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'If It's Football, It's Vital'

Knowing our Vital Chelsea Family!

I have been a visitor to and reader of this site for close to 4 years now.

Although I have written very few articles and comments, I love more to read the analysis / rumours / stories / feelings of our fellow Vital Chelsea mates out here in their articles and comments.

I can proudly say Vital Chelsea has got some really wonderful intellectuals here, most notably Mr. Merlin, GabeU and many others like desmondadonis, gaban, ken4cfc and even Mq for that matter too ;)

At times when I read their analyses and theories, I feel like knowing them in person. I imagine, writers Merlin and GabeU must be having encyclopaedic knowledge about the club and the club affairs and they sometimes predict the future aptly.

Inspired, I try to search them outside this forum but don't get to know who they actually are or if they have any twitter / facebook accounts to follow too and make friends with if I am that much fortunate.

Sadly, as per my knowledge, I don`t think there's a Vital Chelsea fan / community page in Facebook too where we can interact and know about ourselves in real lives.

Here, we are just 'somebodies' behind an account name.

So mates, don't you feel we should make our community much stronger by knowing each other more better?

This can be done multiple ways one of which is starting a series like the 'Tell Us about Yourself' started by Merlin a few years back, but this time including questions about the real them and what they do in their lives, where they are from, etc.. I will really be happy to know many of my fellow members of this forum.

What do you say?

Editors Note - It seems like a grand idea to me, we`ll get this one started imminently shall we?

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The Journalist

Writer: Soum Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday February 8 2013

Time: 2:00AM

Your Comments

hi Soum im Ahmad From Palestine, Anesthesia technician, 28 years old, i've been supporting chelsea since 3 - may -2005 the day liverpool knocked us out from champions league by garcia's ghost goal the way we played the game & the injustice i felt back then made me a die hard blue fan & i can assure you i never regret supporting this club since that day & i will not Chelsea Champ KTBFFH
Chelsea Champ
hi...actually im im....Florent Malouda...used to be a football present doing nothing sitting in my cobham cave having great time earning free money...joined this site the day i hve been told to enjoy my one year free pension as a club policy...its has been long time since i have been away from football just forgot how football looks its square in shape...i guess so...nowdays as a part time i have started a hairstylist job...which most of them used to appreciate me that you use your head better than your footballing legs...guys this will be my last year at cobham as i have to leave because they had already booked this place for Torres from next season onwards...they say he will be getting two to three year of free pension for his major contribution for bringing chelsea to his goal scoring level...guys love this site...will continue my legacy here...hope you guys wont forgot me....
hi I'm Michael Gordon 25 year old pharmacist from Jamaica(obviously) started supporting chelsea in 98 after my country made the world cup for the first and only time to date and i found out there was a Jamaican playing for chelsea and i had a gf named chelsea too
Jamaican Chelsea Fan
I've been supporting the Blues for as long as I remember and still have my best present EVER - my first blues T-shirt: Autoglas on the front, Zola @ the back :)
I'm an Architect from Nigeria, loved football from my mother's womb, played football up to some levels and i fell in love with Chelsea Fc when Jose Mourhino was joined the club in 2003. I have been a guest on the site for over 2 years but i became a member last year and it has not been the best of times for chelsea but i know we'll all have reasons to celebrate soon.KTBFFH
Well, I'm a physiotherapist from Nigeria. Have been a chelsea supporter since 2004. The first Chelsea match I watched was the one I termed the "LG's ghost goal" Vs L'pool (funny how I thought chelsea was a good team without a striker then: DD11 was the striker... Lol). I've been a guest here on VC since 2008/09 or so but I only registered abt 2 year ago (without posting too) but I started posting comments last year. Never written an article yet though.
Investment Banker from London. I started supporting chelsea in 1996/97 after that little so and so called Zola joined us. I remember the match that convinced me was against Manure in early 97 when Zola scored that beautiful goal...i was hooked for life! My first game that i attended was the FA cup final in 97 at Wembley, and i havent looked back since then. :)
Engineering graduate from India, looking for a job :) . I used to be a regular member ever since this website was operational some 10 years back. Rejoined with a new account after lurking for close to a year. Merlin and other older members would probably remember me as the naive young Indian school boy, or not. Anyway, I've been a blue ever since I started playing and following football. My earliest memory of Chelsea would be when we played against Newcastle in Singapore or Malaysia during the Asian tour in 2002/03. I believe Lampard scored a goal in the final and thats when I fell in love <3 Happy to be back. Cheers!
Great idea soum. Lets get this started right away uncle merlin (facebook account is a must in my opinion sir). By the way soum, I actually changed my id from bandi83 to Gaban. The main reason is because of my admiration towards Gabeu articles/comments.
i am a student from nigeria.started supporting chelsea frm 2005.i love every tin about football and i joined vc last yr.nice idea@soum.
nwobi ebuka
Well I work in Brand Management currently based just outside of Swansea in South Wales. This is my 20th year supporting Chelsea as I didn't really get into playing/watching football until I was 11 (32 this year!). My background is analytical but I'm not a fan of statistics as I find they are too easy to manipulate to show whatever you need to show. I'm much more into Logic and Strategic Planning which is far more interesting than number crunching! Many people who read my posts will note that all my arguments are based around logical thinking and normally far too long in length, but I do tend to detail lots of things that I find interesting and on the subject of Chelsea I could write all day! Working for quite a big European company I tend to have an insite into how major strategic decisions get made, especially when it comes to corporate image and strategy. Often I try and see the bigger picture behind how we operate as a club, but one thing for certain is that we have some of the worst PR staff on the planet (not as bad as the FA though ;) ).
From London, my 1st full year without missing a home game was in 68/69 season, Days of Ossie, Hudson and Chopper. I have only missed about 9 home games at Stamford Bridge since then, I am also an away season ticket holder at home and in Europe. Lowest point was at Bolton when we almost slipped into the 3rd Division. Highest point was at Bolton when we won the Premier League for the 1st time. Not forgetting Munich of course ! To say the club has taken over my life, is probably an understatement. Just wish the club was run in a better way, otherwise I can see it all falling away, now that FFP is going to be introduced.
From Leeds and i have been supporting Chelsea for as long as i can remember. Steve Clarke,Dixon,Townsend and Wise were the core of our team back then. I was quite young at the time of course. I make the trip to SW6 very often for the home games and must admit,theyve been feeling like away games in recent months. I dont do facebook but you can follow me on twitter @3N1TY01 and i will follow you back. Only Chelsea fans please. Love to the Blue family.
name. Tanmay Mirashi. Businessman from india. I have done mba and was previously a private equity guy. I love my maths and can spend hours solving maths puzzles.I have supported chelsea since 1999. Zola, rdm and drogba are my all time favourite players. Rdm and jm are my favourite chelsea managers.
Blue India
In addition i must say i first visited VC two years ago and Gabeu's articles (excellent articulation & his clarity of thought) had a big part in the early days re coming back again to this site, but since then many others have contributed to the continuosly increasing amounts of time i spend on mention a few posts that i look forward to reading, Shlok27 (the site comedian); Merlin (Dearest Uncle); Saber (verbal assassin); Latunvic (Mr right every time); Ken, Ohans, Spanishblue & Jollyheart because we think along the same lines a lot of the time; Layorh & Nelyvanile (for their ability to put across their arguments across respectfully and eloquently, even though i sometimes do not agree fully), and of course Mq (Mr Controversial) :) Welldone VC team for all your good work, and to the members on this site for your continued support for our cfc...Keep the faith
i prefer to be that 'somebody' and i am not spanish .
Soum here, from Bangalore, India :) Great to see such a great response from all my Chelsea brothers from other mothers :) I reckon uncle Merlin must be motivated now to be more active on fb and restart the 'tell us about yourself' series once again with more questions on ourselves !! Waiting for the heroes Merlin, GabeU, latunvic, Saber and others to let us know about them !! Well, I am a research analyst here and fell in love with the game and the club from 2005 when a certain team called Chelsea beat the hell out of Barcelona..!! Have 3 Gods in my life, Swami Vivekananda, Steve Jobs and Jose Mourinho and 1 and only one darling, Chelsea FC!! Chelsea !! We are your love and you are our life !!
Hi soum from carshalton in Surrey I'm 28 years old. I didn't get into football till I was 12 my grandad was a massive chelsea supporter and was a season ticket holder for 42 years until due to older age he couldn't go. watched my first chelsea game with him at his place against liverpool fa cup 1997 and that's how I became hooked on chelsea to this day
Chelsea ken
Grew up in New Orleans and Mobile, AL; now I live and work as a teacher of literature and composition/rhetoric in Birmingham AL. I'm happily married to a German girl who's a CFC convert in spite of her Bayern inheritance. Her mother is still annoyed about that one! First found CFC around 2000. My brother visited SB, told me about his experiences. I was an undergrad at that point but lucky enough to live on campus near several foreign-exchange students who were playing footy on scholarship. Most of them were from the UK, and almost all of them were diehard Arsenal boys. We developed a friendly rivalry once I started following CFC more regularly, and I still have great memories of waking up early and watching footy with that group. They were really fun. Since then, my support has bordered on an obsession, culminating thus far in a honeymoon trip to SB a few years back when CFC played City. We've had serious illnesses plague our family the past few years, so international travel has been difficult; we're hoping, however, to return to London next year.
Chuks Innocent 4rm Nigeria. A student of Insurance & Risk Mgt. Facebook Username- chu kun ta. Start supporting Chelsea since the aquization of Mikel. The highest amount wears have ever bought Was Chelsea's 2011/2012 jersey... Chelsea Till I Faint.
+ I'm 25, joined VC maybe 2/3 years ago, email:
Radio.Don't you live in the States?
Aditya Patni from Jaipur,India.I am a 20-year old engineering student.
Contact me on Facebook:Aditya Patni.On Twitter;@adipatni100.
@radio,so sorry for family illness.hope you are doing good.
That's kind of you, blue5. No matter how tough it's been, we have to remind ourselves that it could always be much worse. In some ways, we're actually quite lucky.
cfc250: yes, I'm in the States.
I'm a 25yr old nurse from Ghana. Started supporting chelsea when Essien was signed and have never turned back. Being a guest on VC since 2008 and joined up last year.
I am oluwaseyi by name, my english name is desmond, I am a final year student of banking and finance, I am 27 years old, being a chelsea fan since 2001 because of celestine babayaro back then, liked the gunners because of papilo,started watching the EPL week in week out in 2003/2004, I stumbled on VC 2 years ago, I started commenting early last year, I invited a coupla mates who are passionate of about chelsea to be here, zhahovic, makelele, I love the family in here, I can't do without reading or talking about chelsea everyday, I love reading from so many fans though I disagree with some of them, nelyvanile will never lose my respect, bizzarre blue, layorh (one way or the other caution me about my fiery temper), gabeu the very calm one, merlin always the workaholic, OCblues ( wish I can have his football brain), 3nity (also an unbiased reader of the game), ohans and samex (they know their footie), Kaku ( also knows his footie but also have a mean temper) and some other nice fans who I really respect and learn from, cheers y'all, my twitter handle is @adonisee, my facebook IDs is desmondadonis, my new email account is (uncle merlin pls take note now)
Passionate about chelsea* forgive the typos, I comment with my mobile at all times which is the reason I make so many errors, sorry guys
I am 30 yr old from Bangalore India, working as IT professional..I have been following chelsea from 2004 ownwards... I have been visiting this site for 2 years and just ceated the account last month...This site has been interesting with such nice articles and the commets afterwards...
@ Radioactive all the very best wishes & thoughts champ! Hope you & la Famiglia will be back at the Bridge much much sooner than you expect!
Starting tomorrow the return of Getting to Know You with 10 new questions for you to send your responses in for publishing! Stay tuned!
Proud to be part of this community. I'm Shafraz Sadiyan. From a little island in South Asia called Sri Lanka. Ive been a supporter of Chelsea since 2002. And loved every moment of it. Been a VC visitor since 2006 & became a member in 2008. Undoubtedly my favourite site.
Proud to be part of this community. I'm Shafraz Sadiyan. From a little island in South Asia called Sri Lanka. Ive been a supporter of Chelsea since 2002. And loved every moment of it. Been a VC visitor since 2006 & became a member in 2008. Undoubtedly my favourite site.
Radio.Best wishes
Thanks again, fellas. But really, I didn't mean to draw so much attention myself regarding family illnesses. We'll be alright. Keep the bios coming; I'm enjoying them--especially w respect to seeing how truly international this site is. Nigeria, Ghana, India, Sri Lanka...all very impressive.
My name is Lanre from Nigeria live in the uk, been a Chelsea fan since 1996. Been a Chelsea fan is always a roller coaster, remember wen we couldn't even buy a win over the gunners it was always frustrating. Kanu scoring 3 goals in 15mins painful. One of my best feeling been a Chelsea fan was Wayne bridges goal that eliminated the gunner from the champions league
Local boy from South London, born into a Chelsea family and supported them from the day I was born really, moved down to Devon in my teens but still try and attend as many games as possible. 22 years old, reception class teacher and former nursery teacher, with a baby on the way!
I am michael from. Nigeria, 22 years old, an international relations student in private missionary school In nigeria. I started supporting chelsea when crespo scored a last gasp winner against wigan, first match of the season. My twitter handle@jaybloss. My facebook user I'd, Agbajeola jaybloss luiz. Pls I expect more usres to give out their social network user I'd for more identification. Is been a great decision for me supporting chelsea, and I never rue that.
I am michael from. Nigeria, 22 years old, an international relations student in private missionary school In nigeria. I started supporting chelsea when crespo scored a last gasp winner against wigan, first match of the season. My twitter handle@jaybloss. My facebook user I'd, Agbajeola jaybloss luiz. Pls I expect more usres to give out their social network user I'd for more identification. Is been a great decision for me supporting chelsea, and I never rue that.
35 years old was known as ChelseaHeadHunter before dave-David. Born in south west London and been a CFC fan since birth as whole family support them. Lived in stockwell/Brixton till I was 16 then moved out to Essex and now live out in the sticks but still commute into Brixton to work. I am engadged to be married this August and have two daughters one 2 in march and the other 5 months old. Apart from Chelsea my other favourite things is my 883 iron Harley Davidson,apple products and fm2013 haha. I love American tv shows like sons of anarchy and game of thrones and am now looking to take up photography as I love taking pictures as a hobby and thought sod it why not try and make some money out of it! I'm on Facebook as David reeves and I am on twitter as monkey harris(@davidtreeves) I'm on twitter every single minute of the day talking CFC with loads of CFC fans. So if anyone wants to have CFC chat on twitte come say hello. I go to as many CFC games as I can and have been lucky lately as my friend and his dad are season ticket holders but his dad is dissolutioned as how the club are being run and rafa so he sold his season tickt and I got to go to the last two months of home games. Plus try to get to champions league games. Was behind the goal for oscars awesome effort v shaktar! That was a peach in person! Lol good to meet everyone.
Calculated kalou where in sw London? I was brought up on studley estate behind stockwell underground station between clapham north and Brixton. Good to know another sw London boy on here lol ;)
Oluwabunmi Michael Agbede from Nigeria,23, Computer Scientist (Network and System Engineer); I am currently serving as a National Youth Service Corps member. met CFC on hospital bed in 2002, though didn't get to see many matches until 2007, can proudly say I've only missed very few matches since then. It's been interesting since then (many happy moments/weeks and a few nights without food caused by a loss), Chelsea FC is my life and I love it that way cos without CFC, am sure there would've been a big vacuum in me. you can find my on facebook @Bunmiemich
i'm a 55 year old retired garda (southern irish police) who has been a die hard supporter since that famous fa cup win against leeds in 1970. i am originally from co. clare but have lived for over 30 years 250 miles away in co. donegal. everbody that knows me knows that i am a chelsea nut. i get a lot of slagging esp from manure supporters (ireland is full of of the bar stewards) i supported the club just as much in 1983 when we missed relegation to division three of the FL by a single point as i do now. div 3 is today's league one for those that don't know. used to go to harlington in the old days to watch the first team train. those were the days when interaction with the players was common place. however it hard to complain about our current position, bad and all as it is. i remember far worse times. btw i am the proud owner of every home programme since august 1969. about 1,200 at the last count. so there a boring old fart sitting on his armchair!
my name is kamil el khoury . i m a chemical engineering student . iI have been a faithful supporter for chelsea since ballack was signed . facebook account kamil el khoury . mail . from north Lebanon I live in a city called Kobayat.
Joseph Alabi....nigerian but has lived mostly abroad, got back to naija this year and currently work as the head of research in the investment banking arm of one of the biggest asset management firms in nigeria...been supporting chelsea since I was 7 (now 33, still very dad as a die hard chelsea fan used to take me to games at SB before he passed on sadly....m crazy bout this club and will always be...I continue to live naija on fridays to see chelsea matches and hit work straight monday me crazy but i dont think i can stop doing that....nice knowing guys on the forum....KTBFFH....
My name is Nnamdi. Am a Nigerian and a 27 year old graduate of Political Science. Looking to embark on a 2nd degree in Civil Law. Born and bred around the oil rich riverine area, south of the territory. Now resident in Port harcourt. I have been a football lover right from kindergarten along with my twin brother and we did raised quite a few eyebrows with some sets of football skills. Started my journey with the EPL back in the 90s when it was Rothmas sponsored. Chelsea Fc bought my heart for life the night they eliminated Arsenal under the 'tinker man',Claudio Ranieri back in 2003. I was supporting Arsenal because my elder brother loves Arsenal alot,but had to get my own darling and as i never fancied ManUre,unlike my twin brother who till date supports them. So on seeing the dramatic fashion in which Chelsea gave Le Arse the boot with that Wayne Bridge winner,i knew the search was over. Since then,i bleed blue fluid at every single cut. And am braced up to fan the club in sickness and in health,for richer and for non-Roman..... You can get me both on Facebook and twitter with usernames nnamdi.ohanyere and ohans_uno respectively. I enjoyed VC even before i registered not long ago,some 2yrs now. I like it here,the guys are great...Uncle indefatiguable Merlin,GabeU whom i see as a Prof,Kaku who though we rarely agree,but holds my respect. Saber,Nelyvanile,FrLamp,Desmond,Ken,JohnnyOz,Layorh,Latunvic,Mcqueen,Anarchy, Zeanut,Calculatd,Radio,johnobimikel,chukz,Shlok,Cobhamblue and many more i cant mention all. U lot make my Chelsea support all worth it and not the players and trophies alone.
Got locked in a toilet for about an hour when I was seven. I was forced to confess eternal love and support for Chelsea until the friends of the family let me out. Been supporting Chelsea through thick and thin for 32 years since. Originally from Bedfordshire and attending most games, I moved to Sydney about eight years ago. Travelled to Munich for that amazing night last year.
By the way, my car number plate in Australia is 'CFC' :)
Great idea@soum,and equally a great reaction from the guys in here..sorry am a tad late coz i av bee busy allday,spent the whole day tryin to get a ticket for the afcon final on article,hi everyone,my name is Alaegbu Kenneth Nnamdi(Facebook id).am a Nigerian(spent a fair part of my life in capetown,s/a),25yrs old,and a final year student of civil law,spend my spare time contributin my quota to the family business and ofcos my dear VC.was born into a family of manure fans,at a point i lost my love for the beautiful game,i felt no pain in their loss neither do i rejoice in their wins,i was passionless until that faithful night of april 2000 at the campnou when i found the love of my life(CFC),although we lost 5-1 but i saw a team elegant in defeat,a team that had to battle so hard against one of the best assembled side in the world,since that night the blue flame in me never quenched and i have never looked back in my love 4 CFC..i played amateur footie(LB)(won a few trophies readin articles here since 2010,joined the forum last yr..its been a great time debatin with the likes of layorh,desmond,ohans,nely,johnny,latunvic,3nity,gabeu,ess,mq,shlok e.t.c..some of whom i disagree/agree with and all of whom i learn from daily..and a big thank u to @soum and merlin 4 this great idea...KTBFFH
my name is mubarak 22 from kenya nairobi nd iam LAW student but iam somali i started supportin chelsea 2000 nd chelsea is my home in the year 2008 i traveled to somalia nd was watchin the man united vs chelsea champions league final 2008 final in moqadishu the capital city of somalia (iam somali so we have families there) me nd my cousin went to watch the game in this near by cinema nd we had man united supporters there the game ended nd as we were walkin back home we meet some man united supporters nd exchanged some words and as there is no goverment there everyone has his gun nd they fired at urs my cousin dead there yes my cousin dead becouse of chelsea nd when we won the champions league last year i wished he was here with us real painful nd as afamily we all support chelsea ps iam sorrry as iam emotional at this moment nd maybe i didn,t write well my words KTBFFH
iam sorrrrrrrry for being late guys
@Bluesomali...quite painful,sorry for passing through all that. May his blue soul r.i.p.
uncle merlin when will this series of knowin eacth other start again
ohans thank you bro nd i see everyone here in my family nd i hate all manure fans i hate them with passion idon,t think anyone here experienced the pain i felt but after all my blood is blue
Odufuye Oluwatosin from Ibadan Nigeria 22yrs of age, facebook account Odufuye Oluwatosin Adetayo. First chelsea match i watch is chelsea vs charlton athletics which claudio makelele score the wining goal from the sport kick actually through the rebounce and i fell in love with the blues ever since then. Have been following this sites for 3yrs though not as a member but anytime i visit i used to come across some great articles, decent analyses and arguent in the comment box, before i finally decided to be part of this family last year.
Good to know we share a name and ofcos,it is not a coincidence that we share views and opinions often. You,Johnny,myself and quite a few others think along the same line most times. Which state are you from?
What a painful experience @ the way we share something in common with you.
@ken ^^.
@Radio, sunz gonna shine eventually #believe @Bunmiemich, where are you serving? I'm a batch A corp member myself, POP on Feb 14 (Valentine POP *winks*). @bluesomali, wow!! I usually don't lik looking @ d fixtures days after we lost. Felt like we lost a UCL final when RM wickedly sold Robinho to ManCity, of course JT's peno miss @ Moscow was a hard pill 2 swallow, always get out @ midnights 2 watch cfc preseasons (esp the ones in the states). My twitter handle is @dyrocks204 ... Emails: ///
@ohan,haha yea bro,am from imo state and u?
Samuel from Nigeria, 21 year old Medical student, Joined VC 3 or 4 years ago. But just started commenting more often. I like Kakufrnk, Desmond, Gabeu, Ohans, Johnny, @MQ, Saber, Cfc250, Lindy and many more!
@bluesomalia,i feel your pain bro,the moscow experience was really a very bitter one for every CFC fan,but the pains were washed away by the joys of the munich glory..i join your family in dedicatin the victory to your late cousin,may his blue soul rest in peace.amen
blue5 sure if we some one is blue supporter i see him as my family !ken4cfc thanks alot bro eventhou i never wrote any articles but i always come here nd read ur comments nd articles nd it seems @mq aint annoyin anyone anymore sometimes back he use to annoy all of you ...i also wanted to write an article when we win the world club cup nd dedicate it to my late cousin but the fat spanish waiter ruined our chances chelsea is my identity
Nixon wamae,30yrs old,from nairobi kenya.businessman having worked with multichoice kenya and homegrown(finlays today). started supporting cfc 2002.@bluesomali,you are not alone from this side of the world
blue5 are u kenyan am also somali kenyan bruh from nairobi residin in southc nd attendin UON for adegree in LAW
@bluesomali.Yep bro am proudly Kenyan.I was @ UoN n graduated '07 with BA-economics.
It keeps getting better,@Ken,Am from Imo state too. Why not we connect on fb and catch up even better.
Yea@ohans,just send me a request and we hook up there
My name is Zuberu, a 21 year old student from Ghana. I started supporting Chelsea in 2005 when I first saw Drogba and joined VC a few months ago. By the way nice to see a lot of Indian fans on here i thought they were only interested i cricket.
Wow Trueblue44----------This is me showing my respect and showing my admiration for your astonishing achievement Sir.1200 home programmes...... Youre a Legend!!!

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