Chelsea - Benitez - Blowing His Own Trumpet
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Benitez - Blowing His Own Trumpet

Having survived something of a mini-scare, against Wigan, whereby our visitors looked as if they could get back into the game, Rafa Benitez heads off to Prague with something of a spring in his portly step.

In fact, it could be said that the Spaniard is feeling very comfortable in his surroundings and has taken time out to, put it mildly, champion his ambition to lead our club to glory above and beyond the terms of his interim appointment with Rafa remarking about the squad he inherited,

"I think this group of players has great potential."

"That is more clear now in my head than it was when I arrived. Their possibility to grow is even bigger than I expected. The average age of the squad is fine. The potential is there. They are very good professionals and they are working hard and they are keen to learn - and for me that is the big advantage."

"The reality is that we are a team in transition. The priority is to finish in the top three of four. After that, we have two more trophies that we can try with the FA Cup and Europa League."

"My ambition to win trophies with Chelsea is stronger than ever. I have been a winner in three countries - and I want to win more."

You`ve got to live the lad credit, he doesn`t give up does he!

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday February 12 2013

Time: 4:39PM

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Yea he doesn't, his CV has to grow irrespective of his priority which he really highlighted in the artiicle, his priority is top 3 and I am glad the board sounded it out for him, if he makes top 3, I won't have "much" problem with him, can he do it? Well the jury is out on that, for our sakes I hope he can, but he should not let his ego to boost his CV derail our plans for making top 3, the moment he does that, and I see its affecting our UCL chances, I'll be the first to slate him mercilessly
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12/02/2013 17:10:00

We are a team in transition--that's fair. But Rafa doesn't acknowledge that we're underachieving. We are 16 points behind Man Utd, a side that may be outstanding up top but that's otherwise sub-par defensively. Even in a transitional year, we should be doing far better. I also wonder why he doesn't come out and say we're aiming for second place, not 3rd or 4th. We're only 4 points behind City and we play them soon. No reason we can't aim for their heads.
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12/02/2013 17:17:00

*hint* *hint* Rafa is gunning for the Europa League. I'll be *****ed if he plays a full strength team in the Europa Cup,when he knows quite well our priority is top 4. He dares mess with the first team and risk injury in this tournament and later moan about squad depth,ill personally kick his ass to timbuktu.
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12/02/2013 17:20:00

Well he can sod off and try and win stuff in some other country, he's not welcome here! Even with RDM's 'bad run', I felt that this team in transition was transitioning so well that we even had a genuine outside chance of the title. The minute this idiot arrived, the position has changed so that we are supposed to be chuffed to bits if we make 4th. That's success, is it? Well done Rafa and thanks a million!
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12/02/2013 17:20:00

Merlin you missed this part... Rafa-'I cannot change the perception people have of me because I was successful at Liverpool against Chelsea,' You cocky fat head!
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12/02/2013 17:23:00

lol @ the (( something of a spring in his portly step)). good or bad, we have something like 90 something days to endure this gaffer. i suggest we batten down the hatch, cos this ride is gonna be scary.
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12/02/2013 17:39:00

yaaaaaaaaawnnnnnnn....rafa please tell something new even a 5 kid now knows that we have potential and we are team in transistion....same old boring saga of his speech continues...this guy will make us bore to death...if not with his tactics then with his pre and post match comments...
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12/02/2013 17:42:00

Pleease dear grant us a top 3 finish despite the FSW....i am scared this bizarre man will play a full strength team in europa...he desperate wants to keep the chelsea job...that wont happen by the grace of God....'ll continue to gloat until he leaves...he is good for nothing for us...he is just dumb on the sidelines..pathetic stuff.
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12/02/2013 18:14:00

Hahaha,Rafa i know what ur doing. Youre trying to drive us all crazy right? lol Youre gone anyway....stop dreaming tubby!
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12/02/2013 18:19:00

His portly demeanour is a dead giveaway - it's the thick skin he possesses.
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12/02/2013 18:20:00

Yeah, I was annoyed by that quote, too, Nelyvanile. You'd think he'd have the common sense to know when to self-edit. It doesn't matter, though--he'll be gone soon enough. No way he's keeping the job next season. Not a chance.
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12/02/2013 18:22:00

Rafa is saying all the right things.Very clever man just telling it as it is.He stuffed us a couple of times,meaning I ended up at his greatest win,in Istanbul.Instead of watching Chelsea in the final,I saw Pool inspired by Hamann(not Gerrard) come on at half time and change the game.That Milan team where one of the best ever and Rafa won against all the odds. He did the same in Spain with Valencia,winning the league title twice against the might of Madrid and Barca.Reminds me of his current position,fighting against the boo boys but that won't worry him,because he is a fighter and winner.
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12/02/2013 18:23:00

@nely, I won't say he was sucessful against us, I'll say we were even and that is giving him credit for winning against us despite the ghost goal, what about the 4-1 win at anfield? The win in the league cup? I remember two 0-0 draws in the UCL and perhaps a 2-1 win for us (I can't remember) so I don't agree that he was sucessful against us, he was lucky. @nely lolz at kick his ass to timbuktu... Rotflmao, @dwonder, if he plays Ba and a full squad we'll be there next season, but if he goes by the way of starting torres in an important game, then he'll go by the way of RDM too, all his efforts if there is would be in vain, torres boat have sailed, he can't be the clinical torres we know anymore, its either our style doesn't suit him or he is total crap
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12/02/2013 18:29:00

We all know what our first priority is and what Roman and the board's is as well. My lingering fear remains that just like it was with RDM last year Rafa's priorities are probably different. The man has won at least one trophy every where he has managed and i have this sneaky suspicion that his pride and desire to embellish his CV before his summer exit will see him do everything in his power to ensure that we try and win at least one of the FA cup and Europa league. Now normally this would not be a bad thing..lets be honest all we Chelsea fans especially in the last decade are spoilt rotten on year without a trophy like in Carlo's second year and people nearly went beserk looking for someone to burn on a stake. This is in stark contrast with the pragmatic approach that Arsene Wenger for example espouses. He essentially bailed out of the FA cup and champions league last year knowing fully well he didnt have the squad to compete on three fronts and instead concentrated on the BPL fiinish and so despite a most horrible start to their season, teriible luck with injuries and then losing Nasri, Clichy and Fabregas he still managed to secure a third place finish. The problem for us now though is i really fear we dont have the depth to compete full throttle on these three fronts. Without getting priorities right and straight this could end up very bad. I still remember when Carlo made the ill advised decision to play Essien in a Champions league final group game that was meaningless as we had already qualified as leaders of our group..Essien picked up an injury in the game which we drew to Atletico Madrid and the guy went from injury to injury from then on and was never the same again. I do fear for us in the BPL if some vital player in our fortunes gets injured on some pointless europa league or even FA cup game..lets hope i am wrong..time will tell.
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12/02/2013 18:45:00

THEBREEZE: if he's such a winner, how do you reconcile his dreadful record at Inter and at Chelsea? Chelsea sacked RDM and we've since gone backwards under Rafa. A winner? Maybe he once was; now he isn't.
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12/02/2013 18:49:00

@Radio...sorry but certain posts on this forum are better ignored...i learnt that on this website...if one does not do that...everyday you might leave here with a headache...I mean how do you start an argument with certain folks here, even if you wanta come down to where they are..its i think sometimes its just better to jog 2 cents!
Report Abuse
12/02/2013 18:52:00

Rafa; now we know why you don't have a neck, so not to get between your enormously great mouth and big fat gut. Can you imagine anyone else blowing his trumpet? Yechh! The dumber of the dumb scousers perhaps and sadly even a few our own moronically challenged blues
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12/02/2013 19:04:00

@Radio. I'm very sure he won't be here next season,except if he performs a miracle by wining the premier League and by some remarkable brilliance,wins the UEFA Champions league(That's so impossible)
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12/02/2013 19:08:00

layor: I've not paid any attention to Breeze before, so I was interested in his/her rationale. For me, there's nothing to debate. If someone out there thinks Rafa's still a top manager, that's tough to take seriously. The Breeze clearly has a selective memory!
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12/02/2013 19:09:00

Hahahaha good one @pantisocrates.
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12/02/2013 19:14:00

Hahahaha good one @pantisocrates.
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12/02/2013 19:17:00

@Radio...@Ken and @Mq will sooon be at your back with big daggers and sword...better run for dear life!!!!!.....lmao!!
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12/02/2013 19:19:00

Rafa would use our small squad of 19 outfielders (with 4 of them standing no chance of even starting any matches i.e ferriera, benayoun, marin, ake) and fight on all front therefore gambling with our chances of top 3. The truth about what will happen this season is that nothing is certain. The worst that will happen is we miss out on top 4. That wont be the end of the world. It has happened to alot of big clubs in europe and they bounced back from it. What we should hope for is that roman gets it very right in the summer with his choice of the next manager and back him well to succeed in completing the rebuilding process.
Chelz Akamz
Report Abuse
12/02/2013 21:08:00

mourinho said he's next job is in England so it's chelsea or city for him come summer
Chelsea ken
Report Abuse
12/02/2013 22:16:00

@Chelsea will be one of Hiddink or Mou...Mou still said in his champions league press conference today that his next job is gointa be in england....if its england, then its most likely chelsea....I dont think city board will hire mou as they are all pro-barca...they interviewed him for the barca job in 2008 but dint give him so a bit of bad blood nose is not retiring next season...avb is getting settled at spurs (mou wont go there anyway) and I dont think arsenal is a club mou can it has to be us if he is coming to england...
Report Abuse
12/02/2013 22:52:00

@layorh12 I totally agree I think they're the only 2 managers out there that would do a cracking job anyone else I can't see lasting a season. I have a real soft spot for jose so I'd edge him over guus hiddink though
Chelsea ken
Report Abuse
12/02/2013 23:58:00

Rafa is the boss,get behind him,he's stuffed Moanrinho plenty of times.
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13/02/2013 00:10:00

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13/02/2013 02:48:00

Chelsea & Rafa had the Marriage of Convenience... For Chelsea, it wants Top 4 position, maybe couple of trophies if possible. For Rafa, he wants a top level job in the next summer. He has to advertise himself over to the world with his work at chelsea. So, Fans should not bother too much about him, let him do his job, get us to top 4 and move out. We should be supporting our players on the field and motivate them, show that we are behind them...But, in reality the fans are focussing on Rafa and keep cribbing on him
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 05:27:00

With what I read on this link on the main website, I think marin, saville and Ake might be involved in prague.... Rafa pls no mata,moses and hazard...
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 06:46:00

....I think this group of players has great potential." "That is more clear now in my head than it was when I arrived. Their possibility to grow is even bigger than I expected. The average age of the squad is fine. The potential is there. They are very good professionals and they are working hard and they are keen to learn - and for me that is the big advantage"'s that for "self praise"??
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 07:11:00

Sometimes I we have to misconstrue everything he says to find a reason to castigate him?? *smh
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 07:14:00

@mq,the reasons are very obvious:hatred,vengeance,bigotory,bęte noire actually beginin to think we are worse than the british(anti-chelsea) media here,blowin everything out of proportion
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 10:32:00

Just a few weeks back, headline something like wrote:RAFA-WE WILL STRONGER.but VC headline was RAFA HAS A much bein misconstrued here!
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 10:37:00

Oops** headline wrote something like**
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 10:39:00

**WE WILL BE STRONGER**..crazy pc
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 10:41:00

you said it KEN pity there's very little 1 can do about articles being posted...that's why we still on VC after all, it's controversially-skewed :)
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 11:22:00

We just eed to see that old chelsea fighting to the last second since relaxing in the middle of a match cost us in concentration and loss of ideas when defending
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 12:02:00

two words only - RAFA OUT!!! :)
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 13:48:00

i don't think the fans will change their opinion of him even if he won the both cups. On that note, Mourinho said his next job will be in england, and he ruled out man utd. I'm guessing it's either us or man city.
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 13:57:00

Didn't Mancini just recently sign a 5 year contract? Seems he is there for the long haul. So that should rule Citeh out of this.
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 18:49:00

I just hope/pray it isn't Chelsea....that'd be awful
Report Abuse
14/02/2013 06:09:00


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