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And Next Up Is…………

And, so the game continues; that perennial game whereby, as a tabloid hack; you have to second-guess who will succeed Rafa Benitez when his time as interim manager comes to an end.

Today, one leading Sunday tabloid is of the direct opinion that the successor to Rafa Benitez will be Manuel Pellegrini, the Chilean currently in charge of Malaga.

Pelligrini, no spring chicken at fifty-nine years of age, was sacked by Real Madrid to make room for a certain Jose Mourinho in the Madrid hot-seat.

Offering up some kind of proof that they`ve got this one nailed, the tabloid paper goes on to inform us that Pelligrini has been having English lessons in preparation for his switch to Stamford Bridge.

We`re saying nothing but we`d appreciate your thoughts on this one!

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday February 10 2013

Time: 10:44AM

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not a bad choice but should not be the first...I am not convinced he can handle this UNIQUE stage of our development as a club...we need more than just good football results from the next manager...hopefully the club makes a right call...
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10/02/2013 10:55:00

Am to start attending spanish lessons,in readiness to take over after he leaves malaga. anyway,my take is am not sure he is the right person to take the job.
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10/02/2013 10:59:00

I still believe hiddink will return this summer with a number 2 at his side so hiddink will settle and forge a team and then after 2 seasons move upstairs and his no.2 take over. Wouldn't put it past roman to have hiddink as manager and shevchenko as his no.2. He is taking his coaching badges at CFC and has been around the club ever since he has retired. And him and roman are very good friends. Think this might just happen.
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10/02/2013 11:23:00

I didn't know he was 59. Otherwise I'd be delighted given he's succeeded virtually everywhere he's gone. Even Real, where he was sacked saw him have 96 points. In that regards, counting him out due to his age is foolish given the length of tenure of even a successful Chelsea manager... but the fool in me still hopes that one day the club will stumble upon some sense and give some one a long term stay and for that reason, I'd love someone younger. Much younger.
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10/02/2013 11:27:00

Maka - Like jose! He really is the best choice. Knows the club, knows the senior players, Can build a team, Has the winning mentality, plays good football (despite what the press and anti jose brigade say) and it would wind up Rafa no end. #rafaout #torresout
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10/02/2013 12:15:00

@Funky: Jose would be ideal... and I do agree that ideas about his style of football being necessarily negative aren't true. He has tactical flexibility. He's always had it. And I'm sure that with the players we've got, we'll see some nice football. What's reassuring is that when we score the 2 or 3 or 4 goals our attacking talent have the ability to consistently produce, we'll be able to hang on to the lead, which is something Jose's "negativity" gives you.
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10/02/2013 12:23:00

Pellegrini? Who didn't win a single trophy with a talented madrid side? He got 96 points in a league and for that sole reason we should have him as our coach? Apart from his interest in youth, I see him as another ranieri and avam grant. I doubt if he'll be our next coach
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10/02/2013 12:40:00

No Pellegrii for me, i think the next managerial appointment has to be Jose as that is the best fit for the state our club is in at the moment...JM on a five year contract with a £100m clause either way should Roman or Jose get restless during that duration and lets see where he can take us...anything else and the managerial merry go round will just continue
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10/02/2013 12:44:00

Another interim!!No matter who takes over from rafa,if we dont change our club structure,he would be gone in less than 5months
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10/02/2013 14:06:00

@JohnnyOz You'd be crazy to write in a £100m clause with a contract with Jose. The man is so volatile that I cannot see him sticking at any club for 5 years, excluding say Man United. He would happily go to the press and slate Abromovich or the board and there's no way he would be allowed to get away with it. Our iwners aren't the owners of Man City that publicly allow you to enter in to a rant about the state of the board and then hand you a new 5 year contract. I think the only place Jose will go will be Man United. They are happy to be the marmite of the football world, whereas Abromovich is desperate to build a football club famous the world over, and gaining revenue the world over. Having the club hated will ostracise potential fans and reduce this income. Despite his itchy trigger finger, I cannot doubt that Abramovich loves Chelsea and loves football. Man United are the only untouchable team out there at the moment and having Sir Alex (who although has a great footballing brain is an hated by everyone else) will help Jose settle in relatively easily. If he came back to Chelsea I don't think that the respect that Jose has accumulated will continue. He will be involved in the wrong fights and end up exploding at the worst possible time, ruining his career.
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10/02/2013 15:48:00

@Desmond: for one, if anyone could get 96 points in a league season... managing would be a piece of cake, but it barely ever happens. And secondly, he also happens to be the guy who managed Villareal to a second place finish and consistent champions league places in the la liga in recent years. Not to mention the champions league semi they lost to Arsenal only because Requelme missed his penalty when he could have dumped the gunners out on away goals. His impact there is noticed most keenly when you factor in they got relegated promptly after his departure. And then there's the achievements with Malaga. First to make it to the Champions league last year and then to be doing so well in it and being in 4th again this year despite the player exodus and not being paid for most of the season due to financial troubles. I have yet to see a Pellegrini season that has been below par. We should respect the man... even if he isn't the apple of the media's eye. Which is precisely my problem with a lot of people. Today, Kevin Palmer writes Bale is the best player in the BPL and everyone starts to buy it. But we've seen him perform for ages and even at Newcastle yesterday, and we know that's a lot of fluff. Our perceptions gauge popularity more than success. Pellegrini may not be very popular, but he has a strong CV backing him. Respect where it's due, even if I don't want him as our next manager
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10/02/2013 15:55:00

I don't think Jose is United bound because I don't think Fergie will be retiring any time soon and I don't think he will trust his club with someone who may be too restless to settle down anywhere. I believe Chelsea have a genuine shot. Firstly, because there's a definite job opening and (i'm hoping) a definite desire on the part of the club. Secondly, he openly admits his time at Chelsea was the best of his career so far even though in terms of success, he's had more at Porto and Inter. Thirdly, his family is settled in London and he'll be able to spend time with them much more than he would choosing any other city. Fourthly, he'll have money to spend and considerably more power than any other managerial candidate primarily because he's involved in many of Roman's decisions even now being an outsider. How much control will he want and have.. I don't know... but after the Shevchenko debacle, I'm assuming the two egos will clear out from the start whether it will be allowed to continue and I'm hoping Roman will bend... especially after Torres's failure.
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10/02/2013 16:01:00

Jose is our best option....but are we his best option though? There are 2 other jobs which could be more enticing for Jose. Both PSG can give Jose just as much money, the owners will interfere less as well as give him total control. Jose will have to leave on his own terms from those clubs. Chelsea is a convenient rumour for him. Reality of him returning is something else...we are 3rd best option for him.
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10/02/2013 16:36:00

Both PSG and City.
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10/02/2013 16:37:00

@maka with all ur intelligent comment, tell me if he is not another ranieri and grant? They came second too and both did well respectively in the EPL and UCL, so I know all about pellegrini and I respect him, but is he the right man for chelsea? I don't know, if we consider a coach like pellegrini then we can consider ranieri, avam grant and perhaps magath too
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10/02/2013 21:13:00

Pelligrini is a good coach but i fear if he comes to Chelsea he will just repeat the Real experience. He is the sort of Coach unfortunately who can only thrive with a lower profile type squad as he did with Villareal and now at Malaga. Anyway as regards Jose, i sincerely hope he does not end up with City because clearly come summer City will be seeking a new Coach and to all those who are either too myopic or for some other reason dont want Jose back well pray hard we dont have to go up against him with the resources he would have at City. In addition to SAF at ManU having to deal with Jose as well, will be quite an adventure whoever Roman finally gets to manage us.
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11/02/2013 01:39:00

Not sure of who will be the best fit for chelsea...But am sure that Jose will be a BAD choice for us at this time.
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11/02/2013 06:13:00

Would get my vote ahead of Jose no doubt....He's a "better" Manager in terms of football style, ability to build teams and although, as some1 pointed out that he hasn't won anything, what he's done with Villareal and Malaga deserves mentioning especially given the investment (or lack thereof) he's faced. Not for Real Madrid being caught in the "euphoria" or appointing Mourinho and sacking him prematurely, I'm confident he'd have achieved more especially as the team would have settled (Ronaldo had just arrived, so too Di Maria, Ramos, Benzema) it's unfair people point to him not winning the title to inability, what had he won before he went to Madrid?? Sometimes you have to think subjectively and holistically...
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11/02/2013 08:46:00

am with BLU_RUN about Jose, it would be bad news for the future of the club if we appointed the same man who can't effectively manage an exciting plethora of talent. The last thing we want is brawn all over again, been there before and while the success was welcome, it was bitter-sweet. Chelsea FC deserves better "class"
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11/02/2013 08:48:00

@Binty that clause is meant to be either way - so both parties are liable if they were to terminate early...My preference for Jose is based on the "devil you know" premise. I believe he is less likely to get the sack here than any other manager and a £100m get out clause either makes it very difficult for either chelsea or JM to pack their bags early. The theory that Jose can't evolve a team lacks credibility for me as he won the UEFA cup and Champions league with a Porto side that was full of nobodies at the time...
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11/02/2013 11:34:00

that was the year they played Monaco in the final JOHNNY. The only big team Porto "beat" that year was ManUre. I wouldn't use that as an analogy, it's like referring to RDM "beating" Barca & Bayern (penalties missed and all) very few ppl will call that a master stroke
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11/02/2013 12:38:00

hmmm mq not sure i agree...history remembers "WINNERS"... In 100 years time, Both the Porto team under JM and our team under RDM will fit into that one will remember who played Barcelona'esque football to win it..
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11/02/2013 12:55:00

I guess so JOHNNY but @ this moment I'd rather we opted for Pellegrini than Jose because 1 thing I'm sure about with Pellegrini, we'd play "good" football which is what Roman wants. It's hard to speculate on his football abilities but hey, if David Moyes can be rooted for (by some) why not Pellegrini?? He is, after all, better than Moyes surely
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11/02/2013 13:17:00

Also it was that same Monaco side that kicked us out of the competition that year and left Ranieri in tears :)
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11/02/2013 14:37:00

LoL that's the game I remember Ranieri for...still can't quite figure out wtf he was thinking when making that change
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11/02/2013 15:19:00

@Desmond: I really don't understand the parallels between Ranieri/Grant and Pellegrini, save the fact that none of them are popular with the media which highlights my earlier point that people don't often give credit based on actual achievements. All I have to say is that if the man's CV speaks for itself. He is yet to fail anywhere. His sacking at Real was as just as Ancelotti's sacking here. He had 96 points in a league season. He created a title winning side. It's just that he happened to be up against arguably the greatest football team of all time. And it's not like Jose came in and won the following year. So given his successful record, I'd have him over many other managers.
Report Abuse
11/02/2013 15:47:00

@Gabeu: It's unfair to make such blanket statements as "he can only thrive with a low profile club"... He has one season in the big time, and it was certainly a respectable one. Even if you only measure success in terms of the silverware and don't look at the context, one season is still too less a time frame to make such a harsh conclusive statement on the man's abilities
Report Abuse
11/02/2013 15:51:00

@all who wants pellegrini, if he is with chelsea for 4 years and we are playing good football like arsenal, would u be contented with that? From a lil research I did on the man, he plays good football, but is always found wanting In the big stages when it matters, hence my comparisons with ranieri and grant
Report Abuse
11/02/2013 16:06:00

Good football without winning anything for 4 years*
Report Abuse
11/02/2013 16:08:00

@Desmond: Even though I don't want Pellegrini appointed, I feel that the generalizations are a little disrespectful to a person I consider a very good manager. Your latest comparison to wenger's barren run is ludicrous. Success is a relative measure. Villareal and Malaga cannot be expected to win titles with Barca and Real present in Spain. Yet what is above par for them is to finish in the Champions League places (and 2nd the one time) despite modest squads and budgets, and to do so consistently. Even his one season at Real saw them achieve what was then a record breaking points tally for Real. Similarly, success in Europe should also be gauged relatively. With Villareal he achieved a Semi Final and a Quarterfinal in the champions league which is huge for them. His one stab at the competition at Malaga saw him top a very competitive group and now sees them in the Round of 16's. He has coached no other teams in his stint in Europe. The record for me is as fine as any manager could hope for whilst being realistic of the limitations of their clubs. He has pushed each club beyond their expected limits. If he repeats the feat at Chelsea or any other club he goes to, they will be much the better for it.
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11/02/2013 16:37:00

I pray he doesn't step at chelsea, I can only see him as a man that can take us to the next level if he is a known winner, to compare him with arsene wenger is a great honour for him as arsene wenger with his barren run have been a winner before and still has the unbeaten record and still qualifies for the UCL every season without spending much, but for pellegrini, as good as u tout him to be, he is not a winner, we don't need a manager that will make us play well alone, win need a winner and not someone that losses at all time and can't take the final leap when required, as for me its no to avram grant 2.0
Report Abuse
11/02/2013 21:24:00

I pray he doesn't step at chelsea, I can only see him as a man that can take us to the next level if he is a known winner, to compare him with arsene wenger is a great honour for him as arsene wenger with his barren run have been a winner before and still has the unbeaten record and still qualifies for the UCL every season without spending much, but for pellegrini, as good as u tout him to be, he is not a winner, we don't need a manager that will make us play well alone, win need a winner and not someone that losses at all time and can't take the final leap when required, as for me its no to avram grant 2.0
Report Abuse
11/02/2013 21:24:00

Oh really? U want a winner,u dont a manager that would make us play well alone..but u have been championin the cause for david moyes,so let me ask u:is he a winner??what has he won??does he boast a better CV than manuel pellegrini??
Report Abuse
11/02/2013 23:02:00

Moyes have not coached a top club with innumerable funds, pellegrini has yet he won nothing, moyes on the other hand haven't. Though right now with the mess the club is in, I don't know if moyes is the right person
Report Abuse
12/02/2013 10:53:00

Tbh right now i really dont know who the right man for chelsea,i just cant wait for the end of this season and hopefully we manage/fight/crawl(whatever) into the top4 and utilize the lessons learnt from this torrid season positively
Report Abuse
12/02/2013 12:35:00

managing epl is one thing , managing chelsea is another thing ...
Report Abuse
12/02/2013 13:17:00

Pellegrini coached a top club with innumerable funds for one year and his league points tall I've dictated several times. He was thwarted only because Barcelona that year made a clean sweep of all the trophies and were arguably reaching the peak of their powers. Jose came the following year and also didn't win the title or in Europe. By that logic, Jose is also not a winner. But yes, Pellegrini has as of yet to get a proper chance to coach one of the giants of football so he's untested. But his track record is far superior to someone like Moyes. Domestically and in Europe, where Everton are not even on the map despite 11 years under Moyes.
Report Abuse
12/02/2013 15:10:00

Am not surprised and ready for the next appointment that will be another shoking one to chelsea fans.
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 10:07:00


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