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No Smoke Without Fire!

The square peg in the round hole, or should that be the rather rotund figure in the wrong place, continues to feel the wrath from the terraces.

Yesterday, the Chelsea faithful sung a little-ditty about Rafa getting sacked and having a party, so it would appear the animosity towards the former Liverpool boss is still very prevalent.

Rafa, in the media yesterday, whipped up his own little storm by intimating that he hadn`t been in direct contact with Roman Abramovich for some twenty days, or since we beat Arsenal at Stamford Bridge, whilst the tabloid media were insistent that if we lost to Wigan Rafa would be clearing his desk.

After the victory over Wigan, a victory which some believe has only delayed the probable fate that awaits the Spaniard, Rafa tried to round on his critics with the following comment,

"Nobody is in contact with the owner to find out if he says this or that. It`s just speculation."

Rafa, have you ever heard of that quaint old English saying about there being no smoke without fire?

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday February 10 2013

Time: 10:43AM

Your Comments

Rafa to merlin:there are some fires which does not emit smoke.
Rafa is the boss and if the players stop making stupid mistakes,Swansea, Reading,we'll keep winning.
I am disgusted that buck didn't deliver that glowing sack letter that is in his pocket to him, I guess the flattering score line stayed roman's hand. Just using ba as a 90mins or 80 mins sub to torres says it all about the gaffer, I fear what our season will end up like under him, I hope the likes of lamps, cech, cole and john terry will put in a shift for us to make top 4, with rafa as our coach I don't see us gaining top 4 with his guile or nous, over to the players
It obvious some folks arent happy we won yesterday,they prioritise the sackin of the manager over victory..
27000 people....
What's funny is, should Rafa say he spoke to Roman after a match we didn't win there'll be speculation that he'll be sacked (recall those "Roman visits Cobham" reports??) and now, when he says he hasn't spoken to Roman suddenly his job is under threat.....Damned if you do, damned if you don't
It's a pity KEN the same ppl claim to "love" Chelsea but don't celebrate victories. I hope we beat Man$hitty and claim 2nd place end season, so Rafa's given the job permanently and he builds the team. Those who don't love Chelsea then can go....
Lmao@mq,'becareful what u wish for' else the bigwits would pounce on u any moment from now,remember rdm's sackin hasnt been avenged yet...some of them dont even care if we won or lost,all they care about is the sacking of the manager.
Mq rafa given job permanently..haha..thats wont happen in thousand years at chelsea...the guys is tacticall clueless and he is still here at chelsea thats itself is a big achievement for you think seriously think fan will take him you wanna go through the same torture and the circus we are going through now...the guy is looser big time...he wont be appointed here thats 200% sure...let see wether he last this season also...
if we beat Man$hitty to 2nd place, win the FA Cup and Europa Cup still think he won't stay SHLOK?? What are our alternatives right now, more-so if he achieves the mentioned goals??
I dont care as far as we win matches enough to get us through the top 3....I pray that the next managerial appointment is able to integrate 1 youth academy product every year into first team and at the same time ensure the top3 finish.
I agreed with both Mq and Bllu_run that we just hope for top 2 if possible... As for permanent, I wouldn't mind to let RB if there isn't any good alternative... The next manager must given time and opportunity to recall those loaned youngsters.... It will be great if we could get Guus as our Technical Director and Ballack to replace Zenden....
yaa MQ you day dream a lot i think so...thats why you said those above thing about us winning fa and europa if we win anything out of those...still dont want him here...he is not the right thing... with him here there will be a lot of negativity which will be going around over our club...chelsea and rafa will always be a disater waiting to happen...this season he showed how bad tacticall person he is...nor he can manage the dressing room nor he can motivate the dont have to be footballing expert wther something will work or not...with rafa it wont happen...not ood for for alternaties there wil be football you wont run out of will get one after another...people think we wont get a good manager in future... dont worry we will and be a better one..
well said Ken FC. the bad blood btwn the fans and Rafa is so much that even winning matches don't guarantee he won't be booed. All the same, a win is a win and i will take it over the sack for now. @ Mq while your comments can be tolerated, don't push it. You loudly advocated for this BUFFOON to be employed and the other IMBECILE sacked ( your word). Guess what, we are now 10 points behind the leader than when the IMBECILE was in charge. I would rather have Gus Poyet than let this imposter stay more than a day after the season.
@mq - if for some bizarre reason, FIFA turn around the CWC result and award it to CFC due to betting irregularities in Brazil...& we then go ahead and win the FA cup and Premier league and Europa cup, even if we win all these trophies and Rafa does what he should have done on day 1 and apologises to the CFC fans for things he shouldnt have said in the past... RAFA will still leave CFC on May 19 and not one day can take that to the bank ol chap
DWONDER....Rafa has, with Saturdays win, now taken more points than RDM (with 2 extra games LoL)
LoL JOHNNY and SHLOK all I'm saying is prepare for the "worst" because it could happen, who knows what Roman thinks?? I'm "ready" for anything, even Jose returning (against my wishes)
@MQ What worse could happen at chelsea when we have FERNANDONT SCORRES RAFA with Malouda all at the same time and at same place i.e chelsea
Yawns...... With rafa the best he can achieve this season is top 3, and that will be due to the players raising their game and not his tactical nous (which is in existent, even u mq who have an undisputed low IQ is better than him tactically which says a lot about the manager :-)).... Yawning loudly*... Can someone say something more sensible and not bore us to death with this wishful thinking?
Really??when we win,its because the players raised their game but when we lose,it all rafa's fault and the players are blameless!! Wow,wonderful fans we have here,who would go to any length in painting the most negative of all pictures about the manager they dont like in attempts to make sure he gets sacked..its so easy to criticise and extremely difficult to give credit when due!!*seasons'end cant come any faster*
Duh! What did rafa do to win the flattering scoreline of our last game? Made a change that won the game for us? its only u and a few others who are so smitten by the inept manager believe he is doing anything for the team, clueless fans and clueless manager. Season should come quick enough so we won't get apoplectic with this kind of dim witted comments talking about a managers tactical nous.
U are really more think than i thought.did u see that dossier on wigan that leaked today?? That is what rafa has done to win us your so-called"flatterin scoreline",the dossier showed that rafa and his technical crew do their homework contrary to what u and other haters bandwagon want/made us believe..its only u and a few others who never see anything good in what rafa does,u are so blinded by your hatred that u fail to see the light even when its glarin before u..ofcos i cant wait for the season so that ranters like u can go recharge your batteries,comeback next season with your fork,clubs and machette to attack the next manager..
"more thick" and not "more think"
as i sai here before i don't like FSW anymore than the next one but surelt that booing is counterproductive. he'll be gone at the end of the season regardless. so pls stop it you morons!
need I say more?? well said KEN bravo :)
Exactly@trueblue44,all these negativities we raise around SB and bluenations is definitely do is us no good,rafa is here till the summer,we might not like him but he is the coach of our team,the best we can do help him help us achieve our goals is to grant a conducive environment to work in not the hostile one we offer at the moment,but the morons would never get it,instead the scream for sack-letter over victory...@mq,its amazin how this guy blames rafa for all the negatives and absolves him from the positives,yes he hates rafa but their should be a bit of rational behind hatred..
@mq, u are really laughable really, as I said, u are more tactically aware than rafa presently despite ur low IQ, as for u ken, I can't wait wait for the season to end so dimwitted individuals like u can see what is really called tactical nous and love for the club with the next manager, at the end of the season we'll know if rafa is tactically aware as u tout him to be when he will his faith will be decided on, or he would be shown the door, which would show how thick" u really are and how backward ur thinking really is, I'll surely call u up on that come may.
And for the laughable comment on what the daily mail released, where were those tactics against qpr,southampton, newcastle,brentfort and reading? Rotflmao!! Stop taking the cheap stuff u are taking, it is doing ur rather fine mind a damage if u wake up to smell the coffee that rafa is the greatest flop we ever had as coach for cfc
I think u the one who really needs to stop takin the cheap stuffs u are takin coz its obstructin your sense of judgement u can do better than that..Nobody is sayin rafa has been great here but if u judging from career as a whole he is really a good coach and i know rdm is too but the working conditions here has not helped the course of both manager.redknapp yarped the other day about failures at chelsea bein a dope,if harry were to be our coach he would equally not do any better and might be sacked even before he starts workin...lookin at only our results so far,rafa deserves to be sacked.and if he is sacked today i would not lose my sleep so u prayin and fastin he gets sacked despite winin just to get back here and tell us how right u are is rubbish thinkin..haha,u call me a dimwit,oh bigwit!why dont u go take up a managerial post lets see if your team would beat the drop? it was rafa's tactics that made us wasteful and concede individual lapses in the defence against qpr,s/hampton,n/castle,brentford and reading???u see what i say about u and negativity? U only blame the manager for all negatives and absolve him of all positives..bigwit my foot..
@ken, smh at u, u don't and won't get the point, ur stance on me against the world for rafa won't do u any good, do I hate the man, no, do I dislike him? Yes, get a dicco and checkout the difference, re-read what u wrote and discern if u make sense even to urself, qpr, southampton, newcastle, brentford and reading, how many games is that? So after 2 games of making the same mistake a normal coach won't have seen what is wrong with the team and effect changes? Do u think this is the first time rafa have had similar slumps? You obviously don't know him in his pool days and in milan, going to ur cheap shot at me managing a team, I am not being paid by cfc to coach, rafa is being paid to do that and if u ask cfc fans they'll tell u he aint doing a good job of it either, so if I coach then I might not give a good account of myself, Because I don't have a degree in coaching, rafa has and he aint using it well or earning his pay for the past couple of months, can he come and excel in the course I am studying and excel there without being trainned for it? No I don't think so. So he is a trained coach and should earn his pay.
@des,apologies mate for the shot at u managin a club..back to the debate,there are certain questions we should ask ourselves in those games..1)did the players stick to the game plan? 2)did they convert a quarter of the chance created? 3)did they defend well as an individual and as a team? 4)did they stop making silly mistakes in vital areas?...obviously in the past games the manager has had to make do with what he has as many of the players were unavailable and when u look at the bench in some of those games u realise that we have one or no game changers,therefore the coach might not want to destroy the shape of the team by bringin a sub 4 'sub sake' if he is not gona offer him what he wants(defensive solidity or attackin fluidity) to the players on the pitch,there individual errors and profligacy in front of goal has cost us as much as rafa's reluctance to change formation and make match winin subs..lets tel ourselves the truth,the squad sent out to beat qpr,s/hampton,swansea and readin were good enough to win the game expect for deficiencies i mentioned above
But this deficiencies were not there in his first 5 games were they? Now that begets the question of rafa having total respect from his squad and they playing their hearts out for him, when mistakes are becoming a regularity then the question is who should rectify it? Is it the players alone or a combine effort from the manager and the players
To buttress my point, how many games did ba start that we lost? Or draw? Check out the stats if u can, how many games did we win under rafa in 2013 when torres have started? Who is chosing torres over Ba? Why was Ba bought in the first instance?
It is a noted form of defence is attack, make us potent upfront and u will see that we'll be conceding less and teams will be more wary of us, there will be the fear factor once again, whic man utd and barca are using effectively to cover their cracks
The deficiencies were there in his 1st 5 games,we were wasteful in games against city,fulham,and westham..though we were slightly outplayed by city our defence looked shaky and city's blunt attack failed to punish us,a better defensive performance vs fulham but profligate upfront,vs westham we had the best chances but torres shots straight at the goalkeeper (made him look worldbest that day),iva's and cole's errors gifted them 2goals...its not just about total respect or playin their hearts out for the manager,they did it for rdm didnt they??but we knew how it ended..the coach only controls tactics not player's mind,a player on the pitch can do whatever comes to his mind in a split second and it could either be costly or productive..thats why i insist we dont blame the managers alone,the players should also be blamed cos the manager sets the plan and its the players duty to carry it out on the pitch.its a combine effort,they should all get the blame when we lose and plaudits when we win
As for ba,u and i know that he has a chronic knee condition that does not require him to play 3games in a week as we have been doin since he came over,benitez is tryin to manage him as well as he could as we only been playin minor games so far,from henceforth we are in 4 the big games in the business end of d season we would see more of ba leading the lines.he started just 1game we lost,played in 3 or 4 draws,won 3games in 2013 with torres startin.rafa choses torres above ba 4 reasons i mentioned above,ba was bought to ease the burden on torres and generally improve the team
I agree with your last point,and i think rafa is really workin on that as seen in the plethora of chances we create and fluff,if we had been a tad clinical enough the pressure on the defence would be eased
U believe ba was bought to ease torres's struggle ken??????.... Ba played 3 games in a week for castle, don't believe the media thrash, I posted a link a couple of weeks ago to buttress that point, the only problem is playing him 3 times in a week wiithout rest at all. So answer this question and I won't bother debating again about this issue, between BA and torres who is the best striker?
I mean the problem would be playing him incessantly for 90 mins, for 3 games non stop for perhaps a month, I can still try to get the link.
Dont worry about the link des,we all know the answer to your question,basically every striker is better than torres this days,i would take roberts,ebanks-blake,kalou,elhadji diouf,wickham,feruz,and even old heskey over torres,i have never seen a player this bad since winston bogarde and Ali 4 playin torres over ba,i dont believe that either but thats what we were told at his unveilin,the jury is stil on rafa on that one,i would make my final conclusion when we play our next couple of epl games..from henceforth ba should start our remainin epl games,torres has played too much games 4 a flop
Now u get my greatest of all reason why I dislike rafa, I just hope for our sakes he use ba in our EPL games, I won't mind if torres starts the FA cup and europa league games.
Actually someone must do his job and right

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