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Does This One Grab You By The…….

Seemingly, our pursuit of the Atletico Madrid striker, Radamel Falcao, could see a compromise reached.

Reports, from some sources, indicate that Chelsea are prepared to meet the buy-out clause in the strikers contract but to help swing the deal Chelsea would also be willing to include the talented young Belgian keeper Atletico already have from us on loan, Thibaut Courtois, in the deal.

Good idea or bad idea - you decide!

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday February 12 2013

Time: 4:38PM

Your Comments

Chelsea are going to meet his buyout and add a player? Why on earth would anyone think that's a good idea? If you meet his buyout, they have no choice but to sell anyway. Clearly a rubbish story. I'd much rather keep Courtois and go for a different centre forward option (e.g. Lewandowski) than pay over the odds for Falcao anyway. Especially when we're just going to refuse to extend his contract after three years anyway (he's already 27). The only players on the planet worth the kind of fuss people are making over Falcao are Ronaldo and Messi.
Slein Jinn
I think it could potentially be a good idea. But it depends on the valuation they put on Courtois. As things are looking at the moment, I dont think it is high enough. Chelsea needs to play hardball with Atletico over Courtois valuation
We should have a sell-on clause for Courtois in the deal too
Would love to get Falcao but not if Courtois is part of the price to pay. Top GKs are like gold dust, harder to come by even than top strikers and Courtois can be a top GK for us for 15 years, would be madness to let him go. Use Torres as the bait for Falcao (I genuinely think that £15-20m + Torres could be a good deal for Chelsea, Atleti and both players) but certainly not TC!
would be the most stupid thing the club has ever done.Courtois is much more important than a 27 year old falcao.Just look at manure and how they tried to replace schmeicel,they went through barthez,howard,carroll (i think thats all) until they got van der sar and now they are back to searching and that hasn't gone all that well with de gea.So once cech hangs up his gloves i dont want us to be in a situation like utd were and are.Forget falcao and get courtois signed up to a proper deal as its alot easier to get a top striker than a top keeper.
Well I don't know what to make of this, but my guts is telling me its bullsheit, TC would be the best keeper in about two years if properly nutured, but falcao can be another bananna skin for us, he is not as hot as he was in the first half of the season and besides he is getting old, to deal courtois for the sake of falcao is foolish, we can get schurlle and any fine striker in the summer that will put the ball in the net 7/10 times and Ba can do that, get schurlle and facundo farreya, both will cost about 35m max and we are sorted in the striking department along with lukaku for the next decade
There is talk of a decent german keeper now, I guess in leverkusen( not sure) who is touted to take over from neuer very soon, he is getting suitors by the day, I'll be back with his name soon
Bad idea. Bring back Lukaku and let him develop with Ba. Sell Torres to anyone who will take him. Keep Courtois by offering a pay bump, even if that means CFC has to loan him and pay part of his salary. If they're willing to do that for Benayoun, it's absurd not to do w a player as young and as talented as Courtois. Let the lad stay where he's happy for another year, then loan him to a BPL side after that. By then, I think it will be time to give Cech some real competition. Anyway, that's what I would do.
No one will remove Neuer from the starting role for Germany, desmond. I don't see that happening at all. Neuer is too good and far too established a presence in that side.
@radio, a friend told me about a certain stegen of mondeglabach, look him up and u'll see that he will be challenging neuer soon, loew is really interested in him from what I learnt
@radio, this link would make u know a little about him, he is part of the best top exciting german
The link is before the euros, but my pal told me his stock have even risen this season
Bad deal , if we let go of courtois I will go crazy
if this deal happen then chelsea board wil be foolish dumbest board in the whole world....and overhyped striker with crazy asking price for 28 years old...who has reached his peak at atmadrid and will reach his flop peak if he sign at chelsea...honestly he is not that worth only there are far better player than him....courtious is one of thr best keeper in the world and chelsea will be idiot to let him go....hope this fecking saga of falco get over let anzi or psg sign him...dont want that 45 million flop waste here at chelsea...
I know our board members havent exactly covered themselves in glory with some recent deals and everyone here knows i adore Radamel Falcao but if true this is senseless. Courtois has the potential to be easily in the top 5 goalies in the world in a few cannot find replacements for that kind of talent. If we are serious about getting the buy out clause and that should be it. He is not like the greedy Hulk..he is a down to earth Colombian lad and City are way more interested in Cavani, Neymar and possibly even Ronaldo. I dont see us having that much competition for Falcao in the summer if we can just secure a top 3-4 finish. As someone mentioned he will be 27 by then meaning his first contract with us may well be the only one he ever gets anyway (if he were wise he should insist it be a 5yr deal which would take him to 32). Hopefully this is just idle drivel because if it turns out to be true then the whole board needs to be fired for rank incompetence.
I appreciate the link, but that doesn't mean he'll be dislodging Neuer any time soon! But it's always good to be aware of young talent. I just wonder why Germany is producing so many great keepers!
How do we tell Roman this is another mistake that we will regret. The boy had enough Thibauting for Atletico, he need to start Curtoising for CFC next season especially when Petr Cech is now injury prone more than ever
@radio, I am wondering why they are producing so many young talents!!!!!! Evrywhere on the pitch not only keepers!!! They are really great athletes
Desmond,i Know about Ter Stegen,...He is young and very good but Courtois is better. I dont want us to buy Falcao. Athletico are just trying to rip us off. Im with Radio on this one. Leave him there for one more year,bring him to the bpl for a season after that and then integrate him into the team,Cech should be 2years older by then and he should be ready. Losing him doesnt make any sense.
Dont want falcao-another torres in the making, 27, we would become a one man team, makes no sense in terms of financial fair play incoming and why would we want to loose a player like courtois- it says something when barca want him: this guy could be better than cech: i would much rather see lukaku or another young striker develop into a falcao than just buy the finished product, as a fan that would give mw more pride in my club. There is nothing wrong with buying the odd clads player but this is far too risky and would prove that our board are not "football" people
*class player
@3nity, thank u for clearing that up, I don't think I said he is better than courtois, just sounding him out just in case our board go by the way of giving us heartaches as usual pertaining to our loaned players, then he is another to watch out for, aint it? And I didn't get ur reply or ohans on tweeter
meen which ever way one looks at it...its terrible business...we dont need falcao...with the talent we have now + the 2-3 players we will bring in in the summer...all we need is a young striker who has talent and can grow with us...i mean in the 15-25m bracket max...leave falcao where he is...birng in Coutouis...we'll soon become the envy of all the other clubs...I hope the board is not taking weed!!!!!.....
I thought Thibaut Courtois is our future #1
Athletico arent trying to rip us off,our stupid board is trying rip themselves off with stupid offers as usual.As good as Falcao is,there are cheaper and younger CFs out there.Lewandowski,Lukaku and Ba can do the business for us next season
We should get lewandowski while we still got the chance at 25m hes half the price of falcao or cavani and better than cavani.
worst news if true, sometimes i wonder what our board is thinking really, finding striker is much much easier than goalkeeper, keep Courtouis!
Maybe if we would have got Butland, I could have believed in this deal...But, now i dont think they will make deal involving Courtosis...Anyway 55m + courtosis is toooo much for Falcao...Sincerely we dont need Falcao, all we need is a decent striker who can convert atleast 25% of his chances...Why do we want a Falcao or Cavani...Let the scouts do their work and lets get the next Falcao, or next cavani for the proper price. Both Falcao & Cavani are very much overpriced
If DDG was 18m, I will not sell Courtosis for less than 20m...
Chelsea will be a fool to value courtosis for less than 20m....
Why would we "meet" his release clause then add a player (very good 1 @ that) just to get him?? He's an awesome talent alright, but for £60Mil+ definitely a no-no
I'd still insist we get Falcao though because Lukaku's still too "raw" for a big club, big clubs with expectations require experience especially in the biggest games, it's for this reason ManUre would rather spend £25Mil on 29year old RVP than even Demba Ba, it's been proven this season how valuable experience is (how many games has RVP won ManUre??) and yet some "experts" suggest we'll be fine with Lukaku. We've already seen the disadvantages of relying on a "prospect" (Moses) because for all their abilities, they can't win you games or contribute meaningfully when it matters, they are very valuable squad players but relying on them to win the Champs League, EPL, even the FA Cup?? That smacks of stupidity.
No club has ever won significant honors relying on "prospects" they are only good for so long (top4 @ most) just ask Arsenal how "wise" it would be relying on some1 like Lukaku to lead Chelsea to "major" Cup glory. Prospects are only good for so much, not for winning major titles, if that were the case Arsenal would have won a lot in the past 8 or 9 years
I just hope all these are the media creation and nothing of the sort is coming up. We need a player like Courtois that we already have and other options in a striker maybe that we do not have whom we can find if we want to not compromizing another player that should be around for more than the time we are looking for.
What is Emenalo doing??? Lewandrowski has a 27.5m pounds release clause and Benat has a 20m Euros release clause. Both players are refusing to sign new contracts and will soon be out of contracts which means they will come even cheaper. Why not seal a deal for them now like we did for Marin instead of wasting 60m Euros on a 27yr old CF & giving away a quality GK and our future #1 in the process.
Sir Alex wanted Lewandroski before he got RVP and am sure he has a good reason for that. He may still try to land him this summer as Welbeck is getting poor and poor and RVP is not getting younger. Why not steal him under SirAlex's nose???
Lamps may be going this summer and we have no deeplying playmaker apart from Josh who is not there yet. Benat will not cost us more than 17m pounds, why not activate his release clause and land him. He is a quality, experienced deeplying playmaker, solid defensively and sprays the ball perfectly, he has been compared to Xavi and he is Spanish. Imagine a Romeu-Benat-Mata midfield trio, it will be perfect. Josh can learn alot from him. With Benat, Rami, Mikel, Josh, & Romeu we should have no problem with regards to our pivot. Chalobah can stay on loan.
The likes of Marin, Yossi, Malouda, Hillario, Turnbull, Torres, can GO!!!! Add the little cash gotten from their sales to the remaining cash from the 60m euros to be spent on Falcao and get a solid and natural winger with incredible dribbling skills, pace, creativity and can score goals. James Rodriguez is the only player that comes to mind. Gaitan is also very good but his form this season is not as good as it used to be. Recall KDB, Lukaku, Josh, Omerou, Courtois & Wallace & Lazar(he is already refined for his age and can play as a CF, SS, CAM and LW).
Courtois- [Wallace-Cahill-Omerou-Ryan] [Romeu-Josh] with Rodriguez and KDB on the wings and [Lazar-Lukaku] upfront (4-4-2) . This team will destroy some EPL teams and can win the FaCup and CC cup if the manager shows some faith in them and instill confidence in them.
I personally would rather see CAVANI 25 yr old bigger more industrious drogba mold player.......... goals are good but tackling is better than sitting looking pretty......... clearly the better option if roman wants to spend big
you mentioned "like he did the Marin deal" SAMEX now you saying "Marin Should GO". I don't mean to nitpick and criticize but surely your contradictory statements raise questions about your opinion on this. In the first instance you suggested that it was a "good" deal only to latter declare the player effectively "useless" which basically means those type of deals are questionable if we use history as a measure ;)
Piazon can rotate with Lazar playing behind Lukaku. Enough of loaning out players to improve other teams and we are struggling to even make top 4. These boys will add alot of depth to our squad and will get better and better playing alongside our senior players. If the board can sell the likes of Marin, Yossi, Malouda, Hillario, Turnbull, Paulo and Torres, and recall KDB, Josh, Wallace, Omerou, Lazar, Lukaku, Courtois & Piazon and add Lewandrowski, Benat and Rodriguez instead of wasting 60m Euros on one player I see no reason why we will not win the title, FaCup, CC and go far in the UCL.
That said, even if ManUre wanted Lewandoski first, an offer of £25Mil a "young" player going out of contract would have been accepted by Dortmund (imo) because they'd risk losing him for peanuts or nothing (as is the case now) so I think on the balance of probabilities, ManUre probably saw RVP as a better "immediate" signing because you just can't gamble with your starting 11......Conversely though, Lewandoski has been playing at the "highest" level for about 3 or 4 seasons, beating Bayern to the League twice so I wouldn't use him as an analogy in reference to Lukaku, he hasn't even won a Carling Cup yet (playing in every match, that it)
youth players are "very" good for depth SAMEX and I agree with you but this team.....Courtois- [Wallace-Cahill-Omerou-Ryan] [Romeu-Josh] with Rodriguez and KDB on the wings and [Lazar-Lukaku] upfront (4-4-2) Piazon can rotate with Lazar playing behind Lukaku......would at best achieve a top 4 (AT BEST) but you won't win major titles with them, maybe in 3 or 4 years. Yes we shouldn't loan them out but use them as squad players (except Courtois, he needs to start games or be loaned out lest we kill his development) but starting with such a team in a last 16 Champs League tie, or vs ManUre/Man$hitty is asking for big trouble. We need players experienced at the highest level who can handle the pressure and think when under pressure, and that comes not only with playing experience but also mental maturity.....and yes, £60Mil for Falcao isn't worth it but I'd pay £40Mil tops for him, nothing more
Most of these boys love CFC and will play their hearts out if given the chance. 4 CFs, 4 wingers, 3 CAMs, 5 CM players, 9 defenders and 3 GK's(with Blackman) is not bad at all for a top team like Chelsea with plenty games to play. United have 5 CFs, 4 wingers, 2 CAMs, 5 CMids, 10 defenders and 3 GK's, no wonder they are still top of the table and still in the UCL even with injuries to some of their important players. SirAlex finds a way to spread minutes across the players to prevent fatigue, he has faith in his young players and this makes them mentally strong. Thats why I believe we will do well with a manager like Klopp or Bielsa, they know how to get the best from both old and young players and can easilly find a balance between defence and attack, Kloop especially. Kloop will do well with this kind of squad.
@MQ,,, I dont mean start them in big games. What I meant is they can win games against some EPL teams and in the FaCup & CC. Players like Cech, Cole, Luiz, Mikel, Benat, Hazard, Moses, Terry, Iva, Azpi, Rami, Mata, Ba, Lewandrowski, Cahill, Oscar can take care of the big games. Courtois, Rodriguez, KDB are also ready for the big games.
And what I meant by the Marin deal is its better to buy Lewandrowski and Benat now before the season is over instead of waiting till July, August so they can be part of the Pre-season and gel well with the team. Marin is also a good player but he is too prone to injury which makes him less useful to the team as he is usually off form.
Benat, Lewandrowski and Rodriguez are not injury players like Marin so we should have no problems with them. Point is we must land them asap so the likes of City will not overtake us and so they can resume with the rest of the players and train with them during preseason.
makes sense SAMEX but I wouldn't go for Biesla because I believe, for all his "goodness" he doesn't know how to handle a crisis recall their striker (forgot his name) wanting out and he, instead of trying to get the best from him as it wasn't transfer window, he castigates him without a plan B, that's just asking for trouble. And his "fights" with the board, threats to quit etc, I mean why should a manager make public his disagreements with the board. As for Klopp, I'm all for him but I doubt he's all for us and don't see him come soon. I admire Pellegrini for what he's done with the Yellow Submarine previously and Malaga this season, perhaps him (or some1 "like") with a 5 YEAR CONTRACT to ensure they are able to plan ahead and use the youth, obviously still staying competitve. Why 5 years, it'll force the board to think deeply before they sack while affording the Manager time to build the team and use the youth players too.
Am not also too sure of Bielsa but I love and respect Kloop so much. Pelegrini is wise and intelligient but he is like Carlo. He loves old players. Not sure he will do well with our young squad.
Am still thinking of what we will do with the likes of PVA, Kalas, Davilla, Bruma, Kakuta, Thorgan, Lalkovic, Walker.......
@MQ, Yeah, Kloop said he will not leave BVB to Chelsea or Madrid and I see him as someone that will keep his word. Another tactical genius is Joachim Leow, he can do wonders with the players we have. What do you think??
He's an International manager SAMEX I wouldn't celebrate his appointment much because I don't think International managers can handle the rigors of League football after-all, they deal with mainly "finished" products as opposed to "creating" but I could be wrong. Football is as much about talent as it is about confidence, players won't perform without confidence in themselves or the manager and vice-versa
We must get benat in the summer, but what about a front tjree of Mata Jovetic Hazard ?
I am still not sure of whom we should get as manager...Personally I will go for Blanc followed by Pelligrini. The target for any manager next year is to integrate atleast 4 youth players in the first team and acheive top3 finish. We have lot of potential players, but what we lack is a manager who show faith in them. But, we can't only really find fault with the manager bcos, when the owner is ready with a gun to fire you if you lose some games, then no coach will turn that way....Hope Roman has learnt his lesson, be patient with the next manager...

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