Chelsea - What`s All This Fuss About Michael Laudrup
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What`s All This Fuss About Michael Laudrup

I find it laughable when Michael Laudrup is being mentioned as the man Chelsea need by some fans and media outlets.

If Michael Laudrup is the man, then Andre Villas Boas should never have been fired at all.
We have tried the following:-

1. The fashionable choice (Ranieri)

2. The best upcoming manager of the time (Mourinho)

3. The babysitter (Grant)

4. The World Cup winner (Scolari)

5. The old experienced hand (Hiddink)

6. The European Cup veteran (Ancelloti)

7. The young guy with all the talent to be the next big thing. (AVB)

We fired number 7 and now he is 2 points above us with a traditionally inferior team.

We got a gold mine in Di Matteo who could have started a dynasty and we fired him.

And now we are stuck with the Spanish waiter!

Laudrup will not be in an upgrade to either AVB or Di Matteo.

And I'll tell you why

1. Laudrup is the flavour of the month for the media just like AVB was before we hired him.

2. Laudrup`s illustrious playing career does not mean he is going to a better manager than RDM or AVB.

3. The team needs a winner now... Someone who can reign in player power not a manager who has won lesser than the players.

But most importantly

4. Swansea were a very good side playing attractive football even before Laudrup, ask any swans fan this. The style of play was Brendan Rodgers's hard work.

5. The success of Swansea this season is largely down to Michu's scoring rate and its made out to be a big deal as he cost just a couple of million. Take Michu out of the equation and the swans wouldn`t be where they are.

I'm not saying Laudrup can't become a great manager. I`m just saying it`s too early to jump on the 'hire him' bandwagon

The same applies to Pellegrini whose only achievement in Europe was finishing second to Barca after a summer spending spree of 150 million.

Right now there are only two top level candidates

Antonio Conte, the Juventine genius

And the man himself, Jose Mourinho.

Anybody else would be step down. If you are paying top dollar for players, then you need a top manager to extract the best from them.

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The Journalist

Writer: saber Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday February 27 2013

Time: 5:09PM

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I miss you saber
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 17:23:00

@Saber...hmm...while you argue persuasively in that there are two top level candidates in Conte and Mou, there is no guarantee that we will get either of them even if we promise them top dollar...we offered Pep top dollar and he declined.!!..most top level coaches are now becoming a lot lore savvy while choosing jobs and our disgraceful sacking of RDM would not have helped our case in any with all the money we might be able to promise, there's no guarantee that Conte will come...Mou has a history with Roman as well and even though most of us would like to see him, there is no guarantee that he will be at the bridge come next while Laudrup is obviously not in the level above AVB or RDM who we wrongly sacked at the wrong time, I believe he is a good fall back option if Conte and Mou reject us which is very very sald the improvement in the performance by swansea is bcos of Michu...who signed Michu?...while your arguments for Conte and Mou are quite strong and rightly so...I tot you also grossly underrated the impact of Laudrup at swansea...My opinion is that while Laudrup's footy philosophy is very close to that of Rodgers...Lauprup's Swansea team is a lot better than rodgers bcos while they play poccession footy, they are a lot more direct and always looking for the forward if all else fails, my opinion is that Laupdrup will be a good fall back option if he agrees...especially if he works with a good DOF...good write up from you as always... cheers!
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 17:31:00

Saber,long time i said previously,we can have the best manager,bt ROMAN MUST be patient n must give whoever comes in enough time.
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 17:33:00

Saber,top lad.You should write more.
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 17:34:00

I agree with u. Laudrup is doing a great job but moving to Chelsea or Real Madrid is too premature for his career and I don't think he can withstand the pressure at these two clubs
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 17:37:00

welcome back Saber - Dude we need to see you on here more often... I agree with pretty much all your points in this article. I also really like Conte (but i doubt he will leave the Old lady to come to this hot volcano that is cfc - but i guess stranger things have happened) which leaves us with only one other Solution, and like i've been harping on about all this while....The only way is Jose....STILL Keep the faith
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 17:48:00

**cauldron - not volcano :)
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 17:49:00

Saber,long time i said previously,we can have the best manager,bt ROMAN MUST be patient n must give whoever comes in enough time.
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 17:50:00

Saber,long time i said previously,we can have the best manager,bt ROMAN MUST be patient n must give whoever comes in enough time.
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 17:51:00

Oh saber how I love your articles I know it's you has soon has I start reading top stuff
Chelsea ken
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 17:53:00

The discussion on Laudrup being the next Chelsea manager is surely based on the assumption that these days no "top drawer" established European manager will leave his top European club to come to Chelsea. We will therefore have to look to the up and coming emerging managers. This brings us to Laudrup. He has managed in numerous European countries, has taken Getafe and Swansea to Cup Finals (taking the absolute rise out of Chelsea in the process). To win a cup with Swansea is an incredible achievement especially when you think Swansea beat Liverpool & Chelsea away and absolutely destroyed Bradford in the final. He was a top quality player who didn't just expect to get to manage a top team, he has spent years working up to his big chance. He has experience in Spain & England and if you discount RDM 10 weeks at the end of last season (a big discount I'll grant you!) Laudrup would seem to have achieved more in management and gained more varied experience. The fact that there are even rumours that Real Madrid want him shows that he would not be a completely left field appointment.
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 17:55:00

Conte and Jose aren't coming to CFC. It's Laudrup or Blanc for me. Or Rijkaard.
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 17:57:00

hey guys,missed the blue family forum cos of exams,gud to be bak talking chelsea,bu tanybody write nw is surely beta than benitez
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 18:04:00

hey guys,missed the blue family forum cos of exams,gud to be bak talking chelsea,bu tanybody write nw is surely beta than benitez
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 18:05:00

I agree with the sentiment of this article about laudrup and i believe the talk of who the next manager would be is quite premature at this stage. Two months in football is quite a long time. What the press are doing is just guess work and they will continue to do so as it sell their papers better than any thing else. The person being earmarked by roman may not even be known yet to anyone. I remember in the summer of 2011 after carlo was sacked and the british media were so sure roman would appoint hindink for weeks and in less than 1week AVB was signed. Since pep left barca, they never stopped linking him to us until the very day baryern amounced that they ve signed him.
Chelz Akamz
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 18:08:00

Chelz Akamz, Do you think the papers only linked Pep to Chelsea to sell papers? Or do you think Roman would have done anything to get Pep to Chelsea?
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 18:13:00

Conte is just another Ancelloti 'waiting to happen' if Roman does not change his ways.He'll be sacked and by this time next year we will be in the same discussion on another top drawer manager.So,predicting who's best for Chelsea and who's not with Roman's 'triggerhappy' nature unchanged is as good a gamble as any atm.
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 18:20:00

@saber, we tried and fired AVB and he is two points ahead of us!! That line negates your argument my friend, it shows that AVB would have been perfect if it wasn't for what happened that led to his sack right? Give avb this current team, he'll perform, so why won't laudrup? If city or any top premier league side gets this man, and we get stuck with rafa or another roman influenced manager we might be having this same conversation again, if we get conte or mou I'll be very glad, but would conte leave the comfort of juve to manage chelsea? He is already in a big club, as for jose, is roman ready to cede power to jose? Is real ready to leave mou? Perhaps mou will come to us (amen) perhaps it is to man city (God forbid) but looking at our young squad, the best to manage them IMO is KLOPP,Laudrup,diego simeone the pellegrinis,bielsa can manage them to play good football but might not win much. My 2 cents
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 18:31:00

nice to hear back from you has been a long time since we heard from you. While i do agree with you that the unique circumstances at chelsea could conspire to make Laudrup struggle i think the guy is a good coach who may well become one of the greats in time. He is also a smart guy..i dont think he would come here even if Roman offered. The thing is as the idiom that says " a beggar cannot be choosy" Roman has got us to the point where we really dont have too many good available options as far as managers to choose from. Honestly where we are now Jose is our best option as far as someone who has the pedigree, ability and love for the club to be enticed if the appropriate contract terms are met. To get Jose however, Roman will need to eat major humble pie and change his stripes and this is something that i dont yet see happening. Look back at our recent history ..we have never appointed our next managers early the way Bayern did with PEp..dont be surprised if this is left as late as the AVB and RDM appointments in the last two summers. Roman may have to make do with what/who is available rather than who he wants and with that in mind dont totally discount a nightmare scenario where Rafa is actually retained just because Roman cant convince anyone else with any credibility to step up and accept the poisoned chalice.
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 18:59:00

We will surely be linked with every dick,tom and harry..still expectin more names to spring up in the comin weeks,just pray we make the best choice and give them time and resources to do their job effectively
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 19:13:00

Unless we have another miracle last 10 weeks Chelsea will need to appoint the new manager very quickly after the season finishes, because if they don't appoint someone who can excite the crowd season ticket sales will be down substantially. The season ticket holders are completely fed up with what is going on this season.
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 19:17:00

I'm sure we could talk about laudrup, conte, Jose until we are blue in the face, the point is non of them will come. The fact is we have a reputation and we are stuck with it. I'm sure we could promise them the earth, but promising the earth and actually giving them the earth are two different things. Jose is a wonderful chapter in Chelsea's history and I'm sure roman will keep that chapter closed. I am championing for an experienced manager who can rebuild our squad and our club. We are in a mess, there's dissent n the ranks and we have people on the board who couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag. We need the passion bought back into our team, our players need to know who's boss and they need to know what hard work is, not moaning when your not playing, not moaning because of lack of service, not moaning because their not playing in preferred positions. That's also another reason why managers fail, they can't handle the egos in our dressing room, and also the reason why talented coaches won't look at the job. Bielsa on the other hand would give it back, you challenge him, he challenges you back. I don't give a crap whether he's 'Chelsea quality' or not, he's a madman with a hot head. I actually want these players to be sacred of him, it might make them put more effort in. Look at what he did with a young Bilbao side, narrowly missing out in two finals because the other sides had better quality. El Loco vs El Niño there's only one winner.
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 19:21:00

Ok , Hasn't he signed a new deal with swansea til the end of 2013/14?
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 19:35:00

I normally don't say this , we need a scary and arrogant manager , just like blue 1989 said but if we got an amazing personality like klopp who always seems to be laughing and is always motivated I won't pass him up! The guys a top top lad and can speak very very good english! Doubt he would leave germany .
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 19:37:00

@cfctalal, I might be wrong, buy I read somewhere that he is just being offered a new contract, @blue1989, bielsa!!....he'll give our legends the hairdryer treatment or whatever they call it if they are out of line, the media would be scared of him too. LOL
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 19:43:00

But* perhaps he'll bring iker munian?
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 19:45:00

Exactly it's just what this club and these players need. It also helps that he plays rather good football to. This is not a man to be crossed. I like it. Shape up or ship out should now be our motto, not moan to the owner and get the manager sacked.
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 19:51:00
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 19:56:00

I tink Swansea started wit Roberto Martinez b4 BR & later ML. Y not try R. Martinez, he started d work at Swansea, he can do a gud job wit quality players. Dats my own tot & Ur tot pls.
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 20:19:00

don't forget dat laudrup's team also broke Swansea's transfer record twice n spent a good amount of money for a team of swansea's calibre. Am jst nt convinced abt in as CFC's coach; nt dat he isn't a good coach, bt d fact dat we may nt be dat patient with him 2 build his team n also I'll still take pellegrini over him. I'll go for d tried n tested n dat is JM. KTBFFVH
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 21:02:00

I think I agree with @Saber on this.... Laudrup is pretty much similar to the AVB we sacked, AVB even had European experience. We pretty much praised AVB before he came to Chelsea just same way we are doing to Laudrup now but after some games in charge and things not going to well the general consensus was that he lacked experience and man management skills, these we didn't know about him before he came to Chelsea.... Coaching Chelsea is a different ball game.... I would see Laudrup as a last resort not top on our list and the only reason appointing Laudrup would worth it is if the entire club, fans inclusive, is ready to be patient with him as he surely is going to need time to succeed here....
Report Abuse
27/02/2013 23:12:00

We often forget WHAT kind of playing style Roman craves. Mou will never come back because his style doesn't jive with what Roman wants. 121 (record) goals in one season for La Liga; that's cool, Carlo did the same thing and still got the chop. What Roman craves Mou will never give him. Can't speak for Conte as I find Serie A dreadful.
Report Abuse
28/02/2013 03:19:00

We dont need Laudrup, maybe we can get in Rodgers...he is doing a good job at liverpool with average players...their style of play has changed and it looking good...He will do very well with our set of players...he is also keen on integrating youth products...being a chelsea man, this should help us....Go for RODGERS...if you dont get any top coaches. NO Laudrup please
Report Abuse
28/02/2013 05:28:00

Report Abuse
28/02/2013 05:30:00

Your choice rodgers scurried away from the chelsea representative that approached him for the job....seriously, he said he wants to build his career and not ruin it when he was approached last season, he won't leave his job at liverpool for us.
Report Abuse
28/02/2013 06:02:00

the AVB experiment failed because we had over paid old brats who thought they were bigger than the club and didn't want him to succeed......I think Laudrup will be a success.
Report Abuse
28/02/2013 06:19:00

WELL SAID Dr Wombat :)
Report Abuse
28/02/2013 06:23:00

laudrup want his players to do simple passes and keep the ball......... he'll build the team bottom up focusing on team work. With the quality we have on attacking midfield, I'm sure he'll build us a strong team worthy of domestic and European glory in 2 to 3 years
Report Abuse
28/02/2013 06:23:00

Apart from the Jose part....
Report Abuse
28/02/2013 06:24:00

...@saber, we tried and fired AVB and he is two points ahead of us!! That line negates your argument my friend, it shows that AVB would have been perfect if it wasn't for what happened that led to his sack right? Give avb this current team, he'll perform...did I just read something akin to acknowledgement that AVB was a "good" Manager?? From the same guy that berated AVB, Calling him "clueless" at some point?? WoW :)
Report Abuse
28/02/2013 07:35:00

.... I needed cheering up today..! You should post it on Vital Chelsea and point out to them that after PL game 27 last year they sacked him and after PL game 27 this year Spurs go above them. jacobslad....Read more>>>
Report Abuse
28/02/2013 10:36:00

They called him "clueless" and "useless"^^^^^them sack-brigade boys all over VC. Funny how life always ensures the truth to eventually emerge :)
Report Abuse
28/02/2013 10:37:00

@Mq, How many Champions Leagues has AVB won? One less than Chelsea.
Report Abuse
28/02/2013 11:52:00

Not sure that Bielsa or Del Bosque would be a step down.
Report Abuse
28/02/2013 13:20:00

Laudrup compared with AVB, before he joined us, has BPL experience, he doesn't have a top pedigree like Mourinho, but he is doing his job right: winning tittles with Swansea, his teams have good playing style, with a lot of possesion, but can change his attacking phylosophy against tougher opponents, like beating cfc on counter attacks, he is not stuborn like avb-who wanted to transform Lampard and Ramires and co. into Xavi and Iniesta, it is like trying to transform a jumping horse into a thoroughbred-not possible. So Laudrup definitely fits what cfc needs and wants. The question remains, would he actually wants the job and would he be successful at it, bcs than again, he is only one year younger than Mou???
Report Abuse
28/02/2013 13:55:00

I don't have a preferable manager, though I like Mourinho, Laudrup and Klopp and am not totaly convinced about Conte, Pellegrini, Rodgers, Allegri and Low.
Report Abuse
28/02/2013 14:03:00

Couldnt agree more with the article. Whilst we all love Mou I dont see him coming back after the terms on which he left. I dont see Roman getting on hands and knees for him or anyone. David Moyes is a better condidate for me than Laudrup, and prefer him over pelligreni too. Great playing career (laudrup) yes, but hasn even had 1 year in BPL. People going gaga over him because Swans are playing well. As you said Rodgers and Martinez both laid alot of ground work for that team though.. As another poster said though, anyone is better THAN THE FAT SPANISH WAITER - god i cant wait to see the back of him.
Report Abuse
01/03/2013 03:47:00

Bale says Spurs boss Andre Villas-Boas has played a significant part in his development, improving his tactical awareness since the days of the previous manager Harry Redknapp. "Harry was more, Go out there and play how you feel and express yourself. With Andre, there's a certain shape and a style we play," Bale said. "I think Harry was more free and let you do what you want. Andre does that, too but there's a lot more tactical work. I think it's something that's good to learn. We've done well this year and I think that's down to our defending as well as attacking."....... :)
Report Abuse
01/03/2013 09:16:00


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