutes some 10 minutes here and no pressures....hope you get what i mean....i personally think next season we should integrate Josh, KDB, Coutouis and maybe kalas...and with Lamapard in the squad i do think we can achieve that...I am assuming lampard will be given a one year rolling contract anyways...
If you insist on sniping @Mq, perhaps you could make your posts relevant? What has the fact that AVB is doing well at Spurs while the "legends" are crap at Chelsea got to do with AVB treating Frank disgracefully? But since you mention it, if AVB is doing so well and "the legends" so badly, how come Chelsea are above Sp*rs in the league and have done better in the League and FA Cups? Don't answer, it would just be nice if you would think before you post sometimes.
@I have read that article before thankfully "There were things that you didn't hear about. I don't regret anything at all. I learned a lot there. But you had to be on the inside to understand my decision. It was the feeling that I had with [Ferguson]. The coach had faith in me, but didn't put me on. He said that I was too young. He said: 'Your time will come'. It didn't come."...that statement suggest to me that while playing time was obviously a key consideration for the young lad...he dint leave manure for that reason alone....I dont think he believed saf that his time was truely going to come...and the improved offer from juve prompted his decision which has been vindicated....clearly i always tot saf preffered cleverly to pogba...and i do think pogba is more talented...if i were pogba, i will leave in that kind of circumstance...i guess that was why i changed jobs a lot in the
Lamps deserves a one yearly contract extension imo...not longer! I hope chelsea can offer him this (whether he accepts it or not) and announce that they have offered him so that all this talk goes away...if he doesnt accept, at least everybody will know whats going on
possible true LAYOR but then again think about this way, if ManUre didn't have the wages of Scholes & Giggs don't you think they'd be "better placed" to try convincing the boy monetary too?? I'm sure with regular football and more money he'd have stayed then, which is why I believe Giggs & Scholes presence hasn't helped ManUre as much. Infact this season, discounting Van Persie's goals, do you think ManUre has been that good??
well sorry for "sniping" SPANISH the point was merely to point that Lamps isn't as good as people are making him out to be, the euphoria around England beating Brazil in a "friendly" with Lamps scoring the winning goal is unfortunately blinding reasoning, much like the same way we were blinded into giving the likes of Malouda the contracts and monies we pretty much regretting now. As for the AVB inference, comparing Spurs squad (and summer purchases) to us then having them 1 point behind us either calls them good or us useless, your choice??
Well said Spanish Blue...Apparently myself and Kaku have been on opposing ends on the Lamps issue,so big ups to you Kaku. Let's hope things pan out well.
Avb was good after all as totenham are 1 point less to cfc with all those overpaid legend in the team.where is the mentoring u yap around while we have lost 5 games.i think cfc will never go anywhere with the likes of ivanovic,lamps malouda terry cole who have got it all in their me all i mentioned should not make cfc the culprit as,are the one not good enough.
I have to say if this turns out to be true then it's the best news for a long time.have always wondered why Chelsea would be willing to let go of a super player and crowd favorite as Mr lamps seeing how consistent and reliable he still am happy Mr abramovich has finally seen what every right thinking football follower have been seeing and have decided to offer the one year extension to frank cos he has absolutely deserved it with his performances and commitment to chelsea's cause.
Lampard should stay for two more years. He is a true legend.
Drog of War
I really liked him as chelsea player and he is legend. But i really hope he moves out next season..The reasons are plenty..I culd see many here saying, he can be a impact sub as scholes or Giggs...Lampard wud never play as sub, we all know how he reacted when AVB want him to play reduced role..Now we are looking for pellegrini as new coach and if lampard is retained, there wud be real pressure on pelegirini to play him...Seeing his style, i think he likes to play youthfull player.. Another reason tat giggs and scholes plays Well is bcoz they have a manager who knows how to utilize them well...Also lampard is not like scholes...Scholes can retain posession, tackle well and helps team to build attack from middle...Lampard is not that kind of player...Seeing him this season, i feel that he is not comfortable in retaining possesson...He is loosing the ball in middle and even if he is able to his first instinctis to pass the ball to defence..He is not that kind of player and to get best out of him and as well as ramiries we shud play 4-3-3...Now we can consider this for remining of this season, but we can't rely on lamprd next season ownwards...If he had that holding midfielder ability, it wud have solved our problems...Look at gerrard, he is moving to that holding midfielder role and is helpng both liverpool/england...But all said above, his goal scoring abiliy is something which is fantastic...If he is gone, we wud miss that...But we wud have to miss that at some point and let it be next season...Also i cud see better goal returns from hazzard next season...I really think we will cope loosing lampard...
@Mq truth is without RVP they have not been good at Fergie obviously underestimated pogba's his own detriment...I think it all boils down to what pogba wanted...he wanted plenty minutes (similar to what he is getting at Juve now) but generally at manure i think the integration process is a lot slower judging by the examples I gave if pogba wanted to do a ''good boy''..he could have stayed and I am sure with the talent I am seeing, he probably would have won his place eventually...ahead of players like anderson and cleverly (and that is my opinion) but Pogba wanted it now and now...and he decided to move on which is not bad for him at all....when Fergie wanted to sign RVP, it was Scholes and Giggs that he had a word with first the have a feeler as to what the impact will be in the dressing room if RVP was signed from a rival club...and they said its fine with the they signed RVP...i think my point is that asides from footballing reasons...the younger players can benefit one way or the other from having 2-3 very experienced players in the dressing room..thats why lamps staying another 12months or so might not be soo bad...
Bla bla bla bla avb avb avb. What is this Vital spurs? We won the champions league casuse we sacked him. that should be all the reson in the world to show how right chelsea to sack him. Avb the clueless
and i dont think the slow integration process at manure has much to do with the presence of the senior players...I think its more of a culture and I do think that is the way to do it...I dont expect a youngster to be saddled with plenty responsibilities when he is still trying to fully comprehend his role within the team...I expect a player like butner to have a lot more responsibilites next season...which will be just perfect both for him and the club..he must be far more settled by then and can play with a lot more confidence..Raphael is another great example of united's culture of easing a player into the first team.
Mq the reason Pogba left man utd was cause he didnt get the money he wanted.
Chelseaforlife567 Pellegrini playing young players: Where did you get that from? The only young player who plays regulary under him is Isco. All the other players are bettween 27-32
lol @ laku... funny i somehow i reason with both comments from chelseaforlife & Layorh.. This lampard issue brings really conflicting emotions because he is such a fans favourite! I will be happy with the boards decision either way on this one...whatever happens Super8 is a chelsea legend forever and in all likelihood will be chelsea's highest goalscorer of all time by the end of the season...
JohnnyOz argue persuasively which is really good...the only part I disagree is where you said ''Lampard wud never play as sub, we all know how he reacted when AVB want him to play reduced role'' all this drama reagarding his contract extension, lampard will be plain stupid to even blink when he is told hs is not starting games...the club's actions (regarding its unwillingness to renew his contract) and the type and age of players we are signing must have made lampard realise his role is gointa diminish a lot going if he stays he will earning a lot they is no concrete evidence to suggest lampard will insist on being a starter next season....a year extension with an option of a second will probably be good in my eyes.
From one of Lampard's most harshest critic i say...... Give him is one year extension. He has earned it. Very good player with some very good goals in him. I think he would have seen the errors in his ways over the AVB saga and would be willing to accept a reduced role in the club now. Welcome back Lamps.... In short you never left.
@Lakupiippu...So is 27-32 s wat.... old players??I didn't mean he plays everyone who are 19 - 21...And even going by urs 27-32, will he prefer lampard?
I am a big big fan of Oscar, Hazard. But let's face the truth. Despite their blistering play, they don't have the experience, influence, and effectiveness as Frank. Games are won by goals. Didier sometimes played like horse dung the whole game, but would score the crucial goal. The same with Lampard. He is currently still more influential than Oscar or Hazard. Until that is reversed, we should keep him.
@MQ it is a little unfair to blame Lampard for us conceding late goals at Reading and Newcastle. Where was our right back at Reading when we conceded ? Was it Franks fault that 2 central defenders went for the same ball at the same time ? Frank is an attacking midfield player, not a defensive midfield player, but he is being asked to play in this unfamiliar role because the club stupidly decided to get rid of Essien and Meireles prior to the season commencing. He has not got the engine that he once had, but as you will see very soon, he will be impossible to replace, both on and off the pitch.
Malagas squad. Kameni, 28,Gamez soon 27. Weligton Oliveira 33 soon 34. Lugano 32, Martín Demichelis 32.Ignacio Camacho 22. Joaquín 31. Jérémy Toulalan 29. Saviola 31. Baptista 31. Fernández 27. Caballero 31. Pedro Morales 27. Manuel Iturra 28. Duda 31. Eliseu Pereira dos Santos 29. Francisco Portillo Soler 22. Sergio Sánchez Ortega 26. Isco 20. Oguchi Onyewu 30. Roque Santa Cruz 31. Vitorino Antunes 25. Like to play youthfull players you say?
Can see if he comes to chelsea why would he not play Lampard? Looks like he likes experience players
@Lakupiippu...So ur point is, lampard has to be played...So pls let us know which position u wud like him to be played...can u provide ur points on this topic?
If he signs, let's hope he is properly utilized in the correct formation (4-3-3) and not forced into the pivot of a 4-2-3-1. I hope he understands that he will be a squad player and not a starter.
Frank lampard is the most respected player to represent the club since Zola played for us. If you went to Preston a few years ago in the FA Cup, Frank got injured and had to walk around the touchline on 3 sides of the ground, all the Preston fans stood to their feet in unity to applaud Frank as he limped by. I also went to Japan and once again when he was warming up as a substitute, almost all the stadium packed with Japanese Chelsea and along with Corinthian fans appplauded Frank, for the wonderful player that he is. He is one of Chelsea`s all time greatest players and people on this site can`t see his value, it`s incredible.
Oscar, Ramires, Neymar, Paulinho, Moura, Jean all Brazils finest, but last night not one of them was a patch on SuperFrankieLampard. Sign him up Chels, we need a complete goal scoring midfielder, not another tricky midget.
Yeay..good news, been waiting for it like forever. Only good things will come out of this. Next step, bring back Malouda from the outcast. Surely he will contribute with such a thin squad. Maybe by then saber's slo mo flo mo serieswill return. I guess I missed them really :p
Sky Sports understands Chelsea have made a U-turn on Frank Lampard with talks understood to have begun on extending his contract by a year #CFC
Lamps needs to be given a contract, he is scoring goals and his scoring record is something that any world class forward would be proud of, not to mention a midfielder... He knows he isn't getting any younger, and will only play when he is needed with probably reduced wages. Can and will be a good back up with experience for the young blood and act as a mentor. He is a model professional at the club and is a Chelsea legend.
Thank goodness this whole lampard contract saga will soon come to an end and the troubled waters would be still
we dont need coaches in chelsea team.if it were not for chelsea would he have made it at west ham.hope he remembers his former club and be loyal to the fans there.
@Mq and his obsession with AVB, what has Spurs done to suggest they are better than us.
i think that a new manager is already in place for next year and he is deciding on the contract extensions. May be Mou.
Blue India
Chelseaforlife567 - did you really say that Scholes can tackle well? That is one of the funniest things I have ever read!!!
I still don't see what Frank did wrong under AVB. He did not 'blab' to the Press, he answered questions (as vice captain and one ofgher profile players, he is in greater demand than most for post-match interviews etc.). He said he wanted to play, fair enough, even more so since he had to watch abject performances from players not fit to lace his boots whilst he sat idle on the bench knowing he could contribute more and make a positive difference to Chelsea at a time when it was desperately needed. Because he cares, that hurt him. He is well aware that as he gets older, he won't play every game and I really don't think that an intelligent professional such as Frank will have any problem with being benched on occasions if he can see the benefit to the team of the players taking his place, in terms of delivering quality on the pitch in the here and now and also progressing their development for the future. If there is no benefit and he feels he can help the team more, he will, quite rightly, get the hump if not given the chance to do so! Don't know about some of you but that is EXACTLY what I want from a Chelsea player!
It is a good news only if it is in his contract that he won't moan about playing time and will not try to create a bad atmosphere in the dressing room or try to get the manager sacked if the manger doesn't play him.>>>I just hope we give young players or players on loan some chance to prove and if they don't perform at a high level then we should SELL them.
Looks like I'm wasting my breath B2K420!
its better for chelsea to sell kdb josh and if possible oscar also next season...bcoz i dont see them getting any chance of getting more playing tym...if lamps gets contract extension....there will be more problem then getting more solution...
Really hope it happens and it will be a great boost to the Club and the fans. And boy, do we need a boost in morale at this time.
@SpanishBlue: I am not a Lampard hater, I watched the interview he could have used better words and yes he moaned.>>> I agree with you @shlok27 we should sell all youngsters if they are not going to get a proper chance or are not good enough, we hold their development by making them play in reserve league or s***** lower leagues, just like we did to Kakuta, Paizon, IMO they would have been big stars had they stayed at their respective clubs. We should give Cole, Terry & Lampard 5 year contract, lol, then the legend worshippers will be happy.>>>On a serious note we need to sign some quality British players for our first team.
Wow shlok27, so you reckon Frank does the job of KdB, Josh and Oscar combined, he really is quite some player, isn't he. I hope we sign him up even more then!
@ SpanishBlue - Unfortunately, many here have deeply entrenched and fixated views on Frank. I'm with you about Frank giving honest answers when asked by the media. He has been the model professional since he came to Chelsea, that's a heck of a long time, and something the Club & fans should be proud of. The whole world and his dog are completely bewildered that CFC would let FL go on a free. Finally, at last the message may have got through to the Board. In many respects, because of his unflinching professionalism and service to the Club, he is more important to CFC than even JT, and history will show that to be the case.
Would love to see if you always picked your words carefully and precisely in a live interview B2K420. Maybe we should only ever write down responses where we have time and space to word them carefully, exactly as we mean them (not that thinking time seems to help most of the people on here!). Not much to convict the bloke on though, is it?!
Well said BlueABS! There are no critics within the game, players and pundits alike. Even most opposition fans seem baffled as to why we would let such a good player go. The only ones desperate to stick the knife in and twist Frank's every word/action are Chelsea fans and I really cannot understand it, it's clearly personal and utterly baffling (unless he has shagged an awful lot of people's wives/mothers/sisters!)!
It amazes me how some see Frank as some sort of villain in the ranks of our Club. Don't generally use this, but this is warranted .... *smh*
When Frank finally does hang up his boots, history will reflect on him as Chelsea's greatest player thus far. And that's saying something after Ossie, Zola etc etc.
"@garbosj: Okay. One more time. #Lampard: no talks about a new deal. No offer from #CFC. I hope that's clear." Well garbos now reporting there has been no offer or an approach for Lamps,Neil Ashton saying there's contract negotiations going on...So who do we believe?
If any messages are getting through to the board, why is Benitez still in charge?
Of course if they can come together on a 1 year extension for next season then wonderful news. 1 year each season until he retires would be great.
If Lampard does "nothing" and scores the game-winning goal, FV will still find fault. It's fascinating. Anyway, I don't for a second believe what I'm reading in the press. I do think Lamps will go, but I've stated many times why I hope he doesn't. Squig, KAKU, SB, Mel, and several others are showing that common sense at VC does still, in fact, exist.
I am too tired of all the Chelsea drama to even comment any more on this. It is clearly an issue that seems to generate such heated emotions. It is Roman's team..if he feels after all Frank has done for Chelsea that he does not even merit an offer of a contract extension (even if it is a 1 yr renewable one at reduced wages) to consider because of what he perceives went on between Frank and AVB thats up to him..i will no longer lose sleep over this one way or the other. We all know Roman has made some howlers as far as decisions in the past. It would be nice to see him being capable of change of hard line decisions but if not fine by season we will see very quickly how wise it is to have a team of all youngsters with little to no veteran presence..Arsenal and Wenger have tried it in the past and it didnt turn out so well for them as far as actually winning anything of note beyond the Emirates cup.
When he is fit, he is like a "machine" ( goal scoring machine ). I don't think he is gonna stay, because he wants to play every time possible. Our club doesn't know how to handle such situation properly. History proves... But I hope, he is gonna be at our club for couple of years.... Super Frank!!!!
Lampard is still leaving at the end of the season people. Dont raise your hopes yet!!!!!!
As expected facts are deleted.
With EPL club agreeing on FFP, doubt that chelsea will take risk by offering him a contract. Except for hazard, i think they have already planned to ship-out all the high-wagers. Right now, man city are sweating because their global fan base is not as good as ours, has high salary players, has only one major sponsor i.e., ehiad, always bottle champions league. so they rejected the ffp model whereas we agreed. If these high waged players stay here, people who goes to stadium will pay their wage(i.e. club will increase the ticket price). Don't call me arrogant, but what i speak is the truth.
when we replace lampard..we should look at Adam Maher!! he is amazingly composed for being a 20 year old
SpanishBlue....i dont reckon lamps is doing the jobs of oscar kdb and josh...because when they will reach that stage they will be miles ahead of just sayin he will make their job harder to get first team not becasue they are not good enough to replace him...becuse lamps will use his so called his LEGENDARY status as a tool to get in the first team....sometime think from chelsea poin of view not from your fav player point of view...
I am still saying, any contract to Lampard should be on chelsea's terms...maybe 50k per week, 1 yr contract....if he doesn;t want this, let him choose his next destination...No point in extending contracts like A Coles rumoured at 180k per week...chelsea will be fool to do that....
I dont think we will struggle if we let Lampard go...We have adequate players to fill his gap...we are still struggling with Lampard on the team...I dont think this performance level can drop even further without him...KDB can easily fill his role...
According to the Telegraph "His agent, Steve Kutner, said last month that Chelsea executives had told Lampard that his contract would not be extended under any circumstances and Kutner’s office stressed on Thursday that, as far as they were concerned, the situation had not changed." Just outscore Tambling and move on already.
Siva, quite true, we should look at signing strootman and clasie as well.
Lampard favours move to Old Trafford.. Would he still hold the "Legend " status if he made this move?
the same goal scoring machine, was playing for us when we lost to New Castle, Swansea, drew with Brentford, Swansea, Reading...all matches which we should have won....We should not fool ourselves that giving Lampard a year extensiion will increase the chance of silverware...IMO, we will be better off without Lampard. Time to trust KDB, Josh to fill the gap
@ Blu run, as one of the harshest critic or Lampard i've got to say that he has earned his one year extension. Yes he was in the games you mentioned above but so were mata, torres, ba, etc. his contribution to the team is without question and his goals have certainly helped us in no small way this season. I believe that using Frankie in the pivot has actually diminished his lethality and ability to help us more and will advocate that we either play oscar to partner Luiz, Mikel or Ramires in the pivot while we retain lampard for the CAM role as a substitute for Mata when mata needs a rest...... Give him his due, he has been a fantastic player for us and now that he is willing to take a pay cut and a more reduced role we should not let him slip away. In your hearts of hearts, imagine if we still had drogba.... I bet you that we won't be 16 points behind Manure
who would you want in your starting 11 oscar or lampard that is what someone wrote for me its who would you want as part of your squad a top pro who has been a great ambassador for the club who is vastly experienced mr chelsea and probably chelseas top goalscorer ever
I would choose Oscar over Lampard any day. Cahill over Terry as well.
The argument about Lampard is quite tricky. The fact that the club arent willing to offer him a contract extension doesnt mean he is being insulted or that his legendary status is being undermined. Its just that Chelsea as a club has to move on and build on a better and brighter future. Simples. Leave or Stay,Lamps will always be in my heart!!!!!! Super Super Frank....
FV.Even Oscar and Cahill won't choose themselves over FL and JT.
I dont think a day goes by that an article isnt published about Lamps over the last two months... I hear myself and a lot of us just saying the same things over and over...C'mon someone - enough with the Lamps articles already!

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