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Benitez Blasts Fans

Benitez Blasts Fans

After our FA Cup victory at Middlesborough, Rafa Benitez had no problem speaking his mind when asked by the press about the constant abuse he's been getting from the Chelsea fans.

He responded by saying:

"I will leave at the end of the season. The fans are not helping us. They are damaging the image of the club. They have to support the team instead of wasting time making banners.

"The fans do not create a good atmosphere at Stamford Bridge. They have to realise they are making a big mistake.

"They are putting pressure on the players.

"They could be playing Europa League again next season and not the Champions League, but I am a professional and I will do my job.

"The manager is the manager, one month, seven months, it does not matter. You are the manager.

"The people who run the club will know I am trying to do my best.

'The fans are not helping us. They have to support the team. They need to get behind us and stop wasting time.'

I said this when he was appointed - booing him, abusing him, displaying crappy banners is only doing one thing. Creating a poisonous atmosphere at the Bridge and not supporting the players at all. It's also making us a laughing stock of football. For feck's sake, we all know he's only here until the end of the season - we're in a scrap for fourth place and Champions League football next season, which we all crave, let's SUPPORT the club and ENCOURAGE them. Let's not waste our time and effort on abusing a man who is only here for another couple of months. Any upheaval now will be bad. We need to pull together and unite as one until the end of the season when a permanent change can be made.

Benitez is right. It's creating a bad atmosphere. The mindless fans hurling vile abuse at him are wasting their time as they could be supporting the players on the pitch instead.

Unfortunately, some vile idiots are ruining the image of our club when their passion could be much better directed elsewhere. Like actually supporting us and helping us to finish fourth. We may even win the Europa League, the FA Cup as well - who knows.

But seriously folks, let's direct that passion into other channels please. We're over the whole 'Rafa out' thing - it's going to happen, so forget about it. Focus on the club please. Focus on supporting the players. Forget Rafa, he's gone soon. Do yourselves, the club, the players, and other Chelsea fans a favour and get behind us until the end of the season. As Rafa says, you're doing more harm than good at the moment.

There, that's my rant over.

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Date:Thursday February 28 2013
Time: 5:02AM


I am predicting a sack very soon,as early as today.He does not know how to conduct himself in tough situations.
28/02/2013 05:22:00
SPOT ON DJDUTTS. Glad someone speaks sense.
28/02/2013 05:28:00
Rafa has not told nothing wrong about fans...whatever he told about fans are 100% true...better we fans turn our focus and energy in supporting the team rather than showing our dissent to the Interim Manager.
28/02/2013 05:28:00
Instead of keeping his mouth shut and work to show something good on pitch, he keeps saying "we had a fantastic game", "we are improving", "torres will score", "we will qualify for the cl", and all this rubbish. Now you are history senor. Good riddance. At last, I am (officially) relieved, you are leaving us! Adios!
28/02/2013 05:29:00
Blu - what's he meant to say? We're crap? We're not improving? We won't qualify for CL? Don't be an idiot.
28/02/2013 05:40:00
This pathetic excuse as a manager is making me laugh. FSW is clearly want RA to sack him early before may so that he could have a excuse to serve for the next job interview. If he stays until the season end there is no way he will even achieve top 4. So after this the waiter's footballing carrier is over. No club will even come 100km close to him with any job. Also the FSW worshipers should get this on their mind. This RANT of him is clearly PRE PLANNED and CALCULATED. HE just delivers it after a win so that he can go out and claim how much hindrance cfc job is and how he did a great job in the unfortunate circumstances. Loty of fans like me @Desmand @KAKUFrank etc are saying this from the get go of his SB excuse. FSW is a horrible human being and even more pathetic $hit manager. Does anybody think his rant will help the SB? NO it will incense the fans even more so we will lose or draw our next match at home and he wont need to answer anybody why he failed to make top4 with this squad like in the seasons end. He already did the damage 90% now he wants out that he can blame it all on the next manager bcz technically we are still on the top4. So the (unt waiter is trying to get out.
28/02/2013 05:42:00
^^^ instead of him stringing up wins, he is busy mouthing off to the media, what fan would be moronic enough to boo him if their team is winning and playing well, he'll win to day, he'll draw tommorow, he'll lost to in the next game and win again in the next one, some fools will be saying we should support him, how can chelsea fc support constant mediocrity? We were not playing poorly under rdm, we were not booing the players under him either, the players play their hearts out and the fans sing their lungs out under rdm, what did roman and his cohorts do? They fired him on his first run of a bad patch and fostered a hated personality on us, its like u being allergic to cats and someone close to u knowing that, but still asks u to pet and pat the blimey cat despite ur allergies!!! Feck it!
28/02/2013 05:44:00
"A horrible human being", "A (unt waiter", wow - you're exactly the sort of moron we're talking about. You don't even know him and you call him a (unt waiter and a horrible human being. You are low life scum.
28/02/2013 05:47:00
The annoying thing that is making fans angry is not I'm being our manager alone, but the laughing stock he made us look like among rival fans, we bought players for over 80+ millions but we are struggling to beat the bradfords and readings with the pragues of this footballing world week in week out!! How can we condone that, we have not been like this since the turn of 1995, city lose, man ut lose, but when do they do it as consistently as rafa made us do now?
28/02/2013 05:50:00
And what good is abusing him at every minute of the game when time could be better spent SUPPORTING the players? We could be singing and encouraging the lads on the pitch - but no, some idiots abuse rafa despite the fact he's leaving soon anyway. Think about it!
28/02/2013 05:52:00
0 id/1357497?cc=5739 football/news/chelsea-interim-manager-rafa- benitez-1734602
28/02/2013 05:54:00
If the fans supported the team and ignored the Manager it'd @least get the team playing better especially at home. DJDUTTS is 100% spot on with his comments after that equally 100% correct Rafa rant. Ignore Rafa, support the team SIMPLE
28/02/2013 06:00:00
Well said DJDUTTS. I am also fed up with these so-called "Chelsea fans". We have enough press-inspired turmoil surrounding Stamford Bridge without adding to it from our own so-called fans. I feel the same about the CPO people as well. Shut the feck up and SUPPORT THE TEAM and stop feeding the press with exactly what they want - controversy and strife.
28/02/2013 06:02:00
He's right.
28/02/2013 06:06:00
How about rafa shutting the feck up and concentrating on making top 4 with a talented team that can be managed by a decent manager to make top 4 without breaking into sweat!!.........
28/02/2013 06:08:00
@StamfordBlueBoy, instead of labelling our fans as "idiots", "morons" etc., think again what Rafa has done for us and what exactly he is doing now. Just facts: when rdm left us, we were 5 pts behind utd. And in all competitions (except from cl). Now we are 19pts behind. Is it fans' blame? I am not saying that our fans are RIGHT to boo him. They are WRONG. I repeat: THEY ARE WRONG TO BOO HIM. I am one of those fans, who once he was appointed, I said: "ok, lets give him support and time to work. Lets forget about the past, and get behind him and the players.". But, when I saw our team to play bad football, not to create chances, to lose points at the end, not to improve, getting out from the league cup easily, and in general to show that they are not capable of achieving something good this season, ok I said "enough is enough". Now, what Rafa is trying to do, is completely unfair. And now, don't be fooled. He is a clever man. He did exactly the same, at liverpool, he did exactly the same at inter. He realised that we are not good enough, we might not manage to qualify for the cl, we might get out from the fa cup, AND he decides "now it's the right time to blame everyone but to myself!". Perfect. "It's the fans", "it's the title given to me", "it's the agenda" blah blah. I can recall some of his quoted a couple of months ago, when he was trying to cajole roman to keep him longer than this season. And now "roman is to blame for the "interim" "??? Give us a break Rafa. Work. And watch your mouth. That is what I meant in my post earlier. I am not expecting to say "we are crap", and "we will not qualify for the cl next season". I am old enough to judge him. I want results as all of us. I want good football as all of us. I repeat they were wrong to boo him. But they don't manage Chelsea Football Club. He is in charge. And, in my opinion, he works with a brilliant squad! And it's pathetic to look at the table and this team to be 19 pts below the top.
28/02/2013 06:10:00
I would say it doesn't help booing the team. But still, Rafa out! We do not want him here. He's clueless!
28/02/2013 06:13:00
the team just won after god knows how difficult we have been, why rant at this kind of time, he's destroying us, the sooner this over the better, sack him now Roman, now!
28/02/2013 06:23:00
@StamfordBlueBoy i am not here for history lessons and your praise. Lot and lot of fans like me even before he took our job knows that he is horrible human being(Show me a single manager in the entire history to 'INSULT' the entire opposition fans.You cant.)If you cant look past his petulant and pathetic rant i dont know what to say. This guy is clearly PRE PLANNED this whole saga of his appointment. JUST look at his excuse after excuse for each and everthing. This pathetic $hit is in the job for 3 months now YETi cant see even a single quote of him mentioning CFC as 'WE'. When he talks about the scouse $hit's he will always use the words liverpool fans and great. But just show me a single quote he was given that he even mentioned the club's name? Its always like "this is a top club" ""One of the top team" Which top team this $hit is talking about. I am not spending my hard earned money to support this club.I will never take $hit from the FSW. So take your advice somewhere and lecture it. I know how to support my team. I will never support the FSW even if he wins all the available trophies under the sun.
28/02/2013 06:31:00
@Desmondadonis What annoys me most is there is lot of new wave of morons here who just comes here to to register and leave some comments and run away. If you look at the new names these fans are just here for the pathetic attention of seeing their name on the screen than anything else. Supporting FSW is the worst thing anybody could do for chelsea. His rant is pre planned and well calculated. He knows fully well that nobody in their right mind will come anywhere near him if fails to finish in top4. He knows 100% now he cant finish in top 4. So he comes up with his inter like rant and daring RA to sack him. This is the same as INTER. After winning the CWC he dedicated it for liverpool fans? How pathetic is that.
28/02/2013 06:36:00
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