Chelsea - Lampard Spreads His Wings
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Lampard Spreads His Wings

With his Chelsea future shrouded in doubt, Frank Lampard is set to add another string to his bow.

Frank is set to put pen-to-paper and write a series of Children`s books about a schoolboy called Frankie and his dog Max (Why not Spot Frank?).

Apparently the first book, Frankie Versus the Pirate Pillagers, will be out in June, with Frank remarking about the venture,

'I first had the idea of Frankie and his Magic Football when reading stories to my own children,'

'Sport and reading are two essentials for us at home, so I decided to make up my own football stories and adventures.'

Go for it Frank, they may prove to be best-sellers!

But, with the stories supposedly based on friends and team-mates, anyone care to guess who the Pirate Pillgers might be!

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The Journalist

Writer: Merlin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday February 12 2013

Time: 7:30PM

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Excellent stuff..i had heard that Frank is reputed as having a very high IQ..great job Frank.
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12/02/2013 19:49:00

i guess the Pirate Pillgers will be Roman and his three friends
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12/02/2013 19:59:00

My interest in this book is if it can win over a few young fans to our beloved club, then I'll be glad and I wish him good luck in his endeavours
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12/02/2013 20:01:00

warning to Roman and his 3 friends; frank will be an Author after he ends his football career so give that contract or else.............
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12/02/2013 20:03:00

warning to Roman and his 3 friends; frank will be an Author after he ends his football career so give him that contract or else he will write stories about the things that went between u and him, and as u know Frank is one brave guy who will write every thing withuot leaving a word. YOU ARE WON ROMAN GIVE HIM THE CONTRACT HE DESERVES. lol, hahahahahahahahahahahah
Report Abuse
12/02/2013 20:18:00

The villian is probably based on AVB.
Report Abuse
12/02/2013 21:53:00

Pirates Pillgers? That's the dirty dirty Leeds for sure...ha ha
Report Abuse
12/02/2013 22:25:00

Pirates Pillgers? That's the dirty dirty Leeds for sure...ha ha
Report Abuse
12/02/2013 22:26:00

why dont we have the site renamed as vital lampard.
Blue India
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 00:36:00

just because we share a story about our player that may become an author you want to change the site name ?
what if the player is Juan Mata , would you like to renamed the site vital mata ?
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 02:23:00

blue india you are pathetic, we are taking a legend here who makes his own book using his own idea for children, respect it at least
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 02:47:00

Why dont we rename the site 'Vital Whingers'. Give us a break Blue India. If you dont like the thread and article you dont have to comment. Seriously I really hope that the next player for CFC who achieves similar feats to Frank doesnt get the sort of nonsense comments that he gets on here..
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 03:38:00

I am with BlueKiwi and Chelsea44.What is your problem with Lampard?
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 04:00:00

The news sources say, after his first book, the second one will be named, "Frankie versus the Rowdy Romans". Romans !! :D Hahaha, must be an interesting
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 04:14:00

And here I thought he had taken up hang gliding.
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 04:16:00

the plus side is, given the plethora of fans here (some with rather relevant IQ's to his story-level's) he'll undoubtedly sell quite a number :)
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 07:02:00

a "top class" footballer who believes he still has 3 years left in him of good football writing a....wait for it.....Children's book?? Who would've thought (LoL)
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 07:02:00

and while Lampard keep breaking records, playing well and scoring for us, u just sit down at your house behind your computer sitting, typing and insulting Lampard at this forum, god you sure do have one hell of a miserable life
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 09:24:00

Guys off the topic here, We need to get our hands of that Victor Wanyama. That guy is a bomb. Neva had much interest in the guy before but i must confess absolutely own the midfield for Celtic against Vidal and Pirlo.... with that guy in our MF, we can ditch the pivot and play with him as DM/CM player all for the cost of half what fellaini will cost.
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 09:46:00

@ foreign_viewer hahahaha!
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 10:07:00

@chelsea 44, that was hot!! @dwonder.... We haven't been linked to him, but I am sure if our scouts are any good, they'll keep the club informed about him
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 10:24:00

I can't wait to see the character based on Torres.
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 10:47:00

I can already picture you eyes wide open in excitement on receiving the book CHELSEA44 :)
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 11:25:00

Its gonna be a hot seller, most of your fan base is between 0-10...
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 11:57:00

why dont we have the site renamed vital troll or "we hate lampard" or I think fifa 13 is the same in real life football"
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 11:58:00

or lukaatmypipi
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 12:08:00

Rename it vital lampard? That sounds good, since he himself has more fans than chelsea
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 12:12:00

Lakupippu.HAHA.That was the joke of the season mate.Cheers!Chelsea44,Ignore the attentiön-seeker.
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 12:27:00

Jeez guys what's your problem? He's doing something good for humanity, and we should be praising him! I guess it's just because most footballers these days in our team probably can't even read or write lol.
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 12:45:00

Or we rename this site YOU who makes more comment! If you are not happy about the topic why make a negative opinion?
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 15:43:00

I'm not sure a children's book serves "humanity," but it's a nice gesture, and if it does bring a little joy to kids, well, good for him.
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 15:49:00

What I meant was it shows that there is at least some footballers who are intelligent and willing to give something back; thus not proving the stereotype of the over paid arrogant prima donnas.
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 15:53:00

CalculatedKalou, writing a book is not "giving back". Drogba gives back.
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 16:16:00

Drogba does deserve to be lauded for his altruism, but the fact is, we don't know what Frank will do with this money. He may buy a car with it or he may donate all of it. FV doesn't know any more than the rest of us, but that doesn't stop him from insulting Lamps even at the most absurd moments. I would add, too, that there are worse things to do with your time than write a children's book. If it gives a child joy, that's great. If it helps to encourage a child to develop his/her reading skills, that's great too.
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 16:42:00

Basically what Radio said. Maybe in your eyes fv, but in mine - yes in Drogba's country they need hospitals, better health care etc. But here, we need more children inspired in terms of literacy skills, and as a reception class teacher, I'm quite passionate about it. I find it ludicrous that he's being mocked for helping children, he can't do anything right in your eyes, which is clearly a personal vendetta you have against him which is clear as you you are blinded by your own hatred.
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 17:01:00

I won't enter into this non debate. But what Drogba has done and continues to do, Lampard is yet do. Maybe he will but he hasn't yet.
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 17:59:00

Why are you turning this into a competition? Your points are pathetic.
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 18:29:00

Because FV is pathetic. That's why. He has an agenda against Lampard and any mention of the man turns into an opportunity (however idiotic) to insult him.
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 19:24:00

Rubbish, I didn't start the "gives back" argument. I refuse to let you diminish what Drogba has done and is doing by equating it to writing children's book. That going too far for me.
Report Abuse
13/02/2013 20:37:00

Gabeu yeah I heard he's got a high IQ in which only 30% of people are in par or higher than him in IQ......and yes Lamps should go with the book to inspire kids!!!
Report Abuse
14/02/2013 06:56:00

Top 30% jay-cisc, you do him a serious injustice. He reportedly has an IQ of 150. To give you some idea, the UK average is (slightly embarrassingly) around 105. Of course there are different measures for IQ so it depends how Frank's was tested but that would suggest he is well within the top 1% of the population!
Report Abuse
14/02/2013 18:27:00


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