Chelsea - Pure Pleasure Romelu!
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Pure Pleasure Romelu!

Tuning into the football last night a pleasurable experience was made far more pleasurable in the final minute of the game.

I say pleasurable, because it is always a pleasure to see Liverpool being beaten at home, but when the game is balanced on a knife-edge and you then see Romelu Lukaku streaking away and burying a beauty to make it 2-0, then the pleasure becomes that much greater.

Now I could go on and pontificate about the pros and cons of Romelu being at West Brom but it`s all been done before so, instead, I`ll just enjoy the moment.

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday February 12 2013

Time: 4:41PM

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Romelu have improved suprisingly this season, for a kid most of us were bashing as lacking a poor first touch, I guess playing in a lesser club eased pressure off his young shoulders, going by his performances, I wonder why west brom are reportedly saying they don't want him next season, (I hope its just media thrash)
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12/02/2013 16:55:00

hmm....Kraken is surprising everyone...the learning curve for him is soo good God..I cant believe he was the same player I saw during pre-season...his pace is unbelievable for his size..and his ball control seem to have been transformed...this will be a hell of 12 million spent in the next couple of seasons..he bullies defenders off the ball with his size without committing free kicks....and I am soo happy for this investment...what i have not decided about is are we better off letting him stay at WB (or another premier league club) for another season or should we simple unleash him next season??...I guess the answer will depend on the strikers we bring in in the summer but left to me may be i am bit more inclined with him doing an extra season outside stamford the time he returns...we'll have a player with immense abilities...he will score tonne of is players like kraken that allows me appreciate our transfer strategy..this one looks spot on...despite some members here constantly bashing this kid earlier forgetting he was just 19 years old,..Kraken can still easily hit between 15-20 goals this season which is fantastic for his this rate with a bit of strategy overhaul by the club...we will rule the world for years..just look at what we've done again most recently....Markovic pre-contract...that guy is class at 18, can play as a striker or LW and already a full serbian international..and he is another 6 footer which is appears we are done signing midget prospects...I do think if can successfully navigate our present predicaments (which are quite big to be brutally honest)...We will rule the world...happy to be a chelsea fan...soo much potential and possibilities everywhere...I hope we realize a sizable portion of that....fingers crossed.
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12/02/2013 17:21:00

Westbrom neva said they did not want him next season. He has scored 10 goals for them this season and i dare you hazard a guess as to where they would be now without his goals. One thing i noticed about Romelu is that his first touch as noticeable been far better than before and he is now using his right foot more. I believe he should be brought back in summer, we can sell torres or keep him and rotate the trio of Torres, Lukaku and Ba in our games. we will then have 50m earmarked for a certain Falcao on a Solid CM and maybe another winger.
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12/02/2013 17:23:00

@Dwonder....the right leg observation is soo spot on...I talked about it yesterady when I was talking about his goal and his control is now a lot smother and more dynamic, he can mix things, not the same thing evrytime and he is just hitting 20!!!!...Westbrom dint say they dont want him (how can they say that?? will be crazy..Odemwenge has been banned from first team)....all they said was that there is no clause in his loan contract that says he must stay if he makes a certain number of appearances.....The guy is obviously working very hard...on his own and his performances clearly shows that..he is getting very confident now...he seems to be very motivated....we are damn lucky with that one.
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12/02/2013 17:40:00

the problem with lukaku is most of us here want him to have the touch of xavi pace of ronaldo and finish of messi.....
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12/02/2013 17:50:00

Honestly I like layorh12's proposed nickname for Lukaku.Kraken..yeah I love it. As for next season, we need all our Belgian players to join Hazard playing for the first team. Imagine Thibaut, Kevin, Eden and Romelu together,the future looks bright. Keep believing.
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12/02/2013 18:03:00

Layorh, nice analysis, he must've really improved, I didn't watch his game yesterday so I can't comment on his recent performance. I hope he is ready for us and one thing that is good about lukaku is that he doesn't get injured too often, he can work on his heading and hold up play, he, Ba and schurlle can do the business for us next season
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12/02/2013 18:08:00

lukaku is a raw talent and krakren too''our forsee able problem now is bringing back jose mourhino.that guy dnt av the patiient to develop youngstars.imagin what will happen to all our upcoming talent when he is in charge..mind u ffp hammer is on our head cos he always suceed with a blank cheque
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12/02/2013 18:12:00

lukaku is a raw talent and krakren too''our forsee able problem now is bringing back jose mourhino.that guy dnt av the patiient to develop youngstars.imagin what will happen to all our upcoming talent when he is in charge..mind u ffp hammer is on our head cos he always suceed with a blank cheque
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12/02/2013 18:13:00

lukaku is a raw talent and krakren too''our forsee able problem now is bringing back jose mourhino.that guy dnt av the patiient to develop youngstars.imagin what will happen to all our upcoming talent when he is in charge..mind u ffp hammer is on our head cos he always suceed with a blank cheque
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12/02/2013 18:16:00

Layorh12..great analysis. I was one of those who said during preseason that we should not loan this kid out and that what he needed was tutoring and a fair chance. I agree that our so called youth movt has potential but unless we address stability at the managerial post and a much better overall administrative structure it could blow up in our faces. Left to me Romelu (aka Kraken..and BTW i love that nickname) should be brought back home this summer for several reasons; 1. We will never be able to get him to qualify as a club trained player if he spends all this time out on loan..this is what happened with Bertrand and is happening with josh as we speak. 2. See what is going on with Courtois, KDB and Bruma..the longer you have a player out on loan the less and less they have any affiliation for their home team and honestly i cant blame a player for having that sort of want away attitude. If we are not even willing to invest something in developing our own players and giving them a fair chance with us, if all we want are finished ready made products whom we have outsourced to other teams to do the hard work of developing, finishing and polishing them then in truth we dont deserve those players and we will likely lose quite a number of them as history has shown.3. We need the guy..we really have just one reliable striker right now in Ba and personally i feel we need at least three and honestly i cannot wait for us to have a coach who will ditch this slavish worship of 1 striker formations and play 2-3 striker formations when the need arises like ManU and City do. For me this is a no brainer..bring back the Kraken in the summer!!!
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12/02/2013 18:25:00

@GabeU...thanks meen!..thats some^^^deep stuff....the depth of insight there has convinced me we need to bring kraken back in the summer...I do honestly think he is ready...
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12/02/2013 18:31:00

If he had scored those 10 goals for Chelsea this season what would the log look like?
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12/02/2013 18:40:00

I am not sure what we need more badly right now-a striker or a holding midfielder.If Lukaku continues with his impressive run of performances I suggest that we should give him a chance to prove himself with the blue shirt.Another thing we should do asap is to get rid of Torres-this guy is like a parasite to the team and the longer he feeds on our trust the weaker we are going to get.We've seen enough of him and we need a proven striker who can make the difference.Lukaku is certainly becoming such an influential player and with him in our ranks, one more buy and we're ready to rock and roll next season.We might avoid signing Falcao on a big money transfer but rather sign a player like Aspas or Mauro Icardi,who are more in the mould of Rooney,Aguero and are versatile enough to play anywhere in our attack and at the same time drop deeper to collect the ball and take part in the build-up play.Thus we might play with two man up front and look much more dangerous to opposition defences and we might begin to press teams in their halves as it won't be very viable to let them attack us.The rest of the money we will save from not buying Falcao will go for a strong midfielder with good passing range,most likely Fellaini,which will add the desired steel to our midfield and will make us an extremely unpleasant side to face with both good technical players and a strong presence in the box.Fingers crossed!
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12/02/2013 19:09:00

I wish we get a coach who develops young players and at the same time can still win one or two trophies when there is the opportunity, not someone that doesn't have the zeal and hunger to win, but as gebeu said, he doesn't have the atmosphere to suceed with chelsea, until we can offer him what dortmund is offering him (not money) then we can have a chance of getting him
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12/02/2013 19:18:00

In my state,we call him jamaica musician.back 2 d topic,lukaku has improved immensely
na me b chelsea
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12/02/2013 20:22:00

As with GabeU I definitly thought Lukaku should have remained here this season and given a fair shot along with Sturridge to compete with Torres for the main spot. I think hewas unfairly judged on the very few minutes he got under AVB where half the time was lumped into an unfamiliar wing role, and in preseason I though he had very little service to be honest to really show what he is capable of. I must say the boards strategy of spending it money on fantastic talent only to farm themout or sell them is crazy without giving them a chance here first. Instead all of our faith is put into overpaid players such as nando. Lukaku must pla with the first team next year with no exceptions! Hes good enough!
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12/02/2013 20:39:00

Ba & Lukaku to be our main strikers next year. Markovic as third choice (I know little about him but given his age and lack of prem experiance..). A big NO THANKS to Falcao or anyone else in that price range.
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12/02/2013 20:41:00

They call him the fridge from the bridge.
Mia Maynard
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13/02/2013 09:32:00

I think I share a different view from folks here and believe we are seeing the true effects and results of a loan programme. They was no benefit to Lukaku staying here BECAUSE WE WON'T USE HIM. Look at Demba Ba that we've bought. There is still mysteries and essays to be wrote why he is not being used instead of Torres. The development of Lukaku at thise stage in his career is much much more important for what he could do for Chelsea TODAY. What a player of his age needs is playing time and development. Let's be honest with ourselves, RDM or Rafa won't have used him much and the kid would have gotten more frustrated, played horribly because his heart isn't in the game, got boo'd and then eventually wants to leave the club. It is much better he is away and developing. This is exactly what our young kids need at the moment and not the pressure nonsense at Chelsea that would have made it impossible for him not to play.He will be back next season and we'll be much better.
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13/02/2013 09:47:00

Lmaoooo @ Kraken and Fridge from the Bridge...........
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13/02/2013 11:10:00

Spot on @kaku,u echo my sentiment..romelu would have gained little or nothing remaining here this season,am glad the loan move has paid he would be back a bigger,better and stronger player.
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13/02/2013 11:26:00

He just needs to keep his cool,enjoy his football and continue working hard as he is not there yet
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13/02/2013 11:28:00

These younger players of chelsea needs to get their chances and if the managers are afraid to take them in matches, what will they do? Frustrations kills and it is evident with Marin
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13/02/2013 12:07:00

We should have a manager that will believe in these players and give them a chance to play regardless of the matches.
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13/02/2013 12:08:00

He comes from stamford bridge,he is bigger than a fridge
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13/02/2013 12:13:00

Not there where? He keeps scoring. Isn't that what a striker should do? He is ready.
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13/02/2013 13:06:00

Dont force it mate,he stil needs more game time to continue honin his skills,he would be ready by the end of the season
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13/02/2013 15:15:00

Lazar is another exciting forward. I can't wait to see a Lazar-Lukaku combo against some EpL teams next season. Lazar is more of a SS,he reminds me of Pato, he should play just behind Lukaku in some games, he is creative, fast, brilliant and skillful with an eye for goals. He will create goals for Lukaku and score on his own. Especially in a 4-4-2 setup with wingers to stretch the opposition defence and provide deadly crosses for him & Lukaku. With Josh Oschestrating things from deep and Romeu shielding the back 4. Beautiful stuff.
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13/02/2013 15:17:00

Lukaku is a full Belgian international for a reason.
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13/02/2013 16:18:00

He went on loan for a reason
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13/02/2013 17:19:00

Mourinho will transform him into a worldclass player like he did to drogba!
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13/02/2013 21:41:00

Either torres has to reinvent himself in No10 / Winger role or get sold in the summer.
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14/02/2013 08:18:00

If we dont buy another striker, we will again struggle next season. I want New striker, Ba, Lukaku as strikers next season. Lukaku may not get play every match, but if he can play ard 30% matches, it will be good for him rather than playing 75% matches somewhere else.
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14/02/2013 08:19:00


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