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Problems lie deeper than Rafa

I don't need to point out the obvious, we all saw Rafa`s rant.

Controversially I'd like to agree with ONE point he made. Booing and jeering Rafa isn`t going to help the team. Yes I agree and understand that we as fans pay enough money to watch them play and travel to away days, missing work and family time etc. So we can chant and sing what we want.

At first I was all for it, Robbie going was harsh but was anyone really surprised? Rafa wasn't wanted, he is the proverbial enemy of Chelsea Football Club. But when does the booing stop?

I think now some fans just think it`s cool to boo and jeer him. He gets the point, he even said he's gone at the end of the season (hopefully sooner) so get behind the players. They're are the ones on the pitch playing.

If they don't like Rafa either then play for us, the fans. So let`s say Rafa goes tomorrow? Or after 'el Sackico' against West Brom, who comes in?

I'd like the legend that is Gianfranco Zola or Gus Poyet. Good young managers and Chelsea men through and through. That's we need, that's what we needed last year, we got it through Robbie and he won us the FA Cup and The Holy Grail of club football, the European Cup. Then faces bad results he was gone. Yeah ok he wasn't meant to get the job and he was 'interim' as well. But as a reward he got an extra few months.

Roman wants us to be top all season and win all the trophies but that's not going to happen, we want to be competitive and look like a team who can challenge for every title, not a circus of a club who sacks manager after manager. A club who's chairman signs players and when it's not working he's too stubborn to realize.

A club who in Frank Lampard have one of the top three greatest midfielders in Premier League history and arguably our best player ever who could easily play for two more years and they are hesitating to give him a deal.

I mean seriously!

My point is Rafa is the tip of the iceberg, yes he needs to go, but whoever comes in is on borrowed time and will have to beat to Romans drum. If Josè comes back how long will his welcome party last before it goes sour?

I'd love him back but it won't solve our problems on the board. Put the Chelsea back in to Chelsea, give Zola or Gus a call and let them pick the team and run the club. Give them time! Have patients. Can't see it, if all else's fails give Roman a track suit and let him do it.

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The Journalist

Writer: TheShanahan Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday March 1 2013

Time: 1:30PM

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i woudl rather see Zola than Gus! But above all is Jose Mourinho! He is more Chelsea than any other coach i think! He just loves our club and i really think that he will come back...
great article @theshanahan I'd love jose back too or has you say the other options of Zola or poyet the problem with those two guys yes there chelsea legends and we love them.but roman has to have a big name coach that's just how he does things. Zola and poyet are relatively just beginning their journey in management in terms of experience.if I could advise them stay where they are build up a reputation then look to get a prem job in a few years they have time on their side.
Chelsea ken
There was more I wanted to write, I rushed it a bit. I think the key to who ever takes over needs to be time. Look at all the quality young players we have. So done needs time to bring them through. Otherwise what's the point of investing all this money in to kids we don't play. Zola. Poyet, Petrescu, Hiddink, Mourinho. Any of those I'd be happy with. But the Russion mafia boss won't give them time. Fair play to Rafa for giving Ake a game in Wednesday as well. Other than that he's a go compare man useless tactician who couldn't make a decent sub in subway.
Russian* so they need time*. (Damn iPhone changing words)
i'd be all for a zola or indeed a poyet(despite kissing that spuds badge) but both are relatively untried and inexperienced. in a few years, depending on how they fare in the interim (oops that word again) but wasn't RDM every bit as much a true blue and these two won't give roman the instant success that he craves so for the moment the answer is NO CHANCE. sorry guys! btw what a full debut for nathan ake. a future star for certain. will he be nurtured along properly? don't hold your breath.
Unfortunately at @trueblue44 he'll get sent on loan next season to progress his development. I just hope not too many next season are sent on loan.this season the squads too small need more strength in numbers next year.
Chelsea ken
Yeah I agree there is no chance. Pellegrini or conte would be good choices as well.
Shanahan...the following is not taking issue with you. It's the people who run CFC. Rafa and bring in another legend. Poyet or Zola. Tell them they are INTERIM, leak that so everyone knows (players, fans, media). The players will be SO motivated. Let the legend go in the summer because Roman sees a 'better' option. LOL.
I agree with ur article mate that our problems are deeper than rafa, the truth is rafa is just a minor part of our problems, if there is any one that thinks rafa is the whole source of our problems, that person needs to go take a dip in a cool pool, we need to start weighing our next targets now with the kids we have as one of the top priorities for signing our next coach, if mou says no problem he can handle it, then I'll love laudrup or him (jose) klopp or conte would be perfect too, but they won't come.
Oh No you didn't just do that?? Did you just say Rafa isn't the "only" cause of our problems?? I feel sorry for you lad, because the "all problems = Rafa" brigade will hound you and insult you till kingdom come
As for me, I'ma get drunk and get laid. Don't wanna be around to witness the insults ;)
Yes, the passionate 'true' Chelsea fans will boo, hurl insults, call out Robbie's and Jose's name, venting their own feelings, giving absolutely no consideration for the feelings of the players on the pitch who need to concentrate on beating their opponents. Smart like dump truck!
Well said @TheShanahan... you've made salient points.... and I totally agree that who ever is it that comes in next would need time to achieve anything good... Patience from the entire club will be highly needed...
Problems are way deeper than Rafa, but you have to deal with the problems one at a time
Roman is the problem.why beat around the bush?he says who s to sit on the board,appoints managers n sometimes directs managers to buy certain players.
Haha! true @JojnnyOz.... but the Rafa is more of a symptom of problems.....
Johnny, the fact is that, rafa's problem is more worrisome than the ones we have now and it is not what we can ignore for now (i.e making top 3)
Rafa is the first part that needs dealing with. Then Emenalo,Gourlay and Buck. these are another part of the problem at the club. Then once they get the right manger in it is then his job to start moulding this squad,moving dead wood on and bringing in some new players and some of the youth we have blossoming away from stamford bridge this season. The problems will always arise while we keep sacking managers every season! Yes we have still won trophies while chopping and changing managers but so we bloody should with £200/£300 million pound squads!! christ as harry redknapp said if anyone failed with the CFC squad and budget then there not very good lol.
Of course he is not the only problem. But he is majority of the problem for our position on the TABLE. Take the overall competence of the OWNER, MANAGER, PLAYERS AND MANAGEMENT of the top teams in Europe, our management and RAFA come LAST!!!!!! Even management is arguable with Arsenal maybe worse than us. But Rafa is dead LAST amongst his coaches...
agreed Kaku lol
@blue5 - Roman is definitely a big part of the problem but he is also ALL of the solution, so that exonerates him...Emenalo, Buck and Gourlay have to seriously look at their contributions for this season, cos i think they have all been poor. Emenalo convinced Roman to get Rafa, Buck cocked up the CPO vote which resulted in us missing out on Battersea and Gourlay, well what does he do again? apart from arrange the pre-season trip? lol...I think some questions need to be answered and only one man can get everybody back on their A game....José Manuel Mourinho Félix
Lmaooooo @ arrange preseason trip.....
@jonny thanks so much 4 your take on my opinion bt i blame roman cz he is the final say.emenalo may have advised roman bt he s the one who eventually said yes,he is the boss.let him take the responsibility.
No i disagree,rafa alone is the problem,once we get rid of him then all our problems are solved,we would win the league,torres will regain his lost form,the defence would be tighter,the fans would start cheerin even mediocrity,lamps would get a life contract,player power would no longer exist,the board would make wonderful decisions,e.t.c..just sake him,he is the Problem
Nice article mate...i have been saying this a long time and i agree with you that obviously Rafa is not our only problem nor indeed in my opinion our main problem..the thing though is that at the point we are right now he may be the only facet of our problems that is easily fixable. All this while since Rafa was appointed i have been objective in laying out his pros and cons as i have seen them..i actually wrote a whole article praising him some months back..the thing is the club is now in a tailspin..a top 4 finish is now in serious jeopardy and after his rant a few days ago he has actually by so doing heaped more problems on his already tired, jittery squad..Chelsea FC right now is like a rudderless boat lost at sea in turbulent waters. The thing is for me now the scales have been tipped..i honestly think that the boys will do better on the pitch with anyone but Rafa on the sidelines..his presence is now so poisonous that i get the impression anyone but him would get a better response from the team and consequently better results. The boys have talent but right now i wonder how many of them are even paying any attention to what the man has to say..when that point comes when a manager has lost the locker room you have to let him go for the team and even his sake. Unless our board and Roman have decided to throw in the towel entirely on this season i now think our best hopes for salvaging something/anything from this season need to involve releasing Rafa before his term is up in May while there is still time and games available to do a major salvage least if he were to leave now the fan base would not be so polarized and Stamford Bridge can actually feel like home for our boys once again..just my doubt come summer if Roman is serious about his much mentioned love for Chelsea FC he must make some tough decisions chief of which is getting far better advisers to form an actual functional board including a DOF who has the clout and experience for the job and then getting a manager of his choice but for once allowing the manager do his job without meddling while backing him financially and materially so that the manager can command the absolute respect and authority needed to manage our group of talented but oft media craving somewhat spoilt players..This is what needs to be done to make Chelsea once more a top class organization that resembles a cruise ship with a clearly defined Captain, a functional rudder and functional anchor.
Mourinho! or we will be in this mess next season to!
We should get the best manager n he MUST be given time.otherwise jose,anceloti or whoever comes will go even b4 he starts his ageda.
On a more serious note now,i totally agree with the author of this article,chelsea problems are far beyond rafa..alan hansen is speakin some sense here than-Rafael-Benitez.html
@JohnnyOz, When you say that Buck cocked up the CPO vote which resulted in us missing out on Battersea. Do you mean that he and his associates, only arranged to illegally obtain £250k worth of shares to corrupt the vote, which ultimately failed, so they should have got even more, to ensure that legitimate shareholders were cheated ? Incedently Battersea has been empty for 30 years now, why did the club not just buy it earlier ? How is that the CPOs fault ?
Blueheart9 know my views around this Blueheart! i think we've probably discussed it before...I am not a CPO fan...nuff said!
@Ken4CFC, Alan Hansen? Seriously? I will not bother to read anything Chelsea written by Hansen, the only reason he has interest in Chelsea is because of his ex Liverpool contingent playing with us now.
Hansen's a scouse git and just like every other pundit, chelsea are his least favourite team
Well here in lies the poison challace that is Chelsea FC Manager. Roman is a highly successful business man. He gets results and isn't scared to upset the apple cart to get them. It's very well documented that his hire/fire policy has not impacted on the club's medium term success levels. In fact we often see a halo effect when a new manager comes to ANY club. What we have done at our club is surf the wave created by the halo effect for far too long. Someone further up pointed out that we've had the £200/300m squad to be able to do this, but paying for a F1 car and putting a taxi-driver behind the wheel won't win you the race, so I think it's wrong to say that any mug could be successful with a Chelsea team (shame on you 'Arry!). Now we see that the game rules have been changed. We can no longer buy big to get the multi-million £ squad for the new manager to bounce results off. Now we need to manage smart and let's be honest in saying that the club has done an EXCELLENT job in build a highly promising youth set-up, arguably amongst the best youth talent in the world.... BUT we have failed to tap into the wealth that we have at our disposal. Too often talented players leave our club for faster opportunities elsewhere. With the FFP choke-hold that we'll be facing we must change our plans. This involves a fundamental change to the running of the club, but after we've seen so much success with the current set-up it is just not so simple to drop everything and change direction. For me Rafa isn't even a problem. He's a temporary blip (blimp? ;) ) that will soon go away. Fan's focusing their rage on him is wrong in my eyes due to the knock on effects to the players, but that's a completely different point to the one I'm trying to make..... Before we can consider the next manager we need to consider the entire path that this club is taking. We need to begin along a journey to fundamentally alter our operating principles. We need to OPENLY say "This next manager is being brought here to rebuild the club. Results must be maintained to a level, but trophies are not expected during this period but progression of the club towards a sustainable entity is a must". I seriously think that this is the project that AVB was always bleating on about. Building the club to a better position from base principles upwards. The time wasn't right a year ago, but with a few small changes the time WILL be right. My personal belief is that the club is already thinking of a longer strategy. This is the reason why Lampard is not being offered a longer deal. The club sees a near future where the team is young and hungry and they believe we can get there without Lampard (and Terry?? Wait and see...) and believe that the time is right to make that change. The problem is that there are no "wonder managers" left to headhunt. No one will buy into a project just to have the rug pulled like AVB. So now we revert to type.... We bring in another block-buster manager to make an interim term fix (2 years max for the next guy!!) and we fall back into this never-ending cycle of hire/fire to get peak/trough. Forget the "RAFA OUT" banners. Instead try "IN STABLE AND SUSTAINABLE WE TRUST". We need to change. Those who fail to evolve become extinct, and I hope that our club can see that NOW is the time to make those changes!
Agreed Rafa is only a part of the problem but the fact is he is the most recent part of the problem, this why we talk about Rafa than the others, everyone, even his advocates believe Rafa is part of the problem except Rafa himself.
Great post @Ken4CFC... this is the point I like most in the article "Benitez is limited enough without having to fight against 40,000 fans not getting behind the side he is trying––and largely failing––to manage. The boo boys can blame Benitez all they want, but they are in denial if they cannot accept that they have contributed and exasperated an uncertain situation"... Plain fact, and this coming from a Chelsea fan....
He also stated another important point I mentioned sometime last week "And whilst we're on the subject of new managers, how many Chelsea fans would want Roberto Di Matteo to return this summer? Everyone was up in arms about his dismissal––and rightly so––but very few Chelsea fans would choose to have the Italian in charge again." I said it that no body is saying bring back RDM, yet we claim we love him so much...
The main problem is roman, then the players and rafa. Our players lack so much discipline it's incredible, player power has been a disease at Chelsea and is still affecting us. I don't think the players like rafa and his training methods, sorry guys if we don't get into the top 4 I wud blame the board for employing rafa and the players for not trying deer best.
good post Bizarreblue..
I'll like peeps to get there facts right in this whole scenario, and stop making assumptions, one or two which is a known fact by all is acceptable but an outright lie is not what is good both morally or in a public forum except offcourse it is thru mistakes then it is forgiveable.
Their facts*
@Latunvic, 40000 fans not getting behind the side? You make it sound like there are more 'Rafa out' banners than chelsea flags on European night
I think the thing with Robbie is we didn't want him to go when he did, I think most thought he'd get at least a season then be gone. It was more the way he was disposed of so quick and there was a sense of disrespect. We'll always live him for what he did last season.
As I keep saying but pertinent once again to this thread, RA has to get a DOF he trusts that will be HIS go-between the coaching and playing squad. There are cancers breaking out all over the set up, we pretty much all agree that Tubby & Torres have to go, but the real root of the problem is the set-up higher up the chain, the 3 amigos. They are not real proper footballing men, not even Emanalo. This chain of advisors have to be broken. Emanalo has to go just for bringing the fat one to SB, Buck should busy himself on expansion of SB or new site acquisition, and Gorulay can count the beans, but he definitely should not have any say on who gets loaned or not (I blame him in only focussing on breaking even at the expense of sending out so many players on loan, sell them if they are never going to make it into the first team). RA & DOF decide who the next manager is, and then these 3 re-structure the club and squad. It will be a nice project for Roman!! But for goodness sake, get the 3 amigos in their right places, and get the Liverpool element as afar away from this Club as is possible.
If jose was truly approached for a return and he accepts, he'll clear the team himself and I'll love to see how it will pan out... Who will get the chop first and who he'll retain, if its laudrup, he'll sell some players off, it is evident that if we get a manager that really trusts in his abilities, he'll send some players away and one or two legends might face the sack.
Which means priority no. 1 at the moment is getting the right DOF, not the next manager. Use this time now, to get things moving in time for a new manager appointment. Get the right DOF and he can even act as caretaker until season end and sack that sorry ass that is the Fat One.
@latunvic can you substantiate on the basis of what information or data you made the statement; "but very few Chelsea fans would choose to have the Italian in charge again." Have you taken a poll somewhere of Chelsea fans? I am not aware that such a poll has even been done here at VC which is a miniscule piece of the Chelsea universe. One thing i am certain about is that the majority of the fans who actually attend games at Stamford Bridge and on away trips would have him back in a heart beat and celebrate his return like they won the lottery..they certainly wont be booing him, raising negative placards and banners about him etc..the whole point it moot though..Roman would never ask him back and i think RDM is smarter than to be played the fool twice, so even if Roman came calling RDM would probably tell him something along the lines of "i'd rather remain without a job than ever work for you again..thanks but no thanks."
@blueabs,Thank u once again for some of ur points, but I disagree with one, getting rid of emenalo, his eye for talent shouldn't be ignored, if we get rid of him today, he'll be another club's gain. Perhaps city? Spurs? He can go back to his role as a scout. You know we don't have good scouts all over SB, perhaps only a handful, we need to recruit more not send em away, he ecked up with rafa's appointment, I believe he doesn't know it'll backfire, besides he is not in the same wavelength with the fans to understand their animosity towards the declining one before he made the mistake of suggesting him to rafa. #justhavetodefendhim :-)
People are just buying Rafa misrepresentation of the 'FACT' to suit is own ego, are you guys saying fans do not sing and clap for the team anymore, The same Rafa who said himself and the players were not affected by some 'few fans carrying banners' when his team was winning games telling us how he was going to 'gag' them by playing sexy football and winning games has now changed the tune, he was not winning games as promised and yikes it was the fault of the unsupportive fans, nice try Rafa.
@gabeu, Perfectly put!!.....last time I checked, VC have a member going towards 10,000 (merlin?), and out of that number I think we can say, not many visit the bridge among the members here except for a few, now how are peeps who are not in SB know the amount of fans that boo rafa on game days? Or can boldly tell the time that the boos starts. That is what I have been asking those making that assumptions since the articles berating fans booing rafa started springing up yesterday. I agree my tv set might not be the clearest when I listen, but the way we go out and imply we boo rafa from the first half whistle to the final whistle is laughable...... As I have said earlier, fans should sing on top of their lungs, all our songs and encourage the boys, if rafa does any stupid thing again, boo him after the final whistle and the boos should be loud and clear. He is been paid to do a job, he should get along with it and we'll be just fine
Latunvic, most of the Chelsea fans would love to have RDM instead of Tubby. That is a no brainer. If you think otherwise then you are deluded to the core. It is another thing that realistically RDM coming back is not an option. So in the comments you wont see his name. Mourinho is the best in the business so everyone is after him except some of the fake CFC fans.
Keyser Soze
the majority of the vital chelsea members here would like jose or Michael laudrup apart from @mq who's the villain on this site everyone loves to hate lol.
Chelsea ken
Nice points @ Bizarre_Blue. IN STABLE AND SUSTAINABLE WE TRUST banner will hit the CPO as well. Because 41K stadium and a top 4 finish without Roman isn't SUSTAINABLE.
jollyheart Torres
Desmond - I can live with Emanalo staying as scout, that demotion from Technical Director can be his penance for bringing Tubby.
Great point there jollyheart torres there's always that has well we would be in trouble. New stadium or expansion should be clubs top priority to sort this year for me
Chelsea ken
@raybell and @johnny,does bein an ex scouser make him a liar??,read the piece without sentiments and see the man states some truth
@RayBell and @GabeU, does are not my words, they are quotes from John Baines column... go to the link posted by @Ken4CFC to read the full column....
@latunvic,ofcos they would leave in denial and not accept their contribution to our current condition,instead they single out rafa for blame for everything that goes your back,seems the wolfs are on regardin the rdm comment.
@Keyser Soze, it appears reading comprehension eludes you mate... the comment wasn't comparing Rafa with RDM... I will also prefer RDM to Rafa any day...Go read the link posted by @Ken4CFC maybe that can help you.. What makes you feel RDM can't come back if the fans strongly push for his come back....
*live in denial*
***those**** not **does***
Haha! @Ken4CFC... LOL!.... I'm all in for the wolves whenever time permits me....
If Chelsea is an F1 car, the engine certainly isn't.
Lol,nice one.just be careful so u dont get hurt mate
I have to say I think we may have found a potential pivot partnership in Ramires and ake. I know it was only Middlesbrough but still it was a great performance from ake, done him self a huge favour. Once we get ourselves sorted as a club then we will be ready for Gus or Franco to come back, but not until.
@Jolly. You always have a way of bringing CPO to every argument recently...Lol. Come on mate,its another debate for another day.
Jose or anyone else will not be able to do any better than Rafa or RDM with this current squad.
@nelyvanile you are right. The CPO issue is for another day, but it would help if people understood all the facts, as opposed to a few of them, an independent site, I believe gives a balanced view. We must not forget, that Roman is only passing through.
@nelyvanile, it's my way of reminding the peep that keep saying the would support CFC not matter the what tier of football we are playing in but won't bother to support the team in this difficult period. We are where we now we can't change that.
jollyheart Torres
@Jolly. Agreed mate! Some of us sensed it,and Rafa's appointment has not helped either. @Blueheart9. I'm a regular visitor of that site,and my take on the matter is well known. Like I said its another debate for another day. Cheers Mates!
@Blueheart9 u are correct Roman is passing through but why can't we use this opportunities to build a solid and sustainable foundation for the future? A future where without Roman money we can still compete with the big boys. Glazer took the risk to buy Man U because they were aware their revenue would be big enough to service the loan. Have anyone see him of late, In the past he was ever present in Cobham whenever we were in these kind of situation but not these time.
jollyheart Torres
Typo again @ use these opportunities******
jollyheart Torres
Emenalo gourlay and buck should be sacked first of all.... why only managers are to be blamed.... Bring is Hiddink as the DoF, if possible recall Peter kenyon to replace gourlay or find another person as gourlays replacement. KTBFFH
Rafa name will come first in Chelsea Hall Of Shame..
problem.was there before also but we tend to ignore because we were winning cups and we never tought about that problem in all of a sudden we are finding that same.old problem as a bi diasaster...we were sitting on a timebomb since roman stqrted his hire and fire game and now this season rafa has just started the will gonna explode big time...changes has to be made big time from top to bottom to get the stable chelsea back again..
Of all these articles supporting Benitez, they keep citing our past history with sacking managers. However, no one cites Benitez's recent past such as his failure with Liverpool and Inter Milan. They refuse to point to his incompetence. The fans is NOT the reason he has the worst record in 2 decades of any chelsea manager. The last 2 teams he last managed suffered like this. His proponents keep making the most pathetic excuses to cover up his incompetence from failing to qualify for top 4 with Pool, Inter Milan record etc.....It was the owners at Pool, owner at Inter Milan, and it is now the fans, owner and management at Chelsea. In each of these cases, the only thing common is Benitez. @Latinvic, you clearly miss the point with RDM. People don't waste their time yelling that since we know it's impossible in addition to better options being out there. You rarely see bring back AVB, bring back Carlo etc.....Only bring Jose is common and deservedly so. The point about RDM is simply on everything measurable and available, RDM has done better including making the most out of the most useless player in Chelsea's history in Torres. For a player that Benitez managed for so many years, the player scored the most important goal in his club career under RDM. No need to start any debate about whether things would have been better. What we know for sure is things are much worse under Rafa and it was easily foreseeable because 1.) he was never liked 2.) His recent résumé is crap 3.) He is incompetent 4.) He is incompetent 5.) He is incompetent. None of the Benitez proponent have any explanations besides Chelsea fans are making his job harder, it is management, it is the owner, or was RDM better? All that is irrelevant as none of that have any impact with his incompetence. Not one department is responsible for a club's failures or its success. Every department contributes an its all about the percentage. People thank Roman for sacking AVB, thank RDM and the players for their effort with hardly any mention of senior management in our UCL and FA Cup success last year. I can blame RDM, and senior management for not competing for trophies this year with Roman insisting on Torres (which I understand given the investment which could have been avoided if he didn't go out and buy him in the first place). If we end up outside top 4, the blame lays majorly on Benitez because he is clearly incompetent and arrogant living on his almost decade ago achievements.
The point about RDM is simply on everything measurable and available, RDM has done better than Benitez.
@Kaku... I understand and agree with some of your points as regards Benitez's arrogance and tactical ability and I don't think anyone has suggested that Rafa is better or has done a better job than RDM..., but the point some, including myself, are making is that Rafa, despite his flaws, is a coach who should be able to achieve top 3 finish and win us one trophy if given a chance to do his job without distractions... and that even if he's not competent enough to do so, creating a negative and hostile atmosphere will not help our fate but rather worsen it. The Liverpool and Inter you mentioned, Rafa was able to win trophies at those clubs despite his incompetence (not many Lpool fans will agree with u that Rafa is incompetent)... that's history though and doesn't really matter to me... the point is, let's not worsen an already precarious state... As for fans not calling for the return of RDM, it was meant to point out that the hostility on Rafa is more subjective than objective, it's more of hatred than out of love for or confidence in RDM.... Some suggested that the boo boys are angry because we lost a highly competent hero for one a lot of fans detest... but the fact that not even one of them is mentioning a return of this hero suggests to me that he was loved but not really highly valued by these fans... Why do you think a return of RDM is impossible even if fans push for it?... I think not pushing for his return has to do more with your 2nd point that "there are better options"... but really, there is only one proven better option (Mourinho)... there is nothing to suggest that the other names being brandished around are better or will do a better job than RDM....
Give your competent coach this hell of a working condition and he would fail woefully
@Jollyheart of course you are correct, we need to plan for a future without the reliance of Romans money. So simply knock down the hotels and enlarge the ground. No need to sell it, redevelop it, make a massive profit and relocate to somewhere further than 3 miles away. Problem solved.
problems are as follows,,, no one believes in rafa ,,our policy reguading youth developement is awful we buy as many as we can loan them out and thats it we dont seem to get the benefit of our own talent,,Roman is a great benefactor hes done marvels here but he is to involved and needs a couple of good footy men around him ex chelsea would be best men who have the club in their hearts,,to compete with top clubs we need bigger ground for match day income ,, managers we have had over 10 in Romans era that deprives us of continuety
@ Blueheart9, how do we pay for Stamford Bridge redevelopment? Why do we have to go get loan for the project when we are sitting on a huge reserve of diamond, gold,oil? Imagine CFC with those money, Real,Braca even man u would be chasing our shadow. Do u remember how the birth the Real Galaticos came about? Real sold their training ground to Madrid city council for almost thrice the market value and with loads of money over after paying their debt they was able to get the best players in world. Marques players are good and important recipe for sponsors and increase revenue.That was the foundation that have propelled them to be the richest team in the world.
jollyheart Torres
@Jollyheart the redevelopment of Stamford Bridge would cost a lot less than relocation. 10 times less infact. If Roman is at the club for the long term, he will get his money back. so there isn`t a probem. The main issue here is MOTIVE. The ONLY way that Roman can get all his money back with interest, is to relocate the club. Staying at the Brige will not release that capital. So we have to ask ouselves, IS THIS THE MOTIVE ? Should we relocate because our owner who is only passing through, move ground purely so that he can be reimursed.
@Blueheart9, This is the problem. We are again asking him to provide the money for the expansion very funny mate. The feeling that we are entitled to this after close to 2 billion dollars in a 10 years period and with little appreciation from the fans is baffling. From reports the board are not looking into expanding SB because of the cost involves. His resources is not limitless and he has properly recognised after 10 yrs that the only way for CFC to remain competitive in the future is for us to be self sufficient. So what are our plan B? Wise saying “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime"
jollyheart Torres
@Jollyheart When Roman urchased CFC he knew the existing size of the ground. Why shoold I and many other fans pay for the relocation to somewherue that we don`t want to go to? In the meantime he can recoup £1.6b ? That is the motive, then he sells the club and recoups another £1b. Great, where does that leave us as a club. Stop treating the club as a toy. By investing in Stamford Bridge it will ultimately be self financing. Don`t dismiss sharing a ground with QPR along the A4, if that is what you want fine. But I and many others don`t. Chelsea won`t even fill 60k week in week out.
@ Blueheart9. Of course he knew the size of the ground. But CFC has grew rapidly in the last 10 years compare to anytime in our history. He can never recoup the money he has invested on CFC. Mate if you think CFC is worth £1b now u are in a dream land the highest would be close £500m. If the main motives as u keep pointing at is for the profit Roman deserve compare to Ken Bates that bought CFC for a symbolic £1 and for 21 yrs wasn't able to build that solid foundation for the future but made close to £140m profit from the sales. Your argument confirm u will be happy for the status quo. All the brave decisions makers in the world we prefer to regret decisions they have made rather to regret decisions the could have made. If you are satisfied with were are now, a foundation build on sandy soil to a future where a foundation on the rock or solid
jollyheart Torres
@Jollyheart, I don`t think the club is worth £1b now, that is not what I said. But it would be, if a new ground was built. Ken Bates bought the ground for a symbolic £1 you are right, but he also inherited all the debts that had accrued and that £1 did not include the ground that was still held by the Mears family. I`m not too sure where you feel he made £140m profit from sales, that would be very interesting if you could clarify that ? There is no doubt that the existing capacity is not large enough for where the club wishes to be. Stamford Bridge can be redeveloped, end of story. But alass no profit, so all Chelsea fans have the right to question the motive. Marler Estates was a land grab and his is no different, if this is not the case, all the club simply need to do, is to explain the situation, as opposed to try and steal shares for a total outlay value of £1.5m for a net profit of £1.6 BILLION. Hence the motive.
@ Blueheart9 correction to the £140M Ken Bates profit. That was the amount Roman bought CFC for. never the less Ken made close to £17m profit. The rules of the games has change re FFP + the lofty ambitions of the owner to take us to another level that is good enough motive in my opinion. You are correct we all have the right to get detail explanation from the board but the CPO as well has to show the willingness to be flexible and not rule out straight away the options to moving from SB. If there is no plan B that is not good for millions of fans dreaming for CFC to be the best, biggest and richest team in world. We are so close to that level if only we can put our differences aside for the sake of CFC
jollyheart Torres
@Jollyheart, I didn`t particularly agree with Ken Bates and the way that he ran the club, I knew him personally at the time, although not well, but a £17m gain is a very smell return in todays terms, for the amount of time that he owned the club. And after all he found us Roman. Arsenal began work on the Emirates in 2001, which was over 2 years prior to Roman taking over at CFC, so even at that time it was obvious to some, that smaller stadia were not the way forward, if they wished to compete with other richer clubs throughout europe. I`m sure in life, if someone had tried to decieve you and make an enormous financial gain from an asset that you held, you too would be angered and demand true answers and to know the true motives. Nobody wishes to hold the club back, but the council have clearly stated that SB can be redeveloped to the capacity required. So why do the club still refuse to explore this option ? There are no differences, except that supporters are entitled to know whether the Bridge can be developed or not, before agreeing that relocation is the only option and that is all they are asking for. SB has been our home for 108 years, relocation is not an option, if it is purely to get a financial return. It is very irritating when people accuse CPO shareholders as being greedy, or holding the club back, which is not the case. All they want is true answers, but the club refuse dialogue. I also point you to which is a site that is independent and quite factual.
If redeveloping SB costs £100m, that is at least 5 times less than relocation. I would also add that if Roman is `here for the long haul` as stated many a time by the club, it would be self financing in a very short period of time, as opposed to wasted on assets like, Veron, Mutu, Shevchenko, Torres etc etc etc. The upshot of it all, is that it will cost Roman nothing.
I would also add, that I like many others did not buy a share for £100 almost 20 years ago, to be offered the same money back (so in real terms, less money that I paid for it) that has a `marriage` value of anything up to £60k per share, to someone else. I don`t want any money back for my share, like many others we would give our shares to Roman if relocation was the only option. But to buy a share for £100, so that someone else can maximise their true value and relocate our club to somewhere that I don`t want to go to, unless it being the last and only option. But if in doing so gives the owner a massive windfall of £1.6b, we have an absolute right to know the true motive. I saved the club when it was in its hour of need, not so someone else can create a massive return for himself. That is not why I bought my share, it was to stop the club being asset stripped. Will that excess money go on player purchasing or into the back pocket ? Simple question.
@ Blueheart9, I quite understand your feeling towards this issue. I am looking at it from a sporting angle. My gut feelings are, the excess money will be invested in players. That is the reason I keeping talking about an opportunities to building a solid foundation. The most important question to ask the board guaranties that the excess money will be reinvested on the players. These are more valid and direct questions rather than asking for the motives. The CPO argument should be re-branded to focus more on getting these guaranties. If the CPO adopt this strategy they will be able to change fans perception that they are blocking the club from moving forward. This will push the pressure back to the board if they really have other motives.
jollyheart Torres
@Jollyheart The club have stated that there will be NO excess money, strange that. So there certainly won`t be money from the CPO shares on funding players. Hence peoples concerns. All the fans have requested, are answers to questions, but the club continually refuse to discuss the matter. Prove to everyone that the Bridge cannot be redeveloped.

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