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Edging Nearer and Nearer

Yesterday, Frank Lampard netted the 198th goal of his Chelsea career, he now stands four short of the record currently held by Bobby Tambling.

Rumours continue to circulate that Chelsea may be having second thoughts about letting Frank go at the end of the season, but these are quickly countered by the inference from his agent, Steve Kutner, dismissing such suggestions.

This morning the inference is once again there that Frank may be offered a new deal, but a deal on a reduced salary and based on appearances. The inference is also there that Frank doesn`t want to leave Chelsea and that, bearing in mind what Roy Hodgson said in midweek, he wants to remain in Europe in the hope of being part of the England squad for the World Cup in Brazil in 2014.

But, you get the distinct impression that somewhere behind the scenes, a decision has been made and that decision, no matter what the consequences, is being stuck to. Following the flattering 4-1 win over Wigan, Rafa Benitez did little to offer any rewarding comments on Frank`s future simply muttering, in typical Rafa style,

"The last two months he`s scored eight or ten goals and I`m really pleased. For me, as manager, Lampard is fit and his understanding of the game is fine."

"If he scores twenty goals and breaks the record, I`ll be really pleased."

Which, to me, signifies that Rafa has no say on the comings and goings and no real influence on the shaping of the squad for next season, now if I were Rafa I`d find this insulting but then again perhaps he`s happy just being the stooge.

However, Frank, we feel, is being messed around and if there is another agenda and Frank, despite what he has to offer, is forced out of the Stamford Bridge gates it`ll be a shameful day in the history of our fine club, a day to match the blackest of the blackest!

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday February 10 2013

Time: 10:42AM

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We are just a club without class.
Oh really Rafa? So you rate Lamps now? That's good,Coming from someone who said Frank was 'Over-rated'. Lol. The whole merry-go-round regarding Frank's Contract will continue till the summer...As far as we know,no negotiations have been held and its all paper talk.
If he breaks the record this year then I actually would prefer him to leave this summer just so he leaves just like drogba did,a living legend to CFC fans and on a high. I worry that he breaks the record then stays another year then declines even faster than he has been and just fades away into just a aching squad player just kept around to appease the fans! I hope and think he will break the record and leaves with his head heals high and goes and enjoys the last couple of years of his career in LA in the sunshine. He must have had enough of his London weather by now lol
No, the darkest day was when a player deliberately underperformed to get the manager he does not like sacked. Any club with class, history, honor and principals would have terminated his contract right away or gotten rid of him at the end of last season.
No loyalty, no class, no shame; Chelsea fc under Abramovich
Blue in Colorado
i dont get why people want lampard to break tamblings record. It seems every other chelsea supporter is of post abromvich era and thinks lampard is bigger legend than zola or tambling just because he won some trophies. Plastic fans. Lampard maybe a great player but he is not a model professional so not a legend.
media is desperate for 35 years old lampard to sign a contract. As media hates us, it alone tells that it would be foolish to give him a new contract. Suddenly lampard is getting all the headlines even if he scores 4th goal in 4 nill win. Next year will also be a media circus with our club being destablized.
How is he not a model professional?
zg seems happy when we got to 6th position.who started all this.lamps and co.will barry or milner do this at city? No coz they no,replacement is in a player using fans to force a position he cant even handle and disreguard defensive duty.look at yestarday how rafa was been directed by a player on subs.its a shame how the vice has affected players.
zg seems happy when we got to 6th position.who started all this.lamps and co.will barry or milner do this at city? No coz they know,replacement is in a player using fans to force a position he cant even handle and disreguard defensive duty.look at yestarday how rafa was been directed by a player on subs.its a shame how the vice has affected players.
Oh yea superman?, lampard aint a model professional and is not a player worthy to be called a chelsea legend, his contributions to the club for the past 10 years consistently is a fluke and he is just another overated average player who got lucky.... Sighs*
I find the criticism of Lampard incredible from all but most absurd from our own fans. He was the heartbeat of the team yesterday and has been from some years. An incredible player and professional! He is easily good enough for another year and should be offered a one year extension on a rolling contract. We need players like him to inspire and guide our next generation. Its a no brainer and unfortunately the people who run the club (not abramovich) have no idea what they are doing - see example of loaning out half our squad then leaving our first team short in several vital areas. Oh and we need to remove the MOTM vote on the right as it is being sabotaged. #TorresOut #RafaOut
One more thing - look at the clubs who will go in for Lampard should be leave in the summer - Man Utd or example - I think that tells you everything you need to know about what the player can offer us going forward. He was easily MOTM against wigan yesterday and his goal against Brazil was World Class. Look at his scoring stats THIS season when he has been out injured. Need I say more... #SUPERFRANK
You are wrong @Superman, Lamps is a legend @Chelsea and to football @large. One of the greatest Mids of all time, he deserves that legendary status, I dont know about Tambling but If a midfielder can overtake him as our all time highest goal scorer especially in our most successful era then he deserves it fully. He is one of the reasons we have won so many trophies since Roman took over, he is a quality player that keeps himself fit and is not prone to injury, you should be happy we have a player like him if you are trully a fan and stop calling us plastic fans cos we refuse to recognize Tambling. He deserves your respect and to be called a legend , Tambling or no Tambling.
Superman - he scored the 3rd goal in a 4-1 win. Or did you not watch the game? Probably a Liverpool fan or something!
Roman's the big man. The real legend who made CFC with all the great players he brought in. No Roman, no Drogba, no Essien, no Cole, no Carvalho, no Mourinho, therefore, no PL, no CL.
I wont enter the debate regarding Frank Lampard, not anymore. The man himself will answer all the critics thrown at him on the pitch, as always.
certain people I just cant bend to argue with...its imposible...and no disrespect just cant happen...its like some folks just dint attend elementary school...the thinking is just waaay too low...huh!!
"Chelsea executives told Frank in Japan during the Club World Cup, then again reconfirmed with me after the Everton victory, that in no circumstances will he be offered a new contract at the club," said Lampard's agent Steve Kutner, according to Kutner Lampard was told reasons why he won't get a new contract, all of us are oblivious of these 'reasons' known only by Lampard and the Chelsea Board, even though we believe Lamps still got something to offer the team football wise, throwing accusations and derogatory comments in the direction of the Board is wrong in my opinion. I was thinking why would a Paulo Fereira or a Hilario got a contract and extension and Lamps is Labouring to get same? Your guess as good as mine but what I know is there is more to this Lampard contract saga than meets the eye, hopefully someday we shall understand what actually brought this decision, until then I ll reserve my judgment.
I find it very funny and difficult to comprehend that someone who calls himself a Chelsea supporter will spite lampard at every opportunity and can't simply find anything good in him no matter how well he plays @Superman and mzee9.the greatest moments of this football club,lamps was intergral to him or not,he is chelsea's best of all time to me and a simply remarkable player.
@superman,if lampard is not a legend,then he is a SUPERMAN
My question to all Lampard hater,Is he demanding a pay rise and a demand for 1st eleven.
My question to all Lampard hater,Is he demanding a pay rise and a demand for 1st eleven?
Lamps,despite being played out of position,has been the leader of the team so far this season alongside with Mata. Jeez,but for Super Frank we would stand in the second half of the table.And one can hardly think of a better penalty taker than our #8. Never have I been more convinced that we will score than when Frank is behind the penalty spot.Do I need to remind you the finals in Munich and Moscow,the Napoli and Benfica home games,Liverpool in 2008 when his mother had just died,and West Ham away when he had to retake a penalty twice and he scored on all of the three occasions? It takes incredible confidence and mental power to do what he has done.Last but not least, what kind of Chelsea fans are you to doubt in Frank's proffesionalism and dedication??? Or you think you know him better than Redknapp and Mourinho,who both declared that Lampard lacked talent,but compensated that on the training ground where he ' always goes first and leaves last'? To those of you who think of themselves as Chelsea fans and doubt in Lamps's commitment and work ethic all I can say that maybe the FSW was actually right to dub us as plastic fans.
Superman you`re an idiot.
You dont have to call him an idiot
i came to know that if the fans of chelsea were to have a chance to choose players.then relegation would have happened yrs ago.some fans here yap and insult but have never kicked a ball.remove the penalties he gets and he will never reach even anelkas goals.
Anyone that posts another lampard thread is an idiota (said in spanish). So everytime he scores a goal, a new thread reminding us how close to breaking Tambling's record he is, is shared? To this, all we see here is, Lampard is a legend or Lampard isnt a legend, senseless arguments that bore me. So to this i say again, anyone that shares a thread on Lampard, counting down the goals to break Tambling's record, is an idiota (said in Espana), better still wait for him to smash the dam.n record before you share another thread on the subject, period.
hansen and lawrenson on MOTD gave an excellent analysis of yesterday's game where they highlighted frank's contribution. that's something you might miss in the live game. if anything frank is getting better. emenalo and co. are pea brains. i worry for us if a lot of our future hinges on their direction!
last night ramires also scored goal so why there is no article on him...not even one...he is also cfc player....if lamps score goals then there will be 6 to 7 article on him...the same other players does but there is not a single article on them...chelsea has become just a topic of one player..
btw it's quite possible that three of his next five goals will be very special. no. 200 because it will be a landmark for a midfielder to get 200 goals for one club. then no. 202 to equal the record and no. 203 to break it. can't wait. super frank forever!
There was no leadership vs QPR, Southampton, West Ham, Reading, CWC final, COC, Super Cup, Charity shield.
Lampard is a Rolls Royce of a player,anyone who thinks that he hasn't been been class all these years doesn't know anything about football.
Didn't Frank score 2 goals the day Chelsea won their first Premier League title in 2005? Didn't Frank score in the 2008 Champions League Final? Didn't Frank score the winner in the 2009 FA Cup Final? And didn't Frank captain Chelsea to their greatest every victory in Munich last year? Any one of these would put a player in a clubs "legends" class, to have done all the above plus be on the verge of being the clubs all-time top scorer puts him up there in the top 3 Chelsea players of all time without a doubt.
Damn fine post sir and I agree with every point made
shlok27 If was ramires was closed to becoming the best goalscorere in chelseas history then it would be many more articles about him.
Omerou is ready
If he can play with the likes of Terry, Luiz, Cahill and Iva for a whole season he will become world class. His defending and positioning is excellent for a 19 year old.
Mikel is bossing the midfield and keeping things flowing. Moses is struggling with that injury but he is still trying.
Hats off nigeria,cograts for winning AFCON.
Moses-fair player of the match,he was good.
Mikel man of the match,is it?
Uuhhhmm,Blatter having a little chat with victor moses as he collects his medal.
Mikel with the most completed passes in the tournament.
That wonderful (not) guillaum balague has just said on revista that Chelsea have offered €35m plus courtois for falcao. No thank you, I do not want falcao if it means losing courtois for good. We sell him to athletico, only for him to be sold again in 3 years to barca. What's the point in that. I do however believe that athletico will only sell if his clause is activate, or close to it. Psg will buy him.
there are some on her that dislike frank, and some who appreciate him. I think he deserves all the praise he gets....well done frank!
Moses should be rested for a week and should only feature against city, he is knackered!! Mikel should rest too and get back to the line up, with the duo it is a surety that we'll have more squad depth
congrats to jon mikel obi, victor moses and kenneth omeruo on winning the ANC. now please hurry back to cobham because we need you.
My god some people need to get thier heads checked. To those ignoring the mans 12 year, trophy laden, record breaking time with Chelsea your head has clearly been in the sand. Have you only become fans this season? Everyone agrees he is not as great as he once was which is understandible given his age but his contributions are still needed and appreciated by the team and most of the logical fans. Dont know whether some have heard the term 'tall poppy syndrome'?
If one thing Frank is known for it is his professionalism lol
Congrats to the Super Eagles and all Nigerians on here for your win today. Well deserved.
atleast some chelsea players won some silverware this season. Congratulations to victor Moses and mikel and kenneth omeuro. You have made us proud.
Blue India
@Desmond...its only a surety if tactical tubby plays Mikel..lets see what happens..
@layorh, well its finger crossed time, let us wait and see what tubby will do with more men at the helms of affairs. @puttinutan, thankz mate.... We needed that trophy and the thought of going to the confederations cup to play the likes of brazil, uruguay,mexico,tahiti,japan and spain is making me salivate with interest.
@BAWA,am very shocked..dont know leaks the infos to him,something should done urgently to stop this guy and his cohorts from raisin dust at cfc b4 things get out of hand(if its not already out of hand)
*dont know who leaks*
We have no obligation towards retaining Lamps, why should we?? We have better players coming through, and we'll buy even better players who bring overall improvement to the squad (as a whole, not individually)
I went through the report and I am shocked!! If it is true and not something made up to get the daily mail to sell (which I doubt) then I think we should flush out the mole in our team for good before it cause the team a huge damage, this same shiet happened in the CWC!! There is a wolf in sheep's clothing in our dressing room and its either one of the players or part of the long standing coaching crew, its such a shame
......"Chelsea executives told Frank in Japan during the Club World Cup, then again reconfirmed with me after the Everton victory, that in no circumstances will he be offered a new contract at the club," said Lampard's agent Steve Kutner, according to Kutner Lampard was told reasons why he won't get a new contract.....I applaud the stand by the club, we can't allow our decision-makers to be caught in the euphoria that so many have been caught on. Yes Lamps scored a free kick in a friendly, and he scored the 3rd goal vs Wigan (after Hazards set up) but that's all he contributes, which over the course of a season is largely meaningless. It's either he stays and plays Attacking Mid (dislodge who, Mata, Oscar?? You'd be crazy) because defensive mid just isn't fit for him, we've dropped many points stemming from lack of "quality" the defensive mid (Ramires included) which I'm sure will be rectified in the summer, and where will all this leave Lamps?? Paying an obscene salary to some1 who will not benefit the club in the long-run (instead of developing players with that play time we keep loaning them out to our detriment) so it all makes sense. We appreciate what he's done, but we need/have/should move on
Lazar markovic for £7m from partizan. Pre contract agreement signed. Christian cuevas to follow. Welcome, just try hard make an impression and maybe you'll get in the team. On the frank situation, nobody actually really knows what's going on behind the scenes. We may or may not have offered frank a new deal. I was under the impression that we'd offered 1 yr and he wanted 2 on same terms. That's what the impass is. 1 side will have to back down like cole deal.
Lakupiippu....CHELSEA is not about just one man...its about a whole team...the problem is that you guys give more important to one man rather than giving the whole credit to the team...its like if lamps doesnt score we wont win if lamps doesnt play we are bad guys are making like chelsea is nothing without lamps...yaa lamps is good player but dont make him bigger then chelsea...i hope lamps leaves chlsea by the end of this season....dont want this circus continue for net season also...
Just to be clear, Cashley is on a 1year rolling contract and presumably because we haven't identified a "suitable" replacement yet. With Lamps, we already have Mata & Oscar @ Attacking Mid (who are better than he is, feelings aside) and @ Defensive Mid Lamps is garbage. For footballing reasons alone, it doesn't make sense giving Lamps a new contract especially if you factor in KDB and McEachran (is he still playing football) returning to the club next summer, unless ofcourse the suggestion is that we loan them out again....
i can surely tell you that a flame lightens more and more before it goes down eventually.. although i dont wish this to frank because i respect him as a legend.. i can surely tell you that his performances will go deep once he breaks the record.. so what all of you want??? him leaving next year after having become unwanted or you want him to leave this summer like a hero and legend???
@Mq. 9 goals in the last 14 Chelsea games and the winner against Brazil. Of course it makes sense to give him at least one more year. Virtually ever club in football wants to have Frank Lampard in their squad except Chelsea. If Frank leaves it won't be for footballing reasons that's for sure.
@Mq. To compare Frank Lampard to Josh McEachran is like comparing Messi to Emile Heskey.
Oscar has replaced Lampard.
you misunderstood my comment COBHAM it was in reference to us having players on loan that will perpetually be loaned out "unnecessarily" just to accommodate 1 player who, to be honest, doesn't have a position he's "outstanding" in. Put him in Defensive mid, he's garbage. Put him in Attacking Mid then drop who, Mata?? You'd be a madman to do that. Maybe as a striker but Demba Ba already has more goals/game this season than Lamps, so why keep a player who isn't "outstanding" (in relation to the team) at the expense of progress?? We have "better" players for everything he does thus far, and given that we'll most likely buy a CDM in the summer (it's a "need") there won't be footballing reasons we retaining him, perhaps for the euphoria and appeasing the fans he can stay but that's it really. For the salary Lamps gets, we can pay "another Demba Ba" (goal scoring) and perhaps Fellaini (defensive mid), are you telling me you'd have a reason to justify Lamps staying then??
We get Falcao and we "assured" of goals....why then would Lamps have to stay if we have cover the only aspect of football he's "good" @??
Haha ,sad aul bloke you are @mq . Come back when you cop on to what Frank Lampard does on the football pitch . Your a FOOL if you cant appreciated his passing abil.........actually no.. ,,i couldn't be bothered explaining or discussing anything with the eeejits on this site .
A football club needs more than 11 players.
Merlin, please don't get sentimental about this. not renewing a player's contract no matter how good he is not new and several big clubs had done that in recent past successfully. Beckham, Eto, Raul etc. Lampard has paid his dues, was amply rewarded for it and if the board decides not to renew his contract, they should shake hands and part with no hard feelings. Before we move further we should also refresh our memory that Lampard was the arrow head of the cabal that truncated AVB's tenure, Undermined his leadership and constantly paddied up to the press to mount an unbearable pressure on the young coach so if he is also shown the door, he will getting his just desserts. Calling it the blackest of the blacks is just melodramatic and uncalled for. I want him to get an extension but if he doesn't the world moves on and so will I.
Lampard's talent is scoring goals. His passing ability is nothing special. When under pressure he loses the ball.
People here think that chelsea were a BIG club who won lot of trophies, top tier club...they easily forget that we were one of the top 7 club before Roman came...Then we became a force with Roman's money...Roman is the one who made this club what it is today with 10 trophies in last 8 years...
If people claim Lampard's goal deserve to hand him a extension on his terms, then goals from Chalobah, KDB this weekend also deserve to give them a chance to play at chelsea at Lampard's expense...
when are we going to move on from Lampard, Terry or Cole??? When will Kalas, Bertrand, Josh, Chalobah, Piazon going to get their chances...Will the LEGENDS agree to a 1yr rolling contract, low wages, limited gametime to stay at chelsea...if yes, chelsea will definitely offer them a contract...Now, with cole deal agreed, I dont see Lampard agreeing a new deal below his current wage of 150k pw. If a lampard deal happens, I will be really worried that chelsea are going backwards and not forward... will be a another bad decision by Roman going by the public sentiments (first one being hiring RDM)
Its okay to give good reasons as to why Lamps contract shouldn't be renewed and be insightful and detailed at the same time. But to insult and degrade a player who has given his all for the club for 12 years is downright ridiculous. I believe Lamps should be given a one year rolling contract based on various reasons i've sighted in the past,and if you feel otherwise with good reasoning,respect is given to your opinions. If you go as low as insulting a club legend...then you and i shouldn't be waving the same blue flag.
The owner who has spent his money to improve this club for last 9 years has to get the same respect we give to a player who has played for 12 years...
Roman obviously gets the respect for what he has done for the club...He has been praised when he has done right and obviously criticized when he does wrong,albeit justified. You can be critical of lamps with good reasoning but to be insult the man is unacceptable.
true talk Blu run
The idea of breaking the record is good for lampard and ultimately chelsea .Its enough motivation to keep him banging goals but I wonder what will happen when finally he gets past the record.
what else does Lamps bring besides "goals" (which can easily be accounted for by Demba Ba and the purchase of another striker on lesser wages) ZOLA??
If you can't see the passing ability, tracking back, tackling, leadership and work rate for yourself then you really don't understand football. You only had to watch MotD on Sat to see some of what he offers
You actually don't need much more then goals in a football game. If you have a 1 legged player who scores goals for fun, you keep him.
Passing - there are better passers than him, namely Mata & Oscar. Tracking back - Really?? Tackling - how many goals have we conceded with him in the pivot this season?? Leadership - if that were the reason to get a new contract Roy Keane would still be playing football. Work Rate - remove the goals and watch Lamps closely every match, apart from the 2 or 3 quality passes the whole game you won't find him do anything effective beside waiting in the opponents 18.....if Lamps were that good, surely after we said we wouldn't be renewing his contract he'd have agreed deals with other "top" European sides. That he's been speaking to LA Galaxy ahead of the likes of PSG (who signed Beckham, ironically) speaks VOLUMES about his so-called abilities
Not from a midfielder ZG2000 you need them to mark effectively (if defensive) or create numerous chances for himself or the striker (if attacking)
Have you actually ever seen him play @Mq? Truly, I seriously doubt it because it's hard to believe anyone can understand a game so little. To quickly pick out just one of many incidents that readily spring to mind, Everton away this season, massive game, Chelsea were 1-2 up in additional time, Everton were breaking and Chelsea were dangerously exposed. It was Lampard who ran 40 yards full pelt right across the pitch to stem the danger, steaming past a chugging Luiz in the process, Luiz being the man who should have gone across to cover. Do you really not see these things or is it simply a case of there being none so blind as those who do not wish to see? End of discussion, I have a job to do and since I am not a bank cashier, it requires that I spend some time doing it.
More idiocy from the usual suspects. SB said it well: you don't understand football if you don't value Lampard's abilities. I'll add to that: there are many, many people who do understand football--many professionals, pundits, journalists, and supporters both in the CFC family and outside of it--and they'd all have a good laugh at the likes of Mq and FV, among others. This is the downside of the internet--it gives colossal fools such as those two autonomy and a voice on par with the rest of us. Neither deserve it because neither have the skills nor the knowledge to assert opinions that make any sense at all.
I'd swap Lampard for Pirlo. It's not. really about age. If you are a top midfielder it should show. You should control the game. "Keeping it tidy" is not good enough. CFC should have the best midfielders.
Lazy, inept logic from FV. He defines "top midfielder" in a particular way without concession for other alternatives. No one is denying that Pirlo is a wonderful midfielder, but there's plenty of other midfielders (Pirlo himself, I have no doubt) who envy Lampard's ability to change a game in a moment with a decisive assist or a great goal. Lamps has been doing this for a decade as well. See, when people accuse you of not understanding football, FV, this is a perfect example of why.
There's a reason Spain keep winning. Technical ability is a huge factor in that. They will probably win the world cup next year again.
How do you know what Pirlo thinks? You don't know. He's won everything. Lampard hasn't.
@MQ Have you ever been to a live game ? Or do you watch games on line with Superman who stated `Frank Lampard deliberately underperformed to get the manager he does not like the sack`. (please can you explain in which games exactly) ?Whether you accept it or not, Lampard is an attacking midfield plyer not the defensive one that he has been asked to be this season, because the club stupidly got rid of Essien and Mereiles, leaving us with no cover. Hazard, Marin and Oscar cost over 65m between them and not one of them can lace Lampards boots. Lampard has out performed them all this season. He is the most consistent player that Chelsea have ever had in their history. 90% of football is played OFF the ball, watch a live game of football and try and understand it, see what Frank does off the ball, or ask the person besides you to explain it.
I don't understand football then. How did Southampton and Reading get draws if there was work and leadership off the ball?
Lampard hasn't won a World Cup, but he's won just about everything else, including a Champion's League tropy. To compare them in that respect is absurd because they've both had wildly successful careers. Moreover, I *know* that Pirlo admires Lampard because he's been quoted as saying as much--and Pirlo, like anyone with half a brain, knows that Lampard's greatest strength is his ability to change a game with a vital assist or goal. If Pirlo compliments Lampard, which he has, he's complimenting his strengths as a player. This isn't complicated, FV, but your inflexibility is clouding what little common sense you may have.
Oh shut FV...stop talking trash! Both are entirely different type of midfielders with different style of play. Pirlo is what you call a regista in italian(a dictator),Lamps is an attacking midfielder,a great striker of the ball,a good passer,and widely known for his timing runs into the box(No midfielder does that better). "They would be mad to let him leave Chelsea. "He's still one of the best in the world. If he wants to play in Italy I would welcome him to Juventus with open arms. "Lampard could have another four years at the top in Italy." *****!
Those quotes were from Pirlo.
I love how FV blames Lampard for our bad results. Sure, Lamps has had his share of bad performances, and these are especially easy to come by when the squad as a whole is struggling. But to single him out smacks of FV's tireless bias. And let me remind not just FV but anyone else who's reading: great players and great leaders (they don't always go hand-in-hand, but in Lampard's case they do) will lose games and they will play badly. This fact doesn't negate their strengths, especially when you consider a larger body of work that, in Lampard's case, points to almost 200 CFC league goals for a midfielder as well as however many trophies and international caps that he's won. He's had a brilliant career and has earned his status as one of the greatest midfielders of the modern era. Take it or leave it, FV. I debate you on this subject not because I expect to change your mind but because it annoys me that there are so-called CFC "fans" in the world such as yourself who do nothing but MOAN about our squad, insult our players, and always bitch like a bratty little child when the results aren't what you like. You are the very worst breed of fan we've got. You feel like the club owes you something, which it certainly doesn't--if you're so miserable watching CFC play, feck off and watch Barca or Juve or whatever it is you like, because it sure as hell isn't Chelsea. You bring only negativity here, and of the worst kind, because you make outrageous claims and lack the basic skills to support them. I genuinely have no idea why you're here except to annoy people who actually care about this club and value the players' contribution--especially Lampard for god's sake--a model player who's had a major impact on our success during the club's most successful period of its history. And if you're too thick or stubborn to reflect on how you behave here and not feel completely embarrassed by it, well, go ahead and anticipate more comments from me. This site deserves better than the utter disgraceful nonsense that you espouse.
A question for the VC faithfuls, if the argument is that lamps is too old and doesn't do his job well, then would it be fair to say cech( for his mistakes atimes), terry (for his slips), cole (for his mistakes) ivanovic, should they also be sold by ur logic? And the likes of courtois, bertie,kalas/omeruo should all take over from them since we are clearing deadwoods because of FFP?
Sentiments again. Pirlo and Lampard are playing the same position this year ann the difference in class in that position is clear. Juve are still in CL. Leading the Seria A. Why is Lampard playing in the pivot if he can't?
Sentiments? Not even close, just fact. Facts about what a woeful waste of space you are at this forum, and facts about Lampard's legacy, his still-considerable contribution, and the many ways in which top midfielders can be defined. And by your dreadfully stupid logic in which you determine class in terms of the club's success, how do you reconcile CFC's success over the years with Lampard--you know, since all you ever do is tell us how poor he is? Point is, you don't want facts. You just want to be "right" no matter how silly it makes you look. And did it ever occur to you how your bias against Lampard is a sentiment of its own? Of course not, because that would require self-reflection and objectivity. Not your game. So don't lecture any of us on sentiment, you hypocrite.
Pirlo is playing in his natural position in a 3-5-2,as a deep lying playmaker. Something he has mastered for years. Lampard is playing in a position he is not too familiar with,but as cover in a 4-2-3-1 for the last couple of months. You know what,I totally give up. You spit gibberish after gibberish.
Playing in an unfamiliar position to the detriment of the team. Why do it? To be in the team so as to break the club top scorer record.
@foriegn viewer, ur replies shows that u haven't gain much as a cfc member all this while, u mean lampard is playing in the pivot just to break the record? He is forcing himself there? By ur logic he asked the gaffer to play him there right?
@foreign_viewer Lampard is playing that role because our club got rid of Essien and Meireles and don`t have anyone else to play as a defensive midfielder at this moment. A stupid decision it must be said. Lampard even though playing this deeper role, has still out performed and out scored Hazard, Marin and Oscar who collectively cost over 65m.
A 12 year old fan knows we have been light in that part of the midfield for over a month now and lamps is the only option we have as at that time, playing twice in a week and atimes 3 times in 9 days, that is the reason he is being played there mate, not because we want him to break a record, I agree he is not great in that position, some of ur comments are spot on, but give credit when its due atleast he is delivering consistently other than the pirlo u are hyping up right now
If the coach have done his part of the deal, lampard goals for the past one month give or take would have earned us atleast 4-9 points more
The "detriment" of the team? Now that's interesting. Lampard has provided more goals than anyone of late, so it's interesting to me that his effect in your mind has been negative in spite of that particular fact. I also find it fascinating that you blame Lampard for the role in which he's been given by the manager. He's playing in a role that's deeper, and he'd be most effective farther up the pitch. Is that Lampard's fault? Of course not. Also, have a look at the players we've got who play higher up the pitch: Mata, Oscar, and Hazard can all play as a CAM. Some argue that Oscar could play in the double pivot, which I don't see at all. So it doesn't make sense to drop Lamps and put any of them in a deeper role, and we've no obvious replacement available in midfield right now. Mikel and Romeu certainly aren't creative enough to your liking, and presumably neither is Ramires or anyone else we've got. So do you blame our squad selection and injuries on Lampard as well? After all, you just wrote, "playing in an unfamiliar position to the detriment of the team." Anyway, unlike some people, I do have work to do today. I like a little banter, and I'd like to think I can learn something from some of the supporters here. But it isn't you, FV. I stand by comments--you are bringing the standards of this site down.
"Outscoring" is a matter of penalties. Oscar can take them too. Unfortunately he isn't allowed.
A 12 year old fan knows....... FV doesn't.
franks career has been great,no lets be truthful,right now frank isnt great,hes just gud.yes,he occupies a 'holdingmidfielder' position in our team right now,bt does he actualy play lyk a HMF? He stil plays lyk an attacking mid,which he has always been. An AM's primary responsible in a team s to create goalscoring oportunities,yet frank has only 1 assist in the epl this season.hazard has 7,oscar 4,mata 10.yes he has scored more goals than these guys,but seriously,when you think of top midfielders in the world,is it their goals that come to your mind first? Or their passing and creativity? One of d reasons Our midfield is weak in an atackin sense is because lamps is d player dats suposd to take d ball forward,bt he dsnt realy do that,he mostly pases to luiz at CB,ash or cahil n then he goes forward,leaving the space behind.i tink it wud jst b best if lamps breaks tampling record n leaves,it wud benefit our younger players,our wage bil,reduces player power,etc..
manop, correct. The pivot needs discipline. Someone like Pirlo will sort out the midfield once and for all. Maybe Mikel can play like he does for his country Nigeria. Who knows.
my god i dont know what to say to those people who hates lampard even though he is reaching a milestone. i just want everyone to support lampard to break the record. FV u said that pirlo is better than lamaprd but u have to see the formation used by the coaches. if u see the team even though e is the deep lying play maker he is protected by two hard working players. in milan it was gattuso, ambrosini(if i m right) and in juve he has marchesio and vidal. so pirlo has to concentrate only on dictating the play as dirty works are done by his partners. On the same point many criticised lampard that he had maka and essien/ ballack who did all the dirty works and allowed lamps to shine. so both are on same boat tactical wise the only down point for lampard was that he never had the ability to control match like pirlo but for pirlo he never had the nack of scoring goals like pirlo has.
i m neutral in lampard contract situation i will be happy if he stays but will be not sad if he goes. but he deserves the 1 year contact but if seeks more than that then its better not to offer. but lets support and cheer him to break the record. rest to be disccused later.
Did you see what Pirlo did in the Italy vs England/Germany games? Josh was supposed to be that player, still could be. De Bruyne looks like that player already. Oscar as well has that swagger about him.
@FV i m not questioning what pirlo did. he shows his qualities in every match he plays. but that dosent mean u can criticise lampard since both players require some help from his fellow midfielder. look pirlo aganist chelsea at SB oscar did a brillant job. did u see the old pirlo in that match? even having marchesio and vidal chelsea nullified him. that dosent mean pirlo is ****. he still world class. but saying lampard only scores goals and dosent do his job properly and then praising pirlo for passing ability when his fellow midfielders are doing all the dirty job so that he can pull the strings dosent make any difference. both need help from their partners.
He seems determined to get there and I cannot see anything that will hold him back since the defensive midfielders at chelsea have come back and he will have more time on the ball that he has been used to

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