Chelsea - Tabloid Journalist Gets It Spot On?
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Tabloid Journalist Gets It Spot On?

Nestling amongst the sports pages of the Sunday People is a lovely little article written by Dave Kidd.

Now normally I`d be set to pounce and claw my way into any scurrilous journalism designed to slate our club off, but on this occasion I have to, in most cases agree with Dave Kidd.

You see, Dave has written a piece that contains five points he`s pulled from the Roman Abramovich Management Handbook , these are listed below - see what you think;-

1 - Sack the manager who won you the Champions League and replace him with Chelsea`s Public Enemy #1

2 - Release Didier Drogba in the summer, realise you can`t do without him, then attempt to re-sign him in January.

3 - Allow Ashley Cole to start talking to foreign clubs by running his contract down, then realise that every major rival wants him, so offer him a new contract.

4 - Generate a major storm by telling Frank Lampard he can leave, then realise he`s actually still rather good, so open talks over a new deal.

5 - Oh, and try to sign up half of the Brazil team just at the point when Brazil become rubbish.

Apart from contesting, slightly, point #5, it`s hard to disagree that Dave Kidd has got it spot on, or do you beg to differ?

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday February 10 2013

Time: 12:37PM

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Id like to see what this idiot has to say when we sign Falcao in he summer, and we get Lukaku back into the squad ..and Davila and Keven de Bruyne playing along side our current midfield. And I hope (though looking unlikely) that we get Courtois between the sticks. And who knows maybe even Neymar as well. These know-itall journalists are only taking pot-shots at the European Champs because we are going through an unfortunaely timed transition. Let them run their mouths off when we are back at the top where we belong! KTBFFH
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10/02/2013 12:58:00

I don't fault him at all, if we have our club running perfectly after injecting 1 billion pounds sterling into it, this journo and the Fa along with the refs won't be this mean to us, we'll be respected and accepted among the elite clubs, but regrettably we are being looked down on with disdain by all asunder. Why sack a double winning manager and replace him with public enemy #1? If that is not spiting the fans then I wonder what is
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10/02/2013 13:19:00

Des , all this is happening because we are going through the transition ..from the Mourinho players to the new younger players and a new styl of player, just after we win the Champions League , not despite it . Thes hiccups are the because of the transition and are to be expected and the journos and a large group of so-called fans are taking pot shots at the club ecause they are shot sighted- they dont seethe end product. They are just reacting to the day to day events rather than the big picture. Yes people like Terry and Ashley with their rash statements and actions dont help the clubs image in some cases performance, but we have to overlook these setbacks and look ahead to a winning future with the help of our main fan...our mascot ..Roman Abramovich
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10/02/2013 13:28:00

So whats the point?.. Roman has done us more harm than good,right??
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10/02/2013 13:39:00

@blue_mel, there is nothing wrong with transiting, but the way we are going about ours is a sight for sore eyes, that is my own reason for being unhappy. The club clearly lacks a plan and if u fail to plan, u plan to fail
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10/02/2013 13:56:00

article like this are not worthy discussing.we won cups with this managerial merry go its the playes refusing to be moved.its cashly who accepted club policy not how u put it.again lamps refused 1yr policy now he begs it.rdm was driven by can messi and robben miss a penalty?rdm was just an interim,its the fans who wanted him and know we missed ucl and epl.avb was sacked leaving the team in good position than rdm.
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10/02/2013 14:00:00

Look at the table ... compare our stats with Uniteds... we have drawn 7 matches where United have drawn 2. If we had won those 5 matches more we woud have had 10 more points and be trailing United by 3 points rather than 13. For the sake of 5 more goals scored in the appropiate matches .. we could have been heading for another title. Where was our 50m striker when we needed him? United rescue wins from draws...we rescue draws from wins, our mentality in the squad needs to change. simple as
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10/02/2013 14:13:00

Lets face it none of us know what's happening behind the scenes, all we ever get is journalist speculation. Ashley Cole was supposed to be going to France, USA etc. and ends up signing a new contract. Don't remember anyone predicting that.
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10/02/2013 14:37:00

Roman didn't release Drogba. It was Drogba who wanted to start a new adventure after landing the holy grail with the last kick of the Munich Final. Can't blame him as it was a fitting way to end his career at Chelsea.
Blue Day
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10/02/2013 14:39:00

Agree with point #5, dont know the obsession of the club with Brazilian players now, only a few of them can measure up to the hype and this is a true reflection of their present national team compared to what it use to be in the past. Even Neymar is another over hyped Brazilian there are 100s of young players in Europe who are as good or even better if given the same chance and media upliftment.
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10/02/2013 14:44:00

#5 is hard to agree with. Brazil did look second best last week, but they were without many of their best players: Leandro Damiao, Marcelo, Pato, Hulk (didnt play) , Thiago Silva, Kaka, Sandro. That's their best striker, possibly their second best striker, their captain and world class centre back, their left back who is second only to Cole, Sandro and Kaka would have been missed in midfield too, and while Hulk is no world beater, he still offers Brazil pace and power going forward, something they lacked on Wednesday. I also increasingly think that Oscar is their best player too. Better than Neymar. Oscar outshined him at the Olympics and outshined him onWednesday, and we're all aware of Ramires' and Luiz' qualities.
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10/02/2013 14:45:00

2,3 and 4 are rather clutching at straws too. It's easy to attack Abramovich at the moment but the only one I'd say is fair is number 1
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10/02/2013 14:46:00

sight for sore eyes uhh? sounds like a result :)
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10/02/2013 15:28:00

They will always find something to slate us about...i just wish we'd stop giving them so much easy ammunition sometimes.
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10/02/2013 15:30:00

One win by England over Brazil and they are rubbish? Mind you, Sandro, Damiao, Hulk, Ganso, William and others were not in the squad that day.
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10/02/2013 19:46:00

Marcelo is not behing Cole. He's as good a him.
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10/02/2013 19:53:00

dave kidd is a manure supporter. as are most of the gutter press. never forget that. who cares what they write. just don't support them by buying their papers. simple!
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10/02/2013 22:29:00

When was the last time dave kidd wrote anything good about chelsea?..crap journalists waterin the seed of confusion they planted at chelsea few years ago
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10/02/2013 22:49:00

One may not like the messenger but there is some element of truth to some of these points. Romans only culpability in this as far as i am concerned is not getting better qualified persons to advise him. He is not a football person no matter what he may think so i am not surprised. As for point 5 i have been following the Selecao since i was a kid and i can confidently say this present squad they have is the weakest in nearly a generation. If Scolari and Perraira can win the World cup or even the Confedrations club with this Selecao generation they will deserve the Brazilian version of Saint hood because the honest truth is that Brazil right now has very few top draw players in any part of the team be it Goal keepers, defenders (Thiago Silva may be the one exception), Midfield, playmakers or strikers. The sad truth as some of my Brazilian pals admit is that right now the Selecao are simply not that good. period.
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11/02/2013 02:01:00

But..... Look at all we have won under Roman? What would you rather, be a team with the same manager for ten years having not won a cup in nearly a decade or a club that win a cup or two most seasons but change things up a lot. I know what i prefer.
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11/02/2013 02:42:00

Hazabee - Your forgetting they played the washed up ronaldinhio who had zero input, and thinks he can run around with oscars no.10, come the world cup,oscar will be pulling the strings for neymar lucas willian hulk damiao ramires etc GabeU- oscar neymar lucas are 21 years old??? in a year in a half they will be expirienced enough to cause damage to anyone, luiz and ramires are very underrated, especially ramires the warrior, remember the barca semi final? And as for there defence my opinion hasnt been this good for a while, alves and marcelo? Silva Dede LUiz?
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11/02/2013 04:07:00

Looks like every critics, fans want to take on Roman...Without him, we would have been next to spurs on the EPL and will think fighting for Europa league spots...If we are talking about CL, top 3, world class players, etc they are because of Roman and his thirst for success...He will do what he needs to do to quench that thirst...
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11/02/2013 06:30:00

1. When did Chelsea tried to sign DD was he who wanted to join us to get trained for ACN... 2. Chelsea never denied contract for cole, but denied only multi-year is cole who finally accepted the 1yr extension chelsea gave from the beginning...It is reported that if chelsea dont offer the multi-yr contract, cole will move away. 3. DO people still belive that RDM won us the is the BIG EGO of old players whoch won us the CL...they had to win something to prove to Roman that AVB was wroong and they were correct. Same RDM & same team, which exited CL in group stage. 4. Terms on lampard contract still not known. neither chelsea or lampard's agent had confirmed this. I believe if there is any contract offered, it will be on chelsea's terms and not on lampard's terms... 5. Brazil has been struggling for last 2 years...they need a manager with clear vision...maybe with scolari they will improve before 2014...but still Brazil are feared around the world and just 1 match against england doesn't show that they are rubbish.
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11/02/2013 06:37:00

Most important point of all: spend 1.5Billion on players and club development to ensure the club becomes the 5th highest revenue generating club in Europe, with potential for more only being restricted by the greedy CPO who claim "love" when all they want is more money
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11/02/2013 06:54:00

.........."Chelsea executives told Frank in Japan during the Club World Cup, then again reconfirmed with me after the Everton victory, that in no circumstances will he be offered a new contract at the club," said Lampard's agent Steve Kutner, according to Kutner Lampard was told reasons why he won't get a new contract.........I agree with BLU_RUN and why doesn't Lamps or his agent go public with the reasons if they feel they are to the detriment of the club Lamps so dearly "loves"?? Their silence alone tells me a great deal about their conduct
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11/02/2013 06:58:00

Feck this journo...who the feck does he think he is...Roman is not perfect...he is far from it...but I enlisted into Romans Army a long time ago and for outsiders, they should just shut it...
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11/02/2013 09:13:00

Who really cares what David Kidd or any other journo has to say at this stage . I just skip past these silly little articles when i see where they are going ,they bore me to tears and the discussion they generate bore's me to tears aswell . Next .....
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11/02/2013 09:52:00

i agree @blue_run/mq...there are always two sides to story
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11/02/2013 10:27:00

i agree @blue_run/mq...there are always two sides to story
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11/02/2013 10:41:00

i agree @blue_run/mq...there are always two sides to story
Report Abuse
11/02/2013 10:41:00

apologies for the multiple post...
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11/02/2013 10:44:00

Comon roman let them say wot they like
na me b chelsea
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11/02/2013 21:10:00

@MQ Can you explain to me what you mean about the greedy CPO ?
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12/02/2013 10:57:00

I sometimes wonder who calls the shots at chelsea nowadays since things happen and again contradicts one another.
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13/02/2013 11:43:00


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